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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

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    DmC: Devil May Cry - FAQ/Walkthrough

    Version 1.6 - Jan. 29, 2013


    Author: Krystal K. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

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    First of all, thanks for reading my FAQ. This guide is intended to walk you through the gameplay, while finding all Lost Souls, Key Locations, and Secret Missions. I try and make all my guide spoiler-free so do not expect me to tell you what is going on story wise as you play. I suggest you play through the game once on your own, and then use my guide as a hidden item finder if you don't care about how many hours you put into the game. If you want to play through each level as little as possible, then use this guide from beginning to end.

    If you want me to add something or notice a mistake, please email me at the above address with the correct information.

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    Playstation 3Xbox 360
    Left AnalogCharacter MovementLeft StickCharacter Movement
    Right AnalogCamera MovementRight StickCamera Movement
    OSpecial AttackBSpecial Attack
    SquareGun AttackXGun Attack
    TriangleSword AttackYSword Attack
    R1EvadeRTDemon Mode
    L1EvadeLTAngel Mode
    R2Demon ModeRBEvade
    L2Angel ModeLBEvade
    R3 + L3Devil TriggerR3 + L3Devil Trigger
    SelectItem ShortcutBackItem Shortcut


    Difficulty Modes

    ModeDifficultyUnlockChanges to Gameplay
    HumanVery Easy-Less enemies w/ reduced health and damage
    Demon HunterEasy-Enemies have reduced health and damage
    NephilimMedium-Everything is normal
    Son of SpardaHardBeat the gameMore difficult enemies, new attacks, and parry more
    Heaven or HellHardBeat the game on Son of SpardaSame as above, but enemies and Dante die in one hit
    Hell and HellVery HardBeat the game on Heaven or HellMore difficult enemies w/ normal health, but Dante dies in one hit
    Dante Must Die!Ultra HardBeat the game on Son of SpardaMore of EVERYTHING


    Basics Features


    Movement & Abilities

    Dante has the ability to get almost anywhere once he has unlocked his full potential; from diving out of the way of enemy attacks, gliding through the air, or grappling his way around.

    Gliding - Angel Boost

    Sometimes gaps are too big for for Dante to jump normally, but with Angel Boost they should be no problem. Once acquired, Dante can enter Angel mode before or as he jumps and hit X/A to glide away. The longer L2/LB is held, the farter he will go.

    Grappling - Demon Pull & Angel Lift

    There are two forms of grappling; Demon Pull, which pulls and object or enemy toward Dante, and Angel Lift, which pulls Dante to the object or enemy. Once mastered, these abilities not only aid in platforming, they can be extremely useful in battle.


    Health & Death

    Dante's health is tracked by the bar in the upper left corner of the HUD and as he takes damage the bar will dwindle until death. There are three ways to regain health: Green Orbs, Vital Stars, or purchasing a Health Cross, which also increases the maximum health. If depleted, Dante will die and the player must either continue by using a Gold Orb (this will revive him), continue from the last checkpoint, or quit the mission.


    Devil Trigger

    Devil Trigger is tracked by the purple bar underneath Dante's health and can only be used once the bar is past the white line. While active, the enemies will be thrust into the air and paused, Dante's attacks and defense will increase, and he regenerates health. It is best used when in a tight spot or a certain enemy needs to be taken out quickly to ease the rest of the battle.


    Combat & Level Scoring

    As Dante fights in battle he will gain Style Points and be awarded with a Style Rank. At the basic level of understand it is as simple as understanding that each time you land a successful kill the multiplier will increase and each hit taken will lower the multiplier. From there you must understand that each attack as a set value of Style Points assigned to it; the more damage done, the more points earned. Therefore, using an attack with no multiplier will generate less Style Points than if you had an SSS multiplier.

    The multiplier ranks are as follows:


    The more advanced understanding is that attacks decay in value the more they are used. This means that you will want to change up your attacks and weapons as much as possible to allow your points to soar. Using high damage attacks from weapons like Osiris and Arbiter in conjunction with bonuses such as Demon Evade will make your score skyrocket to insane numbers and help you get that SSS Rank on the level scoring (see below).


    At the end of each level the player will be assigned a Level Ranking that uses the following criteria:

    Style PointsThe majority of your overall score, it is the easiest way to get an SSS rank. As mentioned above, Style Points are earned in combat.
    TimeThis is based on the time it takes to finish the level from start to finish, not counting Secret Missions or cutscene. The quicker you are the better, but not at the loss of point earned from collectibles or combat, since these are worth far more points.
    CollectiblesThe score earned is purely based on the percent of Keys, Lost Souls, and Secret Missions you found in the level. Once found, they will remain counting for all repeated attempts at the mission.
    ItemsAny Vital Stars or Devil trigger Stars used in a mission is a straight penalty. While you may be tempted to never use an item, be aware that dying has a much higher penalty loss.
    DeathsLike items, this is a flat penalty for each death in the mission.


    Items & Weapons

    There are two types of items: Useable and Nonusable.


    Small Vital Star

    • Restores a small amount of Dante's health (about 1/2 before any upgrades and 1/5 after fully).

    Large Vital Star

    • Restore all of Dante's health, no matter if it is upgraded or not.

    Small Devil Trigger Star

    • Restores a small amount of the Devil Trigger (about 1/4).

    Large Devil Trigger Star

    • Restores all of Dante's Devil Trigger.

    Gold Orb

    • Revives Dante mid-battle to continue the fight.

    Health Cross

    • Increases Dante's maximum health.

    Devil Trigger Cross

    • Increases Dante's maximum Devil Trigger capacity.

    Health Cross Fragment

    Devil Trigger Cross Fragment



    The Rebellion is a balance of speed and power, with it being better at single-target damage than angelic weapons and has speed over the demonic weapons. Overall, it is a useful weapon for almost any situation, except against enemies with immunities and shields.

