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    FAQ/Walkthrough by oldschool312

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    The game titles each level based on the boss of that level. Also the boss of the level is introduced during each mission's opening cinematic. Add in the fact that most Spider-Man fans know who to expect to fight during a Spider-Man game, I've decided to name each level just as you find it in the game. If you find this to be a Spoiler then this guide will in fact divulge the primary villain of each level in the Table of Contents. In no way is any of the names listed in the Table of Contents a surprise enemy. Like I said once you start a level you will immediately know who the boss of that level is. Many will also be able to figure it out before starting a mission simply by looking at the character outline on the level select screen. This being said I though it was only appropriate to place a warning at the beginning of the guide to reduce the number of upset readers sending me e-mails about ruining the game for them. If knowing that you fight a goblin or Sandman in a Spider-Man game ruins the experience then thats unfortunate.


    Welcome to my Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions guide. In this document, you will hopefully find helpful information to get you through the game more easily. The guide is written based on the PS3 version but X-Box 360 users should find the guide useful as well. The level descriptions were created while playing on the Normal difficulty.

    Version History

    • Version 0.75
      • Submitted 9-27-2010
      • Walkthrough complete
      • Combat and Character upgrades listed
      • Web of Destiny just missing tips
      • Hidden Spiders list began
      • Bios formatted
      • Still need intro boxes for all levels
    • Version 0.85
      • Submitted 10-3-2010
      • Listed all of the Hidden Spiders
      • Completed Bios
      • Added more to Web of Destiny


    At the beginning of each level in this walkthrough you will find a box. This box contains the total number of Hidden Spiders and Spider Emblems that are able to be find. Also inside this box will be a list of the Web of Destiny Challenges that can be completed throughout the level. For instance many of the challenges listed will be find so many Spider Emblems or defeat a certain number of enemies. These challenges can only be completed by moving through the level. Some challenges though must be be completed at particular points in the level. These challenges will have their own specific box inside the text of the guide to alert you of their existance. So you will have a list of actions to complete while playing the level and be warned about the chance of missing a challenge at a specific point.


    Mysterio is stealing the Tablet of Order and Chaos but Spider-Man is there to thwart his evil plan. During the skirmish the tablet is broken. Madame Web appears after the Tablet is broken to exlplain its power and Spidey's goal.

    The first level is the customary tutorial. Follow Madame Web's instructions to become familiar with the controls. Move to the wall ahead and press X to double jump to the next ledge. Use Spidey's "stickum" ability to climb the side of the next wall. At the top, Madame Web augments Spider-Man's Spidey Sense to see through, walls, detect enemies, determine structural weaknesses in the environment etc. Press down on the d-pad to activate the ability. Spidey Sense indicates that the broken roof is structurally weak (did we really need a unique precognitive ability to determine that?). Press circle to use web pull to remove the broken piece of roof. Once the web is attached rapidly tap circle to displace the rubble. Inside is a tablet shard.

    We move on to another universe and Spider-Man is now in the black suit. Use R2 to web zip to the perch points. Now on the large platform jump off and hold R2 to web swing. While web-swinging pressing X will provide a speed boost while holding it will perform a jump. Swing across the gap to find the next tablet shard.

    The scene shifts to the future. The shard is just ahead at the end of the walkway. Spider-Man 2099 fears that a police force will impede his progress. He is right, of course. Public Eye does make an appearance so we can test out the combat mechanics. Square is for light attacks. Triangle performs strong attacks. Circle will allow you to grab your enemies. Complete each button sequence for Madame Web as the enemy exits the ship. Once all are defeated, Spider-Man 2099 has free reign to fight three members of Public Eye in any way you see fit. Once they are easily defeated a tablet shard is obtained and its on to another universe.

    The goal in this universe is to take the enemies by surprise. Stealth tactics are a priority. Press Circle to perform a stealth takedown when enemies are unaware of Spider-Man's presence and Spider-Man is close enough to the enemy's back. From Spidey's perch tap circle to web up the enemy below. In order to find the next tablet shard use Spidey-sense to locate it. Drop down and stealth attack the guard ahead. Three more enemies patrol the floor at the bottom of the stairs. The are easy to avoid and get behind. Use the central kiosk to get behind one. Then move to the guard on the right for another easy take down. The guard to the left of the stairs is trickier but not impossible. Simply climb the stairs and jump onto the perch above his head. This will allow Spidey to web him up. Drop below and walk down the corridor but be careful. The last guard is patrolling the area. Wait at the corner for him to turn his back then attack. Finally, use a web pull on the gate to get the piece of tablet.

    • Hidden Spiders: 8
    • Spider Emblems: 60
    • Web of Destiny:
      • Hit 10 hunters using sandstone jars (500)
      • Successfully Web Strike 10 hunters (500)
      • Perform 5 successful web swings without hitting the ground (1000)
      • Zip kick 5 gunners off their perches (1000)
      • Defeat 10 hunters (500)
      • Dodge 10 enemy's attacks using your defensive stance (500)
      • Defeat 30 Hunters (1500)
      • Collect 35 Spider Emblems (2000)
      • Find all the Hidden Spiders (5000)

    Amazing Spidey has a lock on the next tablet shard. Unfortunately, the piece of tablet was in the open for a reason. Kraven has set a trap that transports Spider-Man to a jungle. Web swing to the next platform and grab the spider icon. This type of token will restore health and provide Spider Essence. The Spider Essence is the currency used to upgrade characters. Swing by the waterfall and grab the icon on the left. Use web zip to land on the perches ahead and grab a couple more spider emblems. Swing across the gap at the next waterfall to find raven: Welcome to the Jungle.

