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    Walkthrough by nez77

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 04/27/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    DREAMFALL : The Longest Journey
    For Xbox and PC
    Spoiler-Free/Speed Walkthrough
    By Nez77
    Contact: nez777@yahoo.com
    Version : 1.03
    Created April 14, 2006  (Last Updated April 27, 2006)
    This FAQ is © 2006 Nelly Cung (nez77)
    ==============================TABLE OF CONTENTS================================
    	CHAPTER 01 - CH01
    	CHAPTER 02 - CH02
    	CHAPTER 03 - CH03
    	CHAPTER 04 - CH04
    	CHAPTER 05 - CH05
    	CHAPTER 06 - CH06
    	CHAPTER 07 - CH07
    	CHAPTER 08 - CH08
    	CHAPTER 09 - CH09
    	CHAPTER 10 - CH10
    	CHAPTER 11 - CH11
    	CHAPTER 12 - CH12
    	CHAPTER 13 - CH13
    ==============================VERSION HISTORY==================================
    Version 1.03 : 04-27-06  Thanks to César Bittar, I have the title of Chapter 9.
    Version 1.02 : 04-27-06  Thanks to Kevin Archer, I know where Chapter 9 begins.
    			 Now, I just have to figure out the name.  
    Version 1.01 : 04-24-06  Expanded the table of contents to have chapter
    			 listings, hopefully that will make browsing much
    			 easier.  Changed a few other cosmetic changes.
    Version 1.00 : 04-23-06  Ready to be released, spell-checked and ready to go.
    			 I can definately reorganize it, but that's what
    			 tomorrow is for.  I'm a bit confused on where Chapter
    			 9 Begins though...
    Version 0.99 : 04-22-06  Typed in all the steps for the whole game in about 
                             nine hours.  Very rough draft, I'm sure there are tons
                             of errors/typos.  
    Version 0.03 : 04-21-06  Just beat the game today, plowed through the whole
                             game again to while making notes and finding more 
                             efficient routes.
    Version 0.02 : 04-16-06  Added Copyright and "About this Game"
    Version 0.01 : 04-14-06  Started FAQ, just the basics, the game isn't even out
    This FAQ is © 2006 Nelly Cung (nez77).  This FAQ cannot be used nor distributed
    for commercial use.  It cannot be distributed in any fashion without the 
    written permission of the writer.  Permission may be obtained by e-mailing me
    at:  nez777@yahoo.com.
    This guide must be displayed in its entirety.  Currently, the only site(s)
    allowed to post this FAQ is/are:
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    Adventure Classic Gaming (www.adventureclassicgaming.com)
    Nez77's Laboratory (my personal website at www.geocities.com/nez777)
    If you have any questions, comments or contributions to this FAQ, then please
    e-mail me at nez777@yahoo.com.  I hope you find this FAQ to be helpful.
    All logos, characters and plot ideas are properties of Ragnar Tørnquist and 
    Aspyr Media, Inc.  I do not claim any rights to the game (Dreamfall: The 
    Longest Journey) in any shape, make or form.
    ==============================ABOUT THIS FAQ===================================
    This is a Spoiler-free/Speed FAQ.  This FAQ should be used if you are stuck and
    not sure what to do next.  It will be of absolutely no help in terms of plot 
    and character analysis.  I might do that for another FAQ in the future, but
    not for this FAQ.  In fact, if you need to find a map for a clue, I will 
    actually have you skip it and go straight to the next step if the game allows 
    it.  This FAQ will be straight forward about the steps to take to progress in 
    the game.  It will give the answers to all the solutions, but will not show how
    the thinking process was or how to even derive it, it just gives the answers.  
    I recommend using this FAQ only if you are in a rush to beat it or stuck in
    the game.
    This FAQ is barebones and will not mention backgrounds of the characters and 
    the controls.  It will simply CAPITALIZE ITEMS.  Each step is numbered in the 
    order that I feel is the most efficient way of going through the game.  I have 
    played each mission at least four times to figure these steps out.  
    Enjoy the FAQ!
    NOTE: To best use this FAQ when you are in the middle of it is to
    just SEARCH for an item that you have recently acquired.
    ==============================ABOUT THE GAME===================================
    This game is the sequel to "The Longest Journey" also by Ragnar Tørnquist.