    RequiresPlaystation 3Xbox 360
    HackerGroundT T T TY Y Y Y
    Death CoilGroundT T Pause T T TY Y Pause Y Y Y
    HightimeGroundTap, or hold, OTap, or hold, B
    Aerial RaveMid-AirT T T TY Y Y Y
    RouletteMid-AirT T Pause TY Y Pause Y
    DriveGroundHold, then release, THold, then release, Y
    StingerGroundForward, Forward, TForward, Forward, Y
    Trillion StabsAfter StingerMash TMash Y


    Ebony and Ivory

    Ebony & Ivory are Dante's trademark handguns with unlimited bullets and no need to reload. These guns fire in rapid succession, but have a low damage output. They are best for interrupting enemy attacks rather than defeating enemies.

    RequiresPlaystation 3Xbox 360
    RicoshotGroundHold, then release, SHold, then release, X
    RainstormMid-AirX + SA + X
    Inverse RainstormGroundX + SA + X



    Arbiter is a huge battle axe and the first Demon weapon Dante will acquire. Although the highest damage output weapon in the game, it is slow and leaves Dante unable to evade mid swing. It is best suited for slow, stunned, or shielded enemies and on the ground.

    RequiresPlaystation 3Xbox 360
    JudgementGroundR2 + T T TRT + Y Y Y
    Trinity SmashGroundR2 + T T Pause TRT + Y Y Pause Y
    TremorGroundR2 + ORT + B
    Aerial FlushMid-AirR2 + TRT + Y
    DropMid-AirR2 + ORT + B
    FlushGroundR2 + Forward, Forward, TRT + Forward, Forward, Y



    The Osiris is a large and light scythe and one of the Slower and weaker than Rebellion, this angelic scyth reaps through crowds of enemies with its wide aoe swings as it becomes brighter and stronger the longer it is used. While Osiris has both ground and air moves, it really shines when used in the air, since it can juggle a number of enemies at once and dish out damage with its combos.

    RequiresPlaystation 3Xbox 360
    KarmaGroundL2 + T T T TLT + Y Y Y Y
    CleaverGroundL2 + T T Pause T T TLT + Y Y Pause Y Y Y
    PropGroundL2 + OLT + B
    ShredderMid-AirL2 + Tap, or hold, OLT + Tap, or hold, B
    HangerMid-AirL2 + T T TLT + Y Y Y
    Double UpMid-AirL2 + T T Pause T TLT + Y Y Pause Y Y
    RakeMid-AirL2 + OLT + B
    RazeGroundL2 + Hold, then release, TLT + Hold, then release, Y
    StreakGroundL2 + Forward, Forward, TLT + Forward, Forward, Y
    Feed-Attack enemies continuously to reach full charge



    These burning demonic gauntlets are ideal for tough close quarter combat. Each attack can be charges to increase damage and range, but it's greatest when used to stagger tough enemies or of interrupt their attack. It has a mid-range speed and is best used when Arbiter is too slow and evasion is needed at the last minute.

    RequiresPlaystation 3Xbox 360
    BrawlerGroundR2 + T T TRT + Y Y Y
    SlamGroundR2 + T T Pause TRT + Y Y Pause Y
    UppercutGroundR2 + ORT + B
    ShowdownMid-AirR2 + TRT + Y
    StompMid-AirR2 + ORT + B
    Snake EyeGroundR2 + Forward, Forward, TRT + Forward, Forward, Y
    Eryx ChargeMid-AirR2 + Hold T or ORT + Hold Y or B



    The Aquila is actually a pair of angelic blades that are powerful when fighting a large group of lesser enemies. It is best used in long range combat, as they have the widest melee range of any weapon in Dante's arsenal, but they lack any real form of damage. Their best move is Round Trip, which stuns any enemy for a decent period of time, and should be used in conjunction with other weapons.

    RequiresPlaystation 3Xbox 360
    KillerGroundL2 + T T T TLT + Y Y Y Y
    Buy InGroundL2 + T T Pause TLT + Y Y Pause Y
    Round TripGroundL2 + Tap, or hold, OLT + Tap, or hold, O
    SkirmishMid-AirL2 + T TLT + Y Y
    Aeriaal Buy InMid-AirL2 + T T Pause TLT + Y Y Pause Y
    CaliberMid-AirL2 + OLT + B
    TornadoMid-AirL2 + TLT + Y
    Big SlickGroundL2 + Forward, Forward, TLT + Forward, Forward, Y



    The Revenant is a human class weapon that works as a shotgun. It has the ability to knock back light enemies, but it is hindered by a slow firing speed and short range distance at which it is effective.

    RequiresPlaystation 3Xbox 360
    Charge ShotGroundHold, then release, SHold, then release, X
    FireworksMid-AirX + SA + X



    Kablooey doesn't actually fire bullets, it fires darts that must be manually detonated. It is best used to shoot multiple darts into an enemy that can be detonated later to interrupt an attack or frenzy state.

    RequiresPlaystation 3Xbox 360
    Charge Shot-X + SA + X



    The following guide assumes that you are playing on Nephilim mode, but will require hints for enhanced difficulty modes as well. The difficulty settings in DmC are less than generic, with multiple difficulties within a greater difficulty. What does that mean? Well, see the following chart:

    Normal Difficulty ModesHuman
    Devil Hunter
    Enhanced Difficulty ModesSon of Sparda
    Heaven or Hell
    Hell and Hell
    Dante Must Die!-

    On your first playthrough, you will only be able to select from the normal difficulty modes. Once you beat the game you can advance to the enhanced difficulty modes and then finally Dante Must Die!.


