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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Moondogg

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 02/17/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    - First Person Shooter
    - PC
    Made by: Moondogg
    Date Started: 1/6/05
    Date Finished: 1/11/05
    E-Mail address: moondogg22@yahoo.com
    Version: 1.2
    ~*~*~ Version 1.2 update, 2/17/05: Engine problem solved, credit line included.
    Before we start, I'd like to make this loud and clear:
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    Okay, here we go, here's the Table of Contents.
    1.1 - Tarawa: Starting
    1.2 - Tarawa: Get On That Fifty
    2.1 - Boot camp 1: Starting
    2.2 - Boot camp 1: Briefing
    2.3 - Boot camp 1: Obstacle Course
    2.4 - Boot camp 2: Starting
    2.5 - Boot camp 2: Heavy Weapons Training
    3.1 - Pearl Harbor 1: Starting
    3.2 - Pearl Harbor 1: Docks
    3.3 - Pearl Harbor 2: Starting
    3.4 - Pearl Harbor 3: Starting
    3.5 - Pearl Harbor 3: West Virginia Deck 3
    3.6 - Pearl Harbor 3: West Virginia Deck 2
    3.7 - Pearl Harbor 4: Starting
    4.1 - Nightmoves 1: Starting
    4.2 - Nightmoves 1: Campfire
    4.3 - Nightmoves 2: Starting
    4.4 - Nightmoves 2: AA Gun
    4.5 - Nightmoves 3: Starting
    4.6 - Nightmoves 3: Village
    4.7 - Nightmoves 3: Radio Tower
    5.1 - Mandown 1: Starting
    5.2 - Makin Atoll: Man Down
    5.3 - Mandown 1: Stealth Jungle
    5.4 - Mandown 2: Starting
    5.5 - Mandown 2: Jeep Camp
    5.6 - Mandown 2: Fuel Depot
    5.7 - Mandown 3: Starting
    5.8 - Mandown 3: Tank Camp
    5.9 - Mandown 3: Pilot Rescue
    6.1 - Sitting Ducks: Starting
    6.2 - Sitting Ducks: Return To Rafts
    6.3 - Sitting Ducks: Nautilus Defense
    7.1 - Henderson Field 1: Starting
    7.2 - Guadalcanal: Henderson Field
    7.3 - Henderson Field 1: Beach Landing
    7.4 - Henderson Field 1: The Airfield
    7.5 - Henderson Field 2: Starting
    7.6 - Henderson Field 2: Assault
    7.7 - Henderson Field 2: Supply Depot
    7.8 - Henderson Field 3: Starting
    7.9 - Henderson Field 3: River Defense
    7.10 - Henderson Field 3: Tank Attack
    7.11 - Henderson Field 3: Dense Jungle
    7.12 - Henderson Field 4: Starting
    7.13 - Henderson Field 4: Outpost
    7.14 - Henderson Field 4: Marine Camp
    7.15 - Henderson Field 4: Escort Pilots
    7.16 - Henderson Field 4: Reclaim AA Guns
    7.17 - Henderson Field 4: Dive Bombers
    7.18 - Henderson Field 4: Wounded Catalina
    8.1 - Bloody Ridge 1: Starting
    8.2 - Bloody Ridge 1: Second Ridge
    8.3 - Bloody Ridge 2: Starting
    8.4 - Bloody Ridge 2: Jungle Clearing
    8.5 - Bloody Ridge 3: Starting
    9.1 - Lunga River 1: Starting
    9.2 - Guadalcanal: Lunga River
    9.3 - Lunga River 1: River Ambush
    9.4 - Lunga River 2: Starting
    9.5 - Lunga River 2: River Camps
    9.6 - Kokumbona Village 1: Starting
    9.7 - Guadalcanal: Kokumbona Village
    9.8 - Kokumbona: Hill Bunker
    9.9 - Kokumbona: Village Outskirts
    9.10 - Kokumbona Village 2 - Starting
    9.11 - Village: Jungle Valley
    9.12 - Village: Bridge Barricade
    9.13 - Kokumbona: Village 3
    9.14 - Village: Beach
    9.15 - Village: Artillery Installment
    10.1 - Flyboys: Starting
    10.2 - Flyboys: Autosave01
    10.3 - Flyboys: Autosave02
    10.4 - Flyboys: Autosave03
    10.5 - Flyboys: Autosave04
    11.1 - Tarawa 1: Starting
    11.2 - Tarawa: On the Pierhead
    11.3 - Tarawa: Aboard the LVT
    11.4 - Tarawa: Red Beach 2
    11.5 - Tarawa 2: Starting
    11.6 - Tarawa: Buildings Clear
    11.7 - Tarawa: Emplacements Destroyed
    11.8 - Tarawa 3: Starting
    11.9 - Tarawa: Nice Driving
    11.10 - Tarawa: The Command Center
    11.11 - Tarawa: Into the Tunnels
    11.12 - Tarawa: Halfway Through
    11.13 - Tarawa: From Bad to Worse
    11.14 - Tarawa: Ant Hill
    11.15 - Tarawa 4: Starting
    11.16 - Tarawa: Survived Banzai
    11.17 - Tarawa: Tank Support
    11.18 - Tarawa: The Last Stand
    12 - Afterthought
    13 - Hidden Objectives and Hero Moments
    14 - Credits and Acknowledgements
    1.1 - Tarawa: Starting
    You don't do anything here, just listen to the story. :)
    1.2 - Tarawa: Get On That Fifty
    Here's where the fun begins....or ends....uhh...you'll see.  As you heard, 
    you have 20 seconds.  Get on the fifty by pressing the USE key, then swing 
    left to target the two Japs taking potshots from the pier.  Keep the Japs' 
    heads down by laying down fire on the pier.  A plane will come by and 
    detonate it, you can't do anything about the mortars, so your boat will get 
    blown apart.  Once you hit the water turn left and pop the Jap behind the 
    wooden beam, keep pressing forward towards the beach, keeping in mind the 
    Japanese shooting at you from the pier top.  Take cover behind the boats as 
    you go, then the obstacles.  Once you get past the soldier hanging from the 
    barbed wire, hump on over to the landed boat to grab some health and MG 
    ammo.  After you do that, run over to the pier to rejoin your comrades.  Do 
    your best to fend off the charging Japs, but eventually a grenade or two 
    will land at your feet and you wont be able to get away, don't worry, this 
    is normal.
    This is boot camp, they tell you what to do, and how to do it, I'll let you 
    do this yourself, it's easy enough.
    3.1 - Pearl Harbor 1: Starting
    This again is just listening to the guy who's driving, nothing happens here 
    until the Japs actually attack!
    3.2 - Pearl Harbor 1: Docks
    The Japs are attacking, as your jeep crashes into a stack of boxes, you 
    follow your comrade down to the end of the harbor towards the PT boats.  
    Just stay behind cover and run behind him after he takes off from point to 
    point.  You can shoot down enemy planes with your Thompson, so if you want 
    to blast a couple now, then by all means do so, just don't die, when you 
    reach the end of the harbor, hop into the first PT boat and get ready to 
    spray some lead.
    3.3 - Pearl Harbor 2: Starting
    This is simple, your boat goes along a set path, and there are no friendly 
    aircraft in the skies, so if it flies, SHOOT AT IT.
