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    FAQ/Walkthrough by OutRider

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    Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (PC) Walkthrough Final Version
    Copyright © 2006 by OutRider
    This is the final version of this guide, meaning it will no longer continue to
    be updated.
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    WARNING: This walkthrough does contain spoilers that may ruin the game for
    anyone who may be playing this game for the first time. Do not read ahead
    unless you fully understand the risks involved.
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    People have constantly emailed me because they were having technical
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    because I do not want to be held liable for any damages done to your system.
    Update History:
    May 29, 2006 (v1.0) - A partial walkthrough was completed that covered the
    beginning of the game up to Chapter 5.
    May 30, 2006 (v2.0) - Walkthrough was completed.
    May 31, 2006 (v3.0) - Pointed out the scene that plays after credits; 
    added Credits section; new v1.57 patch that fixes crashes in Chapter 7
    September 19, 2006 (Final) – Revised guide to add omissions, removed v1.57
    patch reference (I found out that it was for The Longest Journey, not Dreamfall)
    April 5, 2007 (Final) - Added alternative solution to getting WATICorp museum
    Prologue – Tainted:
    When you watch the opening movie, you’ll see Brian Westhouse writing in his
    journal inside a monastery. For those who don’t remember Brian, he is a fellow
    human that April met on one of her first visits into Arcadia. A knock at the
    door will disturb his concentration, and it appears that a monk has stopped by
    to retrieve him. He’ll ask you to follow him, but if you want, you can look
    around and get acclimated to the new controls before continuing on.
    When you’re ready, follow the monk out to the hallway and into a room where
    there are other monks meditating. Off to the side, you’ll see two monks
    conversing with each other. If you want to listen to their conversation, you
    can activate the focus field by right clicking your mouse and highlighting them
    (credit: J. Hawkins). The monks will discuss how Brian is the perfect candidate
    for what they are doing because he was eager to be a part of it. They’ll
    continue to talk until one of them says that the walls have ears.
    After a bit, the monk you followed into the room will tell Brian to step up
    onto the dais, and the group will perform a ritual that transports Brian into a
    whole new world. When he materializes, there will be a stranger here. The
    stranger becomes upset and he wants Brian to come back to wherever it is he
    came from, although Brian doesn’t quite fully grasp what is going on. Just
    then, a black blob known as the Undreaming appears in the sky and the stranger
    will run off. The Undreaming will stretch out its tendrils and engulf Brian,
    who doesn’t know what is going to happen to him.
    Chapter 1 – One:
    You’ll be introduced to Zoë Castillo, who appears to be in a coma with her
    father sitting near the foot of the bed. After she explains what’s going on,
    she’ll have something important to tell you, but you’ll have to go back to two
    weeks ago before whatever events transpired that caused Zoë to wind up in her
    coma in the first place ever happened.
    You’ll find Zoë lying on her bed watching the news on her television when what
    she thinks is a viral ad interrupts the broadcast. The ad seems eerily
    reminiscent of The Ring, and whoever made the video knows Zoë’s name. The
    little girl in the video implores her to find and save a girl and after it’s
    over, Zoë doesn’t think too much about it. A purple gorilla known as a Watilla
    will come to life to tell Zoë that she has a message waiting for her and she’ll
    realize that her phone is ringing and gets up off the bed.
    You can talk to the Watilla if you want to learn that its name is Wonkers. He’s
    a robot and he can give Zoë the latest news or remind her of what is currently
    on her schedule. While he is programmed to be perpetually happy, you can’t help
    but feel sorry for the little guy because he wants to play a game, but Zoë
    doesn’t have the time anymore.
    The new control scheme in Dreamfall will take some time to get used to since
    it’s not a simple point-and-click that most of us adventure gamers might have
    become accustomed to. Anyway, pick up Zoë’s phone off the chair and she’ll
    realize that she’s late for an appointment at the gym.
    Open the closet near the door and Zoë will get dressed. Head downstairs to find
    her dad, Gabriel, awake and drinking some coffee and you can talk to him if you
    want. Gabriel will be leaving later today for Bombay for work and you’ll learn
    that Zoë isn’t quite sure what to do with her life at this point in time with
    everything that has happened to her recently.
    You can leave the house if you want and you’ll get to explore the city of
    Casablanca. Walk through the arch to Zoë’s right and follow the path to watch a
    scene where a large airship flies overhead and you’ll get to see just how large
    Casablanca truly is. Follow the path down a couple flights of stairs and you’ll
    see some people walking around here. Talk to them if you like, but we’re more
    interested in Olivia, the woman standing in front of the shop. She’ll ask if
    you want to see something cool, and while you can choose not to see it, I
    recommend that you do because you’ll get to see another video like the one Zoë
    saw in her bedroom.
    When you enter the shop, walk down the stairs and towards the door at the end.
    Olivia will come out and start talking to Zoë about a device that will make her
    mobile invisible so that The Syndicate can’t trace it. Olivia can install it
    later, and the conversation will end when Olivia gets a phone call. Feel free
    to leave the shop now.
    Follow the road down into the central plaza and as you enter, a friend of Zoë’s
    will run up and remind her that she needs to get to the gym or Jama, the
    martial arts instructor, will not be too thrilled. Follow her into the next
    screen and you’ll see a taxi parked nearby and a set of stairs leading up to a
    Enter the door to find the gym. You’ll be introduced to Jama, and you can
    answer her however you want because soon after you’ll get into a sparring match
    that’ll introduce you to Dreamfall’s lame combat system.
    Fighting Controls:
    L (or left mouse button) – Light Attacks – Light attacks are quick moves
    designed to inflict minimal damage on your opponent, but also ensure that you
    don’t open yourself to a counter-attack.
    K (or right mouse button) – Heavy Attacks – These are designed to inflict as
    much damage as possible to your opponent, but they are slow and will open your
    character up to a counter-attack. These should only be used when your opponent
    is left completely vulnerable.
    Space – Block – In order to protect yourself from an opponent’s attack and
    counter-attacks, use the spacebar to block. In addition, you can also dodge
    attacks by holding the space bar and the directional arrow in the direction you
    wish to dodge.
    Jama may seem tough at first if you don’t know what you’re doing, but she’s
    actually more of a pushover. Whether you beat her or not, you can continue
    fighting with her as many times as you’d like or quit and continue on with the
    As you leave the gym, Zoë will see the all too familiar video play on a screen
    near the stairs. When you get outside, she’ll then get a phone call from her
    ex-boyfriend, Reza. He wants her to meet him at the Moca Loco, so let’s go
    there. The Moca Loco is to the left when you re-enter the fountain plaza.
    You’ll see Reza sitting by himself, so go over and talk to him.
    A dialogue choice will pop up where you can either invite Reza to the party
    later on or not. If you do, he says that he’s a bit busy but if he gets his
    work done early he’ll stop by. He’ll then ask Zoë to do a favor for him which
    involves picking up a package from the Jiva Corporation that is located inside
    the Seshadri Building. The person who has the package is Helena Chang and while
    she only wants Reza to pick it up, Reza says he’ll send a message to her to let
    her know that Zoë is coming.
    After Reza leaves, go to the taxi stand and hop in to take a ride to the
    downtown area. Go up the stairs and push the button to call the elevator.
    You’ll see a dirty blonde-haired woman using the computer behind the desk. When
    you talk to her, you’ll see that she looks like someone from the Matrix. She’ll
    act rude towards Zoë, but let her know that you have an appointment.
    She’ll continue to become mad when a woman appears on the screen behind her.
    Ask her about it in order to get into a fight. The woman is pretty easy and
    while she might attack a couple times, heavy attacks will take her out in no time.