    The first installment was a 2D traditional "point-and-click" adventure game, 
    released in the USA in November 2000.
    This game is free-roam 3D game is much larger, in not just the worlds, but also
    that the player controls three characters, each with their own unique
    Official website: http://www.dreamfall.com
    (as Brian Westhouse)
    01) Walk out of the room and follow the monk
    02) Follow the left wall and bother the whispering monks 
    03) The head monk will say that the ritual preparations are complete
    04) Walk onto the dais
    CHAPTER 1 - ONE       (CH01)
    (as Zoë)
    01) Answer the MOBILE, it's on the chair next to Wonkers (the purple gorilla)
    02) Open the closet
    03) Use the clothes to change
    04) Go downstairs
    05) Speak to your father
    06) Exit the house
    07) Walk down the linear path until you reach a new area.
    08) After the cutscene, follow Aralyn
    09) Proceed to the end of the path
    10) Open the door to get to the gym
    11) Talk to Jama, the woman in green
    12) Spar with Jama, say "no" when you're done practicing between rounds
    13) Exit the gym
    14) Go to the shop, "Alien the Cat."  To get there, backtrack home
    15) Walk to the back of the shop
    16) After speaking to Olivia, exit the store
    17) Meet Reza at Moca Loco, it's in the marketplace
    18) Reza is sitting on bench just left of the storefront
    19) Doesn't matter what choices you make in this conversation
    20) Go to the taxi stand, it's near where the gym is
    21) Get into the taxi
    22) Press the button to call an elevator pod
    21) Walk up and speak to the receptionist
    22) Choose: Appointment, Distract, Plead
    23) Use the panel near the storage room to lock the receptionist in
    24) Use Console on Receptionist Desk to open the hallway door
    25) Enter the hallway until a cutscene
    26) Climb on top of the box to the left of the elevator
    27) Climb on top of the elevator
    28) Open the cover on top of the elevator
    29) Use the pressure release handle
    30) Get down from the elevator
    31) Get down from the box
    32) Open the elevator doors
    33) Follow the woman to the elevator pod
    34) Wait for her to do the manual over ride
    35) Use the elevator call button
    36) Enter the Elevator Pod
    37) Helena will give you a PACKAGE
    38) Use the call station to hail a taxi
    39) Head to Reza's apartment, use the alley to the left of the Sushi-ya
    40) Enter the building with the red doors
    41) Head upstairs, Reza lives in Apartment #8
    42) Enter Reza's apartment
    CHAPTER 2 - LOST     (CH02)
    01) Get the message from Wonkers
    02) Head to Olivia's store, Alien the Cat
    03) Speak to Olivia, she will give you new software
    04) Head to Reza's apartment
    05) Use the MOBILE on the clamp installed on Reza's apartment door
    06) Unlock the clamp by matching symbols
    07) Enter the apartment
    08) After the cutscene, sneak into the bathroom by staying against
        the right wall, be sure to avoid any glass
    09) Open the shower door
    10) Use the panel installed on the shower
    11) Close the shower door
    12) Use Lucia (the red gorilla) to obtain the WATILLA PARTS
    13) Head back and enter Olivia's shop
    14) GIVE Olivia the WATILLA PARTS
    15) Olivia will give you the WATILLA POWER SOURCE
    16) Go back home
    17) USE Wonkers to get the WATILLA BRAIN
    18) Head back to Reza's apartment
    19) USE WATILLA BRAIN on Lucia
    21) Speak to Lucia
    22) Follow Lucia and take the NOTEPAD
    23) Pick up the NOTEPAD again
    24) Head back and enter Olivia's store
    25) GIVE Olivia the NOTEPAD
    26) TAKE the backpack from the closet
    (As April)
    27) Take out the Soldiers
    CHAPTER 3 - 201      (CH03)
    (as Zoë)
    01) Follow the right path, until you come to a white building
    02) Use the Buzzer on the door
    03) Speak to Charlie, learn about the Border House
    04) This time, follow the left wall until you get to the Crossroads
    05) At the Crossroads, you will see the "Chinatownman"'s store
    06) Take the bridge to the right of his storefront
    07) Once the area loads, hug the right path until you come across a bench
    08) The bench is in front of the Victory Hotel
    09) Face the door and take a left
    10) Climb down onto the scaffolding until you reach the water
    11) Follow this very linear path until you see a ladder
    12) Climb the ladder
    13) Observe the digital padlock
    14) Use the MOBILE
    15) Backtrack to the crossroads (up the scaffolding, and hug the left path)
    16) Speak to the "Chinatownman," and inquire about the "LOCKPICK"
    17) After the conversation, use the mobile
    18) Speak to "Chinatownman" again to get the LOCKPICK
    19) Go back to the gate with the digital lock
    20) USE the LOCKPICK on the digital lock
    21) The puzzle is different everytime, but the goal is to make 8 pairs, 4 on
        top, 5 on bottom by rotating pieces.  You have infinite time, so no rush!
