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    FAQ/Walkthrough by acidslayer57

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 07/28/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ==================Warcraft 3:The Frozen Throne FAQ/Guide=================
                                      For PC
    Written by acidslayer57(AcidSlayer1@hotmail.com) and Emuking15
                                    Version 0.5
    *                       THIS FAQ CONTAINS SPOILERS!                     *
    *What does this mean? It means if you haven't previously played TFT and *
    *want to find out about the story of TFT for yourself, don't read this  *
    *guide, because I assure you, parts of the plot will be spoiled for you.*
    *Same goes with the new heroes/units/whatever else you may want to find  *
    *about on your own. If you become stuck in this game, and want the least*
    *amount of spoilers, I suggest you just go to the section you want to   *
    *check out, very quickly.                                               *
    ============================Table of Contents============================
    Section 1:  Introduction/Legal Stuff/Updates
    Section 2:  New to The Frozen Throne
    Section 3:  The Warcraft 3 Basics
    Section 4:  Unit/Hero Overview *
                  4.1:  Human
                  4.2:  Orc
                  4.3:  Night Elf
                  4.4:  Undead
                  4.5:  Naga
    Section 5:  Building/Tech Tree Overview *
                  5.1:  Human
                  5.2:  Orc
                  5.3:  Night Elf
                  5.4:  Undead
                  5.5:  Naga
    Section 6:  Items *coming soon*
    Section 7:  Walkthrough
                  7.1:  Night Elf Campaign - Terror of the Tides
                          7.1.1:  Chapter 1 - The Rise of the Naga
                          7.1.2:  Chapter 2 - Broken Isles
                          7.1.3:  Chapter 3 - Tomb of Sargeras
                          7.1.4:  Chapter 4 - Wrath of the Betrayer
                          7.1.5:  Chapter 5 - Balancing the Scales
                          7.1.6:  Chapter 6 - Shards of the Alliance
                          7.1.7:  Chapter 7 - Ruins of Dalaran
                          7.1.8:  Chapter 8 - The Brothers Stormrage
                  7.2:  Human Campaign - Curse of the Blood Elves
                          7.2.1:  Chapter 1 - Misconceptions
                          7.2.2:  Chapter 2 - A Dark Covenant
                          7.2.3:  Chapter 3 -
                          7.2.4:  Chapter 4 -
                          7.2.5:  Chapter 5 -
                          7.2.6:  Chapter 6 -
                          7.2.7:  Chapter 7 -
                  7.3: Undead Campaign -
                          7.3.1:  Chapter 1 -
                          7.3.2:  Chapter 2 -
                          7.3.3:  Chapter 3 -
                          7.3.4:  Chapter 4 -
                          7.3.5:  Chapter 5 -
                          7.3.6:  Chapter 6 -
                          7.3.7:  Chapter 7 -
                          7.3.8:  Chapter 8 -
                  7.4: Orc Campaign - Bonus Campaign
                          7.4.1:  Chapter 1 -
                          7.4.2:  Chapter 2 -
                          7.4.3:  Chapter 3 -
                          7.4.4:  Chapter 4 -
                          7.4.5:  Chapter 5 -
                          7.4.6:  Chapter 6 -
                          7.4.7:  Chapter 7 -
    Section 8:  FAQ
    Section 9:  Credits/Outro
    More information on TFT units, campaigns, and more are coming ASAP!
    Having trouble navigating? Press Ctrl + F and type in the Section and #
    you wish to view.
    * Some statistics may be inaccurate due to new patches, ect.
    =====================Section 1: Introduction/Legal Stuff=================
    Oh man. Waiting for The Frozen Throne has been tedious but it has finally
    arrived, and me and Emuking have decided to do a joined effort FAQ for
    TFT. Sadly, the people I ordered it from were very very slow and I
    didn't get TFT until about July 12th. Emuking also took his time in
    buying it. So othis FAQ will not be the first or even second FAQ in the
    list, but I hope you WC3 fanatics will take ther time to read it anyway.
    If you have any questions or comments send them to AcidSlayer1@hotmail.com.
                                   Legal Notice
    This FAQ is Copyright 2003 acidslayer57/Emuking. This means that this
    guide must not be distrubuted in any way without our permission. This
    guide is purely non-profit and therefore cannot be sold for your benefit.
    This also means you cannot take credit for any work that was put into
    this FAQ. If we give you the right to put this on your site, give us
    credit, and we will be happy, and so will you. Lastly, you may print this
    guide out for personal use, becausee we wouldn't want you to have to
    minimize TFT everytime you must resort to this now would we?
    July 28, 2003
    Version 0.5
    This Version has finished the Night Elf Campaign and officially finished
    the units for Orc, Night Elf, anf The Naga. That is really not too much
    progress. Soon I will add the rest of the races.
    July 18, 2003
    Version 0.3
    The only thing this update does is add one new Night Elf mission. Really,
    I only updated because I got a new email adsress that I am going to use
    just for FAQs. I didn't want the old one being sent to.
    July 17, 2003
    Version 0.2
    The Night Elf campaign was updated in this version and I added the Naga
    buildings and units into the guide. We're soon to add a massive update
    that will include the Undead and Human Units and structures as well. It
    is gonna feel very nice to be completely finished with that part and then
    focus on the actual walktrough part.
    July 14th, 2003
    Version 0.1
    This is the base version for the entire FAQ. It includes all of the basic
    stuff, intro, obviously the updates, the New to TFT section, the unit and
    building descriptions for Orc and Night Elf, and the first three levels
    of the Human campaign. The rest of the unit comparisions and some of thier
    stats will be coming soon in a future update. More levels will also be
    added ASAP. Who knows? Later we might add some multiplayer strategies
    for specific races and maybe a big and happy starting build section.
    Warcraft 3 Terminology
    This section wil guide you thorugh a list of abbreiviations that I may
    use throughout this guide in order to make it easier to follow (and easier
    to type as well) These abbreiviations will mosst likely be seen on Battle.
    net commonly, so you waon't have to worry if you are there often.
    TFT - The Frozen Throne
    RoC - Reign of Chaos
    GL - This means "Good Luck" ussually seen before the match starts.
    HF - Similarly seen before the match starts. It means "Have fun."
    GG - Means "Good Game" It is sain if in fact the match was a good game.
    More often then not you will see this. In fact, it is often used
    pre-maturely when the game may not be a clear win.
    PoTM - Preistess of the Moon
    KotG - Keeper of the Grove
    DotC - Druid of the Claw
    DotT - Druid of the Talon.
    AOW - Ancient of War.
    Any other Night elf thing that has a long annoying name will most likely
    be abbreiviated.
    Pally - Paladin
    There are many Hero abbreiviations as well such as:
    MK - Mountain King
    AM - Archmage
    TC - Tauren Chieftan
    This is ongoing. I will say the hero names without abbreiviations though
    because it can get confusing.
    I will add more as we need them.
    ====================Section 2: New to The Frozen Throne==================
    In The Frozen Throne, Blizzard is going all out on new units, heros,
    items, and everything. In fact they have constructed an entirely knew
    game with TFT. Here I will list some different things that are different
    from ROC to TFT. I will try to dispel some common rumors too.
    -Every race has new units and buildings.
    -Every race has a buildable shop where they can buy useful items.
    -Every race has one new hero.
    -There are now neutral heros that can be bought at different nuetral
    -Reduced gold cost and raised lumber cost for almost everything.
    -NO UPKEEP:0-50.
    -LOW UPKEPP:51-80.
    -HIGH UPKEEP: 81-100.
    -New campaigns for every race.
    -Naga Units.
    -Many units have new armor types.
    -Much More!
    ====================Section 3: The Warcraft 3 Basics=====================
    To play Warcraft 3, it does take some degree of knowledge for what you
    are doing. You will learn what I am going to be telling you in this
    sectoin from the tutorial campaign in the original WC3. I know you all
    have it because it is required to install TFT. Lets go over some basics
    shall we?
    Unit Control
    To use a unit you will need to left click on it. By doing
    so you will see the unit's HP,MP, a little graphic of what it looks like,
    and the spells/abilities the unit has. To move the unit right click where
    you want the unit to move. You must select it before you can move it.
    To attack with a unit, it is as simple as right clicking on the enemy
    units. In order to use special skills and abilities click on the icon of
    the spell you want to use and left click in the place you want it used.
    Hero Control
    Heros move and attack in the same fashion as units do, but with one
    difference, they can level up and you can choose the Hero's skills. When
    your hero level's up they flash very brightly for a second. and you will
    see a little 1 near the picture of your hero. This means they have one
    skill you can assign. TO assigan a skill, click on a hero and look to the
    lower right corner on the screen. There is a box that is a red cross like
    a medical sign. Click on that and then you can choose which spell to spend
    points in. Easy. Heros also have additional stats such as Strength, Agility,
    and Intelligence.
