Review by Magnus X Zero

"A wonderful Starcraft influenced mod."

This game is incredible. Simple as that. I got this from a friend of mine and was completely blown away. Read on to see why.

Story: There really isn't a story, as this is a Multi-player-only mod. It's basically that these Marines have to fight these Alien things. Very reminiscent of Starcraft, if you've played that.

Gameplay: This is where the game shines. You have two teams, the Marines, and the Aliens. After you choose from the Ready Room, you wait to get spawned in from an Infantry Portal, something you NEED to get spawned in. You start out with a light machine gun, a pistol and a knife. After getting ammo, you head out and try to kill aliens and destroy structures. But you also have to defend your own bases. Your assigned commander, who looks on everything and drops all buildings, weapons, etc. will often order you to build the Sentry Gun he just dropped, or he'll drop you a Welder to fix a structure. Teamwork is vital for the Marines. You lose if your command center gets destroyed.
The Aliens are totally different. Here, it is more like everyone for themselves. They can evolve into various forms and also build structures. They must defend the Hive at all costs, or they'll lose. I haven't played with them much so I don't have much information on them.
Overall, very good. 10/10

Graphics: Everything is original in this game. Everything looks great, with smoke and fog everywhere to give atmosphere. The player models look great too, moving and firing their guns. There aren't any weird glitches here for the most part. Everything looks terrific.

Sound: Of the same caliber as the graphics. There is music in the levels(optional, you can turn it off) and it is pretty good. Gunfire and everything sounds good. Radio commands from your commander sounds good too. Grunts are standard-fare and such. But the sound of footsteps and the dripping of water really add a lot to this game.

Play Control: Pretty much the same thing as any other Half-Life mod. Talk commands are different though.

Overall, this game is really worth the huge download. (90 MB) A must try if you've ever been a fan of Starcraft or if you just want a good action mod. Download now!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/10/02, Updated 11/10/02

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