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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SubSane

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/11/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         BART'S HOUSE OF WEIRDNESS
                           FAQ/WALKTHROUGH, v1.2
                     Written and maintained by SubSane
                       Last Updated  January 11, 2005
         1.1 Game Details
         1.2 Story
    2.0 BASICS
         2.1 Game Start
         2.2 Status Screen
         2.3 Controls
         2.4 Items
         2.5 Bart's Room
         3.1 I Wanna Go to the Movies
         3.2 The Quest for Maggie's Ball
         3.3 Grave Danger in the Basement
         3.4 The Secret of the Attic
         3.5 Space Mutant Madness
         3.6 Too Much T.V.
         3.7 Adventures in Krustyland
    5.0 LEGAL / MISC.
         5.1 Version History
         5.2 Guide Credits
         5.3 Contact Information
         5.4 Legal Stuff
    ===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION =============================================
                            1.1  Game Details
    Released in 1992 by Konami, and developed by Distinctive Software.
    This one is rare because it was only released for one system, as
    opposed to the variety of other Simpsons games.
                                1.2  Story
    FROM DR. MARVIN MONROE (the game manual):
    "'Bart's House of Weirdness' is a subconscious interpretation of
    reality as Bart would like it to be. It presents him with the
    opportunity to project the hero/conqueror role on his own persona,
    thereby regaling himself to the status of World Savior.
    In closing, I would like to point out that the elements found in this
    game are, in most cases, a social commentary of the state of our
    culture as seen through the eyes of a child of the Nuclear Age. You
    may wish to ask yourself, "What do the glowing rats in the basement
    symbolize in my relationship to the environment?" Or you may ask,
    "Is there a lesson to be learned from Bart's rooftop battles with
    evil squirrels and angry hornets?" I have no answer to these
    Thank you
      Dr. Marvin Monroe, Phd.D."
    FROM ME:
    Bart gets sent to his room and he lets his imagination run wild.
    ===== 2.0 BASICS ===================================================
                               2.1  Game Start
    After the game has loaded you may be asked for a password. A random
    number between 1 and 64 will appear, and you have to use the arrow
    keys to scroll through the pictures.
    Below is each set of numbers and which picture is the match.
    25, 43, 46, 57
    Bart walking left, legs wide apart.
    3, 11, 28, 39
    Bart standing still and facing right.
    19, 38, 42, 56
    Bart with a spray can facing right.
    20, 29, 44, 54
    Bart jumping, facing left.
    2, 41, 45, 55
    Bart walking left, legs close together.
    27, 31, 37, 48
    Bart facing the screen, right arm in front.
    13, 18, 23, 61
    Bart with a slingshot facing right.
    14, 35, 50, 62
    Bart jumping right, arms up and legs up.
    6, 12, 40, 58
    Bart walking right.
    5, 26, 59, 64
    Bart crouching right.
    8, 21, 30, 52
    Bart jumping right, arms down and legs down.
    7, 10, 33, 49
    Bart pointing a gun left.
    4, 15, 24, 51
    Bart pointing a gun right.
    16, 47, 53, 63
    Bart jumping left.
    1, 22, 32, 34
    Bart jumping right, arms down and legs up.
    9, 17, 36, 60
    Bart with a water balloon, facing left.
                              2.2  Status Screen
    From left to right:
    The small number on the left is the number of lives you have. You
    start with three, and the game ends when you have zero.
    Cool Items
    A picture of Bart. Each time you get a cool item it will be shown
    This is essentially Bart's health. COOL is at best health, UNCOOL is
    at worst health.
    Each time you die or finish the game you get to put your name in for
    record purposes. You are ranked based on the number of points.
    Screen Number
    Each stage is divided up into several screens. This little number
    indicates which screen you are in.
    Top Weapon
    Indicates which regular weapon you currently have. The boxes to the
    right are the type of ammo and number of remaining shots.
    Bottom Weapon
    Indicates which secondary weapon you currently have. The box to the
    right is the number of remaining shots.
    Each stage has an objective, and this box will always have a picture
    of the objective.