    22) Enter the yard
    23) Sneak to the toolshed, but only while a train is making noise. 
        If the dog wakes up, just climb down the ladder, the dog will be back
    24) Open the toolshed door when a train is making noise
    25) Enter the toolshed
    26) Take the AXE hanging on the wall
    27) Run across the yard and climb down the ladder
    28) In this canal, find a dumpster 
    29) Release the metal bar on the wheel of the dumpster
    30) Push the dumpster as far as you can (push it four times)
    31) Climb on top of the dumpster
    32) Use the AXE on the boarded up window
    33) Enter the hotel basement through the window
    34) Pick up the AXE HANDLE
    35) Pick up a RAG
    36) Combine the AXE HANDLE and the RAG to make a TORCH
    37) Smell the red can
    38) Use the TORCH on the red can
    39) Hit the red button on the water heater 
    40) Use the TORCH on the red button/water heater lighter
    41) You now have the BURNING TORCH
    42) Go into the dark nook and open the door
    43) Follow the linear pathway until you trigger a cutscene
    44) Enter the door in front of you, to the right
    45) Pick up REZA'S LIGHTER
    46) Use the security system and exit
    47) Use the MOBLILE on the security system
    48) Exit the security room, and up the stairs
    49) Observe the rehydrator/reheater (the pizza)
    50) Reprogram the clock on the "microwave."
    51) Quickly hide at the door where you entered this kitchen
    52) While the man, Vinnie, is eating the pizza, sneak behind him, pass the
        screen, and up the stairs
    53) Cutscene: Woman on a device
    54) Cutscene: Room 201, you can't enter it right now
    55) Go into the bathroom and try to open the window, you will get
        the WINDOW HANDLE
    56) Go into the room without a door, behind the staircase
    57) You should trigger a scene: Vinnie is going to check on the "guests"
    58) Use the WINDDOW HANDLE on the window
    59) Now open the window
    60) Climb through the window onto the fire escape
    61) Climb up the ladder
    62) Exit the room, you will trigger a cutscene of a guest exiting the bathroom 
    63) Enter the bathroom and take FILTHY TOWEL
    64) Exit the bathroom
    65) Run to the end of the hallway until you see a window
    66) Open the window
    67) Stand in front of room 305
    68) Position the camera and you should see the same guest exiting his room
    69) Quickly run into his room and take the DIRTY SHEET
    70) Run back to the window
    71) Combine FITHY TOWEL and DIRTY SHEET to create the MAKESHIFT ROPE
    72) USE the MAKESHIFT ROPE on the radiator in front of the window
    73) Climb out the window
    74) Go along the path and open the window
    75) Enter through the window
    76) Open the closet
    77) Pick up the VIDEOGRAPH
    78) Doesn't matter what you say to Marcus
    79) Follow Marcus to the front door
    80) Make your way back to The Fringe
    81) Use the buzzer to enter The Fringe
    81) Give VIDEOGRAPH to Charlie
    82) Go upstairs
    83) Enter the last (and only open) private booth
    84) Use the MOBILE
    01) Head towards the black house
    02) There are pebbles here, but the easiest way around the guards is just to
        defeat them.  The guards block a lot, just run up to them and keep 
        using your fierce attacks
    03) Go forward and climb on top of stone block.