    Web of Destiny

    Since you've now reached Kraven's hunting ground this challenge is complete

    After the short cinematic the gate opens and Spider-Man has completed the first in game challenge. Press select to view the other challenges as well as combat and character upgrades. Chase Kraven through the gate and web-swing/zip across the canyon. When Spidey lands back on solid ground, Kraven is waiting with a group of trainees. The battle is easily won but the important thing to note is the new ability Spidey learns. Pressing L2 places Spider-Man in a defensive stance that basically makes him impervious to standard enemy attacks. He will dodge and avoid melee attacks from the trainees as long as L2 is held. Use any combination of attacks to take out the weaklings after becoming familiar with the new ability. Swing ahead and look toward the right for two caves with enemies to practice your combat against. Move to the next wall to defeat a few more trainees then enter the fortress.

    A cinematic brings more enemies whose attacks are not automatically avoided by pressing L2. Now when a "tingle" appears above Spidey's head press L2 to roll out of the way. Alternatively if in a defensive stance already tap X to perform the same move. Avoid the attacks and defeat the three guards then exit the room. Kraven is across the gap. Swing over to him only for him to flee. On the next platform grab the gold spider emblem and press L2 + X to avoid the arrows. Move through the door to the left to begin the bullet dodging portion of the game. The first armed enemy is on the nearby perch. Press R2 to web zip kick him off the platform. Continue to web zip between the perches to defeat enemies. You will come to to "caves" along the way. The first one to the left will house two enemies. Hold L2 to avoid their bullets then while they reload attack. The second platform will be to the right as you approach Kraven. There are no guards but once you land be prepared for arrow attacks from the walls. Continue toward Kraven.

    Grab the gold spider emblem on the tree then jump to the next platform. Spidey will be attacked by a larger enemy. To offset his size Spidey learns a new ability the Web-Strike. Press circle to close the gap between Spider-Man and his target. Spidey will zip to the enemy kicking them at which point you can chain it to a combo. Defeat the large guy then take out the regular sized enemies that enter from the door to the left. Once they are disposed of the door straight ahead opens revealing an armed combatant. Press L2 to avoid the bullets then attack.

    Web of Destiny

    Defeat the following group of enemies to complete the Hunter's Prey Challenge.

    Move through the door to encounter Spidey's largest battle thus far. To the left on a ledge will be two guys with guns. You may want to head up there to get rid of them because they can be more annoying than dangerous. Move back to the ground and continue the fight. Utilize the maneuvers learned thus far to defeat the group. The key is to watch for the Spidey Sense to go off so you know when to dodge (L2). To complicate matters Kraven will occassionally toss a large spear at you while you try to defeat his trainees. This can easily be avoided using L2. Once the battle is done collect the emblems in the room and exit.

    As you leave do not run through the ropes in the next room. Doing so will create an explosion. Jump them or web zip to the next areas. At the top of the cliffs just before the stairs there will be a balcony to the right with a spider emblem. When you get it be prepared for darts to fire at Spidey. A cinematic shows Spider-Man swinging ahead only to have his web line sniped by Kraven.

    Web of Destiny

    In order to achieve the Sitting Duck Challenge, Spidey must dodge 10 shots from Kraven's Sniper

    The view now changes to the scope on Kraven's rifle. When a red circle appears in the center of the screen Spidey has been targeted and his Spidey Sense will alert him to dodge. Press L2 to avoid the sniper shot then continue to take out the nearby enemies. Once the enemies are defeated stand near the tree at the back. Dodge Kraven's shots until the tree is toppled then move forward. Continue to fight and dodge until you have crossed the last tree after the waterfalls. Defeat a couple enemies in the next area to reach the arena for a mini-boss fight.

    Web of Destiny

    Spider-Man can complete two challenges here: Heavy Fall for taking out a Goliath by performing a finishing grab and Kraven's Den by defeating Kraven

    The big guy with the skull club begins to lumber toward Spidey. Wait for him to approach then dodge his attempt at an overhead smash. While he is still recovering from the miss attack until spidey sense is activated then dodge. Stand back and let him approach again then repeat the process. When the beast is near defeat move to his location and press circle as indicated above his head. Two more large enemies enter the arena but Kraven makes short work of them because he wants a piece of Spider-Man. Kraven will frequenlty use a lunge attack. Stay back and tap L2 to avoid the strikes then counter with your own combo. Eventually, Kraven tires of the same attack and will cause spikes to rise from the floor. Quickly web zip to one of the perches surrouniding the arena. Locate Kraven then web zip-kick him from his platform. Continue until Kraven has a circle over his head. At this point move to him and press circle. When Kraven gets up there will be some close quarters combat. The camera shifts to first person view. Attacks and dodges are not performed only using the left and right analog sticks. Pull both sticks down to evade Kraven's attacks. Once you have a handle on evasion, Spidey learns to attack. Depending on the stick used and the direction it is used in Spidey will throw either a left or right hook, jab, or overhead punch. Mix up the attacks to keep Kraven off balance and be sure to evade when necessary. The last punch will go firmly into his gut. Next the battle will continue much as it began but this time Kraven will toss his blades a Spidey from time to time. The last phase will be another boxing match that will end in Kraven being knocked from the arena.

    Pursue Kraven into the next fortress. He unleashes the power of the tablet shard and is now more powerful. With his new found power he decides to toy with Spider-Man (that is afterall every villain's plan). Move to the button ahead (just follow the water) below Kraven and activate it by pressing circle. Web zip up to Kraven's location and find the next button. The buttons are usually protected by a few enemies. They do not have to be defeated but it makes it easier to activate the platform. Continue to activate the buttons until Spidey reaches the very top of the fortress. There are five buttons in all.

