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    FAQ/Walkthrough by macan_jingga

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    Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
    ver. 1.0
    by Ronny Cahyadi, 2006
    I just don't wanna say so many things. You can use this faqs as personal use.
    If you want to use as commersial use, or something like that, just let me know
    by email, ok?
    Don't forget to type ND, Nancy Drew or Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake as the subject.
    It's my very first faqs, you'll find so many SPOILERS here. Because, English is
    not a major language in my country, Indonesia.
    Actually, I'm not a person who love to play a puzzle game. I can't be patient
    enough to solve so many puzzle. But, it's a little different when I played
    Nancy Drew for the first time. The puzzles in this game aren't too difficult,
    especially for a beginner like me.
    I made this faqs because of I can't find any Nancy Drew : Ghost Dogs of Moon
    Lake's faqs. Maybe, it's cause of the challenge in this game isn't as hard as
    the other Nancy Drew's games, like "The Curse of The Blackmoor Manor"?
    So, here I am. I hope this faqs could help you.
    Oops, I forgot. I like to guess who would be the culprit. As long as I know,
    the less suspicious the character, the bigger his/her chance to be the culprit.
    Any idea?
    Let's skip the scene about the attack of 4 ghost dogs.
    Go to the kitchen. Inside the water basin, there're gloves. Take them.
    Open the shelf just right above it. You'll find the first two of your best
    friend. They are flashlight (or torch) and a forest map (forest trails).
    Though, you can't use flashlight for a while. The map will be very useful,
    especially for the people who lack in reminding something (just like me .....
    ;)). Cause, the routes could be a little problem for you. The map will show you
    every routes in the forest.
    On the table, next to the box, there's a bottle of drinking water. Take it.
    Above the sofa, you'll find another shelf. There are four dog statues. One of
    them, Iggy's statue, is stuck. You'll need some sandpapers. Just leave it, for
    a while.
    Near the door, there's a hole in the floor. It seems, the floor has broken
    badly. Check it, but don't go over it or you'll need a "second chance".
    In the morning (you can speed the time by go to sleep in the 2nd floor), go to
    water pump and take a bucket. Bail out the boat with the bucket. Don't forget
    to return the bucket to the place where its belong.
    Inside the boat, you'll find another your best friend, a screwdriver. Check the
    engine. You must find a sparkplug.
    Go to the toolshed (on the eastern side of Sally's home). Check the shelf,
    you'll find a key. Open the box on the right side with the key. Alas, it's
    broken...... Don't worry, use your screwdriver. Take a mask and a hammer. Go to
    the backyard. Under a blue tarpaulin, you'll find a board.
    Well, let's explore the forest. Just right on the way to leave the house,
    you'll find another board. Take it. Explore all of the routes in the forest.
    Use the map as your guidance. Some signs will be automatically added to your
    map. You should pay attention to the locations of the birds. Explore the forest
    until you arrive at the cemetery.
    On the cemetery's road, you'll find another board. Take it. Check the
    tombstones. Pay attention to Waldo Mathias' tombstone. However, your first
    priority here is checking the tombstones of Malone's dogs. You'll find :
         Iggy   - born on Fall
         Lucy   - born on Spring
         Xander - born on Summer
         Vitus  - born on Winter
    Then, come back to the house. Put all of your boards on the broken floor, and
    use the hammer to fix them. Then, voila ......... You can walk over them.
    At night, go to the observer platform on the west side of the house (if you got
    confuse about direction, check your map). You could have a meet with Red Knott.
    Remember, the observer platform at night is the only place and time to find
    him. And don't worry, the dogs won't come after you again :).
    Talk about spare sparkplug with him. He will ask you to take some pictures of
    birds, then give you a sparkplug. Now, wait until the morning comes or sleep in
    the second floor? It's up to you.
    Or, maybe you want to make a phone call with Bess and George? Or, with Sally?
    In the morning, go to the boat and put the sparkplug into the machine. Do you
    notice four screws in the machine?
                B o
         A o
                     D o
            C o
    Each screw has a level. So, use the screwdriver. Turn each of them like this :
         A ----> lower level
         B ----> upper level
         C ----> upper level
         D ----> middle level
    After the boat has been fixed, first, let's go to Em's Emporium. Have a
    chit-chat with Emily for a while. She will give back Red's tape to you.
