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    Hard Mode Guide by Wirewyrm

    Version: 3.1 | Updated: 08/04/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                     Warcraft III Expansion - The Frozen Throne
                              Hard Mode Guide (Part 3/4)
    - written by Wirewyrm <wirewyrm@hotmail.com> on 14 July 2003
    - version 3.1 (04 Aug 2003)
    (C) Copyright 2003
    | DISCLAIMER: Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne is property of Blizzard |
    | and all names mentioned herein, unless stated otherwise, are         |
    | trademarked by Blizzard.  This document and its copyright in no way  |
    | suggest that the author claims any ownership to the game, characters,|
    | or any other trademarks that may be involved.                        |
        # Contents #
     0.  Version History
     1.  Author's Note
     2.  The Basics
     3.  Sentinels Campaign - Terror of the Tides
           Chapter One - Rise of the Naga
           Chapter Two - The Broken Isles
           Chapter Three - The Tomb of Sargeras
           Chapter Four - Wrath of the Betrayer
           Chapter Five - Balancing the Scales
           Chapter Six - Shards of the Alliance
           Chapter Seven - The Ruins of Dalaran
           Chapter Eight - The Brothers Stormrage
     4.  Alliance Campaign - Curse of the Blood Elves
           Chapter One - Misconceptions
           Chapter Two - A Dark Covenant
           Chapter Three - The Dungeons of Dalaran
           Secret Level - The Crossing
           Chapter Four - The Search for Illidan
           Chapter Five - Gates of the Abyss
           Chapter Six - Lord of Outland
     5.  Scourge Campaign - Legacy of the Damned
           Chapter One - King Arthas
           Chapter Two - The Flight from Lordaeron
           Chapter Three - The Dark Lady
           Chapter Four - The Return to Northrend
           Chapter Five - Dreadlord's Fall
           Chapter Six - A New Power in Lordaeron
           Chapter Seven, Part One - Into the Shadow Web Caverns
           Chapter Seven, Part Two - The Forgotten Ones
           Chapter Seven, Part Three - Ascent to the Upper Kingdom
           Chapter Eight - A Symphony of Frost and Flame
     6.  Bonus Campaign - The Founding of Durotar
           *Coming soon*
     7.  Glossary
     8.  Credits
     9.  Legal Hosts
     0.  Version History
    Version 3.1 (Aug 04)
    - minor addition to Author's Note section
    - added some contributions from readers
    Version 3.0 (Aug 03)
    - added complete Scourge Campaign
    - minor text adjustments
    - added Legal Hosts section
    Version 2.0 (July 19)
    - added complete Alliance campaign
    Version 1.1 (July 17)
    - minor content addition
    - added Version History section
     1.  Author's Note
    This guide is originally written for GAMEFAQS.  Do not copy, in whole or in
    part, using any medium, this document without first obtaining express
    permission from me.  As of now, only the sites listed at the end of this
    guide have permission to publish this guide on the www; if seen anywhere
    else, please notify me.
    This guide is written for players of novice and intermediate skill level, so
    if you don't agree with it or think you can do better, then just don't read
    it.  If you like it and want to tell me so, email me at
    <wirewyrm@hotmail.com>.  Also, it is a guide, not a walkthrough.  I started
    off writing a walkthrough, but when i finished i decided it was too long, so
    i edited it.  If you are stuck and have questions, feel free to email me.
    This guide may or may not contain spoilers.  If you're reading this, I assume
    you've already beaten the game once on "Normal", or you're stuck at a certain
    stage on "Hard".  I'll try to keep the guide as spoiler-free as possible, but
    if you're really spoiler-averse, then stay away from this guide until you've
    beat the game once.
    This guide may contain disagreeable language.  Although there is no instance
    of reproductive body parts or actions, i personally think all other words are
    fair game for a guide like this.  And if you think "ass" is a reproductive 
    body part, then the one who needs help is you, not me.  And if you found that
    last sentence offensive, don't read the rest of this guide.
    This guide is written specifically for "Hard" mode only.  I have not played
    the game on "Normal", so i do not know if the same strategies will work under
    "Normal" difficulty.  Please do not email me with questions regarding any
    difficulty setting other than "Hard".
    This guide is written by me, and all contents are original except where
    credited to other people.  Therefore I own all exclusive rights to this FAQ,
    and especially reserve the right to withdraw the permission to host this FAQ
    from anyone at anytime.
    Lastly, i apologize for the delay between campaigns.  The writing part is
    easy enough, but i don't want to put up 100+ kb of un-navigable and senseless
    trash, so i edit my work very carefully before i submit it.  Thank you for
    your patience.
     2.  The Basics
    So, you think this game is a cakewalk?  Beat the game in less than a day on
    "Normal"?  Well, playing it on "Hard" is a completely different matter.
    You'll have to use every dirty trick in the book (short of hacking; if you
    cheat, you don't need this guide anyway), and even then success is not
    I'll get straight to the point.  No matter how good of a strategist you are,
    there's no way you're going to beat this without some degree of "micro"
    skills.  "Micro" is short for "micromanagement", or controlling your units
    individually in the heat of battle.  The most basic form of "micro" in this
    game is casting a hero spell, for example.  When your army is engaged by the
    enemy, you click on your hero, click on a spell, and then target an enemy.
    Bam!  That's micro.
    However, it's going to take a lot more than that to beat the campaign on
    "Hard".  For example, both instances of the words "click on" in the previous
    paragraph should be replaced by "hotkey".  I don't think it's possible to
    beat "Hard" using only your mouse.  Here are some short tips on basic "micro"
    skills, and they should help to improve your game, not just in the campaign,
    but also in multiplayer.  If you're already proficient at controlling your
    armies, then just skip on to the next section.
    Tip #1 - Using the keyboard
    You need to.  There's no way around this.  Here are some basic keys that are
    useful to know:
      F10       This brings up the game menu where you can decide to save, load,
                change game settings, whatever.  Point is, it's also a way to
                pause the game.  Very useful when you absolutely need to go
                somewhere else QUICK.
      Spacebar  This centers the screen on the last announced event.  An
                announced event is something like "We're under attack!" or
                "Upgrade complete".  Pressing it quickly will allow you to cycle 
                through older events.  You can cycle through the last 5 or so
                events.  Very useful when you're short on cash and can't afford
                to queue your builds or upgrades.  When you hear that a unit is
                completed, Spacebar, build another one.  Also very important for
                when you get attacked where you're not looking.  Spacebar to
                check out what's happening, and if you're going to lose,
                reinforce or retreat quickly.
      Alt       Holding this down brings up on-screen HP displays of all allied
                units.  Good for when you need to target a Healing Wave or Holy
      `         This weird key above Tab allows you to select and center on idle
                workers.  Pressing it repeatedly will cycle through all idle
                workers.  For clarity's sake, an idle worker is a lazy bum who is
                sitting on his/its ass after having built a building or exhausted
                a mine.  But sometimes they just like to sit on their asses for
                no apparent reason.
      Bckspace  Centers view on your highest tier town hall.  I seldom use this,
                but maybe you can find a use for it.
      F1 - F4   Quick hero selection keys, in descending order of how their icons
                appear on the main display.  Useful for chugging potions, town
                portal, etc.  Press twice quickly to center the view on the hero.
                Make sure never to press Alt and F4 at the same time.  Unless you
                want to quit the game quickly.
    There are others, but these are the more basic ones.
    Tip #2 - Using control groups
    Control groups allow you to manage your forces much more efficiently than you
    can ever accomplish with the mouse alone.  Here is a quick lowdown on how to
    group units.
    While any of your own units are selected, holding Ctrl and pressing
    a number key will assign the selected unit to that number.  Thereafter,
    pressing that number key will cause you to select the group, and pressing it
    quickly twice will center the view on that group.  Practice doing this to get
    the hang of it.  Much of this guide will involve making groups, and assumes
    you are proficient at it.  Here are some keys that will help you along.
      Ctrl + left click     This will select all units of the same type that you
                            clicked on.  Works on buildings too.
      Shift + left click    This will add whatever you click on to the units
                            selected.  If you click on a unit that that is
                            already selected, then it will remove that unit from
                            selection.  When deselecting, clicking on the unit's
                            mini-portrait works as well.  Sounds confusing?  Just
                            try it out.
      Tab                   This will cycle the control palette to the next unit
                            type in a selected group.  If you don't understand,
                            just select a whole bunch of different units that can
                            all cast spells, and you'll see what it does
                            immediately.  And that is exactly what it is meant to
                            do: help you cast spells.
      Ctrl + Shft + click   Adds all units of the same type to selection.
                            Unfortunately you cannot use this to deselect units
                            from a group more quickly.
    Practice these until you master grouping and selecting at least 2 groups.
    In general, melee units should be grouped together, and ranged units placed
    in a separate group.  It is alright to have heroes in the same group as
    regular units.  However, avoid putting more than 2 different types of casters
    in the same group, as it will force you to overuse Tab and possibly slow you
    down or cause mistakes.
    Conversely, avoid making too many different groups, unless you are good at
    typing and have no problem pressing the right number from 1 to 0 without
    having to look at the keyboard.  Too many groups will also slow you down, and
    additionally, it will increase the chances of your units clashing into each
    other and getting stuck.
    Usually, i use 2 or 3 control groups, but never less than 2, and seldom more
    than 4.  Practice to find out how many groups, and what kind of groups you
    are most comfortable with.  One thing to note though is that you should be
    flexible about grouping and not have to stick to the same order throughout
    the whole stage.  Sometimes different situations require different ways of
    grouping, like when you spot an enemy ahead and you want to do a pincer
    attack.  Don't be afraid to rearrange your units on the fly.  Again, practice
    makes perfect.
    Tip #3 - Rally point
    If you don't already know this, all buildings that produce units can set
    rally points, where the units produced from the building will go once they
    are... produced.  What you might not know is that buildings can set rally
    points even before they are completed.  Also, a rally point can be set onto
    a unit.  This is extremely useful for getting fresh troops to the frontline.
    Note though that if you set a rally point on a unit, and the unit dies, the
    rally point will be reset, and all units previously moving to that rally
    point will stop dead in their tracks.  Usually i set rally points on a hero.
    A useful trick to know is when you are expecting reinforcements to a control
    group (eg. your group #2 has 4 archers and you are building another 3
    archers), but you are fighting a messy battle, select the group every now and
    then and hold Ctrl + Shft and click on one of the units that you are
    expecting.  This will add all your fresh troops to your selection, and if you
    hold Ctrl and press the group number again, you would have successfully added
    the reinforcements to your control group.
    Tip #4 - Queuing actions
    By holding Shft when you issue an order to a unit, you can queue the actions
    that the unit will perform AFTER its current action.  Workers can queue what
    buildings to build, casters can queue who to cast spell on, etc.
    When a series of movements are queued, this is also referred to as setting
    "waypoints".  Waypoints are useful when you are navigating units to avoid
    creep, or when you are scouting, or simply because you don't like things to
    move in straight lines.  Hard to explain what exactly this is, so just try it
    Note that the rally points in buildings can be waypoint-ed too.  So instead
    of setting the rally point on a unit, you can set waypoints to direct new
    units to where you want them to go.
    Tip #5 - Using hotkeys
    Hotkeys are the letter keys that substitute clicking on a command.  For most
    units, for example, pressing "m" and then clicking on the map will make them
    move to that spot.  Hotkeys are there for a reason.  The reason is speed.
    You can fire spells faster and aim with much greater accuracy by using the
    hotkeys.  You don't have to memorize the hotkey for every ability in the
    game, but at least be familiar with the ones that you use most often,
    especially those that require good aim.  Blink and Flamestrike are good
    examples of abilities you should use the hotkeys for.
    Tip #6 - Formation and "micro"
    Simple logic dictates that in every fight, the stronger direct-combat (melee)
    units should go in front, and the weaker ranged units should go behind, and
    the casters even further back (or sometimes in the middle).  The thing to
    note though is that when you get caught off guard, or flanked, always move
    your troops to face the right way before you fight, even if it means you are
    slower to attack the enemy.  The reason is that unit counters are very strong
    in this game, which means that all it takes is a few seconds for enemy melee
    units to chew up your ranged units.  So if an enemy surprises you from the
    side, quickly move your ranged units so that your melee units stand between
    them and the enemy.  If you're very skilled at the mouse, you can attempt to
    move the exposed ranged units individually, but i would recommend just moving
    the whole group(s) out of the way before you try to engage.
    Once you are caught in a skirmish, check your units' health constantly to see
    who is taking damage.  If a unit is losing health very rapidly compared to
    the others, it is likely that that unit is being focus-fired (FF'ed).  That
    is to say, the enemy is concentrating all its attack on that one unit.
    Quickly move that unit back out of range of the enemy to save it.  This is
    what most Battlenet folks call "micro".  Don't wait until the unit's health
    is in the red before you pull him/her out, usually that will be too late.
    The best way to judge when to pull a unit out, however, is experience.
    There's no substitute for that.  In any case, don't just let your army duke
    it out with the enemy on its own; you will always sustain casualties if you
    do, unless you outnumber the enemy 4 to 1.  Resources are scarce, especially
    on "Hard" mode, so don't lose any units you don't have to.
    Tip #7 - Save
    Although i think saving and reloading constantly is a form of cheating, it
    does reduce the tedium of having to do a whole stage over from the start
    several times, and it protects you from accidents.  Personally, i don't
    save a whole lot.  But you should save if you pulled off a miracle attack, or
    after you've completely leveled one of several enemy bases and have a lot
    more resources to deal with the remaining enemies.  Have at least 2 save
    files so that in case your judgment is wrong and you get stuck in an
    impossible situation, you have an earlier save to start from.
     3.  Sentinels Campaign - Terror of the Tides
    "Come forth, you mindless wretches, and taste the wrath of the Sentinels!"
    - Tyrande Whisperwind, at the Battle on the River Arevass
          ===   Chapter One - Rise of the Naga   ===
    Difficulty: *
    Start with: 5 archers, Naisha (big huntress), Maiev (Warden Lv 2)
    @ In this stage, the time is always set at 1900h, which means it is always
      night, so your units will always regenerate.  Also, make use of the fact
      that you can Shadowmeld instead of retreat, should the need arise.
    @ This stage is easy, but you should get all the secret items to help you
      survive later stages.  Therefore i will focus mainly on the "secrets".
    @ It doesn't matter if Naisha dies at any point in time, she will be
      resurrected in the next stage.
    - Tome of Int.
    - Ring of Prot.+1
    - Jade Ring (Agl.+1)
    - Tome of Agl. 
    - Tome on Int.+2
    - Claws of Attack (Claws) +3
    - Spider Ring (Agl.+1)
    - Scroll of Prot.
    - Healing Wards
    Move forward, engage mur'gul.  Watch for ambushers from the back.  Use Rune
    of Lesser Healing after fight.  Blink to island on the east of 2nd pier
    northernmost pier before entering open gate to the west).  Open crate to get
    Rune of Mana.  Go south of island, open crate for Tome of Int.  Go to
    southernmost tip of island.  See rune further south across water, Blink to
    it.  Don't get rune.  Go south of small islet, see more land southeast, Blink
    there.  Open crate, get ambushed by more mur'gul.  Prize is 1 Rune of Mana, 1
    Ring of Prot.+1, 1 Rune of Greater Healing.  Blink back to tiny islet, get
    Rune of Mana, Blink back to main land. Continue on.