    Alternative solution: If you want to avoid a fight with the woman, distract her
    from the screen and then plead with her to check around for the package. She’ll
    enter a room to her right and while she is rooting around, use the control
    panel to shut the door and lock her inside. (Credit: S. Prince, P. Adamowicz,
    O. Dim)
    Whether you knock out the woman or lock her up, use the computer on the desk to
    open the other set of doors and an alarm will be set off in the process. Go
    through the door and you’ll see a man dressed similarly to the woman doing
    something with a door. You’ll also see a woman trapped behind it. He’ll spot
    Zoë and then run off, but ignore him for now.
    Try to open the door to find that it won’t budge. The woman behind it will
    point upwards, suggesting that there’s something above the door that Zoë can
    use to open it. Look at the box to the left of the door and Zoë will comment
    that she can climb onto it. Do so and then climb up to the top of the door.
    Crawl over to the panel and open it to find the manual release. Pull the lever
    and then climb back down.
    Open the door and the woman will thank you for your help before running off. Go
    back to the elevator to have the woman say that it’s jammed. She’ll go over and
    do something to fix it, so press the call button when it turns green and then
    get into the elevator.
    At the bottom, the woman will introduce herself as Helena Chang. She’ll wonder
    what you were doing in her laboratory and Zoë will explain everything to her.
    You’ll learn that Helena never got Reza’s message. She’ll give you the package
    and she’ll tell you that it needs to get to Jericho (Reza) as soon as possible.
    You’ll be given an option to ask her about the package, which Helena tells Zoë
    that it’s none of her business, or you can ask about the way she reacted to
    hearing Zoë’s last name. Helena will explain that she once knew a Castillo, but
    it wasn’t anyone related to Zoë. Helena will leave, and Zoë will be alone once
    Call a taxi to go back to the marketplace and if you decide to open the
    package, you’ll find an encrypted data cube inside. It’s time to go to Reza’s
    apartment to make sure he’s okay. To reach his apartment, go through the blue
    arch between the sushi and fruit stands and go up both flights of stairs to a
    red door and go through it.
    If you look at the mailboxes, Zoë will say that Reza is in apartment 8. Go up
    the stairs and follow the hallway to the right. Zoë will see a cat standing
    outside his door, which proceeds to jump out the window. She’ll also notice
    that the door to Reza’s apartment is cracked open, which isn’t like Reza at all.
    Enter his apartment and Zoë will find the body of a woman on the floor with a
    flower sticking out of her mouth. The video will make an appearance here, which
    shows EYE commandos storming the building and making their way up to Reza’s.
    You have several choices available to you, but each will have the same outcome.
    You can leave the room and make a break for it, wait in the room for the
    commandos to show, or I discovered that if you enter the bathroom, you can hide
    behind the door.
    The commandos will find Zoë no matter what you decide to do and then stun her.
    She’ll wake up inside an interrogation room and you’ll have to answer several
    questions that are being asked by an unseen interrogator. 
    You can make the interrogator mad by counteracting or you can choose to be
    cooperative and comply with the interrogator’s wishes. Next you can either lie
    or tell the truth. Lying won’t accomplish anything since they already know the
    truth, so you might as well come clean. The last choice will allow you to plead
    with the interrogator and insist that Zoë had nothing to do with the current
    situation, or you can try to reason with them.
    Chapter 2 – Lost:
    As the chapter opens, we’ll see that Zoë has made it back to her apartment and
    is trying to reach Reza on her phone. She’ll leave a message for him and then
    try calling her dad, only to learn that he’s not available either. Go into her
    room and Wonkers will come over with a message. You’ll learn that Reza has
    re-programmed him to play the message if Reza hasn’t checked in after 24 hours.
    The message says that there’s a notebook in Reza’s apartment that’ll have all
    sorts of information so that Zoë can better understand what is going on.
    Leave the apartment and go over to Olivia’s shop. Zoë will tell her what has
    happened and she’ll upgrade Zoë’s mobile phone with a hack to open the seal on
    Reza’s door as well as the software cloak that she had told you about the other
    Head over to Reza’s apartment and you’ll see the seal on his door. Use the
    mobile phone on it and you’ll have a puzzle to solve. It looks confusing at
    first, but all you need to do is match the symbols along the bottom to their
    counterpart above them. You’ll have a set amount of time to solve it, otherwise
    the code breaker will disconnect and you’ll have to wait a few seconds before
    trying it again.
    Once you’ve successfully broken the seal, go into the apartment and Lucia will
    come running up to Zoë. This triggers a spider robot that’s sitting on the
    floor to go off, which ends up frying Lucia.
    You’ll now need to figure out a way to take out the spider, and there are two
    ways to do it. The first way involves sneaking into the bathroom by holding
    CTRL as you walk and avoiding the broken glass. Make your way between the
    toppled chairs and head over into the bathroom, which is near the spider. There
    is a panel next to the sink that you should turn on, which begins playing
    music. Stay where you are and when the spider enters the shower, close the door
    and the water will turn on, frying the spider.
    Alternative solution: Make your way over to the back of the spider and look at
    it so that Zoë makes a note of the logo on the top of it. Go back to Olivia’s
    and ask her for the software needed to hack into it and she’ll upgrade your
    mobile. Go back to the spider and hack into it using the mobile and it’ll be fried.
    Now that the spider is no longer a problem, go over to Lucia and take out the
    Watilla parts. Take them to Olivia’s and you’ll learn that they have been
    completely destroyed. She’ll give you a new power source, but it’s up to Zoë to
    find a working Watilla brain. This means taking the one out of Wonkers.
    Go back to Zoë’s apartment and take the brain out of Wonkers. Back in Reza’s
    apartment, put both the power supply and the brain into Lucia and she’ll come
    back to life. Talk to her a second time and Zoë will say the password. Lucia
    will recognize it and take you to where the notebook is being kept. Pick it up
    and Zoë will be attacked by a couple of twins. One of them will pick up Zoë by
    the throat and slam her up against the wall before they take off. I wonder what
    that was all about?
    After Zoë recovers, pick up the notebook and take it to Olivia. After Zoë
    explains what just happened, give Olivia the notebook. She’ll only be able to
    decrypt the final entry of the notebook for now, which contains notes on
    “Venice, Newport”, “The Fringe”, and “Charlie”. Zoë decides that she must go to
    Venice but before we do, you can choose to put Wonkers back together by taking
    the brain back out of Lucia and then going back to Zoë’s apartment.
    Once you’re back, you can put the brain back into Wonkers if you have it and
    then take the backpack out of the closet. You’ll see a scene where Zoë has
    boarded a train to begin her journey to Newport.
    Meanwhile, in another world, we see a group of rebels hiding from a group of
    soldiers. One of these rebels you might recognize as April Ryan, the heroine
    from the first game. Another rebel by the name of Na’ane will cast a spell that
    causes a toxic cloud to form within the group of soldiers. Prepare yourself for
    a fight!
    As April, you’ll want to dodge the soldier’s attacks and counter using heavy
    attacks because they’ll easily block the light ones. After you take out the
    first soldier, another one shows up and you’ll have to fight him too. When the
    battle is over, the rebels will continue on their way towards Marcuria.
    Chapter 3 – 201:
    We see that Zoë has arrived in Venice, where it’s currently dark and rainy; a
    stark contrast from the Venice in the first game. Proceed down the alley to
    find a somewhat more familiar scene. You’re now at the crossroads that April
    used to get from the Border House to wherever she needed to go.