    Tell her that you wanted to buy something but out of cash. Then ask about
    Let's go back to Sally's home.
    Now, it's time for bird hunting. Put Red's cassette into the tape and play it.
    Check the map to find out the location that you've been revealed before. Use
    the digital camera as your deadly weapon :), and aim them. Unfortunatelly, you
    can't take two birds' pictures. They are Tanager (yellow bird) and Cardinal
    (red bird). They will fly away, no matter how fast you try to take their
    picture. You must ask Red about it.
    Let's go to Ranger Station. As usual, we could have a chat with Ranger Jeff
    Ask him about test water, then he will give you a water sample kit. Then, ask
    him for mailing your letter.
    Go to computer, open it. Read all of the articles, especially "famous resident"
    and "Roman Numerals".
    Back to Sally's house. Pour the water from water drinking bottle into the pump.
    Use the pump (don't forget to return the bucket to its place). Use the water
    sample into it. Then let's wait for the night.
    Why don't give our friends a call? You'll get a new phone number, Frank and Joe.
    At night, go and see Red. Ask him about the fleeing birds. He will advice you
    to get a camouflage. Then, ask him about the sandpaper. This time, he'll give
    you some sandpapers. Go back to the house. Fix Iggy's statue with sandpapers.
    OK, detective! Here's some puzzle.
    At first, you should have read a poem next to the back door. And you should
    check the clock next to the front door. Then, you must turn the position of the
    statue (remember, it's based on the statues' side) :
       Vitus   --> Winter   --> Bird    --> turn right
       Iggy    --> Fall     --> Deer    --> facing the front
       Lucy    --> Spring   --> Tree    --> turn left
       Xander  --> Summer   --> Swan    --> facing behind
    A secret door will be opened. You must walk over the broken floor to get into
    this door.
    Get into the secret door. Here's you'll find how useful the flashlight. Go
    down. Find a picture on the lower door. Take it. Open the door and you'll be
    inside a storeroom. Take a look at your left side. There's a hidden safe.
    And..... mice sound! Don't worry, you won't get any HPS cause you already have
    a mask and gloves. Beside, you can't open the safe now cause there's a tiny
    thing you don't have.
    Turn around, go to the iron door. Open it. You'll find a paper on the ladder.
    Read it. William Akers?
    Now, you can open the basement door in front of you (that you couldn't open
    before from outside). Wait until the morning comes, cause you'll need your boat
    Go to Ranger Station and have a chat with Jeff.
    Give your water sample to him. Then ask about the old picture. He'll say a
    lady's name, Vivian Burnett (or Whitmore?)
    Ask him about the newspaper and William AKers. Then, ask him about Red Knott.
    There's a dog near him. His name is Yogi. A dog, huh?
    Go to Em's Emporium. Ask Emily about the newspaper. She'll mention a name. The
    name of Jeff's father, Joe Akers. Another Akers, huh?
    Ask her about a camouflage gear, she'll give it to you with one condition. You
    must hunt for a dozen "little critters". Then, she gives you a box to put those
    Go back to Sally's house. Let's go for bug hunting!!!
    Here's some tips :
    - I think the locations will be random.
    - You should check under the rocks and the logs in the forest.
    - If you hear some insect's sounds, it means you're close to it. Check around
    you, is there any rock or log there?
    - Don't forget to check the "compass stone" near by the basement door. Just
    behind the house.
    - And don't forget to check the rock near the entrance of the cemetery,
    especially at night.
    - You should look for them not only in the morning, but also at night.
    If you've found 12 of them, it's time to go to Em's Emporium. Emily will give
    you the camouflage gear.
    Let's go back to hunt the other birds. This time, those birds won't fly away.
    Now, there's one picture left, Red-tailed Hawk. You need to ask Red again.
    Meanwhile, let's go to Ranger Station.
    Jeff will tell you about Vivian Whitmore and her phone number. Then, he'll ask
    for your help to rearrange envelopes inside the box next to the computer.
    Here we go.........!