    04) Climb down the stairs
    05) You will see a something like a torch from the ground
    06) Pick up the GLOWING EGG
    07) Move onward and climb down the staircase
    08) When you reach the large waterwheel, climb up narrow staircase
    09) Just on the right, you will see a contraption
    10) The contraption is in two parts, the wheel and the top
    11) Use the GLOWING EGG on the top part
    12) Now turn the wheel part of the contraption
    13) Take back the GLOWING EGG
    14) Climb down the narrow staircase
    15) From there, Use the waterwheel to get to the upper platform
    16) Jump across the gap
    17) Climb up the very long ladder
    18) Walk upstream until the very end of the cave
    19) You will see three glowing runes, they play a musical note when touched
    20) The correct pattern is: LEFT, MIDDLE, LEFT, RIGHT
    21) Enter the tunnel
    22) Observe the door on the opposite side of where the tunnel was
    23) Kick the door twice to open it
    24) Speak with Benrime
    25) Exit the Journeyman Inn, and speak to Blindman Bob, who's right at the
        bottom of the stairs
    26) Ask for "Help" and then say "Yes"
    27) Go back into the Inn 
    28) Talk to Benrime and ask about the "Wine"
    29) Exit the Inn, go down the stairs, past Blindman Bob and keep going straight
    30) In the courtyard in front of the tower, go straight and take the first
    31) Go straight and talk to the man at the first stall on the left
    32) Pick "spices," "delayed?" then finally "Accept"
    33) Backtrack to the Journeyman Inn, but stay on the road and continue past it
    34) Continue until you get to the end of the road
    35) Speak to the bearded man and get the SPICES
    36) Go back into the Inn
    37) Use the SPICES into the cauldron
    38) Pick up the EMPTY BOTTLE on the counter opposite of the cauldron
    39) Use the EMPTY BOTTLE on the cauldron
    40) Exit the Inn and talk to Blindman Bob
    41) Go back to the market, where the Spice Stall is
    42) Enter the path behind the Spice Stall/Soup Woman
    43) Follow the road until you see Crazy Clara
    44) Speak to Clara
    45) Head back to the South Gate Market (where the spice stall is)
    46) Next to the well (where the animal is walking in circles), there is an
        alleyway that a guard won't let you in.
    47) Walk right behind the circling animal and then just walk right into the
    48) Open up the cage to let the pet free
    49) Go back to Crazy Clara and speak to her
    50) Return to the South Gate Market
    51) Speak to the Soup Lady
    52) Pick "Magda?"
    53) Once you can, pick "Help" "April" "Goodbye"
    54) Follow Worm
    (as Kian)
    55) Spar with 3 other soldiers, this should be a pushover fight
    56) Speak with Garmon, the man with red hair and white clothes
    57) Follow Child Ena
    58) Open the door
    59) Go back to the Sparring Circle
    (as Zoë)
    01) Exit the Fringe 
    02) Have Zoë just walk straight
    (as April)
    03) Exit the room, Brynn will talk to you
    04) Exit the Inn, head towards the tower
    05) Keep walking straight, you will see scaffolding work you way
        towards the right side of it
    06) Sneak behind the scaffolding 
    07) Sneak behind the guard, get close enough and you should be able
        to have an action to take care of him
    08) Climb up the scaffolding and you'll be on a balcony
    09) There is a door that is slightly ajar, stand in front of the crack
    10) Enter Focus Field Mode, target the two people inside
    11) Listen into their conversation
    12) Head back and enter the Journeyman Inn 
    13) Go to the Inn's cellar, and open the door
    (as Zoë)
    14) On the left side, there is a vending machine
    15) Use the MOBILE on the vending machine to get the GUM
    16) Use the GUM to get a STICKER
    17) Get up the stairs and should see a cutscene of a man
    18) Speak to the man
    19) Go to the trash, and pick up a TICKET PIECE
    20) Pick up the TICKET PIECE again to create a TORN TICKET
    21) Now, combine the TORN TICKET with the STICKER to have the MUSEUM TICKET
    22) Go to the cable car and you should see the Ticket Reader
    23) Use the MUSEUM TICKET on the Ticket Reader
    24) Enter the Cable Car
    25) Open the doors and enter the museum
    26) Go to the back of the room, and touch the red panel to trigger an alarm
    27) Observe and Touch the exhibit of the First BunnyBot to trigger another
    28) GIVE GUM to the Hiro, the boy
    29) Talk to Hiro
    30) Use the Mobile on red panel next to the "staff only" door
    31) Walk straight
    32) Open an unlocked locker
    33) Use the clothes to change
    34) Back into the hallway, wait for the cleaning robot to open the grate, and
    35) Walk towards the elevator and get on it when available