                                2.3  Controls
    Default Controls (press F10 to adjust control settings)
    Command        |  Character Action
    Arrow Keys     |  Move up, left, right, down, or at angles
    Enter          |  Jump
    Space Bar      |  Shoot weapon
    Enter + Space  |  Shoot secondary weapon
    F9             |  Alternate joystick configurations
    F10            |  Pause the game. You can also adjust the
                      music, SFX, game difficulty, or quit.
    Tab            |  Activate the VCR
    Esc            |  Go back to Bart's room. Quit game.
    VCR Controls
     F1..........Cue forward
     F2..........Cue backward
     F5..........Fast forward
     F8..........One frame forward
     F9..........One frame backward
     Shift + S...Save replay to play during the game opening
     Esc.........Return to the game
                                 2.4  Items
    Item            |  Purpose of item
    Burp Gun        |  Basic gun
    Burp Balls      |  Ammo for the burp gun
    Big Burp Balls  |  Big ammo to fight Sideshow Bob
    Dart Gun        |  Stronger than the burp gun
    Slingshot       |  Strongest weapon
    Rocks           |  Ammo for the slingshot
    Mutant Gun      |  Gun for killing mutants
    Spray Paint     |  Secondary weapon
    Water Balloons  |  Secondary weapon
    Donut           |  Refill the Cool-O-Meter (health)
    Bart Head       |  Extra life
    Cool Shoes      |  Beat 'Space Mutant Madness' and 'Too Much T.V.'
    Cool Shades     |  Beat 'Grave Danger in the Basement' and 'The
                       Secret of the Attic'
    Cool Hat        |  Beat 'The Quest for Maggie's Ball' and 'I Wanna
                       Go to the Movies'
    There also objective items, but they are pointed out in each stage.
                              2.5  Bart's Room
    Objective: Have fun!
    Krusty Doll
    Press Enter next to the Krusty doll to read different Krusty comments.
    Face the desk and press Enter to activate a music menu. Use the arrow
    keys to choose between the different songs.
    Punching Bag
    This punching bag is just for that, punching. If it hits you back,
    don't worry. You won't lose health or lives.
    Save/Load Game
    If you walk to the yellow dresser at the top, you'll notice that one
    drawer is open and one drawer is closed. The open drawer is to save
    your game, the closed drawer is to load your saved game.
    Stage Selection
    The window leads to the 'I Wanna Go to the Movies', and 'The Quest for
    Maggie's Ball' stages. The window will also lead to 'Adventures in
    Krustyland', but only after you have beaten the other six stages.
    The left door leads to the 'Grave Danger in the Basement', and 'The
    Secret of the Attic' stages.
    The right door leads to the 'Space Mutant Madness', and 'Too Much
    T.V.' stages.
    If at any time you want to leave a stage or stage area, press Esc to
    return to Bart's Room. Remember, you will lose all of the items and
    points you got in the stage.
    Remember to SAVE every time you beat a stage. You don't want to start
    all over, do you?
    ===== 3.0 WALKTHROUGH ==============================================
    NOTE: This walkthrough is based on the hard difficulty. If playing
    in normal you will have less ammo, but the enemies cause much less
    damage. Those are the only differences.
                         3.1  I Wanna Go to the Movies                     
    Objective: Find five coins to watch a movie at the theatre.
    Enemies: Mosquitoes, ants, geese, security cameras, hounds, security
    guards, Smithers
                             -Screen 01-
    It's the front of the Simpsons' house. Just walk left, pick up the
    coin, and easily avoid the mosquitoes.
                             -Screen 02-
    Flanders' house. Just do the same thing and avoid all of the
    mosquitoes. You will also find some burp balls to the left.
                             -Screen 03-
    There's only one mosquito here, and some slingshot ammo that you
    don't need. Before going on, go back to 02 and pick up the burp
    balls, then come back to 03. Repeat this to get 99 shots.
    Now climb up the gate to Burns' Estate.
                             -Screen 04-
    Shoot the laser in the center by shooting Up/Right diagonally. Walk
    through carefully to avoid the other lasers and water splashes, and
    get the water balloons.
                             -Screen 05-
    Jump Up/Right immediately to avoid the goose, then run to the right
    to avoid the security camera. Pick up more water balloons along the
                             -Screen 06-
    It's possible to scare both dogs away if you immediately start
    pressing Space Bar to shoot them. You can also jump over the first
    dog, then carefully jump over the second.
    After you've passed them, try to get the burp balls for more ammo.