    Before you arrange the envelopes, they would be like this :
    ---------------     ---------------     ----------------    ----------------
    |  MCMXXV     |     |  MCMXIX     |     |  MCMVIII     |    |  MCMLI       |
    ---------------     ---------------     ----------------    ----------------
    ---------------     ---------------     ----------------    ----------------
    |  MCM        |     |  MCMX       |     |  MCMLX       |    |  MCMXXXIX    |
    ---------------     ---------------     ----------------    ----------------
    ---------------     ---------------     ----------------    ----------------
    |  MCMXCVII   |     |  MCMXVII    |     |  MCMXXXII    |    |  MCMLXIX     |
    ---------------     ---------------     ----------------    ----------------
    ---------------     ---------------     ----------------    ----------------
    |  MCMXV      |     |  MCMIV      |     |  MCMLXX      |    |  MCMXIV      |
    ---------------     ---------------     ----------------    ----------------
    ---------------     ---------------     ----------------    ----------------
    |  MCMXLI     |     |  MCMXIII    |     |  MCMXI       |    |  MCMXLV      |
    ---------------     ---------------     ----------------    ----------------
     1900 -- 1912         1913 -- 1919        1920 -- 1945        1946 --
    Rearrange them, till they'll be :
    ---------------     ---------------     ----------------    ----------------
    |  MCMXI      |     |  MCMXIX     |     |  MCMXLV      |    |  MCMXCVII    |
    ---------------     ---------------     ----------------    ----------------
    ---------------     ---------------     ----------------    ----------------
    |  MCMX       |     |  MCMXVII    |     |  MCMXLI      |    |  MCMLXX      |
    ---------------     ---------------     ----------------    ----------------
    ---------------     ---------------     ----------------    ----------------
    |  MCMVIII    |     |  MCMXV      |     |  MCMXXXIX    |    |  MCMLXIX     |
    ---------------     ---------------     ----------------    ----------------
    ---------------     ---------------     ----------------    ----------------
    |  MCMIV      |     |  MCMXIV     |     |  MCMXXXII    |    |  MCMLX       |
    ---------------     ---------------     ----------------    ----------------
    ---------------     ---------------     ----------------    ----------------
    |  MCM        |     |  MCMXIII    |     |  MCMXXV      |    |  MCMLI       |
    ---------------     ---------------     ----------------    ----------------
     1900 -- 1912         1913 -- 1919        1920 -- 1945        1946 --
    After finished the task, you should read everything inside these envelopes :
    Then, you will get a number : 012932
    Talk to Jeff after finished the task, he'll give you a pin.
    Go back to Sally's house. And now, let's call someone out there. Especially,
    Vivian will tell you about a speakeasy. Then, she'll ask you to send her old
    picture. And as a reward, she'll send the key to the tombstone.
    Ask her about safe in the basement.
    Go to Ranger Station. Ask Jeff to mail the picture to Vivian in Las Vegas.
    Ask him about water sample. Omigosh, bad news ......... :o
    Go back to Sally's house. Go to the basement. And now, we'll try open the safe.
    Use the pin into the small hole. Remember the date when Mickey get caught? Yup,
    the combination code is : 012932
    Use the gloves and mask to take a journal inside the safe. Read it.
    Hm, another Akers ?
    There's another best friend here. A map. Believe me, it'll be your very
    important item. There's something written in the map. It says :
    "The dogs will lead the way". Hm, I wonder ...........
    OK! We're finished here. Do you want to go somewhere? Let's go to Ranger
    Station. Now, ask Jeff about the "Akers coincidence". You'll find out his
    background story. But, suddenly, he won't tell you anything. It seems, we have
    stabbed him right to the heart. Well, I think we can't do anything here right
    Why don't we go to Em's Emporium? Just for spending our time. Ask Emily about
    the gold. Then, let's go back to Sally's house and wait there until the night
    Go to the bird observation and have a talk with Red. Ask him about the hawk.
    He'll tell you that its nest is in the big tree to the southeast of Sally's
    house. Unfortunately, you can take its picture only in the morning. Ouch ...
    And now, call Vivian. She will tell you about some important informations.
    Especially about the dogs. Then, you should tell Sally everything.
