"Good but some problems..."

Though Natural Selection just came out and is still a beta, I will rate it now.

Gameplay: 5/10

Okay, this game has a really bad game play right now. It has two sides, marines and aliens. There are no ''classes'' for the marines, except for when the commander gives you weapons and upgrades. This isn't helped with the fact that the community has people that consider themselves elite and constantly ask the commander for heavy machine guns and heavy armor. Also, the aliens have an upperhand right now because they can detect where the marines are, while the marines only say ''Parasite Detected'' even though in the future, you would think they would have heart beat sensors! Also, there is always an abusive commander that would build infantry portals and the like in useless places. I alone built three, wasting the teams resources. Also, on the aliens side, I saw people build turrets in completely useless places! The gameplay is further lowered by the extremely unhelpful and arrogant community. I was in a server and was on aliens and marines had eight people and aliens had three. Guess who won.

Graphics: 7/10

Graphics are pretty good, but they also cause massive lag, so I must deduct points. I saw 22 people in one server all have 1000ms pings! That is crazy, they have many useless graphical features in Natural Selection. Think Countr-strike, a massively popular game that has only so-so graphics! Also, most of the maps have a dark setting to them which makes it hard to see anything, so marines can just spray their machine guns and aliens can just go bite blindly.

Sound: 8/10

Nothing special. Just plain old sounds. The alien grunting sounds are cool though.

Concept/Desigb: 9/10

Ahhhh, this is the only saving factor of the mod. Concept. The concept of this game is a really good one, and with more work it could be one of the best half-life mods aside to Counter-Strike. The designers had a great idea to let the aliens evolve. They should, however, had let the marines choose classes! I hate having to beg to the commander to get give me new weapons and armor. Also if it is a clan server, the clan members can all not vote to eject their own clan member commander even if he would give them weapons and noone else that wasn't in the clan. There should also be an easier way to change teams! Their way to choose teams, running into a hallway, while innovative, takes long and the changing of teams should be easier to do, like just on tap of a button.

Conclusion: This is a mod that really needs some work even though this is an early beta build version. Also, the community needs some restructuring like how companies do to their employees if they find them to be of lower attitude and intelligence levels.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/25/02, Updated 11/25/02

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