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    FAQ/Walkthrough by holy_vink

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/31/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
    Walkthrough for PC v2.0
    By: Ivan Christianto
    Contact: holy_vink@yahoo.com
    This guide contains minor spoiler of people's name, place and the story.
    I suggest that you use this guide only when you are stuck in certain point of the
    game. Though I try not to tell the story, it still spoils some. Can't be helped.
    About Me
    Well, my name is Ivan and this is my first FAQ, so don't whining if there are lots
    of mistake here and there. I'm living in a small city in Indonesia, where Sam
    Fisher visited once in his mission. I like RPG, adventure, strategy-RPG game. I
    do like some actions game like Megaman Series and FPS like Doom 3, but I play
    RPG and adventure game all the time.
    I hope this FAQ will help you very much since I spent more time on it that on the
    game itself.
    If you want to contact me, sent your e-mail to holy_vink@yahoo.com. Every e-mail
    will be read but be warned, though, that I can't reply in a day or two since 
    I don't have an internet connection. I will try my best to reply it. You can ask me
    about the game or about something else.
    Legal Disclaimer
    This FAQ is property of ME and any redistribution without express permission of ME
    is forbidden. You are NOT permitted to put this FAQ on your site, gamezine, or use
    it for commercial use without my permission first.
    If you want to use it, e-mail me and I will give you the permission. When you get
    the permission, you MUST NOT change even ONE word in it.
    Please understand, making an FAQ is not as easy as playing the game.
    The Sites
    You can find this FAQ at:
    1. gamefaqs.com
    2. neoseeker.com
    3. supercheats.com
    4. 1up.com
    5. gamegtemple.com
    Besides the above sites, it's a stolen one then. If there's a change in the FAQ, I
    won't take any responsible. That's that.
    Dreamfall is the sequel of a great adventure game The Longest Journey. The game
    itself is enjoyable though without playing the first series. The game is about
    Zoe Castillo who just drop out from her university and lives her boring life in
    Casablanca, her hometown. However, her boring life will turn into the longest
    journey in her life as soon as she knows about Arcadia.
    Personal Opinion
    This game is pretty good for an adventure game with astounding graphic, sound
    and storyline (though the ending is not quite good). The weakness of this game,
    though, is the loading screen. Everytime you move to other area, it will load
    and it happens all the time. My RAM is fast enough but it's just annoying to
    see the loading screen all the time. The second one is that the ending is not so
    cool like what I said before. You will understand what I said once you play it.
    The third and the major one, IMHO, is this game is TOO SHORT!!! I finished it in
    TWO DAYS!!! Whereas, I really want something like 40 hours gameplay or so, like
    Final Fantasy or other games. Hopefully, Funcom will make it longer for the next
    series. O yeah, there will be the third game if you see the ending.
    Anyway, if you are an adventure freaks, you will like this game.
    Special Feature
    This section is dedicated to the game basic control. There are 2 important features
    in the game, they are Focus Field and Sneak. While sneak is the same with other
    game, the Focus Field is something new. You can enter Focus Field mode by pushing
    assigned button. When in Focus Field mode, your character won't be able to move and
    a long shadow (blue in color) will show up. This shadow will move according to
    where your character is facing. You can use mouse (if you are playing on PC) or the
    directional key to turn your character. When the shadow hit an interactable object,
    it will show the appropriate icon (e.g. open, hear, talk, etc.). So if you are not
    sure what to do in a place, try this mode and move around the shadow until it hit
    an interactable object. Be warned, though, you can't use the icon if you are too
    far from the object. Got it? I hope...
    (Thanks for JZ Zaranka to remind me about this feature. I forget to put it in the
    PROLOGUE - Tainted
    Watch the screen as Brian Whitehouse writes his journal. When the scene is over,
    search your room if you want to, but nothing special here - just information on
    some objects. When you finished, go out and follow the Chinese-speaking monk
    (cool, eh?) to the ceremony room. He will meditating for awhile (just walk around
    in the room so you will know when he is finished) and then he will ask you to go
    to the dias (the circle). Do what he ask and watch the scene.
    The scene now switch to our protagonist, Zoe Castillo. Hear the music? It's really
    nice, isn't it? Anyway, watch the scene. When you have control, you can see around
    your room. There are some objects that can be checked. Try to use Field Focus, a
    new feature of the game to simply know what objects can be checked. However, if
    you aren't near enough with the object, sometimes you won't be able to activate
    it or interact with it. Anyway, the main objective is to take your ringing mobile
    phone, so take it. There's a message from the gym (you can activate your mobile
    phone by pressing the mobile button).
    You can talk to Wonkers, the Watilla...err, the cute gorilla in your room for more
    conversations. When you done, check the closet and get dressed. Though you can go
    down using your underwear, but it will take time to go upstairs again when you
    have to wear your main clothes. Talk to your father and dig any information you
    want. After that, search the room if you want - nothing special again though.
    Satisfied, go out through the main door...not the bathroom door, of course. See
    the scene and follow the road until you reach Olivia De Marco's store (you might
    talk with Carlita too in the way). Oliv will ask you whether you are busy or not.
