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"And this game was made by Activision?"

It’s a shame such a great publisher had to release crap as bad as this. Pearl Harbor: Attack! Attack! is an extremely sloppy game that looks like it was made in some high school tech course. This game is so pathetically bad, you’ll have more fun reading the historical info than playing the game.

Gameplay 1/10
This is possibly the worst video game I have ever paid money for. Everything goes wrong in this game. Planes fly in the same patterns over again. You can destroy a plane by simply clicking on it. You and your little gun turret can shoot down as many as twenty Japanese planes in one whole minute. There is no variety in any of the levels. When you move up to a new stage, the only differences you will notice are a background change and a larger number of enemies (which again fly in the SAME attack patterns!). Everything else (the style of gameplay, the types or friendly any enemy units, ect.) are exactly the same.

Control N/A
You don’t even need a keyboard to play this game. All you do is use the mouse to rotate your gun, and click to fire. Simple isn’t it?

Graphics 1/10
Don’t be fooled by the decent looking screenshots on the jewel case that make this game look 3D. The planes are just 2D sprites pasted onto a 2D background, and the explosions look anything but realistic. As ugly as it may look, the box art is probably prettier than this game’s graphics.

Sound 9/10
The highest point of the game. The buzz of the planes sounds somewhat realistic, and the firing of your gun isn’t bad. They can get pretty repetitive though. I like that the developers took the time to include some of the actual Pearl Harbor radio broadcasts and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s aftermath speech.

Replay Value 1/10
You won’t even have any fun playing this game the first time around, much less the second. Gameplay is extremely repetitive and boring and only one mode of play is available.

Story 8/10
The story inside the actual gameplay is close to nothing, and the pattern of attack, number of waves, and the U.S. targets are all inaccurate. However, the sheer number of historical features at the menu screen is more than enough to boost this game’s story score to an eight. I found it very interesting to hear some of the information that this game had to offer. You can listen to actual radio broadcasts at the time of the attack, as well as watch President Franklin D. Roosevelt make his famous “infamy” speech.

Buy or Skip?
I still can’t believe Activision would let a preposterous game like this be put on the shelves. This game isn’t worth the strength to lean over and pick up. Avoid this game at all costs, even if you find it for five dollars.

Overall 1/10
I would have given this a zero if I could. This game is so bad, I have lost some respect in Activision for deciding to publish this pile of dung. It insults the actual event and all the brave men who fought in that battle. So, by all means, STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME AT ALL COSTS!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 10/17/02, Updated 10/17/02

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