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    FAQ/Walkthrough by yoda2323

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/11/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide


    Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse is a point-and-click adventure game. You have to collect items by clicking on them, and sometimes use those items to get more items. There are also hundreds of other click points that just do something random and are just for fun. However, this guide will only tell you how to beat the game.

    Why am I writing a guide for a kid's game? Because I enjoyed it as a kid and it was fun to go back to this game and play it again. And also because it didn't take very long to write this guide.

    If you know what to do, this game can be beaten in about 5 minutes, literally.

    Version History

    • Version 1.0 (4/11/2011) - Everything complete.


    The "center" of the map is just outside of the schoolhouse. From there, there are five different paths.

    Left leads to a seaweed area with a diver's suit. Further left leads to a large abyss. Go through the hole at the top of the screen to reach Eddy, an eel. Go down to reach the outside of a sub. You can go into the sub through a hole.

    Up left leads through a series of screens that will eventually lead to above water with many holes. Jump from hole to hole to reach the other side and continue. The next screen has a hole to go deeper underwater, and a path to go up to the left. Down into the hole is Mr. Triplefin, and up to the left is a ledge that might have a purple sea urchin. Further to the left is a crab game. Check the Minigame section for more details.

    Right leads to Casey, a small purple fish that wears glasses; he may have lost them. Further right leads to a clearing with a turtle (or a pipe). Further right leads to a stone monument with a statue holding the trident (if that's one of the items you need to find). Click on the ceiling of the monument, when the mouse turns to an up arrow, to go to a slider puzzle. Check the Minigame section for more details. Further to the right is a dead end, but you sometimes will find a dangling worm doodle.

    Up right leads to a manta ray, and further right leads to the Pulley Emporium, Hall of Fame, and the movie theater. Check the Minigame section for more details.

    To the center is the schoolhouse. Right after entering the schoolhouse, enter the hole in the floor to go to the trap room where you will trap the ghost. Go through the door to the right to go into a hallway that sometimes has a sea urchin. Go through the door at the end of the hallway to enter another room with a vent system leading down. Click on the square passage to head into an area below the schoolhouse.


    The game always starts out the same. First go the right then head down to the schoolhouse. Watch the cutscene. Then exit the classroom to the left, get the scissors on the shelf above, then continue down to the left. Click on the exit to the schoolhouse, and then the ghost will lead you to a hidden basement area. There you'll get your objective: you must collect 5 items to complete a trap to catch the ghost.

    This game is unique in that the 5 items you find are always different. There are a total of 8 items, and every time you start the game, it randomly chooses 5 of those items to be the items for the trap. Below is a list of all the possible trap items, and following that are the other items you will collect, and their uses. You might want to familiarize yourself with the Map section above.

    You can use the ESC key on the keyboard to skip through all the cutscenes.

    To use items, click on the item, then click on where you want to use it.

    Trap Items

    This section details how to get every item for the trap to catch the ghost, listed in no particular order.


    Just to the left of the outside of the schoolhouse, heading to the submarine, is a seaweed area with a diver's suit. Use the Scissors on the helmet to break it loose.


    In the submarine, use the Wrench on the steering wheel to break it loose.


    In the stone monument area, to the right of the outside of the schoolhouse, is a statue holding the trident. Click on the ceiling when the mouse changes to an up arrow to move to a slider puzzle. Click on a square next to the empty black one to move that square into the hole. Continue moving squares until the hole is above the trident. Then click on the trident to slide it free.


    In the area below the schoolhouse is the cork. Replace the cork with the Pipe to get the cork.


    Hidden randomly throughout the map are 5 purple sea urchins. Collect all 5, then go to the Pulley Emporium and buy a pulley for 5 purple sea urchins. One sea urchin will be on a ledge right before the crab game (get there by taking the series of paths to the up left from just outside the schoolhouse). You will need the Slingshot to knock it down.

    Life Preserver

    Give a Worm Doodle to Eddy the eel. Get to Eddy by going to the left just outside the schoolhouse until you get to an abyss, then go through the hole near the top of the screen.


    Give the manta ray the Trophy. The manta ray is found right after going up right from just outside the schoolhouse.


    Just outside the sub, above the captain, is the rope tied in a knot. You'll need the Book about Untying Knots to get it loose. Get to the sub by going left just outside the schoolhouse.

    Key Items

    This section contains information on all other items you will collect throughout the game, listed in no particular order.


    In the area below the schoolhouse, to the left on a bolt, is the wrench. This is only found if you need the Wheel. The wrench is used to pry the steering wheel loose from the sub.


    Right after exiting the classroom, the green scissors are on a shelf above you. They are used to get cut the Helmet loose, and also to cut the fishing line to get the Worm Doodle. If you don't need to find the Helmet or Life Preserver, you won't see the scissors.


    Inside the sub, on a shelf up to the right, is a bottle of oil. Use this to get the Pipe, which is to the right outside the schoolhouse. This will only appear if you need the cork for the trap.


    If Casey isn't wearing his glasses, you'll need to get the slingshot. Casey is found to the right outside the schoolhouse. Go into the hole next to Casey with Luther, and when he starts bouncing up and down on the orange springy stuff, click to the down left to head in that direction and get the glasses.

