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    Walkthrough by starlin17

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                                 Lucius Walkthrough
                                       For PC
                         Guide by Starlin (Matthew Pumphrey)
                                     Version 1.0
                   Contact the author via e-mail: mtp1717@yahoo.com
                   This guide is Copyright (c)2013 Matthew Pumphrey
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      |                       Table of Contents                       |
      |								  |
      |	I... Introduction...........................[01.Intr]     |
      |								  |
      |	II.. Walkthrough............................[02.Walk]	  |
      |								  |
      |       A. Cold as Hell				 [C1]	  |
      |	  B. Smoking Kills				 [C2]	  |
      |	  C. Tone-Death					 [C3]	  |
      |	  D. Cutting Edge				 [C4]	  |
      |	  E. Eat Healthy				 [C5]	  |
      |	  F. Holy Day Slip				 [C6]	  |
      |	  G. Fatal Affair				 [C7]	  |
      |	  H. The Mind Can Take Only So Much		 [C8]	  |
      |	  I. Grass is Always Red on This Side		 [C9]	  |
      |	  J. Betrayal					[C10]	  |
      |	  K. Into the Fiery Furnace			[C11]	  |
      |	  L. Shot For Education				[C12]	  |
      |	  M. Peeping Tom				[C13]	  |
      |	  N. Overdose of Fumes				[C14]	  |
      |	  O. ~[Will]~					[C15]	  |
      |	  P. American Schizophrenic			[C16]	  |
      |	  O. ~[Terrence]~				[C17]	  |
      |       Q. The End Is Here				[C18]     |
      |								  |
      |	III. Chores.................................[03.Chor]	  |
      |								  |
    			Chapter I - Introduction - [01.Intr]
    I've not written a guide for an first person puzzle game like this before.
    As with all my guides I try to keep the walkthrough as spoiler free as
    possible.  People come to my guides to get through a part of a game not to have
    the story ruined for them.  Unfortunately for this game, nearly every chapter
    is specifically devoted to a target.  So if you do not want to know who dies in
    the future do not read ahead.  I hope you find everything you're looking for
    here.  Enjoy the game and good luck!
    			Chapter II - Walkthrough - [02.Walk]
    		     |		 		      |
    		     |           Chapter 1            |
    		     |				      |
    		     |          Cold as Hell          |
    		     |				      |
    		                  \ [C1] /           
    After watching the introduction, you'll find yourself in the kitchen.  At first
    all you can do is look around.  Follow the on screen prompt by pressing [Space]
    to begin the HUD introduction.  It then gives you a lesson in basic controls.
    Head to the table and pickup the padlock.  Move to the freezer door and close
    it.  Place the padlock on the freezer door to lock it.  On the wall to the left
    of the freezer door is the thermostat.  Click to interact with it.
    After a few more cut scenes you will find yourself in your bedroom.  Take the
    flashlight, batteries, and notebook from the nearby desk.  You'll then go 
    through something like an inventory tutorial.  It's not very clear how to 
    select items in your inventory.  Simply press the [Left] or [Right] arrow keys
    to highlight the item you want.  First select the notebook.  Open it and select
    the tab on Mary.  Now close your inventory.  After a few moments open your 
    inventory again.  Select the batteries and click [Mouse2].  Now select the 
    Flashlight and click [Mouse2].  This will put the Batteries into the
    You'll now wake up in your room.  Facing the door you will see a small shelf
    on the wall to the left of the door.  Here you can add an Empty Water Bottle to
    your inventory.  Open your bedroom door to leave your room.  Head left down the
    hallway until you come to a looked door with windows to the outside.  Open the 
    door that is on your right.  Head through that door.  On the left you will see
    an open doorway.  Head into that room.  We'll call this room the lounge.  Here
    there are three doors.  Immediately to your right is a closet door.  To the
    left of the closest is a locked door.  In the far righthand corner from the 
    entrance is a third door.  Open this door to reach the stairs leading down to
    the first level.  At the bottom of the stairs are three doors.  The Cold Room
    to your right, an unmarked door straight ahead, and the Dinning Room to your
    left.  Enter the Dining Room.  Upon entering there is a door to your immediate
    right labeled Kitchen.  Enter the Kitchen.  Make your way to the freezer.  From
    here, interact with the Padlock.  Now open the freezer door.  You'll gain the
    Telekinesis power at this point.  This will also lead to a few cut scenes and
    the end of Chapter One.