    3.4 - Pearl Harbor 3: Starting
    Right after you dive into the water, and head into the bottom of the ship, 
    there you are.  Turn left from where you start and take a few steps, note  
    the ladder is covered in flames, so it would generally be a bad idea to try 
    and climb it, but look right and voila, an opening.  Take a peek through the  
    crack in the wall to observe a few midshipmen trying to save the ship, the 
    boiler explodes, and punctures a hole in the wall to your right.  Take that  
    opening and as soon as you get through, another boiler explodes in a guy's 
    face, look right when that happens and you should see a glowing red  
    valve, run over there and hold the USE key to turn it off, which will shut 
    off the flow of hot steam that's flowing from the boiler, now run to the 
    back left of the room, where another explosion occurs, look right, and climb 
    the stairs, when you get to the top, look for two small red valves on the 
    pipes, turn them both off, then cross over to the opposite side to do the 
    same to another valve.  When you're done, proceed into the next compartment, 
    down the catwalk to the end, look right, and go all the way down the stairs 
    into the flooding chamber.  Swim over in the direction of the floating body 
    to shut off the first steam valve, then after you do, look right and turn 
    off the final big valve (where the two corpses are).  After you shut it off, 
    follow the sailor up the stairs and into the next chamber, as you see for 
    that sailor there, it might not be a good idea to go in that door, look 
    right and go down the two steps and look right again to go up the flight of 
    stairs you're supposed to.  As you get up the ladder, there will be an 
    explosion in your face, don't worry, look right and head over to where the 
    midshipman is standing, follow him down the corridor and into a room that is 
    on fire with a couple of sailors fighting the fire.  Grab the ax on the 
    wall, and chop the top of the oxygen tank to send it flying into the damaged 
    door.  Keep crouched so you don't take damage from smoke inhalation, and 
    head on through into the next room, meet up with the medic in the center, 
    and he tells you to bring the injured to him.  Look left, and you'll see an 
    ailing troop, you know what to do, go grab him and set him down next to the 
    medic.  Head on through the door to the right of the firefighting sailor, 
    and hug the left wall to avoid the steam from the first jet, then with your 
    ax, chop the red portion of pipe, which will allow you to pass without 
    taking damage.  In the next room, you can hear a soldier call for help, and 
    you NEVER leave anyone behind, head on over to the back left hand corner of 
    the room, pick him up and take him back to the medic you just walked past at 
    the entrance.  Look to the east side of the room, to where the broken door 
    is, help him out by hacking the door a few times with your ax to open it up.  
    In the next room, walk forward, and then take a right, use your ax again to 
    chop up the boxes that block the path to the ladder, and then take it up.   
    When you reach the top of the ladder, you'll be at....
    3.6 - Pearl Harbor 3: West Virginia Deck 2
     make a left and move straight on ahead, in the next fire-filled room, take 
    a right and in that room, move left, and you'll see a sailor have a whole  
    bunch of boxes fall on him, take your ax and use it to break the boxes that 
    fell on him (don't fret, you wont kill him), pick him up and go through the  
    door forward and to the right of where you just entered the room you're in.  
    Move with the sailor to the end of the corridor, near the stairway, but not  
    too close, look left, and there will be a medic, drop the soldier you're 
    carrying, and when the medic asks you if there is anyone left behind, you 
    tend to think there is (plus, you can hear someone calling for a medic).  So 
    backtrack down the corridor, and on your right you'll find a broken door 
    that you can break open with your ax, and then lo and behold, a commanding 
    officer was trapped.  Do the same with him, take him back to the medic.  
    After you rescue him, head towards the staircase leading up right in front 
    of you, they'll clear the way, and you'll be on your way to the next part of 
    Pearl Harbor!
    3.7 - Pearl Harbor 4: Starting
    Right then, you're topside now.  When you start, head towards the bow of the 
    ship, and then hook a right to get to the opposite side of the ship of  
    where you started.  Hump over towards the stern, and you'll see someone call 
    for help on the guns, there's your cue!  Head up the stairs and man the  
    machine gun, where he is already stationed as a spotter.  You know what to 
    do from here, you have to protect another ship as it makes a run.  Again,  
    its all Jap aircraft, so show them what for.  Keep firing until somehow the 
    gun explodes, and you're fine.  Look right and man an anti-aircraft gun a  
    few spots down, and again take aim as best you can, just keep shooting down 
    planes until the Japanese start retreating.  Mission over.
    4.1 - 4.1 - Nightmoves 1: Starting
    You start on a small boat with 3 other guys paddling your way towards the 
    shore.  When you get there, hop off and assemble on the beach with your  
    squad.  Just follow Minoso and pay attention to his hand signals.  You'll 
    come up on a.....
    4.2 - Nightmoves 1: Campfire
    Campfire!  You'll spot a US plane go down, and enter Japs.  They come in 
    through the brush, fight your way through the spot of jungle a bit forward 
    of your position at the campfire, there are about a dozen Japs there and 
    will easily gut you if you're not careful.  When it's clear, assemble with 
    your squad......That was fast....
    4.3 - Nightmoves 2: Starting
    Well, we're still in the jungle, but we knew that right?  Keep moving until 
    one of the rookies shoots himself in the foot.  The soldier who heckles him  
    gets capped by a sniper.  Ditch your bolt action rifle PLEASE, and grab the 
    M1 Carbine that he drops, and take cover behind the rocks to check for  
    muzzle flashes.  There is a sniper in the clearing in front of you to the 
    left, and two on either side of the trail near the back.  Take them down 
    first then clear out the ground forces.  Keep moving, there will be another 
    sniper in the trees to the right.  Keep your eyes peeled for a treehouse 
    with another sniper in it, along with a handful more ground troops.  Keep 
    moving, and the game will save, which brings us to.....
    4.4 - Nightmoves 2: AA Gun
    Move along with your squadmates.  You'll come up on a camp, and it's time to 
    take action into your own hands, as soon as they mention a truck being  
    on the way, hurl a grenade at the cluster of Japs, and rush them, kill a few 
    then hop on the artillery piece, and when the truck comes around the  
    corner, light it up.  Search the huts for ammo, then plant a demo charge on 
    the artillery piece and move on.  You'll run into another pocket of  
    Japanese forces, take them out and move on to clear the section.
    4.5 - Nightmoves 3: Starting
    You start off on the base of a swamp.  Attack the most prominent and central 
    nest first, using grenades and the rocks for cover, once you take the  
    central MG nest, use the machine guns to take out the gunners to the left 
    and right of your location, so you don't use up your own valuable  
    ammunition.  Now follow the ball bearings on the compass, where you will run 
    into another nest of Jap forces and MGs.  Do the same sweep, and  
    proceed to the far beach and make a left down the trail, where you'll come 
    to a save game and in the short distance, a.....
    4.6 - Nightmoves 3: Village
    Cute lil' Jap village!  For some reason, your squadmates move to the direct 
    center of the village, and yep, AMBUSH!  Take cover and eliminate the  
    direct threats, then move methodically through the town, making sure your 
    squad is with you.  There are quite the number of Japs here, so watch your  
    step, there are a couple of MG-manned windows as well.  When they're clear, 
    assemble with your team and follow your compass towards the edge of  
    the large town, where you come to a smaller settlement, which is....