    Our first stop is the Fringe because if you remember, Charlie worked there in
    the first game as a bartender. Follow the path to the right and then turn right
    again. The Fringe is located at the end of the path and when you’re there; use
    the intercom to hear Charlie’s voice. Zoë will tell him who she is and why
    she’s there and he’ll eventually let her in.
    How the times have changed. The Fringe used to be a hangout for the art
    students, but it appears that it has since changed into a nightclub. The
    hostess will point you in Charlie’s direction, where you’ll find him sitting at
    a table in the back of the room. Go over and talk to him and you’ll eventually
    be given a choice on whether to plead, bargain, or threaten Charlie to get the
    info you need.
    Choose what you will and then talk to him about all conversation topics. You’ll
    learn that Charlie used to be a bartender back when it was a popular hangout,
    but he now manages it after the new owners hired him back after his failed
    attempt to actually run the place. He’ll also tell you about the Victory Hotel,
    formerly known as the Border House. After the Collapse, no one wanted to live
    in Venice anymore if they have a choice. The Border House used to be an
    apartment complex, but now it’s a seedy hotel.
    Leave the Fringe and go back out to the crossroads. When you reach the clock,
    turn right and follow the path as it forks diagonally. Here you’ll see a
    staircase and a stand with a Chinaman nearby. The Chinaman will call you over
    to his stand and you can talk to him if you’d like.
    Head up the stairs near the stand and cross the bridge. Follow the far path to
    the right and then turn left when you can. Turn right down the alley and follow
    the path. The Victory Hotel is on the opposite end of the canal, but instead of
    going inside through the front door, we’re going to find our way using an
    alternative method.
    Climb down the scaffolding to the left of the entrance and follow the canal
    down to a ladder, which you should then climb up. You’ll find a padlocked door,
    so look at the padlock before calling Olivia. She’ll explain to you that a
    simple lock pick can take care of it, but at the moment, Zoë is fresh out.
    Make your way back to the Chinaman’s stand. Talk to him and he’ll tell you
    about how he can get you anything you want, except for drugs since the
    competition is too strong. When you ask him about a lock pick, he says he has
    one available, but he won’t let it go for just anything, but he will let it go
    if you can get him a software cloak for his mobile phone.
    Call Olivia and she’ll transfer a cloak over, which you should then give to the
    Chinaman. He’ll agree to give you the lock pick and you can go back to the
    locked gate to start your next puzzle.
    This puzzle can be a bit difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing, so I
    will try my best to explain it. You’ll see four chambers, each with different
    shapes. You will also see a shape above and below each chamber. Your goal is to
    line up the shapes inside the chamber with the shapes above and below them. A
    shape can be transferred from one chamber to another by placing it in between
    two chambers and then clicking on the second chamber to move it over.
    The trick is to get the shapes in the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions so that
    all you have to do is turn the chamber to line them up, making you one step
    closer to unlocking the padlock. Even if you have to move the chamber out of
    alignment in order to move the shapes from one chamber to the next, it
    shouldn’t make the puzzle any more difficult because you’ll just have to turn
    the chamber again to realign them.
    I know my explanation isn’t too incredibly clear, but it’s the best I can do
    for now. It really doesn’t take a genius to figure it all out.
    Once you’ve managed to unlock the padlock, step through the door to see that
    there is a guard dog sleeping nearby. It’s best to sneak through here because
    walking or running will wake him up. You’ll only want to sneak when the train
    is roaring down the tracks and when it’s gone, stay where you are until another
    train appears. If you happen to wake up the dog, run back to the ladder and
    climb down.
    Make your way to the shed and open the door. Take the axe off the wall and make
    your way back to the ladder. Climb back down and go down the alley to the
    right. Zoë will spot a boarded up window with light peeking out. Pull the bar
    out of the dumpster’s wheel and push it until it’s underneath the window, and
    then climb up and use the axe to chop up the boards.
    Zoë will drop the axe inside the building, so climb through the window. You’ll
    see that the blade has broken off the axe, so pick up the handle that’s left
    over. Take a rag off of the work table and then smell each of the cans on the
    table until Zoë finds one that smells like gasoline.
    Go into your inventory and combine the rag with the axe handle to make a torch.
    Dip the torch into the gasoline and then go over to the heater and turn it on.
    Stick the torch into the flame to set it ablaze and then go through the door
    Proceed down the hallway until Zoë spots a trail of blood and follow it to find
    even more blood. In the security room, Zoë will find Reza’s lighter and take it
    with her. Take a look at the monitors and then use the mobile to hack into
    them. You’ll unlock the door at the top of the staircase, so leave here and
    head upstairs.
    Head over to the man in the orange shirt and he’ll wonder who you are and just
    what you’re doing inside the hotel. If you’re not careful, you’ll have to fight
    the guy. To avoid a fight, ask him about vacancies and then lie to him. Stay
    calm and ask him about the manager and then you’ll be free to look around, with
    only a short time to do so before the guy figures out what you’re up to.
    Run upstairs and follow the hallway to a room where Zoë will find a woman with
    the flower thing on her face. Continue down the hallway until you see a
    bathroom and take the window handle off of the window inside. Outside the
    bathroom, head past the stairs and into the room nearby. Use the handle on the
    window and climb through. By this time, the man got up and was on his way to
    see what I was up to, but it won’t matter since you’ll be outside and climbing
    up the ladder to the next screen.
    The ladder will break off once you reach the top, so you’re stuck. Go through
    the nearby window and you’ll want to be careful here as well. There is a drug
    addict wandering the halls and if he sees you, you’ll have to fight him so that
    he doesn’t draw too much attention when he tries to call for help. If you want
    to be sneaky, start sneaking as soon as you enter the hallway and after you see
    the addict continue further down, enter the room he just left and swipe his towel.
    Follow the hall to the end to find a window and an old radiator. If you look
    out the window, you’ll see April’s old room below you, but it’s a long way
    down. The towel’s too short, so you’ll have to find something longer to add to
    it. Carefully backtrack until you see the addict’s room on the right. By this
    time, the addict was heading back to his room and spotted me, forcing me to
    fight him. Swipe the sheet off of his mattress and go back to the window.
    Open the window and then combine the towel with the sheet. Tie them to the
    radiator and climb down to the walkway below. Follow it around and climb
    through the window to enter April’s room.
    Open the closet and take the photo that’s lying at the bottom. Zoë will
    mistakenly think it’s Charlie’s room after seeing the picture, when Marcus will
    enter the room. Marcus is also from the first game, so you may or may not
    remember him. He apparently runs the hotel now, so be courteous towards him and
    then say no to his question. Explain to him you’re looking for a reporter and
    he’ll agree to help you. Afterwards, he’ll show you the door. From the hotel,
    go back to the Fringe.
    Show Charlie the photo and then push him for more information. A long cut scene
    will begin in which Charlie tells Zoë what he knows before going to call Emma.
    Once Emma has joined the pair, they’ll fill Zoë in more about what has happened
    since The Longest Journey. When Zoë tells Charlie about Marcus, he’ll comment
    on how it’s turning into a “damn family reunion” and then she’ll tell him that
    she has to go make a phone call, and Charlie will give her access to one of the
    VIP room upstairs.
    The stairs are near the entrance, so head upstairs and go into the last VIP
    room on the left. Use the mobile and Zoë will attempt to call Reza, to no
    avail. After she’s finished, Marcus shows up with some company. It’s the twins
    that attacked Zoë earlier! They’ll go after her and one of them does something
    with a knife and then hooks her up to one of those flower devices. I sure hope
    Zoë will be okay!
