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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Andrew Testa

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    Soldier's Field

    Voxophone "A Place In The World"Voxophone "I Am His Mirror"
    Voxophone "Viewing the Infinite"Voxophone "Never Seen The Face"
    Voxophone "Vox Contraband Inventory"Voxophone "Their Sun Is Setting"
    Voxophone "A True Soldier"Voxophone "A Final Stand"
    Kinetoscope "A City In The Sky? Impossible!"Kinetoscope "Mighty Songbird Patrols The Skies!"
    Kinetoscope "Who are the Vox Populi?"Kinetoscope "Who Needs the Power Company?"
    Infusion (2)Gear (2)
    CipherBucking Bronco Vigor


    Descend the steps to the center area of the Welcome Center, then head right to reach a vending machine. This machine sells upgrades for some of your weapons; as before, you should only get upgrades if you plan to use the weapon a lot in the game. Also, you will find two lockpicks on a crate next to the vending machine. We can now begin Elizabeth's long life of crime!

    Go down the steps on either side of the vending machine to reach a room with a miniature-town exhibit in the center. On the far side of the room, there is a Kinetoscope ("A City In The Sky? Impossible!") that's worth checking out. Head back to the central area and make your way over to the other side.

    There is a locked door here and you will find another lockpick on the ground next to the toolbox. After Elizabeth opens it, grab all of the goodies inside: an Infusion on the desk close to where you entered, a Voxophone ("A Place In The World") in the yellow-gray cabinet at the end of the room, and a Carbine up against the desk.

    This Voxophone is stuffed in the metal locker.

    You should swap in the Carbine for either of your two current weapons. The Carbine is a good, all-purpose weapon that will serve you well. Finally, there is a locked safe in this room, but you need five lockpicks to open it. It's nothing earth-shattering, though, as it only contains a couple hundred Silver Eagles. :)

    Exit back to the central area and try to go under the gate when it suddenly slams shut. Thankfully, Booker's strong enough to hoist it back up. On the other side of the broken gate, make your way to the outside, which is the main part of Soldier's Field.

    Cross the bridge and take a look at the gondola. Elizabeth asks whether you should head straight for your next objective, or take a look around the park. Since there's no mayhem going on right now, you should take a look around first to get all of the goodies.

    To the left of the bridge stands a Kinetoscope ("Mighty Songbird Patrols The Skies!") that is easily missed since it is so close to the bridge itself. Also in that same area you can find a Voxophone ("I Am His Mirror") inside the ice cream shop on one of the tables.

    Don't miss the Kinetoscope close to the bridge!

    Make your way further down the park. Go past the information kiosk and the statue of a duck-whale, then go inside the Founder's Books store. In here there is a Voxophone ("Viewing the Infinite") lying on a table that is on the far side of the room up the steps.

    After you've done everything that you wanted, head up to northern part of the area and walk to the open gondola station, which has an "Aerodrome" sign in pink on top of it. You can't miss it! Try to pull the lever to call the gondola, but the whole darn thing burns out. It seems that the mechanism runs exclusively on Shock Jockey, so you'll need that power to ride the gondola. Fortunately, the Hall of Heroes apparently has Shock Jockey on display.


    The PA Announcers lets the cat out of the bag: the false shepherd is here! This means that you'll encounter hostile cops now. Thankfully, there aren't any enemies in this immediate area. You need to reach an elevator in the middle portion of this park. Specifically, the elevator is south of the bookstore and down the alley that starts at the duck-whale statue.

    You can actually get most of the way there without encountering any enemies at all, but just south of the bookstore you'll see the dreaded police barricade and a few cops patrolling. You can easily sprint past them, dart down the alley, and push the button on the elevator, all without getting hit at all. So you have a choice: either fight your way through, or run like hell.

    In the elevator, investigate the fuse box and Elizabeth reveals an interesting trait. It seems she can open "tears," basically a kind of alternate universe, at the drop of a hat. It could be useful, but after the little run-in with Songbird, Booker dismisses the idea.

    Out of the elevator, go down the left hall and tell Elizabeth to pick the white door lock. In this room, there is a nasty turret on the opposite end that opens fire at you as soon as you enter. I'm not kidding, folks.

    You can either use Possession on the turret and quickly ransack the room, or you can take it out with gunfire and Devil's Kiss. Either way, the room contains a ton of nice items: there is a gear package on a desk that has a piece of Gear, a Voxophone ("Never Seen The Face") on another desk, and a five lockpick safe in the back room next to the turret. You probably don't have enough lockpicks yet, but the safe contains around 250 Silver Eagles, just like the other five lockpick safe. You can bolster your lockpick supply on the other side of the room: in the north restroom, Elizabeth points out a lockpick.

    The Gear (glowing) on the desk in the corner.

    When you are finished looting everything, head north into the adjacent area to find the Bucking Bronco Vigor just lying on the ground waiting to be used. See what a bad investment it would have been to buy it at the fair? Head further north to reach an outside area that is positively overflowing with enemies.