    Don't forget to call Bess and George, and the Hardy Boys, they'll love to
    listen to your story. Then, wait until morning.
    In the morning, go to the dead big tree. It's on your right side when you go to
    the boat.
    Before you try to take the hawk's picture, I must remind you something
    important. It's a crucial time. Soon, Nancy will fight between life and dead.
    Is the bucket full of water? And, is it right under the pump?
    OK, let's take the hawk's picture. It's on the roof.
    After the scene, you must kick the mop. It's between the jack and the gas.
    Done? Kick the gas. It's on your most left. Then, kick the mop again.
    Done? Kick the gnome statue. The last thing you must do is kicking the jack
    three times.
    Hurry up! Go to the pump. Take the bucket. Use it to extinguish the fire.
    After some conversations with Red (I wonder, why does he always shows up at the
    bad times like this? Is it just a coincidence or ......) who invited you to see
    him in the night, you'll automatically talk to Sally. Then, let's go to Ranger
    Station. Ask him until he told you that a package from Las Vegas has arrived.
    It's from Vivian. She has sent you the key.
    Go back to Sally's house. Go to the cemetery. Put the key into a small hole on
    Waldo Mathias' tombstone. You must use the password by turn the letter
    If you want to know the password, call Vivian again.
    OK, detective! Here's the puzzle :
        Click on letter A till it shows : B-U-N-D-O
        Click on letter N till it shows : B-A-L-P-O
        Click on letter P till it shows : B-A-L-D-O
    Go down. Nancy need the flashlight.
    Be careful, after 3 steps, the battery will run out. It's dark here. You
    absolutely can't see anything, but the arrow.
    Don't go any further, or you'll need a "second chance". Turn back. Go straight
    until you can't go any further. Turn to the left. There's a lever here. Use it.
    The tomb will be open. Finally, fresh air.
    Let's go to Em's Emporium. Ask Emily about new batteries. She'll give the
    batteries, but you must do something for her. Emily will ask you to rearrange
    Combo Cola cans. It's on your left side.
    It's not a difficult puzzle, you know. Emilly has given you the example. So,
    just follow the example. Remember, sometimes you must turn those cans position
    to make them on the right position.
    For me, I like to arrange them from the left side. From the green cans. Then,
    step by step to the right side.
    After finish that task, tell Emily about it. She'll give you new batteries for
    your flashlight.
    I believe you know our next step. Yes, let's go back to the cemetery. Once
    more, you must input the password to open this secret door. Phew .... Just wait
    until you can open the other secret door, you wouldn't have to pass this
    tombstone anymore. It'll safe your time, trust me!
    OK, now, go down. When you find an interjunction, take the left way. Go
    straight ahead till you find the second interjunction. Take the left.
    Go straight ahead till you find a blue wall. In fact, it's not a wall, it's a
    door. Then, you'll arrive inside the speakeasy. HURRAY.....
    On your left side, there's Vitus' picture. Check it. Nancy will make a sign in
    your map. And, you'll see that its neckale's color is blue.
    Inside the bar, on the right side, you'll find Iggy's picture. Check it. Nancy
    will make another sign. When you take a look at it's necklace, you'll find out
    that its color is yellow.
    If Iggy's picture is on your right side, on your left side are spigots. You
    can't do anything right now, cause it won't budge.
    ## I found out that the spigots' puzzle would be one of the most difficult
    puzzle for some people (in this game, off course ....). Especially, without a
    hint. ##
    Go to a dart-board. If you check the dogs' pictures on its right side,
    especially the top one, Nancy will make an interesting comment. I like it.
    On the left side of the dart-board. You'll find Xander's picture.
    Unfortunately, half of its picture is broken. So, Nancy couldn't make any sign
    on your map. But you still can see its necklace. It's red.
    Go back. Turn around. Go to the right. In front of you, there's a door with the
    picture of two dogs. Leave it for now. Go to the right side of that door,
    you'll find Lucy's picture. It's standing on a shipwrecked. Nancy will make a
    sign on your map. Take a look at its necklace. It's green.
    Go back to the door with the picture of two dogs. Take out the iron bar. It'll
    make you can use this door to your basement. Just like I'd told you before,
    this door will safe your time.