    Mission 1: Found

    After a debaucherious night of partying involving women, sex and a naked Dante dressing mid-air, Dante will find himself in limbo again with a whole new night of hell before him.

    Right away, you will presented with a tutorial fight to gain your bearings and understand the basic controls of DmC: Devil may Cry. Follow the on screen tutorial, assuming you have the feature enabled, to plow through your first fight with the Rebellion.

    Wave 1Wave 2Wave 3
    Normal DifficultiesLesser Stygian x3Lesser Stygian x3Lesser Stygian x3
    Enhanced DifficultiesStygian x2, Dark KnightStygian x2, Death KnightElite Stygian x2
    Dante Must Die!Stygian x2, RavagerStygian x2, RavagerElite Stygian x3
    This initial fight is considered a tutorial fight, and is therefore not to difficult on normal difficulties. The Less Stygian have predictable and easy to identify attacks and die in a few hits. Use Dante's Rebellion to slash your way through the easy enemies evade their attacks with R1/RB or L1/LB.

    Check the area for breakables containing Red Orbs and then head down the boardwalk and jump over the black stuff blocking the path for a cutscene.

    As the Hunter Demon destroys the section of the boardwalk, run forward and avoid the gaps and trailers that drop in your path. Stick to the center until you are forced left and keep going to jump on a falling trailer to reach the other side. After a quick intro to the new Bathos, Dante will have another wave fight on his hands.

    Wave 1Wave 2Wave 3Wave 4
    Normal DifficultiesBathosBathos x4Bathos x2Bathos x2, Lesser Stygian x2
    Enhanced DifficultiesBathosShielded Bathos x3, Dark Knight x2Shielded Bathos x2, Elite Stygian x2-
    Dante Must Die!BathosHarpy x2, Elite Stygian x3Harpy x3, Death Knight x2-
    Using Dante's guns, Ebony and Ivory, shoot the Bathos down. Other tactics that can be used are to hit their flaming grenades back in their face with a well timed slice from your sword or jumping up and attacking them in mid-air.

    After the fight another cutscene will introduce you the Kat , a medium of some sort, who will help Dante on his way through limbo. For now, let's focus on making our way through mission 1. After the cutscene, check the previous area for breakables and advance along the boardwalk.

    Lost Soul #1

    Although you cannot get this Lost Soul until you have Dante's Eryx weapon, you should make sure you note the black wall with glowing red crystal just past the Bathos fight area to the right. You will need to come back and get this later, if you want to complete the 100%.

    Continue along the boardwalk until you come across a quick scene that will introduce you to Lost Souls and allow you to collect the Lost Soul #2. To your left, you'll notice a set of broken platforms that lead off into the distance. Cross the platforms and collect the first Copper Key #1.

    Keys, which come in three types, open doors that provide Secret Missions. Each key can only be used once to open any door of the same type and will be lost after use. Do not fret though, there are an equal number of keys to doors and you will eventually unlock them all.

    See Key Locations for all locations, listed in order by chapter.

    Head back to the area with the Lost Soul and follow the path behind the building into a court with a spinning carnival ride for another fight.

    Normal DifficultiesLesser Stygian x8
    Enhanced DifficultiesLesser Stygian x5, Elite Stygian x3
    Dante Must Die!Lesser Stygian x8, Death Knight x2
    Although you can wade through this mob of enemies the old fashion way of physical combat, it is much more fun to tap O/B to launch the enemies up into the spinning carnival ride. Make sure you do not hold the button, as Dante will follow the creature and get smacked himself.

    For doing this 10 times, you get the trophy/achievement It's only the rain.

    After the fight, follow the linear path until you have to double-jump up to a Gold Orb and continue. When you reach the carousel, stick to the right to find a small alley with a Small Vital Star.

    Lost Soul #3

    In this area is the third Lost Soul in the level and the second that must be returned to later. If you look up in this alley you'll see glowing blue floating objects. These objects are used with the ability Angel Lift to reach a small island where the Lost Soul resides. You'll have to come back for it later.

    Continue and you will be introduced to the Divinity Statues/Shops where you can purchase upgrades and items. I suggest you only use the Red Orbs to purchase Health Crosses, since they upgrade Dante's health permanently. DO NOT buy Vital Stars, as these lower your score and you'll need to learn to survive without using them. Continue to another fight.

    Wave 1Wave 2
    Normal DifficultiesLesser Stygian x4, Bathos x3-
    Enhanced DifficultiesShielded Pathos x3, Frost Knight x3Shielded Bathos x2, Ravager x3
    Dante Must Die!Stygian x2, RavagerRage x2
    As the enemies slowly spawn in this fight, it is important to stay ahead of the curve by quickly killing the enemies. Make sure to keep moving to avoid the Bathos grenades and you should be fine.

    After the fight, the Hunter Demon will attack from a distance. Evade the attacks with R1/RT and make your way to the back right corner to enter a haunted house. Follow the path around the corner and be ready to avoid the Hunter Demon's claw as it pops through the side of the building. Once it has left the building, continue into the large main hall.

    In this hall you should find a small alley with a breakable and a Copper Door - Air Brawl. If you have the Copper Key from earlier, go ahead and use it to unlock the door. Although you can choose to take on the secret mission now, I will cover the all of these in the Secret Missions section of this guide.

    You do not lose your progress on the level you are currently playing and it will not affect your score in any way, even if you have to continue multiple times.

    When you are ready, approach the large mirror for a cutscene. Once it is clear, enter the new area and turn right and immediately look up at the wall for the Lost Soul #4.

    Lost Soul #5

    If you continue right into a small alley, you will find a glowing red door that can only be opened with the axe called Arbiter, which you gain in mission 2, so keep this in mind for later.

