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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

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    Leon & Helena's Campaign (Continued)

    Storage Key C

    Head to the new area that is opened by Helena and go to the back of the area where another door that requires Partner Action holds the final Storage Key C.

    Instead of heading straight for the exit, exit the bathroom and head right to find a ladder that leads to a metal chest with 5,000 Skill Points. Once you have that, head for the exit and use the keys to proceed.


    Inside the market shop, follow the path until Leon is seized by a Rasklapanje. If you are Helena, there is nothing you can do while Leon struggles. If you are Leon, rotate the L stick until you fill the bar, note that you will have to start over at one point, and then hit R1/RT as soon as the second prompt comes up or you will see what Leon's brains look like as they are spattered on the wall.


    Medical Research Center

    As you enter the building you will run into Ada Wong again, although she seems different. The door ahead is locked, so head down the stairs until you reach the long corridor with specimens on each side.

    You will need to Dash through the room and when the laser is activated, slide under the corner and continue to the end of the hall.

    If you make it to the elevator before the BSAA soldiers you are taken to room 01 and if you fail, you take the stairs to room 00.

    Room 00

    • Break the crates outside the room and then head inside. As you enter the room, break open the crates and take the hint of equipping the Shotgun.
    • As Ada triggers the trap of floor mines, use your Shotgun to bounce them back toward the BSAA members or destroy them while protecting your partner so they can hack the control panel. If you do this before the BSAA members complete their end, you are rewarded with 5,000 Skill Points x2 and 4,000 Skill Points.

    Room 01

    • Info Coming Soon

    Whether you beat the BSAA members or not, follow Ada and don't let her get too far away or it's Game Over. Eventually, you will get a scene and learn who the BSAA members are before moving on.

    After the scene, get the First Aid Spray from the room on the upper level and then break all the crates below for some juicy Magnum Ammo that hints at a boss fight. Now make your way to the double doors at the end of an alley to advance to a cutscene.



    After the cutscene, head through the train cars and gather the 9mm Ammo x2, 5.56 NATO Ammo, 12-Gauge Shells, and Red Herb and then climb up to encounter Simmons.

    Tactic 1:

    • Start with your Lightning Hawk and take a few shots until he turns human and run past. Simmons will change back into mutated form and follow you through the train. Keep at him with the Lightning Hawk and Sniper Rifle until he retreats to the top of the train. This is an indication that his tactics are going to change.

    Tactic 2:

    • Simmons will now pursue you from either the top or the bottom of the train. You must use the levels to stay away from him while getting in shots. The best idea is to get on the top of the train and shoot at him as you retreat to one of the ends of the train to jump down when he is too close. Keep going back and forth between the two levels to avoid Simmons and you should be okay. If you are in need of ammo, check the train cars for plenty of supplies. Eventually, Simmons will play dead and use the opportunity to toss Leon to the other train.

    Tactic 3:

    • As Leon, Simmons will chase after you on the other train car. Dash your way over the boxes, avoiding the stacks so you are not slowed down, and you will eventually jump back to the other train where you'll need to rapidly press X/A to climb up before Simmons attacks you.

    Tactic 4:

    • Simmons will now run alongside the trian car and shoot at your with his tentacle/appendage. Switch to your Shotgun and grab the Green Herb at the front of the car as you shoot across the way at Simmons. When he prepares to shoot, get behind a panel to avoid his fire. Continue this until he moves to the back of the car and hops inside, which leads to a QTE of Square + X / X + A.

    Tactic 5:

    • Watch and learn as Simmons derails another train with little effort. Make sure your Assault Rifle has max ammo and when Simmons charges the train, go all out in order to stumble him. If you fail, you will have to restart at the beginning of Tactic 4.

    With Simmons down, walk forward as you listen to the BSAA soldiers nearby to end the chapter.


    Trophy/Acheivement - Big Trouble in China

    RankAccuracy %DeathsClear Time (mins)Enemies Routed
    D49 or below10+111+2 or below



    Port Area

    After the scene, the streets will begin to fill with the infectious cloud of fog and kill anyone in its path, including you. You will need to follow the soldiers through the buildings to avoid the fog, while gathering items and shooting emblems.

    Start by hugging the right wall into a small alley with a gate that you'l' need your partner to help you open. Once it is open, hug the right wall and follow a soldier inside the building before the fog consumes you.