    For this long fight, you should probably stay near the hall where you started. You can use the wall as cover, and you can fall back and use the hall as a chokepoint. You should begin the fight by throwing a Devil's Kiss into the pack of enemies in the center area, then take out your trusty Carbine and start picking off the enemies that run out of cover. There is also a turret in the far back of the area that you can use Possession on to act as a distraction.

    After a little while, a Crow man, identical to the guy you defeated to acquire the Murder of Crows Vigor, jumps down from the roof. You should deal with him just as you dealt with the other one from before: lay down a trap, wait for him to run over it, and fire at him while he's stunned. After he's down, the area should finally be clear.


    Before you continue on your Shock Jockey quest, you should loot all of the buildings in this immediate area. First of all, enter the building called "The Fellow Traveller," which is a big bar that contains a plethora of items. Aside from Silver Eagles and alcohol, there is a Voxophone ("Vox Contraband Inventory") in the kitchen, hanging from one of the white cabinets. In addition, you can find your first Cipher in the restroom at the back of the building. Go right of the bar and you should see the cool graffiti in the first restroom.

    Your very first Cipher!

    To crack the code, you need a codebook, of course! Thankfully, the codebook isn't that far away. Opposite "The Fellow Traveller" bar, you will find a building called the Patriot's Pride Pavilion. In here, there is a cannon on display in the center of the room, and you will find the Codebook hanging from inside the top lip of the cannon.

    The Codebook for the Cipher. In a cannon. In a Pavillion.

    With the codebook in hand, head back to the cipher inside the bar. Booker only gets a hint when Elizabeth cracks the code: "Tip the hat to the vox." In the adjacent restrooms, investigate the hat to open a secret room. In here, there is an Infusion and a Voxophone ("Their Sun Is Setting").

    Head back to the Patriot's Pride Pavilion and look at the Kinetoscope ("Who are the Vox Populi?") on the first floor next to a wall. You can also find a Voxophone ("A True Soldier") on the second floor near the handrails and gun. Finally, for the three lockpick toll you can open the ticket office, which contains a good amount of Silver Eagles and another piece of Gear.


    Back outside, go to the end of the area to find yet another sky-line blocked with freights. To unblock them, pull the lever and wait while they all go through.


    Attach to the sky-line and ride it until you see a second sky-line. This time, we have to sky-line-hop, so attach to the next sky-line and take it to the outside of the Hall of Heroes. First of all, there is a Voxophone ("A Final Stand") in the stationary gondola right below you, and an RPG on the side of the gondola in a crate.

    Make your way to the statue of the angel with "Hall of Whores" written under it. Clever. Unfortunately, any humor quickly dissipates when Elizabeth tells Booker that there is a sniper up above. And again, Booker is very thankful that a sniper rifle just happens to be on the ground nearby.

    Swap to the sniper rifle and take out the snipers on the upper level. You can also take them down with the Carbine if you wish, but you should probably switch out the sniper rifle anyway after this fight because it won't be of much use in the Hall of Heroes.

    Even after taking down the snipers, you still must deal with the normal grunts on the same level as you. These guys usually hang out around the entrance to the Hall of Heroes, so you can throw a Devil's Kiss or two in a pack of them to thin their numbers a bit. For the remaining foes, use the pillars, the statue, or the walls as cover while you take them down with your Carbine. Hopefully the Carbine anyway, if it still has ammo.

    After the area is clear, browse the Kinetoscope ("Who Needs the Power Company?") to the right of the entrance to the Hall of Heroes. There is also a vending machine that sells ammo, health, and salt, but you can find that stuff scattered throughout the area. When you're ready, enter the Hall of Heroes.

    The Hall of Heroes

    Voxophone "Comrades of Necessity"


    Walk past the motorized patriot to reach a hallway. On one end, there is a Veni! Vedi! Vigor! vending machine that sells similar upgrades to before, while on the other end you can find a Minuteman's Armory vending machine that sells various upgrades for your weapons. This vending machine has several nice upgrades, but only buy the upgrades for weapons that you plan to use!

    Go through the white door next to the vending machine and pick up the Voxophone ("Comrades of Necessity") on the desk. While you are pillaging the room, you might notice that two of Slate's men are now loitering outside in the hall. Since they are unaware of your presence, you can safely headshot them from the window of the room.

    The Voxophone on the desk.

    When you're ready, head through the white door in the center of the hall to reach a big room with a flattering statue of Comstock in the middle. While Elizabeth reads the engraving below the statue, crazy man Slate gets on the PA to declare his allegiance to positively no one. After that, he commands his men to fight you. Thus begins this leg of the game: going through area after area while both fighting Slate's men and listening to Slate's sometimes foreshadowing but mostly incomprehensible rants.

    After Slate's initial announcement, four men run out of the door to the right of the statue. They are ready to rip your head off, so take cover behind the statue itself as you pick them off. You can additionally throw a Devil's Kiss right when they enter for an easy victory. After the battle, Slate's back on the intercom, and the objective changes ever-so-slightly. Before you continue, head into the room that Slate's men rushed out of and pick up the Infusion on the back table past the ruined statue of Slate.


    Head into the room to the north to reach the inside of the beast.