    		     |		 		      |
    		     |           Chapter 2            |
    		     |				      |
    		     |         Smoking Kills          |
    		     |				      |
    		                  \ [C2] /           
    You'll begin Chapter Two once again in your Bedroom.  Make your way back to the
    Lounge.  Here you'll find a handyman working in front of a lamp.  Pick up the
    Lightbulb and Screwdriver on the table by the handyman.  Now head downstairs to
    the Dinning Room.  In the far back of the Hall you'll find Gene.  On the small
    table next to him are some Matches.  You can't just walk up to them and take
    them.  You must not let Gene see you.  Walk behind Gene's chair.  From here you
    can take the matches.  Now make your way to the Kitchen.  Equip the 
    Screwdriver.  Now interact with the stove using the Screwdriver.  All you have
    to do now is wait for Gene to enter the Kitchen.  He will walk back and forth
    from his chair in the Dinning Room to the Kitchen.  Once he returns to the 
    Kitchen you will watch a cut scene.
    You'll wake in your Bedroom again.  You'll now go through a small tutorial on
    your Telekinesis power.  Press [2] to select Telekinesis.  Now move until you
    are targeting the green toy car on the floor.  Press and hold [Mouse1] to make
    it float.  Targeting the same toy car, press and hold [Mouse1]+[Mouse2].  
    Moving the mouse up and down will move the toy car closer and farther from you.
    Use these skills to place the toy car into the cardboard box.  Next target the
    coffee cup.  Press and hold [Mouse1] until it breaks.  Target the radio.  Press
    and hold [Mouse1] to turn on the radio.  This will end Chapter Two.
    		     |		 		      |
    		     |           Chapter 3            |
    		     |				      |
    		     |          Tone-Death            |
    		     |				      |
    		                  \ [C3] /           
    You'll begin Chapter Three once again in your Bedroom.  Make your way to the 
    Dinning Room.  On the left side of the Dinning Room is a set of double doors.
    Open these doors.  Walk through the doors heading to the left.  On the right
    you will see a door.  The room here is labeled Bathroom.  Here you will find
    Ivor the handyman.  Take the three wrenches nearby.  While you are here, fill
    the empty water bottle that you got from your room by using it on the sink.
    Return to the Dinning Room and use the 1/2 inch wrench on the piano.  Return to
    the Bathroom.  Wait for Ivor to have a drink.  He will then lay down to fall 
    asleep.  Take the Fountain Pen on the table.  Use the Fountain Pen on the
    Notepad next to where the Fountain Pen was.  Return to the Dinning Room.  Stand
    in the sitting area where Gene was sitting in Chapter 2.  When Ivor comes in to
    work on the Piano use your Telekinesis on the piano.  This will lead to a cut
    scene and the end of Chapter Three.
    		     |		 		      |
    		     |           Chapter 4            |
    		     |				      |
    		     |          Cutting Edge          |
    		     |				      |
    		                  \ [C4] /           
    You'll begin Chapter Four in your Bedroom.  Make your way downstairs to the 
    Cold Room.  You'll meet Jed the Butcher here.  Use your telekinesis on the
    light behind Jed.  As with Gene you must do so without being seen.  You can
    hide behind boxes or behind the meat curtain.  Anywhere that breaks your line 
    of sight to Jed will work.  Jed will now ask you to help him fix the lamp.  If
    you grabbed the lightbulb earlier give it to him now.  If not head back
    upstairs to the lounge.  Take a lightbulb from the table near the lamp.  Once 
    Jed has the bulb he'll climb on the table to install it.  Use your telekinesis
    on the saw beneath Jeds table.
    		     |		 		      |
    		     |           Chapter 5            |
    		     |				      |
    		     |          Eat Healthy           |
    		     |				      |
    		                  \ [C5] /           
    You'll begin Chapter Five in your Bedroom.  Make your way to Agnes' room by the
    WC.  This is up the stairs from the eatern Living Quarters.  Once you see that
    Agnes is your new target, head to the Library to see Alastair behind the bar.