    -Cut scene-
    Fight furbolgs, break northernmost hut, get Rune of Mana.  Go back north to
    the burning statue of a Keeper of the Grove, and break the crate behind the
    statue for a Jade Ring.  Go through west, fight satyrs.  Raise level, pick
    Fan of Knives (FoK) or Shadow Strike.
    -Cut scene-
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Enraged Beast
    Go north, open crate for Rune of Mana.  Go northeast, see and follow wildkin
    until you see that there's more of them.  To complete this quest with minimal
    effort, move the Warden, Naisha and huntress one by one to block the passage,
    and have them Hide.  Use archers and dryads to attack from behind your wall.
    Sometimes your archers will not be able to reach from behind your wall.  To
    remedy this, move a huntress a tiny step forward and quickly press 'i' to
    hide again.  The wildkin should come stumbling into your rain of arrows.
    Keep wall hidden until the big mutha comes and does warstomp.  Quickly FoK
    and finish off the weaker guys by focus fire (FF), then slay the enraged
    beast.  Prize is a Tome of Agl.  Move in and break 2 northern dens for a Rune
    of Lesser Healing and a Rune of Mana.
    Continue north, and inch your way forward through the arch.  Don't rush
    through.  This is important.  Keep inching forward until...
    -Cut scene- 
    Hold position and wait for the naga to return to their posts.  Fight
    northern camp first, then fight southern camp.  Open barrel in southern camp
    to get Tome of Int.+2.
    Looking to the northeast, there is an island with 3 sirens.  If Maiev has
    full health, she should be able to take them on solo.  Blink over and attack
    the lone siren further inland first to get a Tome of Str. and Rune of Mana.
    Use rune, kill remaining sirens, and Blink back to mainland.
    Move on west and rest at the fountain if necessary.  You should see Rune of
    Mana on southwest cliff of waterfalls at the fountain.  Look to the southeast
    cliff, and there should be a spider there.  Blink to it and kill the spiders.
    The prize: Claws+3.  Now Blink to the Rune of Mana on the southwest cliff.
    Move north along the cliff, through the trees and attack another group of
    spiders.  You'll get a Spider Ring.
    About one screen-width to the east of the fountain, you will see some rocks
    to the north.  Blink across the rocks and you will see a burning ship.  Break
    all the crates here for a Scroll of Prot. and a Rune of Mana.
    Going north, you will encounter some satyrs attacking your scouts.  Save the
    scouts to begin a new optional quest.  The satyrs will drop a useful Rune of
    Mana here.
    To the east is the sea.  Move Maiev north along the water's edge, and as you
    near the trees you should spot some land to the east blocked by trees and
    water.  Blink over there and Blink east again to fight a furbolg hermit.  He
    yields a set of Healing Wards, VERY useful in the next stage.  Sometimes the
    deer there will block you from Blinking to the hermit.  Just wait for the
    deer to move away so you can get there.
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Search and Rescue
    Moving north you will soon see a gate to your west, guarded by satyrs.
    Breaking through should be a piece of cake.  Open the north gate to free your
    scouts.  Add those to your group, and attack southwest.  A hellcaller will
    Animate Dead, and it will be a big fight.  Use the Scroll of Prot. if
    you feel that you need it.  Save the rest of the scouts in the clearing and
    the quest is complete.  The satyr boss drops a Potion of Healing.  If you did
    not use the Scroll of Protection, your item list should be full.  In that
    case just leave the potion and go.
    Before breaking open the next gate, make sure all units are in top condition.
    Go back to the fountain to heal injured units.  The next fight is tough, but
    it doesn't matter to lose a few units, as long as Maiev survives.  Charge
    through the door...
    -Cut scene-
    NEW QUEST - Save the ships.
    To do this, dispatch the first wall of enemies quickly, and then focus on the
    ones attacking the ships.  If you need, a crate among the burning buildings
    to the southwest of the ships contains a Rune of Mana.  One thing to note:
    when you have so many archers, they tend to get stuck behind each other.  To
    avoid this, move them closer to the target before commanding them to attack.
          ===   Chapter Two - The Broken Isles   ===
    Difficulty - **
    Start with: Maiev, Naisha, 4 archers, 2 transport ships and a base with every
    kind of Night Elf building you can make in this stage, except for the
    Ancient of Lore (AoL).
    @ Night Elves have a very serious lumber shortage problem in early game, so
      be sure to set more wisps on lumber at the start.
    @ Once again, it doesn't matter if Naisha dies, she will be resurrected in
      the next stage.
    - Pendant of Energy (max. Mana +150)
    - Healing Wards
    - Scroll of Healing
    - Claws+6
    - Periapt of Vitality (max. HP +150)
    - Robe of the Magi (Int.+6)
    - Scroll of Prot.
    - Lesser Scroll of Replenishment
    - Mana Stone
    In every stage that you can build things, you will always need to put more
    wisps on lumber, so build wisps before you upgrade your Tree of Life (ToL).
    Expect attacks from the west, then the north, in an alternating pattern.
    Northern attackers are primarily air units.  Build defense as necessary.
    As for upgrades, you cannot go beyond tier 2 in this stage, which means you
    can make druids but not bears.  Therefore, concentrate your upgrades on the
    Moon series.
    There are 4 lines of creeps on your main island: sea giants to the northeast,
    lobsters to the south, mur'gul to the west and southwest, and more sea giants
    in the northeast.  They give the following treasure, respectively: Pendant of
    Energy, Scroll of Healing, Maul of Strength (Str.+1), and Healing Wards.  You
    have time to creep 2 camps before the first wave of naga attacks.  After
    that, you can split your forces in half in order to defend your base and
    creep at the same time, assuming you are constantly building units.
    When you level up, get Blink level 2.  You will need it in the next stage.
    The Naga Strike Force camp to the west should be a priority target.  Taking
    them out relaxes the pace of the game considerably, and allows you to build
    up your numbers much faster.  To eliminate them, you will need about 2 glaive
    throwers (new ballistae), 7 archers, 5 huntresses and 3 druids of the claw
    (DotC).  With a Scroll of Prot. and Healing Wards, the battle should be easy.
    Don't forget to Roar near your glaive throwers: they can destroy buildings
    much faster that way.  Also keep some archers and Ancient Protectors (APs) at
    home to defend in case attacks come from the north.
    It is imperative to begin your assault as soon as possible, right after you
    repel a wave of enemies.  You don't want to be intercepted as you are
    crossing the water.  Make sure your units are at least partially upgraded.
    To the north of the naga base are some wildkins.  Use caution when you see
    more than one.  The terrain favors them heavily, so don't pass them off for
    target practice.  Kill them and you will be rewarded with a Claws+6.
    Now you can explore more freely.  You only need a small force to clean up the
    islands to the west and south of your base.  One transport ship's worth
    should be more than enough.  To the north are some mean clans of sea giants,
    who are really not worth the trouble.  Just avoid them.  There are some gold
    coins in the west (for you to start a new ToL on one of the islands if your
    own mine runs out), and a hydra will yield a Periapt of Vitality.  At the 
    very northwest of the map, there are some lobsters.  Kill them to get a
    Scroll of Prot., a Lesser Scroll of Replenishment, and a Mana Stone.
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Silence the Ghosts
    Now that things are a little less tight, you can also go on the quest that
    the orc gives you.  Using a small strike force with Maiev, go to the island
    indicated by the orc and destroy the summoning pits.  Don't bother with the
    skeletons, they will fight themselves and leave you alone if you leave them
    alone.  It is wise not to bring ranged units here, because they tend to shoot
    wildly and attract unnecessary attention.  Just destroy the summoning pits,
    grab the artifact as proof of your bargain and return it to the orc.  Quest
    done.  The reward: a Robe of the Magi.
    Once the sidequest is done, you can concentrate on breaking through the last
    naga base to the north that has harassed you to no end.  It will take about
    5 glaive throwers, 3 DotC, 6 huntresses, 8 archers and 2 dryads.  They should
    fit snugly into 3 transports.  Once you repel the next wave of naga, travel
    north quickly until you find their base.  Again, avoid the sea giants, they
    will only slow you down.  West of the naga base is a very good beaching
    point.  You can sneak your transports all the way up north and drop your
    troops in a pocket of shallow water where they will go largely unnoticed.
    You should have an abundance of disposable items now, so just use them.  This
    battle should be easy.
    -Cut scene-
    Now you don't have to worry about defense anymore.  Finish the optional quest
    if you have not already done so.  Bring these items with you to the next
    stage: Healing wards, Mana Stone, Periapt of Vitality, Pendant of Energy,
    Claws+6, and the Robe of the Magi.
          ===   Chapter Three - The Tomb of Sargeras   ===
    Difficulty - **
    Start with: Maiev, Naisha, 1 huntress and 3 archers.
    @ Similar to the 1st stage, the time in this stage is set permanently to
      2300h.  Again, use this to your advantage by hiding to block passageways
      and kill enemies with your archers whenever you need.
    @ Get used to pressing the hotkeys 'b' and 'f' for Blink and FoK
      respectively, at least for this stage.  You will find the skill most
    @ Take your time to look around in this stage.  It is a classic dungeon crawl
      filled with many enemies, as well as treasure.  Use any item at your
      disposal to keep your troops alive.
    @ Remember that runes affect all nearby units.  Use mana runes to power the
      DotCs' Rejuvenation and dryads' Abolish Magic.
    @ To complete all sidequests, you need to keep Naisha alive.  Watch her
    - Tome of Int.+2
    - Manual of Health (max. HP +50)
    - Shadow Orb (special item)
    - Tome of Int.
    - Tome of Agl.
    - Stone Token x2
    At the first fork where demons are guarding the door, go west first for a
    Manual of Health.  Beware of the skeleton champion, he can cast Death Coil.
    When you come back out and go south of the fork, you will enter a courtyard
    with a statue in the middle.  To the east are some stairs.  When you're
    halfway up the stairs, look to the south and you should see a rune on the
    wall.  Blink to it and follow the path all the way west.  After you defeat
    the 2 big red skeletons, go to the north of the room and look north to see
    another rune.  Blink to it and you will find a Shadow Orb, or rather, a piece
    of it.  This will start a new optional quest.
    OPTIONAL QUEST - The Shadow Orb
    So you have the first orb.  If you don't have room in your inventory, you
    don't have to pick the orb up.  Each time you pick up a new piece of the orb,
    the old one disappears and fuses with the new one.  In other words, as long
    as you find the orbs and try to pick them up, you don't have to carry them
    with you.  Of course, by the time you find 6 or 7 you should swap one of your
    items for it, because it will have abilities other than damage increase.
    Continue on your journey through the tomb.  When you hear something about
    breaking rocks, look to the south wall and hit the rock chunks.  You will get
    reinforcements, and start an optional quest.  Turn the DotC into bears, they
    are much stronger that way.
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Barriers
    This quest is simple and needs no explanation.  Just break rock walls
    whenever you see them, and your army should be a healthy size by the end.
    At the mouth of the tunnel where the DotC emerged from, on the west side, you
    should see some boulders blocking a rune.  Blink to it, follow the narrow
    weed-choked path all the way around to get the 2nd Shadow Orb piece. 
    To the east of the bear tunnel there are some glowing tiles.  Stepping on
    them will open a sliding door.  Go to the glowing spot on your minimap, fight
    some slime, Blink over to kill the big slime, and to the west of that big
    slime, there is another rune.  Blink to that throne room to get Shadow Orb
    piece 3.
    In the next fight against skeletons and stormreavers, watch out for the dual
    combo of death coil and chain lightning.  By now you should raise another
    level.  I strongly suggest getting level 3 Blink, because you will be using
    it A LOT before this stage is over.  Still, the choice is yours, as long as
    you have Blink 2 you should do fine.
    If you've been alert, you'll have noticed another rune across the water to
    the west of the bridge where you fought the stormreavers and skeletons.
    Blink to it, and to the west of it you'll see some sea elementals and a
    stormreaver.  To the south of the gang, in a small recess lies the 4th piece
    of the Shadow Orb.  Just grab the orb and run.  The elementals are hardly
    worth the effort of fighting.
    -Cut scene-
    A fight with some mur'gul will yield a Tome of Int., and a hydra will give a
    Tome of Agl.  Going west, you will eventually reach another breakable wall.
    Break it, and dryads will come out to dispel all the faerie fires.  Neat.
    Avoid the mana rune to the south, it is not worth the trouble.
    Go north, fight some hydras, and then look east.  There should be a lone palm
    tree next to a rock pillar.  Use Naisha to set an owl on it.  See the rune
    that the owl reveals?  It's the guide rune to Shadow Orb piece number 5.
    Come back down and go up the north slope.  At the west-most part of the
    platform there are some crates.  Break them, and you should see another rune
    to the west.  Blink to it, break more crates, and get Shadow Orb piece 6.
    As you move east along the passage, you will see another suspicious palm on
    the north wall of the passage, where you fought some hydras.  If you hadn't
    noticed, Naisha has unlimited owls, so set another one on the tree, and Blink
    into the little turtle cave that the owl reveals.  In the stomach of one of
    the turtles lies another shard of the Shadow Orb.  Grab it and break the eggs
    in the northwest of the cave.  Who woulda thought it, a Stone Token in a
    turtle egg.
    -Cut scene-
    Watch out for Naga Royal Guards.  They pack a whole slew of surprises.
    The rocks at the east-most wall after you slay the first royal guard will
    reveal some druids of the talon (DotT).  Releasing them will complete the
    Barriers optional quest.  Search the northern room Shadow Orb piece 8.  It is
    in a crate.
    -Cut scene-
    Moving on, break the door and have only Maiev go through.  There's a rune on
    the wall north of the doorway.  Blink to it, go north along the wall until
    you reach the very end of the wall.  Looking up north as far as Maiev can
    see, you should be able to see another rune.  Blink to it, follow the passage
    west to find Shadow Orb piece 9.
    Retrace your steps until you're back at the doorway.  South of the doorway
    you should see a ditch filled with water.  The end of the ditch closest to
    the door is blocked with rocks.  On the other side of the rocks is another
    rune.  Blink to it, follow the ditch south then east to complete the Shadow
    Orb.  If you read the description, it has gradually become a pretty kickass
    Blink back to the doorway.  Staying in the room, go north until you hit a
    wall, and follow the path east.  Among the crates is a Rune of the Wild.
    Handy for killing the Naga blocking the last door.  You may as well use your
    Stone Token too if you haven't already, there's another one in the south of
    this room, across the ditch on the balcony, in a crate.