    The clothing shop has many valuable items, but your priority should be the Serpent Emblem on the top shelf on the right side of the shop. Once you shoot it, gather the 12-Gauge Shells, Red Herb and crates before running upstairs as zombies and fog make its way through the broken glass windows.

    Head to the top of the stairs and break open the nearby crates while the soldier opens the door and then follow him down a corridor where a flood of zombies enters from a doorway nearby. Mow them down as you make your way to the end of the hall to open the door to make your way out of the building.

    You will now get a short break as you ride through the town in the jeep. When the soldier stops to let you out, turn around and kill some zombies for the end game ranking and then make your way up and over the stack of vehicles to continue.


    High-Rise Area

    As you catch up the the events of the Prelude you will notice that a few things are different. For one, Helena is not hurt and you can stay in the area and kill the zombies without worry of the helicopter's bullets.

    Start by killing the zombies in the open area and then make your way down the alley and through the building. In the back alley, where you healed Helena, kill the two BSAA soldiers with body armor, grab the Green Herb, and shoot the Serpent Emblem in the back of the other truck before you continue.

    As you head down the stairs behind the alley a hoard of zombies will come running up. Throw a grenade or set a Remote Bomb to kill the mass and take out whatever is left as you continue forward.

    You already know what is coming, so jump over the railing and make your way forward until you get the cutscene with the explosion and run for your life to reach the helicopter and use the L stick to kick the zombie off your leg.

    Once again, Leon is behind the wheel so we will definately be crashing.

    Helicopter: As Leon

    • Follow the prompts as follows: Tap Square/X, Timed R1/RT to shoot the zombie BSAA soldier, Rotate the L stick, Square + X / X + A to dodge the falling helicopter.

    Helicopter: As Helena

    • Info Coming Soon

    You should now be safe and sound on the ground floor of the Quad Tower.


    Quad Tower Entrance

    Start by shooting the Serpent Emblem on some shelves on the right side of the lobby and then break open the crates to restock any ammo. Head through the doors and over the railing for more Simmons action.

    In order to conserve ammo, start by finding the explosive barrels and lure Simmons near one with a few shots to his head. Once he is over the barrel, shoot it and he should turn to human form. Run in and shoot him a few more times until he kneels and then hit R1/RT to engage in a melee fight where you have to tap X/A quickly. Doing this a few times should get your through the first stage of the battle.

    When the BSAA jeep shows up with turrets on the back, you automatically board and take position on the guns. Shoot Simmons' weak spots (the eyeball in his mouth, belly and back). When the jeep gets pinned focus on the eyeball in his mouth. Keep firing until the jeep is overturned and you are back on foot.

    If there are no more explosive barrels in the arena, use Remote Bombs and Incendiary Grenades to force him into human form and get some damage in. Eventually, Simmons will pop a hole in the oil truck that you have wanted to shoot all battle, causing its contents to spill on the floor. Make sure Simmons is in the liquid before you shoot the oil to cause massive damage and hopefully turn him human again.

    If this does not kill him, continue to use your grenades and Remote Bombs until he goes down.

    Just when you throught you were safe, the elevator collapses and you are forced to climb the cables. Like the plane climbing, you need to switch between R1/RT and L1/LT slowly in order to climb. If you fail, you will fall to the bottom.

    Once your reach the top of the cable you will be on a secluded section of bridge across the way from Ada. Cover her with your Sniper Rifle and check for a zombie behind you once in a while for more ammo.

    Eventually, the bridge will collapse and you will be forced to climb the cable again with Simmons on your tail. Keep climbing and watch for prompts if he gets close to avoid being thrown off the building. When you reach the top, Leon will jump to the bridge to aid the unconcious Ada.

    The boss battle is now separated into two paths.

    Simmons (Chimera Form): As Leon

    • You can easily avoid Simmons by dashing past him on either side. Aim for his neck and keep moving to avoid being hit. As you make your way around, zombies will crowd around and drop more items for you to grab and reload.
    • Eventually, Simmons will throw you off the roof and as you hang on for dear life Ada will save the day.

