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Reviewed: 07/21/03 | Updated: 07/21/03

A great expansion making a great game even better!

Warcraft 3 ROC was one of my favorite games, no competition. Warcraft 3 TFT will definetely not change my opinion on Warcraft 3. If you have played War3 ROC you will know what the gameplay is like, its an RTS with heroes adding a sort of RPG element to it. This game has plenty of extras, a host of new units, new heroes, new maps, new everything!

Gameplay: 10/10 The expansion pretty much cleared up any and all problems and added a TON of new features. Some are simple like being able to queue upgrades and buildings. Some other features are a creep camp locater, new changes with armor types, new units per race, 1 more hero per race and 5 extra heroes that can be hired as mercenaries. The campaign editor is incredible, considering Blizzard pretty much added a whole new race :), there is so many new units that can be used. The new units are very useful and well fitting. The new heroes are very cool and add a lot of strategy to the game. Along with new units come new items. 100's of new items have been added added which adds lots of variety. Each race is now outfitted with an upgrade called backpack which allows units to carry items. Second each race now has a shop of its own such as the Voodoo Lounge (Orc) or the Arcane Vault (Human) which each has race specific items such as an Orb which varies per race (Orb of Venom for Elves, Orb of Lightning for Orc etc..). Along with Orbs, healing potions and a variety of other items can be purchased.

Story/Single Player: 6/10 The story is alright, Not as good as the one in ROC. It continues where ROC left off but being there are only 3 campaigns and a bonus one (theres also the last 3 missions from the demo) it takes no time at all to finish. The bonus campaign is just 1 huge level with like 10 missions on it. Then they say they will release parts 2 +3 as a download at (go figure).

Sound: 8/10 The music is good and the sounds from the units are good, often hilarious. The music is new and not repetitive so I dont find myself listening to music while playing much.

Graphics: 8/10 War3 has great graphics. The cinema scenes are incredibly detailed. The graphics in the game are very good, with the ability to zoom in as well makes a great addition.

Replay Value: 10/10!! This is where the game shines, with the feature of you have access to tons of other features. Being able to play online with thousands of others (hopefully millions soon lol) give the game endless replay value.

Overall: 10/10!! Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne is a great game that fixed many problems in Reign of Chaos and improved upon the game many times. Anyone who played the original war3 ROC would know how much creeping played a part in gameplay. Creeping gave gold, experience and items galore. Now creeps give barely any gold which I think is a good thing. To counter this low gold factor, you can now sell items to shops which is great. Blizzard also capped the lvling of heroes at 5 so now heroes cannot level after level 5 from creeps. This means after lvl 5 your hero wont gain exp from creeps. To conclude, I would highly recommend this game to anyone. Its a superior RTS game that redefines the definition of a RTS.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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