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    FAQ by weggy100

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 09/24/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Weggy's Guide to Half-Life: Natural Selection
    Version 1.2
    Table of Contents
    I.    Version History
    II.   Introduction
    III.  About Natural Selection
    IV.   Marine Weapons
    V.    Marine Equipment
    VI.   Marine Structures
    VII.  Commanding/Marine Strategies
    VIII. Alien Lifeforms
    IX.   Alien Buildings
    X.    Alien Strategies
    XI.   Map Specific Strategies
    XII.  Useful Links
    XIV.  Un-Legal
    Version History
    Version 1.0 - 8/7/03~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    FAQ is completed up until Alien Lifeforms.  And thats... pretty much all I have
    to say.
    Version 1.1 - 8/16/03~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    FAQ completed up to the Map Overviews section.
    Version 1.2 - 9/25/03~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    An update?  Yes!  Updated some 2.0 stuff, did half of the map specific
    strategies section.  Of course, these will be updated with more strategies as
    I think of them.
    Welcome to Weggy's Natural Selection FAQ.  I'm by no means an expert at this
    game, but this FAQ could be considered a sort of crash course for the newbies.
    Maybe some of the vets could pick up a few tips as well.  So move to your
    waypoint soldier, and lets get started.
    About Natural Selection
    Natural Selection is a Half Life Modification in which 2 teams - the Aliens,
    and the Marines, try to kill each other off completely.  Sounds simple enough -
    but its much deeper than that.  Natural Selection is a very unique blend of
    Real Time Strategy and First Person Shooter.  You need to acquire resources
    for resource nozzles to build more structures, and to become more powerful.
    If you like First Person Shooters, you'll have a pretty decent time with this
    game.  If you like Real Time Strategy, you'll like it a fair amount.  If you
    like both, this game will occupy unhealthy amounts of your time.
    Marine Weapons
    Suit up soldier!  These are the tools at your disposal to rid the Kharra from
    the earth.
    Slot 1 Weapons
    Light Machine Gun (LMG)________________________________________________________
    Damage      : 10
    Clip Size   : 50 bullets
    Maximum Ammo: 50 | 250
    Armory Hump : 25 bullets
    Fire Rate   : High
    Accuracy    : Medium
    Cost        : Free
    Requires    : Can't drop
    Get used to this weapon.  90% of the time, you'll be using it.  It's a pretty
    good weapon as well, especially with weapon upgrades.  The only bad thing
    about it is the 50 round clip.  You tend to chew through that pretty often.
    Damage      : 170 (17 damage per pellet, 10 pellets fired)
    Clip Size   : 10 shells
    Maximum Ammo: 8 | 40
    Armory Hump : 4 shells
    Fire Rate   : Medium-Slow
    Accuracy    : Very Low
    Cost        : 10 Resources
    Requires    : Armory
    Mmmm... Shotgun.  My favorite weapon in 1.04, and by far my favorite weapon in
    2.0.  Skulks rarely, if ever, survive more than 1 shot from this beast.  It is
    also the ultimate anti-redemption weapon.  If your being pestered by redeeming
    aliens, outfit your marines with these - they wont be redeeming for long.
    Grenade Launcher_______________________________________________________________
    Damage      : 125 (Double Damage to Buildings)
    Clip Size   : 4 grenades
    Maximum Ammo: 4 | 40
    Armory Hump : 2 grenades
    Fire Rate   : Slow
    Accuracy    : N/A
    Cost        : 20 Resources
    Requires    : Advanced Armory
    Tha-tonk... Boom!  The grenades have a slight arc to them, so this gun may need
    a bit of practice to use.  It is extremely effective for destroying alien
    buildings, however - especially those turrets.  Just bank the nades around the
    corner and stay out of trouble.
    Heavy Machine Gun (HMG)________________________________________________________
    Damage      : 20 (Half Damage to Buildings)
    Clip Size   : 125 bullets
    Maximum Ammo: 125 | 250
    Armory Hump : 62 bullets
    Fire Rate   : Very Fast
    Accuracy    : Low
    Cost        : 15 Resources
    Requires    : Advanced Armory
    A gun that has really lost its effectiveness in 2.0.  Though still very potent,
    the HMG has some faults.  The first being its quite innacurate.  Though you
    could still hit an Onos on the other side of the map with no problem, a Skulk
    down that hallway is gonna give you some problems.  It makes up for this in
    damage per bullet, but thats ammunition thats lost.  It also takes a PAINFULLY
    long time to reload, which kinda sucks.  And finally, it now only does half
    damage to buildings, making this just as effecient as killing them as the LMG.
    Bummer.  Still, these gun can dish out the hurt, and id recommend it against
    Aliens without Redemption.  If they are Redeeming however, it should be Shottys
    and GLs all around, with maybe 1 or 2 of these as support.
    Slot 2 Weapons
    Damage      : 20
    Clip Size   : 10 bullets
    Maximum Ammo: 10 | 30
    Armory Hump : 5 bullets
    Fire Rate   : Medium (Its semi-automatic - click fast)
    Accuracy    : High
    Cost        : Free
    Requires    : Can't drop
    A pretty damn good weapon that you'll use every once in a while.  It does more
    damage shot per shot than the LMG, and is much much more accurate.  Its mostly
    used as a finishing weapon, if your LMG ran out of ammo.  However, it is also
    very accurate, so it may be a better choice if something is very far away.
    Damage      : 4
    Clip Size   : N/A
    Maximum Ammo: N/A
    Armory Hump : N/A
    Fire Rate   : Constant
    Accuracy    : N/A
    Cost        : 5 Resources
    Requires    : Armory
    Not really a weapon, although it can be used as such.  Its main use is fixing
    armor, structures, and welding specific points on the map shut (indicated by
    the weld icon).  Its damage is burn type damage - it will do virtually nothing
    if you just tap somebody with it, as the burn will wear off quite fast.  But
    if you hold it to someone for an extended period, the burn damage will build
    up, and it will hurt... a lot.  Thus, the Welder is a great building killer.
    Welders also have the ability to burn through webs, clearing the way for the
    Damage      : 125
    Clip Size   : 1 mine
    Maximum Ammo: 5 mines
    Armory Hump : N/A
    Fire Rate   : Very Slow
    Accuracy    : N/A
    Cost        : 10 Resources
    Requires    : Armory
    Essentially a grenade you plop on the ground.  Mines are proximity based now.
    They also can do damage to any friendly in the area, including structures.  So
    be careful with them!  They're a great way to defend areas before you have time
    to put up turrets.  A great, very very rarely used tactic is to set up mine
    "traps".  The Redeeming Onos pissing you off?  Lay down a bunch of mines in 1
    spot.  Lets see him try to redeem from that!
    Slot 3 Weapons
    Damage      : 30
    Clip Size   : N/A
    Maximum Ammo: N/A
    Armory Hump : N/A
    Fire Rate   : Slow
    Accuracy    : N/A
    Cost        : Free
    Requires    : Can't drop
    Well, it's a... a Knife.  You stab and slash things with it.  It hurts.  When
    fighting a Skulk, if you run out of both LMG ammo and pistol ammo, you may
    want to pull out your knife, as most likely the Skulk will die in 1 slash.
