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"Seems lame at first"

Before we get into this, I should mention that I am in the ''StarCraft is better then WarCraft'' group... that matters to some people. That having been said, The Frozen Throne is probably worth your money.

Gameplay 8/10

The gameplay is VASTLY cleaned up with The Frozen Throne. I find custom games fast and rather difficult to play. I really don't want to have to learn a new play style, but that's me, and I do enjoy the single player games. I think WarIII has a great single player game. Improvements include bars that indicate to the player how many workers are in a mine, people are in a ship (yes! There are boats now!) etc. It makes things much easier.

A player can now stack upgrade builds, very handy but of course you cant try to build a level one and level two upgrade at the same time and then cancel the level one upgrade so blah ;P When upgrades finish, the game tells you which upgrade was completed as well, which is VERY nice as now if you have multiple upgrades you dont have to hunt for the right building to see which one finished.

The new units are rather nifty, and new abilities such as blink which allow you to quickly travel across the terrain are very fun to play with. The ability to build shops is cool as well.

Story 6/10

Feh... the story is pretty much a stinker. Without trying to spoil to much, it becomes evident that Blizzard is into cliffhanger endings.

Blizzard seemed to prefer introducing new characters and new loose ends instead of resolving old conflicts and tying up loose ends. The plot is very reminsecent of Starcraft at points which is just disapointing.

You would think they could have done better with the VERY first level then make a ''Ashenvale is destroyed, now you lead a group of guys through the level without a base'' The story and level are so reminescent of the first Brood Wars level, it will make you sick.

It does pick up a bit, but dont expect to be satisfied. They could have done so much with Arthas and they gave us so little (IMO) but if you like custom War III, this hardly hurts you.

A word about the 'special' campaign. The gameplay and story in it seem pretty good but Blizzard only gave us the first part. They're supposedly going to release the second two parts as ''free downloads'' Phooey on them for not including the whole thing.

Sound 7/10

What do you expect from Blizzard? Well, that's what you're getting, same-old, same-old, no more, no less. Keep in mind, Blizzard's same-old, same-old is very good.

I was disapointed with new voice-overs however. When generic units would speak, different voice actors were used from the ones who did the unit sounds originally. This very much makes it look like an amateur campaign, and was highly disapointing.

Graphics 7/10

Give human Arthas pointy ears and what do you have? The new elf hero. Blah! The graphics don't noticably improve (obviously) but they're still pretty damn good. The naga look pretty cool, and so does the panda guy. It was disapointing that the myriad dreadlords all had the same portrait, except for the like two that just use Tichondrias's portrait. And the great big red demonlord? Yeah, he looks just like Archimonde. Come on Blizzard... is it that hard to come up with new portraits and units?

Overall 7/10

It's worth picking up if you have the original and love custom games. If you didnt care too much for the original (or the story) don't waste your money or expect anything to make the game much better, it's not there.

The Campaign Editor has a host of new units though. Remember how many assorted heroes there were that were never used? Now there are more 0.o. Overall, not a bad expansion. Could have been better though.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/02/03, Updated 07/02/03

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