    Simmons (Chimera Form): As Helena

    • Info Coming Soon


    Quad Tower Roof

    Simmons blocks your path to the rooftop as hoards of zombies come in. Use any Incendiary Grenades you have and then switch to any weapon and deal damage to him.

    If you find yourself low on ammo, hide in the alcove off to the side and focus on the zombies to gain items. This is also a great place to go if you need to reload or heal.

    Keep this until the zombies decide he is a tasty snack and you are able to pass.

    Inside the gate, head under the stairs and look through the bars to shoot a Serpent Emblem. Now grab the crates nearby and make your way through the rooftops, breaking open crates as you go. Open the partner required door and then vault Helena up on the machine.

    Simmons (Fly Form): As Helena

    • Info Coming Soon

    Simmons (Fly Form): As Leon

    • As Helena helps move the container to the far side, you will need to distract Simmons so he does not kill you.
    • Start by aiming at him in the distance, focusing on the red eyes, and when he lands on the building next to you use your close range weapons.
    • If you fail to keep him occupied, he will knock the container off and you'll have to try again.
    • When you reach the other side you will automatically jump out as the container falls, along with Simmons.

    On the other side, kill the zombies and grab any items while you reload your weapons. When you are clear, smash the crates and climb the ladder to advance.

    The objective is to shoot off Simmons' legs and get him to grab the lightning rod zombie to regenerate. There are a couple of major difficulties involved in this battle. The first is that you are constantly being swamped with zombies and can not simply focus on the legs. The second is that it is no guarantee that Simmons will use the zombie you want to regenerate.

    Once you are stocked up from the crates nearby, focus on damaging the legs to try and get them to break off and force Simmons to regenerate. There are two ways to do damage:

    • Shoot the glowing bulbs on the legs and belly
    • When the camera angles up to a leg, use Sqaure + X/ X + A to dodge the attack and then R1/RT to counter by climbing the leg and planting an Incendiary Grenade in the leg

    Stop to clear out the zombies once in a while, since keeping the numbers low will help your chances in Simmons using the correct zombie to regenerate.

    When Simmons finally does use the correct zombie, the lightning rod will fall to the ground where you can pick it up and impale another zombie as bait.

    Each time Simmons grabs the zombie to regenerate it will do damage to his overall health and eventually he will fall to the ground and Leon will yell to aim for his head. There are two ways to deal with him now, thrust the spike into his head or have him regenerate his head with a spiked zombie. This should finish him...for now.

    After Simmons goes down, make your way to the helicopter and try to open the doors. Simmons will reappear and get ready to strike you. Quickly pick up the Rocket Launcher and shoot him in the head to complete the level and Leon's Campaign.

    For a unique medal, defeat Simmons without using the Rocket Launcher.

    Trophy/Acheivement - The Trouble with Women

    RankAccuracy %DeathsClear Time (mins)Enemies Routed
    D49 or below6+121+19 or below


    Chris & Piers' Campaign

    Chris and Piers' Campaign is much more action packed and intense than Leon & Helena's.

    If you are looking for something closer to Call of Duty action, you will want to swap over to this campaign to keep from becoming bored.


    Chapter 1

    June 29, 2013 / Eastern Europe

    Enjoy the intro and learn some backstory as to who Chris has become since the last time we saw him and meet his newish partner, Piers Nivans.


    Main Street

    June 30, 2013 / Waiyip China

    When you have control, use the O/B command to slide down the rope and join your group. Head through the building, breaking crates as your go, and exit the double doors.

    The street is full of press and civilians that you'll need to make your way past to reach the end of the street. The cars nearby blow up, diverting your course and forcing you to go through the buildings nearby.

    Head up the stairs and break the crates at the top, which generally are a Red and Green Herb. Head through the room of windows, which are shot through by enemy units, and check the butcher's kitchen for the first Serpent Emblem. Leave the kitchen, getting the nearby crate, and continue through the buildings.

    When you see a man kill two civilians, jump down and follow him into the next street. The J'avo regenerates its head when it is shot, but don't be discouraged by this and keep shooting to kill him. Afterward, head down the street for some action and before entering the door at the end check for crates nearby.


    Back Street

    Make your way into the next building and kill all the enemies.

    Like all trained soldiers, the group announce an all clear when the enemies are down. This is great for clear times, as you will know you can stop being careful and look for items quickly before moving on.

