Review by Ramza FFT

Reviewed: 07/25/03 | Updated: 07/25/03

This is the first time I have been disappointed in Blizzard

Warcraft III is one of the best RTS games of all time. So when the expansion, The Frozen Throne came out I didn’t waste anytime picking it up. I was surprised at what I received…

Story – 6/10 – I’ll keep this spoiler free. In terms of story movement, it was quite choppy. Blizzard must have just thrown in “off the path” levels just to fill up space. Some of the missions just felt out of touch with the overall story of the game. When they did manage to stay on pace the story had quite a dramatic start and finish with some of the best FMVs I have ever seen in a game, however those were the only two, another disappointment.

Gameplay – 6/10 – I’ll give Blizzard credit for what they tried to accomplish with this game, a game with a lot of gameplay variety which includes many rpg-like exploring missions. However, if I wanted to play Diablo II I would. The colony building and expanding that I liked so much from Warcraft III is woefully missing. Much of the gameplay here consists of running with a hero or two along with five allies through a map full of enemies. Luckily the side quests through in a little variety along the way. Even when you do get to build colonies your not able to even use all of the units or all or the tech trees. It’s like Blizzard didn’t want you to experience the new features until you got to multiplayer. This is quite a disappointment. I am not even going to mention anything about the Orc campaign. That is the saddest excuse for a space filler I have ever seen.

Graphics – 10/10 - This game still boasts the best 3D graphics I have ever seen in any RTS and some of the best of any game on PC. The graphics are roughly the same as the first game possibly better. The two FMVs in the game are unmatched in quality, expect by the FMVs in the original. Sadly, graphics alone are not enough help out this game though.

Audio – 9/10 - Blizzard also did an outstanding job in the sound department. The music scores come to life throughout the missions and they do not become repetitive unlike what happens in many other games. The game also has dead on sound effects for each hack, slash, kill and more.

Multiplayer – 9/10 - The multi player is still a blast no matter how disappointing the single player is. There’s nothing better than a game of 2vs2 in my opinion. During multi player you can actually use the new units and techs. This is where you truly get the feel for what they added and changed in the game, in single player I could barely tell. Even with the changes the multi player of the original is just as good.

Overall – 6/10 – Judging this game by the single player experience it was quite disappointing. They should have called it Diablo/Warcraft III: TFT. The strategy has almost been replaced with role playing. The story was choppy and uninteresting. Sadly I’m disappointed with Blizzard for the first time ever. True RTS fans may want to stay away from this title and just stick with Warcraft III: The Reign of Chaos.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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