    ## Actually, you can go along with the spigots puzzle right know. And, you
    don't have to do this next step. But, I'll do it. Cause I want to fullfil
    Nancy's promise to Red. ##
    OK, go through this new door. It'll lead you to the basement. Let's have some
    phone calls. First, call Sally. Then Vivian. She has a funny answer. Then, call
    the Hardy Boys.
    Wait until the night comes. Oops, it seems, I almost miss something. Go to the
    west of the house that you couldnt do before the accident. There's a ladder. Go
    up to the roof. You know what, the speakers are gone !!!
    Leave it. Then, let's fulfill Nancy's promise to Red. Let's having a talk with
    Red for a moment.
    Let's go back in action. It's spigots puzzle time ... B)
    Go back to the speakeasy through the basement. See, this new door makes you
    don't have go through the forest anymore.
    Before we solve the spigots puzzle, there's a game machine on your left side
    when you arrived in the speakeasy through the basement. It's some kind of a
    Roulette. Check it. There's a switch on top of the machine. Press it. Then, go
    inside the bar.
    Now, we'll try to solve the spigots puzzle. Do you still remember the color of
    the dogs' necklaces? Actually, the color has a connection with the first letter
    of each dog's name. Here they are :
        Iggy    -->  Yellow  -->  I
        Vitus   -->  Blue    -->  V
        Xander  -->  Red     -->  X
        Lucy    -->  Green   -->  L
    Do you see the levers of the spigots? Each lever has its own color.
        Red - Blue - Yellow - Green
         S  -   O  -   D    -   A
    What you should do now is press any lever once, then press the red button below
    that lever. Do it three times for each lever. The letter S-O-D-A should be turn
    into X-V-I-L. Another secret door will be opened. It's inside the tunnel. So,
    you must go back into the tunnel.
    You forget the door? Just like George says...... Omigosh!
    On the wall near the bar, you'll find a black and white picture of two dogs in
    front of a door. Touch it. It's the secret door, but it's not the secret door
    that we just opened. Use the flashlight.
    Go straight until you find an interjunction. Take the right way. You'll see
    some kind of light in front of you. Go there. Then, turn right. Well, well,
    this new tunnel is not dark at all. It's different from the others. It has an
    electricity line and lamps.
    On your right side, you'll find Iggy's picture. But it's not what are we
    looking for. Go straight about eight steps (or eight clicks ....:)). Look at
    your right side. It's Xander's picture. Nancy will make a sign on your map.
    Here's the picture :
    |   |   |   |   |   |   | L |   |   |   |   |   |
    |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
    |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | V |   |
    |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | I |   |   |   |
    |   |   |   |   |   |   | X |   |   |   |   |   |
    |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
             The dogs will lead the way
         L  --->  Lucy
         V  --->  Vitus
         I  --->  Iggy
         X  --->  Xander
    I want to remind you about some important things.
    You must remember that picture and the dogs' locations. Because, the next
    puzzle will be reset each time you try to open the picture or leave the puzzle.
    The easy way is .... you can print that picture above ... :D
    One more thing, if you're success to solve the next puzzle, the door where lead
    into the dark tunnel will be closed. And you can't open it anymore. So, this is
    your last chance to go somewhere out of the tunnel or make a phone call.
    Before we solve the puzzle, go to the interjunction (still inside this tunnel,
    it's not inside the dark tunnel outside). Go to the right till you can't go any
    further, and you'll find some kind of a wall. A strange wall.
    Ready for the next puzzle? Here we go.
    Look at the map between Xander and Lucy. The map will look exactly like your
    picture of dogs' locations. Touch the map right on the locations of the dogs.
    The door in front of you will be opened. Unfortunately, the door on your right
    side (to the dark tunnel) will be closed. But, there's a good news. Remember
    the strange wall that I'd mentioned before? Actually, it's a door. This door
    will be opened.
    Well, leave the door in front of you for a while. Go to the door on the right
    side of interjunction. Soon, you'll be next to a cage. Look at your left side.
    Nancy will make an interesting comment about these "ghost dogs". Take a look at
    those dogs again, she'll make another interesting comment.
