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"A ten out of ten well deserved."

Blizzard has a reputation for great expansion packs. There expansion pack for Warcraft III: The Reign of Chaos, is in no way different from Starcraft: Brood War or Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. It could be the best darn expansion set ever.
Warcaft III: Reign of Chaos was a phenomenol game to begin with, and now it's better.

Game play-10/10
The game play in Warcaft III: The Frozen Throne is great. In Warcraft III: The Reign of Chaos, the game play was great to, but, once again Blizzard has managed to improve it. Units move with ease from place to place, with few mistakes. It's easy to switch between units, either using the panel or the main screen. During battle, you don't need to micro manage as much as you think you do, even though it would help if you did so. The AI is great for the most part, units will go after reasonable targets.
Also, the heroes, including the five nuetral ones and the four new race-specifice ones, all work great, and have abilities that help tremendously, but are balanced. For example, the Blood Mage's Flame Strike ability deal decent damage to multiple units, but is less effective against structers and can harm friendly units.
Also, most strategies can work in the game (even though they will not be acceptable on, more on that later). This can give variation to the game.
In Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, hero harassing and towering were poupulare, and troublesome strategies, but cheaper buildings early on has toned these down.
Air units are also easier to control with The Frozen Throne. They don't spread out to much, or get jumbled together that much any more.
Now for the multiplayer, or Plain and simple it's great. Blizzard put a lot of time in for Starcraft and Diablo titles, and Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne is greater than ever, possible the best online multiplayer system ever. You can set up a game instantly by using the ladder game setup that Blizzard put into Mostly, you'll get matched up with players with appropriat skill. In The Frozen Throne you'll get players at all times. There is also great clan support.
But the players are the problem. Yes, you'll find some nice and helpfull players, belive me I'll help a Newb out without yelling profane words, but not most people. Most of them are arrogant people. No offense to anyone, I'm sure several of you are nice people.
This isn't the game's problem however, so it technically dosen't lower the rating.
The new units are also great, most of the them are focused around spell the Spell Breaker. Each race has many new units that are all unique. They range from the uber healers that are the Undead's Obsidion Statues that can turn into a flying anit-mage, to the slow but extreamly powerful Mountain Giants of the Night Elves.

Reign of Chaos had great story elements, and Frozen Throne has better. The only delay in action you'll have is the loading screens, becuase all of the cut sceens, except CG, are done with the great Map Editor that is in all of Blizzard's strategy games.
The story is fairly original, in ways. Not very linier at all. But the none of the characters are actually likeable in the way of there personality. They wary from the personality in a lot of ways through out the story as well.
But it is a fairly long and involving story, with even two bonus champains which include the orcish horde, which were left out of the main champain. You'll begin being the Night Elves and a Warden named Maive, who's life purpose is to catch the traitourus Illidian. Then you'll be the Alliance, although your actually playing as the magic-thristy Blood Elves, in which you'll be the Blood Mage Keal, who sides with Illidian in ways. Then you'll finally play as the Undead, in which you'll both try to save the leader of the Scourge, the Lich King as King Arthas, or invoke revenge on the undead as the banshee elve Salvaris Windrunner.


Also, if you remember the feeling of complete and uter frustration at Starcraft: Brood War's ending, then you'll hate the ending of this game, but it leaves room to Warcaft IIII's story to be guessed and anticipated.


Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne is just plain beutiful. The units are greatly done, even though at first they look kind of dull, look closer and you'll see that they are done well. But it's the tile sets and enviroment that is incrediably beutiful and great. The ground looks can look grimmy and dirty in a really buetiful way.
The sounds in this game are just a well done as the graphics. Wild life can be heard everywhere and it sounds great. The music is also great, expecialy the hard-rocking "Power of the Horde" song at the end credits after beating the single player game. Blizzard took a lot of time perfecting the graphics and sounds.


Most of the games replayability comes from With the ladder and tons of custom games made by other players or Blizzard, you can spend a life time on this me.
Also, if you chose to join a clan (like mine, KOW, Khans of War) you can have a clan ladder, by participating with other clans, and by your clan member's wins and losses.
Basicaly, I don't recommend buying this game, if you don't want to be hooked on the same thing for years.

In summary, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne is the best strategy game from my favoriate developer Blizzard Entertainment, and is the best Expansion game ever.

If you like strategy games, or just games in general, I highly recommend Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. All of you other people...why are you reading a game review?

Final Scores:
Graphics and Sound-10
Final Score-10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/21/04

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