    Those cases are rare though - learn to be a better shot!  Its main use is for
    knifing alien structures, save offensive chambers.  It takes a lot of ammo
    to take down something like a resource tower, much more than you can dish out
    practically.  Even though a gun might do damage a little faster, when you
    factor in reloading, and the fact your vulnerable, its much better to knife the
    structure.  Its also fun to knife aliens who are gestating.  HUMILIATION. ^_^
    Marine Equipment
    Armor Additions
    Cost    : 10 Resources
    Requires: Jetpack Research, Prototype Lab
    Jetpacks allow your Marines to move swiftly across the map, as well as allowing
    them to navigate vents and other hidden corridors.  Jetpacks have been nerfed
    from their 1.04 equivilant, but they are still quite potent.  The new jetpacks
    have less fuel, and significant in-flight adjustments are no longer possible.
    Thus, you will have to land every once in a while.  But practice a lot with
    these - a proficient jetpacker can get to one side of the map in about 1/3rd
    of the time a regular marine could.  Hover in the air and pick up speed.
    Jetpacks are also the ultimate Onos counter.  Whereas they can Devour Heavy
    Armor in one bite, Jetpackers can whiz around an Onos, pummeling him to death.
    They can also be effective in a rush - see the commanding section for details on
    Heavy Armor____________________________________________________________________
    Cost    : 15 Resources
    Requires: Heavy Armor Research, Prototype Lab
    Massive amounts of Heavy Armor is often the game finisher.  A Marine equipped
    with Heavy Armor will become slightly slower, and have their armor increased to
    a whopping 200.  Each armor upgrade increases this amount by 30.  This armor
    absorbs 95% of all damage, and is immune to Lerk Spores.  Meaning, these are
    walking tanks.  A few things to remember though - avoid Oni at all costs, or
    travel in large groups to get rid of them before they get close.  They can
    gobble up a Heavy Armor instantly.  Thats a LOT of resources gone, even more
    when you've equipped him.
    Speaking of equipment, Heavy Armor is the front line assault team.  Outfit them
    with more advanced weapons than LMGs if possible.  Also, under no circumstances,
    should Heavy Armor travel alone, and be without a welder.  That 200 armor can
    be widdled away pretty quick, and are just as vulnerable as any other Marine
    when it runs out.  Travel in packs.  Weld each other often.
    As a Comm, keep them outfitted.  They will occasionally need health packs, as
    each attack slightly damages their health.  Ammo can also be a problem, since
    they're taking down a hive most likely.   If your going to drop more than 10
    packs of ammo, you might as well just drop an armory, since the cost is the
    Assisting Items
    Med Pack_______________________________________________________________________
    Cost     : 2 Resources
    Requires : Nothing
    This handy little guys are the only way for Marines to restore health.  Don't
    hand them out like they're nothing though - those 2 resources add up fast, and
    its sometimes better to just let the Marine die to save some resources.  Of
    course, you should probably heal those Marines who you've invested in - such
    as with more powerful weapons or equipment.
    Ammo Pack______________________________________________________________________
    Cost     : 2 Resources
    Requires : Nothing
    You'll probably hand these guys out once in every 10 games.  Players like to
    get full ammo before heading out.  If for some reason you do run out, you
    most likely used your ammo poorly, such as on structures (excluding Hives
    and Offense Chambers).  If the Marines are not far from the base, just tell
    him to head back and load up at the armory.  People attacking Hives though,
    do tend to run out of ammo - keep them stocked if necessary!
    Each pack gives the ammo equivilant to 2 "humps" at the armory.  The only
    exception to this is the LMG - ammo packs still give 100 bullets for these.
    I suspect this was because you used to get 50 bullets per hump at an Armory,
    and this was one variable that was simply overlooked.
    Marine Structures
    A team without structures to provide them with various benefits is going to
    lose very quickly.  These are essential to your team, and you should guard them
    "Build" Category
    Resource Tower_________________________________________________________________
    Cost         : 15 Resources
    Function     : Gathers Resources for your team
    Can be placed: On an open Resource Node
    Durability   : High
    Requires     : Nothing
    Upgrades     : Electricity - 30 Resources - Electrifies the RT to zap aliens
    Resource Towers are some of the most important buildings for both sides, and
    should be protected well.  Each tower gathers one resource point every few
    seconds.  A team without resources will be killed quickly.
    Electricity is so so.  I'm not that big of a fan of it.  It can kill Skulks
    with ease, but once the 2nd hive goes up, Gorges can easilly Bile Bomb it to
    death.  Fades can Slash, back off, and heal til its dead as well.  I would only
    recommend Electricity if you have a node is some far off corner you don't think
    will be discovered for a bit, and is harder to access with something other than
    a Skulk or Lerk.  So, for the most part, hardly ever.
    Infantry Portal________________________________________________________________
    Cost         : 20 Resources
    Function     : Spawn Point
    Can be placed: Near Command Chair
    Durability   : Low
    Requires     : Command Chair
    Upgrades     : None
    Probably the most important building.  These little guys revive you when you
    die.  And you will die.  A team without an Infantry Portal, well, won't be
    able to respawn.  Guard these buildings the closest of them all.
    Cost         : 15 Resources
    Function     : Dispenses Ammo
    Can be placed: Anywhere
    Durability   : High
    Requires     : Nothing
    Upgrades     : Advanced Armory - 30 Resources - Lets you drop HMGs and GLs
    This building dispenses ammo for whatever gun you have equipped.  Your team
    will spend a lot of time around this one.  Not defending it, but "humping" it.
    Thats not my word, its the slang NS Players use to refer to players getting
    ammo.  Usually way to much ammo.  You do not need 50 | 250 ammo for your LMG.
    Its likely you'll die before you use it all.  175 is usually what I get, and I
    very rarely run out of ammo.  Make sure you do get maximum ammo for all the
    dropped weapons, especially the HMG and Grenade Launcher, as they chew through
    it very fast.  In NS 1.04, you used to move slower depening on how much ammo
    you had - im not sure this is still in 2.0.
    Command Chair__________________________________________________________________
    Cost         : 20 Resources
    Function     : Allows access to the Commanding Interface
    Can be placed: Anywhere
    Durability   : Very High
    Requires     : Nothing
    Upgrades     : None
    Lets Commanders Command.  This has the highest HP of all Marine buildings, so
    it should take a while to kill.  If the Command Chair is about to be destroyed,
    build another ASAP!  Otherwise, you're pretty much screwed.
    A little known bug about the Command Chair is that upon entering, you get full
    HP.  If your playing on a LAN and can communicate well with players, this will
    let them heal without wasting res on med packs.  Don't try it in public servers
    though, as likely some idiot will get in and not get out.
    Turret Factory_________________________________________________________________
    Cost         : 15 Resources
    Function     : Allows Turrets to be built
    Can be placed: Anywhere
    Durability   : Medium
    Requires     : Nothing
    Upgrades     : Electricity - 30 Resources - Electrifies the TF to zap aliens
                   Advanced Turret Factory - 15 Resources - Allows Seige Cannons
    Lets turrets be constructed.  Turrets can only be placed around the Turret
    Factory.  Also, if the turret factory is destroyed, all turrets in its radius
    will be deactivated - not good!  Because of that, put this guys along walls
    and corners to reduce the amount of angles it can be attacked at.  Also, use
    turrets to cover all exposed sides, as the Turret Factory will block fire
    from the turrets.  The last thing you want is a huge turret farm taken down by
    1 Skulk who was able to find a blind spot on the Turret Factory.  Because of
    this, I DO recommend Electrifying them when possible.  After all, a Skulk could
    keep chomping on 1 turret to make a blindspot.