    Busy - You will go straight to the gym and won't be late.
    Not Busy - You will enter Olivia's store and be late for the gym...again
    Anyway, the difference is just the dialogues. I suggest you choose "not busy" since
    we will go to her shop after the gym afterall. It saves time since the game load
    all the time. So, enter the store and check around. When you are in the front of
    the plasma tv (or whatever it is), Zeo will see the vision again. What is that
    exactly? Never mind. Oliv will come and talk. She wants to show you something, a
    software for Zoe's mobile but when she is about to install it, an important call
    rings. So we will have to go back here later. For now, get out of the store and
    head to the gym. Talk to Jama in green and practice the battle system. Lose or win
    is the same thing, so do whatever you want. Jama will offer another practice if
    you want, after that, just get out from the gym...after another screen with the
    vision. Outside, Reza will call you and asks your presence in Moca Loca, so go
    there (it's where Karen works).
    Reza will be in the waiting room...or sofa...whatever. Talk to him and receive a
    task from him. Now go back to where your gym is and take a cab from the cab stop.
    You will be in Jiva Building. Go to the elevator capsule and push the button.
    When you get to the upper floor, search the room if you want - nothing particular,
    and approach the receptionist. It will trigger a conversation. First option in the
    conversation is up to you since it only affects the dialogues. After that, you
    will have to choose 3 options.
    Screen   - You will have to fight the receptionist...easy as pie though. Just use
               heavy attack since she blocks all the time (in my game).
    Get out  - Same with above.
    Distract - You will try to distract the girl and make her searching the warehouse
               in her right. After the scene, push the red button next to the door to
               close it and lock up the girl.
    I suggest you choose the third one since it's so much fun to lock up a fake
    receptionist and it's not wasting your energy and time =). Whatever you choose,
    access the console (a thing like computer flat screen) to open the door. Go and
    follow the path until another scene. You can try open the door where Helena Chang
    is and find out that it can't be opened. She will point to the above. So go up the
    box where she is in by the ledge on the left twice and open a loose cover.
    Activate the lever and jump down. Now you can open the door. Follow Helena as she
    goes to the elevator. It's shut down, but don't worry 'cos Helena will activate it
    again. Now push the button and go out. You will receive Reza's package from her
    and after that call a cab (through the yellow panel) to go back to your hometown.
    Head to Reza's apartment through the path on the other side of Sus Hi-Ya. Enter the
    building with brown door and go upstairs. Look for room #8 - there will be a cat
    there. Watch the scene and enter Reza's apartment and another scene follows. After
    you watch the vision on the tv, you will also see that EYE commandos are going
    upstairs to Reza apartment. You can hide behind the bathroom door if you like, but
    at the end, the EYE will still notice a living being because of the Sky (a GPS
    maybe). Anyway, just let them shoot you and you will be taken to an isolated room
    and interogated. Answer whatever you want, it's only result in different dialogues
    CHAPTER #2 - Lost
    Zoe will be in her house again - in the balcony. So, when you take control, go
    inside and talk to modified Wonkers. Listen to him and then go to Olivia store
    to install some softwares that will help you in your quest. After that go back to
    Reza's apartment and to his room. Use your mobile on the seal. You just need to
    find the correct symbol to finish the puzzle...easy as pie. Enter the room and
    watch the scene.
    Now you will have to sneak toward the console (flat computer screen). DON'T walk
    near the spiderbot or it will be activated. Move carefully and watch out for
    particles on the floor and the chairs since they make noisy sound that triggers the
    spider. Your main destination is the bathroom, so go there. When you are in the
    bathroom, push the control panel (outside one) of the shower box to turn on the
    music. The spider will be attracted and enter the shower box. Now close the shower
    box's door and see the scene. Poor spidey. Btw, you have 1 chance to make wrong
    movement, but after that the spider will wake up and bite you...electrocute you...
    kill you...whatever.
    Go out from the bathroom and check Lucia, Reza's Watilla. You will get 2 parts from
    her...from it...whatever but they seem broken. Well, you know where to go right.
    Yep, to the Liv's store. When you are there, give the broken parts to her and watch
    the scene. Olivia has the power source but not the brain so we have to find an
    active Watilla brain. You see ONLY 2 active Watillas in the game, don't you? Yeah,
    so go to your house and go upstairs. Interact with Wonkers (open hand icon) to make
    him sleep. Zoe will take the crystal brain from him. Poor Wonkers...and when I 
    start to like him...Well, you have the parts needed so go back to Reza's apartment.
    Try to get used to the gameplay AND the loading screen or you'll hate this game.
    Hehe. When you get to Reza's apartment, use the 2 parts on Lucia. Watch the scene
    and talk to her again to trigger an event. Lucia will understand the password and
    open a secret tile that reveals Reza's notebook. So take it and watch another scene.
    Finished, get the notebook on the floor (Zoe dropped it in the scene) and go back
    to Liv's store. Give the notebook and she will encrypt it a bit revealing Newport,
    Venice, The Fringe and Charlie. It's time to go out from Casblanca. Before that,
    though, you have to get your backpack so head out to your house and go upstairs.