    Web of Destiny

    Be sure that 10 pillars are destroyed before finishing the fight so you can complete the Pillars of Strength Challenge

    The final battle against Kraven is at the top. This fight is much like the one in the arena only Kraven is quicker and unhittable without dodging his attack first. Wait for Kraven to begin his charge then evade and counter. He will then begin to jump into the surrounding columns. Wait for the column he is standing on to be active for a web-zip then zip at him to attack. While he is on the columns though be cautious of the blades he throws. The battle continues with evades and counters until Kraven's health is mostly gone. At this time he will jump high onto a platform. Hold X to web jump to him and a cinematic will complete the mission. The first HUNT is over. The rest of the HUNT resumes. Happy HUNTing oh great HUNTer of ancient artifacts.

    • Hidden Spiders: 8
    • Spider Emblems: 30
    • Level Challenges:
      • Perform 5 takedowns while perched above guards (1500)
      • Perform 3 takedowns while you are crawling on walls (1500)
      • Standing safely back, perform 3 takedowns while on the same level as your target (1500)
      • Perform 10 takedowns (1000)
      • Perform 3 takedowns while sneaking within arm's reach of the target (1500)
      • Takedown 5 guards in a row without raising the alarm (3000)
      • Perform 4 different types of takedown (2000)
      • Perform 20 takedowns (2000)
      • Collect 20 Spider Emblems (2000)
      • Find all of the Hidden Spiders (5000)

    The goal is to follow Hammerhead. As long as Spidey stays in the shadows he will not be seen. First move to the right and stealth web the enemy below. If you wait for Hammerhead to finish talking he will take a couple enemies with him as he heads toward the trainyard exit. When he does follow him taking out the enemy standing below near the tracks. A third takedown can easily be performed near the crates to the right of the train. At no point has Spidey needed to touch the ground yet. Hammerhead and his men stop at the gate past the end on the train. Staying above ground web zip to near their location to activate a cinematic. They open the gates and bring out a trainyard worker for insurance. From the lamp post you can easily web the enemy below standing next to the worker. Just be sure that you are not in the light or that the other enemy is looking in your direction. If Spidey is seen swing away and let the alert expire then resume the stealth mission. With the guy closest to the worker out of the picture web zip to above the final thugs location and incapacitate him. Now drop to the ground and secure the worker. He will open the gate to the next area.

    Hammerhead is moving forward but will leave three thugs behind. One will be to the immediate right of the train. Take him out from the shadows at ground level. The next guard is patrolling the upper region of the area to the left of the train. He is the next target. Once he is gone Hammerhead should definitely have moved on by now leaving one goon at the upper right of the train. Dispatch of him then release the civilian.

    With the next gate open move continue to follow Hammerhead. The next worker is to the right. One enemy will be stationary near him while a second will patrol near him. Move to the wall on the right and climb to the area over the entrance to the worker. Wait for the patrolling goon to be visible then web him up. Stay on the wall and crawl to the ceiling of the area above where the worker is being held. Move behind the stationary guard and web him up. While at ground level carefully move to the final moving thug and take him out. Release the worker to open the next gate. Avoid the moving spotlight and enter the next area. Take out the single enemy here either from the lamp post or ground level behind him. Go up the ramp and climb the wall to the open window above the door.

    Spidey is now directly over Hammerhead and his crew. Move forward and wait for the talking to stop. Grap a couple of emblems then use web pull on the wall to the left of the console with the faulty wiring. Through the vent Spidey will find seven enemies patrolling the area. As long as you stay in the shadows on and above the highest walkway there should be no problem taking out each guard. They patrol in a predictable pattern that will cause each one to be isolated. When they are all unconscious another thug busts the door open, sees no one on patrol then runs.

    Move through the door he opens to locate Hammerhead. He was waiting for you and has a surprise, a turret with an attached light. Take cover behind the nearby wall to the left. When safe move to a column at the central structure that surrounds Hammerhead. You can try to move around the columns avoiding the spotlights and Hammerhead's light or simply climb to the top and circle the boss from above. When you are behind him drop below and press circle to attack. Three attacks and Hammerhead flees.

    In the next rooom, wait for the thus to disperse then take them out one by one. Once all three are defeated crawl along the wall to the next two thugs and take them out individually after they finish talking. Go up the stairs and down the next corridor to a checkpoint. The trainyard is heavily guarded by thugs. The thugs also have 5 civilians held captive inside railroad cars. Staying in the shadows eliminate the surrounding goons first. Once the enemies are gone find each civilian using Spidey-Sense. Open the cages using web pull and carry the hostages to one of two safe zones (also found with Spidey Sense).

    A cinematic has Hammerhead inviting Spider-Man to a one on one fight for the tablet fragment. Spidey accepts the invite only to have the lights turned on and several guns pointed right at him. Thugs will drop to the train tracks. Fight them using the combos available while also watching to avoid any oncoming trains. Once two waves of goons are dispatched with, a giant hammer wielding enemy appears. While close to him wait for him to begin his spin hammer slam and dodge. This miss momentarily stuns the giant allowing Spidey to attack. Repeat the dodge and attack sequence until a circle appears over the enemy's head. Move in close and tap circle to finish him off.

    Head towards the silo where Hammerhead ran to. While approaching there will be a strong flash of light. Hammerhead has used the fragment to gain power just as Kraven tried. The results are very visible as the guns he was using are now attached to the ends of his arms. Do not even try to get near Hammerhead during the fight. It will do absolutely no good. Instead stay hidden behind the broken walls and one of the three engines around the battlefield. When possible, exit cover and use circle to grab some debris/barrel and toss it at Hammerhead. If you hit him he will fire some explosive rounds. Try to move behind one of the engines so he will hit and destroy it. The are becomes encased in dust/smoke/steam to the point that visibility is highly impaired. If Spider-Man stays at ground level his health will completely deplete. Instead web zip to the broken beams above and move behind Hammerhead. Once in position use circle for a Stealth takedown. Hammerhead will recover so Spidey needs to move to cover. Repeat the process for each of the engines. When the last engine goes boom and Spidey attacks Hammerhead, the goal changes. Hammerhead will fire explosive rounds regularly along with his original bullets. Spidey needs to avoid the gun fire and toss some debris at Hammerhead. This should entice him to lower his head and charge. Dodge the bull rush and if/when he runs into the wall approach him to enter first person perspective. Using the left and right analog sticks punch Hammerhead repeatedly (dodging his attacks by pulling them simultaneously down) until he submits.

