Review by OniDragon

"Love Hina clone strikes again"

A building with girls, 1 guy that gets beaten, humiliated and discriminated and we get Love Hina look alike.
The games tries to look and feel like anime, with all its good points and flaws.

Gameplay 1/10: What we got it is standard bishoujo game, click until choice pups up, choose what you want and thats it.

Story 6/10: If you like guys like the one in Love Hina then you will love this one, personally I don't like them, if character would be different I would give it 8/10. Story is told in 26(standard for anime) ''episodes'', including ''fill'' episodes which tells you what has happened this far and some dialog.
There are 3 main girls to get, each totally different, if you watch anime you should find similarity to almost all the girls in this game. There are also 2 non-main for who you have to access with appendix, which is wrong decision by the authors.
Switching between happy and sad mood is sometimes too sudden, making you feel confused and sometimes you don't take certain dialog serious.

Graphic 8/10: Like most new bishoujo, CG is very well done. Some scenes are really astonishing. However there is flaw in sex scenes, there are too little of them, 2 for every main girl, and the scenes itself aren't well done as in some of the rival games.

Sound 5/10: The BGM sounds annoying after you hear same song couple of times, and only few of them are good, and those good ones don't get played as much as one would like. But this games aren't about sound anyway.

Playing Time 8/10: Very few bishoujo games took me as long as this one to finish it, however that was only first time trough the game unfortunately, after that its short if you don't read text you already read.

Replay Value 4/10: Like all multi-ending bishoujo games you have to start from the beginning to get each girl, however this game fails misarbly here. You don't get much different dialog or scenes like in some of the other games. Once you finish the game with one girl you can finish it quite quickly with the other girls since most scenes are the same or very similar. This is big flaw.

Final Word: It is a good game, however there are very strong rivals that are in some aspects better then this game. For example, Crescendo beats it in story, sound and replay value, however Crescendo has unqie character CG and was alot shorter.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/09/04

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