    -Cut scene-
    Don't you just love these self-destruct sequences?  2 minutes and 30 seconds
    to blow this joint, not a whole lot of time if you're gonna walk the whole
    way.  But Maiev is a Warden, so she doesn't have to walk.  If you have Blink
    level 3, this should be easy.  Maiev can teleport a considerable distance, so
    don't be afraid to try even if it looks too far.  Also, she can even Blink to
    places she cannot see, as long as she has explored there previously.  If you
    don't stop to fight anything, you should be able to get out in under 30
          ===   Chapter Four - Wrath of the Betrayer   ===
    Difficulty ***
    Start with: Maiev, 2 DotC, 4 archers and a Night Elf Runner (a slow-moving
    unit that cannot attack, but has heal).  At the home base, from which you are
    separated, you have 2 DotC, 2 dryads, 5 huntresses, 2 archers, 8 APs, 1 Tree
    of Eternity, 1 Ancient of War (AoW), 1 AoL, and 7 Moonwells.  There's also an
    Ancient of Wonders, but its only use is to clutter your base.
    @ This stage takes considerable skill and reflexes, even with the right
      strategy.  Be prepared to try more than once.
    @ All DotC should be turned into bears at all times.  You will not have time
      to use Rejuvenation, especially at the home base, and the runner is a
      good enough substitute healer.
    @ The first wave of naga that attacks your base comes from the south.  You
      have exactly 80 seconds to prepare for it.
    @ The stage starts at night, and although time moves in this stage, you can
      use Shadowmeld to your advantage to repel the first attack.
    @ The runner's team is in no immediate danger, so take time to set up your
      base defense first.
    @ The APs in the home base start at horrible positions.  Rearrange them
      between waves of enemy attacks so that your defense is more concentrated at
      the core of your base.
    @ Upgrades improve the units in your runner's team too, so it's not a bad
      idea to upgrade before you start moving them out.
    @ The Moonwell upgrade is VERY useful.  Get it ASAP.
    @ The naga's bases are blocked by water and rocks, so don't bother trying to
      launch a counter-offensive.
    @ There is a graphical bug where all the tooltips will disappear just before
      lightning strikes, and you cannot see where buildings are going to be
      placed.  This will make building Moonwells and repositioning APs next to
      impossible, so if it happens just go and do something else first.  Once
      lightning strikes everything will return to normal, until the next
      lightning comes.  I can't be sure if this applies to every system, but i
      thought i'd mention it here.  I'm running this on a GeForce Pro II with
      64mb onboard RAM, just for clarification.
    - Orb of Slow
    - Mana Stone
    - Talisman of Evasion
    Once you've set up your base defense to a manageable extent, focus on Maiev
    and the runner.  After you fight the first group of enemies, you'll get an
    optional quest.  Move quickly with Maiev, because your gold mine will run out
    soon, and picking up gold coins will be your main source of income.
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Naga Excavators
    The first excavator yields a crap item: Staff of Teleportation.  Keep going
    with your runner's group, Maiev should level up soon.  Vengeance, her
    ultimate skill, is not very useful this stage, but it will help you in the
    When you reach the first fork, go up the slope to the south.  Kill the
    guards, then follow the path east.  You will find the next excavator there,
    and some very handy gold coins.  The item is again pretty useless: a Staff of
    The next excavator gives a very useful item: the Orb of Slow.  Use your Stone
    Token here if you have no room in your inventory, the golem will be very
    helpful against the royal guard.
    Further on, there's a glyph in the water.  After you get this your protectors
    at home will survive longer.
    After you get the runner to the ship, you should focus primarily on the
    runner's group.  Look back to base only when you're under attack, or to
    finish upgrading.  Make sure your base defenders don't run too far out from
    your base.
    When you reach the point where you can unload your ships, you will be at a
    crossroads.  Going up the south slope is a waste of time. 2 royal guards and
    a siren guard some gold coins.  Not worth the time nor effort.  Attack the
    north slope instead to find the last excavator and he will give you a Mana
    Stone.  There are also gold coins here.
    From here on, use the hippos to scout around and the glaive throwers to lure
    enemies to you.  There are no more useful items to get, so just Blink in to
    enemy camps to steal gold coins and Blink out, if you need the money.  Keep
    the glaive throwers alive, you will need them until the very end.
    After you fight another group of Couatl (blue flying naga) guarding a massive
    gate and kill the royal guards beyond the gate, you're almost home free.
    Destroy the remaining 2 tidal guardians (naga turrets) with your glaive
    throwers, and you can finish the stage.  But if you want to complete my
    secret optional quest, don't beat the stage just yet.
    WIREWYRM'S SECRET OPTIONAL QUEST - Grank the Rat in the Magical Garden of
                                       Eternal Blossoms
    So you think you've seen it all?  Well have you seen Grank the Rat?  To the
    north of the platform where your glaives took out the last guardians, across
    the water, is a sealed-off garden, complete with decorative fountain.  The
    path to it lies to the east.  Have your forces take out the pesky sirens
    guarding the garden, and let Maiev blink into the magic garden.  What so
    magic about this place?  Nothing.  There's absolutely nothing in this
    sealed-off room.
    That's what i thought at first, until i spotted something moving in amongst
    the flowers.  Clicking on it, i found Grank the Rat.  15 hp critter with 0
    armor of the light variety.  It makes an irritating squeak when you try to
    touch it.  So what did i do?  Try to kill it, of course.  What's this?
    Maiev missed!  So i stood there for 15 minutes trying to kill Grank the Rat.
    Apparently the guy has a 99% - 100% evasion rate.  Ok, so i reload the game,
    choose Shadow Strike instead of FoK, and i try to kill it again.  What the
    hell?!  It's immune to magic too!  What an amazing rat!
    Then it occurred to me: the age-old way of killing a critter for sure.  I
    start to click on it repeatedly.  More irritating squeaks.  After about 10
    or so squeaks, Grank will give up and follow the path of all of his kind: he
    Haha, that was fun, wasn't it?  But for your cruelty, you are rewarded with
    no less than a Talisman of Evasion!  Too bad it's not 99% or 100% evade like
    what Mr. Grank had.  But it'll still come in handy in the later stages.
          ===   Chapter Five - Balancing the Scales   ===
    Difficulty - ****
    Start with: 3 heroes and a crapload of different units, all in the wrong 
    @ The hardest part about this stage is Maiev is under siege constantly, so
      it's hard to get Malfurion's team to move at all.  Even quicker reflexes
      than the previous stage are needed.
    @ As usual, your APs are poorly positioned at the start.  Move them inside
      your base.
    @ Which side the first group of enemies comes from is quite random.  From
      experience, they tend to prefer coming from the west first.  But don't
      count on it.
    @ With the Talisman of Evasion and full Shadow Orb, Maiev can take a lot more
      punishment than before, so put her in front to take the brunt of the
      assaults.  Be careful not to let her die though.
    @ Vengeance can raise spirits from all corpses, but the sirens' parasite will
      reduce the corpses available.  Let Maiev Blink behind enemy lines to kill
      the sirens first.
    @ Malfurion's Tranquility recharges VERY fast, so use it often.  It makes
      your bears almost invincible.
    @ Make sure Tyrande's Searing Arrows are on autocast.  Starfall does not
      recharge anywhere as quickly as Tranquility, but it will speed up your
      journey considerably.  Use it every time you see more than 3 enemies.
    @ Once they start their ultimates, Tyrande and Malfurion will ignore any
      commands you give to the group they are in, although the rest of the group
      will still follow the commands.  When you want them to stop their ultimates
      and start moving again you'll have to give them the command personally.
    @ The lightning graphics bug occurs in this stage as well.  It shouldn't
      affect you as badly as in the last stage though, because there's not much
      rearranging of buildings to be done.
    - Tome of Int.+2
    - Tome of Str.+2
    - Tome of Agl.+2 x2
    - Amulet of Spell Shield x2
    Once you are done organizing Maiev's defenses and building whatever you can
    from her pitiful cash reserves, quickly move Malfurion's team up north, then
    east through the temple, where naga will attack.  At the north part of the
    temple is a room hidden by trees.  Inside are 3 tomes of +2, and some small
    items.  The east part of the temple has some useful gold coins.  Both rooms
    are trapped.
    -Cut scene-
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Night Elf Fleet
    Don't worry about the quest for now, getting to Maiev is priority.  Attack
    the crates where the cut scene takes place for a Moonstone and Ring of
    Prot.+3.  Use the Moonstone, it will help the Moonwells recharge a little.
    Using Malfurion's group, press on east, then follow the passage south.  2
    nasty royal guards.  Don't worry about losing units here, there are not many
    more fights to go.  Pick up gold coins in the room east, and move south to
    get even more coins.  Continue south.  You will come to a crossroads, with 2
    suspicious looking statues to the east.  The statues themselves are not hard
    to defeat, but the naga base that lies just beyond will not be something your
    small party is prepared to deal with (even though the instructions tell you
    Tyrande and Malfurion are "fully prepared to challenge all who stand against
    Take the south of this fork, you will meet the first ship in the Night Elf
    Fleet and get some reinforcements.  To the east of this landing point is a
    camp of stormreavers.  They are blocking a shortcut to Maiev's base, so
    obliterate them.  Have Malfurion use Force of Nature (FoN) on the trees east
    of the encampment to clear a path through.  If you need more mana, the
    northeast tent in the stormreaver camp has a rune of mana in it.  Once you
    get through this bush Maiev will be saved.
    -Cut scene-
    Don't slow down until you've got a gold mine.  Attack the naga base to the
    northwest as soon as you can.  Get one or 2 glaive throwers if you feel you
    need them, but assault the base quickly.  The longer you wait the thinner
    your forces will become.  For some reason the naga base is much weaker after
    you rescue Maiev.  It should be a fun battle now that you have 3 ultimates to
    use simultaneously.
    Just north of the naga base is the 2nd ship from the Night Elf Fleet.  Meet
    up with it soon, it contains "special allies" that will help you defend your
    base.  Concentrate on defense as you upgrade your base, there are not many
    items nearby of much interest for now anyway.
    The easiest solution for this stage is to build air units.  Chimeras make
    much better siege weapons than glaive throwers.  Use Tyrande's scout to
    ascertain the naga's position constantly.  When you are ready to attack, i
    suggest taking on the naga base one section at a time.  The southern flank is
    easier to penetrate, from my experience.  When attacking the northern
    section, entering from the west side seems to be easier.
    Don't destroy all the buildings yet, just break all the Coral Beds (farms) to
    stop the naga from building more units.  There are many good items to get in
    this stage.  If you try do the reverse of this (ie. destroy everything else
    but leave the farms), the computer will consider that you have won and end
    the stage prematurely for you, so just kill all the farms instead.
    The optional quest is a breeze to finish, since you already know where the
    ship is to begin with.  Do it anytime you like.
    The dragon turtle at the mine north of your base will give an Amulet of Spell
    Shield.  There are some barrels between the lower section of the naga base
    and the upper section.  The barrels are up on the ledge on the easternmost
    edge of the map.  In the middle barrel is a Tome of Agl.+2, tailor-made for
    Maiev to get.  On the northeastern-most corner of the screen is another set
    of barrels on a ledge surrounded by water.  Breaking them will reveal another
    Amulet of Spell Shield, again made just for Maiev.  
    You will be playing as Tyrande and Maiev in the next stage, so suit them up
    as necessary.
          ===   Chapter Six - Shards of the Alliance   ===
    Difficulty - *
    Start with: Tyrande, Maiev, 2 mountain giants (MG), 2 DotC
    @ This stage is fairly straightforward.  Just keep the caravan moving, stop
      only to repel attackers from the back or to complete the side quest.  Once
      you get a sizeable number of mercenaries, however, you can slow down and
      explore more thoroughly.
    @ The caravan advances only if Tyrande moves forward, so you can use Maiev to
      scout ahead while Tyrande stays back to defend.  Alternatively, you can
      have Tyrande lead the caravan while Maiev brings up the rear.
    @ Conserve your troops.  You will need every last one at the end.  Use the
      DotCs' Rejuvenation as often as you can, even though they should in bear
      form whenever you fight.
    @ Watch out for Banshees: they will Possess.
    @ MGs should always hold clubs.  The added range helps them a lot.
    - Scroll of Animate Dead
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Retrieve Supplies
    This quest is convenient to do, and helps you a lot.  When you are attacking
    the outposts where the gold is hidden, kill the Dreadlord before you use
    When you get to it, choose the long route instead of the short one, but have
    Maiev bring some troops with her up the short route to get the last stash of
    gold and finish the side quest.
    The easiest way to finish is to take your time.  At the end, there is an item
    shop.  Sell low level items that you don't need, and use the cash to buy more
          ===   Chapter Seven - The Ruins of Dalaran   ===
    Difficulty - ***
    Time Limit - 30 minutes
    Start with: Maiev, Malfurion, 1 chimera, 2 faerie dragons, 2 DotC, 2 DotT,
    2 huntresses, 1 archer, all not upgraded.
    @ You will need a good balance between defense and attack in this stage.
    @ Mana flare is very effective against necromancers and banshees.
    @ You will need about 6 minutes to fight from your base up to the altar to
      stop the ritual, so pace yourself.
    @ Chimeras do splash damage, and their damage type is very strong against
      bears, so don't mix the 2 types of units, you will end up killing your own
      guys by the truckload.  Mountain giants, on the other hand, have light
      armor AND damage reduction...
    @ You will need to help Kael'thas defend his base occasionally, otherwise
      you risk having his entire base razed to the ground and the undead on that
      side coming at you instead.
    - Tome of Agl.
    - Helm of Valor
    - Tome of Int.
    From where you start, go south to kill a creep camp and in one of the barrels
    is a Tome of Agl.  West from here is an undead base that you can and should
    take out very early.  The base is defended mostly by necromancers, banshees
    and a Lich.  Faerie dragons are key.  Once you get the gold mine here, you
    can start cranking out units and upgrading very quickly, so it's a good
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Save the Paladin
    You should do this quest even though you have limited time, because the
    Paladin's aura and Resurrection really help.  It is not a hard quest anyway.
    The only problem is you might get lost in the maze.  Just have Maiev attack-
    move to the Paladin, and everyone else follow her.  The enemies on the way
    are not hard if you have chimeras, mountain giants and archers.
     !! New Tip !!
    An excellent way to complete this quest AND defend your base at the same time
    is to just send Maiev alone to the paladin, and Blink to avoid enemies and
    obstacles.  You can eventually just have her Blink into his cell, and have
    the paly use Divine Shield to make an easy getaway.  Thanks to Will A. for
    this tip.
    On the way to the paladin, if you killed all the creep, there is a Helm of
    Valor and a Tome of Int. for Malfurion to pick up.
    The naga altar is to the northwest of your base.  The quickest way in is to
    go west, then north through the mess of guardians.  Use chimeras, giants,
    archers, and have faerie dragons follow Malfurion.  While you are breaking
    through to the temple, be sure to constantly build units and rally to
    If Maiev is out of mana in the final attack, let her consume the Mana Stone.
    There is no use for it after this stage.  With any luck you should be able to
    stop the naga before your army is completely decimated.
     !! New Tip !!
    A more economical way to approach the summoning altar is to just send "an
    army of fliers along the very left-hand edge of the screen.  If you do it
    correctly, you can send them about 90% of the way to the summoners before the
    nagas see you."  Once you are detected, just concentrate all your attacks on
    the translucent summoners, and you should be able to beat the stage without
    so much as "harming the naga base".  Thanks again to Will A. for this tip.
    By the way, the army of fliers he sent consisted of 24 units in a random mix
    of faerie dragons, chims and crows.