    Take the backpack in the closet and the game will automatically switch to April
    Watch the scene and after that you will have to fight 2 Azadi guards. Piece of 
    cake! There's nothing hard in this game. After the fight and another scene, you 
    will switch back to Zoe
    CHAPTER #3 - 201
    Check your mobile and just follow the path you are facing. When you get to a 
    branch,go to the left side and to the right when you can...just before the sealed 
    stairs. At the end of the road is the Fringe, so push the buzz and Charlie will 
    let you in.
    Inside, you can check around or speak to the receptionist. Charlie is in the back
    of the room, so go there when you finished. Convers with him until he reveals
    Victory Hotel. That's our next destination. You may find some information about
    Charlie if you like and after that just go out and back to the branch and follow
    the path to a Chinese salesman. Talk with him and ask about Victory hotel. He will
    give you the direction.
    Go up the staircase and to the stone bridge next to him and in the next screen 
    just follow the old man advice, "right, left, right, left"...and right again. 
    Save your game here since there's a game bug here. Check the door and you will 
    find it's locked. The call button will give you no answer so check the right side 
    of this building for a construction site just like what Charlie said. It's easy to
    find since there's a lamp there. So jump down the ledge twice into the sewer and 
    follow the path. Go up the ladder when you find one and check the gate. It's locked
    with a padlock. Call Oliv and she will tell you to find a picklock. Since there's 
    only one character to interact, go back to Chinese salesman and talk to him.
    He is willing to give you the lockpick in exchange of cloacking software for 
    mobile. Call Oliv again and she will transfer it to your mobile. Talk to the 
    Chinese salesman again and he will give you the lockpick. Now back to our padlock
    again (sigh).
    Puzzle time! Use the lockpick on the padlock. When you try to unlock the padlock,
    you will have to solve a puzzle. It's not really hard actually, just confusing.
    All you have to do is match all the upper and bottom symbols by circling the 
    symbols.It's a random thing so I can't give you any direction. Just try it 
    yourself, it's only take few minutes anyway. TIPS: Find symbols that won't be used
    and put them in the right and left side. Hope it will help you a bit.
    When you are successfull, open the gate and walk in. The scene will show you that
    there's a sleeping guard dog. The dog is used to the train sound so it will be our
    next clue. Sneak in when the train is passing by. You will know it from the sound
    and when the ground a bit shaken. Go to the warehouse behind the dog and open it.
    Make sure you do it when the train is passing by since the door creek. Take the
    axe and go back to the ladder. You have 1 chance to make wrong movement like the
    one with spiderbot. Now go down and to the right where you can find a container 
    box. Check the wheel for a lever and activate it. It will make the container 
    slideable. So push it until you can reach a boarded up window. Smash it with your 
    axe. Zoe will drop the axe accidentally. Anyway, go in through the window.
    Victory Hotel
    Inside, take the axe handle next to Zoe and push the only red button to turn it on.
    It's a lighter. Now check around the brighter side of this room since you can do 
    nothing in the dark path right now. Check the table for a rag and metal can filled
    with petrol. Combine the axe handle with the rag and use it on the red metal can 
    (petrol). Use the torch on the lighter to lit it up. Now go to the dark path to 
    reveal a closed door. Open it and go along the path to a brighter room. You will 
    see a blood track to a door.
    Go to the door and enter the room. Another scene with the scary little girl on the
    monitor will follow. After that, use your mobile phone on the MONITOR not on the
    door. Some people have difficulty in open the door because they try to hack the 
    door. Just another mobile puzzle to solve (this time the timer goes faster) and 
    when you succedd, it will open a door. So go out and up to the stairs to a newly 
    open door. Inside, you will have 3 options.
    If you want to finish the guard off, just walk to him and fight him. He is another
    easy enemy though. This will make you freely checking everything in the hotel.
    If you want to sneak in, just walk to the pizza heater and check it twice to set 
    the alarm clock. Go and hide (just go back to where you were). When the alarm 
    activated, the guard will check the pizza. Sneak behind him when he busy with the 
    Just walk in towards the guard and choose the dialogue so that he will give Zoe
    permission to find the manager herself. If you choose this option, you have to move
    fast since the guard will realise that you cheat him.
    Whatever option you take, make your way to the second floor. Watch the screen as 
    you pass room 201. That's our destination but, as usual, it's locked. You can check
    the room with a...zombie girl...or maybe she just daydreaming. However, none in 
    this room is special. So go to the bathroom and check the window. Take the handle 
    and continue to the end of the corridor next to the stairs (don't go up the stairs
    - nothing there). Enter the empty room and check the window. Use the handle you 
    took in the bathroom and open it.
    Outside, go up the ladder in your right and enter another window. Go to the 
    bathroom where the old man from the scene came out and take a towel. Continue 
    along the path until you come to the old man's room. Approach him and try to take 
    a dirty sheet below him. He will wake up so run (even though you haven't get the 
    sheet) and hide. The old man will go to the bathroom and, of course, this is your 
    chance to take the dirty sheet.