    Attempt to interact with the rat poison on the ground.  Head to your room to
    take a nap.
    When you wake up, start making your way to the Dinning Room.  When you see that
    your mom is awake, quickly duck into the closet in the Lounge.  Listen closely
    until you hear a door open and footsteps moving away.  Continue down to the
    Dinning Room.  Make your way outside into the courtyard.  You can see the 
    detective smoking near the doors across from you.  Use your telekinesis to put
    out the light near him.  As he walks away, open the door where he was standing
    to enter the Billard Room.  Move behind the bar.  You can now retrieve the rat
    poison.  Put it in your inventory.
    You will once again awake in your room.  Make your way to the Kitchen.  To the
    right of the stove is a basket on the counter.  Combine your rat poison with
    this basket of bread.  Shortly after you will gain your second ability: Mind
    Control.  You will then awaken in your room.  Lucifer will teach you how to use
    your new ability.
    		     |		 		      |
    		     |           Chapter 6            |
    		     |				      |
    		     |         Holy Day Slip          |
    		     |				      |
    		                  \ [C6] /           
    You'll begin Chapter Six in your Bedroom.  If you have been following along, 
    you should have a filled water bottle in your inventory.  If you do not, take 
    the empty water bottle from your room.  Go to any bathroom.  Use the water 
    bottle on the sink to fill it.
    Make your way to the dinning room.  Head outside into the courtyard from here.
    Move to the doorway to your left.  With the water bottle in hand, an arrow will
    appear that you can interact with.  Poor the water out here.  Just above this
    point is a string of lights.  Follow their cord to the wall nearby.  Unplug the
    string of lights.  When Alastair walks by he will fall down.  Above him, 
    hanging from the balcony, is an icicle.  Use your telekinesis on it.
    		     |		 		      |
    		     |           Chapter 7            |
    		     |				      |
    		     |          Fatal Affair          |
    		     |				      |
    		                  \ [C7] /           
    You'll begin Chapter Seven in your Bedroom.  Make your way to the stairs by the
    western Living Quarters.  Upstairs you'll head into the first room where you'll
    find Jovita cleaning.  If she is not in the room you can either wait for her
    here or walk around nearby to find her.  Once you have identified your target,
    make your way to the western Living Quarters.  Inside the second room you'll
    see a couple together.  Be careful not to enter the room as it will mean Game
    Make your way up to the Study on the third floor.  It will be up the stairs 
    above the eastern Living QUarters.  On the map the room will be marked with a
    martini glass and a man with a cane.  On the nightstand next to the desk you
    will find a map showing a secret passage and some photopaper.  Take these with
    you.  Now look up on the shelf in front of you.  The camera is there.  Use your
    telekinesis to move the camera down onto the desk so that you can take the 
    camera.  Use the photopaper on the camera to load it.  Return to the western
    Living Quarters.  Take a picture of the couple you previously saw.
    Now head to Jovita's room.  It is only one room away walking towards the exit
    to the western Living Quarters.  Place the photo on the desk.  Place the Rat
    Poison and the Padlock in one of the cabinet doors of the desk.  Now wait for
    Jovita to arrive.  Follow Jovita upstairs to the balcony.  The room that Jovita
    was in at the beginning of this chapter has a door leading outside to the
    balcony.  Use your Mind Control power on Jovita.  While controlling her, target
    the balcony railing.  This will end Chapter seven.
    		     |		 		      |
    		     |           Chapter 8            |
    		     |				      |
    		     | The Mind Can Take Only So Much |
    		     |				      |
    		                  \ [C8] /           
    You'll begin Chapter Eight in your Bedroom.  Visit your Uncle Tom in his room.
    It is the door across from the open doorway to the Lounge.  Walk up to him so
    that he begins to speak to you.  Your notes will reference the map that you
    found in the previous chapter.  Head to the secret room now in the wine cellar.