          ===   Chapter Eight - The Brothers Stormrage   ===
    Difficulty - *****
    Start with: Malfurion, Illidan, and many units.
    @ There's no question about it, this stage is a real bitch even if you know
      what you're doing.
    @ The undead attack erratically, in large numbers, and from all sides.  To be
      honest, this stage is what inspired me to write a guide.
    @ There is no way for Illidan to get to Malfurion, and vice versa.
    - Pendant of Mana
    - Mask of Death
    - Crown of Kings
    - Healing Wards x2
    - Inferno Stone
    - Claws+15
    On Malfurion's side, you will be relying mostly on archers, mountain giants,
    and glaive throwers (yes, that's right, glaive throwers) to defend your base,
    because only glaive throwers have the range to effectively counter meat
    wagons, and also because they will help to take out the undead base southeast
    of Malfurion's camp.
    You will need about 5 MGs, 8 archers and 5 glaive throwers to destroy the
    base fast enough.  Once you do that, you'll only have to defend from the
    north.  A fun thing to do is to riddle the cliffs to the north and east with
    APs so that the undead 'zeppelins' get destroyed before they can land.  If
    you place APs on the east cliff too, you can lift some pressure off Tyrande
    and give Illidan ample time to complete his mission.  A band of trolls guard
    the east cliff though, and killing them will yield... er, Healing Wards,
    which Malfurion really doesn't need.
    On Illidan's side, have fun checking out the new units.  The creep camp
    southeast of his base gives a Rune of Shielding and a Ring of Prot.+5.  Use
    the item shop to the west of his base to suit Illidan up temporarily until he
    can find better items.
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Dam Trolls
    This quest will take some time to do, but it is very useful for several
    reasons: it gives you a much better position to attack the red base from, and
    it yields mad items.
    With 3 myrmidons, 3 sirens and 3 turtles, you should be more than a match for
    the dam trolls.  Remember that turtles can Devour enemies, so abuse that
    whenever possible.  Sirens have Parasite which gives you free units, so
    remember to use the parasites as shields.  Somewhere along the way you should
    find a Pendant of Mana.  Kill the troll boss, and for your efforts, you get a
    Mask of Death.
    South of the trolls, previously blocked by the dam, is a Fountain of Health
    guarded by some sasquatches.  Finish them off for a Rune of Restoration.  You
    should save this for later unless you're in really bad shape.  The slope to
    the east has more sasquatches for you to slaughter, and as your reward,
    you'll get a Crown of Kings.
    The undead base west of the fountain is relatively weak and comprises of
    mostly necromancers and banshees.  Use Devour and Mana Burn to stop banshees
    from Possessing your units.  You'll need about 4 myrmidons, 6 dragon turtles
    and 5 sirens to level this base quickly.  Your sirens' Parasite will prevent
    the necros from raising too many skellies, and with Illidan's help your
    parasites should soon overrun the base.
    Turtles have siege damage, so use them to take out the towers as quickly as
    possible.  One thing to note: don't let your forces stray too far north,
    otherwise you will incur the wrath of the red army before you are ready to
    face it.  To the west of this base, there is a small band of mur'gul who
    will give you a set of Healing Wards.  Quite useful for Illidan.
    It is not advisable to try to tackle the green undead base directly west of
    Illidan's base.  They have superior position and numbers.  If you like the
    extra challenge, you can go ahead and try, but before doing that i would
    recommend first taking out the small section of the green base that is
    directly north of the red base.
    Between the 2 northern sections of the green undead base, there is a small
    tributary.  If you have Illidan follow the tributary all the way west, then
    north, you will find an Inferno Stone just lying on the riverbank.  If you
    follow the stream to the northernmost end, you will find a river golem.  With
    the Crown of Kings and the Mask of Death, Illidan alone can handle the golem.
    Upon defeat, it will give you a Claws+15!  The items don't get better than
    that in this stage, so go ahead with the main mission now.
    The red base is harder to beat than it looks.  The Lich and Dreadlord combo
    there is deadly, and the frost wyrms will almost neutralize Illidan.  Take
    the initiative by Mana Burning the Lich.  If you bring a maximum supply army
    here with some of each kind of unit, and you use sirens' Cyclone and turtles'
    Devour a lot, the battle should be manageable.
    Congratulations, you have finished the Night Elf Campaign!
     4.  Alliance Campaign - Curse of the Blood Elves
    "This is preposterous!  Am I to assault the undead with nothing but sticks
    and harsh language?"
    - Kael'thas, at the Betrayal of Dalaran
          ===   Chapter One - Misconceptions   ===
    Difficulty: *
    Start with: Kael (Lv2 Blood Mage), 3 footmen, 2 spell breakers, 2 priests and
    1 peasant.
    @ This stage is easy, just don't rush.  Runes are scarce though, so use the 
      priests to keep your forces alive until you have a base.
    @ Remember to have the footmen defend when you fight ranged units.
    @ Observatories seem to be made up completely of lumber, and as such they
      phenomenal amounts of wood to repair.  Be prepared to have lots of peasants
      assigned to lumber.
    - Manual of Health
    - Tome of Int. x2
    - Tome of Str.
    - Periapt of Vitality
    - Tome of Agl.
    - Healing Wards
    Once you start, break the crate near the slope to your west for a scroll of
    the beast.  Start moving.  Don't attack-move your priests, you need them to
    be healing at all times.
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Hidden Caches
    I always knew Kael was a sneaky guy.  He has gold hidden everywhere!  The
    first 2 caches are on the way, so just grab them as you go.  The other 2 are
    quite far flung, but have very nice items.  At the southwestern cache, there
    is a crate hidden under some trees that has a Tome of Agl.  The northwestern
    cache has Healing Wards.
    -Cut scene-
    You have no choice but to accept the ships provided by the naga.  Once you
    sail across and build your Town Hall, upgrade it as soon as possible.  You
    need to build and Arcane Sanctum and start making more breakers and priests
    to defend your base.  Attacks will start coming from the west soon,
    comprising of either ghouls and necros, or banshees and crypt fiends.  After
    one or two waves meat wagons will start coming too.  Get mortar teams to
    counter them, since accumulating mortar teams will help you to flatten the
    undead base eventually anyway.
    It will take no more than 8 mortar teams, 7 breakers and 6 priests to purge
    the undead base.  Take them out once you have enough firepower, they can be a
    nuisance if you let them stick around.
    The group of mur'gul to the north of the first observatory will give a Maul
    of Str.  In other words, they're a waste of time.
          ===   Chapter Two - A Dark Covenant   ===
    Difficulty - **
    Start with: Kael, 4 archers, 4 priests, 2 sorceress, 1 spell breaker, 2
    dragonhawk riders (hawks), some workers.
    @ You cannot save the north and south parts of your base.  However, all the
      units that survive the undead onslaught will be teleported to your main
      base when after the first cut scene.  I recommend making all the fighters
      in the condemned bases run to the eastern-most part of their respective
      "islands" to escape the attack.  They can help to defend your base later.
    @ Workers should continue mining to get you more gold.  When they are under
      attack, have them run to the further gold mine to harvest.
    @ While you watch your bases get destroyed, it is wise to start cranking out
      hawks and building farms on your main island.  That way you can start the
      counterattack as soon as the cut scene ends.
    @ The observatory is still active in this stage, which means you get advance
      intel on where and when the enemy will strike.  Keep an eye on the minimap,
      and advance or retreat your hawks as is necessary.
    @ The naga units are irreplaceable once lost, except for Lady Vashj, so do
      not be careless with them.
    - Tome of Int.
    - Claws+6
    - Tome of Agl.+2
    - Ring of Regeneration (Regen)
    - Mana Stone
    - Ring of Superiority (+1 to str. agl. int.)
    - Potion of Greater Healing
    - Pendant of Energy
    If you had been building hawks right from the start, you should have about 6
    or 7 in total by the time the stage proper starts.  Immediately attack the
    purple base to the south with all the naga and all the hawks.  Don't attempt
    to cross the bridge to the west, just destroy the section closer to your
    base.  In the crates near the mine here, you will find all you need to start
    an expansion (expo) here.  Don't worry about defending this place, as long as
    Kael stays at home the undead will leave your expos alone.  In the middle of
    the fight to recover this mine, however, it is quite likely that your base
    will be attacked.  Retreat just your hawks, and have the naga finish up.
    You start with all the buildings you can build, and full upgrades, except for
    the Altar of Kings (altar) and Arcane Sanctuary (sanc).  It is a good idea to
    build a sanc when you have the money.  You will need to replace the priests
    that die.
    The northern base should be your next target.  Again, just take the section
    closer to your main base first.  You do not want to overstretch your army
    until you have vastly superior numbers.  To the west of that mine are some
    crates that will again, yield all that you need to start an expo here.
    Now with 2 mines, you can afford to have more Gryphon Aviaries (aviaries)
    producing hawks simultaneously.  Use them and the naga to retake your lost
    bases one at a time.  You should be able to do it with no losses.
    Once you are done, all you need to do is have the hawks intercept any
    incoming "dropships" or air squadrons, and you can accumulate troops in
    To destroy the last undead base, i recommend taking out the Ziggaruts (zigs)
    one by one using hit and run tactics with 2 full groups of hawks.  Once the
    last zig is destroyed you can launch an all out assault.  Unfortunately,
    even destroying all the zigs will not halt their production, because the
    Black Citadel itself produces 90 food.  However, if you destroy the Black
    Citadel and all the acolytes, the undead will not be able to produce any
    more units, so try to make that a priority if you can.
    Leave some Boneyards alive so that you can go off to hunt some creep.  The
    creep to the west of your main base will yield a Tome of Int. and a Claws+6.
    There is a hidden hydra in the southwestern-most corner of the map.  It will
    be folly not to hunt it: it yields a Tome of Agl.+2, a Mana Stone and a Ring
    of Regen.  The gnolls at the northwest corner of the map give a Ring of
    Superiority and a Scroll of Prot.  The gnolls and ogres to the east of the
    last undead base will give a Scroll of Healing and Replenishment Potion
    respectively.  The trolls in the northeast of the map give a Scroll of Lesser
    Replenishment, and breaking in one of the crates there is a Potion of Greater
    Healing.  To the east of this camp are some lightning lizards.  If you
    approach their cave, a big lizard will emerge, and killing it will get you a
    Pendant of Energy.
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Acquire Gold Mine
    This quest is strange, because putting down the instant town halls doesn't
    seem to trigger it.  In fact, i've tried everything i can think of, but the
    computer just doesn't seem to register that you completed this sidequest.  If
    you know something i don't about this, please write to me.
          ===   Chapter Three - The Dungeons of Dalaran   ===
    Difficulty - *
    Start with: Kael and Lady Vashj.
    @ This stage is easy if you take your time.  There are lots of runes to get.
    @ When you have an opportunity to stop a guard, simply Banish him.  Or you
      can just let him raise the alarm, the elite guards are not too hard to
    @ Iron doors cannot be broken.  You'll have to find a switch or solve a
      puzzle to open them.
    - Medallion of Courage (str. & int. +4)
    - Stone Token
    - Tome of Knowledge (str. int. agl. +1)
    - Tome of Str.
    - Ring of the Archmagi (special item)
    - Tome of Agl.
    - Scroll of Mana
    - Tome of Int.
    - Boots of Speed
    - Frost Wyrm Skull Shield
    - Essence of Aszune
    - Shamanic Totem
    Go westward to free your lieutenant and other elves, and continue west to
    fight some spiders.  The mother spider has a Medallion of Courage.  There is
    a Rune of Restoration in an egg sack behind the mother spider, but otherwise
    there is nothing of interest in the eggs, except a Ring of Prot.+1.  Remember
    to free your elves before you leave here.
    To the east of where you start, across shallow water, is a golem guarding a
    large crate.  Inside is a Tome of Knowledge.  Flamestrike the mushrooms to
    clear the way for Lady Vashj to get the Stone Token in the Water. 
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Ghosts of Dalaran.
    As per the cut scene, step on like-colored runes to open doors or reveal
    items.  Normal units can step on runes too, so make use of that fact.  The
    Gem Fragments that you can get are like the Shadow Orb pieces in the Night
    Elf quest: they will accumulate at the latest fragment that you touched, so
    you don't have to actually pick them up until you find the last piece.  Just
    make sure to right-click on every fragment to activate it.
    One of the pair of runes opening the door to the third ghost is blocked by
    some crates and the other is in the water further down the passage.
    After you walk in on a big battle between the undead and the human guards, in
    a room with lots of wagons loaded with gold, slay the undead and look to the
    southeast of the room.  Near some mushrooms you will see a hole in the wall
    that seems to have light blue bubbles near it.  Have someone walk into that
    hole, and you will find the solution to a previously unusable rune.  This
    will open the door to the last ghost.  If you read the item description,
    you'll find that the Ring is perfect for Kael, who typically depends on
    breakers and priests as the mainstay of his army.
    To the south of the gold room there is a room with 3 sheep.  Step on the
    square in front of the blue, then red, then gold sheep to open the door.
    Pick up the ? for a special surprise later.
    To the east of this room, a big battle awaits.  After you win, Flamestrike
    the mushrooms to the north to reveal a Rune of Restoration, and underneath
    that is the solution to open the Demonic Gate you passed by earlier.  Go back
    and enter the gate to get some neat items.
    The fight against Kassan is marginally hard.  Kassan himself is immune to
    magic, so be careful.
          ###   Secret Level - The Crossing   ###
    Difficulty: ?
    Start with: Kael, Lady Vashj, 2 workers and 2 towers.
    @ TOWER D!!! JOIN NOWW!!!11!
    @ This stage is hilarious.  I couldn't stop laughing when i first saw it.
    @ Anyway, the key here is to upgrade your towers.
    @ You can only build on places with grass, or in other words, along the sides
      of the circuit.
    @ Don't build too many boulder towers.  If you do, you'll get screwed when
      the flying enemies come.
    @ You can sell unwanted items at the goblin merchant in the west to boost
      your economy.  Use runes of speed to help your hero move along to the shop.
    @ There is a reward for beating all the rounds in this stage, but i won't say
      what.  Just try it out for yourself!
    - Claws+9
    - Tome of Agl.
    - Gloves of Haste
    - Ice Shard
    - Mana Stone
    - Orb of Slow
    - Ring of Regen
    - Periapt of Vitality +300 (???)
    If you've played any kind of tower defense before, you should know what to do
    here.  The trick to getting a high score is to build your towers on the
    inside of the curves instead of the outside.  Concentrate the towers first
    where there are a lot of kinks in the path.
    It is a good idea to leave some spaces between your towers to put better
    towers that your engineers invent later.  Once you develop a better tower,
    build nothing but that.  Except the cold tower, which cannot hit magic-
    immune units.  Build those sparingly, and spread them out.
    As if the madness wasn't enough, the designers have sprinkled a myriad of
    cool items throughout the map in crates and barrels.  The crates near your
    starting position hold a Claws+9, the wyvern cage (big crate) to the
    southeast has an Ice Shard.  The barrel in the water to the west of the
    portal holds a Tome of Agl.  The magic vault south of this barrel has a
    Gloves of Haste.  The magic vault to the northeast holds a Mana Stone.  The
    vault to the north of your starting point has an Orb of Slow.  In the crates
    in the northeastern-most part of the map is a Ring of Regen.  