    • Hidden Spiders: 8
    • Spider Emblems: 40
    • Level Challenges:
      • Punch Hobgoblin 25 times during freefall (2500)
      • Defeat 5 enemies while in Accelerated Vision (1500)
      • Hit 5 enemies with Hobgoblin bombs (1500)
      • Defeat 30 Public Eye Patrol Officers (1500)
      • Divert 3 missiles into Public Eye Patrol Officers (3000)
      • Collect 25 Spider Emblems
      • Collect all Hidden Spiders (5000)
    Web of Destiny

    This level starts with a boss fight. Be sure smash Hobgoblin into things 5 times before hitting bottom.

    This level not only starts out with an appearance from the boss but a battle as well. After the opening cinematic Spider-Man 2099 is in a free fall right behind Hobgoblin. Press X to dash toward the enemy and when close enough press Circle to grab him. Once you have Hobgoblin in your hands punch with Square. Repeat the process avoiding debris as you fall. At the bottom, Hobgoblin will fly just off the edge of the platform and throw pumpkin bombs at Spidey. Use circle to grab the bombs with webbing after they are thrown. This also returns the explosives to their point of origin damaging the enemy. After he is hit a couple of times Hobgoblin will crash onto the platform. Move to his location and punch away. Eventually, he learns a couple new tricks. The first is to throw two bombs right after each other. Return the first and try to avoid the second. The other trick is a dash move that can be dodged with L2 + X. Once the charge misses Hobgoblin will be on the ground emitting energy pulses. Jump them and move in for the attack. When Hobgoblin has received enough damage a Circle icon will appear over his head. Use the button to finish this portion of the fight.

    Hobgoblin races away. Pursue him be web-swinging through traffic until you reach the next platform. Here, Hobgoblin sets Spider-Man up as an accomplice so Public Eye will try to apprehend the wall crawler. Defeat the guards and move into the building.

    Web of Destiny

    Hit the Public Eye officers with benches to complete a challenge

    Spidey will face a few more of the Public Eye guards but they are nothing to worry about.

    Web of Destiny

    Web strike the jet bikes on the way to the next platform to complete Air Traffic Control

    At the end of the hall the window will be broken revealing a couple Public Eye Jet Bikes. Spidey can bust them up with his fists or debris before or after he swings through traffic.

    On the next platform, Spidey encounters a missile launching Public Eye guard. We also learn a new ability. Spider-Man 2099 has Accelerated Vision. By press L1 Spidey can basically slow time to assist his offense and defense in battle. Defeat the guy with the launcher then his friends that come to help. Hobgoblin will rear his ugly face again. This time stay on the platform and return his bombs. Be careful though because the platform also is flooded with a few enemies that will try to stop Spidey from toss the bombs back at Hobby. When Hobgoblin's health is depleted he throws a couple bombs destroying the elevator and escapes. Climb up the elevator shaft on the small glass path that is available. At the top web-zip to the door way.

    Inside Spidey will find a few guards to defeat. Move into the hall and swing across the gap in chase of Hobgoblin. Clear a few more guards in the next room and a cinematic will trigger. Hobgoblin jump from the edge of the building and Spider-Man follows. Again press X to dash toward Hobgoblin and circle to grab him. Once you have a hold of the enemy you can punch or smash him into the environment. Utilizing the Accelerated Vision can help you avoid damage while in pursuit. At the bottom more Public Eye guards appear. Take out the guards while trying to avoid the bombs being tossed by Hobgoblin. Be sure to activate Accelerated Vision to slow things down providing Spidey with an advantage even though he is vastly outnumbered. There are several spider emblems around the platform for health rejuvination. Once Public Eye is gone focus on returning any tossed bombs back at Hobgoblin. His health will deplete and he runs again.

    Swing over and enter the next corridor. A few Public Eye members will try to provide some resistance. Fight through to the exit and swing across toward Hobgoblin. Jump onto the top of the elevator and ride it up to the final fight.

    Hobgoblin activates the central device creating clones of himself. Use Web Strike to close the distance and defeat the gargoyles. When they are gone Hobgoblin attacks much as he has the entire level. This time he will stay at a greater distance and will fly over head dropping numerous bombs. Just evade his path to avoid damage. He also has a long distance energy wave attack that can be evaded as well. The key to his defeat is to watch for the times he throws bombs individually. Grab one and toss it back at him with Spidey's webbing. If you hit, Hobgoblin is knocked out of the air and is susceptible to combos. Be ready to move though because after a few punches Hobgoblin will attack with a force push that can damage Spidey. When the spidey sense activates evade the attack. The boss will eventually return to the central structure to create more gargoyles and heal. The faster Spidey destroys the demons the quicker we can defeat Hobgoblin. The pattern repeats until the battle ends. At the end there is another first person sequence in which the analog sticks are used to punch and dodge. Finish off Hobgoblin to retrieve the tablet fragment.