    NOTE: There are some variations here. If the old man sees you and the guard is
    already knocked out, he (the old man) will fight you...VERY EASY. Two hit will 
    make him...dreaming again. He, he. If the guard didn't knocked out, then the old 
    man will call him and you have to fight with him...if you are slow and don't go 
    out of there immediately.
    Run along the path until you find a window and an old radiator. Check the radiator
    to see a part to use a rope or whatever. Open the window and combine the dirty 
    sheet + towel to make a rope. Use it on the radiator. Go down and follow the path 
    to another window. Enter the room...201. Open the closet pointed by the little 
    girl. Take the picture and watch a scene. Whatever option is affecting the dialogue
    only but I suggest that you punch Marcus. It will trigger a funny conversation. 
    He, he.
    Follow Marcus to the front door after the conversation and go back to The Fringe.
    Give the picture...videograph to him watch the scene. You will learn about Arcadia,
    the place where April fights those Azadi soldiers back then. Enjoy the story and 
    when you have control, go to the stairs near the reseptionist and go up. Use the 
    last room to make a call...use your mobile, of course. Watch the scene and time to
    go to Arcadia.
    CHAPTER #4 - Winter
    Watch the scene and go to the creepy house when you can and watch another scene. 
    This will wake Zoe up in a strange underground cave.
    ARCADIA - Underground Cave
    Where are we now? What the he%$ is this place? We'll find out soon. Zoe will be 
    able to pick up some pebbles, but I never use it anyway. Now, go along the path 
    while sneaking behind the strange creatures. If you go near them, you will hear 
    they are humming a strange tune. Try to remember the tune since you will need it 
    soon enough. Follow the path and climb the ledge. See that shining thing? You have
    to take it. So you can sneak from the creature and take it or you can fight it for
    an easy fight. I'll take the sneak option coz I just finish one of the Splinter 
    Cell game...o yeah! Sneaking is great!
    Anyway, follow the road until you see stairs to the bellow path. Take it and to 
    another stone stairs to upper area. When you are in the upper area, check a weird 
    mechanism with a wheel on it. Check the upper part of this mech too and use that 
    Glowing Egg. Now turn the wheel to activate the water wheel. After that, take the 
    Glowing Egg again since you will need it and go downstairs. Check the water wheel 
    and Zoe will use it to go to the upper platform. When you try to move forward, the
    board will fall down. Don't worry, you can still jump to the next ledge and up the
    You will arrive in new area with water flowing in your left. Go along the path to 
    a dead end. If you bring the Glowing Egg, three glowing symbols can be seen. Take 
    the Glowing Egg if you didn't take it back. Now, when you try one of the symbol, it
    will play a tone. This is what I mean previously about the creature humming. If you
    listen carefully to the humming or the background music of this underground cave, 
    you'll be able to solve the puzzle. So push the symbols in the correct order (left,
    middle, left, right). A magical (Seems that we aren't in 2219 anymore) tunnel will
    open and that's our next destination.
    ARCADIA - Marcuria
    You will find yourself in an underground cellar. Check the only door here to find 
    that it's locked. Check it again to make Zoe kick it. Another one and the door 
    opens (girls power!). Go inside the inn and Benrime will talk with you. Thank God 
    they speak English, if not, we won't be able to play this game, will we? Anyway, 
    Benrime tells you to speak with Minstrum Magda but this Magda is mobile. She 
    suggests that Zoe ask Blind Bob. Well, gotta find that Blind Bob then.
    Get out from the Journeyman Inn and see the beautiful winter of Marcuria. Blind Bob
    is just next to the inn so you won't miss him. Talk to him and ask for help. Do you
    think that he will help you right away? Nah! He asks for mulled wine mixed with 
    Mrs. Mullin mixed spices...you da#@ blind beggard! Forget him and go back inside 
    to talk to Benrime. She has the red wine, but not the spices. Zoe don't have any 
    choice so she helps Benrime to take the late spices delivery. 
    It's in the South Market and Benrime gives you a hint "east and south". Where is 
    east and where is south? No compass here! I'll make it simple.
    Go out and pass Blind Bob (that's east). You will arrive in the center of this 
    town...I guess. Follow the road and turn right when you can (that's south). Voila!
    You are standing in the South Market now. Our spices vendor is the first stand in 
    the left. Go there and talk to him. He says that the delivery is delayed...a bit. 
    You smell another task, don't you? Oh, well, this is an adventure game afterall 
    (you'll mad when you know where Minstrum Magda is. Trust me!). Accept his offer 
    and go back to the Journeyman Inn but don't enter it. Follow the road until you 
    see a bearded man with his cart. Talk to him and take the spices. Now you have 2 
    choices. You can take the spices to the vendor or just give it directly to Benrime.
    I suggest take it right away to Benrime since the vendor already FORGET it and 
    there's no effect on the options too.
