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"The Frozen Throne is here, let the killing commence!"

"Advanced for it's age", that is what I called the first Warcraft. Its amazing how far Blizzard has come along now. The Frozen Throne, the most anticipated expansion game in the history of Blizzard, deserves such recognition. By acclamation and pure fact, WC III: The Frozen Throne is the most complete strategy game released by Blizzard yet. I gave Starcraft that throne in my early PC gaming years after the countless hours of competing against the best strategy gamers the world has seen.

But Frozen Throne outdoes even Starcraft. It's captivating and stunning graphics, it's solid gameplay, it's all around creativity, and it's innate ability to keep the gamer coming back for more. Even with the release of the heavily anticipated World of Warcraft, or WOW (which in my view is overrated and not worth the huge cost), I believe this is still Blizzards powerhouse game out on the market right now.

Now every game has a flaw and for Frozen throne it is a minimal one, one that I wouldn't even have noticed if I hadn't played one player mode. I feel that one player mode could have been more in depth, I would have liked to see more events and consequences of the story in Frozen Throne. I loved the FMVS, especially the bout between Arthas and Ilidian. I felt the story felt more compacted and should have been more detailed, but all and all one player mode was still pretty damn cool this time around.

But then again what wasted my hours and got my HORRENDOUS grade drops in school is multiplayer. I cannot tell you how many hours I spent beating noobs, and being beaten thanks TO noobs. 4on4 is the ultimate for me, win or lose I always have fun and I want to thank Blizzard personally for inventing a new way to waste my time, other then cranking up my damn guitar and getting yelled at by neighbors. The custom maps in FT, and more in case point the whole WW3 regime is the most impressive released yet. I thought SC's campaign editor was awesome, but the WC III campaign editor really is the measuring stick.

It's really amazing, if you type something like /door2 a door will open, this can be seen in the LOTR games such as Helms Deep vers. 5.0. How advanced Blizzard has gotten is scary, and makes other PC game producers tremble in fear for the next release will be even more opposing.

But now I will explain category by category like gamefaqs requires me to.

Graphics 10/10 (if possible 20/10 like stated): Wow...WOW.....WOWWWWW, all that I can really say. Maybe the best, wait THE BEST graphics ever on a strategy game at the point it was released (WOW matches up with it now..). The pixels are STUNNING, so beautiful it really is a thing of beauty, many pc gamers have to appreciate the time Blizzard took on this, they tried to perfect it, not spend garbage time and make a garbage result.

Blizzard has always delivered on the graphics side of the game, ALWAYS. It's always been advanced for it's time as well, I mean look at Warcraft I, that was pretty advanced for a time when computers were in their preemptive stone age. Starcraft and Diablo were awesome, just awesome, and got better with each expansion and release of each game.

Graphics..can't do no wrong here chalk up the ten and let's move on.

Gameplay 10/10: The strategies, the counters, the unit match ups, etc. so vastly popular, and for good reason. In FT the addition of heros like Tinker can now let you use strategies like the robot factory strategie (which is pretty ingenious if done correctly and proper), the not always successful towering strategy.

But more important the controls, the controls are still awesome. Hot keying is just as, if not more simple then in the previous blizzard predecessor games. The hot keys are even on the menu if you really don't know it. Same commands as always attack, move, etc. But the heros really make this game a gem.

The heros abilities are awesome just like WC III, and even the new heros like the Shaman King, make a debut well worth it. If the abilities are researched enough a hero can be like an unstoppable tank. Ravaging and destroying every damn thing it sees. On ground ESPECIALLY the Blademaster, which specializes in one on one battles with hero, and most of the time will suceeed.

Another flawless showing by Blizzard.

Sound/Audio 10/10: I LOVE the sound effects and the dialogue of the units. I love it especially in FMVS, the thunder in the beginning of FT with Ilidian contemplating his next plan is what I believe a complete showing of Blizzards possibilities, then the ending which concludes the sound in this game is EXCELLENT. And in game the old school warcraft music is bad, yes you know that tune..


yeah you get the picture.

I always loved that music, it just gets me in the fighting spirit, so to speak :). You can also now add in custom music like always, and custom sounds thanks to WAVS, and it's pretty simple on the map editor if you do it the first time around properly.

Overall FT is solid here as well.

Well in conclusion FT epitomizes the great strategy game, and then some. Supurb graphics, gameplay, sound, and like I said you will keep coming back to it. Maybe if the rumors of a SC 3 are true we will see Blizzard somehow push it even further, that is the scale of excellence. If you have ever been a fan of Blizzards game (especially SC and Brood War), then this is a must-own. It's only 20 dollars now NO EXCUSE! and Battlechest is $40.00 for both the original and the revamped AWESOME explosion that is FT. I hope to see readers of my review around and try take down da NATURAL.

Overall: 10/10

:) peace everyone

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/13/05

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