    Now follow the other direction past the first creepy doll and watch as the second is electrocuted. The small alley to the left of this second doll leads to a dead end, but also contains the Lost Soul #6 on the doors archway. Continue along the path to a clockwork room, which is in fact a lovely trap.

    Normal DifficultiesLesser Stygian x10
    Enhanced DifficultiesLesser Stygian x12, Death Knight
    Dante Must Die!Lesser Stygian x14, Death Knight
    Despite the large number of enemies, Dante can take these guys out by quickly knocking them into the spinning cogs. Keeping them bunched together will work to your advantage, allowing you to disrupt their sword attacks and deal damage to multiple targets.

    Once you have cleared the area, advance through the area by jumping over the cogs or timing a run through them. Watch out for the cogs on the ceiling as you go, as they can cause damage too, and make your way to the exit.



    The Hunter is the first boss you will encounter in DmC and it shows, with obvious attack tells and predictable phases. Firstly, you are going to want to focus all attacks on the Hunter's head, as this is it's weakness. Be wary of the knife, which flashes before an attack, to evade backwards and avoid being hit. Basically,, avoid being hit and aim for the head until dead. See the following Phase breakdown for more info.

    Phase I:

    The Hunter will advance on Dante on foot or jump and slash Dante as it lands nearby. Watch the knife in his hand to avoid attacks and focus on damaging its head. When you inflict enough damage, the Hunter will stagger and drop to a knee. Continue the assault until it falls completely to the ground, which means it is safe to go all out. If you have any advanced attacks or weapons, this is the time to use them.

    Phase II

    In this phase, the Hunter will blow a dark cloud of wind around the area and throw it's blade at you. It is all about the defensive as you must evade the burning blade five times as it makes its way through the area. Watch the blade and either use R1/RT to roll out of the way or X/A to jump over the horizontal version. After the 5th attack the fog will fade.

    Phase III

    The Hunter will retreat from the area and climb the nearby structures and fire upon Dante. As you have already dealt with this claw attack, it should be easy to predict and avoid as you fire back with Dante's guns. When he falls, go all out.

    Switching between these phases, the Hunter will continue the assault until dead.


    Mission 2: Home Truths

    After the long cutscene, Dante will be in a large mansion in limbo. Follow the path straight to a scene as you enter the foyer. Once you have control again, go up the main staircase and continue right until you spot the Copper Key #2 in a room near the front of the foyer. Return to the stairs and cross to the other side of the foyer and enter the hallway on the other side with a Divinity Statue just inside.

    Lost Soul #8

    If you look to the left of the Divinity Statue, you'll spot a small hallway with glowing blue vines. This area requires Dante to have either the Osiris or Aquila to get the Lost Soul behind the vines. Come back when you have either.

    Continue into the gallery for a cutscene and then a wave fight.

    Wave 1Wave 2Wave 3
    Normal DifficultiesLesser Stygian x4Lesser Stygian x4Death Knight
    Enhanced DifficultiesStygian x3, Death Knight x2Death Knight x2, ButcherBlood Rage x2
    Dante Must Die!Stygian x2, Elite Stygian x2DreamrunnerBlood Rage x2
    The Lesser Stygian should be no problem for you by now, so take them out until the Death Knight shows up. For now, without a proper weapon for these, the Death Knight's can be quite deadly. Focus on either attacking them as they prepare to attack Dante or getting behind them for rear attacks. If you do pound on their shields enough you can manage to guard break them, leaving them vulnerable.

    After the fight, approach the Sparda painting and retrieve the Arbiter axe, which we will get to put to use right away. In order to use the Arbiter, you must hold down R2 to equip it and then attack as normal. This will quickly break the Death Knight's guard and leave it open to attacks with your sword. Be careful, as you can not dodge mid swing, when Dante is vulnerable due to the slow swipe.

    After testing out your new weapon, leave the gallery out the other side for an obvious Lost Soul.

    Lost Soul #9

    Although this soul may look close, the wall retracts as Dante approaches and a large gap is revealed. This gap, which is actually too big for a normal jump, must be traversed after gaining the ability Angel Boost, which allows Dante to glide across.

    Note: I actually got this Soul with a double jump, but I may have been lucky with GREAT timing. It's possible, but if you miss there you shouldn't feel bad.

    As you fall into the pit below, turn around to spot the Lost Soul #10 on the wall nearby before continuing into the next room.

    Argent Key #1

    Spot the glowing red Eryx crystal on the floor. Although you cannot get it now, due to needing the Eryx, this is the hiding place for an Argent Key.

    Follow the path down and back to the foyer for another fight.

    Wave 1Wave 2
    Normal DifficultiesLesser Stygian x3, Death Knight-
    Enhanced DifficultiesStygian x3, Ravager x2Ravager, Elite Stygian x3
    Dante Must Die!Stygian x3, Elite Stygian x3Frost Knight x2
    By now you should have tactics down for these two enemies. Focus on avoiding the Death Knight when possible, but don't be afraid to switch to the Arbiter when they get all bunched together and attack them all. If you want to take out the Death Knight quickly, on the other hand, launch a Lesser Stygian nearby into the air to buy any time you need to get a few swipes of the Arbiter on the Death Knight.

    Lost Soul #7

    If you enter the hallway you just left, there is a glowing blue symbols high above on the right that will require Angel Lift to get up to the Lost Soul above.

    After a quick scene, following the fight, head up the glowing door and smash it with the Arbiter to enter. Turn around right away and kill the Lost Soul #11 directly above the door frame. Now continue onward.

    Lost Soul #12

    As you follow the ghostly children, you will see glowing blue vines. This means you will need an angelic weapon, Osiris or Aquila, to break through and get the Lost Soul.

    Follow the children, into a abandoned bedroom for another fight.

