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"Torchlight 2 is polished like a 2013 Dodge Vyper"

The masters behind the Diablo series felt 120 people working on an ARPG was too much, so they departed to make other games like Torchlight 2.

What they've created is a super polished, fast Action Role Playing Game. If you remember your first time playing Diablo 2 or the LoD expansion, then get ready to feel good about spending only $20.

Sound: I mention the sound first, because it is on point. You hear every action you perform. This world feels anything but a linear grindfest that is currently being produced by other companies. Matt Uelmen brings his awesome musical talents to Torchlight 2. This guy was the one at Blizzard who made music for Starcraft and Diablo. The music in Torchlight 2 ranges from creepy, wet dungeon tracks to acoustic guitar to full orchestras. No other American RPG ever made can touch this soundtrack.

Story: Honestly, during my first playthrough, I haven't read the story. I always run to complete a game, then replay it for the story. But who really plays an RPG for the story? You're always just participating in the grind for better items so you can kill more stuff to grind more items. I know there is a beginning cut scene that is nice.

Gameplay: If you watch someone play Torchlight 2, it really feels like a faster, updated Diablo 2. This combat is fast and addicting. It doesn't feel like you are trying to do math equations for success at a build. Opening doors, chests, picking up items: is all very responsive. I've had no problems connecting to online games, except for on the release date. Also the game creators aren't going to play God and patch all the fun out of character builds. You paid for the game and the creators are letting you go mod crazy. Allowing mods will give new gameplay styles and increase the popularity of this sequel. There are a ton of boss fights. It feels rewarding to fight more than 8 bosses.

Graphics: The graphics are super polished. The mixture of weather effects such as wind, lighting, fog, and rain are nice. These effects even happen while in town. While running through dungeons, there are tons of colors for damage, enemies exploding, loot dropping, and skills. The game's color palette is very vibrant and alive. You won't find murky grays and browns in this game. This game really lights up. I guess you could compare the colors to Halo 3.

I've followed the Runic Games forum for about the last year of development. Everything the creators have promised us is here. They talked to fans openly about the game and were very human in their responses. That human quality really shows in this sequel. I'm planning on running through the game with all the characters. This is $20 well spent.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/01/12

Game Release: Torchlight II (US, 09/20/12)

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