    Err... yeah, the Pandaren Brewmaster drops a Periapt of Vitality +300.  Well,
    he doesn't exactly drop it, but once you kill him, it appears in the middle
    of the map where you start.  Hmm, testing has shown that it is a bogus item,
    and once you pick it up, you can't drop it!  Although it appears to add 300
    to your max HP, the item will disappear in the next stage, and it doesn't
    come back the stage after that either.  It seems to be a trick item to make
    you waste a slot to pick it up.
          ===   Chapter Four - The Search for Illidan   ===
    Difficulty ** or ****
    Start with: Kael, Lady Vashj, and possibly Jinta Reedwine
    @ This stage is similar to many customs maps out there such as defense of the
      ancients (DotA) or 10 hero siege.  You cannot control the forces on either
      side.  Only your heroes are available to you.  You do, however, get the
      gold that is being mined.
    - Sobi Mask
    Use your gold to buy mercenaries to bolster your forces.  The Sobi Mask is
    available at the goblin merchant, and it is a good item to buy.
    The only thing to note about this stage is that you should have your heroes
    stay with the main front of your allied forces at all times.  You don't need
    to "escort" the cage personally; once it is under your control it will
    automatically move towards your base on its own.  Staying with the front of
    your army will ensure that the enemy doesn’t break through, and give the
    cage enough time to get to your base.
    If you find that your army is losing, however, it is a good idea to retreat
    and wait for the next wave of your allies to come to battle.
          ===   Chapter Five - Gates of the Abyss   ===
    Difficulty - ***
    Start with: Kael, Lady Vashj, 6 swordsmen, 3 archers, 3 priests, 2 mur'gul
    reavers, 1 siren.
    @ This is kinda like the custom maps of the "protect the (insert name here)"
      series.  You got to protect Illidan for 3 minutes every time he tries to
      close a portal.
    @ Once the timer reaches 0, all the demons that came out from the portal will
      die instantly.
    @ You can build couatl in this stage, and they are very good against dragons.
    @ I suggest destroying all the orcs before attempting to close any other
      gate.  Their bases are not hard to penetrate with some help from your ally,
      and they will prove to be a constant pain in the ass if you don't kill them
    @ To maximize battle potential, build up to your supply limit before rescuing
    - Scroll of Resurrection
    - Belt of Giant Str. (+6 str.)
    - Runed Bracers
    - Manual of Health
    - Hood of Cunning
    - Khadgar's Gem of Health
    - Greater Scroll of Replenishment
    - Claws+12
    One thing to note is not to let your troops run too far away towards the
    portal.  They have a bad habit of doing that.  If your defenses are failing,
    fall back and let Illidan take some hits.  He's a real behemoth and can take
    at least 10 seconds of punishment all by himself.
    After you seal the first gate, orcs will attack you soon, usually from the
    south.  There are some crates around your base, one of which contains a
    Potion of Greater Healing.  A crate near the first portal you sealed has a
    Scroll of Resurrection.
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Draenei Village
    South of your base, a Draenei village is under attack.  It is easy to help
    them.  With the right items, just your 3 heroes alone are enough to crush the
    orcs that are bothering the Draenei.
    In the Draenei village are many crates filled with goodies.  There is a Belt
    of Giant Str., a Pendant of Energy, a Runed Bracers, and some Goblin Land
    Once you help the Draenei, they will start to suicide charge another orc base
    every now and then.  If you launch a joint attack with them using your heroes
    and dragon turtles,  you should be able to destroy that orc base too.
    There are lots of Draenei held captive in cages all around the map.  If you
    break the cages they are held in, they will join you.  The crates near their
    prisons usually have good items too.  Just east of your base, some infernal
    contraptions one such prison.  The crates there will give a Manual of Health.
    To the north of the east-most orc base is another prison, and the crates
    there hold a Hood of Cunning.  There is another prison to the north of your
    original base, and the crates there hold a Khadgar's Gem of Health.
    The last group of orcs will cycle between sending dragons, raiders, and
    grunts together with a Blademaster to harass you.  Have some troops at home
    to defend if you are out raiding bases or closing gates.
    When attacking the last orc base, be prepared to fight lots of dragons.
    Couatl are the best bet against dragons; hawks just don't do enough damage.
    With fully upgraded troops you should have no trouble beating them.
    The dimensional gates are not too hard to close, but don't underestimate
    them.  The demons that emerge are generally the same type as those that were
    guarding the gate.  For example, the gate in the south will release mostly
    flying units.  Watch out for maidens, they can Charm your units.
    The crates around the gates usually have useful items in them, so check them
    out.  There is one in the northwest corner of the map holding a Claws+12.
          ===   Chapter Six - Lord of Outland   ===
    Difficulty - ***
    Start with: Kael, Illidan, 5 breakers, 3 priests, 2 sorceresses (sorcs).
    Team 2 has Lady Vashj, 2 royal guards, 2 dragon turtles, 3 snap dragons.
    Team 3 has some interesting characters, used mostly for assassination and
    @ All your units start off fully upgraded.
    @ Remember that Illidan can walk on water.
    @ Even if you don't set your assassins to hide, they won't attack unless
      their allies nearby are attacked.  You can sneak around with them with
      ease.  Take note that casting spells and using items will cause them to
      be revealed temporarily.
    @ You cannot rebuild any of the assassins, so take care of them!  You can,
      however, revive their leader at your altar, so don't worry too much about
    @ On Illidan's side, the orcs will keep sending waves of attackers to slow
      you down, and they will always track the location of your visible party.
      I've never known them to try to attack your base though, so don't worry
      about defense.  Lady Vashj's side does not experience this.  Most of the
      enemies she has to fight are static.
    @ There are too many Tomes and other good items in this stage, so i will
      only indicate those that are exceptional, or hard to find.
    @ To maximize battle potential, build up to your supply limit before rescuing
      prisoners or siege machines.  You will have over 100 supply in units, which
      is, of course, a good thing.
    @ The Master of Pain and Mistress of Torment have Truesight, so they can see
      invisible units.  Don't try to sneak past them.
    @ This is the last stage of the campaign, so don't hesitate to use all your
      consumable items.
    - Helm of Valor
    - Mask of Death
    - Ankh of Reincarnation
    - Claws+12 x2
    - Robe of The Magi
    - Demonic Figurine
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Disable Defenses
    Huh?  How is this an optional quest?  You will suffer ridiculous losses if
    you don't do it, so there's really no other way about it.  The generators are
    marked on the minimap, so it's only a matter of getting to them to destroy
    If you find that your forward scouts ever have any trouble, remember that
    your sorcs have Invisibility, which works just fine on Illidan and Kael
    (although Illidan still leaves ridiculously conspicuous footprints when he's
    To the west of the first generator (that the computer destroyed for you in
    the cut scene), there is a room with a lot of tomes and some prisoners to
    rescue.  Go in for a special surprise!
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Siege Bastion
    After destroying the first orc base, there is a room to the west that holds
    some siege weapons.  It is a good idea to get them.  The guards are easy to
    kill.  But maybe that's because my Illidan was doing 69 - 91 dmg at "very
    fast" speed, and draining half of that life with the Mask of Death.
    Just before the north-most orc base on Illidan's side, to the west, there is
    a waterway down which Illidan can go.  Follow it south then east to get a
    Manual of Health, and up a southern slope for a Helm of Valor, 2 Tomes of
    Agl. and some gold coins.  It's a good idea to do this after you destroy the
    north orc base, because they have a habit of coming out to attack your forces
    while Illidan is away.
    The easiest way to play this stage is to control only Illidan's side first,
    all the way up to the Master of Pain, and then use Illidan to meet up with
    Lady Vashj, and bring all 4 heroes to fight the Mistress of Torment together,
    followed by the Master of Pain.
    To get to Lady Vashj before defeating the Master of Pain, destroy the
    mushrooms to the northeast corner of the first orc base you destroy.  It will
    lead you to a Fountain of Mana.  Illidan can go down the south slope here and
    cross to the other side, which eventually leads to Vashj.
    WIREWYRM'S IMPOSSIBLE OPTIONAL QUEST - Melt the Mysterious Stay-Frost Snowmen
    In the southwest corner of the same orc base, there is another clump of
    mushrooms.  Burning these away will reveal some gold coins, and 3 Mysterious
    Stay-Frost Snowmen.  No matter how hard i tried, i couldn't melt them away.
    Can you?
    In the southeast corner of this orc base, behind more mushrooms, are some
    more gold coins.  There is nothing in the northwest corner of the base.
    To get to Lady Vashj, Illidan has to go through an orc base.  Go through it?
    Why not just lay waste to the whole base with Illidan?  If you have the Mask
    of Death and Crown of Kings, as well as the Claws+15 left over from the Night
    Elf campaign, you should be more than able to take them on.  Kill the
    warlocks first, they have irritating magic.  Then kill the grunts next.  When
    the catapults start attacking you, stand right next to a building as you
    fight so that the splash dmg from the enemy catapults will hit the building.
    Destroy the catapults last: they take up precious supply so that the enemy
    cannot build more of other units, and also because they will help you to
    demolish their own buildings.
    When you are playing as Lady Vashj, if you check to the west of the main
    waterway, you will find some hydras.  After killing them, break the rocks to
    reveal and Ankh of Reincarnation and a Claws+12.
    If you go north, then west again, you will fight some ships.  A small recess
    to the north of those ships has some gold coins and a Robe of the Magi in it.
    Go east from here, past the Fountain of Health, and then south down a passage
    to find 2 of each kind of tome (str. int. & agl.) as well as some gold coins.
    You should be pretty loaded by now.
    Go north past the ex-orc base and you will find some explosives by the
    mushrooms.  Blow them up!  They will reveal a path, and if you blow up even
    more mushrooms, you will find some coins and a rune called a Shard of
    Summoning.  It summons a very large flesh golem for a limited time.
    To the west of this is the hydraulic bridge.  Step on the glowing squares on
    either side to complete the bridge.  Once you trigger the bridge, you can
    form up your entire party to attack the Mistress of Torment.  I think her
    side is easier because her guards cannot charm your units.  Defeat her and
    claim her Mask of Death.
    The Master of Pain should be easier now.  One thing to note is that you
    should try to save either at least one catapult or some of the invisible
    units.  You still have one last generator to destroy.
    Once he is done for, destroy the last generator.  It is invulnerable until
    you kill both the Master and Mistress.  A glowing tile behind the Master's
    throne reveals his treasure room to the west, but there is nothing of much
    value there.
    Before you fight the final battle, look to the east side of the passage for
    a small room that is sort of like a warehouse: it has many crates.  One of
    the crates has a Demonic Figurine.
    You can either fight Magtheridon directly, or lure his guards away first.
    Either way, the fight should not be too difficult.
    Congratulations, you have finished the Human Campaign!
     5.  Scourge Campaign - Legacy of the Damned
    "Give my regards to hell, you son of a bitch!"
    - Sylvanas the Damned
          ===   Chapter One - King Arthas   ===
    Difficulty: *****
    Start with: 3 sides, Arthas with 2 abominations (aboms), 2 ghouls, 2 shades;
    Kel'Thuzad with 2 necros, 2 ghouls, 2 shades; Sylvanas with 4 banshees, 2
    ghouls, 2 shades.  All units fully upgraded to the extent that they could be
    in Warcraft III Classic.
    @ Aboms can now Cannibalize!  Yummy.
    @ Units raised by Animate Dead are now invulnerable, so watch out.  Don't
      trap Arthas in front of his animated units, because he will end up taking
      all the dmg and die.
    @ All undead units only regenerate on Blight (or where there's supposed to be
      Blight, but you can't see it).  Possessed units regenerate as they would in
      their original forms, so they are not affected.  Heroes are also not
      affected by Blight.
    @ For this stage, heroes and shades take up 0 supply.
    @ First wave of humans will go to Arthas.
    @ When they are fighting, your troops tend to ignore anything that doesn't
      hit them, so a lot of villagers may slip by this way.  Be careful.
    @ Once a human touches the beacon, he will become invulnerable, so get them
      before they can make it that far.
    @ Since you have a lot of money, always keep your heroes stocked up with
      potions and scrolls from the store.  You may need them in a pinch.
    @ This stage is HARD if you don't have a good plan.  I had to restart so many
      times that i almost gave up writing this guide.  But then it's stages like
      this that you need guides for.
    - Tome of Str. x2
    - Wand of Neutralization
    - Tome of Int.
    - Gauntlets of Str.
    - Slippers of Agl.
    - Mantle of Int.
    In this stage you have pretty much infinite resources, but the 30 supply
    limit isn't much to work with.  First start by moving Arthas and his men a
    little forward.  They are too close to the beacon, and will let the humans
    escape.  Then build nothing but aboms, queue them to the max, and rally them
    directly north of the Slaughterhouse, on the path.  This is the best
    position for Arthas and his aboms to stand: they won't get lured too far
    forward and get killed, and there is enough room for the big aboms to
    surround and pound the enemy into the ground (nice rhyme there).  The ghouls
    should stand between them and the beacon to catch the refugees that slip
    through your aboms.
    Then go to Kel'Thuzad; the second group of humans will likely attempt to flee
    from there.  Build queue maximum necros and ghouls, and rally the necros
    south of the crypt, on the path, just around the corner of the trees.  The
    ghouls should be rallied just in front of the necros.  Move the 2 ghouls that
    you start with further back up the trail to catch sneaky humans.  Remember to
    turn Raise Dead on autocast on the necros.
    Now go to Sylvanas.  Queue banshees to the max.  Move your troops slightly
    forward, keeping the banshees behind to catch sneaks.  Turn off autocast
    Curse on the banshees, and turn on autocast on Sylvanas' Black Arrow.
    Now you can move all the shades to monitor the forks in the roads.  No
    enemies can see your shades in this stage, but they may get killed by splash
    dmg from mortar shells or chance dmg from magic like Blizzard.
    The easiest way to clear this stage is to focus on Sylvanas first, since she
    sucks if you let the computer control her, but is the best out of all 3
    groups if you control her yourself.  It's all about Possession.
    Before you start concentrating on her, put Arthas and all his aboms in one
    control group, and Kel'Thuzad and all his necros (as many that will fit,
    that is) in another.  Whenever you hear that they are in trouble, use the
    control group to quickly scout them out.  Once their supply is maxed out,
    they should be doing fine, so after a while you'll be able to tell the false
    alarms from the real crises.  Kel'Thuzad will still occasionally have trouble
    though, because his team relies primarily on magic.  He cycles through necros
    very fast, so keep the necros fully queued up in the temple at all times.
    After the first few ghouls die, stop building ghouls and just go straight
    necros.  Just make sure there are 2 ghouls in the back of the path waiting to
    catch sneaks.  Again, remember to turn Raise Dead on autocast; all new necros
    will have it turned off.
