Review by weggy100

Reviewed: 08/11/03

Hands down, the best Half-Life Mod

Natural Selection is a very, very cool Half Life Mod that incorporates both Real Time Strategy and First Person shooting into a gaming experience you've probably never had before. It pits 2 teams, the Marines and Aliens, against each other for total domination. Without going into too much detail, the Marines have an all-seeing Commander to plop down buildings for them, while the aliens evolve into a life form, the Gorge, to do it. If you'd like to know more about the game, read a FAQ, or visit the official site,

Graphics - 10/10

Natural Selection raises the bar on Half-Life's graphics, and jumps over it. The game looks very, very good despite it being on the aging Half-Life engine. There are many neat effects throughout the map, such as steam pipes bursting, water leaking from the roof, you get the idea.

Sound - 10/10

Oh man... if I could give this a 11/10, I would. There are tons of ambient sounds you'll hear, as well as some nice background music. Everything here is ear candy - Resource Towers sound like complex machines churning away. The Alien Hives have a pulsating type sound when they heal nearby players. All in all, the sound really blew me away.
Like to listen to music while you play? Don't start up Winamp - Natural Selection lets you specify a music directory containing MP3s that will play, while you play.

Control - 10/10

Dead on. The controls are great, and of course you can bind them to whatever you'd like. The only complaint I have is the pop-up menu. It can get a bit clunky at times, finding exactly what you'd like to do. However, most things can be hotkeyed, and I honestly can't think of a better way to do it.

Gameplay - 8/10

As I said, this is a FPS/RTS. It can unfortunately however, fall victim to a common issue in Real Time Strategy - that the winners keep on winning. Sometimes,
the outcome of a match can be determined in the first 5 minutes, and this causes sore-losers to simply quit, leading to a very early victory. There are counters for pretty much everything, but against those players who have a big lead, you'll need to assemble your team and attack all at once with a large mix of equipment - good luck doing that in a public server! If your playing on a LAN though, where people DO work as a team, games could take hours. Still, its a First Person Shooter AND Real Time Strategy rolled into one - and it is fun.

Replay Value - 10/10

Well, its a Half-Life Mod... of course it has replay value! There are roughly 500-1000 Natural Selection servers out there, with more popping up every day. The community is pretty friendly, unlike the CS community. And the game is just plain fun! You'll be spending a lot of time going back to this game.

Overall, if you have Half-Life, there's no reason why you shouldn't pick it up. Its a great game, so download it from

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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