    Inside the Hall of Heroes

    Voxophone "Unconditional"
    Kinetoscope "A City Mourns..."
    Gear (2)


    You must humor Slate by going through both the Wounded Knee Exhibit and the Peking Exhibit. Before you begin, stock up on supplies at the vendors on either side of the opening area and loot all of the items in this room. When you're ready, head into the Wounded Knee Exhibit.


    Make your way through the exhibit while listening to Slate's crazy narration. Did I mention the dude's crazy? At the first junction, go left and inside a small room. Kill the enemy inside and grab the Gear on the desk. Head back into the exhibit and head past the room with the motorized patriot to reach the battle area.

    The Gear on the table in the side-room.

    You might want to throw down a few traps at the chokepoints while Slate's still rambling. For this fight, you can use the cutout of the Indian next to the door as cover. There are several men that will come in waves from above. Pick them off one by one from cover and also lure them into your traps. After a lot of dead men, kill the Crow man that jumps down. Try to anticipate his arrival to get a few shots in before he takes form, then use a Vigor to stun him while you blast away.

    After the battle, head back through the Wounded Knee Exhibit to the beginning area. Here, you might encounter a few men that have respawned, but they can be easily defeated since you'll get the drop. At any rate, time for the next exhibit.


    Make your way through the exhibit and go right at the junction. Head inside the door with the sign "employees only" next to it and loot the Gear from the table in the similarly-designed room as the other exhibit. After getting the gear, go back to pop-up land, over the small bridge, and into the room with the motorized patriot. Pull the lever to hear the display if you want, then head into the battle room.

    This fight is exactly the same as the battle in the other exhibit, but you must deal with a Fireman instead of a Crow man. The layout of the room is mostly the same, but the cover areas are a bit different. The best place for cover are the rocks on the side, or the gazebo up high once you've defeated a few of Slate's men. There are various salt and health items scattered about this room. Overall, there are less enemies than the fight at the Wounded Knee exhibit. Your focus should be the Fireman when he drops down.

    After the fight, head back through the exhibit to the rotunda. A few more of Slate's men are patrolling the area: take them out, then wait for Slate to finish babbling on the PA before he opens the door in the center. Three men quickly rush out of the door, but you can easily kill them with a Vigor or an automatic weapon.


    Go through the area with Lady Comstock's paintings and statues, then listen to Elizabeth's revelation in the next area. After that tidbit, go under the bridge archway and tell Elizabeth to unlock the door with her hairpin. In the following area, take an immediate right and grab the Voxophone ("Unconditional") on the white chair under the painting of Lady Comstock.

    The Voxophone on the chair below the painting.

    Make your through the adjoining room with the large fountain, then go through the next room ("Comstock's Vengeance") to finally get back outside. Elizabeth can weasel her way through the bars of the gate, but the broad Booker has no such luck. Thankfully, Elizabeth finds a tear of a freight hook. After telling her to open it, attach to the hook. She'll say that she can open one tear at any time, and she'll point out a few tears in the next area.

    The tears can make the fight here much easier. Open the tear for the turret, then use Possession on the turret at the far end of the area. With both of these turrets on your side, you have a great distraction to pick off all of Slate's men in the area. These men often don't go into cover at all (probably trained by Slate), and you can use cover yourself just by walking backwards from the rail.

    After clearing the area, drop down to the area below and go north up the steps to the Hall of Heroes Gift Shop. In this area, watch the motorized patriots on the sides of the room go ballistic, then one of the far-side of the room comes alive, ready to fight.

    Have Elizabeth open the tear for the Gun Automaton to serve as a distraction. While those two machines are duking it out, either fire at the Motorized Patriot from cover, or rush behind him and fire for increased damage. You can also use Possession on the Motorized Patriot, then fire at your "ally" without fear of reprisal.

    After defeating the Motorized Patriot, take a look at the Kinetoscope ("A City Mourns...") in the center of this room next to the medical kit tear. There is also a Crank Gun on the ground next to the Motorized Patriot if you want to use it as your primary or secondary weapon.

    After pillaging the area, tell Elizabeth to unlock the maintenance door on the far side of the room. In here, open the five lockpick safe for around 250 Silver Eagles if you can spare the picks, then search all of the containers to find out that all of the Shock Jockey is gone. Walk back out to the gift shop to see that Slate's been here - obviously, the electric stuff is his snot and tears. I mean, dude's a whiner.

    Hall of Heroes Gift Shop

    Voxophone "A Soldier's Death"Kinetoscope "The Lamb is the Future of the City"
    Kinetoscope "Behold the Miracle Child!"Infusion
    Shock Jockey Vigor


    Go through the gift shop and into the adjourning room. Here, you will find two vending machines as well as two Kinetoscopes ("The Lamb is the Future of the City" and "Behold the Miracle Child! A Prophecy is Fulfilled!") on the wall. Head back outside to find the crazed Slate in-the-flesh. Time for the big battle with crazy man! Swap one of your weapons for the RPG on the ground and get ready to fight.

    For the first part of the battle, Slate commands an armada of his men to jump down from the level above and attack you. These guys aren't too tough, and you can pick them off while they're jumping down or just throw a Devil's Kiss or two at them. Use the wall near the entrance to the gift shop as cover.