    36) Move forward, and you will learn of the Waticorp guest rules
    37) You need to take a right, the path will turn left, then take left.  Enter
        the room at the end  
    38) There is only one person working today, speak to Damien
    39) Walk down the stairs until you reach the lowest floor, sub-level 58
    40) Once the light turns green, open the door
    41) After the cutscene, just stand still and let the spider cross
    42) Go counter-clockwise to better avoid the spider's detection
    43) Find a panel on the right wall, it is near the door with the datacube
    44) Open the panel to access the circuits
    45) Use the mobile on the panel
    46) Enter the door with the blue signs with the atom symbol
    47) Take the CAPSULE
    48) Combine CAPSULE with WORM to have the ENCAPSULATED WORM
    49) Make your way to the Medlab, it has green stickers on the door
    50) On the right, there is a large tube, walk inside to get scanned
    51) On the other side of the console is a small biometric scanner
    52) USE the ENCAPSULATED WORM on the small biometric scanner
    53) Open the doors to the Security Room, it has orange shield markings on the
    54) Go to the Cybernetics office, it has red stickers on its doors
    55) Use the MOBILE on the spider on the left side of the office
    56) Have your spider fight the other spider
    57) On the destroyed spider, upload its data
    58) Enter the Security room
    59) There is a panel on the right side of the room, stand on it and
        deactivate the grid
    60) Go into the Security room, search the jacket, obtain the DATAKEY
    61) There is only one door unopened, the core room
    62) Use the DATAKEY to open this door
    63) Use the control panel on the right to open the decontamination chamber
    64) Enter the decontamination chamber
    65) Walk forward until a cutscene is triggered
    66) The easiest way past this is to walk back towards the decontamination
        chamber and position the camera so you can still see the core
    67) Wait until she is in front of you, left side of the screen, but has her
        back towards you.  Once you have that, sneak to the right and work your 
        way down the stairs and keep going straight.
    68) You will see "something in that wall"
    69) Use the ENCAPSULATED WORM with the device in the wall
    (as April)
    70) Climb down the narrow staircase
    71) Keep following the path, you will see a cutscene of one of the creatures
        opening the door
    72) Run in after it before the door closes  (you will have several chances)
    73) Observe the altar... you can't miss it
    74) Walk behind the altar and hide there
    75) Use the Focus Field and observe the door when a creature is opening it
    76) Approach the door and open it
    77) Climb down the stairs, you will see a statue with a rotating disk
    78) Rotate the disk so that the triangular #8 is on top
    79) Continue down and trigger a cutscene.  It shows a guard, if you are ever
        discovered, you might as well just load the game.  The guard summons a 
        big beast that is invincible and the only way to get rid of it is by 
        hiding really well (easiest way is to just go back to the entrance
        and lay low for a while).  Save often here!
    80) Once you get to the room and pillar with runes, take a left and there is
        another statue
    81) Rotate that disk so that the rune that resembles an envelope is on top
    82) Now turn around and go straight until you see another statue
    83) Rotate the disk so that the top rune is one that looks like
        crosshairs/sun/two circles
    84) Take a left and at the end there is a loose wall
    85) Hit the loose wall three times
    86) Go straight through the intersection, follow the path and take the first
    87) Here is the last statue, rotate the disk so that the one resembling the
        letter "V" is on top
    88) Now, turn around and hug the right wall, this will lead you to the
    89) Open the sarcophagus, then observe its contents, and Take the GLOWING EGG
    90) Turn around and take a left at the "scary statue," continue straight and
        take a left at the intersection
    91) Place the GLOWING EGG on the gate
    92) Run through this long linear path, go through the door that will
        automatically open at the end
    93) Exit the room and you watch the cutscene
    94) Here's the trick to get past the first guard.  Stand on the left
        staircase and wait until it starts running after you.  Run up the stairs 
        and down the stairs on the other side, keep running straight and climb
        up the stairs until it crumbles.  If you ever engage the monster in 
        battle, just reload the game, you can't outrun it at this point.