    Upgrading to the Advanced Turret Factory allows Seige Cannons to be built.  For
    details on these beasts, read the appropriate section.
    Cost         : 10 Resources
    Function     : Static Defense
    Can be placed: Near Turret Factory
    Durability   : Very Low
    Requires     : Turret Factory
    Upgrades     : None
    Turrets.  They shoot at people.  Though these turrets are pretty weak, they
    can usually take down an Alien before he does any significant damage to one.
    Provided you mass them, as you should.  Use these to defend your base, res
    nodes, hives, and any other location you deem to be important.
    Also, Turrets now do half damage to Oni.
    Seige Cannon___________________________________________________________________
    Cost         : 15 Resources
    Function     : Seiges enemy structures
    Can be placed: Near Advanced Turret Factory
    Durability   : Medium
    Requires     : Advanced Turret Factory
    Upgrades     : None
    Oh ho... I love these guys so much.  These behemoths shoot at enemy structues -
    even through walls!  Once set up, they take a second to acquire their target,
    and then they let loose.  Of course, as soon as an enemy hears the shot of
    a Seige cannon, they'll be on it like flies on honey.  Make sure while the
    Turret Factory is upgrading and the Seige is doing its thing to place normal
    turrets to help defend.  A phase gate to base might be a good idea too for
    quick reinforcements.  For best results, deploy 2 or 3 of these at a time,
    since thats, well, 2 to 3 times less time you spend in enemy territory.
    A single Seige Cannon in your base can help as well, to destroy any healing
    or cloaking stations the Aliens set up nearby.
    Seige Cannons do 165 damage per shot, and have a range of about 1 screen on
    the command interface.  Theres nothing worse that building a turret factory,
    build up turrets, plop down a seige, and you learn it can't reach.  So make
    sure you'll be in range.  Also, these Turrets do not shoot at players.  They
    can however, hurt people close to the impact, including Marines.
    "Advanced" Category
    Cost         : 20 Resources
    Function     : Allows access to various Upgrades
    Can be placed: Anywhere
    Durability   : Low
    Requires     : Armory
    Upgrades     : Motion Tracking - 45 Resources - Gives Marines Motion Tracking
                   Phase Gate Technology - 15 Resources - Allows Phase Gates to be
    These handy little buildings have a lot of different uses.  First of all, they
    decloak any Aliens within their radius.  Always have one at your base, and any
    other important installation you have.
    They also generate energy, which can be used for a Scanner Sweep.  This handy
    little device sends out a blue "shockwave" that allows the Commander to see
    everything in the radius of the affected area.  It also decloaks everything in
    the area for 10 seconds.  If your Marines are heading into an unfarmiliar area,
    please, please, PLEASE use Scanner Sweep.  Very few Comms do this, and often
    times Marines get ambushed by cloaking aliens or Offense Chambers.  Having more
    than 1 Observatory will regnerate energy faster, and thus allow you to scanner
    sweep more often.
    A very vital function Observatories have is the distress beacon.  For 15
    resources, you can bring all Marines back from death almost immediatly.  This
    is vital if your base is being beaten to bits, and your only respawning people
    1 or 2 at a time.
    Observatories have access to the Motion Tracking Upgrade.  For a very expensive
    45 resources, this is a fantastic one to get, albeit expensive.  Any aliens
    that move will get a blue circle around them, so this could be the equivilant
    of a wallhack.
    Finally, Phase Gate Tech lets you build Phase Gates.  Fascinating. ^_^
    Arms Lab_______________________________________________________________________
    Cost         : 25 Resources
    Function     : Allows weapon and armor upgrades
    Can be placed: Anywhere
    Durability   : Medium
    Requires     : Armory
    Upgrades     : Level 1 Weapons - 20 Resources
                   Level 2 Weapons - 30 Resources
                   Level 3 Weapons - 40 Resources
                   Level 1 Armor - 20 Resources
                   Level 2 Armor - 30 Resources
                   Level 3 Armor - 40 Resources
    A very vital building.  Each upgrade to your guns lets them hit 10% harder than
    they originally did.  Each armor upgrade increases your damage resistance and
    raises your maximum armor by 20.  Every once in a while, when you can spare
    some resources, be sure to upgrade something.  Most people go with weapon
    upgrades first, since they also power up turrets.  I prefer armor first though,
    as it lets Marines take another Skulk bite than normal.  Either way, you should
    probably alternate back and forth between the 2.  If its destroyed, you lose
    all your upgrades.
    Prototype Lab__________________________________________________________________
    Cost         : 40 Resources
    Function     : Allows Access to Advanced Equipment
    Can be placed: Anywhere
    Durability   : High
    Requires     : Advanced Armory, Arms Lab
    Upgrades     : Research Jet Packs - 35 Resources
                   Research Heavy Armor - 40 Resources
    Allows you to research these 2 technologies and deploy them around the
    Prototype Lab.  Thats really all it does.  Read the Jetpack and Heavy Armor
    sections for more details.
    Phase Gate_____________________________________________________________________
    Cost         : 15 Resources
    Function     : Instantly teleports players
    Can be placed: Anywhere
    Durability   : Medium
    Requires     : Observatory, Phase Gate Technology
    Upgrades     : None
    These act as warp portals around the map.  So if you put a Phase Gate in your
    base, and one in a hive, pressing use on the Phase Gate will warp you between
    them.  You can have as many as you want, but dont go overboard, since you'll
    just cycle through all the gates you've placed until you finally get to the
    right spot.  By that time, it may be dead.  2 or 3 is all you'll need, most
    likely.  Recycle phase gates you don't use anymore to shorten trip time.
    Commanding/Marine Strategies
    Okay, first and foremost.  DO NOT GET IN THE CHAIR IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR
    DOING!  There is nothing more disheartening than seeing someone hop in the
    Command Chair and say "this is my first time guys what do i do".  You get out
    of the chair is what you do.
    Before you even attempt to Command, you must meet, in my opinion, 2 criteria.
    The first being you've played NS for at least a month.  You know the ins and
    outs of the game pretty much like the back of your hand.  You know what
    building does what, and when to do what.  You've also most likely been
    involved in Marine victories.  What did the commander do right in that game?
    If you meet #1, theres one more step you should take.  Start up a LAN game,
    and join Marines.  Pull down your console and type "sv_cheats 1" without the
    quotes.  This will let the game begin with no other players in the game.
    After typing sv_cheats 1, type "bigdig" without the quotes.  This will cause
    all structures you drop to be instantly placed.
    Use this time to get a feel for how Commanding works.  "Simulate" a battle if
    you will.  Drop 2 IPs, and an Armory.  Wait for the "team" to stock up and
    have them move out and "secure" a res node.  Get a feeling of how the res
    flows in a particular battle, and what you need to do.
    Alright, feeling confident now?  Do you have friends?  Try commanding on LAN
    first.  They'll be more forgiving than pub server players.  Plus you'll have
    fun doing it.