    4.7 - Nightmoves 3: Radio Tower
    Okay, as the name implies, there's a radio tower, and you have demo charges, 
    so if you put two and two together.....So, you have to hump it over  
    there towards the obvious tower, but plenty of angry Japs stand in your way, 
    so dispose of them, but while quickly moving forward, as they are  
    preparing to call in reinforcements.  The sooner you can bomb the tower, the 
    better off you are.  So go ahead and make your way over there and do  
    so.  After you take out the MG teams, detonate the tower, and then hop on a 
    machine gun of your own and prepare to fend off the Japanese counter  
    5.1 - Mandown 1: Starting
    Just a cutscene here.
    5.2 - Makin Atoll: Man Down
    You start in a dense jungle, and your objective is to find a Jap fuel depot.  
    After the dialogue, take point and move out left down the trail until you  
    come to a dirt road, stay towards the edge, as a two-man jeep is moving down 
    the road.  As it passes, lay down some fire.  Move left down the road,  
    where you will run across a Japanese patrol, and a few assorted soldiers.  
    Take them down, as well as the jeep that drives down the road.  Move in  
    the same direction you were, but where the sign points to the right, don't 
    move that way, instead, move past the sign, for example
    the sign looks like this   ------>
    you want to do this           ^
    you'll stumble on a sandbag bunker with three Japs sitting in it, waste 
    them.  Man a machine gun sitting there and wait for a bit, a truckful of 
    soldiers will be moving down the road, keep hitting it with MG fire until it 
    explodes.  Move in the direction the truck was coming from.  You'll quickly 
    run across another patrol, as well as another 3 man bunker, clear them out 
    and collect the ammo deposits in the bunker.  You have a choice now, either 
    man the MG and wait for the truck to rumble past, risking the troops exiting 
    before they come into range, or if you have two submachine guns, you can 
    quickly keep moving, empty a mag into the hood of the oncoming truck, then 
    switch to your other SMG and do the same, which will make it explode, and 
    the troops won't have a chance.  I picked option two, but it's your call.  
    You'll hear some Japanese chatter, which obviously means there's a patrol 
    lurking near you, kill them off please, then attack the MG nest to the north 
    of you.  Man the MG and wait for the first truck to rumble around and light 
    it up as soon as it comes into range.  Then let go of the MG and take out 
    the second truckful with regular weapons.  Heal if you wish and move on down 
    the same road (where the trucks were coming from).
    5.3 - Mandown 1: Stealth Jungle
    Okay, continue down the road until you come to a Jap outpost, sweep the town 
    and clear everyone, and take all the ammo you want.  Exit through the  
    opposite side of the outpost.  Hump down the road, and you'll come across a 
    Japanese patrol, neutralize them and keep moving.  Hop the log and end  
    the scene.
    5.4 - Mandown 2: Starting
    You begin outside of an encampment.  As you approach, you're told to save 
    your demos, so turn around and follow your mates through the jungle  
    path, where you'll stumble into a small Jap outpost, blast the two charging 
    fellows to your left, then climb the tower on the right to man the MG, hose 
    them all in there, then move out through the east exit of the outpost, where 
    you'll come to a beachfront outpost.  When everyone is neutralized, go  
    into the house on the shore to the right of the seaplane, and grab the 
    documents lying on the table.  Now exit that house and move out to the left.   
    You'll run into another 3 man patrol, killing them would be preferable.  
    Keep moving and play Operation: Clean Sweep (fear Operation Flashpoint) in  
    the next outpost.  Search the huts for ammo and keep moving.  Deja vu isn't 
    it?  Take out the next encampment and......
    5.5 - Mandown 2: Jeep Camp
    Hop in the jeep to go on a hell of a wild ride.  Just shoot stuff until the 
    car stops, frankly.
    5.6 - Mandown 2: Fuel Depot
    When you bail, be prepared to defend yourself quickly.  There are a couple 
    of Japs swarming around your crash site, make sure the site is clear, then  
    set a demo charge on the large white fuel tower in the corner.  After that, 
    assemble with your team, where you learn of a downed pilot.  Is it me or is  
    there a "rescue a downed pilot" in every FPS game...sheesh...
    5.7 - Mandown 3: Starting
    Begin by running down the trail.  Follow your team to the ledge overlooking 
    the Jap encampment, don't fire just yet, after they say to move out, wing  
    a grenade at the couple of Jap soldiers goofing around.  After you throw, 
    continue down the path to the right, zapping Japs as you go.  When you get  
    to the bottom, you'll notice a big fat tank sitting off in the northern end 
    of the place, nice.  Take cover behind the large boxes, and right after it 
    fires, hug the most western part of the outpost to make your way over to the 
    tank, there will be a couple of Japs in your way.  Shift over behind the 
    tank and place a demo charge on it, then take cover behind the tin-like hut.  
    Don't run until the tank explodes, as if you try and run back to your team, 
    the tank will fire at you as you pass by the benzene tanks, which will blow 
    you to kingdom come.  Move back to your team and clear out the remaining  
    Japs.  Exit the outpost to the right of where you entered it.  You'll come 
    upon ANOTHER fortification, this one has trenches and whatnot, clear them  
    out, then man an MG as a truck will roll through, it helps fend off the 
    Japanese counterattack as well.  Once they're clear, move on.
    5.8 - Mandown 3: Tank Camp
    You will stumble on this camp....full of tanks....take out the eminent 
    Japanese soldier threat, then man one of those AA guns, and target the truck  
    coming down the road.  Once you neutralize it, heal up, assemble and move 
    on, you'll hit a few more Japs, then make sure all your stuff is ready to  
    roll.  You're going to be shooting alot in the coming few minutes.  See all 
    those red barrels?  Shoot them all.  Clear the enemy fortification here, and  
    that includes shooting the cans next to the fuel tower.  Head right and take 
    out another Jap in a tower.  Continue along the trail.
    5.9 - Mandown 3: Pilot Rescue
    You're still on the trail, and you can clearly see the plane wreck in front 
    of you, head towards it and a bit further down (check your compass to see  
    what I mean).  Once you're close, you'll see the body of the plane along 
    with a white star, there's your guy.  Drop an SMG or something and grab the  
    shotgun next to him if you wish, but do this all fast because you don't have 
    much time before the plane explodes and takes the pilot's life with it, now  
    pick him up and take him back to the group and place him down in front of 
    the medic.  Don't worry about the Japs when you're going to grab the pilot,  
    you'll only take one or two hits taking him back, plus there are a few 
    medkits strewn about in the rocks.  Take up a defensive position and fend 
    off the Japs.  After a large push, they will back off, ending the scene.
    6.1 - Sitting Ducks: Starting, 6.2 - Sitting Ducks: Return To Rafts, 6.3 - 
    Sitting Ducks: Nautilus Defense
    You start on the beach with the pilot, and a few extra troops, when you come 
    under attack, take out your pistol and swap it with the Thompson SMG  
    w/drum off one of your comrades who was blasted by a mortar.  Clear the 
    handful of attacking Japs, then move in with your team as the beach is  
    being bombarded.  There will be loads of Japs in the jungle, but keep a cool 
    head, you'll have plenty of ammo to handle them.  Move methodically  
    from left to right, taking out Japs and watching the "cliff" edge for the 
    three mortar teams, one near the hut, another further down on the cliff and  
    another way further down on the ground.  Once they're done, reassemble with 
    your team, who will inform you the subs have arrived.  Follow them  
    back onto the beach, but unfortunately, Willy is missing, so guess who is 
    going to have to go back and find him.  Check near the far right mortar 
    area, it's not RIGHT there but in that general vicinity.  Once you bring him 
    back, board the raft that you're supposed to.  You'll come under attack from 
    two Zeros, Minoso will hand you his BAR, so do your best to eliminate them 
    with it.  Once you reach the Nautilus, you'll come under attack again, this  
    time they will be using torpedoes, so man the MG by moving to the right when 
    you board the ship and up a ladder (you'll see the previous gunner fall  
    from where you want to be), and when the torpedoes hit the water, target 
    them before they hit the ship.  Mission complete.
