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Reviewed: 07/04/03 | Updated: 07/04/03

Decent Upgrade...

Well, here it is. The long-awaited sequel to Warcraft III. Does it meet expectations? Kinda.

The game continues the storyline from the original. Some new and innovative maps have been designed, such as the Night Elf missions and Blink usage. However, most missions are merely mediocre. The Human campaign seems rather rushed, and you spend more time playing as the Naga then the actual Humans. Without spoiling anything, the storyline is pretty subpar, but does a good job of getting new players familiar with gameplay.

Identical to WC3, but this is not a bad thing at all. Nice emphasis on the ice maps, and the whole game has a very well-knit, togetherness to it. The units are clean and colorful, and new spells have been given suitably impressive effects.

I prefer Frozen Throne music over the original. It seemed much more catchy and well done. The unit quotes are back, and still rather funny. Kudos to Blizzard on the new soundtrack.

What everyone plays for. Battle net has been given a complete overhaul, and many new and useful features have been implemented. Still free after all these years, Blizzard's service meets expectations. Annonymous match making still works very well, and ladder is very challenging and fun. Custom Maps have grown quite a bit in a very short time, and never gets old with the wide variety of customs. Ladder is fairly balanced at this point, expect mass patching in the future though. Blizzard seems to take great pride in disrupting people's strategies every few months by releasing a game changing patch. This is good in some ways, as it forces players to come up with new strategies and tactics.

Add Ons: 7
Not bad. 9 new heroes and 8 new units. Several new upgrades.
Overall, however, Blizzard has put far too much emphasis on anti-caster units. After roughly 4 months of mass caster imbalance in Classic, Blizzard has far over-compensated by making 4 of the 8 new units basically anti-caster. The new heroes are well done, each with distinct strength's and weakness's. New ladder maps have been put into play. New

Not bad as an expansion, however, no where near a new game. Would have been better as a downloadable upgrade in my opinion, since the effect on overall gameplay is not completely changed at all. Story was a bit dissapointing, but multiplayer makes up for it in leaps and bounds. Not bad at putting a new twist on Warcraft, but not by any means a completely new game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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