    In the second part, Slate insanely calls for tin men. This ain't the Wizard of Oz! At any rate, this wave consists of more normal enemies but also one Fireman. These guys come out of the side doors this time, so don't get caught off-guard if you are too close to the center area. Take out the Fireman first, then pick off the normal henchmen. As with the first round, use the wall near the gift shop as cover.

    For the third part, Slate calls forth a Motorized Patriot to fight you. It takes the Motorized Patriot a few seconds to get its balance once it lands, so you should take this opportunity to fire a few heavy rounds in its back. This wave also features a few of Slate's run-of-the-mill men.

    After this wave, take the left side door into a small, dark storage room. In this room, there is an Infusion and a Voxophone ("A Soldier's Death"). The Voxophone is on the desk, while the Infusion is half-hidden inside the toolbox on the desk.

    The half-hidden Voxophone in the toolbox.

    Take the door on the right side of the courtyard to reach a hallway. At the end of this hallway, you'll find Slate, crazy as ever. This time, he drops a few Shock Jockey traps in the hall and a handful of his men appear from the entryway. Use the crates in the center of the hallway as cover while you take out Slate's men. For the traps, just fire a few bullets at them to blow them up. Continue down the hall, past the Comstock statue, and the objective finally changes to the overall goal.


    Go through the doors to find Slate up against a wall, obviously defeated by his own insanity. You can either kill him or spare him. Either option only changes the story very slightly, so choose whatever seems more fit to you, then take the Shock Jockey next to Slate. This Vigor is one of the best in game and you'll want to have it equipped almost always.

    "Shock Jockey" is on the ground next to Slate.

    Head through the door to the right and make you way back through the Hall of Heroes. You can use Shock Jockey on the water under the bridge to instantly kill the two charging men if you want. Back at the rotunda, three men charge out of the southern door and a crow man flanks you from the right. Quickly take down the men and use Shock Jockey to stun the crow man. After that, he's an easy kill. Exit the gift shop through the southern door, then use Shock Jockey on the machine near the gate to open it. Leave this area and return to the plaza.

    Return to Hall of Heroes Plaza

    Voxophone "Calling You Out"Kinetoscope "A City Mourns"
    InfusionGear (2)


    There are several enemies out here looking for you. Use the tear to spawn a Mosquito, then fire at the soldiers' backs as they try to destroy the machine. This is a very good distraction, but it shouldn't last for the whole fight. The last wave charges out from under the bridge. Use an automatic weapon or a strategically thrown Devil's Kiss to kill them.

    After clearing the area, look for the maintenance door on the right side of the area. Power up the conduit near the maintenance door to open it. Go up the stairs and collect the Gear on top of the desk at the end of the floor. Hop back on the sky-line at the entrance and ride down a level to find an armada of soldiers.

    The maintenance door and power conduit.

    For this fight, you can open a tear and send a Motorized Patriot to battle for you. This is an absolute lifesaver, as the machine can take a ton of damage while you pick off all of the enemies. Be sure to take down the man with the RPG first, as he can do major damage if left untouched.

    Once you've cleared the platform, take the next sky-line down to the entrance of Soldier's field. Even though you previously cleared this area, there is another batch of enemies patrolling the area, including a Fireman. Use Shock Jockey to stun the Fireman, then shoot him down. After that, clean up the normal enemies in the area.

    Afterward, cross the bridge back to the opening area. You will encounter a Motorized Patriot here, but the combination of Shock Jockey and your gun should make the machine no problem at all. After the fight, take the elevator back down to Soldier's Field.


    With the new Vigor, you can open up two new places in this area to get a few key items. After you walk down the alley, head over to the Hotel in front of you and attach to one of the freight hooks. From the freight hook, dismount on the second-floor balcony and use the Shock Jockey on the power conduit to open the door. Inside here, you can find a new piece of Gear as well as a Voxophone ("Calling You Out") on the dresser and the bed, respectively.

    Gear n' Voxophones. What more could you ask for?

    Exit the hotel and jump back down. Opposite the hotel, there is the bookstore, which is now shut. After lifting the gate open, grab the lockpicks and any other items you might need. Back outside, head over to the toy store next to the merry-go-round and lift that gate. In here, use Shock Jockey on the power conduit to open a secret room with another package of Gear.


    Before you return to the gondola, open the tear for the Motorized Patriot and have it follow you to the power conduit. Power up the conduit and pull the lever. After a few rounds of dialogue, Comstock sicks more of his men on you. Begin this fight by protecting the Motorized Patriot from two rocket men (ala Elton John) on the ships.

    After the Motorized Patriot is destroyed, you should fall back all the way to the ice cream shop. Above the ice cream shop, there is a gun turret tear and also a cover tear. Ride on the sky-line up to the top of the ice cream shop and open the tear for the turret first. From this position, take out your trusty Sniper Rifle or Carbine (or even machine gun) and take down the enemies below. After the turret gets blown up, open the tear for the cover.

    Once you've cleared the area, a Motorized Patriot drops down next to the gondola. It's possible that your own Motorized Patriot tear might be back up; if so, use the tear and watch the two duke it out while you attack from behind. You can also use Shock Jockey on the Motorized Patriot to easily defeat it.