    Wave 1Wave 2
    Normal DifficultiesDeath Knight x3-
    Enhanced DifficultiesDeath Knight x3Death Knight
    Dante Must Die!Death Knight x4-
    This fight is best done defensively, to avoid too much damage. Evade attacks as you slowly hack the Death Knight's life away with the Arbiter 1-2 hits at a time. Do not get into a chain of attacks that leave you vulnerable to other Death Knights walking up and smacking you.

    After a cutscene, Dante will be in a dream-like area. Follow the path, and the tutorials, to learn how to use Dante's devil powers and make your way through the area. What you basically want to look for is glowing red spots in the distance that say "use the Arbiter and Square/Y" to pull them closer.

    When you reach a flat platform, the game will tell you to use Demon pull to grab the Bathos and pull them closer. After a easy fight, to learn how to use this in battle, you can move on to destroy the large stone with the Arbiter.

    Back in limbo, drop into the new room with the Copper Door - Simple Eradication and a Eryx crystal on the floor.

    Small Vital Star

    Using Eryx you can break the floor open and find this.

    Head forward and when the floor falls out, turn around and look up at the archway to find the Lost Soul #13. Now continue using Demon Pull and Arbiter to advance back to the foyer.

    Wave 1Wave 2
    Normal DifficultiesShielded Bathos x2, Lesser Stygian x2-
    Enhanced DifficultiesShielded Bathos x3, Death Knight x2Stygian x3
    Dante Must Die!Harpy x2, Death Knight x2-
    Although the Shielded Bathos may look intimidating, they are just as easy as normal Bathos when you deshield them with Demon Pull.

    After the fight, follow the floating platforms and break through the glowing door to reach a Divinity Statue.

    Lost Soul #14

    Once again, you will need an angelic weapon to break through the glowing blue vines ahead. Don't worry, you will be getting this soon.

    Follow the hallway to another gallery with another painting of a woman named Eva and more fighting.

    Wave 1Wave 2Wave 3
    Normal DifficultiesLesser Stygian x3, Death KnightLesser Stygian x12-
    Enhanced DifficultiesRavager x2, Frost KnightDreamrunnerGhost Rage x2
    Dante Must Die!Lesser Stygian x4, RavagerLesser Stygian x4, ButcherGhost Rage x2
    This fight is actually broken up by an event, with the first wave before and the second after. Start by defeating the first wave, in the normal fashion, and then examine the portrait to gain the Osiris. The second wave is you playground with the Osiris equipped by holding R2/RB. This is a mob killing weapon that causes a wide AOE damage with every swipe and is great for gaining points on a cluster of weak enemies. The more you use the Osiris in battle, the stronger it becomes as it charges up.

    Backtrack out of the gallery and turn left to open that previous glowing blue doorway by slashing multiple times. Inside, above the doorway, is the Lost Soul mentioned previously. Now, head straight out back to the foyer for a scene.

    Using the floating platforms and Demon Pull, reach the glowing red door and break it with Arbiter. Now blast through the glowing blue vines and check out the large gap on the right side of the hallway.

    Lost Soul #15

    This Lost Soul is clearly visible across a large gap. Even with a good double jump, this gap is too wide and will require Angel Boost to glide across.

    Note that this room also has the other Copper Door - Stylish Victory in this level.

    Now follow the path into the library for a scene and another dream-like level.

    It is now time to learn Angel Lift, the angelic version of Demon Pull, but instead of pulling the environment it pulls Dante from place to place. Use this to follow the linear path. As Demon Pull can move enemies to Dante, Angel Lift moves Dante to the enemy. This can be used to cross gaps or vault up into the air to reach an enemy. Use these tactics to continue through the level. Be careful of the last lift which requires you to quickly switch to Demon Pull.

    When Dante returns to the library the game will prompt you with a valuable tactical advice and another battle.

    Wave 1Wave 2
    Normal DifficultiesShielded Bathos x4, Lesser Stygian x3-
    Enhanced DifficultiesRavager x3, Death Knight x2Ravager x2, Death Knight x4
    Dante Must Die!Lesser Stygian x2, RavagerLesser Stygianx2, Witch
    Although the game has just taught you how to shoot the bombs back at the Bathos, it is much more effective to Demon Pull them into their own grenades. Evade frequently to avoid damage from incoming grenades and focus on the Bathos first.

    You can now exit the library for a cutscene. With your past mostly figured out, you will have a rough time exiting the mansion as you have to switch between Angel Lift and Demon Pull to progress. When you reach the long hallway, watch out as the hallway tilts left and right to make you miss jumps over gaps or slide you off your currently area. When you reach the other side the mission will end.


    Mission 3: Bloodlines

    After the catch on to what you have probably already figured out, you will be thrust into limbo and forced into a fight.

    Wave 1Wave 2
    Normal DifficultiesShielded Bathos x2, Death Knight x2Ravager
    Enhanced DifficultiesShielded Bathos x2, Stygian x2Shielded Pathos x2, Ravager x2
    Dante Must Die!Pathos x2, TyrantDreamrunner
    Focus on taking out the Shielded Bathos first by double Demon Pulling them and finishing them with your sword. Afterwards, focus on the Death Knights with the Arbiter, while making sure you do not leave yourself vulnerable to attack from the one while fighting the other. Once the first wave is complete you will meet the new Ravager monster. This chainsaw-wielding monster likes to charge right at Dante, so evade to the side to avoid damage. You will want to attack this guy from the sides and rear, but make sure you get evade to roll away when he lights up.

    After the fight, head through the archway and watch as the road ahead is destroyed. Turn around now and look up and left of the archway to spot the Lost Soul #16 before checking the left alley for a Small Vital Star and the right for a Divinity Statue. The wall nearby can be broken with the Arbiter and contains a Copper Key #3. Now return to the plaza for another fight.