    Inside the inn, talk to Benrime and then check the cauldron in the bar. Use the 
    spices on it and take an empty bottle behind you. Use the bottle on the cauldron 
    and give it to the old blind beggard. Blind Bob knows Magda very well, but she is 
    too mobile so he tells us to ask Crazy Clara (not again...sigh) in the Hangman's 
    Span. If you confused with Blind Bob's direction, just follow mine. Much more 
    simple and reliable. He, he.
    Ready? Ok, now go to the South Market again and take the road next to the spices 
    vendor. This is Crab. Just follow the road and you will find the only person lives
    here. Talk to her and find out that she is...crazy (after that Theoritically Blind
    Bob...now Crazy Clara...sigh). There's no way to uncrazy her until the pet is 
    returned, so go back to the South Market and run towards the big dinosaur-type 
    creature which turn around grilling something. What we want to do now is to enter 
    the alley next to the stairs which is guarded by a guard. If we just walk down to 
    the alley, the guard will stop us. The trick here is to wait that giant animal to 
    walk near the alley so it will cover us from the guard's sight. Just follow it and
    when you can turn right, do so to enter the alley. There you will find the captured
    pet. Get it and watch the scene. Go back to Crazy Clara ignoring the loose pet.
    You will notice that the pet goes back automatically. Talk again to Clara to reveal
    that Magda is a person who sells soup in the South Market. Yep, you got that right.
    She is there all along NEXT to the spices vendor! Oh, well, can't be helped. So go
    back to South Market and talk to the soup woman and choose "Magda" to ask whether 
    she is Magda or not. Follow the scene and then follow Brynn, the guy in the 
    Journey man Inn. Watch another scene. The game will switch to the third character,
    You will have to fight 3 men, but they are not to difficult to beat. It doesn't 
    matter you lose or win, it only affects the dialogue. After that, talk to Garmon -
    the man in white. When finish, follow the little children to meet the Six. Enter 
    the room and watch another scene. Kian will have a new task so go back to Garmon 
    in the training ground to report this new task. Watch the scene and that's all for
    CHAPTER #5 - Alchera
    It's Zoe time again. Watch the scene and once you're outside, check your mobile for
    a new message from Karen. When you try to leave further, Oliv will call you and 
    tell your next destination...it's Japan! See a cool scene showing the water 
    transportation in 2219 and a nice music too. Japan have to wait though since we 
    have to control April again.
    See the scene and do whatever you want to Brynn. Go outside and talk to Benrime. 
    Our next destination is the tower so go there (just pass where Blind Bob sat if 
    you forget). Go towards the scaffolding back there. If you approach it from front,
    the guard will stop you, so you have to go around and sneak behind the guard. Kill
    him and climb the scaffolding. Once in the upper part of the tower, you will see 
    two persons are having conversation. One of the door is slightly ajar. Check it and
    use Focus Field to highlight the man in the black coat and an ear icon will pop up.
    Focus Field is a new feature in the game. See the Special Feature section above if
    you don't know how to use it.
    After the scene, go back down and to the Journeyman Inn again to follow the 
    prophet. Talk to Benrime and then go to the underground cellar where Zoe came from.
    April will follow the prophet to the magic tunnel.
    JAPAN - Outside
    The game switches back again to Zoe who is already in Japan. Is this really Japan?
    Notice the background music? It's GAMELAN sound and it's from Indonesia! But it's
    also the same with Tokyo Drift BGM the first time Tokyo is introduced. Oh, well,
    Oliv will call you anyway and it's time to check around.
    Go to the chewing gum vending machine and purchase a gum using your mobile. Go up 
    and talk to a man who is waiting someone. Whatever option you choose, the man will
    upset, torn his ticket and throw it on the trash can. Take the TWO torn tickets 
    (check the trash can twice). Now check your gum to find a free sticker inside and 
    combine the sticker with the torn tickets. Use the sticked ticket in the cable car
    JAPAN - WATI Corp.
    Enter the museum and talk to every one if you want to. After that, try to open the
    door in the back to make the guard warns you. Now, talk to the boy and give him the
    chewing gum. Talk to him again to make him do a favor for you. Watch the funny 
    scene and then go to the door in the back. Use your mobile to open the door. 
    Inside, you will see a cleaning bot enters a ventilation duct. If you want to 
    change your clothes, there's a uniform in the locker room. It's not really 
    important anyway. Now, wait for a cleaning bot to come out from the ventilation 
    duct and enter the duct.
    Go forward and talk with the lady there. Whatever option you choose will make you 
    enter the elevator with the lady. Once you get out from the elevator, try to move 
    forward. A security bot will warn you. Well, we have to becareful with that thing.
    Along the corridor there are some objects that can be used to hide. Use it when a 
    security bot is in your way. If they see you, try to run and return to the waiting
    room. Go along the corridor until you see a toilet. Just across the toilet is a 
    path to a double glass door. That's our door. However, when you try to go there, a
    security bot will show up. Go back and hide. 
    Sneak behind it and run to the door. When you success entering the computer room, 
    try to find a bright area. That's where Damien is. So go there and talk to him to 
    get more information on Dreamer, Project Alchera, etc.
    After the scene, comes a chain of not-really-complicated-tasks...just annoying.