    Building a Base
    To build a base, click on your basic worker unit. (Peasents/Peons/Wisps/
    Acolytes.) and look to the lower right box. in the ower left in that lower
    right box you will see an icon that, if you hover your mouse over for a
    scond or two says: construct building, or something to that effect.
    Click on that then choose the building you want to construct. A translucent
    image of the build will be where your mouse is, and you can place it on the
    map wherever you want. Again, easy.
    As in every RTS, you must collect resources to keep your base running
    and for you to build units. Gold is found in goldmines and wood is taken
    from trees. Always assign 5 of your workers to gold and lumber. Anymore
    won't make a difference. For lumber I suggest ou put at least five workers
    more will get you additional lumber though.
    Supply is a buildable resource meaning that you have direct control over
    how much supply you have. Eash unit has a supply cost. and your main
    building gives you 10 supply to work with. to get more supply you need
    to build your supply building (farms/ziggurats/burrows/moon wells)
    The supplys for your units can never go over your total supplys unless
    some supply buildings were damaged. YOu can get a maximum at 100 supply.
    Left = Number of supply you are using.
    Right = Total Supply.
    Upkeep is a tax on gold for how many unit you have based upon your supply.
    Here is how it works:
    No Upkeep (10 Gold per return) - 0-50 used supply
    Low Upkeep (7 Gold per return) - 51-80 used supply
    High Upkeep (4 Gold per return) - 81-100 used supply
    These basic ideas about Warcraft 3 should give you a firm grasp of what to
    expect when you play it. It is helpful to know this stuff before you play.
    =======================Section 4: Unit/Hero Overview=====================
    Before we begin, please note that all HEROS will be presented in this easy
    Name of Hero
    Attack Damage: (Type of Attack)
    Armor:(Type of Armor)
    Paragraphs with additional notes/tips and spells.
    UNITS will be presented like this:
    Name of Unit
    Attack Damage: (Type of Attack)
    Armor:(Type of Armor)
    Paragraph with additional notes/tips and spells.
    -----------------------------= 4.1 Human=--------------------------------
    ***This Section is soon to be completed***
    ------------------------------= 4.2 Orc=---------------------------------
    |Orc Heros|
    Cost: Gold-425 Wood-200 Supply-5
    Strength: 18
    Agility: 24
    Intelligence: 16
    Attack Damage: 26-48(Hero)
    Armor:5 (Hero)
    The Blasemaster relies on agility and strength for his power, which
    is good because he is one of the most powerful heros when leveled up
    Wind Walk
    This spell allows the Blademaster to go invisible and have an increased
    movement speed. This spell has very limited uses because, as you can
    imagine, it is only good for getting away. This is however quite helpful
    in the limited ways you can use it. It is great to harrass the enemy and
    then wind walk to get out of their base. Also, because of the increase
    in speed, it is useful for catching up to any units that you think you
    can take down.
    Mirror Image
    This spell has the Blademaster split up into 2/3/4(depending on the level)
    images of himself that do no damage, but look exactly the same as
    the original thing. This increases the longevity that the BM will be
    living because chances are that the enemy will go for one of the
    mirrored images. These can also be used as an effective scout.
    Critical Hit
    Critical hit gives the Bladmaster a chance that he will do a massive
    attack that does lots of damage with every swing. You shouldn't
    rely on this due to it's random nature, but it does give you the edge
    in battles. Especcially when fully leveled up.
    Blade Storm
    The Blademaster will swing in circles with his sword out doing
    damage to everybody in his wake. Get this skill ASAP because it is very
    useful in tough battles and will absolutely go through casters and tier
    1 melee units.
    Tauren Cheiftan
    Cost: Gold-425 Wood-200 Supply-5
    Strength: 25
    Agility: 10
    Intelligence: 14
    Attack Damage: 27-37 (Hero)
    Armor: 2 (Hero)
    The Tauren Cheiftan has the highest HP in the game, and is immense and
    Shockwave is a powerful projectile spell that unleashes a large
    shockwave over the target. It is powerful and hurts any units in the way
    whether they are behind or in front of the target.
    War Stomp
    Warstop is a similar spell to the Mountain King's counter-part. It releases
    a wave of energy around the Tauren Chieftain in a circular pattern. Any
    enemy unit caught in the wave will be hurt. This is very effective on groups
    of units surrounding the Tauren Chieftan.
    Endurance Aura
    Endurance Aura makes anything around the Tauren Chieftan get a small speed
    boost depending on the level of the spell, the higher the bosst will be.
    This simple ultimate is passive and allows the Chieftan to be revived upon
    being killed by the enemy.
    Far Seer
    Cost: Gold-425 Wood-200 Supply-5
    Strength: 15
    Agility: 18
    Intelligence: 19
    Attack Damage: 21-27 (Hero)
    Armor: 3 (Hero)
    The Far Seer has a range of very very useful attacks and relies on intelligence
    to fuel it's power.
    Chain Lightening
    This spell has the Far Seer shoot lightening that rebounds off to other enemies
    in a
    chain-like fashion. It's damage increases and it bounces additional times when
    spell levels. The spell is very powerful and should be used whenever the enemym
    many weak units in a row and to finish off weakened heros.
    Far Sight
    This Scouting ability reveals a portion of the map and cn be used as a valuable
    scouting tool, but with Feral Spirit and Chain lighteneing on your side, it is
    hard to
    find a good time to put a skill point into this.
    Feral Spirit
    This summons two wolves to help attack the enemy/scout for you. These are
    summons and
    will fall to most dispel type attacks so be careful. Also you can ONLY summon
    two of
    these at a time.
    As the Far Seer's ultimate spell, this thing can do massive damage to
    buildings, but
    only slows down units to a crawl, which can still be useful in certain
    situations. I
    advise that you use this on enemy towers/expansions.
    Shadow Hunter
    Cost: Gold-425 Wood-200 Supply-5
    Strength: 15
    Agility: 20
    Intelligence: 17
    Attack Damage: 22-28 (Hero)
    Armor: 3 (Hero)
    Healing Wave
    This spell is chain lightening that go to friendly units and heals them up
    depending on the level of the spell. This is very very useful because Orcs
    don't ussually have
    great healing early in the game.
    Hex is a hero version of polymorph. It turns any traget into a random critter.
    Serpant Ward
    This creates a ward that looks like a snake. It stays in place and attacks
    Big Bad Voodoo
    This makes every unit surrounding the Shadow Hunter turn Invincible.
    the Shadow Hunter is not invincible during this time, so he will be the enemy's
    target for awhile.
    |Orc Units|
    HP: 250
    MP: N/A
    Cost:Gold-75; Supply-1
    Attack Damage: 7-8 (Normal)
    Armor: 0 (Medium)
    Prerequisites: Great Hall
    You know exactly what the peon does. He builds every building you will ever
    have with
    Orcs. He also has the ability to repair buildings and go into burrows if your
    base is
    under attack.
    HP: 700
    MP: N/A
    Cost:Gold-200; Supply-3
    Attack Damage: 18-21 (Normal)
    Armor: 1 (Heavy)
    Prerequisites:Great Hall; Barracks
    Grunts are the Orc's basic units and they have a ton of HP and a powerful
    These two factors make sure that the grunt is still useful in the mid and late
    of the game. If you are not using Taurens for melee, use these because raiders
    tend to
    be bad against units, plus the have less HP.
    Troll Headhunter
    HP: 350
    MP: N/A
    Cost:Gold-135 Wood-20; Supply-2
    Attack Damage: 23-27 (Piercing)
    Armor: 0 (Medium)
    Prerequisites: Great Hall; Barracks
    Troll headhunters are overlooked, but very useful in the early game. They have
    but low HP, and since they are ranged should be put behind your melee units so
    are safe. The extra damage can undoubtably work to your advantage.
    Troll Beserker
    HP: 450
    MP: N/A
    Cost: Gold-135 Wood-20; Supply-2
    Attack Damage:23-27 (Piercing)
    Armor: 0 (Medium)
    The Troll Beserker takes more damage, but deals out more damage as well.
    HP: 610
    MP: N/A
    Cost:Gold-180 Wood-40 Supply-3
    Attack Damage: 23-27 (Siege)
    Armor: 1 (Medium)
    Prerequisites: Stronghold; Beastiary
    Radiers, I'm afraid are sup par units. They are made to be base seige units,
    but don't
    have the required HP to take the damage. Also, they are ONLY good for base
    because they do next to nothing to normal units.
    This is very similar to the Spider's Web ability. It takes down an air unit and
    it on the ground so your normal units can take swings at it.
    Kodo Beast
    HP: 1000
    MP: N/A
    Cost:Gold-125 Wood-60; Supply-4
    Attack Damage: 16-20 (Piercing)
    Armor: 1 (Unarmored)
    Prerequisites: Stronghold; Beastiary
    Kodo Beasts are useless with the exception of building one or two per match.
    This is
    because of their very useful aura, War Drums.
    War Drums
    War Drums increases every unit's attack around the Kodo Beast by 10%, upgraded
    This works very well if Endurance aura and Bloodlust are also used.
