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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Fraghappy

    Version: 0.1.1 | Updated: 07/04/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

             --==Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne FAQ/Strategy Guide v0.1.1==--
                              Created by :: morpheusjedi77
                            E-mail :: HimuraKenshin779@aol.com
                                   Created :: 7.3.03
                                 Updated Last :: 7.4.03
    --==Table of Contents==--
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            Section                                               Keyword
    I.      Introduction and Important Information----------------wc3x_intro
             1.1  Version Information-----------------------------wc3x_version
             1.2  Disclaimer--------------------------------------wc3x_disclaimer
             1.3  Frequently Asked Questions----------------------wc3x_faq
    II.     Additions to the Game---------------------------------wc3x_add
             2.1  General Changes---------------------------------wc3x_add_gen
             2.2  Human Additions---------------------------------wc3x_add_human
             2.3  Orc Additions-----------------------------------wc3x_add_orc
             2.4  Night Elf Additions-----------------------------wc3x_add_ne
             2.5  Undead Additions--------------------------------wc3x_add_und
             2.6  Neutral Heroes----------------------------------wc3x_hero_neut
    III     Game Walkthrough--------------------------------------wc3x_walk
                  --==I. Introduction and Important Information==--
                                [Keyword: wc3x_intro]
    1.1 Version Information                                [Keyword: wc3x_version]
    v0.1.1 - 7.4.04 - 22 KB
    Fixed the header so it says Warcraft III: Frozen Throne instead of Dark Cloud
    2. Added Neutral Heroes to "Additions" section.
    v0.1.0 - 7.3.03 - 19 KB
    Just have the new units, buildings, and heroes for each race. More coming
    really soon.
    1.2 Disclaimer                                       [Keyword: dc2_disclaimer]
    This guide is (c)2002 Thorne M. and may not be used in any part or whole
    without first contacting me. GameFAQs and my website "The Whispering Realms"
    (www.whisperingrealms.com) have full permission to use the guide as they
    1.3 Frequently Asked Questions                              [Keyword: dc2_faq]
    Q :: Can I use this FAQ on this site?
    A :: Drop me an e-mail, the response may go either way. I also retain the right
    to decide to take the guide off of your site, though I most likely won't.
    Q :: Someone else is using this on their site, what should I do?
    A :: Most likely they have permission. However, if you are not sure, just drop
    me an e-mail. I will credit you in this FAQ if you turn in people using the FAQ
    without permission.
    Q :: I heard about a secret human mission. Where is it?
    A :: In the mission in which you must escape from the dungeon, there is an area
    at the bottom with some sheep. Step on the top platform, the bottom, then the
    middle, to make them say "Baa-ram-ewe." Then, proceed north to unlock the
                         --==II. Additions to the Game==--
                                [Keyword: wc3x_add]
    [NOTE :: Descriptions are taken from the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
    2.1 General Changes                                    [Keyword: wc3x_add_gen]
    --Certain units now have inventories. In order to enable them, you must
    research the "Backpacks" upgrade in the main building for that race.
    --You can now sell unwanted items back to any item store, including the new
    "race-specific" shops.
    --Handicaps in custom games. This allows to reduce the max HP of all of the
    units for one player, giving them a disability.
    2.2 Human Additions                                  [Keyword: wc3x_add_human]
    Small Changes
    Gyrocopters were renamed Flying Machines.
    NEW HERO -- Blood Mage
    A mystical Hero, adept at controlling magic and ranged assaults. Though still
    members of the Alliance, the Blood Elves have begun to turn to the darkest
    parts of magic, abandoning the water and frost spells of the Kirin Tor for the
    fire and heat of what some people fear to be Demonic Magic.
       Flamestrike - Conjures a pillar of fire, which damages ground units in
       a target area with its initial combustion, then deals damage over time for
       a short duration after.
       Banish - Turns a unit etheral and slows its movement speed. Ethereal
       creatures cannot attack, but can cast spells, and certain spells cast upon
       them will  have a greater effect.
