Review by Flamin Homer

"This mod was very fun to play.... For the first couple of hours..."

Great concept, great graphics, great controls, horrible replay value.

Graphics : 10

The graphics in this game are probably the best out of all the Half-Life mods. The models of the soldiers and the aliens are very well done. Nice detail on the aliens attacks, great detail on the environments. The maps in this game are set in space stations and stuff like that, which makes the maps seem a bit dark. Only problem is that if you have a really bad graphics card, it can cause some problems. If you run this game on Software mode, there will be some horrible lag. So its either OpenGL or Direct 3d.

Sound : 8

Nothing really special here. All sound effects are well done, alien grunts sound nice.

Controls : 10

Your typical Half-Life style controls. Customizable, easy to use, bindable keys, etc. Aiming might be hard if you are new to FPS type games for the PC, but you should pick it up in no time.

Gameplay : 6

This game is like a mix between Starcraft and Team Fortress. The marines have a commander who lays all the stuff down for the players to build. The weapons for the humans are guns. The guns don't have any recoil, so it doesn't require much skill. Just aim, and shoot. That will get boring real fast, since there isn't any strategy. If you play as the Aliens, you start off as a little creature who only has a melee attack. All you do is go up to a marine, and bit him to kill him. As your base builds, you can evolve into much more powerful aliens. But the game starts to get a bit unbalanced once the aliens start evolving. Because the evolved forms are STRONG. The final evolved form is a big elephant like creature who can survive 3 marines pumping him full of bullets. And he's damn fast too. This problem should be fixed in the next version, but until then, you will have to play the imbalanced version.

Replay : 1

Its multiplayer and it should have some replay value right? Nope, the stuff you do is so damn repetitive it will get boring really fast. As human, there really isn't any strategy needed to kill an alien. Just point and shoot. Playing as alien is a bit more fun, but will also get boring fast after you have played the evolved forms to death.

Overall : 4

Poor replay value, and the imbalanced races really hurt this game....

Great concept, great graphics, great controls, horrible replay value.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 02/16/03, Updated 02/16/03

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