    7.1 - Henderson Field 1: Starting, 7.2 - Guadalcanal: Henderson Field, 7.3 - 
    Henderson Field 1: Beach Landing
    Welcome to Guadalcanal, soldier!  Starting from the beach, follow your team 
    into the jungle and around a corner, stopping at a riverbank.  Follow  
    Minoso's orders by heading straight down the stream, past the first inlet to 
    the right, and up the hill to the right a ways down, clear the village here,  
    then move on to clear the next connecting village.  When everything is 
    clear, check the connecting village's huts for a map.  Reassemble with your  
    squad, and move on through the thick brush to Henderson Airfield.
    7.4 - Henderson Field 1: The Airfield
    When you reach the airfield, exchange your Colt pistol with the M1 Carbine 
    and ammo.  Hop in the truck.......but in a few seconds it'll flip over,  
    sending you and your teammates flying overboard, and knocking you out cold.
    7.5 - Henderson Field 2: Starting, 7.6 - Henderson Field 2: Assault
    Okay, it starts for REAL this time.  When you come to your senses, regroup 
    and follow your squad.  Assemble up, and since you found the map  
    previously, your squad will take a detour through the jungle to flank the 
    artillery piece.  Follow them through and when you emerge out the other side  
    you'll be face to face with a Japanese MG nest (nice detour isn't it?)  Make 
    your way up to it while your team lays down cover fire, and toss a grenade  
    in there to clear them out.  Follow the trenches to the artillery piece, and 
    clear all the Japs stationed there.  From where you entered the arty plaza,  
    look right and follow the path down to the MG and fend off the oncoming 
    Japs.  If you run out of ammo on the MG and there are still Japs coming, 
    fall back to the arty plaza and defend it until all the attackers are dead.  
    By the way, don't stand next to the guy who's inspecting the crates.  Plant 
    a charge on the arty and reassemble, then after the detonation, follow your 
    squadmates through the hole that was punched in the wall.
    7.7 - Henderson Field 2: Supply Depot
    The game saves and brings you to the next stage, keep moving down the trail.  
    You'll come upon a fairly large occupied settlement.  Weed 'em out.   
    Keep moving and you'll see a Japanese runner, shoot at him from a fixed 
    position, do not follow him, as when he runs by a spot, a Japanese ambush  
    is set in motion, so it's better to take it on from the front than from the 
    middle, I say.  When all is clear, keep moving.  As you turn a corner, 
    you'll be nose to nose with a Jap patrol, go full auto on the first one as 
    soon as you see him, don't take your finger off the trigger, the column will 
    fall (I know it's against your training of short, controlled bursts, but its 
    fun!  Try this method while screaming at the top of your lungs.)  Move on 
    and the scene ends.
    7.8 - Henderson Field 3: Starting, 7.9 - Henderson Field 3: River Defense, 
    7.10 - Henderson Field 3: Tank Attack, 7.11 - Henderson Field 3: Dense  
    Move straight on ahead, where you'll come into contact with friendly forces 
    overlooking a river.  Man the MG while you listen to their chatter.  After a  
    loud gunshot that kills a comrade, the Japs make a push over the river, hold 
    them off with the MG and when you run out of ammo, just keep firing  
    until it says objective complete.  Move on down the river where you'll come 
    under attack again on both sides of the bank, but mostly the left side.   
    Clear them out, along with the MG nest up the hill, then hop into the trench 
    and follow it down to an open spot with a few Japs and an arty piece,  
    take the Japs down and hop on the artillery.  Tanks will move in from right 
    to left, so keep your eyes open and blast them until they show up, keep  
    firing until the objective completed shows itself, then follow your team 
    down to the base of the hill and to the left.  Move on, and you'll come 
    across a WHOLE lot of Japs lying in wait, about 20, use the rocks for cover 
    and clear them all out, grenades help.
    7.12 - Henderson Field 4: Starting, 7.13 - Henderson Field 4: Outpost, 7.14 
    - Henderson Field 4: Marine Camp, 7.15 - Henderson Field 4: Escort Pilots,  
    7.16 - Henderson Field 4: Reclaim AA Guns, 7.17 - Henderson Field 4: Dive 
    Bombers, 7.18 - Henderson Field 4: Wounded Catalina
    Move on towards the friendlies sitting in the brush, and then trek over to 
    the camp, which very quickly comes under attack by Japs, in force.  Keep  
    moving on the road through the camp, blasting Japs, and when Minoso tells 
    you to man the MG, it would be a good idea, because the Japs will be  
    bonzai'ing you in the face.  When you're through here, move over to NEAR the 
    truck, but not too close, because it'll explode.  Move through the house  
    to the other side and you'll find yourself at the airbase.  Move out left 
    and attack the Japs in front of you rushing over the hill.  After you kill 
    them all, wait for the explosion to break the wood fence, and take out the 
    Japs who are charging across the airstrip.  Look right and you'll see an MG, 
    move over there when ordered and man it.  While on the MG, look right, and 
    you'll see a string of five aircraft ready to take off.  Your job is to 
    protect them as they do so.  The Japanese aircraft come from behind them as 
    they're taking off, so keep your eyes peeled to your right, and focus on 
    behind the Allied planes, where the Zeros will come in groups of two or 
    three.  After you (attempt) to protect the planes, move down the side of the 
    airstrip to the AA guns.  You'll have to move a far way, and there will be a 
    number of Japs standing in your way, just follow your compass, its not like 
    you can wander off somewhere =).  Man whichever piece of anti aircraft you 
    wish, whether it be the MG or the AA gun.  The MG is easier to handle, but 
    cant rotate 360 degrees, and it will eventually get bombed, and you're told 
    to get the hell out of there before it happens, and the AA gun is a bit more  
    clumsy and harder to operate, but its above ground and spins the whole way 
    around.  Take out the dive bombers at high noon who are attacking the  
    hangars.  After you deal with them, you'll have to protect the Black Cat 
    (Catalina), by taking down all the fighters on her tail.  After you've taken 
    them down, you finish in success!
    8.1 - Bloody Ridge A: Starting, 8.2 - Bloody Ridge A: Second Ridge
    Here's some action for ya, you start after a pep talk on a ridge overlooking 
    a valleyish place.  Rumor has it that the Japs are coming, and do you really  
    think they will leave you alone?  Of course not!  Face the direction 
    everyone else is facing and prepare for the oncoming assault.  Make sure 
    when you're shooting at the Japs, you're not accidentally hitting your own 
    friendlies in the back of the head, because you don't have the best of 
    foxholes, view-wise.  Fend them off the best you can, they'll be coming up 
    the middle, left, and the right, its going to be hell.  When the order is 
    given, fall back to the position behind you (you'll see where everyone is 
    going), and follow them to the second line of defense.  Move to the far left 
    edge of the defensive perimeter, and look to the top "level" where you'll 
    find an MG and a mortar.  Use the mortar to blow apart the enemy mortar team 
    that will set up on the ridge directly across from you.  Then again, fend 
    off the Japanese attack using anything you can.  You'll be ordered to fall 
    back again.  You'll run into an artillery team pushing in a cannon, after 
    they talk to you, look to the side of the (to your right if you're looking 
    directly at them) and follow that path down.  Scene complete.