    • Hidden Spiders: 8
    • Spider Emblems: 70
    • Level Challenges:
      • Zip kick 20 perched electric creatures (1500)
      • Use green electric creatures to defeat 10 other creatures (3000)
      • Use Rage Mode to dispatch a total of 50 Electric Creatures (2000)
      • Disrupt 3 overcharge attacks from purple electric creatures by throwing objects at them (1000)
      • Land 25 consecutive hits on Electric Creatures in a single Rage Mode (3000)
      • Collect 40 Spider Emblems (2000)
      • Find all the Hidden Spiders (5000)

    Walk toward Electro, after he impresses Spider-Man the fight begins. Electro will create several electric clones. Web-strike them until they are gone. The last set will use the power poles for transportation/hiding. Web zip to them to gain victory. Once all of the clones are defeated the force field on the tunnel dissipates. Enter the tunnel and move through to the door on the other end. Once it opens a short cinematic shows Electo destroying the water pump. Four civilians are trapped and will meet their demise if Spider-Man doesn't do something. Swing to the civilians and grab hold of each one. Once you have a civilian swing to the end of the corridor to the safe zone. The worker will then man a valve in an attempt to slow the influx of electrified water. If Spidey or the civilians hit the water its retry from checkpoint. Once all four civilians are safe the next door opens.

    The ramp leads to the next phase of the fight against Electro. There are no tricks to hitting him just move in and attack. He is quick but you should be able to get in some offense before he does. He will likely try to knock you back with a radial attack. Then he will move to the center of the battle arena and using the electrodes in the room electrify the floor. Just before the floor becomes electric jump into the air and hold X to perform a web jump. This will give you more air time and avoid damage from the floor. Electro can then move to the top of one of the electrodes. Web zip to his location to knock him away. He can also attack with bolts of dodgeable electricity from the air. At times when he is on the ground he will expel a continuous beam of electricity and rotate. This beam can be leaped if timed right. Continue to attack Electro in between avoiding his attacks to deplete his health. Once its gone he vows to gain more power.

    Move toward Electro and defeat the two minions he creates before entering the next room. In this room a timer will appear and Electro creates a small army of red electric creatures. Defeat this group of enemies and proceed outside. Follow Electro and he will create more minions. The red ones we've already encountered. The green ones are new. They will shoot a continuous beam of energy in an attempt to destroy Spidey. A good technique to defeat them with minimal damage is to web-strike them one after another. At the end of the path Spidey will face a large purple electrified creature. Use the barrels and barracades in the environment to throw at him to gain victory.

    Move foward and Spidey recieves his next ability. This one is specific to Ultimate Spider-Man and is called Rage. Using rage Spidey can make short work of the two large enemies and the many red creatures that appear. Next we have to traverse some electric lines. Electro will try to harm Spidey by infusing red energy into the lines. When you see the line ahead turning red Web-Zip to an alternate line. At the end of the line be ready to face a trio of green creatures and an individual purple one. You can actually lead the purple one into the lasers of the green ones to help defeat the tougher of the enemies. Using a quick rage mode after defeating the green creatures will help make short work of the purple one. Continue after Electro and defeat the red creatures he creates. Next a duo of blue minions will fire electric bolts from a distance. Either web zip to the pipes on the side of the wall or swing over to them to attack. The next area houses the next phase of the fight against Electro.

    Electro will create a force field around himself. While this force field is up he is impervious to damage. Wait for the shield to disappear then strike. At the end of your attack Electro recovers and will perform a ground pound that Spidey should try to avoid. He will also dart around the area near the ends of the generators and create waves of electricity. Avoid these waves and try to keep track of where Electro is located because after the last wave he is usually susceptible to attacks. Once he feels he is in danger, Electro will hover above the generators and try to draw power from them increasing the health Spidey has worked so hard to deplete. Simultaneously, numerous blue and green creatures will appear on the generators. First try to hit Electro to prevent him from recharging too much then web zip to the creatures to defeat them. An important advantage Spidey has is the rage meter. Use it wisely. The best time to activate it is when near a downed Electro. As he recovers turn rage off so you do not waste it.

    Electro flees again. Follow him destroying his red creatures as he creates them. Once Spidey is back outside another timer appears. Defeat the red creatures again then swing over to the next platform and defeat some blue perched enemies as well as more red creatures. Now move up the ramp avoiding the two vehicles. This is the biggest fight for Black Suit Spidey yet. There will be a variety of all the enemies he has faced so far. The most annoying will be the multitude of green creatures perched above. First thin the crowd by using the green lasers against the ground enemies. Then move to the perches and take out some green creatures. Alternate between ground and air enemies until all are gone. Again the rage attack will help eliminate the ground enemies quite quickly. Move through the now open gate and listen to the warnings from Madame Web before facing Electro once more.

    Web zip to the walkway on the upper left. Wait for the pink electric field to disappear then save the civilian. Swing him down to the console and protect his back as he shuts off some of the electricity. Swing forward to find the next two civilians. One is on a platform to the left the second will be at ground level on the right. Return both to the consoles they require then protect their backs. Grab the final two civilians and place them near the door at the end of the hall. Protect their backs until they have the door opened.

    Electro has grown since our last encounter. He will attack with a strong sweeping continuous electric beam from his hand. Double jump to avoid the attack. He will then place his hand on the edge of the dam. Move to his hand and press circle to web it up. When he frees himself it creates damage to the dam. Avoid his attacks and repeat for the second hand. Next Electro turns his back to recharge. Doing so creates a tornado of debris. Web-zip onto some debris to reach the other side. Now face to face with Electro again. Evade his punches then defeat the minions he creates on either side of the dam. The area Spidey has to maneuver is diminished but we still have to evade Electro's punches. Once he is done punching defeat the green and purple creatures he creates. Evade another punch and wait for a Circle to appear over Electro's head. Once you hit circle rapidly tap the button to end the menace.