    This has the Kodo Beast eat a unit and slowly digest it is his body. If the
    beast is
    killed before the unit is fully gone, then they will come back. It can
    effectivly take
    out some of the ememies more effective units. It doesn't work on heros.
    HP: 355
    MP: 200
    Cost:Gold-130 Wood-20; Supply-2
    Attack Damage: 8-9 (Magic)
    Armor: 0 (Unarmored)
    Prerequisites: Stronghold; Spirit Lodge
    Shamens are great Orc casters that give buffs to your units.
    Lightening Shield
    After using this spell on a target, any units near the target will be hurt
    slowly, so
    I suggest you use this on enemy casters and ranged units. It can also be used
    on your own units. You can cast it on a hero and harass if you wanted.
    Simply, this takes away any buff/debuffs to the enemy and friendlys and makes
    effected units considerably slower then they were. A downside is that they are
    autcasted and your units also become slower.
    This is the main spell you are going to want to use with shamans. It increases
    units affected attack speed by 50% and makes them quicker in general. This is a
    have for any Orc players.
    Troll Witchdoctor
    HP: 315
    MP: 160
    Cost:Gold-145 Wood-25; Supply-2
    Attack Damage: 10-14 (Magic)
    Armor: 0 (Unarmored)
    Prerequisites: Stronghold; Spirit Lodge
    Troll Witchdoctors are very very useful units that are mainly defensive.
    Sentry Ward
    Lay this ward down aywhere on the map and for 600 seconds you will see that
    area in
    which you casted. This spell is useful at the beginning because of scouting,
    but soon
    is rendered useless due to Stasis Traps.
    Stasis Traps
    This makes any units that stumble upon it stunned for a short amount of time.
    It is
    extremely useful in a myriad of situations. It can be used in place of sentry
    for a stunning sentry and you should always place these around the enemy when
    fight a major battle.
    Healing Wards
    Healing wards regenerate HP of all units in an area of effect. This is useful
    in and
    out of battle for obvious reasons. I suggest you use these like the stasis
    Often in battle.
    Wyvern Rider
    HP: 600
    MP: N/A
    Cost:Gold-265 Wood-40; Supply-4
    Attack Damage: 36-44 (Piercing)
    Armor: 0 (Light)
    Prerequisites: Stronghold; Beastiary
    Wyverns are an Orc air unit that is sub-par compared to all of the others. If
    you are
    going to build them build a lot of them. They can be usefull if built in small
    for support as well, but if you are plainning Orc air, make sure your opponent
    know. If he does he will most likely decimate you.
    HP: 500
    MP: N/A
    Cost: Gold-160 Wood-40; Supply-2
    Attack Damage:11-12 (Seige)
    Armor: 0 (Light)
    Prerequisites: Beastiary; Voodoo Lounge
    Unstable Concoction
    This spell makes the batrider sacrifice itself by flying into the target and
    up. It does 900 splash damage.
    Liquid Fire
    Throws a bottle of fire that only effects buildings and slowly destroys them.
    Tauren Spirit Walker
    Cost: Gold- 185 Wood-35; Supply-3
    Attack Damage: N/A
    Armor: 0 (Unarmored)
    Prerequisites: Spirit Lodge
    Spirit Link
    When units are linked with this spell they distribute the damage given to them
    equally. This allows them to last longer.
    Removes all buffs form target units
    Ancestral Spirit
    Reincarnates a Tauren warrior who has fallen.
    Corperal/Etheral Form
    Etheral allows you to not take physical damage, but you cannot attack. Corperal
    is normal form.
    HP: 1300
    MP: N/A
    Cost:Gold-280 Wood-80; Supply-5
    Attack Damage: 30-36 (Normal)
    Armor: 3 (Heavy)
    Prerequisites: Fortress; Tauren Totem
    The Orc's strongest normal unit, as well as the strongest in the game. It has a
    lot of
    Hp especially with healing wards. An effedctive strategy is to use these in
    conjunction with shaman, kodo beast, and tauren chieftain. This makes many
    spells and
    Auras stack to give you a powerful and fast offensive advantage.
    HP: 425
    MP: N/A
    Cost:Gold-220 Wood-50; Supply-4
    Attack Damage: 76-94 (Siege)
    Armor: 2 (Heavy)
    Prerequisites: Fortress; Barracks
    Catapults are Orc's seige weapon and can be upgraded to have flaming
    which gives them a little boost, but I would in general steer clear.
    -----------------------------= 4.3 Night Elf=-----------------------------
    |Night Elf Heros|
    Demon Hunter
    Cost: Gold-425 Wood-100 Supply-5
    Strength: 19
    Agility: 22
    Attack: 24-46 (Hero)
    Armor: 5 (Hero)
    The Demon Hunter is a very good choice for a starting Night Elf Hero.
    Although the Demon Hunter is weak at the begginning of the game, if you
    raise his level a few times you will find the Demon Hunter to be a
    powerful force, and a great asset to your army. He is an agility based
    hero whose spells are useful for solo creeping.
    Mana Burn
    This spell takes away 100/200/300 MP away from the enemy and
    cuts that in half as the total damage you do to your opponent. This
    is useful in a very significant way. To stop your opponent from casting
    spells and to harm them a little bit. nstead of going for evade and
    immolation first, why not try this? It can stop harassment with no
    This spell is either turned on or off and does 10/15/20 damage to enemies
    around the Demon Hunter. Obviously this is very good for solo creeping.
    It also makes the Demon Hunter a valuable melee fighter. If you are going
    to mana burn, do that first before you use immolation as not to waste you mana.
    This spell gives a chance (10%/20%/30%) that the Demon Hunter will evade
    the attack that is brought onto it. This can be useful, but not
    recommended as a first skill.
    This ultimate spell is one of the best ultimates you can have. It makes
    the Demon Hunter go into Demon form and makes the Demon have chaos
    damage and a ranged attack. You also get a HP and armor boost as well.
    This spell can waste tons of guys before it rus out.
    Priestess of The Moon
    Cost: Gold-425 Wood-100 Supply-5
    Instead of the Demon Hunter, you might want to give the Preistess of the
    Moon a try for the first hero. She has very sueful early spells and stays
    quite useful because of Starfall and her very goood aura.
    This spell allows the Priestess to summon an invinciple owl with no
    attack that is a very good scout. Obviusly you should use this for
    scouting only. It is realy only useful early game because it doesn't have
    it's same usefulness later in the game.
    Searing Arrow
    This spell offers a powerful ranged attack for the Priestess. It adds
    fire damage that goes up in tens per level. This boost in attack is
    essential and makes the Preistess a very powerful unit.
    Trueshot Sura
    This is another reason that the Priestess of the Moon is such a
    worthwhile hero. She has this aura that increases the power of all ranged
    attackers around her. This is very, very useful and will make the PoTM
    a great team hero.
    The PoTM's ultimate is without a doubt a powerful spell that has a good
    time to be used and a bad time. When this powerful spell is active, it
    has many stars fall from the sky on all surrounding units. However people
    will try to interrupt this spell however they can when it is on. So if
    you mana burn anything with stunning spells and use this then it is great
    because they will have no way to stop it except for actually killing
    the PoTM. If this spell is interrupted it is wasteful.
    Keeper of The Grove
    Cost: Gold-425 Wood-100 Supply-5
    Strength: 16
    Agility: 15
    Intelligence: 18
    The Keeper of the Grove is a great harrassment hero, but loses his
    effectiveness somewhat, later in the game. His skills sound solid, but
    are really not as great as you expect them to be.
    Entangling Roots
    This causes vines  rise from the ground and keep the target unit in it's
    place while causeing a moderate amount of damage. This skill is very
    useful for hero kiling, but can only target one unit and therfore is very
    limited in use. Another fact is that it is dispellable and doesn't work
    as well in later game.
    Force of Nature
    Target a group of nearby trees to cause a group of 2/3/4 Treants to rise
    from them. The Treants are melee units and are in general weak. luckily
    the 4 of them you get at later levels will be worht it. Sadly, like all
    summonable units, these can be dispelled.
    Thorns Aura
    Thorns if an aura, which means it affects unit's surrounding your hero.
    The aura makes any melee attackers get damage back from their attack's
    The amount of damage is insignificant and ony useful if leveled all the
    The Keeper of the Grove's ultimate spell is very powerful. It makes the
    Keeper of the Grove worth it in the long run. Upon use of this spell,
    the Keeper of the Grove will Heal 20 HP per second to all surrounding
    units for quite awhile. This makes it very very hard to hurt any of the
    NE's force aorund the Keeper. The only downside to this spell is that it
    is easily interrupted with stun, sleep ect.
    The Priestess of the Moon has Shadowmeld
    Cost: Gold-425 Wood-100 Supply-5
    Strength: 18
    Agility: 20
    Intelligence: 15
    Attack: 22-42
    Fan of Knives
    This allows the Warden to throw knives in a circular pattern around her.