    The first task is to run down to -58 floor. Do so and wait until the lamp on the 
    door turns green. Enter it and you will be in another corridor with spider bot 
    patrolling. Be careful since it will shoot you if it sees you...game over. Along 
    the corridor are ventilation ducts. Use them to hide from the spider. You can go 
    to the left or right side, it's up to you since the corridor is a circle. I'll 
    take the left route to make it easier. The second task is to find a hidden panel 
    on the wall. Go follow the corridor until you reach a door with red circle in its 
    center. On the wall across this door is the hidden panel. The color is the same 
    with the wall, but it looks embossed or whatever it is. If you are not sure how to
    find it, just stick to the left side wall. When you can check the wall, check it 
    twice and use your mobile to upload the software given by Damien. That should 
    unlock every door to the office, except the one with the red circle. Now, the third
    task, find the door with blue circle symbol on it and open it. Enter the room and 
    take a capsule on the left side. Combine it with the worm in your inventory to get
    an encapsuled worm. Now continue your way to the next door and open it. There are 
    two scanner here. Let's use the smaller one - the biometric scanner - to the left.
    Use encapsuled worm on it and then enter the bigger scanner on the right side to 
    scan Zoe. COntinue your way passing two big doors which are elevators. Remember 
    them since you will need to go here later. For now, just follow the corridor and 
    you will be back to where you came before. Just pass the door and to the next door
    with red hexagonal symbol. Pass it again and go to the next door with emblem & 
    swords symbol. This is the office where the datacube key is, but the floor is 
    secured with alarm. We need a spider to disarm the alarm. Back to the cybernatics 
    room, the one with red hexagonal symbol, and use your mobile on one of the spider.
    You will control the spider now. Go back to the key room and look for a spider to 
    come. If you interact with one of the patroling spider, your spider will 
    deactivate it and interact once again to get an updated clearance level or 
    whatever. Now enter the room and to the panel on the floor. Activate it to 
    deactivate the alarm. You will be in control of Zoe again. Go to the key room and 
    check the white jacket in the chair to find a datacube key. Run back to the door 
    with red circle in the middle of it. Use the datacube and enter the room. Check 
    the right control panel to open the door and enter it. After the sterilization your
    next task is to go to the bottom floor. The scene will tell you where the stairs 
    are. However, you must not be seen by any of the staff. If they see you...game 
    over. The key here is to wait for a male staff to go up and then try to sneak when
    he sees the weird creature tube. Once downstairs, check the tube for a device like
    the biometric scanner we use earlier. Use the encapsulated worm on it. Watch the 
    ARCADIA - Underground Cave
    The game switch to April Ryan again who has arrived at the big water wheel in the 
    underground cave. Go down and follow the path to the broken bridge. You will see 
    the prophet riding the boat. Now go to that bright platform and you will see a 
    scene that a door will open when the creature hums its song. What you have to do 
    now is wait for another creature to come and enter the door. So wait and don't be 
    seen or the creature will run away. Just timing it and sneak behind the creature to
    enter the door. In the next room, hide behind the altar. Try to be as close as 
    possible with the door so you can check the creature when it opens the door. When 
    you succeed in seeing the creature enters the secret code, the door will 
    automatically open when you touch it.
    Just follow the path until you see a black statue with 4 symbols in it. Turn the 
    symbol until a symbol similar to sand watch is pointed by the needle-like thing. 
    Continue your way and watch a scene. Try not to be seen by this creature or they 
    will call for a bigger nastier, creature that can't be killed. However, if you are
    seen, just try to avoid the big monster...otherwise, just load your game.
    After that, go to the left when you can and check another black statue. Turn the 
    wheel until a symbol similar to envelope is pointed. Run back to the corridor where
    the creature in the scene go (there's a symbol like scar on the floor). When you 
    meet another black statue, turn it until the symbol like a circle is pointed. Go 
    to the left and hit the wall there 3 times. You will be in another area of this 
    underground cave. Go straight forward passing a pillar and then turn left. Turn to 
    the right when you can to find the last black statue. Turn the wheel until the 
    symbol similar to upside-down triangle is pointed (it's the last symbol that's not
    been chosen). A gate will open. See those symbols on the gate? That's actually how
    to solve the puzzle and I make it easy for you guys. He, he.
    Go back and take the right path. Turn right again to reach that opened gate and 
    check the sarcophagus. Take the Glowing Egg to the spot where you fell from the 
    broken wall before. Just before passing the only pillar in this area, turn left 
    and use the Glowing Egg on the gate. Follow the path and go upstairs to an 
    automatically opened door. Watch the scene. Now, you have two creatures to worry 
    about. The first one has noticed your arrival and start chasing you. So go to the 
    broken stairs in the right side. The stairs will broken as April moves forward and
    stop the creature from moving forward. COntinue your way to the upper platform and
    go to the right corner of it. Jump down twice and sneak away behind the creature. 
    Go to the right path when you can to see another scene.