                             -Screen 07-
    This pesky guard can be avoided by walking straight through him
    (sometimes he'll still hit you), or by shooting his head four times.
    Anyway, grab the donut for some health then stand to the far left.
    Shoot Up/Right to hit the red light over the HOUNDS door. Four shots
    will open it up.
                             -Screen 08-
    Grab the water balloons to start, then shoot the green vase on the
    fireplace to get your second coin. You can also shoot the gray box
    on the right for a spray paint, but I think the water balloons are
    a better secondary weapon.
                             -Screen 09-
    This is probably the hardest part of this stage, and even then it's
    not too hard.
    Go right and jump at the piggy bank to get one coin. There is another
    coin, but it is OPTIONAL. You only need five coins, and there are two
    coins elsewhere that are easy to get. If you go for the second coin
    you run the risk of getting hit more times by Smithers.
    You can try to shoot Smithers, but he'll most likely still hit you
    before he runs away. I suggest just running through him (like the
    security guard), and running to the right. If you decide to shoot,
    use water balloons. Burns won't attack you.
    Jump onto the far right of the stool and jump straight up to get out
    of the mansion.
                             -Screen 10-
    Just jump over these dogs and run.
                             -Screen 11-
    Start shooting immediately to scare off both dogs, then grab the dart
    gun from the fountain.
                             -Screen 12-
    Shoot the goose to scare it off, then grab the spray can if you like.
    Jump on the log, then jump left to get back to the street.
                             -Screen 13-
    Avoid the ants and mosquitoes as best as you can and go left.
                             -Screen 14-
    Avoid all the bugs and go left.
                             -Screen 15-
    This is your final destination once you've acquired five coins. For
    now just avoid all the bugs and go left.
                             -Screen 16-
    Avoid the bugs yet again and enter the mall.
                             -Screen 17-
    Avoid the guard or shoot him, then grab the coin.
                             -Screen 18-
    Once again, avoid the guard or shoot him, then go left.
                             -Screen 19-
    Avoid the guard and the dog. You won't need the burp balls.
                             -Screen 20-
    Shoot or avoid this guard, then grab the fifth coin!
                             -Screen 17-
    Go to the right to EXIT.
                             -Screen 16-
    Avoid everything and go right.
                             -Screen 15-
    Stand under the ticket booth and jump straight up to buy Bart's
    ticket and finally watch the movie. 
    If you beat 'I Wanna Go to the Movies' and 'The Quest for Maggie's
    Ball', you will get the Cool Hat, which is one of the cool items
    needed to beat the game.
                       3.2  The Quest for Maggie's Ball                     
    Objective: Find Maggie's ball.
    Enemies: Bees, squirrels, planes, dolls, balls, mowers, large spider,
    leaves, worms, ants, three-eyed fish
    (NOTE: Most of the enemies in this stage take very little health, so
     you can walk through them without too much risk. The worms and large
     spider are the exceptions.)
                             -Screen 01-
    Walk straight right, through the bees. You will only get hit once.
    Pick up the rocks, but the burp balls are useless. Jump from one tree
    limb to the other to keep going.
                             -Screen 02-
    Kill the two bees, but DO NOT get pushed to the left or you will go
    back to Screen 01. To swing across just wait for the ties to be on
    the right, then jump. You will catch the ties just as they approach.
    Now grab the darts and move on.
                             -Screen 03-
    Go back and forth between 02 and 03 to get 99 darts. Then, grab the
    ties just like before and swing to the tree limb. Don't worry about
    the leaves, they only attack when the eyes are open.
    Don't worry about the water balloons, you won't need them.
                             -Screen 04-
    Hold Right/Down and shoot the squirrel at the bottom three times to
    kill it. Quickly jump and grab the extra life and spray can, then
    climb up the ladder.
                             -Screen 05-
    Climb up and walk across the tree limb to reach the roof. Just walk
    to the right and avoid the planes, dolls, balls, and mowers as best
    as you can.
                             -Screen 06-
    Walk straight to the right. Don't bother shooting the bees or
    squirrel, but try and jump over the squirrel's nuts. Um, acorns...
                             -Screen 07-
    Go to the right, grab the darts and jump onto the tree limb. Don't
    bother with the bees or bee hive.