    This spell is a small telepoertaion device that allows the Warden to get over
    Ledges/Rivers and you can use it to escape battle.
    Shadow Strike
    Throws a poinoned dagger at the enemy and makes them get posioned.
    Summons an avatar of Vengence when the Warden dies to hunt down and kill the
    unit that
    killed the Warden.
    The Warden has the ability to Shadowmeld.
    |Night Elf Units|
    Cost:Gold-60; Supply-1
    Attack Damage: N/A
    Armor: 0 (Medium)
    Prerequisites: Tree of Life
    The wisp is the builidng unit of the Night Elf's. It can then build all
    of the structures you will need as Night Elfs. On top of being able to
    build structures it can also detonate. Detonate allows the Wisp to take
    away mana from the Hero/Units it has detonated upon. This is a great
    counter againt hero rushes and casters. Wisps can be only be put into
    an entangled gold mine and can ony harvest wood by going onto the tree
    without knocking it down. One last thing to note about Wisps is that they
    can restore buildings which is essentially the same thing as replaring a
    Cost: Gold-130 Wood-10; Supply-2
    Attack Damage: 16-18 (Piercing)
    Armor:0 (Medium)
    Prerequisites: Ancient of War
    Archers are the first unit you have access to building and they are very
    good units if used correctly. Archers have a ranged piercing attack so use
    these if you think that the opponent are going to get a lot of tier three
    melee units. Keep in mind that these units are also good anti air units
    that can remain useful pretty much throughout the whole game.
    Archers have Shadowmeld
    Cost:Gold-195 Wood-20; Supply-3
    Attack Damage:16-18 (Normal)
    Armor:2 (Unarmored)
    Prerequisites: Barracks; Hunter's Hall
    Huntresses are powerful units with a significant amount of HP. Use these
    as meatshield for other units. Some people find it useful to mass these
    things. These units are ranged attackers that do normal damage. Also
    they have owl sentrys that are very useful for scouting out the map.
    Their upgrades are essential if you are going to have them.
    Huntresses have Shadowmeld
    Cost:Gold-145 Wood-60; Supply-3
    Attack Damage:16-18 (Piercing)
    Armor: 0 (Unarmored)
    Prerequisites: Ancient of Lore
    Dryads are a very useful unit. They are ranged attackers that do not do very
    much damage, but make up for it with their skills: Dryads are hard to
    counter due to their immunity to magic, air units will be destroyed when
    faced against an army of dryads and slow poison serves as a valuable hero
    killer. Mix this in with Abolish magic and you have one great unit.
    Abolish Magic
    This is similar to the Priest's Dispel. It takes away any buffs/ statis of
    the unit it is casted on. The difference between dipel and abolish is that
    abolish only focused on one unit, but is autocasted, while dispel is AOE,
    but not autocasted.
    Magic Immunity
    This is a passive spell that is both bad and good for the Dryads. An example
    of bad is that you cannot cast buffs on the dryads. Good would be that dyrads
    cannot be Blizzarded. Any spell we do nothing to Dryads.
    Slow Poison
    This passive skill slows any enemies that are hit with the Dryad's weapon
    as well as adding small poison damage to them for a little while.
    Druid of the Claw
    Cost:Gold-255 Wood-80; Supply-4
    Attack Damage: 19-22(Normal)
    Armor: 1 (Heavy)
    Prerequisites:Ancient of Lore
    Druid of the Claw(DoTC) are yet another very valuable unit to the Night
    Elfs. This is mainly due to the fact that they are one of NE's only
    Melee units (with the Matser training upgrade) There skills are:
    Roar makes every unit around the DoTC who casted it to gain an increase
    in power for a limited time. This skill is great when using any type
    of unit. so you should utilize it whenever possible.
    This spell heals a single unit very quickly. The spell is great and
    should be used whenever someone is in need of HP.
    Bear Form
    Bear Form transforms the DoTC into a bear and gives him increased armor and HP
    Bear Form
    HP: 960
    MP: 400
    Cost: Gold-225  Wood-80 (Pluse Upgrade Costs); Supply - 4
    Attack Damage: 29-44 (Normal)
    Armor: 3 (Heavy)
    Prerequisites: Ancient of Lore
    Roar makes every unit around the DoTC who casted it to gain an increase
    in power for a limited time. This skill is great when using any type
    of unit. so you should utilize it whenever possible. This can only
    be used by the Bear when the upgrade Mark of the Claw is upgraded.
    Mountian Giant
    Cost: Gold-425 Wod-100; Supply-7
    Attack Damage
    Armor: 4
    Prerequisites: Ancient of Lore
    This makes every unit near the Mountain Giant focus fire onto him. this is
    because his high HP and armor could make the enemy take awhile to kill him and
    other units can be doing damage to others.
    Grab Tree
    The Mountain Giant grabs a tree and uses it battering ram staly on buildings.
    becomes a seige unit.
    Hardened Skin
    Reduces Physical Damage done to the Mountain Gint.
    Resistant Skin
    Reduces Magical damage done to the Mountain Giant and make shim immune to
    Druid of the Talon
    HP: 300
    MP: 200
    Cost: Gold-135 Wood-20; Supply-2
    Attack Damage: 11-13 (Magic)
    Armor: 0 (Unarmored)
    Prerequisites: Ancient of Wind
    Druid of the Talon, The offensive spellcasters, offer two brutal spells
    and another trandofrmation.
    Fairie Fire
    This spell subtracts 5 armor from the unit it is casted upon. This means
    that the enemies armor will read 2-5. In this case the enemy will take
    extra damage(an extra 3 because of 2-5). This spell also reveals the
    shroud around the effected enemies, making this a valuable scouting tool.
    This is a bit like stasis field from Starcraft, it takes one unit/hero
    and puts them atop of a cyclone and that renders them useless for about
    thirty seconds. After that time the unit will fll down from the cyclone
    and you will easily be able to kill a few units, right? On heros this
    spell only lasts ten seconds.
    Storm Crow Form
    This allows the DoTT to transform into a storm crow, which is a valuable
    anti-air unit. IT can also be used as a good scout.
    Storm Crow
    HP: 380
    MP: 400
    Cost: Gold-135 Wood-20 (Plus the Upgrade costs); Supply-2
    Attack Damage: 35-41 (Magic)
    Armor: 0 (unarmored)
    Prerequisites: Ancient of Wind
    Fairie Fire
    This spell subtracts 5 armor from the unit it is casted upon. This means
    that the enemies armor will read 2-5. In this case the enemy will take
    extra damage(an extra 3 because of 2-5). This spell also reveals the
    shroud around the effected enemies, making this a valuable scouting tool.
    This can also only be used by the Storm Crow when the upgrade
    Mark of the Talon is researched.
    HP: 525
    MP: N/A
    Cost:Gold-160 Wood-20; Supply-2
    Attack Damage: 50-75 (Normal)
    Armor: 0 (Unarmored)
    Prerequisites: Ancient of Wind
    Hippogryphs are not too useful of a unit. They can only attack air, but
    do lots of damage too. Although they may be a great anti-air unit, I
    don't use them nuch at all.
    Faerie Dragon
    HP: 450
    MP: 200
    Cost: Gold-155 Wood-25; Supply-2
    Attack Damage: 13-14 (Piercing)
    Armor: 0 (Light)
    Phase Shift
    This Makes the Faerie Dragon shift out of existance whenever it takes
    damage. This is only for a few seconds.
    Mana Flare
    This Spell makes the Faerie Dragon curl into a ball and release coem sort
    of spell that makes any magic casters harmed whenever they cast a spell.
    Spell Immunity
    Makes the Faerie Dragon immune to magical attacks and spells.
    Hippogryph Rider
    Cost:Gold-340 Wood-20; Supply-4 (The cost of an archer and Hippogryph)
    Attack Damage:19-22 (Piercing)
    Prerequisites: Ancient of Wind; Barracks
    Hippogryph Riders are expensive air units that can attack both, air and
    ground units. They are weaker then most other air units and are not very
    efficent, therfore I wouldn't recommending building these en masse.
    HP: 1000
    MP: N/A
    Cost: Gold-330 Wood-70; Supply-5
    Attack Damage:67-83 (Magic)
    Armor: 2 (Heavy)
    Prerequisites: Chimaera Roost
    Chimaeras are excellent units that are probably the most feared in the
    game. It is understandable why they are feared. Although they can only
    attack ground units, they do so much damage that they can destroy tier
    melee and casters. The only hope you have of kiling these off is if you
    go with ranged units. The amount of HP they have is also respectable, and
    therfore they are very good in base assualts, and just to have in
    Glaive Thrower
    HP: 300
    MP: N/A
    Cost: Gold-210 Wood-65; Supply-4
    Attack Damage: 39-50 (Seige)
    Armor: 2 (Heavy)
    Prerequisites: Barracks; Tree of Eternity
    Glaive Throwers are the siege unit, and a very good one at that. With the
    they can do do damage to buildings and units directly behind the one
    being shot. I would, ony use these on a base assualt or if your opponent is
    -----------------------------= 4.4 Undead=-------------------------------
    ------------------------------= 4.5 Naga=--------------------------------
    Mer'gul Slave
    HP: 250
    MP: N/A
    Cost: Gold- 75; Supply-1
    Attack Damage 7-8 (Normal)
    Armor: 0 (unarmored)
    Perequisites: Temple of Tides
    This is the building units of Naga units. It is essential for your survival
    and as usual, is the weakest unit in your Naga arsenal. They can mine both,
    gold and lumber and are pretty cool looking too. Poor slaves. They have the
    ability to repair damaged buildings and thats pretty much it.