    Chapter 4 – Winter:
    Zoë will find herself in the vision she’s been having wearing nothing but her
    underwear (*growls*). Run forward until you get a cut scene in which the little
    girl appears and sends Zoë falling into a pit.
    When Zoë comes to, she’ll awaken inside an underground cave with trolls
    patrolling the area. She’ll have some better clothing on this time, and there
    are two ways to go about dealing with the trolls.
    The first way is to beat the living snot out of them, but be careful as they
    can take out a large chunk of your health every time they hit you. The other
    solution was provided to me by one Kitten831, and here is what she had to say:
    “As soon as you regain control of Zoë, look around the general vicinity and you
    will find two small white pebbles.  When you inspect them in your inventory she
    will point out that they look like they would be good for throwing.  Sneak up
    to the first troll until you have a clear line of sight and using the focus
    field, use one of the pebbles on the troll.  This will make Zoë throw the
    pebble out into the water, diverting the troll's attention and allowing you
    enough time to creep by using CTRL + movement. As you stated, climb up onto the
    ledge and walk across the landing to the other side.  Watch the second troll
    from a safe distance up on the landing and wait until he's down at the water's
    edge, so that he's looking away from you.  Throw the second pebble the same way
    you did the first one. While he's distracted, you will have plenty of time to
    come around the steps, creep up to the pole to take the glowing egg, and creep
    away up the path towards the demolished bridge. I found that this method is
    much more fun in that it allows you to use the objects in the game as they were
    intended to be used, and avoid taking a beating from some ugly brutes!”
    After they’ve been dealt with, follow the path and climb up the ledge. Climb
    down the other side and take the glowing egg off of the stick nearby. Continue
    to follow the path until you see a small set of stairs leading down and head
    down and then immediately head up another flight of stairs. You’ll see a wheel
    up against the wall here with a platform behind it for something to sit.
    Put the egg on the platform and then turn the wheel, making note of the tune
    that plays. The water wheel will start to move, so take the egg and go down the
    stairs. Stand near the water wheel and have Zoë grab a hold of it. She’ll ride
    it up to the scaffolding and as you follow it to the end, one of the planks
    will break off; leaving a gap that Zoë will have to jump across.
    On the other side, there’s a long ladder for you to climb, so you might as well
    have at it if you want to continue on with the game. Luckily for you, once
    you’re about a quarter of the way up, the screen will change and Zoë will
    magically appear closer to the top. The path at the top leads to a dead end,
    but with the glowing egg in your hand, three symbols will be uncovered on the wall.
    You can press each of these symbols to generate a different tune from each one.
    If you can remember the tune you heard when you got the water wheel moving, you
    can recreate it by using the symbols here. Press the first one, then the
    second, the first one again, and then the last and watch as a doorway is
    created for Zoë to pass through.
    The doorway will drop you off into a basement of a building. At the top of the
    stairway is a locked door, so bust it open and advance. I sure hope you
    recognize where you are now because you’re in the Journeyman Inn and as you can
    see, Benrime Salmin is still running the place, even after all these years.
    You can see that Brynn is here enjoying a meal and he’ll alert Benrime to Zoë’s
    presence. She’ll be startled and wonder where she came from until she realizes
    that Zoë must be another Shifter coming through from Stark. At some point, Zoë
    will mention April’s name, prompting Brynn to look her way before getting up
    and leaving the inn. Benrime will say that you need to talk to Minstrum Magda
    to learn how to get back home, and in order to find out where she is, you’ll
    have to talk to Blind Bob.
    When the discussion is over, head out the door and take your first steps back
    into the world of Arcadia. Just down the road is a beggar looking for alms and
    talking to him will reveal that he is Blind Bob. If you want information on how
    to find Minstrum Magda, you’ll have to give him mulled wine.
    Go back into the inn and ask Benrime about the wine. She says that in order to
    make it, you just have to boil some red wine and mix in some of Mrs. Mullins’
    Mixed Spices. She’s all out, and the delivery person hasn’t shown with her
    order. She’ll direct you to where you can find the spice merchant, and you can
    pick up her order for her.
    Head past Blind Bob and go into the next screen. Follow the long road into the
    main courtyard and then hang a right and take the ramp down into the
    marketplace. The spice merchant will be on the left as you enter the area. Talk
    to him and in a roundabout way, he’ll tell you that he’s all out of spice right
    now because the ghetto is closed while the Azadi soldiers are conducting a raid
    to look for any contraband. You’ll have to talk to a guy named Ary Kinryn if
    you want to get what you so badly need.
    Agree to get them for the merchant and you can find Ary just south of the
    Journeyman Inn. He’s standing in front of the entrance to the ghetto near his
    wagon. He’s bit of a jerk, but Zoë will be able to deal with him in her own
    little way. Eventually Ary will become so fed up with Zoë that he’ll give her
    the spices. You can either deliver them to the merchant and get Benrime’s
    order, or you can just go directly to Benrime and hand them to her as either
    way you’ll have spices that you can use.
    Benrime will tell you that the wine is boiling, and all you need to do is mix
    in some spices. Go over to the boiling pot and toss in the spices. Pick up the
    wine jug behind you and fill it up with some freshly made mulled wine. Go
    outside and give the wine to Blind Bob. Talk to him again and he’ll tell you
    that if you want to find out where Magda is, you’ll have to talk to Crazy
    Clara. To find her, you’ll have to go through the gate next to the spice
    merchant and follow the road. You’ll see a woman sitting alongside the road,
    and so talk to her to find out that she is Clara.
    Clara likes to ramble on about things that people have told her. Her only
    concern is finding her “baby”, which turns out to be a pet that the Azadi
    confiscated from her. Zoë will decide to go rescue her “baby” so that Clara
    will tell her where to find Magda. Head back down into the marketplace and if
    you look down the alley near where the giant animal is circling, you’ll see a
    cage and I bet that’s where they’re holding Clara’s pet.
    When the animal is obscuring the view of the soldier standing closest to the
    alley, run down the alley to the cage and free the animal before the soldier
    sees you. The animal will take off, but not before scaring the giant beast and
    causing it to run off as well.
    Go see Clara and the animal you set free will come running up after you. It’ll
    jump into Clara’s arms and she’ll be happy again. Talk to her about Magda and
    as she rambles some more, Zoë will begin to realize that Magda is the soup lady
    that she had run past so many times before.
    Magda is standing next to the spice merchant, so go talk to her and you’ll have
    to tell her that the innkeeper, Benrime Salmin, sent Zoë to find her before she
    actually tells you what she knows. She doesn’t like being called Minstrum
    because the Azadi banned the Sentinel from the city and now they have ears
    everywhere. You can’t talk ill of the Azadi unless you want to be tossed into a
    place called Friar’s Keep. The only help she can provide right now is to point
    Zoë in the direction of someone who can assist her further.
    After you’re finished talking to Magda, you’ll see Brynn hiding behind the
    merchant’s stall and will call Zoë over to talk to him. As they retreat to
    somewhere more private, Brynn says that he heard Zoë mention April’s name and
    that he can help her. Zoë understandably distrusts him at first, but she has no
    choice other than to follow him after he promises her that she won’t be locked
    up in any basements.
    Brynn will escort Zoë over to the Salty Seaman, where he calls out his partner.
    His partner will restrain Zoë while Brynn obscures her face as they take her to
    an unknown location. You’ll overhear a conversation between Brynn, his
    accomplice Chawan, and Na’ane.
    After Zoë’s face is uncovered, she’ll find April Ryan staring her in the face.