    Now for Sylvanas.  Just defend with what you have until you max out of supply
    in banshees.  Then, keeping them in a safe distance, Possess the militia
    captains that come to you one at a time.  They are the big brown spear
    throwers, and they are the strongest unit you can Possess early on, better
    than knights by far.  Keep waiting for them to come to you until you have
    only 4 banshees left.  Have Sylvanas constantly buy Scrolls of Healing from
    the shop to keep your new troops in good condition.  You should have about 9
    militia captains before you move out.
    Keeping 2 captains in your base to kill sneaks, attack and kill the 2 knights
    to the west, and then the 2 to the north.  Destroy the barricades; they may
    get in your way later.  Now attack the human camp to the north.  Once you see
    the blue halo indicating the arrival of the paladin, run.  They shouldn't
    chase you very far, and even if they do, it's easier to kill them outside the
    town without the towers interfering.  Also, you want to be close enough to
    your base to catch the next caravan coming through, because they WILL try to
    go through when you attack one of their camps.
    Once the annoying paladin is gone, finish off the human camp.  Once all the
    farms are gone, humans will stop spawning from this spot, which means one
    less place to guard against.
    The next camp to rush is to the northwest, after the Fountain of Mana.  Just
    charge in, kill the mortars one by one, then the farms.  Don't even bother
    about the paladin this time, since there are no towers.  Just kill the farms,
    then get out of there to stop the next caravan.  There is a Rune of
    Restoration in the crates by the Fountain, if you find you need it.
    After you kill 2 camps, the enemies will start getting tougher.  Militia
    commanders (guys on horses with devotion aura) will start leading the
    caravans.  That's what the last few banshees are for.  These guys are very
    good to Possess.  Kel'Thuzad will have problems dealing with them on his side
    though, so when he gets attacked, go to him and use Cripple on the commanders
    and Frost Nova.
    At your leisure, destroy the last base to the north.  Keep your commanders
    alive, they tend to go too far in front.  If you have remaining banshees, use
    Anti-magic Shell (ams) to dispel unwanted effects.  Once you're done here,
    Sylvanas' side is secure.
    Kel'Thuzad should go next, because he's not very good at defense either.  Use
    a skelly rush to kill the 2 knights and 1 sorc blocking the path to the
    south.  Or maybe 2 skelly rushes.  Just use skeletons.  Then make 5 ghouls
    and kill the 2 priests to the west.  Ignore the footmen, just go straight for
    the priests.  Once they are dead you can skelly rush whatever remains there.
    After that, skelly rush the sasquatch hiding in the trees to the southwest.
    He doesn't give good treasure, but he's blocking the way.
    Once you're done clearing the obstacles, move one shade south across the
    river.  Just before the river there will be a fork.  Take the west path.
    Across the river is an important junction: all humans coming from the other
    side have to go through there.  Move the other shade to the west, just
    outside of the village you must burn.
    Now, time your assault against the west village such that there are no humans
    en route from the river, and you intercept the caravan from the west village
    just as they are leaving the village.  This will maximize your skelly
    potential.  When the paly appears, just retreat and let your swarm of
    skellies do the work.  Focus on killing the farms, your skellies are on a
    timer and won't last long enough to kill both the paladin and the farms.
    Your army proper should return just in time to receive the next caravan
    coming from the south across the river.
    Once you slaughter the south caravan, stock up on potions and quickly take
    position at the fork on the north bank of the river.  From now you should
    rally all new troops to Kel'Thuzad and hold that position until you're ready
    to strike.  The next refugee camp is just south across the river, so whenever
    you're ready, just send in a skelly rush.
    When you're done you can start moving up north.  There are some crates along
    the path that contain a Tome of Str.  Hold position to gather more forces
    when you reach a fork in the road.  Skelly rush the Fountain on Health to
    the west of the fork.  The last base in the north is quite tough.  I suggest
    skelly rushing one tower at a time.  Once the towers are gone, you can
    launch a full-scale attack.  Bring some ghouls to take dmg and it shouldn't
    be too hard.  Retreat to guard the fork by the river if you find that you
    are losing.  Try not to let Kel'Thuzad die, because if it comes down to it,
    he can hold a whole caravan up by himself.
    Arthas has the clumsiest attack force.  Aboms are really bad in narrow
    places.  The trick with Arthas is to kill 2 caravans, then Animate dead, and
    use the human troops to destroy the farms in the camps.  One caravan won't
    give you enough firepower to do it; you'll likely end up with peasants and a
    horse, so wait until you kill 2 groups.
    In fact if you are patient, you can just keep using animated refugees to
    fight for you.  Be careful though: although the animations are invulnerable,
    Dispel Magic does dmg to them, so you should kill the priests manually before
    using Animate Dead.
    At the first fork in the road, there are some barrels containing a Wand of
    Neutralization.  Very good for turning sheep back into aboms.
    In the north of the 2nd camp that Arthas come across, one of the crates has a
    Tome of Str.  While you are on the way to the northern-most camp from there,
    you will find a Tome of Int. in a crate by the road.
    SIDEQUEST - Face off
    After destroying all the camps, you have as much time as you want to mount an
    assault on the paladin altars.  If you take a look around, each of the 3
    characters you control can square off with their respective counterparts.
    Defeating these heroes will earn you a +3 artifact of the respective type.
    Considering most of the other items in this stage are crap, the +3 artifacts
    are quite worth the effort.
    And here's something i found out completely by accident.  Literally stumbled
    into it.  It's not really a "quest", but here goes anyway.
    WIREWYRM'S OPTIONAL QUEST - Secret of the Robotic Ice Dispenser
    Is the summer heat getting to you?  Well, not much i can do about that, but
    Arthas does have a quick way to cool off in this stage.  At the northern-most
    refugee camp in his route, behind the Arcane Sanctuary (if you've already
    wrecked it, it was to the west of the camp), there's a narrow hidden path in
    the trees leading westward.  This path opens into a little glade, where
    you'll find the ice machine, cleverly disguised in the form of a little boy.
    In fact, it even has a name: Little Timmy.  Little Timmy may look little, but
    don't let that fool you; he's completely indestructible, and sells Ice Shards
    at 750g apiece.  Just what a king needs to keep his cool in the heat.  How do
    i know Timmy's a robot?  He's labeled "Mechanical".  And besides, he doesn't
    talk.  (NOTE: if you can't get into the path, a sheep is probably blocking
    your path.  Kill it and have your abom eat the carcass for lunch, those darn
          ===   Chapter Two - The Flight from Lordaeron   ===
    Difficulty - **
    Start with: Arthas.
    @ This is one stage you shouldn't stay still for too long.  Enemies will keep
      respawning and biting you in the ass, so keep moving.
    @ Arthas cannot gain experience in this stage.
    - Tome of Int.
    - Tome of Agl.
    - Staff of Reanimation
    - Boots of Quel'Thalas
    - Orb of Venom
    - Tome of Str.
    This stage is quite direct.  Outside the first door, some loyals join you.
    Bust through the door across the hall to get 2 tomes.  You need to break the
    bookstands to get them.
    Down the hall, an abom you fight will give you a Staff of Reanimation.  It
    doesn't make invulnerable units, but it is VERY useful.
    You'll find some gold coins in this stage, but all you can buy with it are
    a Mana Stone, a Potion of Restoration and Potion of Greater Mana, so don't
    stick your neck out too much for them.
    North of the Fountain of Mana is a room with a switch.  Activate it and you
    will gain access to a Boots of Quel'Thalas to the east of the Fountain.
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Meat Wagon Surprise
    The wagons will help you somewhat, but they are not really necessary.  They
    are filled with corpses for you to raise though, so that might be a good
    thing.  Remember to wake up sleeping units in the midst of battle though,
    otherwise you'll lose all your men before you know it.
    After you get the wagons, be careful of them attracting enemies to you before
    you're ready.  I suggest hiding the wagons somewhere until you need them.
    At the junction where you find the Orb of Venom, turn east to go to the shop.
    Follow the path north and then west to find a Fountain of Health.  A hidden
    path behind the Fountain takes you to a Rod of Necromancy, if you should need
    it.  Below the Fountain, in a crate, is a Rune of the Revenant.
    Be careful with your shade; there are enemy shades that can see it too.
    At the courtyard where there are 2 Nerubian Towers guarding a door, turn
    right to save 2 of your ghouls, and turn left for a Tome of Str. and another
    Rune of the Revenant.  Charge through the main door and save your subjects.
    When you reach the stage boss, it is better to enter from the left side of
    the hall, because there is a Rune of Greater Resurrection there in a crate
    against the north wall.  Alternatively, if you have the patience, you can use
    Animate Dead on the big pile of bones nearby to get 6 invulnerable ghouls and
    pick off the boss's henchmen one by one, and repeat this until it is alone.
    Either way, it's not too hard of a fight.
          ===   Chapter Three - The Dark Lady   ===
    Difficulty - ****
    Start with: Sylvanas, 4 banshees, 2 ghouls, and 1 obsidian statue.  Also, 5
    acolytes in a mine, a fully upgraded Black Citadel, 2 Temples of the
    Damned, some Nerubian Towers, a Crypt, and a Graveyard.
    @ You can only upgrade melee attack and armor in this stage.
    @ Undead enemies you Possess will have the same upgrade levels as you, not as
      the enemy.
    @ If you Possess enemy necros, they are fully upgraded, but do not make
      skeletal mages until Sylvanas becomes level 6.
    @ You cannot Possess flying units, but Charm works just fine on them.
    - Staff of Negation
    - Manual of Health
    This stage is hard, because you constantly need to steal firepower from the
    enemy, and what you steal could make or break your game.  Enemies will attack
    from both the north and the east.  I suggest concentrating your towers on the
    north side, because my strategy involves destroying the base to the east
    first.  Position your towers so that they can reach the enemies just as they
    come up the slope from around the trees.  Later on, the enemy necros will
    cluster there and make very easy targets for your towers.
    From the start, build more zigs and 1 more ghoul to harvest wood.  Have 1
    acolyte on auto repair at all times, you will need it.  It's good to have 2
    obsidian statues as well, one on mana and one on health.  Then, keep making
    banshees and remember to turn off curse.  Upgrade whatever you can at the
    Graveyard.  It will make the units you Possess stronger than enemy units.
    As early as possible, you should send Sylvanas to the west of the base and
    then south up a slope.  There is a burning blacksmith there, a remnant of the
    ravaged alliance forces.  Destroy it and grab the Glyph of Fortification
    inside.  This can be done easily, and will help a lot.  Next, go out the
    bridge to the north of your base, and head northeast, then follow the path
    south.  Just north of the Fountain of Health, break some barrels to get a
    Wand of Negation.  It will be useful later.  Attack one of the bandits to
    start an optional quest.  You don't have to do the quest at all, but starting
    it helps you to keep an eye on Varimathras' forces.
    Possess all the enemies that come to your base at the start.  Try to get them
    before their health goes too low, otherwise they may die the moment you
    Possess them.  As soon as you have 4 necros, 4 aboms and 2 statues, build 2
    meat wagons, 4 banshees and prepare to attack the purple base in the east.
    By this time, you should have at least 2/1 (2 atk, 1 def) upgrades on your
    aboms and skellies.  Build queue 3 or 4 more meat wagons and rally them to
    Sylvanas.  Charge east, and try to ignore the trolls on the way to the base.
    Possess all the crypt fiends that you see.  They are much easier to control
    when attacking the base because unlike aboms, they don't run all the way
    inside to their deaths right at the start.  Your necros should have Raise
    Dead on autocast, and this should provide all the melee cover that you need.
    Always have your statues close to the action so that the necros can summon
    skellies continuously, and the skellies can live longer.  Have the meat
    wagons target the towers first, but don't move them too deep into enemy
    territory; they should always be behind your necros and fiends.  If you can't
    reach a tower this way, then just destroy any structure that produces units.
    Ignore the altar as much as you can.
    You will have to subdue the base quickly, because Varimathras WILL attack
    when you are not home.  Keep building banshees at home, and as soon as the
    purple base is under control (there are only 2 enemy units in sight, you're
    making skellies faster than the computer can build troops, and you still have
    4 meat wagons alive bombarding his buildings), move Sylvanas and all your
    troops, other than the necromancers and meat wagons, back to base to defend.
    Use the Wand of Negation to dispel the enemy skellies and kill the necros
    quickly, then the meat wagons.  Your towers should take care of the rest.
    Once you successfully destroy purple, the rest of the stage is a piece of
    cake.  There is another gold mine, lightly guarded by trolls, to the west of
    your original base if you need it.  The cage by the mine has a Manual of
    Health in it, so be sure to break it open.  The optional quests are really
    optional; you can mow Varimathras' base over without the help of any
    mercenaries (mercs).  They don't yield significantly good items either
    (especially if you had stocked up on Ice Shards earlier).
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Ogre Warlord
    To the west of your base are some ogres bashing burning buildings.
    Destroying or Possessing them will start this optional quest.  Bring about 5
    banshees with you to complete this quest quickly.  Avoid the ogres along the
    way if you can, and when you can't, Possess the strongest 2 ogres and let
    them fight each other while you move on.  Possess their leader as soon as you
    reach his camp; if you let the fight drag on there'll be trouble.  Mug'thol
    is not to be taken lightly.
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Bandit Lord
    This quest can be started by killing or Possessing any group of bandits to
    the northeast of your base, across the bridge.  Complete it in the same way
    as the ogre mission, but watch out for the wizards' Chain Lightning.  The
    bandits are guarding a gold mine, and after you finish this quest you'll be
    able to use the mine, but be warned, Varimathras will bring his troops into
    that section if you build a mine there.  Don't use it unless you absolutely
    need to.
          ===   Chapter Four - The Return to Northrend   ===
    Difficulty **
    Start with: Arthas, Anub'arak, 3 ghouls, 4 crypt fiends, 3 necros, 2 meat
    wagons, 2 frigates, 2 battleships, and 2 transports.
    @ Arthas' Unholy Aura causes all friendly units to regenerate, including
      mechanical units.
    @ All naval units cost 0 food.  You can build as many as you want, as long as
      you have the gold and lumber.
    @ As usual, Arthas cannot gain any experience or levels in this stage.
    @ Polar bears can swim!  Don't mess with them with near-dead ships.
    - Pendant of Energy
    - Sobi Mask
    - Horn of the Clouds
    - Claws+9
    - Tome of Str., Agl., Int.
    This stage is very easy, as long as you do NOT complete the primary objective
    first.  Doing so will put you into a defensive position, and it becomes much
    harder to advance when the enemy is constantly attacking your base.  As long
    as you do not have a base, the enemy will just sit and wait in their colonies
    and not bother you besides sending the occasional ship to replace the ones
    that you sink.
    There are some creeps on the island that you start on, and they are useful
    for giving Anub'arak some items and experience.  It is a good idea not to
    bring Arthas along to creep, because he will reduce Anub'arak's XP gain by
    half.  Check the barrels and crates near the trolls for some Gold Coins and a
    Healing Salve.
    Once you are done, you should have enough money to buy more ships from the
    Shipyard to the east of your starting point.  Get as many battleships as you
    can, and put the remaining resources into frigates.  Battleships have longer
    range, more HP, and do more dmg than frigates.  Their only weakness is not
    being able to hit air units, but you won't be meeting that many of those, so
    battleships are better in this stage.