    The slingshot is used to get a sea urchin up on a ledge found right before the crab game (go to the top left outside the schoolhouse to get there). You will only find the slingshot when you need the pulley.


    Just after Casey, before the stone monument with the slider puzzle, will be a pipe lying on the ground. Click on the pipe, and then a turtle will get his neck stuck in the pipe. Use the Oil to get his neck loose. Then go into the area below the schoolhouse and use the pipe to replace the Cork. The pipe won't appear if you don't need the cork for the trap.

    Worm Doodle

    Just after the stone monument with the slider puzzle (to the right outside the schoolhouse) will be a fishing line, and on the bottom will be a chocolate-covered worm doodle. Use the Scissors to cut it from the fishing line. Then give it to Eddy the eel to get the Life Preserver. The worm doodle won't appear if you don't need the life preserver for the trap.

    Mr. Triplefin's business card

    Go to the Hall of Fame (just go up right from outside the schoolhouse to get to it). Inside to the left is a case with a trophy inside. Click on the lock to slide the business card free, then click on the card to add it to your inventory. Then go to Mr. Triplefin and give the card to him to get the Combination Paper.

    To get to Mr. Triplefin, go to the up left from outside the schoolhouse, and just after the several pools of water that you must jump across is a hole to go deeper. Inside is Mr. Triplefin.

    Mr. Triplefin's card, and the trophy in the case, won't be there if you don't need the Mock-stock-mibble-bock-wopper-bopper.

    Combination Paper

    Give Mr. Triplefin his business card to get the combination paper. Use this to open the lock on the trophy case in the Hall of Fame. When at the Hall of Fame, click on the lock, then click on the paper to show the paper, then match the numbers on the lock to those on the paper. To change the numbers, click on the number to increase it by 1 (or lower it back down to 0 if it's at 9). Then click the handle once it's entered correctly to open the case and get the Trophy.

    You can't get the combination paper if you don't need the Mock-stock-mibble-bock-wopper-bopper for the trap. The trophy won't be in the case.


    Open the case in the Hall of Fame using the Combination Paper to get the trophy. Give the trophy to the manta ray to get the Mock-stock-mibble-bock-wopper-bopper for the trap.

    Book about Untying Knots

    This item is found right before the vent area below the schoolhouse, to the left before the square passage downward. Just go through the secret basement area of the schoolhouse and continue following the path and you can't miss it. It is on a shelf to the far left of the screen. Use it to untie the Rope.

    Once you get to the rope, click on the rope, then click on the book. You can click on the cover of the book to open it. Click on the right page to turn the page to the right, and on the left page to turn it back to the left. Match the picture in the book to the knot, then click on the strands of rope in the same order that the book tells you to untie the knot. If you click on the wrong strand, another knot will form and you'll have to turn pages to match it up again.

    Sea Urchins

    You need 5 of these purple sea urchins to get the Pulley. One of them is on a ledge right before the crab game; use the Slingshot to knock it down. The other sea urchins are hidden randomly throughout the area. When you see one, click on it.

    You only need the sea urchins if you need the pulley. The sea urchins will still be around even if you don't need the pulley, so need to collect them if you don't need the pulley.


    This section will tell you all about the minigames of this game. The minigames are completely optional and only for fun.

    Crab Game

    Go to the very end of the path to the up left from outside the schoolhouse to play what I call the crab game. What happens is 12 crabs, formed in 3 rows of 4 crabs each, appear and start moving downward in a kind of zigzag fashion. If 3 of them get to the very bottom of the wall, to the hole at the bottom left, you lose.

    You control Luther in this game. Move left and right with the mouse and click to fire a drop of water from your mouth. The drop of water will fly up, then drop back down. Hit a crab with this drop of water to make it drop from the wall. Knock down all crabs to clear the round. As you get farther into the game, the crabs get faster and faster. Eventually the crabs will slow back down and the coconut crab will appear at the very top of the wall, which will move slowly and drop coconuts. If you are hit by a coconut you can't move for a few seconds. If a crab falls on top of you after being knocked down you can't do anything for about a second or so, so be careful not to be hit by falling crabs.

    You get 5 points for every hit crab, and lose 1 point for every missed shot and lose 10 points when you are hit by a coconut.

    When the crabs start moving insanely fast, a good strategy is to get on the right or left edge of the screen and just click repeatedly. That way you have a larger window of time to knock them down when they change rows.

    Slider Puzzle

    Go to the stone monument with the statue (go to the right from outside the schoolhouse) and hover the mouse on the ceiling, above the statue. It will change to an up arrow. Click to move to a slider puzzle. Try to complete the picture by moving the blocks to the empty square. Click on a block adjacent to the empty square to move that block to the empty square. Move the blocks around until you complete the picture. Sometimes there will be large blocks that take up the size of 2 normal blocks, so they can only move in one direction. I don't know if anything happens if you make the picture because I've never done it before; I'm no good at these things.

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    Credits and Contact Info

    Thanks goes to the creators of this game for making this game. If you have anything to add to the guide or any questions or comments, feel free to email me at yodafaqs@yahoo.com.