    Continue to make your way through the alley and buildings until you get a cutscene with a mutated J'avo. Clear the room while being careful not to get shot by the J'avo with a machine gun and then make your way upstairs to a door.

    Smash through the door and break the nearby crate before heading through the partner required door. Instead of rushing forward, take cover nearby and shoot the enemies as they approach. The machete J'avo like to rush forward, while the gun carrying ones hang back. Take out the advancing ones first, so you are not overrun with enemies, and then focus on the ones in the distance. Afterward, clear the area of crates and enter the next building.

    Smash the two crates inside, one of which covers a Serpent Emblem, and continue through the building and across a catwalk of fire. The next building has some more J'avo you'll need to take out before heading upstairs.

    As you approach the doorway on the left, be careful of the mutated J'avo that smashes through the door. Continue down the hall for another mutated J'avo and then enter the double doors.



    Smash the crates nearby and head up the staircase, with a few J'avo, to the roof for a cutscene.

    J'avo will pour in from the area in front of you, so take them out and then search the area for crates. When it is clear, climb the ladder and jump across the gap to climb either ladder to reach the highest point.

    Instead of going across the wooden platform, turn left and look at the top of the blue building under construction. At the top is a Serpent Emblem that is easily shot with Piers, but still possible as Chris.

    Continue across the rooftops, getting the crates, and climb the tall ladder to reach an area with more J'avo. Kill them and head for the zipline.

    Rooftops: As Chris

    • Tap Square/X to move across the area quickly as the J'avo shoot at you. Luckily, the J'avo are a poor shot and Piers has your back.
    • When you are on solid ground again, climb the ladder and shoot the J'avo nearby before you break the crates for items.
    • Make your way through the rooftops, watching for enemies that shoot from a distance or try and ambush you, to reunite with Piers.
    • Don't forget to go down his path for some items in crates.

    Rooftops: As Piers

    • Info Coming Soon

    Head through the partner required door and jump across the burning structures, which collapse and separate your team for a quick bit before you can regroup. Kill the enemies that advance while using cover to avoid being shot at a distance.

    When the coast is clear, head to the next building and climb the ladder.

    Hop down to a partner required door and head through to an ambush. As the bright floodlight turns on, you will be ambushed by enemies with the objective to hold out until Bravo Team appears. Use the explosive barrels in the area and keep moving to avoid being pinned down. The J'avo with guns are the deadliest, as they dwindle your health down from a distance, so take them out first.

    When Bravo Team appears, your new objective is to take out all the enemies. Do so and then grab any items you missed, including the Flash Grenade x3 on top of the large crate near the doorway to proceed.



    As you enter you are informed of a hostage situation, but first you need to deal with the loads of J'avo on your current floor. Keep moving and watch your back as you make your way through the area and defeat the J'avo. When you are given the all clear, go through the stairwell to floor 7.

    Make your way forward, checking the alcoves for crates, and when you enter the last room you will be swarmed with spider-like J'avo. Kill any that get to close, but your objective is the one holding the hostage. Use Flash Grenades when needed to get enemies off the ceilings and stomp on some heads. Avoiding shooting the hostage carrying J'avo, as this can kill the hostage, and stick to melee attacks.

    When HQ mentions the hostage on floor 8, head for the stairs and go up a level. Once again, kill any J'avo that are not carrying the hostage and then focus on tracking down and killing the one with the hostage.

    Return to the stairwell and down to the 6th floor for crates and a Serpent Emblem inside the bucther shop. Also get the 2,000 Skill Points in a chest behind the butcher shop before you take the elevator to the 1st floor.

    Mid-descent the elavtor will stop. Examine the ceiling panel and vault Piers up and to assist Chris. An RPG toting J'avo gets trigger happy and blows the elevator away. Kill him and then gather any crates nearby before using O/B to open the nearby doors and then take cover.

    The three machine gun J'avo will cover the elevator entrance and prevent you fom entering, so kill them from cover and enter the room. More J'avo enter nearby, so clear the floor of enemies and crates before moving to the door and head down to floor 2.

    Circle the area and grab any items from crates before looking down the big hole in the middle of the area. You will see a J'avo standing over the final hostage that you can shoot. Kill him and drop down into the area to clear it of enemies, including the one that drops down in slow-mo to try and kill the hostage.