    Mer'gul Reaver
    HP: 400
    MP: N/A
    Cost: Gold-120; Supply-2
    Attack: 21-33
    Armor: 6 (Heavy)
    Perequisites: Temple of Tides
    Reavers are the weak basic units of the Naga. They only take 2 supply, but
    the small amount of life is just not worth the build except to scout or
    soething. Your better off with Myrmadons anyways. They are melee units,
    By the way.
    Naga Mrymidon
    HP: 1080
    MP: N/A
    Cost: Gold-225 Wood-55; Supply-4
    Attack: 36-60 (Normal)
    Armor: 8 (Heavy)
    Perequisites: Spawning Grounds
    These are gigantic tanks of the Naga's army. They have a load of HP and
    armor. and with ensnare they can become partially effectve against air
    units as well. Really though, there is not much to say about them.
    Use this against air units to take them to the ground. It is non dispellable,
    so you shouls find a lot of use to it. Also, it comes in handy against magic
    immune air because Sirens are magic only.
    Dragon Turtle
    HP: 750
    MP: N/A
    Cost: Gold-320 Wood-65; Supply-5
    Attack: 26-38 (Piercing); 66-134 (Seige)
    Perequisites: Spawning Grounds
    Dragon turtles should be build sparingly. They take up five supply
    and that is not too good. Being capable seige units, they can be great,
    but it is ussually not worth the expense. Use their abilities wisely.
    Eats a land unit and digests it overtime in his stomache. Do not have
    the Dragon Turtle killed during this or the digesting unit will return.
    Use this on the tier three melee to soften them up.
    Spiked Shell
    Although I'm not exactly sure what this does, I believe it is like thorns
    and makes some damage go to the enemy.
    Hardened Skin
    Makes the Dragon Turtle more resistant to physical attacks.
    Snap Dragon
    HP: 500
    MP: N/A
    Cost: Gold-200 Wood-25; Supply-3
    Attack: 28-44 (Piercing)
    Armor: 6 (Medium)
    Perequisites: Spawning Grounds
    The Snap Drgon is effective anti-air for the Naga Forces. It doesn't have
    much HP, so keep it in the back. It's poisonous attack helps as well.
    Naga Siren
    HP: 400
    MP: 430
    Cost: Gold-130 Wood-20; Supply-2
    Attack: 9-12 (Magic)
    Armor: 0 (Unarmored)
    Perequisites: Temple of Azshara
    Naga Sirens are units you will want to build because of their great spells
    They also have a magical attack that does almost nothing, so keep them at
    the rear.
    This is casted on enemy units and makes it so when they die, Naga
    Parasites explose out of the unit and continue to attack the enemy. This
    is a cool ability and should generally be use as much as possible.
    Frost Armor
    This spell is highly useful not only for the +3 armor boost, but also
    because anyone who attacks any of your units with this spell on them
    will become slower due to the cold. Autcast this after a few parasites.
    This is the spell for taking out those large heavy units to kill for later.
    Use this when the battle starts to important units then after most of the
    fighting dies down, kick the crap out of these cycloned units. Works to catch
    upoo to heros and surround them too.
    ==================Section 5:  Building/Tech Tree Overview================
    -----------------------------= 5.1 Human=--------------------------------
    ------------------------------= 5.2 Orc=---------------------------------
    The Orcish Tech Tree:
               Orc Burrow             Great Hall             Barracks
     Alter of Storms   Voodoo Lounge      |
             |                            |
             |                            |
             |                       _____|____        War Mill------|
             |                      |Upgrade to|          |          |
             |                       -----|----           V          |
             |                            |            Watch Tower   |
             |                            V                          |
             |                        Stronghold                     |
             |                       /    |     \                    |
             |                      /     |      \                   |
             |                     /      |       \                  |
             |         Arcane Santum _____|____    \                 |
             |                      |Upgrade to|    \                |
             |                       -----|----     Beastiary        |
             |                            |                          |
             |                            V                          |
             |----------------------->Fortress                       |
                                              \                      |
                                               \                     |
                                             Tauren Totem<-----------|
    Orcish Buildings:
    Great Hall
    HP: 1500
    Cost: Gold-385 Wood-185
    Attack: N/A
    Armor: 5 (Fortified)
    This is the main Orc building where you build workers to fund all of your
    units. This is an essential building to have at any stage of the game.
    Pillage - Allows it so whenever peons, grunts, and raiders strike an
    enemy building you steal a litle gold from their total.
    Backpack - Allows certain Orc units to carry items
    Upgrade to Stronghold - Makes the Great Hall Transform into a
    Strong Hold
    HP: 2000
    Cost: Gold-315 Wood-190
    Attack: N/A
    Armor: 12 (Fortified)
    This is the main Orc building where you build workers to fund all of your
    units. This is an essential building to have at any stage of the game.
    Pillage - Allows it so whenever peons, grunts, and raiders strike an
    enemy building you steal a litle gold from their total.
    Backpack - Allows certain Orc units to carry items
    Upgrade to Fortress - Makes the Stronghold transform into a
    HP: 2500
    Cost: Gold-325 Wood-190
    Attack: N/A
    Armor: 5 (Fortified)
    This is the main Orc building where you build workers to fund all of your
    units. This is an essential building to have at any stage of the game.
    Pillage - Allows it so whenever peons, grunts, and raiders strike an
    enemy building you steal a litle gold from their total.
    Backpack - Allows certain Orc units to carry items
    Orc Burrow
    HP: 600
    Cost: Gold-160 Wood-40
    Attack: N/A; With Battle Stations: 34-41 (Piercing)
    Armor: 2 (Normal; With Reinforced defense it is Fortified)
    The Orc Burrow is the basic food building for the Horde. It provide 10
    supply upon being built. If your base is under attack and you need more
    attack power, then click on Battle Stations to make peons go into the
    building and start attacking.
    Produces: N/A
    Upgrades: N/A
    Orc Barracks
    HP: 1200
    Cost: Gold-180 Wood-50
    Attack: N/A
    Armor: 2 (Fortified)
    This is the first Orc building you will be able to produce units with.
    It can make Grunts, Troll Head Hunters and Catapults.
    Troll Headhunters
    Troll Beserkers
    Berserker Strength - Increases the HP of grunts.
    Troll Regeneration - Allows any troll units to regenerate life
    over time.
    Berserker Upgrade - Turns all Troll Headhunters into Troll
    Berserkers giving them an HP boost.
    Burning Oil - Gives the demolisher a buring attack that damages
    over time.
    Alter of Storms
    HP: 900
    Cost: Gold-180 Wood-50
    Attack: N/A
    Armor: 5 (Fortified)
    The Alter of Storms builds any heros you may want to have as Orc.
    Tauren Chieftain
    Far Seer
    Shadow Hunter
    Upgrades: N/A
    HP: 1000
    Cost: Gold-205
    Attack: N/A
    Armor: None
    The Warmill is essentially the Orc's upgrade building. Upgrade early and
    Produces: N/A
    Steel Melee Weapons - Upgrades the attack power of Melee units.
    Steel Ranged Weapons - Upgrades the attack power of Ranged units.
    Steel Unit Armor -  Upgrades the armor of all units except for casters.
    Thorium Melee Weapons - Upgrades the attack power of Melee units.
    Thorium Ranged Weapons - Upgrades the attack power of Ranged units.
    Thorium Unit Armor -  Upgrades the armor of all units except for casters.
    Arcanite Melee Weapons - Upgrades the attack power of Melee units.
    Arcanite Ranged Weapons - Upgrades the attack power of Ranged units.
    Arcanite Unit Armor -  Upgrades the armor of all units except for casters.
    Spiked Barricade - Creates a barricade around all buildings dealing a
    small amount of damage to melee units who attack it.
    Improved Spiked Barricade - Creates a barricade around all buildings dealing a
    small amount of damage to melee units who attack it.
    Advanced Spiked Barricade - Creates a barricade around all buildings dealing a
    small amount of damage to melee units who attack it.
    Reinforced Defense - Gives Orc Burrows and Towers fortified armor.
    Voodoo Lounge
    HP: 500
    Cost: Gold-130 Wood-30
    Attack: N/A
    Armor: 5 (Fortified)
    This is the Orc's item shop. Use it wisely.