    JAPAN - WATI Corp
    Back to Zoe again. When the scene is over, take Zoe out from the lab. Watch the 
    scene of the elevator; that's our next destination. Doesn't matter you take the 
    left or rigt path since the EYE Commandos will split into 2 groups. Just make your
    way to the elevator quick. Hide in the ventilation duct when the EYEs are 
    approaching. When you get into the elevator, more scene will follow.
    CHAPTER #6 - Morpheus
    You will end up in a jungle-like room with many plants. Just follow the path until
    a scene is played again. Convers with the monster and choose whatever you want. 
    When you finished, quickly run forward follow the path until you see a bridge to 
    the left. However, don't go to the bridge, instead enter the room in your right 
    side and enter another door. You are in the rooftop now. Use a broom next to you 
    to block the door and go to the left where a flying machine is waiting for you. 
    Climb the ledge and catch the flying machine to go down. Watch the scene.
    ARCADIA - Marcuria
    Back to April-an again. When April finishes her talking, go out and talk to 
    Benrime. Watch another scene with Brian. Go out from the inn and head to the right
    passing the guarded gate and to the magical ghetto. Talk to a unique man here named
    Roper. It used to be April's rival (well, I don't play the first series anyway). 
    Convers with him and reveals that he is an author now. When you done, go to the 
    harbour (it's just accross Roper's stand). Talk to the captain here and then to the
    man in black cloack standing in the bridge. It's the Shadowguide, one of the Dark 
    People. He doesn't want to take you with him. So go back to Roper and ask for his 
    book. He will give it away and you should give it to the man in black. Time to set
    The game will play a scene with Zoe again and then it switch to Kian. Just go 
    inside the tower and watch the scene as Kian talks to the Emissary. Back to April 
    again now.
    CHAPTER #7 - Destiny
    DARK PEOPLE CITY - Outside
    Just follow the man in black to the library - nothing to do here anyway.
    DARK PEOPLE CITY - Library
    When you arrive in the library, talk to the man in black. Now just wait until a 
    crow flies and talk to you. It's Crow, your old buddy...back in the first game I 
    guess. Talk to him until a beautiful girl is coming. It's the Draic Kin. She's even
    more beautiful than our protagonist, isn't she? Anyway, she will help April to open
    a magical portal and enter the guardian realm.
    Notice a blue-cross shaped thing in the hill? That's the guardian. Run towards him
    using the tree bridge and talk to him to understand what happens. When you are 
    done, go back to the magical portal. Watch the scene of Zoe entering Arcadia again.
    CHAPTER #8 - Convergence
    MARCURIA - Friar's Keep
    It's Kian time. He'll be fighting 2 easy as pie rebels then watch the scene. Now, 
    we need to go to Friar's Keep. Go through the magical ghetto and watch a scene. 
    Kian will then be automatically in the Friar's Keep. He will talk with Zoe who has
    been caught but he can't let her go from the prison. Anyway, get out of here and 
    follow the path to where the Crazy Lady was. Kian will meet April and talk a little
    bit. When done, you'll be in control of April again. Go to the Friar's Keep and to
    the right side of the prison (there will be a small passage there). Crow will come
    and help April by looking for Zoe at the prison.
    The game will switch between Zoe and April in awhile. When you take control of Zoe,
    walk to the door and check it. A guard will come and open the hatch. See through 
    the hatch and find out how the door is locked. Talk to the Crow and he will fly to
    April. Now take April to Roper in the magical ghetto and get 2 crucial items, 
    Smoke Bomb and Acid. Take those items to Crow and he will give it to Zoe. Use the 
    Acid first to the locked door and get out from the cell. Now run towards the guard
    and sneak behind him. Use the smoke bomb when you can and take a prison key from 
    the guard. Use that key to open the gate and go downstairs.
    You will meet another guard who will then sit so we can't open the next door. Well,
    we don't have any choice but to go back to Crow. We need sandwich so with April in
    control, go to the Journeyman Inn and talk to Benrime to get a sandwich. Now go 
    back and talk to the guard inside using a microphone? on the right side of the 
    front door. Enter and go upstairs.
    When you see a room with a big-yellow steam machine, enter it and check the  food 
    elevator handle. Use it to open the food elevator door and use put the sandwich. 
    Use the handle once again.
    Back to Zoe again. Since the guard waiting for his food is sleeping now, Zoe can 
    sneak and open the door. Continue your way downstairs until you meet April. Now go
    to the right and to a door that leads to the kitchen. Enter another door there to 
    reach the warehouse. Search for a rope on one of the crates. See that big crate in
    the center? Push it and climb it. Check a hook near the window and use the rope you
    found just now. Use it to go down. Follow April and watch the scene.
    Now, we have control on Zoe again. Crow said that they should talk with Brian for 
    more information and Crow saw him in the South Market. In the way to the South 
    Market, Zoe will see an Azadi guard is guarding the Journeyman Inn and then the 
    game will switch to Kian. Go upstairs aftert beating another 2 rebels and talk to 
    Na'ane about the Scorpion.