    Wave 1Wave 2
    Normal DifficultiesLesser Stygian x8Ravager
    Enhanced DifficultiesDeath Knight x6, Ravager x2Butcher
    Dante Must Die!Rage Spawn x5Butcher, Rage Spawn x4
    Using the Osiris, take out all the Lesser Stygian until the Ravager shows up and then switch focus. The Ravager likes to attack whenever Dante attacks from the front or stands too close, so make sure to be careful. Switch between the Arbiter for damage and the Rebellion for maneuverability. It is best to only use 1-2 hits from Arbiter before preparing to dodge.

    After the fight, use Angel Lift on the glowing blue ledge near the doorway on the upper level to reach the 2nd floor. Inside, you will have a quick fight before you can continue.

    Normal DifficultiesRavager
    Enhanced DifficultiesRavager x2
    Dante Must Die!Ravager x2

    After the fight, follow the path and use Angel Lift to reach the last solid platform with the two spinning platforms circling nearby. Wait for the nearby platform to level and use it to reach the top of the fountain where a blue rose lies.

    In the dream world you will now have access to Angel Boost. Using your new ability, make your way through all the tutorials to break another rock with Arbiter. Note that the hardest combinations are when switching between Angel and Devil skills. Use this time to practice this.

    When you return to limbo, you will be faced with a new enemy and another wave of enemies.

    Wave 1Wave 2
    Normal DifficultiesPathos x2, Lesser Stygian x5, Death KnightRavager x2
    Enhanced DifficultiesShielded Pathos x2, Stygian x3Rage x2
    Dante Must Die!Shielded Bathos x2, Elite Stygian x3Rage, Witch
    Stay on top of the fountain and use Demon Pull to kill both of the Pathos before dropping to the ground. Once again, use Osiris to take out the Lesser Stygian while avoiding the Death Knight until you have dwindle the numbers down. Once the two Ravagers show up, focus on trying to get them airborne to allow for a good chain of attacks; the Arbiter's launch attack is great here.

    Instead of heading through the archway again, return to the 2nd floor and the turn around and stare out at the plaza. Notice the walkway off to the left, this can be Angel Boosted to, but the Argent Door - What Goes Around cannot be opened until you find an Argent Key. Return to the 2nd floor and follow the path to the Angel Lifts. Use the first two and then Angel Boost right to a small platform with the Lost Soul #18.

    Lost Soul #17

    If you look to the left of the first Angel Lift you just used, you'll see some angelic vines. If you want to try and get this with Osiris, you'll need to use the top of the first Angel Lift's platform to stand on (which can be reached from the Lost Soul #18's platform and then have Double Up with Osiris to just and perform the combo.

    This is easiest gotten from the ground with Aquila and then Angel Lifting up into the room.

    When you are ready, approach the archway and Angel Boost to the end of the level.


    Mission 4: Under Watch

    Dante just can't stay out of trouble it seems and within only a few steps of being in limbo he will be in for another fight.

    Wave 1Wave 2Wave 3
    Normal DifficultiesLesser Stygian x2, Stygian x5Ravager-
    Enhanced DifficultiesLesser Stygian x3Elite Stygian x2, Witch-
    Dante Must Die!Stygian x3Stygian x2, Elite Stygian x3Shielded Pathos x2, Ravager x2
    The beginning of this fight is a great place for style points, as the Stygian enemies have health but pose little threat. Once the Ravager shows up you will need to dispatch of it. If you want some advanced tips: launching a Ravager and then attacking it, Angel Lifting back to it when it is tossed out of range, will tear these guys apart.

    After the fight, check the area for breakables and make sure to the Lost Soul #19 in the front right corner of the building's archway. Now head down the left alley to Demon Pull and then Angel Lift up to a ledge. The buildings corner has the Lost Soul #20 above you on the right which can be damaged through the use of a simple jump.

    Return to the platform you were just on, if needed, and use Demon Pull and Angel Lift on the ledge across the street to reach the camera eye with another Demon Pull and unlock the area for advancement. Head down the path for a scene.

    Instead of following Kat, turn around to a small alley with a Small Vital Star and the Lost Soul #21 above the archway. Now continue to follow Kat's path.

    Argent Key #2

    As you reach the bottom of the steps, turn right down an alley to find a door with a Eryx door that is protecting another Argent Key. Once again, you will need to come back later to get this.

    Now, return to the main path and follow Kat to a tutorial about demonic shards and then continue again to a fight.

    Wave 1Wave 2
    Normal DifficultiesShielded Pathos x2, Stygian x2Shielded Pathos x2, Ravager
    Enhanced DifficultiesShielded Pathos, Ravager x2Harpy x2, Frost Knight x2
    Dante Must Die!Shielded Pathos, Death Knight x2Harpy, Hell Knight
    Shielded Pathos, like Shielded Bathos, are not much stronger than their original version. Using Demon Pull, grab the Shielded Pathos and pull them to you and finish them off before working on the Stygian. When the Ravager shows, take out the new Shielded Pathos before launching and killing the Ravager.

    After the fight, jump on the top of the fountain and search the area to spot the Lost Soul #22, which requires you to Angel Boost across to perform a mid-air combo. Return to the fountain and face the direction you entered from to spot and Angel Lift that you can boost to. When you land, look right to get the Lost Soul #23 and then return upstairs and follow the path to a Gold Key #1.

    Return to the fountain and continue along the only path available to be surprised by a crushing possibility of death. Using Angel Boost, glide through the claustrophobic trap and out the other side for a fight.