    -Scroll of Town Portal
    -Potion of healing
    -Lesser Clarity Potion
    -Clarity Potion
    -Healing Salve
    -Scroll of Speed
    -Orb of Lightening
    -Tiny Great Hall
    HP: 500
    Cost: Gold-145 Wood-140
    Attack: N/A
    Armor: 3 (Fortified)
    The Beatiary produces Raiders, Kodo Beasts, and Wyverns for the Orcish
    Horde. It also has some very useful upgrades.
    Kodo Beasts
    Bat Riders
    Ensnare - Makes Raiders have the spell ensnare.
    War Drums - Makes the Kodo Beasts have the very useful aura, War Drums.
    Poison Spears - Makes Wyverns have passive skill poison spears.
    Liquid Fire - Allows Bat Rider's to get the Liquid Fire ablility.
    Spirit Lodge
    HP: 800
    Cost: Gold-150 Wood-150
    Attack: N/A
    Armor: 2 (Fortified)
    The spirit lodge makes all Orc spell casters and has upgrades that
    correspond to those casters.
    Witch Doctors
    Tauren Spirit Walkers
    Shaman Adept Training - Gives the Shaman a new spell as well as HP and MP
    Witch Doctor Adept Training - Gives the Witch Doctor a new spell as well
    as additional HP and MP.
    Spirit Walker Adept Training - Gives the Witch Doctor a new spell as well
    as additional HP and MP.
    Shaman Master Training - Gives the Shaman another spell, and MORE HP and
    Witch Doctor Master Training - Gives the Witchdoctor another spell as
    well as MORE HP and MP.
    Spirit Walker Master Training - Gives the Witchdoctor another spell as
    well as MORE HP and MP.
    Tauren Totem
    HP: 1200
    Cost: Gold-135 Wood-155
    Attack: N/A
    Armor: 5 (Fortified)
    This is the building where Taurens are made. They also come with one
    Pulverize - Gives the Tauren the passive skill pulverize.
    Watch Tower
    Cost: Gold-110 Wood-80
    Attack: 16- 18 (Piercing)
    Armor: 3 (Normal; With Reinforced Defense this building gets Fortified Armor)
    This is the air and ground attacking defensive structure for the Orcs.
    ----------------------------= 5.3 Night Elf=-----------------------------
    The Night Elvish Tech Tree:
         Entagled Goldmine          Tree of Life             Moon Well
                                          |      \
                                          |       \
                                          |        \
         Ancient of War                   |        Hunter's Hall-----|
                                      ____|_____         |           |
                                     |Upgrade to|        |           |
                                      ----|-----         |           |
         Ancient of Wonders               |              V           |
                                          |       Ancient Protector  |
                                          |                          |
                                          V                          |
         Alter of Elders             Tree of Ages<--------Ancient of Lore
               |                     /    |
               |       Ancient of Wind    |
               |             |            |
               |             |        ____|_____
               |             |       |Upgrade to|
               |             |        ----------
               |             |            |
               |             |            |
               |             |            |
               |             |            V
               |----------------->Tree of Eternity---------|
                             |                             V
                             |------------------------- Chimaera Roost
    Night Elvish Buildings:
    Tree of Life
    HP: 1300
    Cost: Gold-340 Wood-185
    Attack: 41`-50 (Normal) ; Uprooted: 41-50 (Normal)
    Armor: 2 (Fortified); Uprooted: 2 (Heavy)
    This is the building where the Night Elf's basic worker, wisps, are made.
    This building can uproot and entangle gold mines.
    Nature's Blessing - I have no idea, but I will figure it out soon.
    Backpack - Allows certain units to pick up items.
    Upgrade to Tree of Ages - Upgrades to Tree of Ages.
    Tree of Ages
    Cost: Gold-320 Wood-180
    Attack: N/A; Uprooted: 49-60 (Normal)
    Armor: 2 (Fortified); Uprooted: 2 (Heavy)
    This is the building where the Night Elf's basic worker, wisps, are made.
    This building can uproot and entangle gold mines.
    Nature's Blessing - I have no idea, but I will figure it out soon.
    Backpack - Allows certain units to pick up items.
    Upgrade to Tree of Eternity - Upgrades to Tree of Eternity.
    Tree of Eternity
    HP: 2000
    Cost: Gold-330 Wood-200
    Attack: N/A; Uprooted: 60-74 (Normal)
    Armor: 2 (Fortified); Uprooted: 2 (Heavy)
    This is the building where the Night Elf's basic worker, wisps, are made.
    This building can uproot and entangle gold mines.
    Nature's Blessing - I have no idea, but I will figure it out soon.
    Backpack - Allows certain units to pick up items.
    Moon Well
    HP: 600
    Cost: Gold-180 Wood-50
    Attack: N/A
    Armor: 2 (Fortified)
    This building provides 10 food for the Night Elf's. Also, thery can heal
    any units the come near them.
    Ancient of War
    HP: 800
    Cost: Gold-150 Wood-60
    Attack: N/A; Uprooted: 45-55 (Normal)
    Armor: 2 (Fortified); Uprooted: 2 (Heavy)
    This building makes Archers, Huntresses and Balistas. It also have a
    myriad of useful upgreades.
    Sentinel: Allows hunts to have an owl scout.
    Improved Bows: Allows archer to have more range on attacks.
    Marksmanship: Further range.
    Moon Glaive: Allows Hunt's weapon to bounce off of various enemies.
    Impaling Bolt: Allows Balistas arrows to go through hitting more then
    one eneny.
    Alter of Elders
    Cost Gold-180 Wood-50
    Attack: N/A
    Armor: 2 (Fortified)
    This is where Night Elf Heros are Created/Revived.
    Demon Hunter
    Keeper of The Grove
    Preistess of The Moon
    Hunters Hall
    Cost Gold-210 Wood-100
    Attack: N/A
    Armor: 2 (Fortified)
    This building is the upgrade building for the Night Elves.
    Strength of the Moon - Increases the attack of melee units.
    Strength of the Wild - Increases the armor of ranged units.
    Moon Armor - Increases the armor of the melee units.
    Reinforced Hides - Increses the armor of ranged units.
    Improved Strength of the Moon - Increases the attack of melee units.
    Improved Strength of the Wild - Increases the armor of ranged units.
    Improved Moon Armor - Increases the armor of the melee units.
    Improved Reinforced Hides - Increses the armor of ranged units.
    Advanced Strength of the Moon - Increases the attack of melee units.
    Advanced Strength of the Wild - Increases the armor of ranged units.
    Advanced Moon Armor - Increases the armor of the melee units.
    Advanced Reinforced Hides - Increses the armor of ranged units.
    Ultravision - Allows the Night Elf warriors to see further in the dark.
    Well Spring - Increses the Moon Well's Mana.
    Ancient of Wonders
    HP: 450
    Cost: Gold-90 Wood-30
    Attack: 21-25 (Normal)
    Armor: 2 (Fortifed; Heavy Armor)
    - Moonstone
    - Lesser Clarity Potion
    - Dust of Appearence
    - Potion of Healing
    - Potion of Mana
    - Scroll f Town Portal
    - Staff of Preservation
    - Orb of Venom
    - Anti-Magic Potion
    Ancient of Lore
    HP: 750
    Cost: Gold-155 Wood-145
    Attack: N/A; Uprooted: 41-50 (Normal)
    Armor: 2 (Fortified); Uprooted: 2 (Heavy)
    This is the building where Dryads and Druid of the claw are created.
    Druid of The Claw
    Abolish Magic - Makes Dryads get the spell Abolish Magic.
    DotC Adept Training - Gives the Dotc an additional spell and raises his
    HP and MP.
    DotC Master Training - Gives the Dotc an additional spell and raises his
    HP and MP.
    Mark of the Bear - Allows DotC to cast roar in bear form.
    Hardened Skin - Makes the Mountain Giant resistant to physical attacks.
    Resistent Skin - Maked the MOuntain Giant more resistant to magic, and
    immune to some spells.
    Ancient of the Wind
    HP: 750
    Cost: Gold-150 Wood-140
    Attack: N/A; Uprooted: 38-46 (Normal)
    Armor: 2 (Fortified); Uprooted: 2 (Heavy)
    The Ancient of the Wind makes hippogryphs and Druid of the Talon.
    Druid of the Talon
    DotT Adept Training -  Gives the DotT another spell and raises his HP and MP.
    DotT Master Training - Gives the DotC an additional spell and raises his
    HP and MP.
    Mark of the Talon - Allows DotT to cats fairie fire in storm crow form.
    Hippogryph Taming - allows you to put archers on top of Hippogryphs
    Chimera Roost
    HP: 1200
    Cost: Gold-100 Wood-230
    Attack: N/A
    Armor: 2 (Fortified)
    This building make Chimeras the evil seige air unit.
    Corrosive Breath - Allows Chimera's to do extra damage to ground
    units and buildings.
