Bart's got the house all to himself and things are getting pretty weird.
Bart Simpson, that radical dude with a cool attitude, now stars in his own all-new action/adventure. Enjoy the warped sense of humor and whacked out cast of characters from The Simpsons TV series as you become Bart in search of the coolest item in the universe.
- Enter the six weird worlds attached to Bart's room and search for the three cool objects you need to enter the Radical Zone: Fancy Running Shoes, Groovy Cap and Cool Looking Shades.
- Choose your paths and journey through the Simpsons' spooky attic and treacherous backyard, the haunted burial ground under the house, a wild nightmare starring Itchy and Scratchy, and more.
- Collect weapons you'll need on your adventure, like the Burp Gun, Water Balloon, Sling Shot, Spray Paint Can and Dart Gun.
- Take on the Space Mutants at their launch pad, the baby-sitting bandit Ms. Botz in her hideout, and other notorious enemies from well known episodes of The Simpsons.
- Ultimately face the clown menace Sideshow Bob in the Radical Zone and claim the all-time coolest item in the universe.
- Features Bart's digitized voice, and music inspired by The Simpsons television series.
- Game save option lets you pick up the adventure where you left off.

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