    Once in the Wine Cellar, move behind the black curtain.  At the end you will 
    see a switch on the wall.  Interact with the wall to open the secret room.  On
    the far side of the room is a small end table.  There is a deadly poison
    bottle.  Take the bottle and return to your Uncle Tom.
    Once in Uncle Tom's room, open up the closet to find a bottle of whiskey.  Take
    the bottle.  Now open your inventory.  Use the deadly poison bottle on the 
    whiskey bottle.  You now have a poisoned bottle of whiskey.  Make sure you are
    out of line of sight of Uncle Tom.  If you get close enough to the television
    he will not see you.  Place the poisoned bottle of whiskey on the bed.  Now
    simply wait for him to take the bottle.
    Lucifer will visit you again in your room.  This time he will grant you the
    power, Memory Erase.  When you are spotted by the test human use your power on
    them.  This will end Chapter Eight.
    		     |		 		      |
    		     |           Chapter 9            |
    		     |				      |
    		     |Grass Is Always Red On This Side|
    		     |				      |
    		                  \ [C9] /           
    You'll begin Chapter Nine in your Bedroom.  Make your way outside to the 
    courtyard.  Here you'll find Antonio mowing grass.  Aproach him to get an 
    update to your notebook.  Just behind the statue in the center of the courtyard
    are some rocks.  Pick one up.  Take the rock to the grass where Antonio is
    cutting.  When he is not looking, place the rock where the red arrow tells you
    to place it.  You may need to move around a bit to find the right place.  It is
    also almost directly behind the tree that is directly behind the statue.  Once
    he drives over the rock the mower will break.
    When Antonio leans over to work on the lawmower, use your telekinesis on the
    mower.  Now move to Antonio.  Use your Mind Control on him.  While he is under
    your control, have him interact with the mower.
    Lucifer will visit you again in your room.  This time he will grant you the
    Combustion power.  With the Combustion power selected, hold down [Mouse1].  
    When you release the button you will fire a fireball.  Take a few shots at the
    human dummy that appears.  He'll have a health bar above his head.  Once he is
    down, Lucifer will speak some more to you.
    		     |		 		      |
    		     |           Chapter 10           |
    		     |				      |
    		     |            Betrayal            |
    		     |				      |
    		                  \ [C10] /           
    You'll begin Chapter Ten in your Bedroom at night.  Your grandfather wants you
    to meet him in the secret room below the Wine Cellar.  Leave your room.  Head
    outside to the balcony by taking the door to the right after you leave your
    room.  Turn left outside the door.  Move to the next door but do not enter yet.
    Just past the door, against the house, is what looks like a large antena.  Use
    your telekinesis on it.  This will disable the power to the room nearby so that
    you can enter without being spotted.  When you enter the room your mother will
    get a flashlight.  If she still spots you at this point, you can erase her 
    Move downstairs and to the Wine Cellar entrance.  Along the way you may need to
    erase other memories.  Remember there is a limited time to erase memories
    before it will be Game Over.  Take your time to learn the paths that people
    walk.  They go back and forth in the same paths.  Hide in doorways, behind 
    pillars, and generally out of line of sight to proceed through this stage.
    Once you reach the secret room, you will experience a cut scene with your
    grandfather.  Afterwards, take the belt from the wall opposite of where your
    grandfather is.  Use the belt on the shackles that are on the altar.  To the
    right of where you found the belt is a small table against the wall.  On the 
    table, you will find four bowls.  One of the bowls are broken.  You'll need to
    make your way back up into the house to the classroom.  The classroom is on the
    second floor.  Your map will mark the classroom as a room with "1+1" on it.
    Once you've made it to the classroom, open the top of your desk.  Take the
    super glue from the desk.  In your inventory, combine the glue with the broken
    bowl.  Now return to the secret room.
    Place the four bowls around the altar.  They will go at the end of each point
    where the unlit candles are.  If you equip a bowl then wield it while walking
    around the altar, arrows will appear telling you where to place each bowl.  
    Next use your matches to light the four sets of candles around the altar.  At
    this point, Fabius should walk to the altar.  Wait for your journal to update.
