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"Another jewel in Half-lifes crown."

For the going on 5 years that Half-life has been released, we have seen many mods. One is Counter-Strike, which is the most popular online mod of Half-life. TFC, which is also incredible and Day of Defeat which has also taken the Half-life the community by storm.

But forget those and move 'em aside because Natural Selection is here to stay.

I have always been on the top the Half-life mod community, checking out the newest features in mods, and seeing what developers can make out of an old engine. Well, Natural Selection has made great use of Half-lifes engine, and almost every aspect of the original game is changed.

Controls 10/10

Easy, customizable, and simple. Even commander hotkeys are customizable for the tough commander job. Nothing to say here, flawless.

Graphics 8/10

For a almost 5 year game with a 7+ year engine, this game looks nice. Nothing too great, but just plain nice. This is the kind of mod that won't kill your FPS and doesn't look too bad at the same time. It is actually the most damanding mod in terms of graphics. The models of the marines are bland. However, the model aliens are so freakin' cool. The developers made the skulk move like its so natural, and once you see an Onos, your jaw WILL drop.

Gameplay 9/10

Well, you can either be a Marine or an Alien. The Aliens have made their way into your ship and set a hive, and they won't stop until they have full control of your ship. The marines must defend (duh!)

One thing that sets this mod aside from others is the ''mood'' that it creates. It feels like one of those ''ALIEN'' movies where the marines are watching each others back, and they all die one by one. You know, those kind of movies!!! This is the cool part. This mod is a hybrid of an RTS/FPS which FEW developers have been able to accomplish. Remember C&C Renegade? (*shudders*)

Around all the maps are ''resource nozzels'' which each team must have in order to evolve (aliens) or upgrade to better weapons and armor (marines) So its basically a internal fight for resources outside the main killing. One marine must take the role as ''Commander'' which they have their own comfy chair in the base for, and from there...they can see the entire map. This can be troublesome, if you got a n00b commander or somebody that just likes to create trouble. Marines are most likely going to lose. Since the aliens have more of an ''independent'' style, its easy for the aliens to win if the marines don't work as a team.

There is just too much to explain about this awesome game, if you guys own half-life, go out and download this. It took me off CS for months, and im still loving it.

Replay Value 10/10

Nothing to say here, its a multi-player game, it has infinite Replay Value. However, some strategys that commanders use get old. Bet hey, its a mod that isnt even retail yet. Its constantly changing.

Overall 9/10

Like I said before, this mod is the latest fad in the HL community. Like I said before, if you own the game, go out and download it, its free!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/20/03, Updated 04/20/03

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