    8.3 - Bloody Ridge 2: Starting, 8.4 - Bloody Ridge 2: Jungle Clearing
    Follow your squadmate until he tells you to take cover, so duck behind the 
    rock on the right across from him.  DO NOT FIRE AT THE PATROL.  After  
    they're gone, move up a little to coax your squadmate to move, then follow 
    him.  When you come to the ledge, drop down.  When you get down, look  
    to your right, and you'll see a Jap on the ground, shoot him, it will induce 
    an ambush, but it's better to have one done with than have him pop up  
    behind you.  Fight off the four or so remaining ambushers, then check the 
    bodies for Intel.  One of the bodies will have a red map near him, that's 
    it.  Grab it and keep moving through the jungle.  You'll see some friendlies 
    in the distance, help them fight off the Japs that are right on top of them,  
    then man the MG and fend off the next wave.  When you do this, fall back to 
    the ridge and press the USE key on Minoso's hand, which will help you up.
    8.5 - Bloody Ridge 3: Starting
    Okay, here you are at yet another defensive fortification, facing another 
    attack from Japanese forces.  Run into the base, and hop on the howitzer.   
    Blast away at the oncoming Japanese forces.  Keep firing until the ammo 
    runner in front of you falls to the ground.  Get off the howitzer and run to  
    him, he'll tell you to take the ammo box first, so grab it when it becomes 
    red, and take it to the MG nest on the front right hand side (if you're 
    facing outwards towards the Japanese attackers).  After you deliver the box, 
    run back to the ammo runner, and pick him up.  Return him to the medic tent  
    and drop him, then get back on the howitzer or the MG next to it and fend 
    off the attackers some more.  Listen closely to your teammates screaming,  
    "right flank", "left flank", this is really helpful.  You'll first defend 
    the left side (main part of the battlefield, where you were aiming with the 
    howitzer) then moves over to the right side.  Just do your best to fend off 
    the Japanese until the cavalry arrives in the form of a bombing run, after 
    the second run, the mission ends in success.
    9.1 - Lunga River 1: Starting, 9.2 - Guadalcanal: Lunga River, 9.3 - Lunga 
    River 1: River Ambush
    You start with your team in a river, about to go scout the Jap positions.  
    It's comforting when a dead US soldier floats down the river coming from the  
    direction you're going, isn't it?  Anyway, head up that way.  Don't worry 
    about making noise during your stay in the water, there aren't any enemies  
    just yet.  Follow your comrade onto land and to a ledge overlooking the 
    river.  Get out your binocs and watch the river for movement.  After a few  
    seconds a couple of Japs will come out of hiding and move up.  Keep 
    watching, now when your pal says its time to warn the cap', don't follow him 
    just yet, keep your eyes peeled on the river, as more Japs will be moving 
    up, keep your binocs up until it says "objective has been added" to complete 
    the hidden objective.  Now follow your buddy there down the trail, you'll 
    come across another group of Japs, but take cover behind him, and wait for 
    him to mention the MG that's sitting there, keep crouched and head right, 
    keeping to the grass and around the back of the clearing, and use the rocks 
    for cover, when you're close, run to the MG and turn it on the Japanese 
    forces there.  He'll tell you good job and to take the MG with you (while 
    you're on the MG look to the top of the screen to see which button you press 
    to take it with you.  Now holding the MG, follow your friend back to your 
    squad.  After you and your team move upriver, set up the MG behind the log 
    on the right side or something, and fend off the Japanese attack.  When it's 
    all over, leave the MG there and continue along with your team.  You'll 
    encounter a few more, along with an MG.  You know what to do here.  Play 
    touchy feely with a couple more Jap troops, until you come to a ledge.  Jump 
    down to the bottom for the ending of the scene.
    9.3 - Lunga River 1: River Ambush, 9.4 - Lunga River 2: Starting, 9.5 - 
    Lunga River 2: River Camps
    Still on the blue line, +1 for mist and swamp gas.  Follow the blue line to 
    the left around the tree and left where you'll run right into a Japanese  
    ambush, but there are only a handful.  Clear them out and keep moving.  Yet 
    another squad of troops shows itself, along with an MG.  Kill 'em and  
    keep going.  Again, another patrol lurks in the swamp, take them down, 
    follow your compass ball bearings and your team, and you'll come to another  
    ledge.  Hop on down and move out, and you'll come across a village.  Pick 
    off the guy in the hut you can plainly see, then take out the handful of 
    Japs stationed there.  Move on down the river and you will take gunfire from 
    the right, cut through the bushes and you'll find yourself in a larger camp,  
    sweep the general area, and pick off the MG gunner down the river, but 
    before you leave, check one of the raised huts to find uncovered caches of  
    bombs and stuff, and manually toss a satchel charge on it, then get the hell 
    out of dodge before it explodes.  Move on down the river and clear the  
    next section of village.  Either continue down the river or cut through the 
    left, you'll end up in the same place anyway.  Make sure you clear everyone  
    out, then plant a charge on the ammo boxes in one of the huts.  When it goes 
    boom, keep moving down the river.  A Jap, obviously asking for his  
    death, stands right in front of you, blast him a new one, and take his 
    rifle.  There are 5 snipers in the trees in the clearing ahead, one is right 
    in front of you, one on the left side, one on the right, and two towards the 
    back, one on each side.  Take care of them and assemble.
    9.6 - Kokumbona Village 1: Starting, 9.7 - Guadalcanal: Kokumbona Village, 
    9.8 - Kokumbona: Hill Bunker, 9.9 - Kokumbona: Village Outskirts, 9.10 -  
    Kokumbona Village 2 - Starting, 9.11 - Village: Jungle Valley, 9.12 - 
    Village: Bridge Barricade, 9.13 - Kokumbona: Village 3, 9.14 - Village: 
    Beach, 9.15 - Village: Artillery Installment
    After your chat, move with your team through the rocky lands, and take cover 
    behind a rock, as a Jap patrol is on its way.  When they're close, wait  
    for your team to open up on them, then follow suit until all lay dead.  Your 
    grenades and shotgun work well here, and when you run into a couple  
    more a few yards down the trail.  Keep moving through the brush.  You'll run 
    into the bunker, with two machine guns protecting it.  Take the gunners  
    out and move up the hill.  You'll stumble onto an outpost, and you know what 
    you do here, so do it.  When they go bye-bye, keep moving.  A large  
    occupied village stands in your way, clear this out as well, there's nothing 
    to see here besides enemies and ammo, so move on.  You'll come across a  
    Jap runner, target him and off him before he can do something that will be 
    dangerous to you in a few minutes.  Hop down the ledge where the scene  
    ends.  Arm your shotgun (if you still have it anyway) for a second and then 
    keep moving when the next part loads.  Blow away the lone charging Jap  
    officer, then switch back to your weapon of choice.  Fling a couple of 
    grenades down at the MG nest and clear that area.  Move into the village and  
    clear it, now listen carefully, I know your compass says to go somewhere 
    else, but go back to where to came into the village and look forward (look 
    AT the village itself right in front of you) there is a trail there that 
    you'll be able to see right smack in front of you at the back of the 
    village.  Your team  wont follow, its all you.  Follow this trail and you'll 
    come upon a couple of Japs, but you'll be able to hear US troops calling for 
    help, move to the back of this area to find the entrance to an underground 
    bunker (along with 2 Japs guarding the entrance itself), move in and go down 
    the stairs to the dungeon place, as soon as you enter, look right and blast 
    the charging officer who guards here.  Either shoot or melee the lock on the 
    door to free the POWs.  They'll grab weapons and follow you.  Return to your 
    squad and sweep the next section of village, then another.  Keep moving as 
    the game will save (if you didn't realize already, this is how you tell the 
    next section starts), as you are talking, you come under attack from a 
    couple of annoying Japs, nothing major, kill them off....so.....KEEP MOVING, 
    seems to be my trademark here.  You'll move past an area, and a soldier 
    comments about checking out a cave.  Backtrack a bit, and you'll see a trail 
    leading a bit upwards leading to the cave.  If you have it, equip your 
    shotgun and enter, follow the cave into an opening that houses a fistful of 
    Japs, let them have it, and take the sniper rifle on the far end of the room 
    if you wish, now look around and you'll see a radio sitting in the corner, 
    blast it to pieces until it mentions your objectives.  Go back out and 
    rejoin your squad.  Move out until you reach the bridge.  Take cover behind 
    a large rock and target the MG gunner in the tower first, the tower is on 
    your left, above you.  Use the sniper rifle if you took it to pick them off, 
    they'll make a few attempts to reclaim the tower MG, just keep picking them 
    off, and the planes will give a fly-by and bomb the hell out of the bridge.  