       Siphon Mana - Leeches the mystical energies of a target enemy unit over
       Phoenix - Summons a heavy flying unit composed entirely of flame. This
       firey creature burns with such intensity that it damages itself and nearby
       enemy units. Has Spell Immunity and Resistant Skin. When the Phoenix dies,
       it creates an egg that will hatch into a new Phoenix. Attacks land and air
    NEW UNIT -- Spell Breaker
    Elven warrior trained to disrupt and contort magical energies. These Blood
    Elven warriors, fresh from the destruction of their homeworld, have turned a
    new eye towards the dying land of Lordaeron. Can it possibly remain their home?
    Has Spell immunity and attacks land units. [NOTE: You can send these out with
    Blood Mages and cast Flamestrike wherever, as they aren't damaged by the
       Spell Steal [AUTOCAST] - Steals a apositive buff from an enemy unit and
       applies it to a nearby friendly unit, or takes a negative buff from a
       friendly unit and applies it to a nearby enemy unit.
       Control Magic - Takes control of a summoned enemy unit.
       Feedback [PASSIVE] - Spell Breaker attacks destroy a target enemy casters
       mana with every hit. The mana combusts, dealing damage to the attacked
    NEW UNIT -- Dragonhawk Rider
    Swift flying unit mounted by an Elven warrior. The fierce warriors of the
    Dragonhawk batalions are often the first into combat, picking apart the enemy
    ranks and surrounding enemy towers with dense fog so reinforcements can strike
    unhindered by enemy defenses. Attacks land an air units.
       Cloud - Creates a small cloud that stops buildings with ranged attacks from
       attacking. This is a channeling spell. [Does _NOT_ cancel the effects of
       barricades on Orc buildings.]
       Aerial Shackles - Magically binds a target enemy air unit so that it cannot
       move or attack. This is a channeling spell.
    NEW BUILDING -- Arcane Vault
    A shop from which any unit that has an inventory can purchase items. The items
    available are dependent on what level of upgrade your Town Hall is, and what
    buildings you have. Heroes can also sell unwanted items to this shop.
    NEW BUILDING -- Arcane Tower
    Magical defensive tower with the Reveal and Feedback abilities. Attacks land
    and air units. [Upgrade from scout tower.]
    NEW UPGRADE -- Barrage
    Upgrades siege engines, giving them a Barrage, a passive rocket-like attack
    versus air units.
    NEW UPGRADE -- Flak Cannons [PASSIVE] - Upgrades Flying Machine attacks to add
    area-effect damage versus air units.
    NEW UPGRADE -- Fragmentation Shards [PASSIVE] - Increases the area-effect
    damage of Mortar teams.
    2.3 Orc Additions                                      [Keyword: wc3x_add_orc]
    NEW HERO -- Shadow Hunter
    A cunning Hero, adept at healing magics and voodoo curses. Channline the
    spirits of their dark gods, the Shadow Hunters walk the line between darkness
    and light in hope of salvaging the future for their savage brethern. Attacks
    land and air units.
       Healing Wave - Calls forth a wave of energy that heals a target and bounces
       to nearby friendly units. Each bounce heals less damage.
       Hex - Temporarily transforms an enemy into a random critter, disabling
       special abilities.
       Serpent Ward - Summons an immobile serpentine ward to attack the Shadow
       Hunter's enemies. Attacks land and air units.
       Big Bad Voodoo - Turns all friendly units invunerable in an area around the 
      Shadow Hunter. The Shadow Hunter does not turn invunerable. This is a
       channeling spell.
    NEW UNIT -- Troll Batrider
    Light flying unit with incredibly perception. Good at destroying buildings. The
    fire obsessed Troll Batrides are often used as reconnaissance for the Orcish
    Horde. Attacks land units.
       Unstable Concoction - Causes a powerful explosion that deals damage to
       nearby enemy air units.
       Liquid Fire [PASSIVE] - Flings a volatile liquid that causes buildings to
       take damage over time. Buildings that are currently taking damage from
       Liquid Fire cannont be repaired, and the attack rate of affected enemy
       towers is reduced.