    She’ll begin to ask all sorts of questions and Zoë will explain to her what she
    knows. April seems very bitter about how things have turned out for her and she
    won’t offer any help other than trying to get her back to Stark. She will bring
    in Na’ane, who attempts to hypnotize her when Zoë suddenly disappears, leaving
    her clothes behind. No one knows where she went, but Na’ane feels that she
    isn’t really a Shifter after all.
    In a distant part of Arcadia in a place called Sadir, we see a man getting
    ready to fight. You’ll be given control of the man and all you have to do now
    is fight the others until there are no more to fight. Talk to the man with the
    red hair and you’ll learn that the man you’ve been controlled is named Kian and
    that the person you’re talking to is his master, Garmon. After the conversation
    is over, a little girl will come and let Kian know that he has been summoned by
    the Six.
    Follow the girl until she stops at a door being guarded by two soldiers, and
    enter the door. Watch the sequence and as you can see, the Six appear to be
    children. They have a mission for Kian: Go to Marcuria and “convert” the one
    called Scorpion, who is a leader of a rebel group fighting against everything
    the Azadi stand for. You’ll also find out that Kian’s last name is Alvane,
    which is something only the players of The Longest Journey will understand.
    Afterwards, head back and talk to Garmon to learn about his true views on the
    Six and the whole religion in general.
    Chapter 5 – Alchera:
    You’ll see that Zoë is alive and well and back inside the Fringe. Charlie is
    sitting next to her and he lets her know that he had been watching over her all
    night. The twins that attacked her ended up drugging her and Charlie says that
    a couple of guests found her passed out in the booth and ended up staying that
    way all night. You can pick the dialogue choice how you want, although I
    insisted that everything she witnessed in Arcadia was real. Zoë will eventually
    get up and leave, putting her outside the Fringe. Walk forward until you get a
    call from Olivia, which results in Zoë leaving for Japan. While she’s off
    gallivanting in Japan, we’re going to see what April is up to back in Marcuria.
    April will be having a conversation with Chawan and afterwards, leave the room
    to bump into Brynn. You can make your own choices here and then leave the inn.
    Head to the tower, and do you see the scaffolding on the far side? Go there and
    walk along the right side until you reach the cement pillar. Sneak over to the
    guard and dispose of him so that he doesn’t sound an alarm. Climb up onto the
    scaffolding and April will handle the rest.
    When you reach the balcony, go over to where you see a partially opened window.
    Use the focus field to focus on the two people and eavesdrop on their
    conversation. After they’re finished, you’ll be back at the bottom of the
    scaffolding. As you head back out to the courtyard, April will see the cloaked
    figure emerge from the tower and will decide to follow him.
    Follow him into the Journeyman Inn and go into the kitchen to find Benrime. She
    says she hasn’t seen anything, but I can’t imagine how she wouldn’t if the
    person walked right by her. You can see that the door leading to the cellar is
    wide open, so let’s go check it out. April will see the person open a portal
    similar to the one Zoë used to get into the inn in the first place. April will
    jump through at the last minute and we’re going to see whether or not Zoë has
    made it to Japan.
    Zoë will have arrived in Wati City, home of WATIcorp, the creators of the
    Watilla, BunnyBot, and more. As Zoë steps off, walk over to the vending machine
    and use the mobile on it to get a pack of gum. Open it to find a sticker and
    then walk up the stairs to see a sequence with a man who appears to be waiting
    for someone.
    Talk to the man, make your choices, and watch as he rips his ticket before
    tossing it into the trash as he leaves. Dig the pieces out of the trash by
    picking through it twice and then go into your inventory and use the sticker to
    make the ticket whole again. Walk over to the cable car and run the ticket
    through the reader to gain access to the car. Hop in and you’ll take a ride
    over to the WATIcorp museum.
    Alternative solution to getting museum ticket (thanks to Max DC!):
    after you talk to the guy waiting for his date and he rips up his ticket,
    you retrieve it from the bin. then talk to the girl waiting on the bench,
    she needs a ticket. Then after waiting for a certain amount of time,
    not sure how long, the guys date turns up at the ticket office, 
    she is wearing different clothes to everyone else, talk with her 
    and at the end she gives you a ticket. then you give the ticket 
    to the girl on the bench and she comes to the museum with you.
    She plays a certain role in helping you gain access to wATI Corp. 
    Get off the car once you’ve reached the other side and head into the museum.
    Watch the sequence where a boy triggers an alarm and the prick guard will walk
    over and berate him. His grandmother will walk over and apologize for his
    behavior, but she’ll get the attitude too.
    Make your way to the back of the room and push on the red panel to set off an
    alarm. The guard will tell Zoë that the room is for staff only. Go over to
    where the boy, Hiro, is standing and touch the exhibit to set off yet another
    alarm and the guard will complain some more. Give the gum to Hiro and then talk
    to him to have him agree to distract the guard.
    Hiro will go into the exhibit and activate the BunnyBot, which comes to life
    and takes off. Go back to the red panel and use the mobile to hack into it.
    Once you’ve unlocked the door, go into the room and into the locker room across
    from you. Open the nearby locker and take the uniform to have Zoë change into a
    worker’s uniform.
    Go back into the previous room and wait for the cleaning robot to come back
    out. While the grate is still open, crawl inside and Zoë will emerge on the
    other end. When you’re out, go to the other end of the hallway. You’re supposed
    to sneak up the woman and knock her out, but during my first time through the
    game, I experienced a glitch.
    The glitch was that I ran up to the woman waiting for the elevator, who
    realized Zoë was there and I was given a set of conversation options. However,
    they quickly disappeared and while the woman was still looking at her, Zoë
    remarked that the woman doesn’t realize she was standing behind her and so I
    went ahead and knocked her out anyway and was able to continue on with the game.
    Get into the elevator and use the mobile on the panel to hack into it. After
    you’re finished, ride up to the top floor and as you attempt to enter the new
    hallway, you’ll be stopped by what Zoë refers to as a security bird. It’ll tell
    you to wait behind the line for an authorized escort, but we don’t have time
    for that. Screw the bird and wait for its back to turn so that it’s facing you.
    As it disappears around the corner, follow it and you’ll have to be careful not
    to get caught. You can hide in the alcoves, but it’ll only work if you have Zoë
    press her back up against the wall.
    If at any time you’re caught by a security bird, it’ll track you and zap Zoë
    until you run back to the starting point. You’ll then have to start over again,
    but the goal here is to make it to the first hallway leading off to the left
    and exit through the door at the end.
    You’ll find yourself inside an office, so run around until you find a man
    sitting at one of the desks. Talk to him and you’ll be introduced to Damien
    Cavanaugh, but be prepared to watch a long cut scene that explains a lot of
    what has been happening. The flower devices you seen earlier on are actually
    called Dreamers, and they allow for a type of lucid dreaming. They are supposed
    to revolutionize the media industry because why would anyone want to watch TV
    when they can dream about something they want to see and be able to interact
    with it?
    The problem is that someone is trying to take over DreamNet, the computer
    running it all and it just so happens that it is the cause of the Static.
    Damien was hired to look into it and fix the bugs, but decided to look deeper
    into the situation when he met Rio, the dead woman inside Reza’s apartment who
    was also beginning to get a sense of the larger picture.
    Eventually Zoë will agree to help uncover the conspiracy and the two decide to
    hatch a plan. A guard will come into the room, forcing Zoë to hide. After he
    leaves and Zoë re-emerges, they’ll continue talking. You’ll be led to a
    stairwell, where you’ll have to make your way down to sublevel 58 and wait for
    the lights on the door to turn green. Once they do, open the door and go into
    the next room.