    After it's a smoldering crater, move through the hole the explosion punched 
    and out.  Continue on when the next part loads.  You'll come upon a pretty 
    strongly defended outpost, complete with trenches and MG towers.  Fire at 
    the red barrel on the bottom of the right-most tower, which will detonate 
    it, then clear out the camp.  Make your way over to the other tower and 
    plant an explosive on it.  Now follow your team through the trenches and 
    towards the beach.  When you hit the beach, nail the Japs that are sifting 
    around.  Move up through the beach and you'll come across another outpost.  
    Sweep the village clean, target the red barrel underneath the right-most 
    tower to blow it up, then set charges on the other two.  Now move out 
    through the exit on the right side.   Move down the trail, where a few 
    explosions will go off right in front of your face (shrapnel anyone?), 
    you'll be fine, just keep moving.  Blast the Japs who are a present danger, 
    one on the bridge, one across from you, and one on the ground level, who can 
    be eliminated via the barrels, which isn't exactly a bright place to stand.  
    Make a right and you will encounter a few more, further down is a machine 
    gunner who needs to be taken care of.  Head up that way where you'll 
    encounter a few more.  Around the corner are a pair of machine gun toting 
    Japs and their accomplices.  The sniper rifle is nice here, but if not, just 
    pick them off, who cares how you do it, just do it.  After you get up there, 
    look left and shoot a few more, then move towards the bunker, where there 
    will be a few more waiting.  When everything is clear above ground, hump on 
    into the bunker.  Head on in and look left to blast the rushing Jap officer.  
    Then pick off the couple of Japs hiding behind the boxes, go left and shoot 
    a few more in the next section of trench, now look left and go down through 
    the entrance to another bunker-ish type building.  Shoot the three Japs 
    occupying the place if they didn't already come at you before.  Now before 
    you set the charge, collect your thoughts and quicksave, because you're 
    going to have to absolutely haul ass back to where you entered the bunker in 
    the first place as soon as you plant it.  RUN LIKE HELL!  Once you 
    reassemble with your squad the mission ends in success.
    10.1 - Flyboys: Starting, 10.2 - Flyboys: Autosave01, 10.3 - Flyboys: 
    Autosave02, 10.4 - Flyboys: Autosave03, 10.5 - Flyboys: Autosave04
    How do you like the flight?  Well, it's just about to start sucking 
    profusely.  You soon come under attack from Zeros, so obviously, try and 
    shoot as  many down as possible using your machine gun.  What I like here 
    that doesn't seem to be evident in other games is that if you shoot your 
    tail fin, you take damage now, it seems in most other games, you can hit 
    your tail fin an infinite amount of times and wont do anything, 
    so...well....be careful now.  After you're done with target practice, the 
    crap really hits the fan.  Your pilot got hit in the face, can't see a 
    thing, and bails out.  Well, hot damn, look who gets to fly it now?  
    Although a change of pace, I despise this part, I don't even think it should 
    be in the game.  Flying is hard enough with the mouse, but shooting things 
    at the same time is impossible.  Save often, because if this is your first 
    time, you're going to be crashing a whole hell of a lot.  Anyway, fend off a 
    couple of fighters, and make your way over to the island.  As soon as it 
    comes in range, start firing at the radio tower (it's blatantly obvious if 
    you stick with your wingmen)  Blow that up as quick as possible so no 
    reinforcements can be called in.  Firstly take care of the three incoming 
    Jap fighters, then lay down strafing runs on the lagoon, and the airstrip to 
    take care of the crap in the water and bombers.   Make sure not to strafe 
    too close to the ground, because controlling the plane is a bit clumsy, and 
    you're likely to crash into trees and such.  When you've hit everything, 
    follow your other planes out, when you'll figure out you're coming up on a 
    pair of Jap ships.  Use your torpedo on the aircraft carrier, firstly, then 
    use the bombs at your own discretion.  Make sure to hit all the planes on 
    the carrier, but don't assume that since you torped it and dropped a few 
    bombs on it that it's dead, because it isn't, keep strafing it with machine 
    gun fire until the command bridge explodes and its just sort of a floating 
    raft, you'll get the message that it's dead in the water, now move on to the 
    destroyer, and do the same, use the rest of your bombs if you haven't 
    already, then again, strafe it with machine gun fire, you'll get a message 
    that you got both of them.  When both ships are toast, regroup into formation 
    and follow your airmen.  After quite a bit of flying, Mikey has a bogey on 
    his tail and he's going to give you a flyby so you can blast it.  Do so.  Now 
    just ease back and just fly close to the U.S.S Independence, you'll land 
    automatically.  Mission and FINALLY Guadalcanal is completed!
    *** I've gotten a whole mess of emails saying that their engines crapped out 
    on them all of a sudden after some flying, and a helpful reader helped out 
    saying that the reason your engine is crapping out is that you're straying too 
    far from your wingmates, so stay CLOSE TO THEM and don't fly off.
