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"Better than the first? By a mile."

This game is great. It is near perfection. Thank you Blizzard. Now on to the reasons. This is a real time strategy games(RTS). It has a touch of RPG (because of the heroes), but it's mostly a RTS. This is an expansion on the awesome game Warcraft III:Reign of Chaos. If you thought that was good, just wait until you play this. You must now continue the fight to save the world. Now on to the more detailed look.

Now graphics don't make a game, but if you can't tell the Undead from the Humans, then you would have a major problem. Fortunately, you CAN not only tell the difference between the Undead Scourge and The Human Alliance; you can also see everything else perfectly. Everything is detailed and easy on the eyes. Even the trees and landscape have an amazing amount of detail. But you won't really be noticing this as you fight the evils of this ''world''. The graphics are more of a bonus while you play multi player, but in the campaign and the world editor, the graphics are much more important. In the cut scenes and cinematic(especially the cinematic) the characters really come to life (the first time I saw Illidian he looked pretty freaky).

Before I actually bought the game I thought the sound would be mediocre and not too noticeable. Well, I was wrong. The sound is great. Each character sounds as they should (even the animals sound great every time you click on them). The best part of this section is the hilarious quotes you get from the units. I won't reveal any, but you will fall down laughing after hearing some. Pure perfection.

Game Play-10
The most important part of a game. This game basically plays like this:build an empire and an army to defend it, level up your hero, and finally bash the skulls of your enemies into pieces, then crush them again. Seems boring to you. Well trust me, it isn't. Written down it seems bad (even to me it sounds degrading), but it's pure fun. The game is pretty balanced (strategies like mass casters don't work anymore). New armor types (magic armor) and new attack types (magic) are only part of the reason. The rest goes to the fact that each race got a new anti caster and a new air unit. They each got a new hero too. These heroes are great, not only because of how fun they are to play, but because of how well they fill the needs of their race (ie the crypt lord is the desperately needed tank of the Undead Scourge). In addition, there are 5 new neutral heroes available to all the races (for a price of course). They add even more strategy to the game. Now you have a choice of 9 heroes for each game you play, but you can only have and use up to 3. Which three will it be? No matter what you chose the results will always prove to be fun.

Single Player-7
This contains mostly the story and the world editor. The world editor is great. You can literally DO anything you want. This will make you feel like god with all the power you control over this world you are creating. It is simply amazing. The story, on the other hand, gets a mere ''meh'' rating. It's not too good, but it is good enough. Basically you start off from where you left off in WCIII:ROC. Illidian is free, Arthas lives on, the Night Elves have rid the world of evil, Thrall is working on building a permanent place for the Orcs, and Jaina Proudmoore is leading the Human Alliance. Here you start out as the Night Elves and you try to recapture Illidian (obviously). I won't say anymore, but the ending is very similar to that of Brood War. Sadly the Orcs play no part in the story. However, there is a bonus campaign for the Orcs. This plays as an RPG. It's great fun. You start out as a neutral hero(the Beastmaster to be specific), but soon you start to use Orchish units (like the new hero, The Shadow Hunter). You only get part one, but Blizzard has promised us that parts two and three of the bonus campaign will soon be available as free downloads. The main reason for the single player is to allow you to get a nice feel to the game and it's new additions.

Multi Player-10
WCIII:The Frozen Throne can also be played on online at This is a free online place where you can play this game with other people. This could be restricted to friends and familiar people or it can be expanded to strangers of your skill level. It may seem very easy to defeat your foes because all you have to do is destroy them, but remember that they are also thinking that. This feature is a great part of the game.

Overall-9.2, which I rounded to 10 because this game deserves it.

This game fully fulfills much of what was needed in Warcraft III:Reign of Chaos. It not only gives fans new things to delight them, but balances the game to the point where it actually fun. Go and buy this game, so you too can save the planet from destruction.

Buy/Rent/Reject/Destroy all copies in existence-Definitely buy. I don't know anywhere you can rent this(or any computer games for that matter). It's definitely worth the amount I spent for this.
Now I'm off to to have fun playing this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/06/03, Updated 07/06/03

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