    • Hidden Spiders: 8
    • Spider Emblems: 65
    • Level Challenges:
      • Throw 25 water barrels at enemies (1500)
      • Use 10 water valves to turn sand creatures into mud (3000)
      • Tip 3 water towers on Sandman (3000)
      • Defeat 5 Sand Golems (2500)
      • Stay airborne for 30 seconds by web zipping on objects hurled by Sandman's tornado (3000)
      • Defeat 25 Sand Creatures
      • Web-Zip on 50 moving objects (2000)
      • Collect 40 Spider Emblems (2500)
      • Find all the Hidden Spiders (5000)

    A large sand storm is right in front of Spider-Man. Web zip to the posts ahead. At the last post Spidey appears to be stuck. He is not. Use the debris being thrown about to web zip to the platform. On the right side there is a water tank. Move to the platform below the tank and web pull the trough to empty water onto the storm. Sandman, of course, was the source. After he appears he attacks and a cinematic explains his intentions. Once the cinematic ends the fight begins. Sandman will only receive damage after being doused with water. If you try to hit Sandman while he is dry you will fail miserably. You can tell Sandman is wet by his change in color. After being hit by water Sandman will be a darker brown. In order to get him this way move around the battle field and hit the valves to release a steady regular stream of water. While Sandman is avoiding the pipes, Spidey can lift and web toss the water field barrels. Once Sandman has been hit by water move quickly to his location and attack. Be ready to mix in some evasive moves as well. Sandman can attack from a distance with a steady sand blast and by reaching into the ground and forming a large hand that will hit/ grab Spidey. When in close, Sandman will punch and counter with sand spikes. Using L2 and X will help keep Spidey kicking. Remember the key to victory is dousing Sandman, move in for a quick combo, and avoid the inevitable counter. If you run low on health there is a golden Spider emblem on a high nearby platform.

    Enter the building and be prepared to fight some of Sandman's minions. Like Sandman these enemies must be hit with water before they can be destroyed. Use the barrels and valves to add some moisture then attack. Once cleared exit only to find the sand storm has returned. The storm is destroying the platforms around the level. Use the debris as well as any remaining poles to move around the storm to the giant water tank. At a couple places where Spidey may land on a large platform he will be attacked by Sandman's minions. Simply douse them then attack. When you arrive on the platform with the giant water tower, defeat the large sand creature then press and tap circle to destroy the tower releasing the water to stop the storm. Sandman runs off and Spidey auto chases.

    Inside the spooky mine swing ahead and defeat the sand creatures that appear in front of the door blocked by the wall of sand. When the wall disappears or the creatures are defeated exit. Sandman forms again only to threaten Spidey with death. As soon as the fight begins large crates of water barrels are dropped on the platform between Spidey and Sandman. Wait for Sandman to strike then evade the hand that is crashing down. If Sandman destroys the water barrels his arm will now be darker in color and vulnerable to Spidey's attacks. Hit the arm repeatedly watching for Sandman's counter with the other arm. Once his health depletes he will change strategy. Sandman will now spit sand balls at Spidey. At this time there will be no crates of barrels to destroy. Instead, water barrels are brought in on the sides of the battle field. Avoid the sand spit and use Spidey's webbing to pick up and toss a barrel at Sandman. Once it hits Sandman's head will come crashing down to the platform in a perfect position to attack.

    Follow the sand storm into the next room. Pull out the water valves and when you jump to the top be ready to face a couple of sand creatures. Defeat them then move into the hall. Spidey finds himself back outside looking directly at another sand tornado. Use the debris created by the extreme wind to web zip around the storm to the stable platforms. On two platforms Spidey will have to face some sand creatures before reaching the final destination with the water tower. Once at the water tower defeat the sand creatures (focus on the little guys first) then topple the tower. Use the same web zip technique to reach the second water tower. This tower is guarded by numerous sand creatures as well. Defeat them then pull the tower down only to have Sandman retreat into the mines again.

    Defeat the duo of sand creatures, then move through the now gone sand door to exit. Spidey uses his master detective skills to figure out which way Sandman went. Swing over to the trapped worker and defeat the three sand creatures. Grab the civilian and swing back to the large drill. Once the worker starts the drill two large sand creatures will appear and attempt to destroy the machine. Spidey must defeat both before the drill's health meter is depleted. Move through the opening created by the drill. Once you grab the gold spider emblem be ready to web swing forward quickly. Sandman will create a large wave of sand that floods the mine. Continue swinging forward until the cinematic has Spidey exiting the mine.

    Sandman now engulfs Spidey inside the sand tornado. There is a central platform surrounded by several platforms around the tornado wall. Also rotating within the tornado is lots of debris. Spider-Man's only hope is to use his webbing to toss a water barrell at Sandman's face. This will immobilize the villain allowing Spidey to web zip to the platfrom where Sandman is frozen and attack. Once Sandman returns to his normal sandy color web zip away immediately. In fact once you initially leave the cental platform Spidey never really has to return. It is possible to web zip around using the debris and still be able to toss water barrels at the boss. Continue to douse then attack Sandman until he is dust in the wind.

    • Hidden Spiders: 8
    • Spider Emblems: 40
    • Level Challenges:
      • Swing 5 times in a row without touching the ground or being spotted (1000)
      • Takedown 7 guards in a row without raising the alarm (7500)
      • Silently slam 5 guards against a wall while standing on the ground (2500)
      • Perform 30 takedowns (1500)
      • Hit 5 enemies with charge attacks (4000)
      • Collect 25 Spider Emblems (2500)
      • Find all the Hidden Spiders (5000)

    Move to the wall on the right. Stay on this wall moving foward. Each time you come to an enemy pause and move into position to incapacitate them using stealth. A doorway will practically prevent further progress on the wall so drop down to move through the opening. Get back onto the wall and move forward. You will hear Vulture and his thugs around the corner. Once Vulture runs Spidey can begin picking off the goons one by one again. The key to success is staying away from the lit windows and watching for moving spotlights. Stick to the shadows on the walls and there should be no problem. Drop to the ground and enter Club Creole.

    Inside Spidey will find a trio of thugs and one large guy wielding a large hammer. Take out the normal sized thugs first because they will be the easiest. The hammer can be defeated by throwing crates at him and/or by dodging his hammer smash then attacking as he recovers. A combination of both strategies is usually the best route. A few more thugs carrying bats enter the bar. Take them out fairly easily and wait for Vulture to create an exit.