    Go straight. On the table on your left side, you'll find some interesting
    items. Especially, the dog whistle. Try to click the green button, then click
    the red one.
    OK, go to the workbench near the table. There's a key. Take it.
    Well, well, it seems you've found our missing speakers here. There's a journal.
    Read it. It seems, it's our culprit's journal.
    Go back to check the dogs for a while.
    Let's go back to our secret door. Once more for the puzzle, please! It's just
    like the tombstone. The puzzle will be reset, if we leave it.
    Go through the door, you'll find another door. Use your new key to open this
    door. Go inside the room. Don't go any further, please....
    Turn around. On the left side of the door, you'll find a valve on the floor.
    Take it. Turn around again. Go to your right, until you can see the water level
    indicator. Go back twice. Put the valve into the hole. Go straight once. Do you
    see a little hole on your left side? Put your screwdriver into it (see, that's
    why it's become one of our best friend)
    There are four valves in this room.
    The first is on the water tank. DO NOT OPEN IT FOR NOW. Or you'll need the
    "second chance".
    Look at the three valves. The second valve is on the left side. It is used for
    making the others can be turned (including, the middle valve that you're just
    put in). Actually, I have no idea about the function of the third and the forth
    valve. Maybe like this, the forth valve (the right valve) is used for filling
    the water tank from the lake (maybe). The third valve (the middle valve) is
    used for draining out all of the water from the water tank.
    Turn the second valve anticlockwise to open it. Then turn the forth valve
    clockwise to close it. And now, turn the third valve anticlockwise to open it.
    Then, take out the screwdriver, followed by the middle valve.
    Finally, turn the first valve anticlockwise to unlock the water tank's door.
    Open the water tank's door. Go inside the tank. There's a ladder there. Go
    down. Oh no, another puzzle?
    It seems this puzzle still has a connection between the color and the initial
    names of the dogs.
         Green   --->  Lucy    --->  L   --->  50
         Red     --->  Xander  --->  X   --->  10
         Blue    --->  Vitus   --->  V   --->  05
         Yellow  --->  Iggy    --->  I   --->  01
    This puzzle is a little tricky. Here's the numbers:
       Green    Red      Blue     Yellow
       2-3      2-4      1-4      5-4
    Now, follow these steps :
    * Green :
      Click on 2 for 3 times
       Green    Red      Blue     Yellow
       5-0      5-1      4-4      5-4
    * Blue :
      Click on 4 (the first, not the second) once.
       Green    Red      Blue     Yellow
       5-0      0-2      5-5      5-4
    * Yellow :
      Click on 4 for 3 times
       Green    Red      Blue     Yellow
       5-0      3-2      2-5      2-1
    * Red :
      Click on 3 for 4 times
       Green    Red      Blue     Yellow
       5-0      1-0      0-3      0-1
    * Blue :
      Click on 3 for 2 times
       Green    Red      Blue     Yellow
       5-0      1-0      0-2      0-1
    A small rod will show up. Put the lever into it. Then turn it anticlockwise.
    The door will open. Go straight. Hurray !!! We found the treasure !!!!
    ATTENTION, PLEASE ......!!!
    Guys, we almost finish this game. It means, soon we'll find out who our culprit
    You can guess who really he/she is.
    Is he Jeff Akers, a ranger with a surprising background?
    Is she Emily, a trader who like to hunt illegal critters?
    Is he Red Knott, a bird observer who always shows up at the bad times?
    Turn back and go back to the ladder. Go up. Our culprit will show up.
    Go into the treasure room immediately. Close the door. Look down, there's a
    tunnel's door. Open it. HURRY!!!
    Go into the tunnel. Go straight. Look upon you. There's another tunnel's door.
    Open it. Go through it.
    Wait for a while until you can control Nancy. Go up the ladder.
    CONGRATULATIONS ...........!!!!
    You've just finished Nancy Drew : Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
    ALLAH SWT for the strength and the chance to play this interesting game.
    HERINTERACTIVE for producing this wonderful game.
    HERINTERACTIVE forum for solving the Spigots Puzzle
    GAMEFAQS for post my faqs.
    ~~~~~~~ eof ~~~~~~~~~

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