    When you in control of Zoe again, just continue your way to the South Market. Brian
    is near the lumbering dinosaur. Talk to him and Zoe will go with him using an 
    airship. It's flying time. In the airship, you can talk to Brian and Crow for more
    information about themselves. When you are done, just head to the door for the next
    CHAPTER #9 - All That We See or Seem
    DARK PEOPLE CITY - Outside
    Just follow the man in black to the library and talk to Draic Kin. Watch another 
    scene and we will be in the next chapter of the game.
    CHAPTER #10 - Crossroads
    It seems that Zoe isn't sent to Stark, her homeworld, instead she is now being in 
    a weird swamp. Anyway, follow the path and passing the sunken ship. Follow the path
    until you can go no further and watch another scene and the game will switch to 
    April-an again.
    After the conversation, follow the path and up the ladder. Go forward to a hanging
    bridge and turn left then down the small stairs when you can. See two persons 
    talking? Go there. Talk with Kara and when you are done, continue your way forward
    and follow the path to left and then right when you can to meet Na'ane. She tells 
    you that a messanger is waiting in the west pier. So go pass her to the path on the
    left. Just follow it to see a strange signal in the sky. Continue until you can go
    no further.
    Now we are in control of Kian again. Go forward and to the right. Continue 
    downstairs and make your way to the west pier - the same route as April goes - to 
    meet April. Watch the scene.
    CHAPTER #11 - Faith
    We are almost at the end of the game. Trust me, this is the shortest adventure game
    I've played. Anyway, Zoe is wake up now. Check the computer for a message from 
    Damien. After that, check the bathroom for new warm clothes. It's time for an air 
    transportation in Stark. Cool!
    The front gate is locked so we have to go to the right and through to the open 
    gate. There is a car parked in the left side of this area. If you check the car 
    carefully, Zoe will find a small panel to control the car (it's near the front 
    tires). Open it using lockpick and solve the puzzle, of course. When you succeed, 
    use your mobile to operate the panel. The car will move backwards slamming some 
    stuffs. What we want to do now is to climb the car and climb further to the ledge 
    When you are on the upper platform, use the long ladder to go to the roof. You will
    see that there's a security bot patroling the area. There will be another ladder 
    at the end of the roof (in the right side), so go there carefully and use it to go
    even further up. Follow the path to a big letter that's almost fall. Check it out 
    to make Zoe push it. The falling letter will crash one of the skylight. Now go down
    and carefully run to the crashed skylight. Enter the building through it.
    RUSSIA - Inside
    Follow the path to the right until you find a ladder leading down. On the floor, go
    around the assembly line and notice a green-glowing wall in the left side. There's 
    a panel box there. Open it and press the switch to turn the power on. Now go back 
    around the assembly line and to the control room (a room shown by the scene). There
    are two control panels here. The left is to control the winch up and down - the 
    right one is to control the movement of the winch. Use the right control panel 
    first all the way up and to the left. Then use the left control panel to lower the
    Go to where the winch is now and hook the winch to the grate and go back to the 
    control room again. Use the left panel to pull the winch along with the grate. Go 
    to the open shaft and go underground. Check the unlocked drawer in the desk to find
    a small key. Use it to open the left locker behind you. Get an access card and 
    swipe it on the card reader next to the room. Enter the door and push another 
    button to enter the room. Take a datacube from the doll's house and get out of 
    here. Check a black box near the computer on the desk.
    Use the datacube on that box to see a scene about Faith. After you get a better 
    idea of what's happening, go to the glass door behind you and use the card in the 
    card reader. Go upstairs and make your way to the control room. There will be a 
    door with green neon on top of it. Use the access card in the card reader and get 
    out using the door.
    You'll be in the outside of the building again. Use the card reader to unlock the 
    main gate and hop into the waiting taxi. Basically, this game is end here since the
    re's nothing to do anymore. Anyway, we still have some chapters and scenes to 
    CHAPTER #12 - The Reversal
    From the taxi stop, just go back to Zoe house and watch the scene. A familiar woman
    suddenly comes in and tells what happened this whole time. We get a better idea of
    what's happening right? Watch the scene as Zoe uses the Dreamer again.
    CHAPTER #13 - The Longest Journey
    Run towards the creepy house and watch the scene. This is the last time you can 
    control Zoe, so this is is end actually. Just enjoy the scene and nice BGM.
    CONCLUSION - Dreamfall
    Enjoy some scenes before the credits roll and if you let the credits roll you will
    see another scene showing Brian in Tibet. So there will be the third game and I 
    hope it will be better and LONGER! Man, I finished the game only in TWO days!!! 
    And it's name is The LONGEST Journey?
    Oh well, I enjoy the game anyway.
    Version History
    Version 1.0	: Started the walkthrough and finish it.
    Version 2.0	: Do a little grammar check, cut some column to make it slimmer, 
    		  add special feature section and write the credits section.
    1. God Almighty!
    2. Gamefaqs for posting my FAQ.
    3. JZ Zaranka for letting me know that I don't explain the basic control and the 
       first one who support me ^_^.
    4. Some authors from websites who post my FAQ.
    5. My parentz of course!
    Copyright © 2006 Ivan Christianto

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