    Now, move into the small chubby hole that your grandfather was standing in.
    Inside is a black chest that was previously locked.  Take the sacrificial
    dagger from the chest.  Equip the dagger.  Return to the altar.  Use the dagger
    on Fabius.
    		     |		 		      |
    		     |           Chapter 11           |
    		     |				      |
    		     |     Into the Fiery Furnace     |
    		     |				      |
    		                  \ [C11] /           
    The reporter will quickly move about the room straightening the crosses.  This,
    as we know, inhibits the use of your powers.  You must go behind him reversing
    the crosses again so that you can use your Combustion power.  You can still use
    your combustion power if some of the crosses are turned.  It may just be faster
    (it certainly was for me) to just use many fast, weak fireballs on Wayne the
    		     |		 		      |
    		     |           Chapter 12           |
    		     |				      |
    		     |       Shot For Education       |
    		     |				      |
    		                  \ [C12] /           
    You'll begin Chapter Twelve in your Bedroom.  Make your way to the classroom.
    This will be much easier than in Chapter Ten since you won't be sneaking around
    at night.  Approach James, your instructor, to truely begin this chapter.
    James will ask you some math questions.  On the table are three pieces of paper
    with large numbers written on them.  For each question, pick the appropriately
    marked paper and interact with James.  If you REALLY have trouble, the answers
    are Three, then One, then Two.  Next, he will ask if you have your Biology
    book.  Pick the book up that is on your desk.  Interact with James.  
    Obviously, this is not your Biology book.
    Leave the classroom.  Meet with your father in his office.  He will ask your
    to retrieve some papers from his nightstand.  Move to his bedroom, the large
    room that Latvia was cleaning earlier.  On the nightstand you will find the
    papers he seeks as well as a Key.  Return the papers to your father in his
    office.  When your father leaves the room, open the door under his take to take
    some pistol bullets.  Inside the nearby safe, you will find the gun.  To open
    the safe, enter your birth date, 6-6-19-66.  Take the gun from the now open
    safe.  Use the bullets to load the gun.  Now return to the Classroom.
    Once you return to the classroom, lay the loaded gun down on the instructor's 
    desk.  With the gun on the desk, mind control James.  while still controlling
    James, target the gun on the desk to have him use the gun.
    		     |		 		      |
    		     |           Chapter 13           |
    		     |				      |
    		     |          Peeping Tom           |
    		     |				      |
    		                  \ [C13] /           
    You'll begin Chapter Thirteen in your Bedroom.  Make your way downstairs
    heading towards the front foyer.  Along the way you will run into the maid
    Susan.  You're journal will update though it won't be very informative.  Head 
    to the Laundry Room.  Open the washer.  Put a few things into the washer.  Just
    above the washer, on a shelf to the left, is an iron.  Put the iron into the 
    washer.  Now close the washer.  It will turn on.  Watch the scene that plays
    out.  Wait for Susan to arrive for another update to your journal.
    Follow Susan interacting with her until she tells you that she is going to take
    a shower.  She asks that you check to make sure the upstairs bathroom is free.
    Head to the upstairs bathroom.  When you arrive at the bathroom, reverse the 
    cross that is in it, if needed.  Wait here for Susan to arrive in the bathroom.
    A very small cut scene will play out.  Afterwards, you will be in the hall
    right outside the bathroom.  Enter the room to the right of the bathroom.  This
    is Uncle Tom's recording room.  On the wall to the right of the TV monitors are
    some pin-up posters.  Lift one of them up to spy into the bathroom.  Now you
    can see into the bathroom.  Look to the sink to see a hairdryer.  Use your
    telekinesis to levitate the hairdryer from the sink to the bathtub.  Watch the
    results.  Afterwards you will gain the combustion ability.  This will end
    Chapter Thirteen.
    		     |		 		      |
    		     |           Chapter 14           |
    		     |				      |
    		     |        Overdose of Fumes       |
    		     |				      |
    		                  \ [C14] /           
    You'll begin Chapter Fourteen in your Bedroom.  Make your way to the garage.