    The next alley is filled with armed thugs and lots of light. The goal is to wall crawl on the wall to the other side. As long as Spidey avoids the light he should make it fairly easily. Patience is important. The camera angle restricts forward visibility so be careful not to run into an armed goon. If Spidey does happen to be seen continue to move forward as quickly as possible. Making it to the end will save Spidey by triggering a cinematic. Once back in control of Spidey be prepared for a knock down drag out fight. Spidey will face off against numerous enemies. Remember the defensive stance will help to avoid damage. Be sure to counter attack with your own combos. Once the first wave is gone a second smaller wave will enter from a side building. When all is quite Spidey enters the warehouse.

    Inside the warehouse Spidey will face Vulture for the first time. During this fight Vulture is a very predictable adversary. When it looks like he reaches across his body to his side he is acquiring a set of blades to toss at Spidey. Jump to avoid being hit then while in the air web strike Vulture. Upon connecting with Vulture's face evade away from him to avoid his counter. Vulture's next primary attack will be a jumping smash that Spidey can evade. Follow the evade with a combo to weaken the boss. After his health meter begins to seriously deplete. Vulture will move into the rafters of the warehouse. Web zip up to the side of the room he is on and shine the spotlight on Vulture. Repeat the process of evade, attack, spotlight until victory is obtained.

    The fight leads the combatants to a railroad track. Once Spidey is up swing forward to avoid the train. When you see the Daily Bugle billboard look for a ledge to the left to zip to. This is the path you need to find to continue the level. Stick to the shadows and zip to the Purita Hotel. Swing through the alley behind the hotel to the next set of rooftops. Spidey will come across the Vulture again. This time he tries to slow Spidey down by having his thugs take hostages. Jump to the building with the hostages and move to the left of the raised platform. While at "ground level" wait for the patrolling thug to turn his back then take him out. Move to the back of the raised area and go up the stairs. From a distance use a web takedown on the guy next to the hostage. Pick him up and place him in the safe zone. Once this hostage is safe focus on taking out the guard patrolling this side of the raised platform.

    Web zip to the roof to the right. There are three thugs guarding one hostage again. One patrols in a circle while the other two stand against the wall on either side of the hostage. Climb the wall in the darkness and make your way to the area above the thugs. Use web takedowns to eliminate the two on either side of the hostage. Be sure to do so while the patrolling thug is away though. Now simply wait for a good time to incapacitate the last guard. Once he is out pick up the hostage and swing them to safety. Spidey can now move to the rooftop that is behind the one where the first hostage was located. This roof will house four thugs in a smaller area. They are all patrolling and can easily be taken out in a counter clockwise fashion. By that I mean once you take out one move around the roof defeating thugs counter clockwise. Finally move to the roof on the left. Here we have three goons on patrol. If you start at the corner closest to the starting piont Spidey will be out of the light and be able to eliminate two thugs quickly and quietly. The final enemy located in the back left corner Spidey will simply have to wait for him to turn around rush to his location and perform a web takedown. Move the final hostage to a safe zone.

    Once the last innocent is freed, Spidey will find Vulture for himself. Unfortunately, Vulture is waiting with numerous thugs. Defeat them using combos and evading their bombs. Now that they are gone two hammer wielding giant enemies appear. There are more than enough boxes around to weaken them from a distance. If you run out of boxes move in close evade the hammer smash then attack. Once a circle appears over their head get close and press the button to finish them off.

    Spidey now enters a building where a fire will be set. There are multiple problems Spidey has to deal with: Vulture is throwing Molotov cocktails, civilians are inside the building, there is fire everywhere, and the building's integrity is diminishing. Use Spidey sense to locate the civilians. Once one is found move to them and pick them up. The safe zone will be a fire escape located on the floor the civilian is trapped on. There are three people to save. In order to reach the higher floors Spidey must find openings in the ceiling of his current floor to web zip through. Even though Vulture is tossing his special brand of cocktails pay little attention to him. The key is avoiding fire damage and saving the civilians before the buiding collapses. Reach the top an a short cinematic has Spidey locating Vulture and exiting to the next building.

    Run down the hall and stop at the corner. Around the corner will be three guards. Climb up the wall and watch their movements from the darkness. Take each one out individually when the others can not see. Drop to the floor and move into the next room. Take out the first guy you see then web zip to the pipes near the ceiling. Look to the left and watch the guy patrolling the walkway. When he turns his back web zip to the walkway and take him out. Now web zip to the pipe along the far wall on the right. Ignore one guard and move to the front corner of the room. A thug will walk right under you for a easy stealth takedown. This section is now clear except for the one guy we ignored. With everyone at ground level gone Spidey can safely jump into the shadows below and wait or the right time to attack. Return to the pipes and look for the guard on the platform at the extreme front of the room. When he turns his back eliminate him. Another goon is walking directly below this platform. Wait for his back to be turned then enter the shadows at ground level. Take him out and another guard will enter the room, wonder what happened then run away.

    Move through the door the thug opened and walk down the hall. Vulture provides some exposition as you progress to the door at the end of the corridor. Vulture is on the other side and attacks as soon as you walk in. The battle will start with a first person perspective fight. Pull the left and right sticks down to dodge his bites. If effective Spidey will free his arms and can punch. The bite dodge punch sequence will repeat a couple times then the camera returns to third person perspective. Vulture is quick his primary attacks will be a Molotov cocktail and a dash. Each can be evaded. When he throws the cocktail simply dodge out of the way. He telegraphs the dash/slam attack by saying "See you later", at which point he disappears and will come crashing into Spidey. Use the crates around the area to toss at Vulture for some ranged damage. For more offense use web strikes but be careful. As soon as Vulture is hit with a web strike he will recover and perform a radial attack so Spidey will want to hit and run (or dodge). The best time to get in a good combo is after dodging his dash/slam move. Once he misses this attack, Vulture will be susceptible to a four or five hit combo. Again though watch for an appropriate time to evade because Spidey's attacks will be countered. Late in the fight Vulture will spend more time in the rafters and begin to toss blades as well. Dodge the blades and persue him into the rafters. When possible you can use the spotlights to blast some light in his eyes. When Vulture's health is very low the fight returns to first person perspective. Avoid his bites and counter with punches until the Vulture is defeated.