    Wave 1Wave 2Wave 3Wave 4
    Normal DifficultiesFrost KnightStygian x2, Frost KnightShielded Pathos x2, Stygian x4, Ravager-
    Enhanced DifficultiesFrost KnightShielded Pathos x2, Tyrant--
    Dante Must Die!Frost KnightStygian x4, Ravager x2Shielded Bathos x3, Death Knight x3Butcher
    The Frost Knight is immune to all attacks except angelic weapons, so bust out the Osiris and get to work. When the Stygian's appear, keep using the Osiris as an AOE weapon and make sure to avoid the Frost Knight's ranged attacks. On the final wave you want to focus on taking out the Shielded Pathos asap and then work on the Stygian while avoiding the Ravager's attacks. Finally, launch the Ravager and give it a kiss goodnight.

    There are three paths in this area, but you'll want to take the right one first. Just past the Divinty Statue, on the left, is an Angel Lift on the right. Use this to reach a higher platform and then make sure you can look down the alley to spot the Lost Soul #24, which can be reached with Angel Boost. Once the Lost Soul is dead, return to the platform and jump across to cut through the blue vines and reach a Copper Door - Simple Traversal. Leave the room and Angel Boost across the gap to another platform where you can Demon Pull the camera down from.

    Argent Door - Flawless Conquest

    Instead of dropping, look across the area to spot an Angel Lift in the distance. To reach this, you will need to double jump and then Angel Boost as far as possible to start the Angel Lift and reach the door.

    You can now continue down the farthest left path to continue, but make sure to get the breakables in the middle alley first. After the cutscene, Demon Pull the steps and surrounding structures to reach the glowing wall that can be broken with Arbiter and collect the Lost Soul #26. Now exit and spot the Lost Soul #25 directly across the way. Now drop down and destroy the final camera and pick a fight.

    Wave 1Wave 2
    Normal DifficultiesShielded Pathos x2, Lesser Stygian x3, Death KnightLesser Stygian x3, Ravager
    Enhanced DifficultiesHarpy, Lesser Stygian x3Rage, Blood Rage
    Dante Must Die!Shielded Pathos x2, Elite Stygian x3, Death KnightHarpy x2, Witch

    It's getting to the point where you should know how to take on most enemies, so I will only mention strategies on new enemy types.

    The central alley is the only way to go now, so head forward and watch as limbo begins to crumble around you. Using Angel Boost, make your way through the area as best you can. Be prepared to fire Ebony and Ivory as a set of Demonic Shards will be in your way. Defeat it and then continue through the area to a chapel.

    Wave 1Wave 2Wave 3Wave 4
    Normal DifficultiesShielded Pathos x2, Stygian x3Frost Knight x2Shielded Pathos x2, Ravager x2Tyrant
    Enhanced DifficultiesShielded Pathos x2, Elite Stygian x3Shielded Bathos x2, Frost Knight x3Tyrant x2-
    Dante Must Die!Shielded Pathos x2, Elite Stygian x3Frost Knight x2, TyrantShielded Pathos x3, Stygian x4, Butcher-
    As always, focus on taking out the Shielded Pathos first to ensure no ranged attacks will hit Dante. When the two Frost Knights appear, use Osiris launch attacks to perform a mid-air combo and avoid the ranged ground attacks by the other Frost Knight. The Shielded Pathos and Ravager wave can devastate Dante, since the room is small and leaves Dante with little room to avoid being hit by one Ravager while the he attacks the other. As usual, the best idea is to launch a Ravager and use Angel Lift to stay away from the other Ravager. Be careful and take your time, since the real fight is the Tyrant that follows.
    The Tyrant is easy, once you understand how he works. Consisting of two phases, the Tyrant will charge Dante and expose its back, which is weak to either Demon Pull or Angel Lift (you can't Demon Pull Tyrants when they frenzy). Continue to avoid Tyrant's charge and smash attacks and pull the Tyrant to its knees and get a few attacks with Arbiter in. Be careful, as the Tyrant will get up and attack Dante quickly.

    After the battle, and a cutscene, use Angel Boost to cross the collapsing chapel. Just as you think you have reached the end, the platform will pull back and you will need to Angel Lift to exit the chapel through the rose window.


    Mission 5: Virility

    After the cutscene, which is pretty visual interesting, Dante will be in the employee section of the Virility warehouse. Since Dante doesn't have any abilities in real life, simply follow Kat until you are thrust into limbo.

    Since the warehouse is full of containers, naturally you'll be doing a lot of traversal. Start by heading up and taking the left path using Demon Pull. You will quickly reach a set of Angel Lift's that lead to a small platform with a lot of Demon Pull containers in front of you. Instead of heading forward using Demon Pull, look up and left to spot an Angel Lift high in the sky. Use the Demon Pulls directly in front of you to get high enough to use the Angel Lift you just spotted and reach the Lost Soul #27. Now return to the containers below and continue to a fight.

    Normal DifficultiesPathos x2, Stygian x2
    Enhanced DifficultiesShielded Pathos x2, Stygian x4
    Dante Must Die!Shielded Pathos x2, Stygian x2, Elite Stygian

    Demon Pull the container on the left wall and use it to reach the Angel Lifts that take you to the other side of the level, where you would have ended up had you taken the right path originally. Turn left and perform an Angel Lift, followed by a Demon Pull, and then a Angel Boost. If you fall, don't worry the doors will stay open.

    Wave 1Wave 2Wave 3Wave 4
    Normal DifficultiesHell KnightStygian x2, Hell KnightShielded Pathos x3, Stygian x2, Tyrant-
    Enhanced DifficultiesHell KnightStygian x2, Frost Knight, Hell KnightWitch, Tyrant-
    Dante Must Die!Hell KnightStygian x2, Frost Knight, Hell KnightRavager x2, TyrantBathos x2, Dreamrunner
    The Hell Knight is the opposite version of the Frost Knight, meaning it only takes damage to Devil attacks. Holding R2/RB, got all out on the Hell Knight without worry of being set on fire, as Dante is immune in Devil mode. Repeat the process in wave 2, being a little cautious of the Stygian attacks, and then prepare for the third wave. Firstly, you want to take out the Pathos by using Demon Pull and then you can focus on the Stygian. When you are left with only the Tyrant, use the same strategy you used in the chapel on the previous level.