    11.1 - Tarawa 1: Starting, 11.2 - Tarawa: On the Pierhead, 11.3 - Tarawa: 
    Aboard the LVT, 11.4 - Tarawa: Red Beach 2, 11.5 - Tarawa 2: Starting,  
    11.6 - Tarawa: Buildings Clear, 11.7 - Tarawa: Emplacements Destroyed, 11.8 
    - Tarawa 3: Starting, 11.9 - Tarawa: Nice Driving, 11.10 - Tarawa: The  
    Command Center, 11.11 - Tarawa: Into the Tunnels, 11.12 - Tarawa: Halfway 
    Through, 11.13 - Tarawa: From Bad to Worse, 11.14 - Tarawa: Ant Hill,  
    11.15 - Tarawa 4: Starting, 11.16 - Tarawa: Survived Banzai, 11.17 - Tarawa: 
    Tank Support, 11.18 - Tarawa: The Last Stand
    This seems familiar, doesn't it?  Man the fifty again and look towards the 
    ship on your right.  Take out the guy on top, then keep focused on the  
    bottom part of it, because there are a couple of gunners in a blown out 
    portion near the back.  Blast them, then look towards the pier and shoot  
    whoever is scuttling around up there.  When your craft pulls up, get out and 
    go up the stairs.  Take aim at the two Japs taking shots at you (you'll see  
    them), and then grab the ammo from inside the house as well as one of the 
    rifles dropped from one of the soldiers you shot from the boat, exchanging 
    it TEMPORARILY for your shotgun.  Use it to take aim at the machine gunner 
    and the two other soldiers ahead of you.  Once they're down crying for 
    momma, get your shotgun back and move forward, down through the broken part 
    of the pier and out again, where you'll come face to face with a couple of 
    nutty Japs.  Take them down and hang a right into a pierhouse, where there 
    are three or so waiting for you, exterminate.  On the right side of the hut, 
    there is a ladder leading up, take it and spin around quick, shoot the Jap 
    standing there.  Grab the sniper rifle, and take aim at the two machine 
    gunners on the ship.  Once they're toast, take your weapon that you dropped 
    and go on back down and out the other side of the hut (the way you DIDN'T 
    come in), look right and head down the broken set of stairs where you'll 
    find your comrade.  Follow him down the narrow causeway to the right and 
    help him clear it out all the way down.  Might want to exchange your shotgun 
    for a Type 100, I dunno, you're going to make a beach head, a shotgun might 
    not be the best thing in that situation, you want ranged stuff.  Your call, 
    whatever you choose, move close to the LVT to get back in it and on the .50.  
    Here we go again.  Move up in the water like you did last time (there are a 
    couple more people shooting at you, how about that), and join up with your 
    squad under the pier, also like you did last time, and fight off the 
    oncoming Japs.  Don't worry, they don't have grenades this time.  Once 
    they're done for, assemble with your squad, wait for the talking to cease, 
    then move forward down the beach until you come to a hole blown in the wall, 
    once you're ordered to (after you clear the beach), hop in.  The next 
    section starts with you assembled with your team, and as you know, the Japs 
    aren't surrendering, so you'll have to ax every single one on this rock.  
    There are a whole lot of enemies here, and right now all you have to do is 
    clear houses.  So keep clearing houses in this area until you get the 
    objective complete.  Then move out through the concrete bunker with the hole 
    in the side, there are two Japs in here, so blast them.  Then when you come 
    out the opposite end, drop down into the trench (jump on a box or something 
    to break your fall), and move on down the line.  (He scared the hell out of 
    you didn't he).  When you come out, there will be a Jap or two waiting for 
    you.  Follow your team, but when they go up the plank, don't follow just 
    yet, look to the right, where you'll find a few Japs and an arty piece.  
    Take them down and then set a charge on it, then move down and blow the 
    other one not too far away (take out the machine gunner shooting at you 
    while you're at it).  Now rejoin your team and clear out the house and its 
    surroundings.  Move out through the back of the hut, or around it, who 
    cares, where you'll run into a dozen or so Japs.  Take them down and keep 
    moving.  There will be a machine gunner in a really tiny pillbox-like 
    structure, get familiar with these, because they'll become pains in the 
    asses rather quickly.  Move down with your squad, and demo charge the next 
    two arty pieces, then go into the bunker at the end of the line (not through 
    the barbed wire fence) to get lots of ammo.  Rejoin your squad and move out 
    through the opening in the fence.  Take down the two mini-pillbox gunners, 
    and head down the bunker to the right.  Blast all four Japs who are farting 
    around in there, and when the order is given, set a demo charge on the 
    torpedo rack, and then bug the hell out of there back to your squad in the 
    ditch.  When it's clear, follow them forward.  Clear out the oncoming Japs, 
    as well as the ones in the house on your left.  When it's clear, hop in the 
    jeep with a couple of your squadmates and go on another merry ride.  You'll 
    be in the vehicle until this part ends.  You'll start the next part 
    assembled with your team.  Move out left with everyone else, don't blow the 
    charge just yet, clear out the clearing ahead of you first, then go back and 
    set the charge on the gun you past first, as well as the gun in the 
    clearing.  Use the cracks in the hut as cover as you take care of the MG  
    nest on the other side of it.  Assemble up and move out with the rest of 
    them. Move to the back of the hut (where the MG team was) and move down  
    the trenches.  there will be a few Japs right in front of you, and will 
    attack as you move.  Move to the raised platform right in front of you and 
    clear it out.  Look to the right, and you'll see a concrete raised building, 
    along with a bunch of Japs scurrying about the area.  Move down that way 
    (your team might be there already), and weed them out.  Be careful though, 
    as a tank is sitting off around the corner of the building, so the best bet 
    would be to just run up to the side of it, that way, the tank can't target 
    you, and the machine gunners in the windows above you can't do anything 
    about it either.  Peek around the corner, and when the tanks turret swivels 
    away from you, rush out to it and plant a charge, then run back behind the 
    wall.  Now move out into the concrete building and proceed to clear it out, 
    there are a bunch of Japs stationed in there.  If you look outside to the 
    left, there is another tank, so do the same to it and go back into the 
    building, where your team will be waiting in the corner.  Head into there 
    first, and clear out the hospital they have there.  Head out the back and 
    take out the Jap sitting there, as well as the other one in the dead end.  
    You'll exit in a rubble pile with a couple of Japs there taking potshots, 
    nail them and make your way to the other side, taking out the couple of Japs 
    sitting in there.  Turn around and blast the punk who's on top of the 
    building you came from.  Huddle up with your squad inside and rally up.  
    After the talking, keep moving through the bunker/trench.  When you come to 
    the fork in the trenches, the enemies seem to be all on the left, so shoot 
    them, but take the right path, and take down the four or so Japs there.  
    Don't go all the way down, look left where the pair of Japs were as you 
    moved in and there's the exit, along with another arty piece.  Plant a 
    charge and move down the line where you'll run into another, and do it 
    again.  Take down the Japs who are trying to make it over the barbed wire.  