    There is a spider patrolling the area, so wait for it to pass and be careful
    about following it down the hall. Zoë doesn’t seem to make any audible
    footsteps that would set the spider off, so once it was far enough away I was
    able to run the entire time without worrying about the spider too much.
    Make your way around until you see a slight indentation on the right wall (or
    left, depending on which way you went). Examine the indentation to uncover a
    panel and use the mobile on it to have Damien unlock the doors. You’ll now want
    to make your way to the door with the blue decals and head inside. Take a
    capsule off of the stand to your right and put the worm inside of it.
    Look out before stepping back out into the hallway just in case the spider
    shows up. Once it’s clear, go to the medical lab, which is the room with the
    green decals on the door. Once there, step into the large biometric scanner and
    then place the encapsulated worm inside the small scanner on the other side of
    the lab.
    Go to the security room, whose door is denoted by the shields and attempt to
    enter. You’ll see a laser grid running along the floor, and in order to
    deactivate it, you’ll have to go to the cybernetics room. The cybernetics room
    is the one with the red decals on the door. You’ll find an inactive spider
    there, so use the mobile to turn it on and you’ll get to control it remotely.
    Find the patrolling spider and have the remote spider destroy it. Upload its
    data and then go into the security room. Maneuver it onto the floor panel and
    use it to deactivate the laser grid. As Zoë, go back into the security room and
    search the lab coat to find a data key.
    Go to the only unopened door you haven’t visited and use the data key to unlock
    it. Use the panel to the right to turn on the decontamination chamber and then
    head inside to get decontaminated. Here’s where things are going to get a
    little tricky.
    There are two scientists watching the area. A woman can be seen patrolling the
    upper catwalk while the other is down below, but will occasionally come
    upstairs. You can study their patterns if you want, but I decided to throw
    caution to the wind.
    When the female scientist is looking at something on the left side and the male
    scientist has gone back down to the lower catwalk, run along the right side and
    head downstairs. As long as the male scientist can’t be seen, you’re in the
    clear. Find the small panel on the right and use it to insert the encapsulated
    worm. Watch the sequences and we’ll be revisiting April back in Marcuria to see
    where she has ended up.
    April will be inside the subterranean city that Zoë initially visited and will
    be climbing down from the scaffolding that Zoë broke on her way through. Walk
    down the stairs and follow the path to find the cloaked figure rowing a boat
    down the river to a building on the far side.
    Continue down the path until you see a scene where a creature goes up to a door
    and hums a tune to open it. You won’t be able to make it through the first
    time, so hide next to the stairs for another creature to come along and open
    it. After the door opens, run up the stairs and through the door before it
    closes. If you miss, you can keep trying again until you finally make it through.
    Once inside, look at the altar and then go around behind it to hide. When a
    creature comes in and goes over to open the next door, use the focus field on
    it to get the combination to open the door.
    Repeat the creature’s actions and take the stairs leading down until you see a
    statue in the wall holding a disc. Turn it so that the triangular 8 is at the
    top and then continue on. You’ll come to a room that is being guarded and if
    the guard sees you, he’ll send a rancor-like beast to come after you. If that
    happens, just go back to the stairwell and wait for it to move along.
    You can use the broken columns to hide from the guard and when he isn’t
    looking, take a left at the intersection to find a statue similar to the one
    you found in the stairwell. Turn the disc it’s holding so that the envelope is
    facing up and then turn around and go back down the stairs and straight through
    the intersection, being ever vigilant in case the guard is in the area.
    Look for a third statue and once you find it, turn that disc so that the
    crosshair is at the top. Go left from there until you reach a dead end. You can
    see that the wall isn’t entirely stable, so push on it three times until April
    falls through the hole and into another part of the catacombs.
    Run straight down the path until you reach a fork. Follow the path to the right
    to find the last statue. Turn the disc so that the arrow-like symbol is at the
    top and you’ll see that you’ve managed to unlock a gate leading into a room
    with a sarcophagus.
    Go back the way you came and follow the path as it branches off to the right
    and you’ll eventually find the sarcophagus. Open it to find a glowing egg and
    take it with you. Backtrack until you come across a broken statue that April
    thinks is a bit scary and take the path to the left once you find it. Continue
    straight through and hang a left to find a gate with an egg-shaped indentation.
    Put the egg inside of it to unlock the gate.
    The next path you follow will take you out to a balcony and as April gazes over
    the edge, a guard will send a couple of rancor beasts to patrol the area. Go
    down the left staircase and get the beast to follow you. Don’t let it get too
    close as you run back up the stairs and down the other side. Go straight up the
    next set of stairs and part of them will crumble underneath April’s feet,
    leaving her hanging from the ledge. She’ll pick herself up and you can continue
    up to the top.
    Go over to the edge of the next balcony and climb down through the hole to
    reach a ledge. Jump down from the next one and then jump down again to wind up
    behind another beast. Sneak into the room behind it and exit off to the left of
    the sarcophagus.
    You’ll watch a sequence in which April finds a “fountain” of sorts that has
    millions of voices crying out. As she is left to ponder what is going on, we’re
    going to see what kind of mischief Zoë has stirred up in Wati City.
    Listen to the conversation between Gilmore and the two scientists and you’ll
    learn that the core room is about to be locked down. When you regain control,
    run up the stairs and through the decon chamber. Run out into the hallway and
    hang a left. As you traverse the corridor, a group of soldiers will emerge from
    the elevators to look for intruders.
    Make your way to the elevators while using the alcoves to hide from the
    soldiers. Once you’ve made it, hop in and the elevator will take you for a
    ride. Its first stop will be on a floor with more soldiers, but the doors will
    close as one of them fires a shot.
    Chapter 6 – Morpheus:
    You’ll wind up in what appears to be an atrium. Go towards the back of the room
    to find this huge green blob that somewhat resembles a person. He’s running the
    show and knows everything about Reza and Zoë, and that would explain the
    strange cat you saw early on in the game. Talk to him how you will and he’ll
    fill you in with some more background information.
    He’ll stall long enough for the twins to show up and now you have to make a
    break for it unless you want the twins to catch up and knock Zoë out, which you
    don’t. Run to the left of the blob and go down the stairs. Run to the small
    building and go through the door and out the other side.
    Here, run down to the silver box and climb on top of it and then jump out onto
    the hovering robot. It’ll take you down into an alleyway, where Zoë is dropped
    off into a garbage bin. Zoë will climb out and decides to call Damien. More
    dialogue choices here and after you’re done, we’re going back to Marcuria.
    Listen to what Na’ane has to say and then leave the room. Take April downstairs
    and talk to Benrime and during the conversation, you’ll meet an old friend in
    Brian Westhouse. While I wonder what exactly happened to him during the
    prologue, an explanation from A. Adamo has this to say:
    “Just thought I’d fill you in on what happened to Brian Westhouse since the
    point in the opening sequence. See in the last game he tells April a story
    about how he first traveled to Arcadia from the far east and during that
    initial journey he was stuck in between worlds for quite a long period of time,
    essentially anyone who has not played the first game would be naturally left
    incredulous to whatever the hell was going on and in fact I hadn't even
    remembered that part till I read your walkthrough and it got me thinking about
    it.” Catch up on old times and ask Brian about his recent travels.
    Leave the inn and it’s time to visit the magical ghetto and to get there, just
    go to where you got the spices to see that the path is now unblocked. No
    stopping in the ghetto for now, so pass through it and follow the path towards
    the right to enter the harbor.
    Talk to the dark figure on the docks to learn that he is a Shadowguide. April
    will ask him for passage on his ship, but they only collect and trade. Attempt
    to bribe him and he’ll say that the Dark People don’t crave such things, but
    rather they’re out to collect one-of-a-kind books to add to their library.
