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"No surprise TFT went gold"

Wow, Blizzard has done it again with making a game that just seems to disappear off the shelf at the stores. The Frozen Throne might have just been an expansion set, but it clearly expanded the world of Warcraft to a whole new area, it still retains that Warcraft 3 feel but yet, it feels like I'm playing a completely new game. This has to be one of the most in depth expansions ever. They've added a lot of things, and even in some ways added 2 new races within campaign mode. I'm referring to the Nagas and the Blood Elves... But mostly the Nagas. I guess they were the 2 other races Blizzard must have been trying to fit into the original Warcraft 3: RoC.

Story - 10/10: The story kept me on the edge of my seat. There were plot twists, backstabbing, all that good stuff. I can't really continue to go on without ruining it for any of the readers. The story just made me want more and more, it was very interesting. (I'm telling you, they should make a Warcraft: The Movie!)

Graphics - 10/10: The graphics can go from blocky characters with low detail and practically no particle, magic or texture effects, to completely beautiful looking. This is for the weaker machines. Got to keep everyone happy right? When the graphics are on the max settings, the game is plain down right great looking. There are details in everything. (you really need a really good machine to really appreciate how wonderful this game looks) Such things as the Ancients for the Night elves when rooting into the ground will even look different on low graphics instead of high. You will notices the ground changes when they uproot and root into the ground, or the greenish smog that roams around on the undead blight. Those things you cannot see if you do not put particles and textures on high settings. You can even see individual feather markings on the Gryphon riders. When the building explode after you destroy them they leave blast markings which stay for a pretty long time. So all in all, graphics are just wonderful, and pleasing to look at.

Sound/Music - 10/10: The music is great, very catchy music. Each race has their own music that will play while you are playing the game. My favorite would have to be the new Night Elves' music. The sound effects are nice too, but nothing out of the ordinary. The voices are great, just keep clicking on the units and you get one laugh, chuckle, whatever you call it, after the other.

Gameplay - 10/10: There are just so many things you can do in Warcraft 3: TFT. From the campaign mode, to to play the ladder mode, or the fun Custom games like Helms Deep, Tower Defense, and Capture the flag. And if just want to play a normal game with the computer, you can always go to single player custom game. Even with that, there are so many strategies you can use. Each race has their own strengths and weaknesses. Humans have the best spell casters in the game, but most of their units are relatively weak, the Orcs have their superior strength, the Undead have their Superior numbers, and the Night elves with their advance scouting and hit and run tactics. You can even counter certian units with other units, like take for example, almost all air units will fall to the power of a few of the Undead's gargoyles.
There are also new orbs that the heroes can get, like slow orbs, poison orbs, and the shadow orb. The new heroes in the game makes it even more fun. Each race has one new hero, Undead has the Crypt Lord, Humans have to Blood Mage, Orcs have the Shadow Hunter, and the Night Elves got the Warden. The Frozen Throne also has new hired heroes like the very popular Naga sea witch or the Pandarean Brewmaster. Each one with new skills to put into gameplay, and making your army a stronger force to be reckoned with. There are so many new things i.e. one new building for each race, which is used to sell and purchase items, and several new units per race, with lots of new skills. I had to readjust the way I play to adapt to the changes, because some Warcraft 3 strategies are utter failures in The Frozen Throne because of the new units and magic spells. Gameplay alone is reason enough to buy this game.

Replay - 10/10: You will find yourself going through campaign mode 2 or 3 times and then you will play on Battle.Net for days on end... There is a ranking system on BNet that just makes you want to win games and change your peon icon to something more advance. And if you are no good at that, you can always go and play the addictive custom games.

Last notes: Buy this game, if you liked Warcraft, starcraft or any of the Blizzard ''craft'' games, and have Warcraft 3, then this one is definitely worth getting. You won't regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/19/03, Updated 07/19/03

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