    NEW UNIT -- Spirit Walker
    Mystical Tauren caster with Ethereal Form, which allows him to aviod physicaly
    damage. Believed to be the ill omen of a coming age, white Tauren are held in
    near reverence by their people, often becoming reclusive priests who wander the
    land in search of kindred spirits. Attacks land an air units.
       Spirit Link - Links the sprits of several friendly units together so that
       damage to one unit will be shared to some extent by all of the units linked
       to it.
       Disenchant - Removes all buffs from units in an area, and deals damage to
       summoned units.
       Ancestral Spirit - Allows a Spirit Walker to resurrect a dead non-Hero
    NEW BUILDING -- Voodoo Lounge
    A shop from which any unit that has an inventory can purchase items. The items
    available are dependant on what level of upgrade your Great Hall has and what
    buildings you have. Heroes can also sell unwanted items to any item shop.
    NEW UPGRADE -- Troll Berserkers
    Troll Headhunters may now be upgraded to Troll Berserkers, which are tougher
    and have the Berserk ability. Like Headhunters, Berserkers benefit from Troll
    NEW UPGRADE -- Reinforced Defenses
    Upgrades Orc Burrows and Watch Towers to have Fortifed armor.
    NEW UPGRADE -- Burning Oil
    Drenches Demolisher ammon in burning oil, causing Demolisher attacks to light
    the ground of fire and burn enemy units.
    2.4 Night Elf Additions                                 [Keyword: wc3x_add_ne]
    NEW HERO -- Warden
    A cunning Hero, adept at entering and escaping combat. Set apart from the
    militant Sentinels, Wardens are usually employed as jailors, assassins, and
    bounty hunters. Attacks land units.
       Fan of Knives -- Flings a flurry of knives at multiple enemy targets around
       the Warden.
       Blink - Teleports the Warden a short distance, allowing her to move in and
       out of combat.
       Shadow Strike - Hurls a poisoned dagger which deals large intial damage,
       and the deals damage over time. The poised unit has its attack and movement
       rate slowed for a short duration.
       Vengeance - Creats a powerful Avatar of Vengeance that summons invunerable
       spirits from friendly corpses to attack your enemies. The Avatar is bent on
       avenging the death of fallen comerades. Immune to magic, has Resisitant
       Skin, and can use Spirit of Vengeance, an auto-cast spell.
    NEW UNIT -- Mountain Giant
    Slow moving melee unit that can take incredible amounts of punishment. Crafted
    epochs ago by the Titans from massive sections of stone, these creatures seek
    to protect the natural environment from any who would cause it harm. Attacks
    land units.
       Taunt - Causes nearby enemies to switch their attack towards the Mountain
       War Club - Picks up a tree to give Siege damage and increased attack range
       to the Mountain Giant. Lasts 15 swings.
       Hardened Skin [PASSIVE] -  Gives Mountain Giants increased resistance to
       attack damge.
       Resistant Skin [PASSIVE] - Reduces the duration of negative spells and
       Renders the Mountain Giant immune to certain spells. This is a passive
    NEW UNIT -- Faerie Dragon
    Small, quick flying unit, effective against enemy casters. Though not actual
    dragons, these mystical looking creatures police the Emerald Dream from magic.
    As such, they are immune to magic. Attacks land and air units.
       Phase Shift [AUTO-CAST] - Causes this unit to shift out of existance
       whenver it takes damage, temporarily avoiding further damage.
       Mana Flare - Causes the Gaerie Dragon to channel negative magical energies
       that damage nearby enemies when they cast spells. This is a channeling
    NEW BUILDING -- Ancient of Wonders
    A shop from which an unit that has an inventory can purchase items. The items
    available are dependant upon what level of upgrade your Tree of Life has and
    what buildings you have. Heroes can also sell unwanted items to these shops.
    NEW UPGRADE -- Well Spring
    This upgrade increases Moon Well Mana capacity and mana regeneration rate.