                             -Screen 08-
    Fall into the hole. Don't worry about the bees, or the donut. There
    are plenty of donuts later on.
                             -Screen 09-
    Get the darts and spray can on the left, and fall in the hole. Ignore
    the other two items and the bees.
                             -Screen 10-
    Fall straight down.
                             -Screen 11-
    Ignore the squirrel and fall straight down.
                             -Screen 12-
    Straight down again.
                             -Screen 13-
    So, we went from the top of the trees to under the ground. Ah well,
    just go right.
                             -Screen 14-
    Avoid the worms or use spray paint because they take a lot of health.
    Avoid the ant too and keep going right.
                             -Screen 15-
    Go to the right and avoid everything, and climb down the ladder. Get
    the spray can if you need it.
                             -Screen 16-
    Get the donut and shoot the spider to get more spray cans, then go
                             -Screen 17-
    Now it's a toxic sewer. The next four screens are similar, so I'll
    go over the basics. The purple barrels will not sink, the yellow
    barrels will sink. To stay on a yellow barrel just jump up when it
    reaches the bottom, and when it rises back up you will *hopefully*
    land on it again. Oh, and if you fall you will not lose too much
    health and you will start back at Screen 17.
    So, go to the right.
                             -Screen 18-
    Grab the donut and avoid the fish. Keep going between Screens 17 and
    18 to keep getting donuts and refilling your health.
    Now stand on the right purple barrel and wait for it to rise up and
    the left yellow barrel to be low, then jump. Go to the right once
                             -Screen 19-
    Avoid the fish again, then jump your way across the yellow barrels.
    Remember that the purple barrel won't sink.
                             -Screen 20-
    Jump over these last three barrels to finally reach Maggie's ball
    and complete the stage. 
    If you beat 'I Wanna Go to the Movies' and 'The Quest for Maggie's
    Ball', you will get the Cool Hat, which is one of the cool items
    needed to beat the game.
                       3.3  Grave Danger in the Basement                     
    Objective: Get the skeleton key.
    Enemies: Green rats, dust balls, hamsters, Ms. Botz, earthworm,
    (NOTE: It might be best to complete 'The Quest for Maggie's Ball'
     or 'The Secret of the Attic' before this level to stock up on spray
     cans. Otherwise the skeletons at the end will be much harder to
                             -Screen 01-
    Jump over the rat and onto the bucket. Stand on the left edge of the
    bucket and jump straight up to reach the darts and to shoot that gray
    box for a spray can.
    You can go on to Screen 02 and come back to keep getting darts until
    you have 99.
                             -Screen 02-
    Follow the rat and jump over the bucket. You may get hit by the dust
    balls, but try to get hit only once. 
    To get the extra life you have to get hit by an enemy, but I suggest
    not getting it. Do not get the water balloon either. Trust me, you
    want to keep the spray cans.
                             -Screen 03-
    Ah, the laundry room. Quickly walk to the right and grab the donut
    and just run. You may get hit once, but it's no big deal.
                             -Screen 04-
    Go to the right and jump over the rats. The slingshot ammo is only
    for a slingshot, so if you have one grab it.
                             -Screen 05-
    Move to the right to avoid the falling jars, then shoot Ms. Botz. If
    you still have the dart gun it will only take five hits. She will run
    away and leave a spray can.
                             -Screen 06-
    Just go straight to the right and jump over the bucket. You will get
    hit by something, but try to get hit only ONCE.
                             -Screen 07-
    Walk in and wait between the falling drops, then jump into the hole
    when the earthworm is not blocking the left side.
                             -Screen 08-
    A crypt... In the Simpsons' basement? Anyway, immediately hold Enter
    and Space Bar to use the spray cans. Kill the first skeleton and let
    go, then press them again to kill the other skeleton.
    Once they are both dead just jump over the tombstone and go to the
                             -Screen 09-
    Use some more spray cans to kill these two skeletons, then jump onto
    the tombstone. Remember to JUMP to the right because there is a hole
    directly under the tombstone. Jump over the next hole and keep going.
                             -Screen 10-
    Use some spray cans to kill off these two skeletons, then jump over
    the open grave to reach the skeleton key and beat the stage.
    If you beat 'Grave Danger in the Basement' and 'The Secret of the
    Attic', you will get the Cool Shades, which is one of the cool items
    needed to beat the game.
