Review by Taron Psyn

"You'll Laugh, You'll Cry, You'll Cry Some More."

When I first got this game, I thought it was cheesy and corny. However, as I played it, the characters fleshed out, and I saw that this was more than an h-game, and more like an anime. Rather than playing the role of a character who wants sex, and being a player who wants sex, I actually found myself caring about the characters and anticipating their next move. As the game ended and the credits rolled, I found myself very sad, and it was hard to smile for a while.

You play the role of average high-schooler Yusuke. In the beginning, Yusuke has just transferred to a new school which his parents enlisted him in as a transfer student. Unfortunately, the house that Yusuke was going to stay in coincidentally burned down the day he arrived. Also to his dismay, there are no vacancies in the male dormitory. What's a Yusuke to do?!

It's at this point that Yusuke runs into a childhood bully, who mistakes him for a panty thief and attacks him. Apparently he knows a secret about her, which he can't remember, and in exchange for keeping the secret he doesn't remember, he gets to stay in the female dormitory until there's a vacancy in the male dorm. Is it just me, or do the Japanese have a lot of anime/hentai about a boy dressing like a girl or something of the like?!

Heart De Roommate has a very innovative new feature that I've never seen in any other h-game. The game is divided into 26 "episodes" which are just like a standard anime, with your plot-affecting episodes, fillers, and everything else. In the middle, there's even an intermission, and the second season is very different than the first, like in most animes. While innovative, you'll find yourself wondering exactly how long this anime is, and let me tell you, it is very long. Each episode is about twenty minutes, and unlike your standard h-game, you won't be able to plow through this one in one night.

Considering this game was just made recently, you can expect very nice CG graphics. Every character is shiny and has many different emotions expressed on their face. There are no two characters that look alike, and the styles are very different and appropriate. You may find yourself laughing at the chibi characters when it is humorous, or sobbing at the emotional parts, which are very well expressed through the graphics. There is little animation in the game, as in most h-games, and the most you will find is panning of the screen and the "in the next episode" slides. When you get kicked or punched in the game, stars will fly over a black screen, which is sometimes humorous, but has a pretty corny effect. Overall, graphics are very nice for an h-game.

The music is very nice in this game, and always fitting. The opening music is a j-pop tune that sounds like it could become very popular if it didn't have the fact that it was in an h-game weighing it down. There are character voices, which are excellent and fit each character to her personality (there are no male voices, too bad). BG music is awesome as well, and the tunes are very catchy, as you can access them from the extras section.

As with all h-games that I've ever played, the main gameplay comes from you clicking the mouse to see the next line of text or choosing an option. In some h-games, it lists a bunch of verbs such as look, talk, etc. But in this one, the choices you make are minimal, but have a large effect. To get the girl you want, the choices you need to make are pretty obvious, but lack of interaction marks this down, as you don't make a lot of choices. In an anime though, you don't get to make any choices, so kudos to that.

Each character has his or her own personality, and they are very fleshed out in the 26 episodes. I found myself curious as to what each person was thinking, and I was very sad when the game ended. I remember the good times in the game and the sad times, and I often find myself reminiscing about it.

This game might be a nice break from standard h-games for you, or it might be annoying. It stuck with me though, and I'm glad I played it. It won't change your life, but it will make you sad that it had to end, just like an anime.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/25/04

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