    As the hostage and the rest of your team clear out, Piers and Chris are left inside the building due to a collapse. Follow the navigation to the 3rd floor and make your way through the collapsing building. If you or your partner falls down, use the L stick or O/B to get up. Head for the opening and jump into the clear.


    Trophy/Acheivement - Rescue the Hostages

    RankAccuracy %DeathsClear Time (mins)Enemies Routed
    D49 or below6+101+39 or below

    Chapter 2


    Edonian Street

    December 24, 2012 / Edonia, Eastern Europe

    You have been transported back in time...not really. As Chris remembers the events that brought him to his current position, you will be riding in an APC that is ambushed by J'avo.

    Taking cover behind the vehicle or the building, take out the J'avo in front of the barricade to the north. When it is clear, head through the building on the left for a bunch of crates.

    As you advance, the J'avo's arms may mutate into shield-like objects. If this happens, aim for the feet or get behind them to cause damage.

    From the building, head up the steps and take cover to focus on the snipers and turret using enemies. Once they are down and the military trucks move forward, you can jump over the wall and head up and around the corner into a building with more enemies and crates.

    Now, take the bridge and examine the partner required door for a cutscene.

    Focus on the face or the red pouch on its back as it approaches the bridge. Eventually, you will be forced off the bridge and be on the street on the other side.

    Head into the building on the right (while facing the bridge) and head up the stairs to be eye level with the monster. Continue to fire on it, but watch out for it punching open the wall. This is actually a good thing, as you can a better view of the monster.

    Continue to fire on it until it kneels and then run to its shoulder and press R1/RT, mount it's body and rapidly tap X/A to grab its spiked body part and thrust it into the pouch. This should end the battle.

    The BSAA comes in and clears out the area, leaving you to check for any crates you may have missed. Instead of following the truck, go back under the bridge, through the building, and across the bridge to the partner required door that triggered the B.O.W. to get the First Aid Spray, Assault Shotgun, and crate.

    Once it is clear, continue down the street and the vehicle will plow through the gate and head down the path. There are two places you need to cover as you head down the alley; one is the street level arched walkway that the vehicle is driving next to and the other is the building across the way, which has enemies shooting down at your troops.

    Follow the APC when the area is clear and when it hits a mine and becomes immobile, head into the building on the far side and crawl under the wall to reach a flanking position.

    Kill the two J'avo on the street and then rush to the ladder to get up and defeat the snipers. J'avo will likely pour in from your previous location, so cover the ladder as they try and climb up. When the area is clear, head to the fence in the back area to blow the fence.

    Finn will head straight for the train blocking your path and tell you to cover him. While enemies are sparce at the beginning, rush into the enemy territory and check the right side of the area to shoot a Serpent Emblem and then rush back. Now cover the area while Finn does what he does best.


    The Bridge

    Head down the stairs and turn around the corner to find a Green Herb on some barrels and smash the crates nearby. Continue onward, getting another crate, and when a scout signals you and thrust Piers across the gap.

    The Bridge: As Chris

    • Head across the bridge and when the explosion throwns you on your ass, crawl to Finn by using the L stick and X/A to crawl faster.
    • Head across the bridge, killing any enemies on turrets and advancing to their position so back-up doesn't take over, and when you reach the tank Chris will tell Piers about an explosive barrel behind it.
    • Bait the tank out by heading into the open and falling back a little until Piers can shoot the barrel. Once the tank is down, clear up any snipers that Piers missed and climb the ladder to the top area where you will need to drop a ladder for Piers to ascend to your level.

    The Bridge: As Piers

    • After being tossed across the gap, switch your rifle to Thermal Scope and head down the hall, full of J'avo. Once you have clear them out, go to the tower, where two more J'avo run in behind you.
    • Snipe the J'avo on the bridge that block Chris' path and when he radios for help Piers will comment that he can take the tank out if Chris lures it away. Turn off the Thermal Scope and when the tank moves out of the way, shoot the red tanker behind it.
    • The scout opens the door next to you so you can make your way to the bridge, but before you head up the stairs turn your attention to the top of the bridge's first support where a Serpent Emblem lies.
    • You can now make your way up to the bridge, through a train car, and hop down into a walkway to reach the ladder that Chris drops for you.