    If you don't have friends, my suggestion is to make some.  But go ahead and
    try commanding anyway.  Don't go with anything fancy here - this is your
    first time.  Listen to what your team has to say, but take them as
    suggestions, not orders.  Try your best.  If you lose, well, it happens to
    even the best commanders.  As long as people aren't saying "We had a nub
    comm", you did your job well.  And if people say that anyway, you probably
    still did do a decent job.  If you win, great!  But know the next battle
    might not be as easy.
    Alright, enough on that.  Lets get to details:
    Commanding-Specific Strategies
    Hotkeys, hotkeys, hotkeys______________________________________________________
    Ns 2.0 has a very nice commanding hotkey setup.  The command buttons on the
    bottom are in a 4x3 grid.  Well, instead of clicking each one, use your
    keyboard.  By default, you have hotkeys to match the grid.  Those being
    QWERASDFZXCV.  See how they form that same grid?  Use them well, they're much
    faster than fumbling around than the mouse.
    Forming players into Squads can help keep you organized.  To make a squad,
    highlight the players by clicking and dragging the mouse, and letting go when
    all you want are selected.  Then hit CTRL+1, for example.  You can have up to
    5 squads, so CTRL+5 would work as well.  To access all those players, just hit
    the corrosponding number on the keyboard.
    Building Squads________________________________________________________________
    Your not limited to just people when making squads.  You can make building
    squads as well.  Many people put Observatories in Squad 5, so they can quickly
    and easily scanner sweep without tracking those little buggers down on the map.
    This works great with other buildings as well, such as the Arms Lab.
    Select All_____________________________________________________________________
    See the picture up top of the little guy?  That selects every Marine.  Use this
    to give the entire team an order.
    I need a Medpack Stat!_________________________________________________________
    When someone requests a medpack or ammo, a button will appear on the side
    indicating as such.  Press the jump key to zap to him instantly.  Keep in mind
    a Medpack costs 2 res, and it may be cheaper just for him to die.
    Move to your waypoint soldier__________________________________________________
    Give people waypoints.  It will let them know EXACTLY where you want them.
    OMG COMM DROP ME A HMG LOLZ____________________________________________________
    Yes.  You will find people like this.  Keep in mind 1 HMG costs as much as 2
    Turrets... or 1 IP.  Avoid handing out weapons to stupid people that will just
    go rambo and die.  Your team should be more than welcome to make suggestions,
    but not orders.
    Scaaaner Sweeeeep!  *Bing!*____________________________________________________
    Use the Scanner Sweep liberally.  Most people just forget about it, and that
    hurts the team.  If they have sensory chambers, use it whenever entering a new
    area.  If they have the others, just use it randomly around the map to see
    where they're building up, especially in Hives.
    Everyone shut up so I can hear the Hive!_______________________________________
    Not exactly sure if this is intended, but you can easilly determine the Hive
    location by moving over to one of the possible spots.  If you hear the
    throbbing sound a Hive makes, well then you've just found it.  It is very soft
    though, so listen carefully.
    Build Orders___________________________________________________________________
    Before you start dropping stuff like a madman, decide on your build order.  Are
    you going to make 1, or 2 IPs?  Observatory or Arms Lab?  Try to determine what
    best fits your team.  The build order I usually do is 2 IPs, Armory,
    Observatory, Turret Factory, Turrets.  Thats my "anti-sensory chamber" setup.
    But if the aliens drop one of the others, i'll usually forego the Observatory
    and Turrets and get an Arms Lab up.  Then start upgrading.  There is no perfect
    order, you just have to adapt to the situation.
    You depend on the team, the team depends on you.  Talk with them.  Let them
    know your strategy.  They dont have hive site that tells them "Resource Tower
    is under attack!".  You are their all-seeing-eye, so keep them informed of
    whats going on.  Using Voice Comm is HIGHLY recommended.
    Marine Strategies
    Turret or not to Turret, that is the question__________________________________
    Some people like to Turret the home base.  I usually don't like to, unless the
    Aliens have Sensory Chambers.  Otherwise they could pretty much just waltz in
    undetected.  Neither choice is bad, just different.
    Mines are a mixed bag.  They do stop smaller aliens quite well.  They of
    course, need to be replaced after they have detonated.  Mines aren't all the
    uber weapon they were in 1.04, due to them hurting friendlies now.  I rarely
    use them, but they can be a quick defense if your being attacked by aliens, and
    need to buy time to set up Turrets.
    Mmmmm.... res *drools*_________________________________________________________
    Its not so important that you have 6+ resource nodes like the Aliens.  You can
    easilly pull off a successful game with only 3 nodes.  This lets you defend the
    ones you have very vigorously.  It is of the utmost importance that you get the
    double res node on the map, if it has one.  Many do.  Tanith, Hera, Mineshaft,
    Origin, Veil, and Caged come to mind.  Having those 2 nodes in 1 place will
    allow you to concentrate your defenses in just 2 spots - the base and there -
    instead of 3 or more.
    Weld those vents shut!_________________________________________________________
    Something I rarely see people do is welding vents shut.  On your map, you'll
    most likely see little stars on it, which corrospond to icons around the map.
    These are welding points.  Most likely they weld vents shut, but other times
    they can do things like open doors.  On maps like Bast and Eclipse, where vents
    lead to Marine start, I always drop a welder to close the vents ASAP.
    Restricting the number of ways the aliens can attack is a good thing.
    Shotty Rush____________________________________________________________________
    Is the Hive close?  You may want to consider a Shotty Rush.  Drop 1 IP, an
    Armory, and as many Shotguns as you can afford.  Make SURE everyone stays
    together.  Yell at teammates who wander off.  Once everyone is loaded up, move
    on out.  This is a huge gamble though.  If it succeeds, you will win.  Theres
    no way any Aliens can get a Hive up that early to stay alive.  If it fails
    however, you'll have a very small base with virtually no res to expand it.
    I like Shotty rushes when the Hive is close, but I don't do it all the time.
    Did you know, assuming all pellets connect, it only takes 40 shots to take
    down a Hive?  Thats only 1 clip for 4 people.  And those are with un-upgraded
    Hive Lockdown__________________________________________________________________
    It is very important you lock down a Hive.  2 Hives you can handle, but the
    Aliens get their big guns on the 3rd.  Early in the game, move your troops to a
    Hive and get it secured.  If you can get a Hive and the double res node, all
    connected by Phase Gates and protected by Turrets, theres a very good chance
    you're going to win.
    HA Train_______________________________________________________________________
    Heavy Armor trains are devastating.  If you outfit a lot of people with Heavy
    Armor, and good weapons, and send them all to a Hive, the results are usually
    quite good.  Some things to remember though - ALWAYS move in a group.  ALWAYS
    give them Welders to repair armor.  ALWAYS scanner sweep their route.  ALWAYS
    give them health when needed.  ALWAYS give them ammo when needed.  And last,
    but not least, mix up the weapons.  Shottys are cheap, and very effective at
    both buildings and enemies.  Half of my HAs have Shotguns, usually.  HMGs
    are good against enemies, but not at buildings.  One quarter of my HA train
    has HMGs.  Finally, Grenade Launchers are good against buildings and large
    groups of enemies, but they have a long reload.  One quarter of my HA train
    has GLs.  This should be a pretty unstopable force.