    After the fight, get on the gondola and tell Elizabeth to unlock the door to the controls room. Pull the lever to start the gondola.


    Listen to more of Booker's backstory, then exit the gondola. Head inside the building, go around the divider, and prepare for a small fight. There are five or six enemies that make their presence known in this room, either by jumping down or entering through the door up the stairs. You can either drop down some traps and back into the hall, or use the center divider as cover while you take them down.

    After clearing the area, stock up on items at the vendors in the right and left end of the hall and also look at the Kinetoscope ("A City Mourns") under the stairwell. Near the Kinetoscope, you should also find a lockpick.

    When you're ready, ascend the stairs and take the elevator to the airship. Cross the wooden ramp to reach the interior and grab the Infusion on the table and the silver bars on the other table. Use the console to start the airship. After another truth scene, talk to Elizabeth for an even longer scene. You'll end up on the 'docks, back with the same objective as before.

    Finkton Docks

    Voxophone "God's Blueprint"


    She certainly needs a LoJack or somethin'. Walk up the dock and cross the wooden ramp into the building with the red door. In here, grab the Voxophone ("God's Blueprint") in between the desks. Also, use the Veni! Vidi! Vigor! machine for some useful upgrades to your Vigors if you wish.

    Be ready: you're gonna piss off a lot of people when you take this!

    Exit this building and make your way across the dock to the opposite end. Open the door to the "Employees Only" building and grab the Gear next to the desk. Unfortunately, this sets off a bad chain of events: the cop in the room attacks you and then basically everyone on the dock. However, you can trap the door and fire from this building without too much fear of punishment. There are several cops and three Mosquitos in the air. In addition, a Motorized Patriot comes out from the inside of the town. In all instances, use the cover of the building and your Vigors vigorously.

    After the long battle, head inside the town via the walkway adjacent to the building where you obtained the gear. Follow the halls to an outside area with a freight-wreck. Do not step on the Shock Jockey traps, but instead go inside the inclined freight and hop down on the other side. Pry open the door in front of you to find Elizabeth.

    Beggar's Wharf

    Voxophone "Shame of my Service"


    Follow Elizabeth across the wooden walkways and crouch under the freight. Continue your pursuit as she throws various tears in your way that act as obstacles. The last tear, however, ends badly for Elizabeth as she gets caught by some soldiers.


    Grab the Voxophone ("Shame of my Service") on the desk behind one of the wall dividers. Afterward, open the door behind the wall divider on the opposite side of the room.

    The Voxophone behind the divider.

    Fort Franklin Pier



    If you want one, there is a sniper rifle down the ramp in the ship directly in front of you. Otherwise, take the wooden ramp to the left and ascend the stairs. While you hear Elizabeth yelling, walk over to the opening in the area. Don't waste any ammo trying to shoot the men that are holding Elizabeth as the glass is bulletproof.

    The mayhem causes basically every cop in the area to come after you. There is one enemy to the left and several to the right. After a few waves, a ship rides down with a turret and an RPG. To begin, you'll want to kill the cop on the left, drop down onto the crates, and take cover behind the crates on the left. From this position, take out any cops that you see, and use Possession on the turret when the ship flies in.

    After the battle, attach to the sky-line and ride to the other level. Open the door to the side and attach to the sky-line that Elizabeth made in the tear.


    Before you pursue her, get onto the sky-line in the opposite direction and drop down to the level below the current one. Head inside the jail room and grab the Infusion from inside the cell. Exit the cell and attach back onto the sky-line. Ride down to the lower platform and try to run over to Elizabeth to reach a scene.

    The Infusion in the cell.

    There is a Telescope to your immediate left and a gondola in the same area. The gondola's cabin is locked; it's a five lockpick door, but the room contains a piece of Gear and a silver bar. After looting those useful items, ascend the stairs to the doors of the Work Induction Center. There are vending machines on each end of the hall here. In one machine, you have a choice of several weapon upgrades if you have the money. As always, upgrade the stuff that you plan to use.

    This telescope, like the others, is easy to miss.

    Work Induction Center

    Voxophone "Seed of a Lie"Voxophone "A Product Like Any Other"
    Kinetoscope "The Path of the Vox Populi..."Infusion


    From the start, go left and use the Kinetoscope ("The Path of the Vox Populi...") up against the wall. Afterward, go down the hall and into the main room to find out that Finkton is blocked off. Before you continue, go to the locked door in the corner of the room. It is a five pick lock, but there is an Infusion and Volley Gun inside; this makes it well worth the five lockpick cost. Additionally, you can find another Voxophone ("A Product Like Any Other") behind the counter in the open room in this area.

    The Infusion in the locked room.


    There are two more locked doors down the stairs to the left and right of the blocked gate. Either of these locked doors works to continue. Once down in the level below, use Possession on the Motorized Patriot in the middle or the room and clear the room of the policemen. There are several men here, so your best bet is to set a few Shock Jockey traps to get 'em stunned. You can use the higher level as cover, or even go back to the beginning of this area entirely and fight them at the hall.

    When you've cleared the area, go inside the big office below and tell Elizabeth to open the one lockpick safe. Good stuff, this safe has around 150 Silver Eagles in it. There are also vending machines at both corners of this floor, but both machines don't sell anything new. Finally, there is a Voxophone ("Seed of a Lie") in the open locker next to the elevator.