    Now move back into the bunker and follow it left where you'll run into a 
    roomful of Japs, take them down.  Move out into the exit area of the bunker, 
    make sure all your stuff is reloaded because there's going to be lots of 
    ruckus going on here.  Take down the Japs as they come wave after wave over 
    the barbed wire and from down yonder.  Take down the mini-pillbox gunner on 
    the right, try grenades, remember your training when you were trying to 
    throw one into a barrel?  Blow the arty piece to the left, as well as the 
    one further down, also on the left, then regroup with your team in the blown 
    out hut.  Okay, this is going to get hairy.  Move down and to the left, 
    towards the arty.  Get there and detonate it, it's the last one.  Now, move 
    towards the right hand side, keeping low to avoid being hit by the machine 
    guns, towards the Sherman tanks.  Using the blown out one for cover, make 
    your way down to the end of the trench (surviving a Jap ambush from the 
    right and machine gunners ahead of you), just move fast and get to the end 
    near the wall as fast as you can and you won't take alot of damage.  Kill 
    the Japs when the door opens and move inside.  Follow your team around and 
    you'll come back outside where a few Japs above you wait.  Kill them off and 
    move up to the "surface".  Before you do anything, call the Corpsman over, 
    no matter what your health (unless its 100....nert nert...) now make your 
    way over to the log walls and assemble with your squad at the base of the 
    hill.  Stay in cover, and then when the order is given, charge up the right 
    side of the hill and plant a demo charge on the vent, then run back down and 
    get back into cover (you'll get hit a few times in the process.) and as SOON 
    as the charge blows, run back up the hill and take up a defensive position 
    at the top of the hill you just ran up.  Be prepared, and don't worry, by 
    standing there, you won't take as many hits as you think.  Go all out on the 
    oncoming superwave of Japs.  You have your corpsman as well as plenty of 
    ammo, and there are a BLANKLOAD of Japs coming at you.  Just keep firing 
    until you hear music playing, now you know you're close, but it's not over 
    yet, so keep shooting.  Eventually, after a few minutes, you'll get a rally 
    up message.  Before you do, reload your weapons, and if there are any ammo 
    crates lying around, please take them now, because it's not over.  At the 
    next scene, fend off the charging Japs, remember, they never surrender, 
    crazy sons of bitches.  The charge isn't too strong and its disorganized, so 
    you should have no problem hacking them down.  When they're gone, move out 
    with your squad forward.  This is basically seek and destroy.  You'll see 
    where the muzzle flashes are coming from, so take down the Japs right there,  
    making sure they don't reach the machine gun on the right.  Now move forward 
    into the trenches, and take down the mini-pillbox gunner.  Just move  
    forward methodically killing as you go.  When you get to the end, make a 
    sharp left around the corner, where a couple of Japs are, take them down  
    and keep moving.  Let your teammates go through the underground area first, 
    DON'T follow just yet.  After they're all through, take a few steps in,  
    then back out, as a "dead" Jap has a live grenade and detonates himself, and 
    will surely take you with him if you're too close.  All you have to do for  
    now is follow your squadmates and kill the remaining Japs, it's not too 
    hard, and it's not like you can wander off somewhere.  After the tanks roll 
    in, use their fire to clear a hole in the defensive area.  Follow your 
    squadmates to the outer edge of the trench, then move all the way left down 
    the line, where you'll come across another huge ant hill, totally hit the 
    dirt behind the wall where your squadmates are (crouching sometimes isn't 
    enough, and you could be hit).  Your buddies will call in an air strike on 
    the ant hill.  Now here it comes, the last part of the game.  BANZAI!!!!  
    How quaint...just fend them off, it shouldn't be much of a problem, and as 
    soon as they're history, you've just beaten Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault!
    12 - Afterthought
    This was a superb game, and in some ways a new step forward in the MoH 
    series.  The theme for games nowadays is the squad, not the individual,  
    no more of this one-man wrecking crew, and squads = good.  I went through 
    this FAQ just doing what I do, meaning I necessarily didn't include  
    EVERYTHING in the body of it, for instance all of the hidden objectives and 
    hero moments.  If you're looking for those, they're a bit further down.  If  
    this finds it's way to Dave's site, there will be hell to pay.  This is my 
    afterthought....though not much of it making sense, on a fantastic game, I 
    can't wait for more.  The only gripe about this game that I have, and you 
    might agree, was the flying mission.  Anyway, I continue with the goodies.
    13 - Hidden Objectives and Hero Moments
    1.Hidden 1 - 50% accuracy at shooting range - Bootcamp 2, Starting
    2. Hidden 2 - 75% accuracy at shooting range - Bootcamp 2, Starting
    3. Hidden 3 - 100% accuracy at shooting range - Bootcamp 2, Starting
    4. Cap From Boot Camp - 100% accuracy at shooting range - Bootcamp 2, 
    1. Hidden 1 - Bring 3 wounded soldiers on pier to medic - Pearl Harbor, 
    2. Hidden 2 - Bring 4 wounded soldiers in ship to medic - Pearl Harbor, W. 
    Virginia Decks 3 and 2
    3. Burnt XO Cap - Bring ship XO to medic (break down door with the axe in 
    the hall just before the soldier has boxes fall on him) - Pearl Harbor, W.  
    Virginia Deck 2
    4. Hidden 3 - Shoot down 60 enemy planes - any time throughout Pearl Harbor
    1. Hood Emblem - Blow up transport truck with AA gun before troops unload - 
    Nightmoves, AA Gun
    2. Hidden 1 - Blow up radio tower before reinforcements are called - 
    Nightmoves, Radio Tower
    3. Hidden 2 - Find Japanese fleet movement documents in hut by sea plane - 
    Mandown 2, Starting
    4. Pilot Goggles - Rescue downed pilot - Mandown, Pilot Rescue
    5. Altimeter From Zero - shoot down the 2 attacking zeros with the BAR while 
    in the raft - Sitting Ducks, Return to Rafts
    1. Hidden 1 - Find intelligence map in hut in village - Henderson Field, 
    Beach Landing
    2. Cactus Air Force Patch - protect all 5 allied planes on the runway while 
    they're taking off - Henderson Field, Escort Pilots
    3. Hidden 2 - Take out enemy mortar positions with your own mortar at the 
    top of the ridge - Bloody Ridge, Second Ridge
    4. Hidden 3 - Find hidden documents on dead Japanese soldier after ambush - 
    Bloody Ridge, Jungle clearing
    5. Hidden 4 - Deliver ammo to machine gun crew straight down the hill from 
    the wounded ammo runner - Bloody Ridge 3, Starting
    6. Letter of Commendation - Bring the ammo runner to the medic station - 
    Bloody Ridge 3, Starting
    7. Hidden 5 - Sight Japanese patrol without being seen (keep watching the 
    riverbed with binoculars until all the Japanese are gone - takes a minute) -  
    Guadalcanal, Lunga River
    8. Japanese Canteen - Sneak over to the portable machine gun to the right of 
    the Japanese campfire - Guadalcanal, Lunga River
    9. Hidden 6 - Blow up supply cache in raised hut in 2nd camp area (look for 
    the open boxes with shells inside - must manually throw a satchel charge)  
    - Lunga River, River Camps
    10. Busted Padlock - Rescue POW's (follow the left path as you enter the 1st 
    village area after the 2 machine guns) - Kokumbona Village 2, Starting
    11. Hidden 7 - Destroy radio station in cave (cave is right after securing 
    the village, shoot the radio equipment inside to complete the objective) -  
    Village, Jungle Valley
    12. Hidden 8 - Destroy all of the trench MG towers (use either explosives or 
    red barrels) - Kokumbona Village 3, Starting (2 towers) and Village, Beach  
    (3 towers)
    13. Life Jacket Dye Marker - Save Frank from Japanese chase plane (the last 
    event before landing) - Flyboys, Autosave05
    1. Hidden 1 - Destroy Japanese gun emplacement with mortar (look to the 
    left) - Tarawa 2, Starting
    2. Large Meatball Flag - Kill Japanese AA crew before they shoot allied 
    plane (in a trench just to the left of the mortar cannon) - Tarawa 2, 
    3. Hidden 2 - Bomb torpedo bunker with explosives (to the right just after 
    destroying the gun emplacements) - Tarawa, Emplacements Destroyed.
    14 - Credits and Acknowledgements
    * JDogg5639 from the Gamespot forums for the list of hidden objectives and 
    hero moments
    * Don Fleming (El Greco) for the legal information section
    * F R, for the Flyboys engine problem.
    Lastly, if you have any questions or comments, or I f***ed up somewhere, 
    feel free to email me at the email listed at the top of the FAQ, and you'll 
    most likely get a quick response.
    * Moondogg

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