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"Blizzard has done it again!"


The Frozen Throne is an expansion pack to one of the greatest games ever to be released, Warcraft 3. As always, Blizzard has made this expansion pack HUGE, and it is more of a sequel using the same game engine than an expansion pack. With a new epic storyline, many new features, this expansion pack makes your average expansion look microscopic.


Part One: Single Player

TFT comes with 3 epic campaigns and 1 bonus campaign. The 3 campaigns are laid out like the campaigns in warcraft 3, new ones are unlocked once you finish a campaign. Each campaign has 7 or 8 huge missions, that take 1-2 hours each to finish. The missions in TFT are a lot more varying than those in warcraft 3, including a lot more ''Dungeon Crawl'' missions.

The bonus campaign is an interesting feature. The initial release only featured one bonus mission. However, it takes about 4-5 hours to finish! (Wich is like completing 3-4 original campaign missions). Upon completion of this mission, you will get a message that Blizzard is working on the sequels, and when they are finished you can get them by either logging on to or going to If this bonus campaign turns out to be as big as the original campaigns, it could add up to 40 hours of gameplay!
Or maybe this is just an excuse for a rush release of the game? Either way, this feature is very interesting and original, and i sure wouldn't mind seeing it in other games, but it mustn't be overused.

Single Player score: 9

Part Two: Multi Player

TFT has many new multiplayer features. On Blizzards great high-speed internet play service, they have added clan support, tournaments, clan tournaments, and much more. itself is probably the best internet gaming service available. It is reliable and extremely fast.

This expansion changes Warcraft 3 multiplayer in many aspects. Now it is a lot better to be on the offensive, scouting and rushing early on are good tactics. ''Turtling'' and ''teching'' is very hard to do unless you are experienced and a good tactician. And with all the new buildings, units, heroes and features, it adds endless new interesting tactics to the game!

Multi Player score: 8


Same graphics as the original warcraft 3. The graphics are good indeed and the game runs good on medium settings on older machines, but might start chopping in the larger battles (this is nothing serious though). The models and skins are very detailed for a strategy game and so are the animations. The terrain is very detailed and uses good, but not great, textures. As for the FMV's (full motion videos), Blizzard is the crowned king of them, and you'd wish they would make a Warcraft movie after seeing them, I guarantee that!

Graphics score: 8


The sound is perfect. The voice acting is great, the sound effects sound great and the epic music makes you wet your pants. There is nothing wrong at all with the sound!

Sound score: 10


The story in TFT is as brilliant as the story in original Warcraft 3. After Archimondes defeat at the battle of mount Hyjal, the traitor Illidan awakes an ancient race known as the Nagas from the depths of the Great Sea. The nigh elf warden Maiev and her watchers set out to hunt and stop Illidan from claiming and using the Eye of the demonlord Sargeras, an ancient artifact that would make Illidan unstoppable.

Story score: 9


After completing the campaigns, you can always participate in the endless war going on inside, or play/make custom scenarios/maps! The AI is great so you will face a real challenge when playing a custom game as well as when playing online!

Replayability score: 8


Blizzard is the master at making expansions. If you have warcraft 3, then this is a must! And it only costs around $30, wich is very well worth it!

Overall score: 8

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/07/03, Updated 07/07/03

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