    Another Voxophone stuffed in a locker.

    After looting the floor, press the button to call the elevator. While the elevator's making its sweet way down, Elizabeth grabs a journal of a very familiar person. Isn't she a little nosey? When the elevator finally arrive, get on and press the button to ride down. After listening to Fink's propaganda, Booker receives a curious call and then we descend down into Finkton.

    The Plaza of Zeal (I)

    Voxophone "The Invisible Color"Voxophone "We've Need of a Shepherd"
    Gear (2)Cipher


    Exit the elevator and grab the Hand Cannon on the table if you want to try it out. There are also lockpicks and other items on the table. After a conversation with the guard, the door to the plaza opens.


    In this area, there are workers bidding for how low they'll do work for. The auction ends pretty badly, but you had to clear the area of the policemen anyway. There are two roads that the policemen come down, and the clock tower is in the center of a "square" of sorts. There are two turrets at the end of each road that can help you kill the policemen. In addition, you can use the start of the area as cover and just kill the turrets later.

    After clearing the area, you should really spend the time and pillage everything around here while it's clear of enemies. Aside from the normal loot, there is a Voxophone ("The Invisible Color") in the corner of the area with the logs. It's to the right of the Good Time Club. There is also a piece of Gear on the roof above Gunsmith Chen Lin's establishment. To get up there, use the freight hooks that are all around this area.

    The Voxophone on the roof above the gunshop.

    In addition, you can find a locked door in the corner to the right of the elevator entrance. Simply hug the wall and when you reach the corner, you will find an outside area. It is just a one lockpick door, but inside you'll find a Cipher that you can break later on to get an Infusion and a Voxophone. The codebook is actually in the Good Time Club, so you'll get it soon.

    For now, head inside the gunsmith's store and grab the Voxophone ("We've Need of a Shepherd") on the tool table before you go inside. In the gunsmith's house, go up the stairs to the very top of the building. Booker thinks that this place has been ransacked, and if you go back downstairs, you'll see a crying Mrs. Lin who confirms his suspicions.


    Exit the gunsmith shop and watch as a Handyman drops down from the sky. This battle can be tough, but if you use Shock Jockey liberally while shooting at its heart (like the game prompts), you shouldn't have too much trouble. The Handyman drops some Gear after the hard-fought battle: be sure pick it up from where you destroyed him. After that, go to the Good Time Club, which is located at the end of the square.

    The Good Time Club

    Voxophone "Changing My Tune"Voxophone "His Design for Cruelty"
    Kinetoscope "Crime Comes to Shanty-Town"Kinetoscope "The First Lady"
    Kinetoscope "Gun-smith Set Free!"Infusion


    Walk inside and listen to Fink's job pitch. Go up either set of stairs and look at the Kinetoscope ("Crime Comes to Shanty-Town") on the wall next to the vending machine. When you're ready, enter the main part of the club to start your job interview.

    For this interview, you must fight through a few different waves of fellow applicants. The club itself is a large area and has quite a few tears, but they are all gun tears aside from the medical kit tear to the right behind the counter. Speaking of which, this is basically the best place for cover in the entire area. If you crouch behind the counter, the enemies must come to you, and you can even headshot them while you are crouched if you aim just above the counter. Also, you can use the medical kit if you are hurt!

    This bar is great cover for the fights with the fellow "applicants."

    The first wave consists of several normal gun-toting men and also a single Fireman. If you stay up near the bar, you can completely disregard the Fireman for now and just pick off the men as they come up to the second floor. When you've cleared them, fire away at the Fireman from the bar.

    For the second battle, you must kill a Crow man this time. He flies down onto the blue crate in the center of the stage; you can get a few shots in on him if you are quick enough. He'll just fly right over to your position behind the counter after that, but you can take care of him quickly if you stun him and blast away. As with the last wave, you'll also have to kill several normal enemies.

    For the final battle, you must face several machines. First, two turrets break open from the crates on either side of the stage, then a Motorized Patriot breaks out of the crate in the middle of the stage. For this fight, you should use Shock Jockey on the Motorized Patriot and quickly defeat it, then destroy the turrets the old-fashioned way: use cover and fire when its safe. After the two turrets, three Mosquitos fly down from above, but these machines are a pushover at this point in the game. Pop their balloons!

    Now that you've humored Fink enough, he opens the curtains on the stage for you to get to Mr. Chen Lin. Before you do so, however, go down the stairs near the counter and medical kit tear, then open the door next to the vending machine. In this private bar area, there is an Infusion on the counter.

    Free samples! Woohoo! Might as well try the Infusion.

    Make your way onto the stage and head into the room on the right. In this preparation area, grab the Voxophone ("Changing My Tune") on one of the makeup tables. After collecting it, go through the door and descend to the basement level.

    The Voxophone on the makeup table.

    Here, there are two guards that can be killed without too much trouble. Head down the hall and go through the open door on the right. Elizabeth reads the chalkboard and tells Booker that Chen Lin is in cell number nine.


