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"Best expansion pack"

The Frozen Throne (TFT) is an expansion for Warcraft 3:Reign of Chaos (RoC). Therefore, I think there is no need to introduce what this game is all about. Lets go straight to the meat.

Technical areas
Basically, the graphic is the same as RoC. There are some touches to the end cutscene to make it cartoon/celshaded like. Still beautiful.

I think it is an improvement from RoC. A few of the tracks are actually good. CG cutscenes are as good.

Single player
I've finished everything including the bonus campaign and the demo campaign that appear in ''custom campaign'' section. The mission are quite diverse and mostly interesting. However, I wish there are more tradition missions where you defend and capture/destroy bases. Most of the maps don't allow you to build everything. Many times you get these limitation where certain building or units are not available.
The story continues soon after the end of RoC. It is interesting but full of plot holes and no solid conclusion whatsoever. We don't know what happen to most of the characters at the end of the game. Still, it's very good for RTS.

Well this is the real meat of the game. For each race, you got a hero, a few structures, a few units and upgrades. Plus you got some neutral creatures and heroes that you can recruit from tavern. As of version 1.10, it seems that the game tries to make things faster. Units now cost less, making the early game more exciting with skirmishes that never happen in RoC because you cant pump units as fast as in TFT. There are many new maps, some uses the new tiles.
Also, now you can queue upgrades which is a very good thing. I never understand why they took it out in RoC. Population limit is raised a bit as well as the upkeep limit. I don't see this change the game that much.
Anyway, from the 20-25 matches I've played, this game is very fun. Spellcasters are no longer super powerful so its rare to see anyone mass spellcaster only. I think this version is quite good because it actually demands an army with mixed troops, usually 3-4 types. If you just mass something, you can be defeated quite easily by an army with good mix.

Good buy
I'm very satisfied with this purchase. It adds depth to the original game and enhance the fun that was RoC. As a multiplayer game, TFT gets a perfect 10, but the singleplayer is a bit lacking of challange/strategy. Many of the missions are too RPG like. While fun, there are just too many of them. With that said, I give this game a 9.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/05/03, Updated 07/05/03

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