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Heart De Roommate, a H-game recently translated and released by G-collections? With strong rivals such as Kana ~Little Sister~ and Private Nurse, how does this game stand up to such fierce competition?

Sadly, not very well. The first thing I noticed when I started the game is the severe lack of options. Other G-Collection games include a hint system so you don't have to bang your head against a wall just to get an ending.

This game also lacks a ''H-scene recollections'', instead replacing it with an option to replay any scenario in the game.

After a while, I quickly realized why this was so.

Gameplay: 0/10

You click and read and click and read... just like pretty much most other games of it's genre.

This game is also pathetically easy. Most of the choices don't make any difference in what ending you get. Masochistic people who enjoyed cracking their brains to get the endings in Snow Drop and Tokimeki Check-in will be disappointed, but casual players of this genre (if there are any) will probably prefer this.

Story:: 6/10

Yeargh, it is obvious that they were trying to go with an ''anime'' feel with this game, since it is split up into 26 ''chapters'' or episodes, as the game calls them.

Unfortunately it has inherited the bad parts of anime too. Just like anime, there are also ''filler'' episodes, which basically means if you skip them, you won't be missing anything important.

Also, none of the girls plot are something you haven't seen before in other romantic comedies. Heck, the plot for Ms Yagami, the teacher of the main character is ripped straight out of the ''book of cliche forbidden love plots'' without any changes or twists at all!

So the plot isn't satisfactory, but are the h-scenes? Sadly, the answer to that question is ''no''. There is very little ''payoff'', about 2 each for the main girls and 1 each for the others. One h-scene actually lasted about 6 lines, which would be funny, except that said girl is probably the favourite of many players, so instead it becomes frustrating. And now you understand the title of the review.

Just like the plot, none of the h-scenes are unique either.

And finally, the mood changes in this game is awkward. The game flips between funny and serious mode so frequently that any serious scenes feel out of place or gets taken very lightly. The extra path of Asumi, the main character of the game, which you can access in the appendix showcases this problem very well. It's just so sudden that it gives off the same feeling as when a Final Fantasy main villain appears out of the blue.

Graphics: 9/10

I love the art in this game, and I love the character designs. The backgrounds are beautiful, the best being the ''moon watching'' background.

My only gripe is that it feels there are way too little of them. Of course, this is connected to the story, because of low variety in plot, therefore you have low variety in CGs.

Music/Sound: 5/10

This is one of the disappointing aspects of the game.

As I mentioned earlier in the story sentence, the mood changes very abruptly. Part of the reason is because of the abrupt music changes. The music that plays during the ''funny'' scenes of the game is extremely annoying and when you have to hear it every 5 seconds because it suddenly appeared in the middle of a serious scene.

This is very sad because there are a few very good tunes in this game, such as ''A Special Lecture After School'', the theme of Ms Yagami and ''Everything I Want To Tell You'', which is played during the most touching part in this game.
Sadly, the good tunes are played very rarely or are quickly drowned out by the ''funny'' music playing.

Replayability: 5/10

The paths for the 3 main girls split in the middle but none of them feel very different at all! The general plot is the same, only a few extra scenes with the girl you choose. After you have completed the path of one of the main girl, I actually recommend skipping the text until you arrive at a h-scene.

While there are 5 girls you can get an ending in this game, the way they handled the endings for the 2 other ''non-main'' girl is not very satisfactory. You have to get make the right choices and then access their scenarios from an appendix section. This gives it a very half-hearted feeling, as if the choice to make endings of those girls seemed like something tacked on as an extra.


Overall, this game is mediocre. You can't help but thinking it might be a great game, if only it weren't for it's serious flaws.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/01/04

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