    Tell Elizabeth to open the locked door. Before you enter fully, kill both of the patrolling guards inside before they catch you off-guard. In this "disposal" room, you can find the Codebook on the Chen Lin posters on a crate. With this item, you can crack the code back at the clock shop.

    The codebook! Now we can crack that Cipher!

    Head through the adjacent room with the projector of Mr. Chen Lin being interrogated and go into the following room. It's a long, narrow room with cells on each side, and there is one guard patrolling the hall. Kill him first, then take out his buddy who opens a door to the right. Grab the Voxophone ("His Design for Cruelty") on the stool at the beginning of the hall.

    At the cell that the guard came from, you can find Slate if you spared him before. You can kill him now if you feel merciful. At the very end of the hall, there are two cells: number eight and number nine. Chen is in number nine, but open number eight, which is the five lockpick door, to find some Gear inside.

    Afterward, tell Elizabeth to open cell number nine, then descend the series of stairs to the bottom. Press the button on the far side of the room to find a dead Mr. Chen Lin. Investigate the body and watch the scene that follows. Seems your favorite couple is at it again...


    If you've gotten everything that you wanted in the Good Time Club, open the tear to go to a brave new world.


    If you want, grab the Repeater that is on the table in what was the interrogation room. It is a pretty good weapon and you should try it out if you don't have a good secondary weapon yet. Head back up the stairs, through the cell area, and back into the club itself.

    There are enemies in this big area with the stage, the same area where you fought those three waves of applicants. Thankfully, these are just normal enemies, armed with guns, and they shouldn't prove much of a challenge at this point in the game. Just use the stage as cover while you blast away.

    Once the area is clear, make your way to the opposite end of the room and take a look at the Kinetoscope ("The First Lady") before you ascend the stairs and leave the club the way you originally came in. At the entrance, you'll also find another Kinetoscope ("Gun-smith Set Free!") to strengthen the story behind this tear's world. After that, exit the club to go back to the plaza.

    The Plaza of Zeal (II)

    Voxophone "A Truer Allegiance"


    You might as well clear this area and loot the buildings again. The right part is blocked off, so you must go all the way around the square to get to the gunsmith's shop anyway. Aside from the normal guards, there is a flak cannon man that should have priority in the killing queue.

    After clearing the area, you should go crack that Cipher now. In the locked room, Elizabeth deciphers the code: "The broken clock... tolls at midnight." This one's easy, as the clock you must set is right next to the cipher. Set it to midnight to open a hidden safe that contains an Infusion, a Volley Gun, and a Voxophone ("A Truer Allegiance").

    After cracking the Cipher, you find a hidden safe behind the clock!

    Afterward, head back to the gunsmith's shop. There is a turret right out front, but you shouldn't have much trouble destroying it.

    The Gunsmith's Shop



    Inside the shop, ascend the stairs to the top floor and talk to Mr. Chen Lin. He's not much help at all, so descend the stairs to find Sarah Lin at the Comstock statue. She states that they took Chen Lin's tools to Shantytown.


    Exit the gunsmith's shop to find a plaza that is, yet again, overran with enemies. It is possible to sprint to Shantytown's doors and ignore these guys if you like. Shantytown is easy to spot as there is a sign above the door with the name "Shantytown" in big letters.

    Through the Shantytown door, pull the lever to make the freights move. After some idle chat about Elizabeth's missing finger, the last of the freights finally move to unblock the door. In this area, you should open the gun turret tear to the right and use Possession on the RPG man on the rafters in front of you. With both of these distractions, you can easily pick off the enemies in this area. In addition, there are several puddles in this area that you can use to fry any enemies that dare tread them.

    After clearing the area, head to the building ahead of you (ignore the locked Vigor in the room for now) and push the button in the elevator to reach Shantytown.


    Voxophone "Fanning a Flame"Voxophone "Trapped"


    Exit the elevator and walk past the disgruntled poor people. At the street, go left to find a store with an Infusion. The owner of the store attacks when you take it, but he is easily defeated. Make your way back down the street and descend the stairs to the left. Take out the two enemies and enter the Graveyard Shift Bar.

    In here, go inside the backroom next to the bar counter and descend the stairs. Grab the Voxophone ("Fanning a Flame") on the desk. You can also use the guitar to find out that both Booker and Elizabeth should audition for "Columbian Idol." Still on this basement level, look near the stairs to find some Keys on top of a barrel. We'll find the chest to unlock soon enough.

    The glowing keys on top of the barrel.

    Make your way back through the bar and out to the street again. This time, actually go down the main street. At the steps, there are some poor people trying to ransack a vending machine. Open the tear that is near them to give them food, then collect the Silver Eagles on top of the vending machine.

    Head down the street, past all of the people and bonfires, and you can find a piece of Gear next to the vandalized machine near the steps. The Bull House Yard is down those steps, and there is unfortunately a big battle ahead.

    The Gear in the dirt by the vandalized machine.

    First of all, the 'yard is crawling with the normal, everyday, gun-toting enemies that don't prove too much of a problem. However, there are more enemies on the sky-lines, and yet more on the balconies in this area. To top that off, there are two gun turrets in the building ahead, and two rocket turrets above them.