    Ancient Protector
    HP: 550
    Cost: Gold-135 Wood-80
    Attack: 45-54 (Piercing); Uprooted: 26-33 (Normal)
    Armor: 2 Fortified); Uprooted: 2 (Heavy)
    This is the defensive Night Elf Tower that can attack land and air units.
    -----------------------------= 5.4 Undead=-------------------------------
    ------------------------------= 5.5 Naga=--------------------------------
    Naga Tech Tree
    Pretty much everything is one the same tier so a tech tree is not needed
    but I will see what I can do in a later version.
    Naga Buildings
    Temple of Tides
    HP: 1500
    Cost: Gold-385 Wood-150
    Attack: N/A
    Armor: 5 (Fortified)
    This is the main Naga Building that builds your workers as well as your
    basic units.
    Mer'gul Slave
    Mer'gul Reaper
    Spawning Grounds
    HP: 1500
    Cost: Gold- 205 Wood- 60
    Attack: N/A
    Armor: 5 (Fortified)
    This is the "Barracks" type place of the Naga.
    Snap Dragon
    Dragon Turtle
    Coral Bed
    HP: 500
    Cost: Gold-115 Wood-40
    Attack: N/A
    Armor: 5 (Fortified)
    Coral Beds provide food for Naga units. They provide a whole load of it
    too. 15 food per Coral Bed.
    Shrine of Azshara
    HP: 1050
    Cost: Gold-180 Wood-70
    Attack: N/A
    Armor: 5 (Fortified)
    This buidling is a more advanced Naga building that can only build
    Naga Sirens
    Alter of the Depths
    HP: 900
    Cost: Gold-255 Wood-100
    Attack: N/A
    Armor: 5 (Fortified)
    The Naga Alter. Revive fallen heros here.
    Tidal Guardian
    HP: 500
    Cost: Gold-130 Wood-80
    Attack: 33-45 (Piercing)
    Armor: 5 (Fortified)
    Tidal Guardians are the defensive tower of the Naga. They attack land
    and air, and I find them to be very very good towers.
    ===============================Section 6: Items==========================
    ============================Section 7:  Walkthrough======================
    Keep in mind that these walkthroughs will be based on the Normal Mode of
    play. Also, I will tell you the bare minimum of what is required of you
    to complete the level. This means I won't be telling you any easter eggs
    or secrets in the levels. Also, Some side quests will not be talked about
    because they will not be required to finish the mission. With that in mind
    enjoy the Walktrough.
                  7.1 - NIGHT ELF CAMPAIGN: Terror of the Tides
    7.1.1: Chapter 1: Rise of the Naga
    - The Demon's Trail
    - Burning Ships
    - Search and Rescue
    - Enraged Beast
    After watching the cinematic sequence you will be put in an in game movie.
    You will soon grow quite accustommed to these movies because there are a
    lot of them. Anyways, in this campaign you have access to the Warden, the
    new Night Elf Hero and she proves to be a useful hero that will help you
    in many situations. You start with a few Huntresses and Archers as well.
    Bring them all up the path to follow Illidan's trail. Your job is to
    catch him because he razed a large Night Elf settlement and for other
    reasons not yet know. In his demonform he has appeared to go crazy.
    Go through the damaged gate to the north and you will hear Maiev, the
    Warden, talk to her right hand women, Naisha about the deaths.  Naisha
    is not a hero but a Huntress with raised stats. She has more armor and
    deals more damage. Continue North and you will be atacked by a few level
    one merlocks. This is the time to check out the Warden's spells, mainly
    fan of knives. You will easily dispatch of them.
    Now follow the footprints to the left gate and another cinematic scene
    will pop up showing that the Ferbolgs have gaon absolutely mad. Dispose
    of all of the Furbolgs. After you do so, arrange your units in a team that
    consists of THe Warden and the huntresses in team one, and the archers in
    team two. Always move team one before team two so the archers can
    effectively shoot the enemy while the melee crowd does some damage as well.
    When you continue down the path, you will be ambushed by a few Satyrs and
    wil have to dispose of them as they are in league with Illidan. Again, this
    is an easy battle if you use the Warden's spells at your disposal.
    Continue to find more Night Elf fighters: A dryad, huntress, and a few
    archers. The cinema scen will play and will show their party being attacked.
    A new optional quest will be to hunt these wildkin attackers down and kill
    Right when you go East down the path you will coincedentally run into the
    Wildkin and two of it's followers. They serve to be quite a fight, but you
    should come through in the end. (Enraged Beast Complete) Now you go back
    to the place where you met your additional Night Elf fighters and head
    upwards to yet another cinema scene. Here you will find out the The Naga
    did the destruction to the Night Elf city. You will end up fighting them.
    After a small brawl with the Naga, head slightly up the beack to the west
    following the footprints. You will fight several smaller enemies and then
    find yourself at a fountain of health. You better rest here because you will
    have to fight a small party of Naga above you and then more creeps above them.
    After you fight a few battles you will find yourself going back to the west
    again. Here you will find a bunch of imprisoned Night Elves that are in
    need of saving. Kill all of the Satyrs and Destroy the gates to do so.
    (Search and Rescue Complete)
    Now head to the right and destory the demonic gate. Upon doing so you
    will see Illidan escape into a ship and The Naga try to destory the
    ships you must follow him in. This is a problem. You will end up having to
    kill The Naga and save two ships.
    To do so,  kill the Naga right near you  and then focus on the ones
    trying to beat down on the closest ship. After that destroy the two
    flying Naga units. After you do that, you have probably already won.
    Just go down the beach and finish off the rest of the Naga race.
    ( The Demon's Trail and Burning Ships Complete)
    7.1.2: Chapter 2: the Broken Isles
    - Locate Illidan
    - Destroy Illidan's Guard
    - Rid Gul'Dan of the Graves
    This is the first mission you will be getting to build a base in.
    Luckily, you start with a load of resources and  enough workers
    getting gold and lumber so you have no base building to do. At the
    Ancient of Wonders you should purchase two healing potions to ensure
    that Maiev stays in good health.
    You have access to the ancient of Lore as well so  suggest you build
    one ASAP in order to crank out Dryads and Druid of the Claw. (DotC)
    The only thing you have to do in this mission is get to 100 supply
    and then crank out two DotC and get the rest of the supply in
    Huntresses and Dryads. Put the Warden and the Huntresses on team one
    and the DotC and the Dryads on group two. Whenever you get in a
    battle cast Roar from the DotCs and then fight.
    I suggest y ou also build about six Ancient Protectors to the left
    side of your base for protectoin against the random Naga squads that
    will come in your base to harass you every once in a while. Also build
    a few above your base as well.
    When you bring your units exploring  you will find Gul'Dan, the ancient
    Orcish shaman, at a camp. Talk to him and you will get a quest that
    requires you to rid the land of the tombs slightly above you base, Take
    all your units there via ships. This is very very easy to achieve,
    just attack the crypts then go for the undead and you will take
    care of them. Replace any units you may have lost.(Rid Gul'Dan of the
    Graves Complete) You get a nifty new item here too.
    After you get a whole army up consisting of those units you will need
    about three ships to transport you across
    to the other islands. Buy them and then bring them to the island at the
    top  This will get you into the Naga base. You wil have to finish off
    the base by the Roar and fight method I described earlier. Als, be sure
    to get their defensive towers as well because they are deadly. Bringing
    along a seige weapon here is not a bad idea. (Locate Illidan Complete)
    Upon destorying their base up top, you will be challanged by Illidan to
    fight off his gaurd. If you have a good amount of units left go for it
    because it is not too too hard, but you may want to replace them anyways.
    After you dispatch of the Naga near the temple, you win the mission.
    (Destroy Illidan's Guard Complete)
    7.1.3: Chapter 3: The Tomb of Sergaras
    - The Search for Illidan
    - Find the Shadow Orb
    - Barriers
    Well here we ares starting another indoors level with no base and only a
    handful of units. At the start you can either go up or right. I suggest
    you go up for expirience and a few knew items, but if you don't want to
    you really dont have to.
    When you go right, se Blink to get to the items just above you. Heh
    that is a very useful ability as you will see. Head downwards and take
    out the two overlords then go through the door.
    From the Demonic gate, go left to get a manual of health and then
    continue downwards further into the tomb.
    In the room below there is a large statue and some fel-stalkers you must
    take down. These should serve as easy enemies and you can continue
    quickly. Keep on the path and you will come across a square shaped
    switch that is glowing blue. Step on it to open a door to the south.
    Go through the door and kill the slug-type enemies and you can blink
    across the two pits to fins a piece of a shadow orb. If you get all of
    the pieces you will be able to get a whole shadow orb. This is optional.
    Go back to the switch and then up. Kill the enemies on the bridge and
    prepare for a cinema reinacting Gul'Dan's tromp through the temple. Now
    go further up and kill the pitiful merlocks.
