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"The most fun you'll ever have in an online RTS!"

This game is perfect. That's right, you heard me, P-E-R-F-E-C-T: perfect! It's the perfect blend of Real-Time-Strategy and rpg elements! On with the praise chorus! (Take note, I am reviewing both Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos AND the expansion pack as one)

Graphics 10/10

If you're such a graphic hound that you can't have the slightest bit of blockiness, i reccomend this game. Just don't play as orc, grunts look a tiny bit blocky on the lowest graphic setting mode. The cut scenes in single player campaign remind me of the Final Fantasy movie detail-wise. Every wisker on Medivh's face is mapped out, every veign in Thrall's head has its own individual pulse. Every strand of hair moves on its own. Every imperfection, every pore, every hair is displayed on a cut-scene character's face with STUNNING amounts of detail. Kudos, blizzard!

Sound 10/10

My God! This s stupendous! Every weapon makes a different sound and in that they make different sounds on different things. Attacking a necromancer with a grunt for example, will make the sound of an axe on soft flesh. Attack a building with a grunt and it'll make the crunch of stone and wood beneath the axe. Isn't that cool? The music is also great. In Reign of Chaos' case is hardly stands out, it's nice and smooth and never gets annoying. Then there's The Frozen Throne Expansion Pack. I almost cried tears of joy upon hearing the epic new human, orc and night elf theme songs. They stand out, but they're soooo good that they HAVE TO STAND OUT! I wouldn't have the sound any other way!

Gameplay (Genre-Wise) 10/10

Like I said before, Warcraft 3 blended a little diablo-style RPG in with the regular Real-Time Strategy that Blizzard is famous for. Each respective player can have up to three ''hero'' units. These units can level up and pick up items dropped by monsters. They also gain skill points and you can distribute them through a number of skills, Diablo Style. Having a Level 10(The highest possible level in standard play) hero is an incredible boon in battle. Most direct melee heroes can take down legions of opponents before finally going down. and what's even better about this is that they can all be revived if they fall in battle! WOOHOO! Reign of Chaos had a very solid and balanced unit system. Everything had its proper counter. People who went on playing online and becoming gods in their own minds while playing Reign of Chaos soon had their hopes and dreams of godliness in Frozen Throne chucked right out of the window. Blizzard stuck blood-red skewer right through the armor and attack types in TFT and messed everything up for those who played Reign of Chaos, but this didn't make the experience less enjoyable, it made the game feel fresh, new and, best of all, SHINY! The new units introduced in the expac were actually good enough to use, unlike Starcraft's Brood War expansion pack, which yielded a grand total of two new units worth using, one of which was a hero unit in the original Starcraft and the other three that weren't worth using were all crappy anti-air units. Blizzard corrected this in WC3 TFT by adding useful anti magic units (Magic mastered in Reign of Chaos was the ultimate weapon at some times) that counter the almighty magic units. All of them are immune to spells. Surprisingly enough, I found the new heroes were actually worth using and I was only disatisfied with two in particular. These two were the Crypt Lord (Adding to Undead's vast array of crappy heroes) and the Naga sea witch (A neutral hero with abilities that made me yawn). Single player mode is like a training tutorial for online play. Lots of the campaign levels are ''Rpg-like'' but in reality, they subtly teach you micro-management skills that are key for online play. I've kissed Blizzard's ass long enough, let's move on!

Story (Genre-Wise) 10/10

While Reign of Chaos had a standard ''save the world from an unspeakable evil'' type plot that felt like Starcraft's, The frozen throne had a crazy story that kept me guessing. You never really can figure out who the good and bad guys are in this expansion pack. There are also twists aplenty and lots of suspense that drove me to move on in the story. There;s also a sweet bonus campaign featuring a Beastmaster(one of the cooler heroes) and a Troll Shadow Hunter (Another really cool hero). Both were given the ability to exceed the level 10 barrier because they spend most of the story running around solo, with the exception of The beastmaster's wicked pet bear. This campaign was not completed and you are required to download the other two chapters that appartaind to it online at blizzard's website. Still really cool.

Replayability 10/10

2 words, online play! Never the same battle twice!

Multiplayer 10/10

All the perfect fun across the world!!!

Other things...

-It's perfect
-You should have a good internet connection to play Wc3 online, ''laggers'' are the most hated people on Blizzard's free online gaming server
-Those of you who LOVED to bs in previous online experience will be crying yourselves to sleep after you purchase this sweet pair. All teams are locked and if you want to be that amazing bs master you were on Starcraft, you're going to have to sacrifice the thought of a perfect win record.
-Did i mention it's perfect? Good!

Overall 10/10

This reminds me of perfect Dark for the N64(which I have yet to review) it's perfect perfect PERFECT! Need i say more? BUY THIS GAME OR BE TRAMPLED BY STAMPEDING MULES!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/22/03

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