    Attack the red elven base to the north, but leave at least one non-farm
    building standing.  Just destroy all the farms and towers, and the rest of
    the buildings will be as good as done.  Check in all the barrels and crates
    for Gold Coins, a Bundle of Lumber, and a Pendant of Energy.  
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Dragon Hoard
    Even though you can't trigger this optional quest at this point, you can and
    should complete this quest before you proceed nonetheless.  To the north of
    the elven base is a dragon's lair.  You can clear it out with some good
    maneuvering of your fiends and 2 heroes, and possibly meat wagons too.
    Burrow your fiends, position wagons farther back, use 1 hero to lure a dragon
    to you, and once it gets within range, Unburrow your fiends, and they should
    automatically Web the dragon.  Your heroes, wagons and fiends should make
    short work of the dragons this way, as long as you take them on one at a
    time.  Beware of the lv 10 blue dragons, they can Devour your units, so don't
    let them get too close to your fiends.  Be especially careful of the dragon
    king Sapphiron: he can cast Frost Nova, and packs a mean punch even when
    alone.  Defeating him will yield great prizes though, and we're not just
    talking treasure here...
    Now if you haven't already done so, move all your fighting ships north to
    trigger an event, and a new channel will open.  Go through the channel and
    sink the ships there with your superior numbers.  The elves will keep sending
    ships to replace the ones you sank, but they will stop after a while.  Stick
    around here and keep your ships near to Arthas to regenerate them.  Do not
    attack the naga base to the northwest until all your ships have at least 80%
    of their max HP.  At this point you should also be able to buy more ships
    with the spoils from the dragons' lair.
    Once you are ready, use your ships to quickly destroy the tidal guardians
    around the naga base.  Retreat quickly when the naga send their troops out,
    such that you can fight them with your land as well as sea units.  Then
    proceed to destroy all the tidal guardians, and continue moving north with
    your fighting ships.  Don't bother about eliminating the naga for now.  Keep
    pushing north, then around west, and destroy the elven outpost to the north
    with your ships and your new friend.  Then come around south and you will be
    at the other opening to the naga base.  Now if you drop your heroes on the
    curve where the tidal guardians originally were, they should lure most of the
    enemies away, and your ships can then quickly destroy all the naga buildings.
    Concentrate on the Temple first, as it can produce flying units.  Then
    destroy the entire base.
    Rest your ships here again, making use of Arthas' aura.  Heal organic units
    with Death Coil.  Once you're ready, attack the last elven stronghold to the
    south.  Use your battleships to eliminate the towers and shipyard first, then
    beach all your land units on the eastern side of the base and proceed
    westward to scourge the whole base.  Once you're done here, you can go back
    to clear the primary objective, and amass troops in peace to complete the
    final objective.
    WIREWYRM'S OPTIONAL QUEST (?) - The Riddle of the Penguin King
    On the way to the beacon to complete the stage, if you go as far south as
    possible, past some polar bears, you will enter a sprawling forest.  In the
    southwestern corner of the forest, there is a Scroll of Mana hidden under
    a tree.  What is strangest is the door in the southeastern corner of the
    forest.  If you move any unit close to it, it will open after a cut scene
    and reveal a huge Penguin King.  A Ring of Prot.+4 will also appear at the
    Penguin King's feet, which you can get if you like.  The riddle is this: is
    there a way to make the Penguin King give you a better item than a lousy Ring
    of Prot.+4?  Some clues include: the Large Penguin behind a fence on the
    island that you started on, which will give you a Ring of Superiority when
    killed, and a small penguin named Little Timmy (again) in the penguin pen in
    a camp of walrus-like creeps called Tuskarrs in a secluded area just west of
    the dragons' lair.  Can you solve the Riddle of the Penguin King?
          ===   Chapter Five - Dreadlord's Fall   ===
    Difficulty - ***
    Start with: Sylvanas, Varimathras, 2 footmen, 2 banshees, 2 fiends, 1 ghoul
    In your base, there are 2 ghouls on lumber, 5 acolytes on the gold mine.  You
    also start with a Black Citadel, Temple, Crypt, Graveyard, and some Spirit
    @ As usual with Sylvanas, you can build master level banshees right from the
    @ Attacking a building or another unit near a sleeping enemy will wake up the
    @ Charm works on Destroyers even though they are magic-immune.
    - Ring of Regen
    - Pendant of Mana
    - Khadgar's Gem of Health
    - Amulet of Spell Shield
    In theory, you can destroy either the human or the undead base before they
    wake up, but not both.  I recommend taking out the human completely first,
    because you can fight undead on blight so they have less of an advantage
    against you.
    Although there are only 2 enemy colors in this stage, each color controls 2
    gold mines at the start.  For simplicity, i will refer to the encampment
    around each gold mine as a "base", meaning there are 4 bases you have to
    destroy to finish the stage.  How much destruction you can wreak before the
    enemies wake up is entirely up to your management skill level.  In theory, it
    is possible neutralize all the enemy bases and take the fight to the last
    enemy hero just as time runs out.  I am not good enough to do this, however,
    so i will describe the next best strategy: killing all except for Detheroc's
    Attack to the west with your strike team.  Possess one mortar team, and just
    before he gets Possessed, Charm the other mortar.  Kill the footman and go
    west.  Meanwhile, build 2 ghouls, rally to a tree, build 1 acolyte, and build
    as many banshees as you can, rally to Sylvanas.
    Back at the human base, kill the enemy units one by one, Possess the knight
    at the north of the base, and make sure to kill all the peasants.  There are
    4 near the town hall, and 2 in the north by the lumber mill.  As soon as the
    last unit is dead, move your mortars in, attack the town hall, and rally
    attack all the buildings that can produce units.  Move all other units out
    and prepare to attack the undead base to the east.
    Meanwhile, build more banshees, and bring the extra acolyte down with you.
    Although building structures will also wake up the enemy, there is a spot
    behind the northern undead gold mine where you can build spirit towers
    without alerting the enemy.  Have the acolyte start building zigs there.
    With your strike force, Possess and Charm the other 2 mortars outside the
    undead base, kill the footman, and attack the undead base.  Possess as many
    units as you can, in this order of priority: aboms, fiends, necros, others.
    Kill all the units that you cannot Possess, then move in the other 2 mortars
    to destroy the Necropolis, and rally attack all the buildings that can
    produce units.  Have your acolyte here build as many zigs as you can, and
    turn all the zigs into Spirit Towers.  Move all your other units out to
    finish off the human base.
    Possess as many knights and riflemen as possible, Charm the griffon, and
    concentrate all your attacks on Garithos.  Keep your heroes alive!  Move your
    first set of mortars down here as soon as Garithos is about to die, and have
    them attack the town hall.  Once Garithos falls, quickly kill all the
    peasants (4 by the town hall, 2 by the mill in the south, past the tower).
    Then attack the town hall with all your units, followed by the 2 Barracks,
    1 Workshop, and 2 aviaries.
    By this time the enemies should be awake.  If you have 5 or more Spirit
    Towers in the northern undead base, you should be able to fend off their
    assault.  As soon as you have neutralized the human base, move all your
    units to the undead base to defend the gold mine that you stole.  Build a
    Slaughterhouse and Tomb of Relics here and get some statues to heal your
    units, and you should be quite well entrenched here.  Having some shades will
    make it easier to lay siege to the last undead base, and will also help to
    anticipate their attacks.  In any case, the rest of the game should be simple
    and straightforward.
    Before you complete the stage, you should check around for items.  On the
    south edge of the map, just west of the undead base, there are some barrels
    between some houses.  In one of the barrels is a Ring of Regen.  To the east
    of your original base, there is a camp of sasquatch, and the boss yields a
    Pendant of Mana.  At the marketplace in the southwest part of the map, you
    can buy some really good items if you wait for them to rotate, including
    Pendants of Mana, Khadgar's Gems of Health, and Amulets of Spell Shield.
          ===   Chapter Six - A New Power in Lordaeron   ===
    Difficulty - ****
    Start with: Sylvanas, Varimathras, and big undead base.  Also Garithos and a
    big human base.
    @ All units start without upgrades (except for the dwarves that you can
      rescue in the optional quest).
    @ This is the last stage you'll get to use these heroes, so don't bother
      conserving items.  Just use all your consumable items to help you destroy
      the sub-bases, or whenever necessary.  There are many nice items to pick up
      all over this stage too.
    @ Your town halls on both sides are not upgraded fully, so upgrade them as
      soon as possible in order to gain the full range of units and abilities.
    - Talisman of Evasion
    - Runed Bracers x2
    - Ring of Archmagi
    - Crown of Kings
    - Belt of Giant Str.
    Another one of those stages where you have to control 2 teams.  It's hard,
    but it prepares you very well for team games on Battlenet in which one of
    your allies drops in the first 2 minutes.
    Other than Balnazzar's base, there are 2 other undead colors here: orange has
    2 gold mines and will keep harassing Sylvanas and company, while green has
    only 1 mine and will harass Garithos.  On top of that, purple will also
    alternate between attacking both sides.  All enemies will use meat wagons
    occasionally in their attacks, so mass towering alone is not a viable means
    of defense.
    To make it easier to assault Balnazzar, i recommend destroying both the green
    and orange sub-bases first.  Since the orange base has 2 sections, while
    green only has 1, it is easier to concentrate on using the humans to defeat
    green first.
    To start off, put 2 more workers on lumber in both your bases.  Undead should
    build more zigs and fiends (reduced impact of Immolation on infernals), human
    should build farms and towers.  Wait for the first attack on the human base,
    it should come from the south.  Before the attack comes, you should already
    receive the optional quest.  Set off right after you repel the attack.
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Ironforge Dwarves
    You can save the dwarves very easily, and they are invaluable to your
    arsenal.  Use all your human troops and rush north, turning left down the
    slope at the first fork to avoid a dead end.  There are 2 groups of kobolds
    in the way, followed by some golems in a corner.  The big golem gives Runed
    Bracers.  A last group of kobolds guards the rocks you need to break to free
    the dwarves.  Smash the barrels to the east for a Talisman of Evasion.
    You should have a lot of gold in this stage, so keep upgrading.  For humans,
    make use of the masonry upgrades to keep your buildings alive.  Your towers
    can resist even meat wagons if you max out masonry.
    Once you get the dwarves, build a Workshop and get 4 more siege engines.
    Meanwhile, build farms to block off part of the north entrance to the human
    base, and put arcane towers behind it, mixing in some guard towers as well.
    Arcane towers are very good against Balnazzar and doom guards.  Build so that
    you have a total of 5 knights, 8 riflemen, 2 mortars and 4 siege engines.
    Once you repel Balnazzar, go south and attack to the west.  Build more rifles
    and siege engines and rally to Garithos.  Make sure your troops don't run too
    far into the base without support, and that your rifles are shooting units,
    not buildings, and you should win decisively.
    If you have enough troops, go back halfway between your base and the ex-
    undead base, and then go north to fight some mutants.  In the city stash
    there you will find a Ring of the Archmagi and a Crown of Kings.
    If you had set up your farms and towers properly, Garithos should now be able
    to defend his base indefinitely.  Now to Sylvanas' side.
    To the east of your base are 2 dragons and a lot of barrels.  Look in the
    barrels for a Runed Bracers and Belt of Giant Str. if you want, otherwise
    just prepare to attack orange.
    All you need are about 10 fiends, 2 statues, 3 necros, and 2 meat wagons to
    start the attack.  Try to time your attack right after Balnazzar attacks the
    north base.  The first section of orange is easy, so use this to build
    momentum.  Build and rally more necros and meat wagons to Sylvanas while
    attacking, and charm frost wyrms and destroyers as you go.  If you have more
    troops after attacking the base than before, continue south to finish up,
    otherwise wait for reinforcements.  You'll need at least 4 wagons, 5 necros,
    2 statues, 8 fiends, 1 frost wyrm and a doom guard to finish off orange.
    Between the 2 sections of orange are some revenants guarding a shop.  The
    boss holds a Scroll of Animate Dead, so get it and use it if you need.
    The city stash at the end of the base holds a Kelen's Dagger of Escape
    (gives a hero Blink), a Hood of Cunning, and a Scroll of Restoration.
    If you get a kick out of super-powered characters, go north and east from
    orange's base and you will find some ghosts.  Be careful, they can Possess
    and Charm, but shouldn't be too hard to kill.  The city stash here holds a
    Diamond of Summoning (recyclable, teleports units to the hero) and a Mask of
    To defeat Balnazzar's base, attack with Sylvanas first, then bring in
    Garithos.  Have the knights distract the remaining units while the siege
    engines take out towers quickly, followed by structures that can make units.
    Garithos' side doesn't need very much control (his aura gives the already
    heavily armored siege and knights +5 armor), so concentrate on using
    Sylvanas and Varimathras' spells, as well as the spells of the doom guard
    that Varimathras can summon.  If you build more troops and rally to the
    heroes while they are fighting, you should win without too much difficulty.
          ===   Chapter Seven, Part One - Into the Shadow Web Caverns   ===
    Difficulty - **
    Start with: Arthas, Anub'arak, 2 ghouls, 2 fiends, 1 meat wagon
    @ Each part in Chapter Seven takes place on a separate map.
    @ You will not receive reinforcements at all in this part.
    @ As usual, Arthas cannot gain XP or level up in this stage.
    @ Barrels of explosives strewn across this stage will break walls and crates
      and stuff, and will also kill enemies, but do not hurt you.  Use that to
      your advantage.
    @ Gold carries over to the next stage.
    @ It's a good idea to load all the stat-boosting items on Anub'arak and just
      have Arthas act as a support, using Death Coil to heal, because Anub'arak
      will gain more levels, and is naturally tougher.
    - Ring of Regen
    - Tome of Int.
    - Spiked Collar
    - Orb of Frost
    Fairly straightforward stage with only 2 reasons to get stuck: hidden
    passages and possibly Baelgun.  If you're stuck somewhere not explained in
    this guide, just try hitting all the barrels of explosives that you can find.
    Also, because i like to conserve troops, all battles except the last one can
    be handled by using just your heroes.  Try to keep your troops one room
    behind your heroes unless stated otherwise.
    First trap, just use your meat wagon to hit the explosives, that'll set off
    the lever.  The glowing square near it opens the next door.  Beware the
    modified siege engine!  Destroy it first, or you'll get toasted.  Use Impale
    to fend off the other guys until you can break the siege engine.  There is a
    Rune of Healing in the crates behind the siege engine, if you should need it.
    To get the Ring of Regen in the north of this room, break the rock chunk near
    it to reveal the lever.  In the barrels to the northwest of this room is a
    gold coin.
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Find the Gold Stashes
    The coins are not hard to find.  I'll point them out along the way.
    Southeast past the nerubian queen is a gold coin in shallow water.  The lever
    opening the door to the next room is blocked by rocks in the northeast of the
    The rocks to the north of the next room hide a door and its switch.  There
    are many barrels in the west of this room, however, and one of them holds a
    Tome of Int.
    The next room has a gold coin in the northeast corner in some barrels, and a
    Rune of Mana in the southwest barrels.  Hit the switch in the northwest in
    front of a spider statue to reveal a big treasure box.  In the box is an Orb
    of Frost.  The lever is trapped, and picking up the Orb will also spring a
    trap.  Also in the room is a Spiked Collar.  To get it, first hit the lever
    in the east to disable a spike trap, then break the door down and step on
    the glowing square. 