    95) Continue up the staircases, jump down the two ledges, sneak to the back
        and exit
    (as Zoë)
    96) RUN!  Up the stairs, through the decontamination unit, and to the
        elevators: Use the ventilation ducts to hide from the soldiers if
    97) Walk to the back and have a conversation with the green guy 
    98) Run straight, where the camera guides you, enter the small building then
        open the doors to the outside
    99) Run to the right, climb on top of the silver box, then jump and grab onto
        the hovering robot
    (as April)
    01) After talking to Na'ane, go downstairs and talk to Benrime
    02) Ask Brian about "Travels"
    03) Exit the Inn, and go to the Ghetto, it was previously blocked with
        traffic (where you got the spices)
    04) Enter the Ghetto and take the right path, this leads to the harbor
    05) Go onto the docks and speak to the Shadowguide, pick "Pay"
    06) Go back to the Ghetto, talk to merchant in red robes
    07) Keep talking to him, until he gives you his autobiography, 'MY WIZARDIN'
        DAYS ARE OVER'
    08) Return to the harbor
    09) Speak to the Shadowguide
    10) GIVE 'MY WIZARDIN' DAYS ARE OVER' to the Shadowguide
    (as Kian)
    11) Walk straight, up the stairs and enter the tower
    (as April)
    01) Follow the Dark Person until he stops
    02) Speak to the Dark Person
    03) An old friend will meet you...
    04) Walk across the make-shift bridge
    05) Climb up the spiral staircase
    06) After the cutscene, head back to the Shift
    (as Zoë) 
    07) Head towards the black house
    (as Kian)
    01) Defeat the two rebels
    02) Ask the Magical about the Scorpion
    03) Exit the harbor to the Ghetto
    04) Exit the ghetto in either direction
    05) Exit Friar's keep
    06) Walk straight down the path
    (as April)
    07) Walk up to Friar's Keep
    08) Follow the right wall, there is a path to a small field
    (as Zoë) 
    09) Knock on the cell door
    10) Look at the door
    11) Talk to Crow
    (as April)
    12) Make your way to the Ghetto
    13) Talk to Roper Klacks, inquire about potions
    14) Head back to Friar's Keep
    15) Give SMOKE BOMB to Crow
    16) Give ACID to Crow
    (as Zoë)
    17) Use ACID on the door
    18) Exit your cell, you'll see a cutscene that the guard is distracted
    19) Sneak throwing distance to the Guard
    20) In Focus Field mode, use the SMOKE BOMB on the Guard
    21) Take the PRISON KEY from the Guard
    22) Use PRISON KEY on the door (right behind the Guard)
    23) Walk down the stairs until you trigger a cutscene
    24) Walk back up the stairs and talk to Crow
    (as April)
    25) Head to the Journeyman Inn
    26) Speak to Benrime, she will give you a SANDWICH
    27) Go back to Friar's Keep
    28) On the right side of the door, there is a speaking tube, use it
    29) The guard will open the door for you
    30) Climb up the stairs, you will see the spiral stairs right on front of
        you.  On the other side is a gate, go open it
    31) Walk straight into the small alcove where the boiler is
    32) On the right side of the boiler is a dumb waiter
    33) Pull the lever to open the dumb waiter
    34) Place the SANDWICH into the dumb waiter
    35) Use the lever again to send the sandwich up
    (as Zoë)
    36) From the cell, go through the gate and make your way down the stairs
    37) Now you'll the guard go through severe food coma
    38) Use the PRISON KEY on the gate
    39) Sneak past the guard and continue down the stairs
    40) Use the PRISON KEY on the gate
    41) Go down another set of stairs
    42) Reunite with April
    (as April)
    43) Right next to the main entrance, there is a door leading to the kitchen,
        enter it
    44) From the kitchen, go through another door to the storage
    45) Push the large crate to the wall
    (as Zoë)
    46) On top of one of the boxes in the room, there is a ROPE, take it.
    47) Climb the large crate
    48) Use ROPE on the metal hook
    49) Use ROPE to climb out
    50) Follow April out 
    51) After talking to Crow, head towards the Journeyman Inn
    (as Kian)
    52) Defeat two rebels
    53) Go upstairs and meet with Na'ane
    (as Zoë)
    54) While talking to Crow, choose: "Suggestions?" "Westhouse" then "Go"
    55) Make your way to the South Gate Market
    56) Walk around and Brian will call out for you
    57) Approach Brian to start a conversation
    58) After the conversation with Brian, open the door behind you
    59) Follow the Dark Person to the Library
    60) Walk towards the desk to talk to the White Dragon
    (as Zoë)
    01) Walk the very long but very linear path.