                        3.4  The Secret of the Attic                     
    Objective: Get the gold key.
    Enemies: Bees, bats, little spiders, big spider
                             -Screen 01-
    Just run through the two bees and ignore the burp balls and darts.
    They are useless. Shoot the gray box next to the chest to get a
    spray can.
                             -Screen 02-
    Run straight through and get the donut and slingshot. You might get
    hit again, but only once.
                             -Screen 03-
    This screen has a spray can and darts. Now I suggest going back and
    forth between 02 and 03 and keep collecting spray cans and slingshot
    ammo. Go for 99 of each. Also remember to get that donut in 02 if
    you're low on health.
    Anyway, kill the bee in here then jump on the couch. Get on the
    pillows and jump to the left until you're on the stack of newspapers.
    Stand on the left edge and jump up to land on the moose, then jump
    onto the boxes and jump up.
                             -Screen 04-
    Stand to the far left and shoot some rocks (slingshot) up at an angle
    to the right. Kill all four bats. If you get pushed to the right
    remember to IMMEDIATELY go back left. It's possible to fall between
    the beams.
    Once that is done, wait for the nail on the first beam to be down and
    jump on it, then do the same with the next two beams. Climb up the
    Oh, I suggest you don't go for the donut and slingshot ammo. You'll
    just fall or get hit.
                             -Screen 05-
    There will be four more bats, so kill them the same as before. DO NOT
    touch the left side of the screen, or you will fall back to Screen 04.
    Now jump onto the beam and make your way across to the ladder on the
    other side. Mind the nails.
    The extra life and water balloon are optional, in my opinion. It's up
    to you if you want to try.
                             -Screen 06-
    Just fall straight down. There is no need to kill the bats, or get
    the spray can. You should have plenty of spray cans from earlier.
                             -Screen 07-
    Make sure to have at least 50 rocks by the time you get here. You'll
    need them all to defeat the giant spider up ahead.
    The Simpsons have a frickin' big attic... Anyway, there are four bats
    and a donut in here. You don't have to kill the bats, or get the
    donut. Grab it if you're REALLY low on health.
                             -Screen 08-
    Just run straight to the right, avoiding the bees and little spiders.
    You'll get the spray can along the way, if you need it.
                             -Screen 09-
    In here you'll find a big spider and her bunch of eggs. First get the
    donut and keep coming back in to get more donuts and fill up your
    health. Forget about getting the extra life.
    Now it's time to kill the spider. The spider goes up if you get too
    close, so stand near the center of the room and aim your rocks up at
    an angle. Once you find the right spot, stand there and shoot as
    quickly as you can.
    To kill off the eggs and little spiders just unleash some spray
    paint every time an egg flies out.
    If you beat 'Grave Danger in the Basement' and 'The Secret of the
    Attic', you will get the Cool Shades, which is one of the cool items
    needed to beat the game.
                           3.5  Space Mutant Madness                     
    Objective: Find the cook book.
    Enemies: Train mutant, space mutants, sewer mutants, robots
    (NOTE: Usually you don't need the cool items to beat a stage, but
     this time I highly recommend getting the Cool Hat. The hat will
     prevent damage from the robots.)
                             -Screen 01-
    Walk near the railroad but don't cross it. A train mutant will come
    from the top of the screen, so let it pass then pick up the mutant
    gun. This gun is specially made to kill space mutants.
                             -Screen 02-
    You'll need about 20 mutant gun shots, so as soon as you enter 02
    just stand still. The space mutant will hit you and make you go back
    to 01. Quickly grab another 10 shots now while the train mutant
    can't hurt you. The reason for this that the space mutant takes less
    health than the train mutant, so it's a small sacrifice.
    Now that you have twenty shots kill the space mutant using exactly
    THREE shots, no more. Go left and kill the other space mutant that
    appears, then shoot the gray box on the right to get some spray cans.
    Jump over the sewer hole.
                             -Screen 03-
    Shoot the space mutants with exactly three shots each, then get the
    donut and go to the left.
                             -Screen 04-
    If you have the Cool Hat, the robot's lasers won't cause any damage.
    So, shoot the space mutant then use your spray can to kill the robot.
    Shoot the other space mutant and grab the ammo.
