Ho can help me with the names of the cities on the map?

  1. the game is: Art of Murder: The Secret Files (PC). I got to a point where im stuck. There is a map and i need to put some broken papers on each city of the map. The cities are: Gustavo, Azulamonde, Oculifan, Santa Rita, Nexapo (APO), Verdo, Amelianos(ELIAN), Rosalia, Totoapon(TO), Camisiones(CA?! this goes here or), Castilloa(CA here maibe?!),Santa Rosalia, Ordo, Axutlama, Ojos Negros( OS NEG), Permierdo( ERDO), Cabezasses(CA can work here also), Pantalones, San Pedro, Naranjas, Atlabutla(UTLA), Miguel.
    The bigges mistery is where do i put the piece with the letters: AW????
    If someone allready past this step plz help i really want to play this game but im stuck here.

    User Info: arryna

    arryna - 7 years ago


  1. I'm stuck at there too! It's unbelievable that game dosen't have a hint or clue system to solve that puzzle. If anyone knows the way, please tell us!

    User Info: Bilgos4

    Bilgos4 - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. hey guys you just have to try and read what the small tabs say heres what i did:
    CA = Cabezasses (i think - it may have been Camisiones - it should only drop above one of them though)
    APO = Nexapo
    ELIAN = Amelianos
    TO = Totoapon
    OS NEG = Ojos Negros
    UTLA = Atlabutla
    AW = San Pedro
    When I did the puzzle I double checked my solution over and over again because i didnt get a prompt from the game to tell me it was correct - so what i did was attempt to join the cities and then a red line popped up, linking them all and had a circle around the top one as the place to go next.
    hope this helps you :)

    User Info: lulu4280

    lulu4280 - 7 years ago 0 0

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