    Quickly clear the area below you of the enemies, then jump on the sky-line. Hop from sky-line to sky-line until you reach the balcony with the medical kit and a lone sniper. Kill him and set up shop here while you take down the turrets. The rocket turrets can't touch you from behind one of the pillars, but the normal gun turrets can still do damage. Either grab the RPG here or use a gun and take down the small turrets.

    While you are destroying the gun turrets, the rocket turrets should fire off but harmlessly hit the building around you. After you've dealt with the two small turret, get to work on the rocket turrets. Again, use the RPG or a normal gun and just blast away. You can also use Shock Jockey to make these machines vulnerable, which will vastly increase your overall damage to them.

    With the heavy turrets out of the way, open the tear for the rocket automaton on the opposite end to take care of the Motorized Patriot, then clear the area of any remaining stragglers. Before you continue, take a look at the Telescope on the upper rafters at the beginning of this area. There is also a Voxophone ("Trapped") on a floor between two buildings. Use the middle sky-line and dismount when you see a floor with blood. After that, navigate the sky-lines to the building with the rocket turrets and tell Elizabeth to unlock the door.

    Yet another Telescope that is easy to miss!

    The Bull House Impound

    Voxophone "Terminated"Voxophone "That Goddamn Key"
    Voxophone "Kindling"Kinetoscope "Fitzroy Spotted!"
    Infusion (2)Gear


    Head through the gate and go inside the office to the right. In here, there is a Kinetoscope ("Fitzroy Spotted!") and a few desks with food to recover your health. When you're ready, enter through the red doors in the hall to reach the central part of the impound.

    Since this area is crawling with enemies, the first order of business is to use the tear in front of you to create cover. Run over to the cover and use it as you take out the guards in front of you. This cover is extremely effective as it protects against both side flanks. Just remember to shoot at the enemies on the second floor, too.

    When Elizabeth alerts you to the presence of a Motorized Patriot, you should sprint upstairs and immediately use Shock Jockey on the machine that came from behind you. After that, simply gun it down. You can also use Possession on the Motorized Patriot if you still have regular guards left to defeat.

    With the area clear, search the interrogation room in the left corner of the first floor. There is a Voxophone ("Terminated") under the desk. Ascend the stairs to the second floor now. There is a chance that you might encounter a few guards who weren't previously defeated in the last firefight; if you do, just kill them as you would any other enemy.

    After that, search the room near the stairs to find a locked room. This is a five lockpick room, but it contains both an Infusion and a piece of Gear. After collecting those, go over to the central area of the second floor, which is an office of sorts. In the far cubicle room on the left, there is a Voxophone ("That Goddamn Key") on a desk. Most importantly, next to the desk is the locked chest, and this chest contains another Infusion if you got the Keys at the graveyard bar in Shantytown.

    The locked chest. Good thing you got those keys at the bar!

    With all the special items out of the way, feel free to pillage whatever else you can find on the first and second floors. When you're ready, head down into the basement to find the tools. Tell Elizabeth to unlock the door, then head down to the tools themselves. Search the cells around here for various items, including a Silver Eagle bag and a rack of Carbines.

    Back at the tools, Elizabeth and Booker ruminate on how the heck they plan to haul them back, then Booker sees something. No, he's not hallucinating: it's a tear! Open the tear and grab the Burstgun from the crates if you want to try it out.


    Ascend the stairs and follow the small walkway to the office room. Grab the Voxophone ("Kindling") on the desk and ascend to the main floor. From here, walk back out to the Bull Yard.

    The Bull Yard

    Voxophone "Drawing Dead"
    Voxophone "That Eternal Shore"


    Things have certainly changed a lot! The men in red won't attack you; in fact, they'll help you defeat the enemies in this area. There are a few enemies on the level below, as well as a turret, but both are simple to defeat at this point in the game.

    Make your way back through Shantytown. With things the way they are now, it's something of a walk in the park. You should go to the Graveyard Shift Bar again and grab the Voxophone ("Drawing Dead") on the counter. Outside of the bar, you can find another Voxophone ("That Eternal Shore") on the ground next to the dead Handyman. There are a few photogenic soldiers that can't stop taking pictures with the dead Handyman. After that, ascend the stairs and use the elevator at the end of the street to return to Finkton Proper.

    "Handyman photo opportunity" - the Voxophone is near his hand.

    Finkton Proper

    Voxophone "All Debts Paid"
    Charge Vigor


    Grab the Charge Vigor from the busted-open cage in the ticket booth. Make your way around the divider to the same gunfight area. Open the tear for the turret automaton and take out the rocket man on the ship first. After that, kill any of the stragglers still around on the ground. Head into the freight area, pull the lever to move the freights, and exit back to the plaza.

    Don't miss your next Vigor, Charge, in the busted-open cage.

    This is another area with both allies and enemies. The allies are to the right, and the enemies are to the left. Take out the Mosquito flying in the street and the two enemies on the ground. Make your way down the street toward the gunsmith's shop, making sure to destroy the turret on the far side first. In the gunsmith's shop, grab the Voxophone ("All Debts Paid") and investigate the bodies. After that, it's off to see the factory, the wonderful factory of Columbia.