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    Seleucid Guide by jamabar

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    Rome Total War Seleucid Empire FAQ
    By: JBurnett (Jamabar)
    1.0 Authors Note
    2.0 Starting Situation
    	2.1 Position
    	2.2 Units
    	2.3 Enemies
            2.4 Income
    	2.5 Priorities
    3.0 Starting Out
           3.1 Economy and Treasury
    	3.1.1 Making the Most of it
           3.1.2 Spending and Expenditure Control
            3.2 Enemies and Expansion
    	 3.2.1 Overview
    	 3.2.2 Main Walkthrough
    4.0 Later On
           4.1 Economy and Treasury
    	4.1.1 Expanding Your Wealth
           4.1.2 Spending Concentration
            4.2 Enemies and Expansion
    	 4.2.1 Overview
    	 4.2.2 Main Walkthrough
    5.0 To Battle!
             5.1 Units
             5.1.1 Infantry
             5.1.2 Cavalry
             5.1.3 Missile Troops
             5.1.4 Mercenaries
             5.2 General Strategies
             5.2.1 Overview
             5.2.2 The "Roman Army"
             5.2.3 The "Pike Wall"
             5.2.4 The "Iron Tide"
             5.2.5 The "Balanced Army"
    6.0 Legal Stuff
    1.0 Authors Note
    This FAQ is designed to help beginners of the Seleucid Empire get a 
    headstart with this interesting nation. 
    Note about terms. Whenever I put and abbreviated faction name, letter 
    and Place in brackets after a place name, it is referring to the 
    faction that owns it and its location. E.g. Tylis is a Thracian City 
    that is South of Campus Getae, would be - Tylis (Thr, S/Campus 
    Getae). Two names (for example, Thr/Mac), would signify it would be 
    owned by, in this case Thrace, but is likely to have been captured by 
    Macedon. (This cannot always be relied upon, as settlements do 
    frequently change hands). (HOB = House of Brutii, HOS = House of 
    Scipii, HOJ = House of Julii)
    2.0 Starting Situation
    [2.1 Position]
    The Seleucids start in a rich area of land, but with several rivals 
    on their doorstep. They also tend to have fairly large territories 
    which can be slow to navigate. There is plenty of room for expansion, 
    with 2 rebel towns close enough to be conquered early (Bostra and 
    Petra). Also, while each rival is a potential enemy, they are also a 
    potential ally, so with efficient diplomacy, you can wipe them out 1 
    by 1.
    [2.2 Units]
    You do not have many units to begin with, and cannot train many 
    effective troops early on (Militia Hoplites will be SLAUGHTERED by 
    Desert Axemen...), there is, however, one VERY important exception to 
    that rule. It will not be long before Antioch can train Elephants, 
    and they should keep you going till the heavy stuff arrives.
    [2.3 Enemies]
    Your main enemies early on will be the Egyptians, as your other 
    neighbours (Parthia, Greece, Pontus and Armenia) can be reasoned 
    with. The Macedonians will end up fighting you eventually and, of 
    course, war with Rome is inevitable.
    [2.4 Income]
    EXCELLENT. You only begin with 3000 denarii, but at a standard gain 
    rate of 5000-6000 Denarii per turn, you will have no shortage of 
    cash. This is good, as some of those units are expensive! Antioch and 
    Tarsus are VERY rich cities.
    [2.5 Priorities]
    Your main priorities are to make alliances, and, MUCH more 
    importantly, get trade rights, all of your neighbours (bar the 
    Egyptian Scum), and stand on the Defensive against Egypt until you 
    can train Phalanx Pikemen and Cataphracts (They can NEVER take 
    Antioch). Send out diplomats to everywhere, and Ally/Trade Rights 
    with everyone you can. Also a good Idea to Bribe 
    Corinth/Sparta/Athens, as you should get some units, and they are 
    rich cities.
    3.0 Starting Out
    [3.1 Economy and Treasury]
    [3.1.1 Expanding your wealth]
    Not much to say really. Just get Alliances/TR with everyone you can. 
    Don't overspend.
    [3.1.2 Spending concentration]
    Your priorities should be (In no real Order); 
    *	Port
    *	Stables THEN Cavalry Stables (Only a top priority if the 
    settlement can train Elephants.)