    NEW UPGRADE -- Mark of the Claw
    Allows Druids of the Claw to cast Roar while in Bear Form.
    NEW UPGRADE -- Mark of the Ta;pm
    Allows Druids of the Talon to cast Faerie Fire while in Storm Crow Form.
    2.5 Undead Additions                                   [Keyword: wc3x_add_und]
    NEW HERO -- Crypt Lord
    A warrior Hero, adept at summoning insect minions and crushing enemies.
    Betraying the Nerubain people, the Crypt Lords have sacrificed the lifeblood of
    thousands to bolster the Undead armies of Ner'shul, winning an eternal life of
    servitude in his name. Attacks land units.
       Impale - Slams the ground with the Crypt Lord's massive claws, shooting
       spiked tendrils out in a straight line and imapiling enemy ground units in
       their wake.
       Spiked Carapace [PASSIVE] - Encloses the Crypt Lord in barbed layers of
       chitinous armor that increases defense and returns damage to attackers.
       Carrion Beetles [AUTO-CAST] - Produces a Carrion Beetle from a target
       corpse. These creatures use their fierce mandibles to rip the flesh from
       the Crypt Lord's foes. Carrion Beetles summoned at higher levels of skill
       can burrow into the ground, loosing their attacks, but providing stealthy
       vision that can be placed strategically. Unlike most summoned units,
       Carrion Beetles are permanent until slain.
       Locust Swarm - Creats a swarm of angry locusts that bite and tear at nearby
       enemy units. As they chew the enemy flesh, they convert it into a substance
       that restores hit points to the Crypt Lord.
    NEW UNIT -- Obsidian Statue
    Fortified statue that can regenrate the health and mana of nearby friendly
    units. Can research Destroyer Form. Believed to be gifts granted by Ner'zhul,
    the Obsidian Statues are often used as figureheads at the forefront of many
    Undead armies, inspiring awe and fear in the enemy ranks. Nothing can prepare
    the enemy for what this unfathomable statue could become. Attacks land and air
       Essence of Blight [AUTO-CAST] - Restores heath to nearby friendly units.
       Spirit Touch [AUTO-CAST] - Replinshes the mana of nearby firendly units.
    NEW UNIT -- Destroyer
    Large flying unit that must consume magice to sustain its mana. Breaking free
    of the obsidian stone that holds them, these monstrous creatures roar into
    battle, swallowing magic to feed their insatiable hunger as they move between
    battles and rain destruction down upon their foes. Has Spell Immunity. Attacks
    land an air units.
       Devour Magic - Consumes all magical buffs from units, and damages summoned
       units in an area. Each unit that is devoured of magic restores some health
       and mana to the destroyer.
       Orb of Annhiliation [AUTO-CASTING] - Gives the Destroyer a more powerful
       attack that delivers splash damage.
       Absorb Mana - Takes all mana from one of your units and gives it to the
    NEW BUILDING -- Tomb of Relics
    A shop from which any unit that has an inventory can purchase items. The items
    available are dependant unpon what level of upgrade your Necropolis has and
    what buildings you have. Heroes can also sell unwanted items here.
    NEW BUILDING -- Nerubain Tower
    A Ziggurat can now be ugpraded into this tower, which deals cold damage and
    slows enemy units. Attack land and air units.
    NEW UPGRADE -- Burrow
    Crypt Fiends may now learn the Burrow ability. Allows Crypt Fiends to burrow
    into the ground, become invisible, and regenerate hit points at a faster rate.
    While burrowed, Crypt Fiends cannot attack.
    NEW UPGRADE -- Exhume Corpses
    This upgrade allows Meat Wagons to generate corpses like a Graveyard. A new
    corpse is generated every few seconds and is placed insde the meat wago.
    NEW UPGRADE -- Skeletal Mastery
    Once Skeletal Master has been researched, one of the the Skeleton Warriors
    spawned by the Raised Dead spell will be a Skeletal Mage. These Mages fire
    piercing bolts of negative magic from their hands, enchancing versatilty of the
    Undead army. Like Skeleton Warriors, Skeleton Mages can benefit from Skeletal
    Longevity. Attacks land and air units.
