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"Frozen Throne... The Next Generation."


A sequel to the greatest game of 2002 (I think), WarCraft III : Reign Of Chaos. Many added features in the world editor.

Game play 10

One of the great features in this expansion pack is that it comes with around 15 new units including heroes.
Almost anything is editable with the world editor included in the expansion. On screen game play is tremendous if you have the right specs. New units, new spells, new anything, it's almost all editable, even the trees can be changed around. you can buy transports to cross water, like ships/zepplins, it's pure genius.
Before if you were to pick up a tome of agility(+2) you'd have to click it in your heroes inventory. now it's automatic, you can upgrade for the night elf a backpack to let the archers carry items.. or just bring items to your hero(es). it's perfect. Blizzard has never done better.

Video 10

Graphics are awesome, everything is in 3D and the details of things are perfect, looking at a church bell if you look close enough you'll see it sway back and forth like it's caught in an updraft or wind. Details on upgrading are cool, in the night elf situation upgrading the town hall it shows him raise his hands and makes a glow it's very very cool.

2 new tile sets. 1 that I know of off the top of my head, Sunken Ruins. It's rather neat, it's a change then the usual winter, summer, and town ones you see on

Audio 8

New Music, New Sounds, Somewhich aren't as good, some which are. I'm not really listening to them, but only 1 or so problems I had was when you finish building a building it will say ''summoning complete'' or ''jobs done'' depending on which race you chosen.

Story 4

Story, this was probably the worst. the last part undead, c'mon, it's just horrible, I'm not spending much time on this... like in the other warcraft only 1 hero spell per level.

Replay Value 10

I'm not into single player all that much, but I know one thing for sure, I did buy this for the online capabilities. theres many kinds of this. single player. clan, tournaments, Custom Games. it's just amazing, and blizzard updates regularly so your never out of the loop.

Buy or Rent?

If you've got Warcraft 3 : Reign Of Chaos. buy this game, screw buying a car, or a flower for your loved one, buy this game right now, i don't know why your even reading this, go out and buy it at your local electronics store.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/03/03, Updated 07/03/03

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