    • Hidden Spiders: 8
    • Spider Emblems: 80
    • Level Challenges:
      • Defeat a shielded Public Eye Patrol Officer (2500)
      • Hit 5 Public Eye Patrol officers with acid eggs (1500)
      • Divert 5 missiles into any Heavy S.I.E.G.E Soldier (5000)
      • Defeat 30 Scorpion creatures (3000)
      • Blow up 50 eggs (2500)
      • Defeat 10 enemies while in Accelerated Vision (2000)
      • Melt 10 wall fans using acid eggs (6000)
      • Collect 45 Spider Emblems (2500)
      • Find all Hidden Spiders (5000)

    A large Public Eye bot is standing between Spider-Man and the door. Defeat him by tossing crates and benches at him. A circle will appear over the enemy's head. This is the time Spidey can finish him off. Once the first enemy is defeated several more "normal" sized Public Eye officers will appear behind Spidey. Fight through them and the gate will open. Inside a short cinematic shows some guards being harmed by what appears to be scorpion eggs. This alerts a shield enemy to enter from the other side of the hall. Activate accelerated vision and move behind the shielded enemy to attack. Once he is defeated another shield carrying Public Eye member and two taser carrying guards enter. Defeat the taser guys first then use accelerated vision on the shield wielder. More Scorpion eggs appear. Using Spidey's webs pick up an egg and throw it into the door. An opening will be melted into it.

    Scorpion runs again. As he does the cinematic also reveals mini-scorpions hatching from the eggs and chasing scientists into sealed rooms. Spidey believes that the scientists may be able to help his chase of Scorpion. The are is swarming with Scorpion's minions and Public Eye. Do not discriminate and fight both when they are in your way. The scientists are trapped on level 3 and 4. Use spidey sense to locate them. They are trapped behind doors that can only be opened by tossing an egg into it. Once the door is opened swing to the scientist and pick him up. Now Spidey must return him to the safe zone near the door controls. When both scientists are in place Spider-Man must protect them from an onslaught of creatures while they attempt to open the gate.

    Move into the next hall and swing over the green acid on the floor. Defeat the two enemies at the end of the corridor only to have two more exit from a side room. Once they are all dispatched, throw an egg at the door to create an opening. Scorpion is on the other side. He will charge and attack with his tail. Dodge the spin attacks and the over head smash. Once his tail is stuck in the ground activate accelerated vision then attack. With his depleted health Scorpion will jump high onto the wall and fire a stream of acid from his tail. Avoid being hit and take note that when the acid hits the gound eggs are left in its place. Grab an egg and toss it at Scorpion to knock him from his perch. When he hits the ground run over to him and tap circle for more damage. Repeat the process as many times as it takes to defeat Scorpion.

    Spidey ends up in a room with some Public Eye officers. Defeat the guards and exit the room. The Scorpion creatures are harassing some innocent civilians. Do not worry about fighting the creatures instead activate acclerated vision and swing to each of the seven civilians. Once you found a civlian pick them up and swing to the platform on the right side of the area. This is the safe zone. Utilize Spidey sense to locate each of the civilians quickly. Save them all before the new meter at the bottom of the screen is empty to continue.

    Swing after Scorpion only to find a giant battle pitting the creatures versus Public Eye. Focus on defeating the large Public Eye guys and then take out the shielded officers. Once they are defeated the door disintegrates. Inside the next room you will see Scorpion inside and elevator. He leaves and provides Spidey with more creatures to defeat. Take them all down then web zip to the roof of the elevator. At the top is another huge fight. The focus should be on defeating the Public Eye members while working around the creatures. Once enough are defeated Scorpion makes his move and the floor gives way. As Spidey is falling avoid any debris that make try to harm him.

    At the bottom we find Scorpion's hideout. During the initial phase of the battle Scorpion will be perched high. He will leap into the air and attempt to come smashing down on Spider-Man. When you see a yellow ring form around you evade away. Once Scorpion hits move to him and activated acclerated vision. Spidey should be able to easily get in at least a 10 hit combo. Dodge away from Scorpoin and he will scream and create a group of his creatures. Attack and avoid them as necessary paying special attention for the yellow ring that lets you know Scorpion's next attack is imminent. Once his health depletes Scorpion will unleash a yellow mist that fills the lower area and will damage Spider-Man. Web zip up to the next level and avoid/counter as before. Scorpion will then leap the structure hanging in the center of the room. When he does this be prepared to run to avoid his tail shooting acid. Once it shoots the third spray that misses, stop and grab an egg to throw at Scorpion. When you connect he crashes to the ground evaporating the mist. Jump to his position and press circle for more damage. Scorpion has now learned a new attack that he will chain to the end of his leap/smash. Now after you evade the leap/smash, Scorpion will dash at Spider-Man. If he connects he grabs Spidey and slams him into the ground. Dodge both to create an opening for your own offense. Knock Socrpion from the central structure again only to have him be able to chain a third attack. Now Scorpion will perform a leap/smash, dash, and tail combo. The tail combo is the same as his primary attack the first time we faced him. Dodge each off Scorpion's attacks to allow Spidey to return the favor. Scorpion will return to the central structure. This time when you avoid the tail acid and hit him with the egg the roof will come crashing down defeating Scorpion for good.