    So you just can't get in that Hive to kill it eh?  No problem.  Kill it from
    outside.  First, get near the Hive.  Not in the same room as the Hive of
    course, but the room right next to it.  Before sending anyone there, make sure
    you have resources - at least 75.  Plop down a turret factory and upgrade it.
    Plop down normal turrets for protection.  Plop down a Phase Gate.  Every time
    you hit 40 res, plop down another normal turret.  Once the TF is done, plop
    down 2 seiges.  That should take care of things pretty quick.
    Keeping troops alive during this time is very important.  Be liberal with
    medpacks.  Having 1 trooper welding everyones armor is a good idea as well.
    Just hold your position until you get those turrets up.
    Jetpacks... the freshmaker!____________________________________________________
    Yes, Jetpacks got nerfed.  But they are still very potent as Onos killers.
    Most likely, when aliens have resources flowing, most will go Onos.  Use this
    to your advantage.  They have no anti-air capabilities, other than jumping and
    attacking in mid-air... which is quite funny.
    One often neglected use of the Jetpack is the Jetpack rush.  It is extremely
    potent, and can be accomplished with only 2 or 3 people.  Outfit your group
    with Jetpacks and Shotguns.  Have them fly to the nearest Hive, and land on
    top of it.  Then just fire point blank into the Hive.  I've found that Aliens
    rarely set up offensive towers inside their Hive area, since the constant
    influx of players make them pretty much useless.  Even if they do set them up,
    their shots will be blocked by the Hive.  Also, getting to the top of a Hive
    can be quite a challenge for an Alien.  They are suspended from the ceiling,
    and often a bit of distance away from the walls.  Skulks wont be able to get
    up there quickly, and die to 1 shotgun blast - Lerks can't do enough damage
    fast enough if the Comm is spamming medpacks - and its gonna take a lot of
    skill as a Fade to blink up there.
    Alien Lifeforms
    Skulk - 2 Resources
    Recommended Upgrades: Regeneration, Silence, Cloaking (Assassin)
                          Carapace, Celerity, Scent of Fear (Grunt)
    The lifeform everyone spawns as.  I hope your good at this one, or otherwise
    your Alien career will be best spent as a Gorge.  They have the ability to
    climb along walls and ceilings, allowing them to get into perfect ambush
    points.  They move very fast, and are practically breaking the sound barrier
    with Celerity.  They don't have much health, so avoid going up against a Marine
    at long range - because he'll kill you before you get anywhere near him.
    Bite - 75 Damage_______________________________________________________________
    The main attack of Skulk.  It takes 2 to kill a Marine, and each armor upgrade
    they have allows them to take 1 more bite.  Obviously, its a melee only weapon,
    so you'll need to get close.  Biting also blocks your view temporarily, because
    apparently the Skulk's eyes are in the middle of its mouth... despite they're
    actually on his head.  Anyway, get good using this weapon, because it's lethal
    in the right hands.
    Parasite - 10 Damage___________________________________________________________
    A handy little "attack".  Basically, its a projectile you shoot out from your
    mouth, where upon contact with a Marine, they become parasited.  Parasited
    Marines show up on your team's hive sight, so they know exactly where the
    Marine is at all times.  Parasited Marines rarely live long, as your team
    can know exactly when to ambush him.  If travelling with a group, they then
    give away the location of the entire group.  The only way to remove the
    parasite is to die.  You should parasite Marines whenever possible, especially
    those you know you won't be able to kill.
    Of course, Parasites do an insanely small amount of damage... so if your able
    to parasite somebody to death, it should prove quite embarassing. ^_^
    Leap - 4 Damage________________________________________________________________
    Another one of the Skulks attacks that really isn't an attack at all.  This
    attack makes the Skulk leap through the air very quickly, greatly reducing
    travel time.  Leap can hurt someone however.  That 4 damage can strike multiple
    times, depending on how long your pressing against someone while leaping.
    Still, its usually a better idea to use Bite.
    Xenocide - 200 Damage__________________________________________________________
    This is what makes Skulk useful in the end game.  Xenocide takes away a large
    portion of your energy, but basically turns you into a time bomb.  Upon
    activating, about 3 seconds later you'll explode violently, obviously killing
    yourself in the process.  Of course, hopefully there are enemies in the area
    when you do this.
    A very potent combination is to use Xenocide, and then Leap IMMEDIATLY after.
    This will let you get into position very quickly, and allow you to pretty much
    bypass any defenses.
    Gorge - 10 Resources
    Recommended Upgrades: Redemption, Celerity, Scent of Fear (Builder only)
                          Regeneration, Adrenaline, Cloaking (Battle Gorge)
    The backbone of the Alien team.  These are the only lifeforms that can build,
    so they are essential if you want to win.  Since everyone gets an equal amount
    of resource flow now, anyone can go Gorge and help the team.  This is a great
    way for newbies to get used to the game, since you can help the aliens out,
    even if you suck at fighting.  Read the Alien Structures section for more
    Spit - 25 Damage_______________________________________________________________
    The main attack of the Gorge, which you should probably never use.  It moves
    pretty slowly, making it hard to hit any enemies.  Its the only long range
    attack the Gorge has however.  You should avoid all combat as a Gorge unless
    you have some help, but in case you do run into a Marine, the following attack
    is probably the one you should use.
    Heal Spray - 16 Damage_________________________________________________________
    This should probably be your weapon of choice as the Gorge.  It allows you to
    heal all players and structures, which is a nice touch.  It has an area of
    effect, meaning you can heal multiple things at once.  This is a pretty good
    attack against a Marine.  Since it is area of effect, you can dance and jump
    around like an idiot without really aiming.  This is going to make you pretty
    hard to hit, so hopefully you'll be able to kill him before he kills you.
    Bile Bomb - 200 Damage_________________________________________________________
    A very under-used attack.  If you played 1.04, you probably knew how potent
    this attack was as a Fade.  Be warned though - in 2.0, it does not damage
    people, only structures.  Theres nothing funnier than seeing a Gorge trying to
    Bile Bomb a Marine to death.  It is still an extremely effective weapon,
    however.  Since it has an arc like a heavy ball, you can Bile Bomb turret farms
    and other structures from a safe vantage point.  It also has a pretty large
    area of effect, allowing you to take out many things at once, or take out a
    turret from behind cover.  A single crafty Gorge can take down any Marine
    structure with this attack, provided nobody comes to intervene - so have an
    escape route handy.
    Not really an attack, but a potent defense nonetheless.  A Marine caught in a
    web wont be able to shoot, and have his movement slowed to a crawl.  This
    effect lasts for quite a few seconds.  Obviously, this will cause any assault
    to pretty much stop in its tracks, and the victims will be easy prey.  Each
    string of webbing will disappear after it has entangled someone, so they will
    occasionally need to be replaced.  Also, there is a limit to how many webs
    each time can have, so don't go crazy.  Welders and Grenade Launchers can
    destroy webs.
    To use webs, simply fire at the points you want the web string to connect to.
    So if you want a web to stretch from the floor to the ceiling, simply fire at
    the floor, and then at the ceiling.  Note that there is a limit to how long
    the string can be.