    There are no books in your possession right now, so go back into the center of
    the ghetto.
    Talk to the merchant in red and April will realize that it’s Roper Klacks, the
    once evil alchemist that April trapped inside a calculator in the Longest
    Journey. He’s obviously managed to free himself from it and has since reformed
    himself by denouncing his evil ways. He’s now a simple merchant and a published
    author. Ask him about his career as an author and then about the book. He uses
    to have tons of copies available until a charm made its way onto page 108 and
    caused the book to explode whenever anyone turned to that page. 
    Roper has the only decharmed copy of the book available and he won’t let it go
    so freely. April will convince him that it would be an honor for him to have
    his book stored in one of the greatest libraries in Arcadia and he’ll agree to
    let her take it. Give it to the Shadowguide back on the docks and he’ll grant
    you passage to the Dark People’s library.
    While April is making her way over, a scene plays in which Zoë is with Damien
    back inside his apartment and the two get into a discussion. There’s obviously
    some sexual tension in the air, but nothing happens because of it. Meanwhile,
    Kian has arrived in Marcuria and is now standing outside the awe inspiring
    tower. Head inside and watch the ensuing sequences. While Kian is talking to
    the woman, they’re interrupted by Commander Vamon, who doesn’t seem to like
    Kian very much. After Kian leaves, Vamon reveals why he doesn’t like Kian very
    much and we’re off to the next chapter.
    Chapter 7 – Destiny:
    April has made it to the Dark People’s city and she’ll be welcomed with open
    arms. While the Dark People know who she is, the guide that brought her here
    didn’t know her and no one knows why, even though there are certainly ideas.
    From here, just follow the Dark Person until he comes to a stop inside the library.
    After he stops, talk to him and he’ll go retrieve the White of the Draic Kin.
    While you’re waiting, my favorite character from the Longest Journey makes an
    appearance. The smart-aleck Crow is back and he’s still got the same old
    attitude. He’s harboring a bit of resentment towards April leaving him behind
    on a mountain path eight years ago, but even he can’t resist the urge to “hug”
    After they’re done talking, the White Dragon will arrive in a human form that
    is quite appealing to the senses. Listen to what she has to say and she’ll tell
    April that she hasn’t lost her power to Shift, but rather she’s probably
    forgotten how. Eventually, April will open a Shift, although she isn’t sure how
    she did it, and Crow will join her as she steps through to enter the Guardian’s
    Another scene with Zoë and Damien that sees them reveal their true feelings for
    one another and they share a couple of passionate moments.
    In the Guardian’s Realm, you can see how beautiful Gordon has made this place.
    Cross the bridge to the island and make your way up the spiral staircase.
    Listen to the conversation between April and Gordon before going back through
    the Shift with Crow.
    Zoë is getting prepared to go back to Arcadia, so Damien injects her with the
    Morpheus drug and then activates the Dreamer. We find that Zoë is back in
    Winter, so like the first time, run forward until the girl appears and drops
    Zoë into the pit.
    Chapter 8 – Convergence:
    Kian finds himself confronted by a couple of rebels. Take care of them and
    afterwards he’ll threaten the merchant into revealing what he knows. Ask him
    about Scorpion and he’ll say that he doesn’t know anything but he does know
    some of the rebels because he’s done business with them. An Azadi guard will
    come up and let Kian know that they’ve captured a witch and sent them to
    Friar’s Keep. The guard offers to show him the way, but Kian insists on finding
    it himself and has the guard take care of the merchant.
    Go into the ghetto and follow a path until you see Brynn run past Kian on his
    way to do whatever it is he may be doing. Kian will find his way to Friar’s
    Keep and have a brief discussion with Zoë in which he tries to have her set
    free. Leave the Keep and head down the path to encounter April and they’ll get
    into a heated conversation, with perspectives changing as new dialogue choices
    are presented.
    After Kian takes off, you’ll have control of April. Head up to the Keep and
    rather than trying to go in through the door, look for a hole in the right wall
    and follow it down to a side yard where you’ll find Crow. April will have Crow
    tell Zoë to use some investigative searching and report back with what she sees.
    Zoë has been locked up in a cell while she waits for transport to Sadir. Knock
    on the door to get the guard’s attention and Zoë will convince him to leave the
    hatch on the door open. Look through the hatch and Zoë will notice that the
    door is bolted and she can’t move it. Report your findings to Crow, who’ll pass
    them along to April.
    Take April back on the long trip to the ghetto and talk to Roper Klacks about
    getting a couple of potions. He’ll give you a smoke bomb and a vial of acid,
    which you should take back to the Keep. Give the items to Crow and he’ll fly
    them up to Zoë.
    Use the acid to melt the bolt off the door and then open it up. Walk out of the
    cell to find the guard preoccupied with another prisoner. Sneak up on him and
    when you’re close enough, use the focus field to hurl the smoke bomb and render
    him unconscious. Search his body to find the keys and use them to unlock the
    gate nearby. Follow the stairs down until you come across another guard and
    note that he’s hungry. Go back up to your cell and report your new findings to
    As April, you’ll need to get a sandwich for the guard to eat. Make the long
    trip to the inn and ask Benrime for a sandwich. She’ll make one up for you and
    you’ll have to make the return trip to the Keep.
    Alternative solution: Before getting a sandwich from Benrime, you can go to
    Roper Klacks to get a sleeping potion to put into the sandwich. This would make
    more sense for you to do since the guard will fall asleep after eating it.
    (Credit: O. Dim)
    Go up to the door and use the speaking tube and the guard will let you in. Head
    up the stairs and around the back of the spiral staircase to find a gate. Open
    it to find a boiler and a dumbwaiter next to it. Use the lever next to the
    dumbwaiter to open it and place the sandwich inside. Use the lever again to
    send the sandwich up to the guard, who’ll begin eating it voraciously.
    The game play switches back to Zoë, so feel free to leave the cell whenever
    you’re ready and go back to the guard’s post. While he’s asleep, use the keys
    to unlock the gate and sneak past him. Continue down the stairs while unlocking
    a couple more gates until you reach the bottom and are reunited with April.
    With Zoë in tow, go back towards the entrance and go through the small door to
    the left of it to enter the kitchen. Go through the next door to enter a
    storage area and have Zoë help you push the large crate up against the wall. As
    Zoë, take the rope from behind the door and then climb onto the large crate.
    Tie the rope onto the hook and use it to escape Friar’s Keep.
    Follow April to the main road and then they’ll get into an argument once
    they’re back inside the inn. Zoë will leave and Crow will become fed up with
    April for the way she’s acting and will take off after Zoë.  When he finally
    catches up to her, Zoë will be inside the ghetto. Ask him for any suggestions
    and then about Westhouse to learn that he’s in the South Gate Market.
    As you make your way there, Zoë will see that the Azadi are raiding the
    Journeyman Inn. Kian will threaten Benrime and while his soldiers don’t find
    anyone in the cellar, Kian decides to check out the second floor. You’ll have
    to fight a couple of rebels along the way and after you’ve killed them, go into
    Na’ane’s room and he’ll threaten her into taking him to see the Scorpion.
    She’ll reluctantly agree to do so, but only if he lets her, Benrime and the
    shipment go.
    Zoë is on the other side of the inn, so continue forth to the market. Once
    you’re there, run around near the lumbering beast and Crow will call you over.
