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Reviewed: 11/03/06

So this is how weather is created...

From the title of the game, you could most likely say that it involves something with weather and a character named Pajama Sam. That would be the general summary but not the fully story. There is more to it than that, and it is all worth it to play to figure out the twists of it.

Story - 5/10
The story is plain and boring. During one day, on a stormy night, our main hero Sam was watching TV when all of a sudden, lightning flashed and a thunder boomed, shocking him into the couch. He tries to take it so he doesn't get scared of it but it wouldn't work, so the only thing he can do is to talk to them about it personally and change the weather. Now he is Pajama Sam.

Pajama Sam heads for the weather center in the sky, and meets up with Thunder and Lightning (they are names). He was standing at the door and decided to go into a little closer to speak to them about the issue but accidentally stepped on his cape which launched him into the air and landed on a red button. The red button caused a weather catastrophe across the globe and Thunder and Lightning report that some of the machine parts for their weather machines are missing. Pajama Sam offers to help find them back for causing the incident. Thus how the true adventure starts...

Gameplay - 7/10
The gameplay itself isn't too shabby on its own, it is basic and simple but that obviously comes with some bad parts to it which I will explain later on. Controls are easy, you control Pajama Sam by clicking on locations with arrows to move him around. You can click on background pictures to pick stuff up, which is a must for this game. You will need to click on background items in order to get something to help you progress.

The objective is to get the 4 missing machine parts in any way possible. This will result into puzzles that you need to solve and figure out in order to do so. This could range from anywhere from answering questions to obtain a key, to planting seeds to grow a weather, to even grabbing a switch that is on the opposite side of the weather center. It depends on how it is looked at. Some may be obvious, but some are aren't and thus results a little slight more thinking. But all the same, they are all easy and are do-able.

Aside from basic stuff and solving puzzles to past certain parts, there are also some mini-games you can play and do while searching for them. While going around the weather center, you will encounter puzzle pieces. These form a picture so you should try to obtain them all to know what the picture is. Another thing is the weather board game. You play with Pajama Sam on a board with colors in a similar style of the real-life board game "Sorry!", only the rules are much simpler here. It is self-explanatory and basic, but it sort of throws a thrill at times. There are also some other mini-games while exploring around but you need to click on the designated item in order to launch it.

This game is not meant to be difficult but it does show some thinking skills that are required to solve puzzles. Logic plays a real role here, and you need to know how to work things in order to advance through. Moving around to random places and hoping something will pop up to help won't do you good. You have to make sense of stuff to think about what you would do next. For example, say if there was a place where it was hailing a whole lot. Obviously, you won't be able to pass it due to the fact it is heavy and can hurt you especially on the head. How will you be able to pass it? By grabbing something to protect your head, say a helmet. Not really that complex. There are also some other puzzles which are like that.

Graphics - 5/10
As it is a kid's game, it is very cartoonish and has a lot fantasy to it. Not necessary things you would see in real-life or anything like that. On the plus side, the background images have involvement to the game and aren't just there for scenery. For the most part, it isn't anything spectacular so don't expect a lot from here.

Music/Sound - 5/10
The music is a slight mediocre compare to other Humongous Entertainment (the creator of this game) games. There are no upbeat tunes and such, nothing to grab your attention. On the other hand, perhaps the only reason is that it fits the theme so it was necessary to do so. Still, it could have been better. Sound, not necessarily the best either. The many clanks, dings, and other sound effects you will hear is absolutely repetitive. At times, it may feel annoying. There are also cutscenes in this game where two characters interact. The voices I do not rate on, if it sounds correct, then it is okay. It is actually necessary to listen to them in order to make things easier and progress with the adventure.

Replay Value - 7/10
The twist that is thrown in here is that each time you play again, the style will be different. When I say different, I mean the way on how to save a machine part, how you can obtain certain items, locations you are allowed to go to, and others. This throws in for a lot of combinations and increasing replay value. At times, you may need to think a whole lot more than the last time you played, or it could be easier. Only way to find out is to play it out.

Overall - 7/10
Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening is a decent game at most. There are lots of ways to play and a lot of stuff to do. Since each time you play is different, it brings up more replay value. Overall, this is a worthwhile game to play.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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