                             -Screen 05-
    Hey, it's Moe's Tavern. Anyway, to shoot the sewer mutant it only
    takes TWO shots. Shoot it as it runs away. Jump over the sewer and
    kill the space mutant, then get the ammo.
                             -Screen 06-
    Go back to 05 to get more ammo, and keep going between 05 and 06
    until you get 99 ammo.
    Once you've done that, quickly kill the sewer mutant and jump over
    to kill the space mutant. Grab the spray cans if you can.
                             -Screen 07-
    Kill the three space mutants and keep going.
                             -Screen 08-
    Kill two more mutants and keep going. Get the ammo, though you
    obviously shouldn't need it by now.
                             -Screen 09-
    Shoot the two space mutants and the robot, all with your mutant gun.
    You do have plenty of ammo after all. Keep going left.
                             -Screen 10-
    That space ship looks familiar... Kill the two space mutants and jump
    up to get the extra life. Go to the left and get the cook book to
    finish the stage.
    If you beat 'Space Mutant Madness' and 'Too Much T.V.', you will get
    the Cool Shoes, which is one of the cool items needed to beat the
                              3.6  Too Much T.V.                     
    Objective: Escape from Itchy and Scratchy.
    Enemies: Itchy and Scratchy
    (NOTE: I'll tell you right now, the best way to beat this stage is
     to memorize what is on each screen and the best way to avoid it.
     Remember that pressing Esc will prevent the loss of lives.)
                             -Screen 01-
    You can't kill anything, so just go straight to the right. Jump over
    any red bombs and avoid as much as you can.
                             -Screen 02-
    Wait for the ice cream bomb to blow up, then get the donut. Go back
    and forth between Screens 01 and 02 and keep getting donuts. Make
    sure your health is full before going on.
                             -Screen 03-
    Run for it! Jump over any red bombs and wait for the right moment to
                             -Screen 04-
    The worst thing here is the falling weights. Wait for one to fall
    then keep running.
                             -Screen 05-
    Look out for the weights, falling bombs, pie, and the hole. Just wait
    for the bombs to fall then immediately run for it.
                             -Screen 06-
    Jump onto the first stool on the left and get to the right by
    walking across the counter. Make sure to get the extra life.
                             -Screen 07-
    Run past Scratchy and just run! Look out for Itchy's arms.
                             -Screen 08-
    Avoid all the football bombs and ignore any items. As always, run
    for it!
                             -Screen 09-
    Avoid Itchy's punts and go to the right. Jump at the picture of Itchy
    and Scratchy to finish the stage.
    If you beat 'Space Mutant Madness' and 'Too Much T.V.', you will get
    the Cool Shoes, which is one of the cool items needed to beat the
                        3.7  Adventures in Krustyland                     
    Objective: Save Krusty the Clown!
    Enemies: Centipede, ants, Sideshow Bob
                             -Screen 01-
    Shoot the three boards blocking the entrance to Krusty's Jungle Land,
    then go in.
                             -Screen 02-
    Jump across the logs and get the large burp ball on the other side.
    This is a special weapon needed to beat Sideshow Bob, so do not shoot
    any of them.
    Now, to get up the waterfall stand on the logs, in the center of the
    waterfall. Once you're in the center just keep tapping the jump
                             -Screen 03-
    Jump to the left log immediately or you'll fall back down to Screen
    02. To get to the top of this screen you have to go from left to
    right and right to left, jumping across the logs. To go up you have
    to be on a left log that is fairly high, then jump to a middle log,
    but you can't reach the top of the screen! Jump straight up from the
    middle log.
                             -Screen 04-
    Keep jumping straight up! Keep jumping until you're jumping pretty
    high over the top of the waterfall, then jump to the left and land
    on that rocky spot to get the big burp ball.
    Now time a jump to the right so you'll land on a log just as it
    appears, then quickly jump to the rocky area on the right and keep
                             -Screen 05-
    Jump and get the burp ball as you get the vine. Jump onto the
    alligator's back, but not when it's underwater or has it's mouth
    open. Jump to the right.
                             -Screen 06-
    You'll land on another alligator, so quickly jump and grab the next
    vine. Wait for the alligators to go down and come up, then land on
    the next one and jump to the right.
                             -Screen 07-
    Another alligator. Quickly grab the next vine and jump off on the
    rocky area, and keep going.
