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"Best Hulk game ever produced."


The gameplay for the Hulk is great, while playing as the Hulk you can smash and destroy almost anything in site. The game also offers the opportunity to play as Bruce Banner and requires you to be very stealthy if you want to survive. The environments in the Hulk are very interactive. Smashing through doors and walls as The hulk to reach your next destination, or just climbing around on rooftops and hiding behind whatever is available to avoid the enemy while playing as Bruce Banner. Probably the best part of the gameplay is being able to use the Hulks many moves to smash and destroy the soldiers who wish to take you down, you can also pick up almost anything in sight such as cars and barrels and either throw them at your foe's or just smash them repeatedly.


The graphics in the Hulk are phenomenal. The Hulk is very detailed down to the last muscle. Everything moves very smooth and the explosions look bright and colorful. When you smash a door open the door will always crumble differently depending on how you hit and at which angle you pummeled it from, lots of detail. The backgrounds are very bright and detailed leaving you in awe. The FMV sequences between levels are very detailed and run very smoothly.


The controls are very smooth and responsive. The camera moves gracefully so you never miss any of the action. You are given a wide variety of move sets used to pummel soldiers and smash everything in sight. The Gamepad support is great and requires no tweaking to get a good feel for using the Hulk or Bruce Banner.

SOUND - 10

The sound in the Hulk is wonderful. The explosions ring through loud and clear and the music makes you want to rock through the levels. The voices used are great and really fit the characters for look. The Hulks smashing, clapping, and growling are all very nicely done. The sound is probably one of the nicest features of the game.


Although the story in ''The Hulk'' videogame does not follow the movie it still keeps you asking what's next. As always Bruce Banner is trying to find a way to rid himself of the Hulk for good. The story moves along quickly without a lot of useless filler, you actually get to see what is going to happen next without being sidetracked with a bunch of useless dialogue that has nothing to do with the story. The story sequences will keep you intrigued and asking for more.


This game has a good replay value with additional features such as the Hulk smash mode. Even after you have gone through the game once there are two more difficulty settings to try, which if finished open up more cheats and additional FMV sequences. Smashing soldiers and destroying everything in sight just never gets old.


This game is worth every dollar spent, with a price set at only 20 dollars. The Hulk is a very nicely produced game that will keep you entertained for hours of fun. Lots of gameplay and additional extras make the Hulk a must have.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/16/03

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