    Here you will find Michael and Will.  Pick up the dry rag that is next to Will
    on the workbench.  You may also notice that there is a can of paint thinner on
    the table.  If you try to interact with it you will be told that you can not
    do that while someone is able to see you.  That means you must find a way to 
    empty the garage.  If you have not yet done the chore for Michael [Find the
    Tapes] you should do so now before progressing.
    Back in the laundry room, you can once again sabotage the washer to get Will 
    out of the garage.  You will get an update to your journal after doing so.  
    Move back into the garage.  Michael is now alone.  He is also facing away from
    the paint thinner so you can now pick it up.  Combine the paint thinner with 
    the dry rag.  You can now place the wet rag with the paint thinner on the table
    near where you picked up the paint thinner.  Now use your Mind Control on 
    Michael.  While controlling Michael, have him use the wet rag with paint
    thinner.  Michael will pass out.
    Move back into the laundry room where Will is working.  To the left of the
    washer, near the door to the garage, is the garage air conditioning controls.
    You can not interact with them yourself.  Instead, Mind Control Will.  While
    controlling Will, have him interact with the garage air conditioning controls
    to turn off the air to the garage.  Back in the garage, use your telekinesis
    to turn on the car.  Thus with no circulating air, fumes from the car, and an
    unconcious Michael, a cut scene will play out.  This will technically end 
    Chapter Fourteen.
    		     |		 		      |
    		     |           Chapter 15           |
    		     |				      |
    		     |            ~[Will]~            |
    		     |				      |
    		                  \ [C15] /           
    You will begin Chapter Fifteen in the laundry room.  There isn't a very clear
    start to this chapter, nor a chapter start screen, but if you load Chapter
    Fifteen from the stage seclection menu this is where it puts you.
    Will is now chained up in the garage.  You will only have thirty seconds to 
    react so move quickly.  Walk into the garage.  Use your telekinesis powers on 
    the gasoline can that is on the shelf above Will.  With Will covered in gas, 
    use your Combustion power on Will.  This will end Chapter Fifteen.
    		     |		 		      |
    		     |           Chapter 16           |
    		     |				      |
    		     |     American Schizophrenic     |
    		     |				      |
    		                  \ [C16] /           
    You will begin Chapter Sixteen in the courtyard with your mother Nancy.  You'll
    need to turn the power on to the nearby shed.  Head back to the garage.  In the
    second part of the Storage Room, the room with the stairs down to the Wine 
    Cellar, you will find some loose fuses on the shelf by the stairs leading down.
    Take one of these fuses.  Back in the first room of the Storage Room, place the
    fuse into the empty slot in the fuse box.  This will return power to the shed
    in the courtyard.
    Head back outside to the courtyard.  Head into the shed to get an update to 
    your journal.  You'll find a nail gun on a table nearby.  You must position
    yourself so that Nancy can not see you in order to pick up the nail gun.  Next,
    go to the air compressor.  It is currently unplugged.  Interact with the small
    wire coming out of the air compressor.  Now plug the wire into the nearby 
    electrical outlet.  Face the shelf that has paint cans on the top two shelves.
    At the bottom of that shelf you will find some nail gun nails.  Take them.
    Open your inventory and combine the nails with the nail gun.  Wield the nail
    gun.  Next, interact with the air compressor.  This will charge the nail gun
    with air.  Step outside and place the nail gun on the ground where you are 
    instructed to do.  By now you should know that Charles is on his way to the
    Courtyard.  Before he reaches Nancy, Mind control Charles.  While you are 
    controlling Charles, have him use the nail gun.  A cut scene will follow.
    		     |		 		      |
    		     |           Chapter 17           |
    		     |				      |
    		     |          ~[Terrence]~          |
    		     |				      |
    		                  \ [C17] /           
    After the cut scene, you will be in the Sun Room connected to the Tea Room with
    the deputy.  There isn't a very clear start to this chapter, nor a chapter
    start screen, but if you load Chapter Seventeen from the stage seclection menu
    this is where it puts you.  You can not move from where you are nor can you
    mind control the deputy.  What you can do is use your Telekinesis on some of
    the statues in front of the three crosses in the room.  Each time you levitate
    a statue the deupty will shoot in its direction damaging the cross behind it.
