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"Innovative, hilarious and touching..."

This is a h-game, so if you're under 18 (or whatever legal age requirement applicable in your country), then I suggest you leave right away.

You play as Yusuke, a senior highschool student with a girlish character who just got transferred to a new school. Things were definitely not going in his way when his supposed accomodation for the year was burnt down in a fire accident the day he arrived. To add insult to injury, there were no more vacancies in the boys' dormitory. While he was wondering what he should do next, he ran into Asumi, his childhood friend. After a little drama, Yusuke ended up secretly staying in the girls' dormitory with Asumi and her two other roomates, Tomoe and Marumu. The story between Yusuke and these three girls thus began...

This game is suprisingly entertaining for a h-game. The h scenes in this game are pretty light and minimal so if you're looking for a common typical Japanese h-game with full of rape, violence and other hardcore cgs, then this game isn't for you. Basically, three words describes this game pretty well. Innovative, hilarious and touching.

It's innovative in the way the game is presented to the player. The game presents itself in 26 episodes, with a "what happens in next episode" short clip in between each episodes. This actually gives you an impression that you're watching an anime rather than playing a game. A very unusual way to present an h-game, but nevertheless very effective.

It's hilarious because everything from the characters to the dialogues to the cgs to the way the game presents itself to even the cat (yes, there's a cat in this game) were all hilarious and highly entertaining. This is also quite rare in h-games, because most h-games out there are centered around sex. However, don't let the hilarious factor deceive you about this game, because the hilarious part is really only a diversion to the touching side of the game.

It's touching because that's what the game really is. While this game might not be as touching as Kana Little Sister, it will still provide you with some memorable moments that will make it stick into your head. I will not spoil the touching parts by telling you what they are. Just finish all the 5 endings provided and the true ending for Asumi and you'll know what I am talking about.

Another rare feature that this game has is character developments, which is extremely rare in h-games. Yusuke starts out as a girlish crybaby with no backbone whatsoever, but as time passes he becomes much stronger, more considerate and more mature. The three main girls also go under dramatic character development as the story progresses too.

The storyline of the three girls were very balanced and in-depthly done. One thing I particularly liked about the storylines in this game is the messages that it strongly brings across, friendship and love.

The graphics in this game are good. Pretty common standard stuff you'll expect in animes.

The music and sound effect is pretty decent with some nice songs too. It suits the mood of the game. The voice acting are neatly done and probably one of the best features in the games.

The gameplay however, as expected from games in this genre, are pretty lacking. It's just continous clicking. There is an album section which allows you to access soundtracks and cgs. 3 of the 6 endings in this game must also be accessed through this album too.

Lack of choices and effects of the choices were other bad aspects about the game. This game have suprisingly few choices and worse, the choices available hardly affects the storyline at all. In fact, there is only 2 choices that affects the outcome of the game and the rest are there either to unlock the other 2 side endings (which is pretty straightforward) or just there for different dialogue's sake. So expect a extremely easy linear story-telling game, but fortunately, the great story-telling makes up for it.

Lastly, this game definitely have replay value since the storyline of the 3 girls are quite different and which girl you choose affects quite a bit of the dialogues you are going to see in the second part of the game. Furthermore, completing the 3 main endings is the only way to unlock Asumi's true ending, which not only tie up all loose ends of the 3 main endings, but also reveals to you the most touching part of the whole game.

So this game definitely deserves an 8/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/11/06

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