How do I unlock the following achievements?

  1. Hoarder
    Firecracker (And Firestarter)

    I need a detailed way how. Don't just say the requirements.

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  2. Additional Details:
    Well, I managed to partially answer myself.

    Firecracker/Firestarter- Use the Combustion provided in Ch. 15.

    Pyromaniac- Kill Will (Or is it Michael?) in Ch. 15 repeatedly, oddly, I got this after trying to get some kills off the journalist, Wayne (Ch. 11). I had about 6 total kills for Wayne and 2 on Ch. 15.

    That still leaves hoarder unaccounted for though. I assume it requires having 20 items at once, and likely requires a bit of careful planning to have all of them at once.

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  3. Additional Details:
    Alright, got hoarder...

    Can be obtained by the third chapter (Before Killing Jed).

    Items to Grab:

    Light Bulb (Required for this chapter anyway, in the small den upstairs, where Ivor was changing a bulb)
    All 3 wrenches (From the toolbox where Ivor was working)
    Pencil (Table in the same room as above)
    Music Box (If you have completed the game before [with the required chores] it will be on Lucius' desk)
    Water Bottle (From the Shelf in your room)
    Camera (From the Shelf in Granddad's study)
    Photo Paper (Below the camera on the desk)
    Flashlight (From the tutorial with Satan)
    Notebook (Same as above)
    Matches (Side table in the Dining Room/Den on the first floor, required to kill Gene earlier)
    Gun (Safe in Father's study, Combo is
    Pistol Ammo (Right Drawer in Father's Desk, same room as above)
    Toothbrush (In the Bathroom in the same wing as Lucius' bedroom, required for a chore)
    Padlock (Picked up at night after killing Mary)
    Screwdriver (Required for killing Gene, located next to the light bulb)
    Whiskey (In a guest room [Tom's] in the closet, in the back)
    Jewelry (In a servant's room, in a particular, the one where you later see Tom making love)
    Cassette (On a trolly, in one of the servant's wings [located under the stairs])
    Map (Located near the Camera and Photo Paper)

    This totals up to 21 so it should be enough for anyone. Avoid fusing or using items when possible.

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Accepted Answer

  1. Well, I managed to answer it myself, eventually. See above for solutions if you need them.

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