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"A bit better but needs work."

War craft 3, Frozen throne. In my opinion this game is a big step up from the first game, both in single player and multi player game play, and in almost every way it is much more fun to play. I am glad I picked up this expantion!

Graphics: Still, like the regular game, they are the same and I am not a huge fan of these graphics. I mean they are not horrible or anything but I think there a little to choppy.

Audio: The voice acting again is pretty decent, I would not call it amazing but the new characters are cool, I like the stuff spell breakers say, they sound cool. The music is a bit better, but only a little bit better.

Balance: Again this is a bit of a problem in this game, there are some balance issue's in online and offline play, it is not a huge deal as there is more depth in the units now but it still could have been fixed a bit more.

Story: For the campaign's, the story is a bit better, except I the night elf campaign, which was just out of place and silly. The other campaigns had pretty well done stories though, like the blood elf campaign and the orc campaign.

Multi player: Much more enjoyable, I am not sure why, it feels more balanced and there are some new maps and stuff, this is actually a very fun online experience. But it still could of been a lot better, hero's still hurt the online.

Game play: Here is where it is a mixed bag. For multi player the game was fun, a bit above average. For single player it's a whole other story. The campaigns in reign of chaos were horrible, I am going say it out front, the only remotely decent campaign was the orc campaign which was still kind of average. In this game they throw a long night elf campaign right at you when you start, and in my opinion it is even worse then the last night elf campaign. I had to keep telling myself to finish it since it was so bad. You don't even fight real enemies, you just fight Naga, which don't make any sense, then you fight undead also and so on and so forth.

However after that awful campaign you end up with the blood elf campaign, which was actually fantastic, it seriously made the game for me, and it made the original war craft three worth playing. Then you get another average undead campaign to finish the game off, nothing special about it but it was alright, it was epic at least. Then to finish it off you get a bonus orc campaign which is, in my opinion the second best campaign in the whole war craft 3 universe, it was short though and a bit easy, but it was very fun.

Replay ability: decent multi player, and 1great campaigns + a few average ones make this game have some replay ability, I think I will need to wait a little bit before I replay it though.

Overall score: 5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 10/29/08

Game Release: Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (US, 07/01/03)

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