    Webs and Offense Chambers can be lethal weapons.  Simply create a web trap for
    Marines to stumble upon, and then put an offense chamber nearby.
    Webs are also lethal to Jetpacks, since they'll simply fall if they hit one -
    and thus easy prey for Skulks, Fades, and other lifeforms.
    Lerk - 30 Resources
    Recommended Upgrades: Regeneration, Celerity, Scent of Fear
    Meant as a long distance support class, this guy can also function alone if
    your good.  Spores are lethal to the Marines, since they can make a large group
    of them easy prey.  Spikes are the only long distance attack aliens have early
    on, and can take down turrets from relative safety.  Umbra and Primal Scream
    allow you to be useful in the end game helping out the bigger guys.  You
    probably won't get as many kills with the Lerk as other classes (if your doing
    your job that is), but you'll definently be helping out the team.
    Spike - 16 Damage______________________________________________________________
    Insta-hit projectiles that are pretty potent little weapons.  You can shoot
    them pretty quickly, and they take little energy.  Marines tend to have more
    armor than you do though, so don't try to go toe-to-toe with one unless your
    hidden, or he's weakened.
    Spores - 14 Damage per second__________________________________________________
    A great attack you'll be using a lot as a Lerk.  This creates a cloud of gas
    at wherever you shoot, making life quite uncomfortable for any Marines in the
    vicinity.  It doesn't damage them all that much, but it will probably take off
    about 1/4 of their life - leaving them easy to prey to the rest of your team,
    unless the commander starts to waste resources on Medpacks.  So either way, you
    A very potent, albeit a bit annoying attack is to hide in a vent near the
    Marine base and shoot spores everywhere, in particular the armory.  If they
    want to get ammo, they'll get hurt - if they wait for it to wear off before
    getting ammo, that will be a lot of wasted time - and if they run off without
    getting ammo at all, they'll run out pretty quickly.  Bast and Eclipse come to
    mind for this strategy.
    Spores also do not stack - so be sure to spread them out!  If you want to
    further damage Marines in a spore cloud, switch to spikes.
    This shoots out a cloud just like Spores, but this is one you'll want to shoot
    at your teammates.  This cloud blocks 2/3rds of any bullets that pass into it.
    A Lerk spraying Umbra is pretty much required if you want to take down any
    turret farms.  The cloud only lasts for 3 seconds, so replace it often.  If a
    Hive or other structure is being shot, casting Umbra on it will make the
    attackers' jobs much harder.  Umbra does not effect non-bullet weapons.
    Primal Scream__________________________________________________________________
    A handy little attack that increases the movement speed, energy regeneration,
    and attack speed of any alien in the area.  It also only lasts a few seconds,
    so be sure to scream again every once in a while.  Any aliens that are effected
    will scream in reply, which just sounds cool if theres a lot of friendlies
    Fade - 50 Resources
    Recommended Upgrades: Carapace, Adrenaline, Scent of Fear
    My personal favorite class, provided I have Adrenaline.  The best way to use
    these guys are as Guerilla troops - blink in, do some damage, blink out, and
    heal.  This guy is pretty much the only alien that can solo and do it well.
    Turret farms without phase gates easilly fall to the prey of the Fade, since
    you can keep widdling away at them until they die.
    Slash - 80 Damage______________________________________________________________
    Basically, a slightly more powerful version of the Skulk's bite.  Unlike the
    Skulk however, you can almost always get close to use it - use Blink to almost
    instantly get in the enemy's face, and then just claw him to death.  The main
    attack of the Fade, get used to it.
    Oh man, I love this skill.  This lets you move through the air at near
    light speed - just point and shoot.  This lets you get into vents usually off-
    limits to higher classes, and lets you get pretty much anywhere very quickly.
    It uses quite a bit of energy, so try to have Adrenaline.  Also, avoid holding
    the button down unless you REALLY need to get out of somewhere fast.  Tap it
    for better results.
    A skill that lets you heal yourself a small amount.  And well, thats pretty
    much it!  It will repair armor as well, so it lets you get back to 100%
    fighting condition anywhere on the map.
    Acid Rocket - 50 Damage________________________________________________________
    The only powerful ranged attack the aliens have.  This attack is often
    essential to finish the game, to "snipe" turrets the Marines may have set up
    in their base.  It has a good amount of splash damage, and moves a little slow.
    It acts pretty much like a rocket launcher from any FPS, so try to jump and aim
    for the floor around your enemy.
    Onos - 100 Resources
    Recommended Upgrades: Redemption, Celerity, Scent of Fear (Heavy Armor Counter)
                          Regeneration, Adrenaline, Scent of Fear (Standard)
                          Carapace, Adrenaline, Scent of Fear (Kamikaze Onos O_o)
                          Regeneration, Silence, Cloaking (Scare the **** out of
    The heavy hitter of the alien team.  Essentially walking tanks, they are the
    only effective counter to Heavy Armor.  They are not the be all, end all unit
    though - they still need help from other lifeforms, especially Lerks, if they
    want to be effective.  So just because you have 100 res doesn't mean you should
    use it all!
    Gore - 90 Damage (double versus structures)____________________________________
    Funny how most of the slot 1 attacks for aliens are melee type attacks.  This
    is pretty much your standard melee attack, except its quite powerful,
    especially against structures.
    This attack is just so much fun.  Walk up to a Marine, and CHOMP - devour him
    whole.  A Marine will lose 3 HP per second that is given to you.  It also keeps
    the Marine out of commission for a pretty long time.  This is the best and
    pretty much only effective counter to Heavy Armor that the aliens have.  If you
    are killed during the time you are devouring a Marine, he will pop back out.
    Also, if you Redeem back to the hive, you will expel your tasty snack.
    Tired of all those pesky Marines running around you, making them pretty hard to
    Gore or Devour?  Give em a good ol' stomping.  This attack sends out a
    shockwave that freezes any Marines it hits for 3 seconds.  They cannot fire
    during that time either.  This of course makes them easy prey to Devour or
    Gore, so use it liberally.  Stomp and Devour is an extremely effective way to
    kill Heavy Armor.
    Charge - Incredible Damage_____________________________________________________
    Charrrrrrge!  Using this attack slowly drains your energy until its gone, and
    really boosts your running speed.  Anything you run into during this time will
    be hurt, a lot.  It works a lot like Leap, the more time you have pressed
    against something, the more it will be hurt.  You can easilly mow through an
    entire squad before they knew what hit them.
    If your having trouble keeping "pressed" up against a building or player, try
    crouching.  This cuts your movement speed in half, but doesn't reduce the
    A very evil way to use Charge is in conjunction with a Sensory chamber.
    Attacking will usually uncloak you - but Charge works a bit differently.  You
    only "attack" upon activating Charge.  So, if you wait around a second, and
    then recloak, you can charge all you want completely cloaked!  Adrenaline is
    pretty much essential if you do this, since you won't have as much energy as
    you usually would.
    Alien Buildings
    "Advanced" Category
    Resource Tower - 15 Resources__________________________________________________
    Just like the Marine Resource Towers, these guys collect resources for your
    team.  Losing one is not as much of a crushing blow it is to the Marine team,
    since Aliens tend to have a lot more.  Still, they should be protected well.