    Go up and fight tons of Hydras and then turn right. You will need to
    blink across the gapo and hit the switch to let your team across. After
    that take a route down and go right. You will come across a cinematic of
    lady Naga who will taunt you. She reveals that the Naga were once Night
    By now your current team will probably fall against the Naga threat so
    run to the right with everyone and through the gate in order to
    get reinforcments.
    Now head down and right and keep following the extremely-one-way path to
    the cinema scene.
    The last step of this level is to escape before time runs out. To do so
    it is simple. Run as fast as you can and check the mini-map for the
    entrance every once in awhile. Blink past enemies when you cross them.
    This should give you a sigificant amount of time to win.
    7.1.4: Chapter 4: Wrath of the Betrayer
    - The Runner's Transport
    - Escape to Sea
    - Naga Excavators
    This level's main goal is to get the runner to the upper left corner of
    the map and oing so can be quite challanging.
    You have two things going on for you right at the start: A small band of
    Night Elf warriors and a Night Elf base to the right of them. This is all
    that you get thorughout this mission which you will find to be quite
    Keep the archers in the back of your party and turn the DotCs into bears
    and keep them, along with the Warden in front. Place the runner in the
    center and continue.
    Go south and curve to the left killing any Naga on the way. You will find
    plenty of Naga to keep you busy. When you find yourself at an intersection
    that you can go up or down on, continue upwards and turn left then down
    At the end of this path you will find a few hippogryph riders and
    transport ships. These ships are essential to get the runner across the
    water, while the air units are bonus.
    On the way to these ships you will find yourself killing a few Naga units
    but nothing to worry yourself about. Once you get these ships, you will
    complete a quest. (The Runner's Transport completed)
    Go back to the intersection and go down. Bring your ships down as well.
    Now we are just trying to get the runner in the clear. Now all you must
    do is work your way around, transporting when nesacarry and walking when
    you need to. Be sure to keep tose hippos rejuvinated because they will be
    a valuable asset.
    You might need to utilize both ships in the rare event that one dies.
    If you find yourself stuck, remember the Warden's Blink ability. Be sure
    to destroy the gates in the way of the ship's disembark.
    I suggest that you ficus on the gate and ignore everything else with your
    units then run your ship up. It should make it.
    As for your base, just build enough to defend yourself. It is only needed
    for flying units.
    7.1.5: Chapter 5: Balancing the Scales
    - Maiev's Distress
    - Destory Bases
    - Reinforcments
    At the start, you Maeiv and her base and you have Malfurion and Tyrande
    as well. Malfurion and Tyrande are separeted frm your main base and you
    need to help them get to Maiev's base in order to help her.
    With Malfurions' force, go left and then  up, killing the Naga to the
    north. After that  you will view a short cinematic sequence and continue.
    You get a new optional quest as well.
    Go right and destory the giant behemoths by using a starfall/tranquility
    combination. After that go down and destroy some slightly fewer giants
    and kill the two armored knight things as well.
    You will want to get the reinforcments in the boats because they will
    help you out in this mission. The first ones are below the giant stone
    knights, but beware of the skelatal orcs that will be gaurding them.
    After that ignore the Naga base and head upward to get the second ship
    full of reinforcements. Now the last reinforcements are farther east and
    father south.
    With these reinforcments, and a few more archers and druids form Maeiv's
    base should be enough to destory the threats.
    7.1.6: Chapter 6: Shards of the Alliance
    - Escort Kael'thas and his caravan.
    - Hidden Stashes
    I find this mission to be one of the more enjoyable ones in the Night Elf
    campaign. I have no idea why because ussually I think defensive missions
    are a pain, maybe it is because it is not really defensive, yet not
    really offensive. I digress.
    You start the game Meeting Prince Kael'Thas and he is in need of help
    to get his supplies across the river to the east.
    You will obviously jelp him and his little party get there through means
    of escorting the Supply wagons to the river's edge.
    The ony threat to this wagon are the Undead attacks. That will constantly
    batter the supplies. First go south and destroy the 8-10 ghouls that will
    attempt to do you in. They will fall fast because of your mountain giants
    and nice and strong forces.
    Now go farther south and you will find a largeer group of ghouls, necro-
    mancers, a few abominations, and two-three meat wagons as well. This
    seems like nothing to laugh about, but it will be manageable because
    they don't come all at once.
    This is also a great time to point out that every once in a while
    a small undead strike force will try to maim your supplies from the rear
    you are just going to have to learn to deal with that.
    Now continue down and right. Dealing with the undead forces on the way.
    This is basically how the mission plays out. Nothing too special until
    you get to a intersection that you will eventually get to if you follow
    the path correctly.
    You have a choice of whether to go northward...the longer route, but the
    safer one. Or to the east...the shorter yet more dangerous way.
    Taking the longer route was the way I went and it got me there fine with
    little  action on the way.
    If you choose to go thorough the undead "bastion" you could kill a few
    units while making your way to the end. You have to decide what the right
    ratio of killing/running is. It's your choice.
    You also have an optional quest where you can get money to get
    mercinaries. I daresay that this is not required, but if you choose
    to do it, just follow the points on the map to where they are.
    7.1.7: Chapter 7: The Ruins of Dalaran
    -Spell of Destruction
    Although this mission is timed, and seems intimidating, I think it is a
    very easy mission with a very clear goal and a simple way to win.
    When you start out the level you have a very large army consisting of
    Your Heros, Mountain Giants, Bears, Archers and Hunts. This army is large
    enough for you to build a few more units and attack the enmy base to the
    If you go slow in attack ing the base and put the melee up in the front
    and the ranged in back, you should be able to take out most of the base
    without a probelm. Seriously it's as simple as that.
    Taking out the spell is another matter.
    Since, with your starting units, you took out large portion of the base,
    it sould be easy to get into where the spell is being made to attempt
    to take it out.
    What I did was I built as many fairie dragons as I could, and at least
    12 bears and your heros into that too.
    Now bring all of those units up into there base where you destroyed
    and then rush everyone in and right when the dragons get above the spell
    use the skill mana flare and you will take out the casters very easily
    because they will be damaged whenever they use a magical skill.
    The bears are there just to get fire away from the dragons. Right when
    you get to the spot where the wizards are casting the spell use the
    Mana flare and you will beat the mission very effectively.
    As for the Paladin side-quest, it is not nessacary.
    7.1.8: Chapter 8: The Brothers Stormrage
    -Tyrande's Rescue
    -Dam Trolls
    This level is very fun, yet seems very hard at the beginning. I assure
    you that the lavel is easy. At first, you should use the small party
    Illidan has and take them down and kill the Trolls. After that, ignore
    all of the sleeping creeps above you when you take the path to the right.
    Goi down and kill every creep within that area. With Illidan's
    metamorphisis, it should be no problem.
    Now you have to kill the undead base closest to Tyrande. Before you do so
    you should realize that all of the Night Elf forces are on the other side
    of the river and you will be unable to get to them with the Night Elves.
    This means that it is the Naga forces alone that you must commandeer to
    destory the undead bases.
    In the Night Elf base build a large amount of archers and bears. This
    will allow you to defend the base rather easily  because this base will
    have to survive as well as the Naga one.
    NOw that the NE base is defended, you should focus on destroying the
    upper Undead base, as well as the one next to Tyrande. To do so
    build a ton of Sirens for support and  magical spells and build lots of
    Mermidons to be your main attackers.
    The first undead base you attack, being the one above the one you must
    destroy, is the easiest one.
    With the Naga forces I just told you to build, you should not have a
    problem with the first base.
    The base closest to Tyrande actually might need some strategy to destroy.
    I suggest you aut-cast frost shield and then after all of your wariors
    are shieled, to auto-cast parasite and cyclone larger units such as
    abominations. While doing that use ensnare on the UD air units and attack
    them. If you do that the UD base still might not be destoryed.
    If that is the case build more units consisting of the same thing you
    just built. You should have no problem with your second run.
    ===============================Section 8:  FAQ===========================
    Q: Are there new Heros and units in The Frozen Throne?
    A: Of course, do you think Blizzard would release an expansion without
    any new aspects of the game? There is also a new campaign mode as well.
    Q: Can you build transport ships in The Frozen Throne?
    A: In single player campaigns, you do get access to transport ships, but
    you cannot buy them in custom games/skirmishes.
    Q: What other things are there in TFT that were not in ROC?
    A: There are neutral heros, more items, item shop for every race, and
    more multiplayer maps.
    Q: I heard that a new race, The Naga will be playable in TFT. Is that
    A: Yep. You can only play as them in camapaign mode however.
    ==========================Section 9:  Credits/Outro======================
    Remember that this FAQ is copyrighted and you may not distrubute this
    guide without acidslayer57's or Emuking's permission.
    Thanks to:
    Emuking/acidslayer57 - This is  just us thanking each other...yeah...lame.
    Blizzard - For making Warcraft 3 and The Frozen Throne.
    CJayC - For hosting this FAQ.
                                      The End

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