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"This game has some bad bits, but even Dante was half demon"

The Devil May Cry series first released on the PS2 more than a decade ago. The series was a great collection of action games (though Devil May Cry 2 feel far short of the other three games) and have influenced other games since then. For the fifth game however, Capcom decided it was time to start over, and so we get this reboot from a different developer. The new Dante has a different attitude and tell anyone willing to fight him "**** you". It got a bit of flack from fans of the series, but since I was gifted this, I decided to give it a try and see how it compared.

Right, even here has a number of changes. Dante is someone who just doesn't really give a damn for others, but he will help the people fighting against the demons. His brother makes a return as well. The story is decent enough, even if I didn't like the cursing that was common in some parts of the story.

The game looks nice. While the reboot resulted in character redesigns, the important characters and the random enemies you will fight look pretty good. I'm not a big fan of the changes here, but they aren't ugly.

The music is suitable for the action. Can't say much more about it. Nothing really memorable. It does what it needs to. Sound effects are suitable for what is happening. It works. The voice acting is much the same. Its there, its okay, but I'm not really impressed by it.

A gamepad is the preferred choice of control for this game. While the keyboard can be used, I didn't find it as nice to use for certain actions as I did with a gamepad. Still, if you are someone unwilling to buy a gamepad for whatever reason, you can still play the game, your experience just won't be as smooth.

I'm mixed on the gameplay. I miss some of the combat options from previous games, like the Styles and classic Devil Trigger. However, the combat is still great, and Dante now has access to grappling using angelic or demonic weapons, which allows some other combat methods. It is impressive enough to keep you busy through the 20 missions that make the game. You will be smashing enemies away, pulling them back to you, sending them into the air to pull of a chain of hits and finishing them with a slam into the ground. You have access to several different weapons once your collection is complete, and can easily switch between them in moments, rather than being restricted to only a couple. Each of them have certain enemies they are best suited for, but other than a handful of enemies that can only be harmed by only one type of weapon, you can play with your favourites all you like.

The Devil Trigger is no longer as impressive. In this game, you won't be changing into another form with extra combat abilities, you instead just get a period of time where your health regenerates and you can beat on the enemies suspended in the air. I only rarely used this ability myself, though if you have trouble with mobs, this would allow you to beat on them for a short while your health builds back up.

Outside of combat, you will be running around locations, using your various talents to move around the dangerous areas that make the world of Devil May Cry. You will frequently be flying through the air grappling to items and pulling others out of your way, or gliding across pits. And you might jump up a few ledges.

There are a number of features to keep you busy with the game after beating the story. Each of the levels contains a number of secrets to find, including Lost Souls which drop more souls for buying items, and a number of hidden keys and doors. Each door unlocks an area with a special challenge to complete it. Each challenge will give you an upgrade item, so finding these will enhance your chances of surviving the enemies ahead.

As well as that, there are a number of difficulty settings to unlock, as well as attempting to get a SSS rank in each of the levels for each difficulty, and you could be playing this game for a very long time. The free Bloody Palace arena combat DLC should also add a significant amount of time to your gameplay.

The last bit to extend the gameplay is a paid DLC which gives a bit of post game story for Virgil, though I found this less impressive than the main game, as Virgil has access to less combat options, though his Devil Trigger ability is more impressive, since it calls a doppelganger to help you fight enemies. Still, if you can get it cheap, it adds 6 more missions to beat as well as some different combat to try out.

All in all, I can only say this is an okay game. The combat in the older games was more fun, and that is the main focus of the Devil May Cry games. However, it is still a suitable game for the series, and even if I prefer most of the classic games over this, I can't just say its the worst of the series either. It still comes ahead of Devil May Cry 2. Thats something.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/05/14

Game Release: DmC: Devil May Cry (US, 01/24/13)

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