    He’s behind the woman’s stand with Brian standing nearby. Talking to Brian will
    have you end up going to the Dark People’s city in an airship that he’s loaning
    from a friend that owed him a favor. Crow is none too thrilled about the idea
    of a bird without wings as Zoë and Brian share a laugh at his expense.
    As the airship sails toward the city, Brian and Zoë will begin to talk so that
    Zoë can learn more about the man and what life was like for Arcadia before the
    Azadi came. After you’re done, go through the door behind Zoë to go onto the
    next chapter.
    Chapter 9 – All That We See or Seem…:
    Simply follow the guide down to the library where you’ll find the White Dragon
    sitting at a desk. She’ll realize that you’re there and start a conversation
    with Zoë that results in her “waking up” from whatever she may be dreaming. I’m
    still confused about Zoë’s role and her talents as Zoë is whisked away to
    another far off land.
    Chapter 10 – Crossroads:
    Follow the path laid out for you until you see a sequence where Zoë spots
    something going on between someone who she thinks is April and another person.
    The perspective will then change to April where is she seen talking with a man.
    Go past the guy after he walks away and climb up the ladder. Cross the bridge
    and head down the stairs. There’s a small staircase behind the house so follow
    it down and head towards the ramps to initiate a conversation between April and
    a woman named Kara. After you’re done, walk up the ramp in front of April and
    then take the ramp down that’s off to the left. At the bottom, hang a right and
    talk to Na’ane.
    Once the conversation is over, go past her and walk down the path to the left.
    Cross the main area to a dock leading upwards to see a sequence where April
    encounters a mysterious stranger.
    You’ll see that Kian has now arrived at the swamp and from your present
    location, go forward and go right down the narrow staircase.
    Go to where you found Na’ane with April and talk to her. Go to where April is
    and watch as the pieces of the puzzle become connected. Kian is the mysterious
    stranger that Zoë and April both saw and after Kian talks to April about his
    newfound revelation, a couple of airships appear in the sky and Azadi soldiers
    rappel down to the ground.
    Commander Vamon makes an appearance and more events ensue. You can choose
    whichever dialogue choice you want, but in the end, April is stabbed in the
    stomach and is presumably dead after she falls into the water below.
    We’ll go back to Zoë who looks on in shock when she is suddenly grabbed from
    behind. You’ll see that Brynn and Chawan have found her and are now seeking
    refuge in one of the shacks. Chawan tells Zoë that she needs to fall asleep
    again and in order to do that, Brynn grabs a pouch and Chawan tosses its
    contents into the fire. Zoë eventually breathes in the fumes and she begins to
    fall asleep when she suddenly disappears. The sequence ends as Brynn barges out
    into the open and attacks the soldiers.
    Chapter 11 – Faith:
    Zoë awakes insides of Damien’s apartment, but Damien is nowhere to be found.
    You will see that there’s a message waiting on the console. Play it to learn
    that it’s from Damien and that WATIcorp has found the worm. They’ll be able to
    trace it back to him, so Zoë needs to leave. There is a change of clothes in
    the bathroom on the other side of the room, so get changed and exit the apartment.
    Zoë will board a scramjet bound for Saint Petersburg, Russia and she’ll then
    hop aboard a taxi to reach her next destination.
    When you arrive at the building, go to the right and through the open gate.
    There is a vehicle parked here so go along the right side until Zoë focuses on
    a small panel near the mirror. Use the lock pick to open it and you’ll have
    another lock pick puzzle to deal with.
    Once it’s unlocked and opened, use the mobile to activate the vehicle and watch
    as it takes off in reverse. It’ll slam into some junk piled behind it but it’s
    a good thing because it’ll allow Zoë to reach the fire escape. Climb up onto
    the fire escape and then up the long ladder to reach the roof.
    You’ll see a security robot patrolling the area, so when it’s moving away,
    trail it until you reach a ladder along the right side. Climb up and head down
    the walkway until Zoë finds that the K can be pushed off. Do so and watch as it
    crashes through a skylight.
    Be careful as you climb back down because the robot is still around and once it
    has moved on again, run down to the broken skylight and jump down. Follow the
    catwalks to the right until you reach a set of stairs and follow them to a
    ladder to continue your journey downward.
    On the floor, go around the assembly line and on the wall is a panel that
    routes the power to this place. Open the panel and press the switch to turn the
    power on. Go back around the assembly line and into the control room. Use the
    right panel to move the winch all the way up and all the way left and then use
    the left panel to lower it to the floor.
    Go back to the hook and latch it onto the grate before raising the winch back
    up. It’ll raise the grate out of the floor, allowing Zoë to jump into the shaft
    to the floor below.
    Once you’re in the underground room, walk over to the desk and open the drawer
    to find a small key. Use the key to unlock the left locker behind you to reveal
    an access card. Swipe the card through the reader next to the door on the other
    side of the room and enter. Press the switch on the next panel to enter the
    bedroom and take the data cube from the dollhouse.
    Go back out into the main room and use the data cube on the console on the left
    side of the desk. Watch the movie and you’ll get a better idea of what’s going
    on. After you’re done, it’s time to leave. Go to the glass doors and swipe the
    card through the reader to open them. Go upstairs and head back over to the
    control room. You’ll see a green light just outside of it, and underneath it is
    a door with a card reader. Swipe the card and go through the next set of doors
    to see the outside world once again.
    Use the card on the reader to unlock the large gate and hop in the taxi to go
    home to Casablanca.
    Chapter 12 – Reversal:
    From the taxi stand, simply go back to Zoë’s apartment. She’ll collapse on her
    bed and begin to cry. If you put Wonkers back together, he’ll hop on the bed to
    let Zoë know that she has a visitor. The visitor asked him a lot of questions
    that he couldn’t answer and they’re outside on the balcony. The visitor is none
    other than Helena Chang, and she knows about everything that has been going on
    since she had placed a bug on Zoë. More gaps are filled in and Zoë’s about to
    be hooked up to a Dreamer once again.
    Chapter 13 – The Longest Journey:
    Run towards the house and it’ll open up for Zoë. Run up the stairs and watch
    the sequences. Zoë will convince Faith to move on and you’d think that
    everything will be fine now, but you’re far from the truth. The game is almost
    over, so hold tight.
    Conclusion – Dreamfall:
    You’ll see that things have come full circle as we come back to the scene where
    Zoë is in a coma with her dad sitting by the bed. Reza miraculously appears,
    but an apparition of Zoë warns her dad that he isn’t who he thinks he is. Watch
    the rest of the scenes and the game will come to an end as the credits begin to
    roll. After the credits are over, a little scene plays. Basically it says
    '1933: Tibet' and it has Brian Westhouse struggling up a mountainside in the
    middle of a blizzard. He falls over and as he's lying face down the camera pans
    back to the back of someone’s head. It turns around and it's Cortez from the
    first game. He says something like 'This isn't the end' or something similar (I
    can't remember because at the time I was focusing too much on how awful the
    voice actor was). Then they keep walking. It's not terribly interesting but it
    suggests that Cortez may have known something and that Brian Westhouse may be
    more important than you think (I'm guessing it was he who killed the White of
    the Draic Kin. It was only when I went onto the Dreamfall forum that I
    considered the possibility it might have been someone else). (Credit: J. Williams)
    To the many readers of this walkthrough – thanks to those who emailed me and
    filled me in on things that I left out of the last version of the guide. You
    know who you are as I credited you where I added in your contributions.
    Funcom – Thanks for yet another fulfilling adventure. I can’t wait to see the
    conclusion, and I hope that you guys will be smart enough not to include any
    combat segments, or at least take the combat system back to the drawing board
    as I believe that it was the weakest part of the entire game.

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