    Set off the explosives in the next room for some fun.  In the barrels in the
    north of the room is a Healing Salve.  Up the slope to the next section,
    there is another crazy siege engine.  By now Anub'arak should have his
    ultimate though, so it should be easier.  Next section, more explosive fun.
    If you can't find a lever, it must be further down the path.
    Next room has some dwarfs fighting some nerubians.  In the barrels in the
    southwest corner is the fourth gold coin.  South of this room, there is a
    narrow passage leading south, at the end of which is a Scroll of the Beast.
    You shouldn't need it though, but just in case.
    Past the Fountain of Restoration, if you keep looking north into the
    cascading water, you will find the last gold coin.  Past the single rifleman
    standing sentry outside a gate is the stage boss.  If you prefer an easier
    fight, lure Baelgun away from his troops and take him down alone.  Otherwise
    just rush in, use the Spiked Collar, Mana Burn Baelgun as many times as
    possible, Coil the Felhound to keep it alive, and kill all the smaller units
    first.  Break the barrels in the south for a Rune of Mana and Rune of
    Shielding.  If you can time your Impale right, then Mana Burn and Coil
    Baelgun quickly, you may be able to kill him without having him turn avatar
    at all.
    If your inventory is full after this point, drop an item near the beacon so
    you can pick it up right after the Blood Key disappears when you step on the
          ===   Chapter Seven, Part Two - The Forgotten Ones   ===
    Difficulty - **
    Start with: Arthas, Anub'arak, 2 ghouls, 2 fiends
    @ Again, Arthas cannot gain XP or level up in this stage.
    @ Even rolling stone doors and iron gates can be broken down by physical
      attacks in this stage.
    - Belt of Giant Str.
    - Runed Bracers
    - Medallion of Courage
    - Manual of Health
    - Tome of Int.+2
    Yay, more traps.  First set of towers has a switch on either side of the
    room.  The one on the left is buried under some rocks, the one on the right
    is guarded by nerubians.  Hit both switches and you're good to go.
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Find the Gold Stashes
    South of the nerubians guarding the switch is a gold coin in plain sight.
    There are 5 in total and you can find them all pretty early in the stage.
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Rescue the Crypt Fiends
    Next room, kill some more nerubians and save a fiend.  The dialogue is kinda
    funny.  There is another gold coin in the crate near the fiend.
    When you see the Belt of Giant Str. you'll know for sure it's trapped.  Pick
    it up anyway, and kill all the guards.  One of them will drop a Runed
    Bracers.  The rolling stone door to the south leads to a cavern full of
    captured fiends.  Kill the nerubians to save them if you wish.  Burrow the
    fiends quickly once they are released, otherwise the nerubians will kill
    In an egg north of the Fountain of Health is the third gold coin.  In the
    next room is a nifty trap.  Seal the doors quickly by hitting the switches.
    The queen leaves a Medallion of Courage when slain, and one of the eggs
    behind her holds a Manual of Health.  Search in the eggs near her also for
    the fourth gold coin.
    In the throne room you will find a Tome of Int.+2 in a crate in the south
    part of the room, and the last gold coin in a crate in the east of the room.
    In the next room, fight some monsters and save the last group of fiends.
    Rest up before entering the next room.  Stage boss, and not to be trifled
    with.  Use the runes to the sides of the room whenever you need them.  Right
    after you kill the boss you will move to the next stage, so do whatever you
    need to before engaging the boss.
          ===   Chapter Seven, Part Three - Ascent to the Upper Kingdom   ===
    Difficulty - ***
    Start with: Arthas
    @ Arthas still cannot gain XP or level up in this stage.
    @ Timed escape.  Use speed.  Stop at your own risk.
    @ For a good part of the stage Arthas is by himself, so use Coil freely as a
    - Claws+15
    - Hood of Cunning
    - Tome of Str.+2
    - Orb of Darkness
    - Crown of Kings
    There are only a select few crates worth breaking, and i will tell you
    exactly which ones.  If you want to look under every rock, go ahead, but
    time is very limited, so don't say i didn't warn you.
    Go south right away.  Wow, they made Warcraft III into an action game...
    dodge the lasers!  If you run through a laser, you lose 200HP.  If you stand
    on a laser, you will die in about 1.5 sec.  Just time it right and go.  After
    the first set of lasers, turn west for a gold coin.
    OPTIONAL QUEST - Find the Gold Stashes
    This time it's really optional.  All the coins are a little out of the way.
    If you think you can handle it, get them.  Otherwise just ignore.
    The next room is riddled with lasers.  Take them one row at a time, using the
    glowing stones as checkpoints.  Each stone also helps to remove some lasers.
    The last glowing stones stops all the lasers in the room.  The door to the
    north leads to a gold coin and a small scorpion that gives a Claws+15.
    Go north past the Fountain, and kill everything in your way.  Remember those
    Ice Shards you bought in the very first stage of the Scourge Campaign?  If
    you still have any left, this is THE time to use them.  After you break the
    door, just run west past all the faceless, break the generator thing to
    dissipate the wall, run past more faceless north, break another generator.
    By now you should see the irritating faceless responsible for the random
    Blizzards.  Run around east then south then west up the slope and attack him.
    And now, with a whole string of faceless behind you, use the Ice Shard and
    have the revenant Frost Nova like there's no tomorrow.  Make sure Arthas
    doesn't get trapped and surrounded.  If he happens to be, Coil and Nova his
    way out.  Once you get rid of them, break the last generator and cross the
    bridge.  Kill more faceless.  Use the revenant to step on one of the glowing
    squares and Arthas to step on the other one.  The Hood of Cunning will be
    If you don't have any Ice Shards, you'll have to kill the faceless one group
    at a time.  You'll also not be able to get the Hood of Cunning unless you
    have some other item capable of summoning a unit.  Otherwise, you can come
    back for the Hood later, but it will probably cost you too much time.
    The next part is full of shifting blocks.  These nerubian engineers must've
    had too much time on their hands.  The objective is to get to the west side,
    so lead Arthas through it as quickly as possible.  He will tend to get
    distracted by the faceless enemies hanging around, so force him to move
    whenever there is an opening.  The red faceless in the middle will give a
    Tome of Str.+2, so Coil him until he dies, get the tome and go.  You can pick
    up tomes and runes from adjacent squares if you kill the faceless close
    enough to the edge.
    Once you touch down on the other side, Anub'arak will join up with you.  Go
    south quickly, then west.  Kill more faceless.  Go south.  The last gold coin
    is here, in a crate at the south-most end of this passage.  Head west and
    you'll engage more faceless.  It's the final obstacle so go all out.
    The boss will drop a Crown of Kings, and a crate at the north of the room
    holds an Orb of Darkness.  Decide what you want and what you will leave
    behind beforehand so that you don't waste time here.  Pass through the door
    to the east to conclude this long chapter.
          ===   Chapter Eight - A Symphony of Frost and Flame   ===
    Difficulty - ***
    Start with: Arthas, Anub'arak, 4 ghouls, 5 fiends, 2 meat wagons and 3
    @ Arthas starts at level 2, but can finally gain XP in this stage.  In fact
      he can potentially level all the way up to 10.
    @ Getting stunned does not interrupt the process of "possessing" an obelisk.
    @ The revenants guarding the obelisks are more aggressive than regular creep
      and will attack you even if you are quite far away.
    @ Although you can use banshees to Possess enemy units, Possessing workers is
      quite useless because they will not be able to build any structures once
      you get them.
    - Sobi Mask
    - Helm of Valor
    - Amulet of Spell Shield
    - Khadgar's Gem of Health
    The final stage of the game campaigns.  The conclusion to the Frozen Throne
    storyline.  It should be extremely hard, right?  Not really, because the AI
    seems to have a fatal flaw.  From my experience, as long as you don't control
    any obelisk, Illidan will always leave the last one alone.  Meaning you can
    hold him at 0-3 for however long you want.  Here's how to do it.
    When you start, your shade will move south to reveal a small naga base to
    you.  It takes all of 40 seconds to crush the base, so do it.  Meanwhile,
    switch out all the best items to Anub'arak.  Use him as a tank to absorb
    damage while Arthas hangs in the back to pick weak units off.  Once you are
    done here, attack the revenants guarding western obelisk.  One of them will
    drop a Sobi Mask.  Set up camp at the gold mine here.  Use the Sacrificial
    Skulls that you are provided at the start to get all your buildings up
    simultaneously.  Do not try to control the obelisk.  Doing so will bring
    Illidan to you very early, and you don't want that.
    By now Illidan should have taken the northern obelisk.  He will also begin to
    build structures around the obelisk.  Leave him alone and concentrate on
    getting your own base up.  Spread out your buildings as much as possible, or
    you will get stuck.  Concentrate towers to the south and west.
    Now the layout of the map is such that you are fighting 3 main groups of
    enemies, led by Kael'thas to the northwest (red team), Lady Vashj to the
    southeast (teal team), and Illidan, whose stronghold is on an inaccessible
    island in the northeast (blue team).  Illidan's forces, however, will set up
    camp all over the place, taking gold mines and building towers around the
    obelisks.  Teal and red will just harass your base every now and then; they
    will not, and need not expand.
    By the time your base is up, Illidan should have taken another obelisk.  If
    he tries to take the southern obelisk, attack his guards there while he is
    busy.  You'll get some quick XP, and by the time he's done you should have
    killed enough of his goons to stand a fair chance against him.  Killing him
    will almost always give Arthas an instant level up, which is very good.
    Again, do not try to take any obelisks, it'll do you more harm than good for
    From this point on, you have several objectives to be carried out at the same
    time.  First one is to empty the mine you have and upgrade everything as much
    as possible.  You will need about 4-6 ghouls chopping wood, and a lot of
    towers to do this effectively.  To be able to build more units, haunt the
    mine that is a little to the southwest of the western obelisk.
    The second concurrent objective is to raid blue whenever they try to build a
    town around the southern obelisk.  Bring some meat wagons, whatever spare
    troops you have, and your 2 heroes and completely destroy every building they
    try to build there.  Doing so will halt Illidan's advance on the last obelisk
    he should have gotten all except the western one by now).  If you destroy the
    the buildings enough times, they will eventually give up and stop trying to
    build there.
    The third objective, to be done whenever you get into high upkeep, is to
    eliminate Kael's and Vashj's forces, one at a time.  Kael's base is located
    on top of a slope, and his Arcane Towers and spell breakers are a hazard to
    your heroes, so i would suggest taking out Vashj first.  Before you attempt
    to you should make sure you have ample towers to defend from Kael, and some
    gargoyles to destroy his ballistae quickly should he attack when you're away.
    Because your heroes make such good tanks by themselves, i recommend building
    primarily fiends and meat wagons to attack enemy bases, with a pair of both
    statues and aboms for support.  Turn statues into destroyers if you need to
    get rid of Cyclones, Parasites and Frost Armor in a hurry.  One of the
    buildings in Vashj's base should drop an Amulet of Spell Shield.
    Next, get some frost wyrms and more aboms and prepare to attack Kael.  Make
    sure you are still destroying blue's base every time they try to build near
    the southern obelisk.  If you had been doing that all along, they should
    have given up by now, and Illidan will be stuck walking around that obelisk
    permanently.  When attacking Kael's base, make the following your priority
    targets: Arcane Towers, Kael, and breakers.  With a maximum supply army, full
    level heroes, and controlling your guys to make sure they don't run too far
    ahead, you shouldn't have too many problems.  A building here will drop a
    Helm of Valor.  You can haunt the mine here, because it is easy to defend.
    Now you only have one color left to deal with.  Illidan should still be stuck
    at the southern obelisk, running in circles.  Do not engage him directly.
    Instead, go around him to kill the polar bears in the southeast of the map.
    They will drop a Khadgar's Gem of Health, but you probably don't need it.
    Going north from there, there is a small naga settlement to the east side of
    the map.  Wipe it out.  Go north some more and you'll find 3 more naga
    buildings in shallow water.  Destroy them too.  Now, using all your flying
    units, go north some more and you'll see Illidan's stronghold.  I have not
    successfully been able to destroy this base, so i suggest you don't try it.
    Just destroy one of the tidal guardians and get out.  This should make
    Illidan start running back to his base, thinking he should defend it.  Now
    he'll be stuck there instead.
    Leisurely destroy the rest of Illidan's forces on the main island, and when
    you're done, take all the obelisks starting from the one closest north and
    go clockwise.  To control an obelisk, simply have Arthas step on the beacon
    in front of it.  If everything worked right, Illidan shouldn't even come out
    to bother you at all.  And when you're done, it's all done.
    Congratulations, you have finished all the main campaigns!
    Hope you enjoyed the game.  Stay tuned for the guide to the "Bonus" Campaign.
     7.  Glossary
    This is a glossary of terms used and common abbreviations, in no particular
    Str. = Strength
    Agl. = Agility
    Int. = Intelligence
    Prot. = Protection
    Claws = Claws of Attack
    Dmg = Damage
    Def = Defense
    Focus fire (FF) = using all your units to attack one enemy.  Quite simply put,
                      it means concentrating your firepower.
    Expo = Expansion, or a satellite base, usually for the sole purpose of
           harvesting gold.
    FoK = Fan of Knives
    FoN = Force of Nature
    Coil = Death Coil
    ToL = Tree of Life, Night Elf town hall
    ToE = Tree of Eternity, Night Elf town hall level 3
    AoW = Ancient of War
    AoL = Ancient of Lore
    AP = Ancient Protector
    Hall = Town Hall
    Aviary = Gryphon Aviary
    Sanc = Arcane Sanctum
    Zigs = Ziggaruts
    MG = Mountain Giant
    DotC = Druid of the Claw
    DotT = Druid of the Talon
    Breakers = Spell Breakers
    Hawks = Dragonhawk Riders
    Sorc = Sorceress
    Necros = Necromancers
    Skellies = Skeletons
    Mercs = Mercenaries (ie. units you can buy at "shops")
    Fiends = Crypt fiends
    Statues = Obsidian statues
    Aboms = Abominations
    Paly = Paladin
     8.  Credits
    Thanks to:
    - Blizzard and the design team that made this addictive game.
    - L.G. Rhone for letting me play on his computer, where i got lured into
      buying the game myself eventually.
    - GameFAQs for putting my guide up so quickly.
    - Will A. for the tip to saving the paladin in Chapter Seven of the Sentinels
      Campaign, and the tip for sneaking to the summoning altar in that same
    9.  Legal Hosts
    Here are the sites that have permission from me to host this FAQ.  If you
    found this guide from a site that is not in this list, please contact me at
    <wirewyrm@hotmail.com> to notify me.  Thank you.
    GAMEFAQS <www.gamefaqs.com>
    Cheats.de <www.cheats.de>
    DLH.net <dlh.net>
    Thank you for all your support.  If I have given you permission to host my
    FAQ but have forgotten to include you here, or if I have somehow messed up
    the name or address of your site, please email me to tell me about it.
    "Fear the fearsome fury of the forest fawn!"
    (C) Copyright 2003

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