    Offense Tower - 10 Resources___________________________________________________
    These potent little guys fire spikes that do 50 damage.  They are very
    accurate, and 1 tower can hold off 1 or 2 Marines by itself.  Its usually best
    to put them in groups of 2 or more though, so they can quickly kill any Marines
    before they do significant damage.  You can also stack these on top of one
    another, but be sure to put the one on top slightly back away from the
    direction Marines will be attacking from, since the top tower could block the
    spike from the bottom one.  These are the only static defenses the Aliens
    have, so when in doubt of what to build, spread these guys around.  Offense
    Chambers only do half damage to heavy armor, as of 2.0.
    Hive - 40 Resources____________________________________________________________
    The most important building for the aliens.  Each Hive allows the aliens to use
    another one of their attacks, have access to another upgrade chamber, and have
    another place to spawn.  They have quite a bit of life, and the constant influx
    of players should keep them well defended - a few offense chambers couldn't
    hurt, however.
    "Upgrades" Category
    These chambers, in addition to having their own benefits, allow your team to
    purchase upgrades from them for 2 resources each.  Each upgrade has up to 3
    levels, represented by 3 or more of the respective chambers.  You can only have
    1 type of chamber per Hive, and as soon as 1 is dropped, the current Hive is
    "locked" to that chamber.  So if someone built a Sensory chamber in the first
    5 seconds of the match, the only upgrade tower you could have and purchase
    upgrades from is a sensory chamber until the 2nd Hive goes up.  So choose
    wisely, and ask your team which one they want before building one!
    Defense Chamber - 10 Resources_________________________________________________
    These chambers heal any players or structures in their range.  They are useful
    to set up portable "healing stations" at points throughout the map, as well as
    protecting offense chambers.  The upgrades are as follows:
    Carapace    : Increases your amount of armor and damage absorbtion at the cost
                  of a slightly decreased movement speed.  A higher level will
                  increase your armor and damage absorbtion.
    Regeneration: Constantly restores your health and armor.  A higher level will
                  increase regeneration.
    Redemption  : Once your life drops below the Redemption threshhold, which is
                  roughly 30%-40%, the Redemption process will begin.  In a few
                  seconds, you will be instantly zapped back to the Hive, saving
                  your life.  A higher level will decrease the amount of time
                  needed to complete the Redemption process.
    Movement Chamber - 10 Resources________________________________________________
    My personal favorite 1st Hive Chamber, these give you a large energy boost when
    in their vicinity.  They also let you teleport to any built hive instantly by
    simply pressing use on them.  The upgrades are as follows:
    Silence   : Allows your movement and attacks to be silent.  A higher level will
                increase how silent you are, until you are completely silent.
    Adrenaline: Increases your energy regeneration rate.  A higher level will
                increase that regeneration rate.
    Celerity  : Increases your movement speed.  A higher level will increase this
                movement speed.
    Sensory Chamber - 10 Resources_________________________________________________
    These chambers cloak any structures or players in its area.  When cloaked,
    structures and players are roughly 90% invisible, so you can often run right up
    to a Marine and slash or bite him while cloaked.  Cloaked offense chambers are
    a nasty surprise as well.  Attacking will end the cloaking process.  To
    re-cloak, you will need to stand still for a few seconds.  The upgrades are as
    Cloaking     : Unlike Sensory Chamber cloaking, this is only activated while
                   standing still.  A higher level will decrease the amount of
                   time you need to stand still to cloak.  You can walk while
                   cloaking and remain so.
    Scent of Fear: Basically motion tracking for aliens.  A very good upgrade, the
                   only good one for sensory in my opinion.  A higher level will
                   increase the detection range.
    Pheremones   : A horrible upgrade, this basically leaves a trail of gas behind
                   the Marines.  I suppose you could follow them with that, but
                   Scent of Fear can do this and much more.  A higher level will
                   increase the length of the trail.
    Alien Strategies
    Skulk Rush!____________________________________________________________________
    In 1.04, it was pretty much a requirement that the entire Alien team rushed the
    Marine base at the start of the map.  It usually didn't kill them, but it
    slowed them down a lot.  If you can get a lot of people to rush at the same
    time in 2.0, it can really surprise them.  Still, since Marines get some res
    per kill, make sure its worth it.
    Gorge Rush!____________________________________________________________________
    Surprisingly, a very effective strategy!  Heal spray heals friendlies as well
    as being an attack to your enemies... so what happens when you have a huge
    group of Gorges all heal spraying each other, running right towards your base?
    Well, the group is going to be near impossible to kill with just LMGs.  After
    you've killed all the Marines, have 1 or 2 people go Skulk to kill the IPs.
    Extremely effective when done well.
    Res Rush!______________________________________________________________________
    The "standard" strategy in public games nowadays, because its easy and super
    effective.  Too effective in my opinion.  Everyone runs to a node.  Goes Gorge.
    Drops a res tower.  Go back to Skulk.  It almost an instant, your team has
    captured every available node on the map.
    Stealthy... like the Ninja_____________________________________________________
    REAL ULTIMATE POWER!!  Well, not really.  If a Sensory Chamber is dropped
    first, its going to greatly influence how you play the game.  Oddly enough, its
    the most defensive of all the chambers.  Use Cloaking and Scent of Fear to hide
    outside their base and prevent them from expanding.  Drop the chambers inside
    your hive and in other critical areas, so Skulks can get right in the enemies
    face before decloaking.  It's really not a good idea to attack head on during
    this time, as you'll most likely just give the Marines more resources.
    You have Movement, so MOVE_____________________________________________________
    I love movement chambers so much at the first Hive.  Their upgrades make Skulks
    very, very deadly.  You wouldn't believe it at first, but silence really makes
    you a more effective killer, especially if you attack from behind.  You could
    kill an entire squad of Marines without them even knowing!  Celerity is a great
    upgrade for the Skulk as well.  Theyre already hard enough to hit, theyre
    REALLY hard to hit when their speed has been upped.  Celerity is also great for
    Gorges to run away from danger, and to get around the map faster.  Celerity
    Skulks should go on the offensive, while Silenced ones lie in waiting.  Once
    your team has Lerks and Fades, they'll have access to Adrenaline right off the
    bat, making them much more effective.  If you go with the "standard" Sensory,
    Defence, Movement combination, you'll most likely be hurting in the later game,
    since Sensory loses its effectiveness once the Marines get an Observatory.
    Defense that isn't so defensive________________________________________________
    The Defense chamber is actually probably the most offensive based chamber.
    Regeneration can let a Skulk with patience eat an electric resource tower.
    Carapaced Skulks last significantly longer than normal, and your speed isn't
    reduced all that much.  Redemption is pretty much useless until later game.
    No matter what chamber your team decides to go with for their first, they are
    all viable.  There is no magical order, save the next strategy.  Just use the
    ones that you have to your advantage.
    Defense.  2nd Hive.  Always.___________________________________________________
    If you didn't drop a Defense Chamber for your first Hive, you must, and I
    stress this very much, drop one for your second Hive.  You need some Oni to
    break the Marine stongholds, and Oni are pretty much useless unless they have
    Defensive upgrades to back them up.
    Gorge - not just for building anymore__________________________________________
    Once you get the 2nd Hive up, Gorges have access to the very potent Bile Bomb.
