Review by Lord_of_Almarak

Reviewed: 01/28/13

A solid game in the vein of the classic DMC tradition

Devil May Cry 5, or DmC Devil May Cry for the PC, was a game that sparkled controversy ever since it was announced.

Instead of a proper 5th installment on the DMC series, we got treated to a reboot for the franchise, and after finishing it, I must say it's for the best.

Let's be honest here, the other DMC games were not precisely famous for their plot or character development; they were so haphazardly designed that the timeline is a mess; first game in the series is number, followed by number one, then number 4 and then DMC2. It only made plot holes more evident, and retcons to Dante's abilities and actual power level, they don't even have a consistent character design (first game was released on the PS2 near launch, the 4th game was multiplatform for xbox360 and PS3 along with PC)

So what we get here is a better developed setting, with a more consistent mythos and more defined characterizations, even if you happen to don't like the new versions of the classic characters.

From a gameplay point of view, it's still the same flashy combo heavy combat from before, only more streamlined; purists claim it's "dumbed down", I would call it simpler and more efficient; granted, you don't have to master super narrow timing windows to do well in this game, but the harder levels of difficulty are still quite challenging to pass without taking damage. In fact the game is only easier for people who have already mastered the old games, as getting crazy combos net you a ton of points to spend on buying abilities that will in turn; grant you even more options to do even crazier combos.

Character wise, the only real difference is the coat's design and colors (it's reversed from traditional Dante, leather coat with red linings instead of a cloth crimson coat with leather linings; the hoodie doesn't help much tough) and Dante's hair color and cut; an early FMV shows Dante getting a "wig" that has the older color and haircut, and you'd be hard pressed to find any actual facial features difference between both designs.

On the PC this is a wonderful port if you can even call it that; mid range PCs with under $200 video cards and mid range processors will be able to push the game over 60fps at 1080p with high resolution textures, beefier PCs will be able even to render it in 3D and sustain a playable framerate. So expect smooth video overall; it looks way bettr than the console versions, and since you can hook an xbox controller directly to the PC, you at least have an option to play it like it was intended with no need to reconfigure anything.

Unlike some other games out there, harder difficulty levels actually change the enemies roster and distribution; and don't force you to play the game from the beginning with only basic moves; everything you have already unlocked and bought it's there once you start playing in Son of Sparda difficulty and above.

So if you are not one of those people who have already mastered the old games and BAyonetta (a sort of spiritual successor to DMC, designed by the guy who designed DMC1 for the PS2) and you are interested in seeing a pre-God of War game - Devil May Cry was one of the first 3D brawlers with a complex combo system, and along with Lamment of Innocence, one of the precursors -by all means, give DmC a try; it's the perfect starting point for anybody interested in the franchise.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: DmC: Devil May Cry (US, 01/24/13)

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