    *	Wooden Palisade THEN Wooden Wall
    *	Farms
    *	Barracks THEN Militia Barracks
    *	Roads
    *	Trader
    Once a settlement has a Trader, Port, Farm Upgrade, Militia Barracks, 
    Roads, and Wooden Walls, you can begin to think about making it 
    either an Economic or a Military settlement. For military settlements 
    create Shrine to Hephasteus, Stables, Practice Range and Army 
    Barracks, followed by Temple ECT to Hephasteus, Cavalry Stables, 
    Archery Range and City Barracks; also build Smithy buildings. For 
    Economic settlements create Better Farms, Shipwright and all economic 
    structures. The Religious Buildings in Economic Settlements do not 
    [3.2 Enemies and Expansion]
    [3.2.1 Overview]
    This varies depending upon your choice of expansion. Assuming you 
    expand the way I did, you are likely to encounter the following 
    Factions in the following order;
    1.	Egypt (You really do not have a choice with these guys...)
    2.	Greece
    3.	Macedon (There is a minute chance that you will engage with the 
    Thracians at this point, but it is unlikely)
    4.	The House of Brutii
    5.	The House of Scipii
    6.	The House of Julii 
    7.	SPQR
     [3.2.2 Main Walkthrough)
    You should begin by bolstering your garrison in Antioch and Damascus 
    (Deploy your best General in Damascus, as it will be attacked a LOT), 
    and mass producing Diplomats. Send them out to do their duties, and 
    slowly build up your settlements, making certain that Antioch has a 
    Cavalry Stables, and then continuing to ceaselessly produce 
    Elephants. I advise that you bribe one of the 3 Hellenic Cities on 
    the Aegean Sea at this point (I chose Corinth), as it will give you a 
    base quite close to Rome, make a good place to launch attacks from, 
    and add a nice bonus to your Loyalty (Statue of Zeus) and Income. 
    When you have the Capability to make Phalanx Pikemen, use them, with 
    your Elephants, to conquer Sidon (Egy, E/Damascus). Now you can 
    recruit Cataphracts. Yay! After training some Cats, head down the 
    Nile Delta, and conquer Jerusalem (Egy, S/Damascus). You should now 
    be able to make Onagers in either Jerusalem or Sidon, so, with some 
    of them in tow, storm down south to Memphis (Egy, SW/Jerusalem), 
    Alexandria (Egy, NW Memphis), and Thebes (Egy, S/Memphis), and crush 
    them all. If the Egyptians are still around, then conquer Bostra 
    (Reb/Egy, SE/Jerusalem), and Petra (Reb/Egy, E/Damascus). No more 
    Egyptians, Excellent.
    Attack the Greeks/ Macedonians, and quickly take Sparta (Grk, 
    S/Corinth), and Athens (Reb/Mac, E/Corinth), and then expand to take 
    Pergamum (Grk, NW/Salamis), and bring your force back to the Mainland 
    (If you bribed Athens/Sparta, adjust the above strategy accordingly). 
    Take Thermon (Grk/HOB, NW/Athens), and Syracuse (Grk/HOS, On Sicily, 
    nowhere in relation to your current settlements), if the Greeks still 
    own them. Once you capture Rhodes (Grk, SE/Sparta - Over the Sea-), 
    you will have eliminated the Greeks. Time for the Middlegame!
    4.0 Later On ---- COMING SOON
    [4.1 Economy and Treasury]
    [4.1.1 Expanding your Wealth]
    [4.1.2 Spending Concentration]
    [4.2 Enemies and Expansion]
    [4.2.1 Overview]
    [4.2.2 Main Walkthrough]
    5.0 To Battle!
    [5.1 Units]
    [5.1.1 Infantry]
    Militia Hoplites
    They just don't cut it against any of your early foes. Don't train 
    unless absolutely necessary, and NEVER rely on them, just hope!
    Levy Pikemen
    Better than Militia Hoplites, what with the large numbers, and long 
    pikes, but Defence and Morale are a problem. Useful in the Earlygame, 
    but become obsolete fast...
    Phalanx Pikemen
    Now we're talking! 240-strong units, with long pikes, excellent 
    armour, and no Morale Penalty. These are the guys who will sock it to 
    those pesky Desert Axemen, and can be relied upon to hold a line 
    against all but the best.
    Silver Shield Pikemen
    These are easily one of the best units in the game. They surpass 
    Royal Pikemen, and, due to their numbers, can hold their own against 
    Spartan Hoplites! Great Morale, and Stamina, and thoroughly reliable 
    men. Your best defence against the legions of Rome. Can also stand if 
    the formation is broken.
    Silver Shield Legionaries 
    Very good. Simple alternative to pikes if you prefer this style to 
    Phalanx play. More than a match for the Roman Version!
    [5.1.2 Cavalry]
    Militia Cavalry
    Never seen the point of Skirmisher Cavalry myself, but if you like 
    Greek Cavalry
    Light Cavalry are tough to use correctly (except for Light Lancers), 
    so I would avoid these guys too. Can be handy in a pinch, though.
    Excellent. Exceptional flankers, capable flank defenders, and 
    Unsurpassable general-hunters - send these guys after the enemy 
    commander and, 2 Hp or not, he won't live to tell the tale! - once 
    you can get em, never leave home without em!
    Companion Cavalry
    Great cavalry in their own right, but seeing as Cataphracts are 
    better, and you can recruit them first, why bother?
    Scythed Chariots
    I have never liked using Chariots, but hey, if you can use them well, 
    go ahead.