    Start by climbing the green crates on the one side of the yard and look for the Angel Lift in the distance that you'll need to boost to. This will lead you to the Lost Soul #28. You can then Angel Lift/Boost back to the yard. You can plainly see the Copper Key #4 behind a gate, but to reach it you will need to jump up on the crates to its right to get behind and collect it.

    Continue to a large area with a Divinity Statue and them climb the boxes nearby to reach a Copper Door - Demonic Conflict. Now drop and continue, shooting the Demonic Shards, until you reach another large area with a glowing red pipe and a quick fight. Using the glowing pipe, pull the platform across the area and advance to reach the Lost Soul #29 on the right wall.

    Follow the right wall, using Angel Boost, until you reach a container that can be Demon Pulled on your right. Do so and advance for a quick fight with some knights.

    Normal DifficultiesHell Knight, Frost Knight
    Enhanced DifficultiesStygian x2, Ravager x2
    Dante Must Die!Rage x2

    Instead of advancing, face the area you just traversed and the head left over a container to find the Lost Soul #31 hiding on the far wall. Now return to the area where you fought the knights and look up. The Lost Soul #32 can be gotten by jumping up the crates on the opposite side of the area.

    Lost Soul #30

    This Lost Soul requires Aquila, but if you want to know the location now it is on the upper level, across the way from #31, past some glowing vines on a floating container.

    From the highest level, head to the Angel Lifts on the left side of the room (facing out into the large room) and use them to propel across the area, Demon Pull a black web, and then continue to Angel Lift into a red container and reach the Eryx crystal wall. Now, turn around and Angel Lift to the right platform and follow it to the Argent Key #3.

    When you are ready, return to the area where you fought the knights and continue until the next big room with some big fights.

    Wave 1Wave 2Wave 3
    Normal DifficultiesStygian x12RavagerFrost Knight, Hell Knight
    Enhanced DifficultiesStygian x12Death Knight, Dreamrunner-
    Dante Must Die!Elite Stygian x3, Hell Knight x3Lesser Stygian x3, Witch-

    After the fight, you will need to find your way out of the maze. The correct path is: Right, straight through the angelic vines for a Small Vital Star, 2nd Left, Angel Boost over the two pools of liquid, kill the Death Knight, break open the wall with Arbiter to access the Argent Door - Displaced Skirmish, take a Left from the room, kill the Ravager, enter the nearby door to reach a Divinity Statue.

    From the Divinity Statue, turn around and follow the path to the mixing room for a fight.

    Wave 1Wave 2Wave 3
    Normal DifficultiesStygian x2, RavagerStygian x3, Hell KnightTyrant x2
    Enhanced DifficultiesStygian x3, Hell Knight x2Harpy x2, Stygian x3Tyrant x2
    Dante Must Die!Shielded Bathos x2, RavagerLesser Stygian x12Tyrant x2
    The first two waves should not pose much of a problem, just avoid the leaking containers of goo and keep your chain up. When the Tyrant x2 comes out, you will need to try and split them up by having 1 charge you and the other getting stuck behind the central column and away from Dante. If you manage to separate them enough, you can unleash a good deal of damage on a Tyrant without worrying about his buddy attacking you from behind. Be careful, as the liquid likes to go all over the place and kill your chain, if the Tyrant's don't do so themselves.

    When the fight is over, approach Kat to finish the level.


    Mission 6: Secret Ingredient

    After the cutscene, you will have a clock ticking down as you make your way through the first section of this game. Because you will need to stop for keys and Lost Souls you will likely run out of time. Do not fear, you can always go through once getting the items and then restart and beat the clock.

    Start by turning around and getting the Copper Key #5 on the ledge below. You can now advance until you reach the 1st Demon Pull. After the 1st Demon pull, upon reaching the other side via Angel Boost and Angel Lift, turn around and look up to find the Lost Soul #33. You can now rush to the end of the pipe and Demon Pull the hatch for a cutscene.

    Follow the pipe for another cutscene and then you will be on a flat platform below. Turn to your left and kill the Lost Soul #33 on the column nearby before moving forward. Look off to the left, before the final door to spot a Copper Door - Rapid Descent. When you are ready, head for the Succubus.



    The Succubus is weak on the forehead, but she guards herself with her many arms. Focus on her head and watch the glowing of her arms to indicate attack and roll to one side or the other, do not roll back. The move you need to watch out for is her blow attack, which will damage anything in front of her face, and her spewing of goo all over the platform. If you see here start to gurgle, use Angel Lift on either side of the platform to reach a new one. When you deplete her life, she will fall back into a vertical position and you can Demon Pull one of the cords attached to her cocoon.

    After pulling off a cord, Angel Lift back to the main platform, as she will destroy the one you are currently on, and repeat this process again to pull off the second cord.

    Once again, return to the main platform before she crushes it and you will now have no other platforms to work with. Repeat the process again and you will finally detach her from the hanging position and into the goo below. You must now Angel Lift out of the chamber and back into the previous room to escape.

    Just when you think it is safe, the Succubus will collapse the ground and leave you floating on a small platform. Look for the other flat platform floating on the right and Angel Lift to it. You can now Demon Pull her back toward the slicing propeller multiple time before Angel Lifting to the final platform and cutting her hands from the rock she has a grip on.

    You gain Eryx for completing this mission.