                             -Screen 08-
    Get ALL of the big burp balls. Here is the order you should get them
       _2_         _1_
    After you get the fourth one, fall to the left.
                             -Screen 09-
    Get all of these big burp balls as well. Here is the order:
      _2_   ______3__
    1___ ___
    After getting them all fall straight down.
                             -Screen 10-
    Get the one big burp ball here to have a grand total of 13 burp balls.
    If you don't have 13 burp balls, press Esc to start over because you
    can't beat the stage with less than 13. Go to the right if you're set.
                             -Screen 11-
    Don't shoot the centipede, just jump over and keep going.
                             -Screen 12-
    Finally, Sideshow Bob himself! Ignore the ants, and don't worry about
    his coconuts either since they don't cause a lot of damage. The one
    thing to avoid is getting near him because he has a kick attack that
    does cause a lot of damage.
    To easily finish him just aim up with the gun and hit Sideshow Bob
    in the head or chest area. You must hit Bob with ALL 13 big burp
    balls, or he will not die and you will have to start over. Once he
    falls walk to the right.
                             -Screen 13-
    Walk to the right and avoid any ants. Jump at the lock to get an
    extra life and save Krusty. 
    Enjoy the ending! When you enter your name now you'll have a cool
    skateboard next to your name as proof that you beat the game.
    My final score: SUBSANE.........10250
           Thanks for playing another great Simpsons game!
    ===== 4.0 CODES & SECRETS ==========================================
    There aren't any codes, just a couple of little secrets.
     If you keep punching the Sideshow Bob punching bag, you'll get to
     see a photo of Marge shaving her arm pit. Disturbing, yet typical
     of Bart.
     If you get killed, press Esc right away to go back to Bart's Room
     without losing a life. But, any lives, weapons, and items you got
     will be also be lost.
     Remember that if you have the Cool Hat, the robots in 'Space Mutant
     Madness' can't hurt you.
     Many of the levels featured in this game were created based on the
     short cartoons from the Tracey Ullman Show. It wasn't until
     Simpsons Arcade that game developers used the sitcom for ideas.
     This was the only Simpsons video game to prominently feature the
     famous space mutants of the Simpsons early years.
     Sideshow Bob, arguably Bart's greatest enemy, was only featured
     in three video games: Bart's House of Weirdness (the final boss),
     Bart vs. the Space Mutants (level 3 boss), and as a cameo character
     in The Simpsons Arcade.
    ===== 5.0 LEGAL / MISC. ============================================
                            5.1  Version History
    January 11, 2005: Version 1.2
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Updated the controls and added some new secrets.
    July 10: Version 1.1
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Eh, more pointless updates.
    June 27: Version 1.0
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Just another rewrite, which sends this FAQ back to 1.0.
                             5.2  Guide Credits
    Thanks to...
    1. Matt Groening. The man created 'The Simpsons', which has been on
    the air for 14 years and is still going strong. Shine on you crazy
    bearded bastard!
    2. If I thank Matt Groening, then I also have to praise the hundreds
    of individuals who are involved with the show. To the writers, voice
    actors, animators, producers, gofers, and every other person
    involved... thank you!
    3. Wilson Lau gets mad props for his kick ass 'Bart vs. the Space
    Mutants' guide. It inspired me to write guides for Simpsons video
    4. Konami and Distinctive Software for creating the game.
    5. Thank YOU for reading. After all, I didn't write this for my own
                          5.3  Contact Information
    The address is: subsane@gmail.com
    The issue of too many e-mails isn't a problem, so I'll most likely
    respond to any questions (for now). But, I do delete e-mails without
    a subject. Put 'Bart's House of Weirdness FAQ' or something similar
    in the subject line.
                              5.4  Legal Stuff
    1. "Bart's House of Weirdness" is copyright © 1992 Konami, Inc. The
    Simpsons and any related Simpsons characters are property of
    Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.
    2. This guide copyright © 2003-2005 SubSane. This guide may be
    distributed freely as long as it remains in it's ORIGINAL and
    UNALTERED form. It is only for private use and may not be reproduced
    for commercial purposes.
    If I discover that this guide has been altered in any way and is
    being displayed publicly, I reserve the right to have the guide
    removed from that location.

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