    Very handy. Available early, and useful. Just keep them away from 
    War Elephants
    All that has been said for Elephants, and more. With better Morale, 
    Archers on the back, and more HP, Go for it!
    Armoured Elephants
    These guys are all but unstoppable! They can break up Phalanges, 
    massacre cavalry AND chase down Archers. An Endgame army is just not 
    complete without a couple of units of Armoured Elephants!
    [5.1.3 Missile Troops]
    I will be blunt. I HATE skirmishers. Only use them if you have no 
    other available missile troops.
    No army is complete without the Mighty Bowman! 3 or 4 units are 
    quintessential in all large forces.
    Great Anti-General or Anti-Spartan unit, and irreplaceably good at 
    destroying walls and towers. Once again, a must have for Invaders.
    [5.1.4 Mercenaries]
    Eastern Mercenaries
    Not much good, but alright if you are desperate. Preferable to 
    Militia Hoplites, in any case!
    Bedouin Warriors
    Camel Troops aren't that effective, but handy for desert combat, and 
    better than Greek Cavalry
    Arab Cavalry
    Same as Bedouin Warriors, but slightly faster (Horses, not Camels...)
    Bedouin Archers
    The only Horse Archers that you will get. Good, but not Great.
    Ps. This is not much to go by, as I never use Mercenaries for any 
    purposes other than maintaining order in cities I conquer.
    [5.2 General Strategies]
    [5.2.1 Overview]
    Generally, the Seleucid Strategy consists of Breaking the Enemy upon 
    a Phalanx Block, and Sweeping them away with Cataphracts, or 
    Elephants. Feel free to develop your own style of fighting with the 
    Sons of Alexander, if you wish.
    [5.2.2 The "Roman Army"]
    This Army is basically a force with its Phalanges replaced with 
    Silver Shield Legionaries. A Typical Formation would be;
                [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ]
                [SSL] [SSL] [SSL] [SSL] [SSL] [SSL] [SSL] [SSL]
                [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ]
      [Cats][Cats]                                           [Cats][Cats]
                   [   ]     [   ][   ] [   ] [   ]    [   ]
                   [Ong]     [Bow][Bow] [Bow] [Bow]    [Ong]   
                   [   ]     [   ][   ] [   ] [   ]    [   ]
                        [   ]                     [   ]
                        [Ele]                     [Gen]
                        [   ]                     [   ]
    SSL = Silver Shield Legionaries
    Cats = Cataphracts
    Bow = Archers
    Ong = Onagers
    Gen = General
    Ele = Armoured Elephants
    [5.2.3 The "Pike Wall"]
    This is a Purely Defensive army that has a LOT of Pikemen!
    A Typical Formation would be;
          [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ]
          [SSP] [SSP] [SSP] [SSP] [SSP] [SSP] [SSP] [SSP] [SSP] [SSP]
          [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ]
           [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ]
           [Bow] [Bow] [Bow] [Bow] [Bow] [Bow] [Bow] [Bow] [Bow] 
           [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ]
                                  [   ]
                                  [   ]
    SSP = Silver Shield Pikemen
    Bow = Archers
    Gen = General
    [5.2.4 The "Iron Tide"]
    This is a VERY aggressive army that can Decimate foes on open ground, 
    and conquer Wooden Walled settlements. It has the added bonus of 
    moving very fast on the Campaign Map.
    A Typical Formation would be;
    [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ]
    [Cat] [Cat] [Cat] [Cat] [Cat] [Cat] [Cat] [Cat] [Cat] [Cat] [Cat]
    [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ]
               [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] 
               [Ele] [Ele] [Ele] [Ele] [Ele] [Ele] [Ele] [Ele]  
               [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] 
                                  [   ]
                                  [   ]
    Cat = Cataphracts
    Gen = General
    Ele = Armoured Elephants
    [5.2.5 The "Balanced Army"]
    This is a powerful; all purpose army that will serve you well in all 
    A Typical Formation would be;
                                      [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ] 
                                      [SSP] [SSP] [SSP] [SSP]
                                      [   ] [   ] [   ] [   ]
                            [Ele] [Ele]                     [Cats] [Cats]
                              [   ]    [   ][   ] [   ] [   ]    [   ]
                              [Ong]    [Bow][Bow] [Bow] [Bow]    [Ong]   
                              [   ]    [   ][   ] [   ] [   ]    [   ]
    [Cats] [Cats] [Cats] [Gen]
                                  [   ]                      [   ]
                                  [Ong]                      [Ong]
                                  [   ]                      [   ]
    SSP = Silver Shield Legionaries
    Cats = Cataphracts
    Bow = Archers
    Ong = Onagers
    Gen = General
    Ele = Armoured Elephants
    6.0 Legal Stuff
    I hope this helped
    This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly. Use of this guide on any other 
    website or as a part of any public display is prohibited.
    Websites authorized to use this FAQ are currently;
    By: JBurnett (Jamabar)

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