    2.6 Neutral Heroes                                   [Keyword: wc3x_hero_neut]
    Naga Sea Witch
    A mystical Hero, adept at ranged combat. These scaly denizens of the ocean have
    often been associated with the coming of prodigious storms, but few have
    actually seen them rise from the sea and lived to tell the tale. Attacks land
    and air units.
       Forked Lightining - Calls forth a cone of lightning to engulf a target
       enemy unit, as well as other enemy units nearby.
       Frost Arrows [AUTO-CAST] - Adds a cold effect to each attack, slowing a
       target enemy unit's attacks and movement.
       Mana Shield - Activates a shield that uses the Sea Witch's mana to absorb
       Tornado - Creates a fierce Tornado that slows all enemy units and damages
       enemy buildings over time. This is a channeling spell.
    Pandaren Brewmaster
    A warrior Hero, exceptional at absorbing damage and melee combat. The
    Brewmasters of Pandaria have emerged from the bamboo forests of their ancestors
    to try to bring their unique fighting style (and robust ales) to the highest
    bidder. Attacks land units.
       Breath of Fire - Breathes a cone of fire at enemy units, which deals
       damage. Units that have Drunken Haze on them will ignite and take burn
       damage over time.
       Drunken Brawler [PASSIVE] - Gives the Brewmaster a chance to dodge attacks
       and deal additional damage.
       Drunken Haze - Drenches a target enemy unit in alcohol, reducing its
       movement speed and giving it a chance to miss on attacks.
       Storm, Earth, and Fire - Dplits the Pandaren Brewmaster into elements
       forming 3 specialized warriors. If any one of them survivie until the end
       of their summoned timer, the Brewmaster is reborn.
    A warrior Hero, able to call forth the creatures of the forest to serve him.
    These lone wandering forest dwellers come from all backgrounds and cultures,
    seeking the essesnce of combat through the mimicry of wild beasts. Attacks land
       Summon Bear - Summons a fierce bear to defend the Beastmaster.
       Summon Quilbeast - Summons an angry quilbeast to the Beastmaster's side.
       Summon Hawk - Summons a proud hawk to scout for the Beastmaster.
       Stampede - Whips a herd of beasts into a panicked frenzy, sending them
       galloping toward the targeted area. Any enemy ground units who get in the
       way of the stampede will take damage.
    Dark Ranger
    A cunning Hero, adept at manipulating opponents. Forcibly raised from the dead,
    the former Rangers of Quel'Thalas enjoy nothing more than sowing dissension and
    hatred within the enemy ranks. Attacks land an air units.
       Silence - Stops all enemies in a target area from casting spells for a
       short duration.
       Black Arrow [AUTO-CAST] - Adds extra damage to attacks. Enemy ground units
       killed while under the effect of Black Arrow will turn into skeeltons.
       Life Drain - Siphons health from the target to the Dark Ranger for a period
       of time or until the affected unit moves out of range. Life Drain cannot
       be dispelled. This is a channeling spell.
       Charm - Takes control on a target enemy unit. Charm cannot be used on
       Heroes or creeps who are too powerful.
    Pit Lord
    A warrior Hero, exceptional at weakening enemies and melee combat. These
    massive Demons take sadistic pleasure from instilling crazed terror, and then
    slaughtering their enemies. Attacks land units.
       Rain of Fire - Calls down waves of fire that damage units in an area and
       deal damage over time.
       Howl of Terror - The Pit Lord lets loose a terrifying howl that reduces
       the attack damage of nearby units.
       Cleaving Attack [PASSIVE] - The Pit Lord strikes with such force that he
       damages multiple enemies with his attack.
       Doom - Robs a target unit of  its abaility to cast spells and damages the
       unit over time until it dies. Upon its death, a powerful Demon will spawn
       from its corpse. Doom cannot be dispelled or cancelled.

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