    Work your way from right to left.  Once all three of the crosses have been
    destroyed, you can then use your Telekinesis power on the larger statue on the
    right.  When the deputy fires on this statue the ceiling fan become damaged.
    Now use your Telekinesis directly on the fan to bring it down.
    		     |		 		      |
    		     |           Chapter 18           |
    		     |				      |
    		     |         The End Is Here        |
    		     |				      |
    		                  \ [C18] /           
    You begin Chapter Eighteen in the Sun Room connected to the Tea Room.  Once you
    step out of the Sun Room, two priests will charge you.  If you let them touch
    you it's Game Over.  Use your combustion power to fight them off.  It can be
    somewhat challenging but not impossible.  Learn to stagger your fireballs.  
    Once you have hit them twice, run past them and into the Foyer.  From here you
    can bottle the priests in from the side of the stairs.
    After the priests are defeated, Charles will come at you.  You must lead him
    to the side of the stairs near the door leading back into the Tea Room.  When 
    you shoot a fireball at Charles he will use his fire extinguisher.  At the side
    of the stairs is a fallen beam or pillar that you can use your Telekinesis 
    power on.  Once Charles is near the beam bring it down.  This will end Chapter
    Eighteen and the end of the game.  Enjoy the credits!
    			Chapter III - Chores - [03.Chor]
    	| Clean My Room |
    Once inside your room, pick up the toys and put them away.  You do this by
    picking up the five wooden cars and putting them in the toy chest.  
    	| Brush My Teeth |
    Once inside the Bathroom, take a toothbrush from the holders on the left.  
    Interact with the bathroom sink faucet to complete this chore.
    	| Take Out The Garbage |
    Make your way to the Kitchen.  Open the left cabinet door under the sink.  Take
    the trash from the trash can.  Enter the Dinning Room.  Head outside from the
    Dinning Room.  When you step outside look to the far back right to see a shed.
    Behind the shed you will find two dumpsters.  Open the dumpster.  Use you 
    levitate power to put the trash into the dumpster.
    	| Find Earrings |
    Make your way to the Living Quarters.  Go through the first door in front of 
    you.  The earrings are lying on the desk in a jewelry box.  Take the earrings
    to Nancy.
    	| Collect Laundry into Correct Baskets by Color |
    Make your way to the Living Quarters.  In the western living quarters, go
    through the first door in front of you.  There will be a pair of pink panties
    on the bed.  Down the hallway in the second room you will find a pair of grey
    socks on the bed.  Further down the hallway you will find a pair of white
    panties on the bed.  In the eastern living quarters, you will find a single
    grey sock on the bed of the first room.  Down the hallway in the second room
    you will find a pair of socks.  Further down the hallway in the last room you
    will find a pair of white panties on the bed.  Take each of these items, one
    by one, to the Utility room.  On the ground below the window behind the maid
    are three baskets.  Place the white panties into the left basket, the pink
    panties and grey socks go in the basket on the right.
    	| Move Meat Boxes |
    Take the four boxes from the Cold Room to the freezer in the Kitchen.  These 
    will be the four boxes that are stacked to the left of the Cold Room door.
    	| Find a Bottle of 33 Wine |
    Alastair, in the Billard Room, will ask you to fetch him a bottle of 1933.
    Head to the wine cellar.  The bottle is at the very top of the shelf that is
    not marked, but would otherwise be 1930.  Take the bottle back to Alastair
    	| Find a Tool for Mechanic |
    Go to the nearby Storage Room.  Take the keys from the wall on the left.  Use
    them on the cage.  Once you ahve unlocked it put the keys away in your 
    inventory.  The Tire Iron is on the wooden shelf inside the cage.  Take the
    keys from your inventory.  Use them to unlock the cage again.  Now take the
    crowbar to the mechanic.
    	| Find the Tapes |
    In the western Living Quarters you will find a small box on a short bookshelf.
    This is the Lost & Found box.  The tape is sitting inside the box.  Take it 
    back to Michael.
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