    (as April)
    02) Walk straight and climb up the ladder
    03) Keep going forward and cross the bridge
    04) Behind the first house, go down the staircase
    05) Walk into the open area start a conversation with Kara
    06) Walk up the incline behind Kara, only to go down an incline to the left
    07) Now take a right to talk to Na'ane
    08) Walk past Na'ane and just keep going as far as you can until you trigger
        a cutscene
    (as Kian)
    09) Hug the right railing and go forward
    10) Descend the staircase
    11) Walk into the open area 
    12) Continue and walk up the incline and then go down an incline to the left
    13) Now take a right to talk to Na'ane
    14) Walk past where Na'ane was and just keep going as far as you can until
        you trigger a cutscene
    CHAPTER 11 - FAITH   (CH10)
    (as Zoë)
    01) Use the console
    02) Go into the bathroom
    03) Exit the apartment
    04) Go right and turn left through the opening in the fence
    05) You will see a silver shiny vehicle on the left side of the road
    06) On the passenger front side, near the side-view mirror, there is an
        access panel
    07) Use the LOCKPICK on the access panel
    08) After opening the access panel, use your mobile on it
    09) Climb on top of the tires and boxes behind the vehicle
    10) Climb on top of the vehicle
    11) Stand near the front of the vehicle
    12) You should be able to jump onto a fire-escape connected to the building
    13) Climb up the ladder
    14) Once up, you should get a cutscene showing a security robot
    15) Follow the security robot, at the corner where it turns left, there is a
        ladder there
    16) Take the ladder to the roof
    17) On this walkway is an old sign, knock down the letter "K"
    18) Work your way to the broken skylight, while still being careful of the
    19) Now on a catwalk, have Zoë walk right until going down a set a stairs
    20) Now climb the ladder down
    21) At the production, floor, go around the assembly line.
    22) There are two green lights on this side, under one of them is the power
    23) Open the power switch panel, and then press it
    24) Go back to the other side of the assembly line, and enter the control
        room, its the room that's mostly glass
    25) Use the right control panel first
    26) Have the winch go as high up as possible, then as far left as possible
    27) Now, use the left control panel
    28) Exit the control room, and go back to the other side of the assembly line
    29) Go past the power switch and toward the other green light
    30) On the ground is a ventilation shaft, USE the hook to clamp onto the grate
    31) Go back to the control panel room and use the left control panel
    32) Now that the grate is removed, go back and enter the ventilation shaft
    33) Open the desk drawer and take the SMALL KEY inside
    34) Use the SMALL key on the left locker
    35) Inside is an ACCESS CARD, take it
    36) On the right of the "bedroom" there is a card reader
    37) Use the ACCESS CARD on the card reader
    38) Enter and use the second card reader
    39) Observe the Doll house and take the DATACUBE
    40) Exit the bedroom
    41) Use the card reader on the left side of the door to unlock it
    42) Use the DATACUBE on the console of where the yellow chair is 
    43) Use the ACCESS CARD on the card reader on the glass door in the corner
    44) Climb up the stairs and find the solid metal doors
    45) Use the ACCESS CARD on the card reader to the left of the metal doors
    46) Back in the production room, go to the exact opposite corner of the room
    47) Under this green light is another door with a card reader
    48) Use the ACCESS CARD on the card reader to the left of the Loading Bay Doors
    49) Open the next door
    50) Once outside, climb down the stairs on the right
    51) On the left of the large gate, there is another card reader 
    52) USE the ACCESS CARD on the card reader to the large front gates
    53) Open the door to the taxi
    01) Go back home
    01) Walk towards the black house
    02) Take the stairs to go up
    First and foremost: me, for actually doing it.  I've been wanting to do another
    FAQ for a while, and since I have been anticipating this game forever a year, 
    and after the experience for writing the FAQ on Syberia II, I figure this is
    the most logical one to do!  It's certainly the first time I actually started
    a FAQ before it's release!
    Ragnar Tørnquist for creating a wonderful game.  I loved the first one too!
    Kevin Archer: For telling me where Chapter 9 begins.
    César Bittar: For telling me the name of Chapter 9.
    Maybe you: Find anything wrong with this FAQ?  Any additional
    advice?  I'll add you here if you fid anything!  
    Just e-mail me at:  nez777@yahoo.com
    GameFAQs and CJayC for helping me so much with other games when I
    got stuck.  I hope this FAQ helps people as well.

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