    This is bar none, the most effective way to get rid of turret farms.  If you
    followed the best, in my opinion, chamber order, you should have Adrenaline
    and Regeneration.  Duck in so only 1 turret sees you, Bile Bomb it, back off,
    heal, and repeat.  Each Bile Bomb does 200 damage to structures, which is
    basically shooting Xenociding Skulks.  Yeah.  It hurts a LOT.  If they have
    a Phase Gate however, you'll likely find resistance.  Have a Fade or a few
    Skulks as escort.  Bile Bomb is also ideal for taking out those pesky
    electrified Resource Towers your Skulks were getting zapped by.
    The other turret killer________________________________________________________
    You need a but more patience for this one, but it works.  Spiking with the
    Lerk.  Try to get just 1 turret to shoot at you, and spike it to death.  Move
    out a bit more so again, only 1 shoots at you, and spike it to death.  Rinse
    and repeat, and call in the heavy hitters to finish off the Turret Factory
    using the blind spot you made.  Turrets also have a range, so if you can range
    them, thats even better.
    The game has been going on for 3 hours because your stupid_____________________
    Some people have experienced games where the Marines have just turret farmed so
    much, its impossible to clear them out.  First of all, your entire team using
    Redemption Oni just won't cut it.  Redemption saves your life, but at a severe
    cost to your effectiveness.  You often Redeem with a good portion of your life
    left.  Then you have to heal up, and run allll the way back.
    Regeneration runs on percentages, so it will make you near godlike unless your
    really being pounded.  A Gorge following you with Adrenaline using Heal Spray
    certainly wont hurt.  A Lerk spraying UMBRA, NOT SPORES, is pretty much
    essential.  The rest of the team should be doing the real damage with Bile
    Bomb, Bite, Gore, whatever you have.  Its not that the Marines are hard to
    kill, its just that you have to use teamwork to do it.
    Map Specific Strategies
    ns_nancy... may you rest in peace.  Best NS map ever.
    Get the hell out of Rine start_________________________________________________
    Its awful!  Way too many entrances, and its slightly cramped.  Not good at all
    for Marines.  Atmospheric is a great choice.  Other inventive ones are the Tram
    Tunnel, right in the middle.  Lets see a Skulk get to your base then.  Or even
    better, the Refinery Hive.  Nice and open.
    If attacking Refinery, get Jetpacks____________________________________________
    Refinery has to be the worst hive in NS for aliens.  Wide, wide open.  Jetpacks
    will tear aliens up like none other, so get them.
    Know thy vents_________________________________________________________________
    Bast has a cool vent system that can get you from 1 place to another pretty
    quick.  You'll be at a big advantage if you can exploit them.
    Hold your breath!______________________________________________________________
    Theres an underwater tunnel underneath the Feedwater Hive that leads to
    Refinery.  It's a fast way to get there.  The catch?  Marines won't survive it,
    they'll drown.  Other aliens will run low on oxygen, so they'll have to wait
    a second for their health to restore.
    Bile from the vent_____________________________________________________________
    Marines dumb enough to stay in Marine start?  Goood.  Dumb enough to weld the
    vent closed?  Excellent.  You see, even with that vent closed, theres a small
    slit you can Bile Bomb their base through.  So go Gorge and run up that vent.
    Drop an OC and DC/MC at the top of the ramp - sometimes Marines like to sneak
    up the vent to kill you, the OC chamber will take care of that.  And, Bile Bomb
    away!  LMGs and HMGs are innaccurate enough that few bullets will pass through
    the slit.  GLs will mess you up fast though, so run like a sissy if they start
    lobbing nades.
    Funniest.  Strategy.  Ever.____________________________________________________
    Those dumb marines... still in Marine start?  Humiliate them.  You'll probably
    need 100 res for this, so its an endgame thing.  But its much more devastating
    than an Onos!  You know that elevator near Marine start?  Build a SC, if
    possible, near the bottom.  This is mostly for you to hide if in trouble.  The
    Marines probably have an Observatory, so you'll need to back up a bit to cloak.
    Anyway, take almost all your res and build OCs on the elevator.  Make sure its
    down first :-p.  You can cram 8-10 on there.  Build a few DCs down at the
    bottom too.  Now, all set up?  Press the elevator button.  They all rise up and
    spike the rine spawn to death =D.  OCs getting hurt?  Press the button and
    bring them back down for healing!
    Relocation - risky, but it could work__________________________________________
    The Marine start isn't too bad.  It is mostly open.  But there are some
    inventive spots to relocate too.  One being behind Processing, in the halls
    near those weldable grates.  You can build your base there a while before
    being noticed.  None of the hives, except for Generator, are really open,
    but Generator has no nearby res nodes.
    Weld Vents_____________________________________________________________________
    The vents in this map provide extremely fast access to different hives.  WELD-
    THEM-SHUT.  Especially the one in Shipping and Lower Sewer.  Cut them off ASAP.
    Have MCs?  Be a Lerk.  Get on top of the pipe thats near the main drag from
    Marine Spawn leading to sewer.  Get Silence.  You can snipe with Spikes from
    that pipe a long time before being noticed.  Just be sure not to spore - it
    will give away your position.  You may want to drop chambers up there to help
    you out.  You can also put offense chambers up there for an unpleasant
    Get that double node!__________________________________________________________
    Processing is right in the middle of the map, and is a double res node.  It
    would be nice if you could get that.  If the other team has it locked down
    though, leave it be.  Its not worth sacrificing yourself and giving the enemies
    For the love of god.  WELD HORSESHOE!__________________________________________
    As SOON as the map starts, get an Armory and drop a welder.  Get the vent at
    Horseshoe welded ASAP.  Lerks can get in that in spore you to death fast, and
    your pretty much sunk until you get GLs or JPs - not for a while.
    Resource Tower is under attack!________________________________________________
    The res nodes in this map are pretty hard to defend.  Use this to your
    advantage.  If your a Marine, Electrify them at first.  Also, get a rambo whos
    a skilled player to go resource tower hunting.  This will put you at a huge
    advantage.  As an alien, get the 2nd Hive ASAP so you can Bile Bomb those
    electrified resource towers.
    Jetpacks, not HA_______________________________________________________________
    All 3 Hives in this map are fairly open, especially Computer Core.  Jetpack/
    Shotties are your main weapon of choice here, not HA.
    Early Turret Killing___________________________________________________________
    There are a lot of oppurtunities in this map to outrange turrets, or creep out
    of vents to only be visible to 1.  A patient Lerk can spike Turrets to death,
    leaving a blind spot that leaves the TF open to attack.
    Marine Spawn = evil____________________________________________________________
    Like bast, get the hell out of there.  It's not a good place to be.  Holoroom
    would be an ideal place to relocate to, since its open and has double res.
    You want this place.  Bad.  Group up and try to relocate to Holo.  It's quite
    hard for the Marines to win without it.
    Hide in the shadows____________________________________________________________
    The tunnel at the bottom of the elevator near Marine spawn is an awesome place
    to hide and bite passing Marines, with or without cloaking.  It's very, very
    dark down there, so use that to your advantage.
    OMG J00 NUB!___________________________________________________________________
    You can do some evil stuff outside of Marine spawn, where their res tower is.
    It's not exactly civil, so i'll leave it to you to find it. ^_^

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