    With Piers and Chris reunited, head to the far side of the bridge and push the dumpster into the ocean to trigger an invasion. Run forward to the container near the downed train car and take cover. As the enemies paradrop into the area, cover yourself from the advancing hoard as Finn makes his way to the upper level.

    Shoot a paratrooper down before it hits the ground for a unique medal.

    When Finn announces his arrival, continue to fight J'avo until the camera hints that you need to fall back and take cover. Rush back and cover the area until the rail car comes within blasting range and into the river it goes.


    Outside City Hall

    As Chris and Piers reach City Hall they encounter Raccoon City survivor Sherry Birkin and the mercenary Jake Muller. Before they get to pleasantries, the enemies drop in another Ogroman for your killing pleasure.

    As soon as the Ogroman is dropped in, run away from it and enter the first building on your right. There are plenty of J'avo and an anti-aircraft gun inside. You need to kill the J'avo and cover Finn as he sets the charges.

    Ignore the Ogroman for now, as Sherry and Jake will distract it away from Finn and just cover the doorway to the building where enemies drop down. Once the 1st gun is down, clear the area of crates and head to the building at the far end of the street, which is likely where Sherry and Jake have taken the Ogroman.

    Enter the building and head for the turret, but do not man it. Take out the enemy sniper on the buildings nearby (there should be two) and then man the turret and use it on the Ogroman until it is dead. You should easily be able to get it to stagger and then jump on it's back and use the spine to stab the pouch. Don't let it get too close to the turret, as it can destroy it with an attack and it should go down after about 2-4 stabs (depending on difficulty).

    Once the first Ogroman is down, enter the building across the way that Finn has been standing at for a while and kill the J'avo inside. On the roof, cover the area oppsite the gun where J'avo come from. You should have no problem with the Ogroman down. Once the charge is set and the anti-aircraft gun down, another Ogroman will appear.

    Head downstairs into the basement of the current building to take the underground route through town. Be careful of the many J'avo that line the tunnels and grab all the crates, as well as a Green Herb and Red Herb.

    When you reach the first ladder that goes up, use it and head down the street and back to the 2nd building with the gun turret you used to kill the previous Ogroman. Use the same strategy of shooting and impaling him to kill him before you head back into the tunnels and follow Finn.

    Head through the building and drop into the fenced area where you will need to cover Finn from the enemies in the upper floors of the ruined building nearby. Once all three ant-aircraft guns are down you will advance to the next area.


    City Hall

    In the foyer of City Hall, smash all the crates and head behind the main staircase to find a Serpent Emblem. Finn will point out a door that you should head through to spot a woman in blue.

    As you walk down the hall, a J'avo bursts out of a room that contains 9mm Ammo, 12-Gauge Shells x2 and a crate. Once you got those, continue down the hall, breaking the crate in the bathroom, and jump down into the new room.

    The Napads are not as deadly as you would think and are extremely weak to Hand Grenades at their feet as well as Flash Grenades. Because they have hard shells that block your attacks, using a Flash Grenade to stun them and then melee off their shells is a great tactic.

    After their shells are missing use some Shotgun blasts, more melee, and stealth attacks to their back (if you use a Flash Grenade to stun them) are all great tactics. Watch out for their charge and stay out of arms reach to avoid their punches as you'll have no problem.

    Once all the Napads are down, clear the room of crates and follow Finn to a door that he blows off the hinges. Head down the hall, getting the crates, and open the door to a large room with more J'avo. Once clear, check the side room for 12-Gauge Shells and a Red Herb and then continue to the partner required door.

    After meeting the woman who introduces herself as Ada, check the small alcove inside the room for a Green Herb and Serpent Emblem before follwoing her back to the foyer.

    The foyer is filled with Napads that can easily overwhelm you in the open. Make the choice to either leave them be and run upstairs to the exit or take them on. If you decide to take them on, the passage behind the foyer stairs is a great place to bunch them together for Hand Grandes, Flash Grenades, and melee attacks. If you are playing as Piers, his rifle will stun them in one shot and usually pierces through them to stun multiple enemies. When you are clear, head for the 2nd floor door to advance.

    As you head into the next room, the chrystalis will pop and Strelats infest the room. Keep moving and focus on melee combat to take these guys out. When all three are dead, head to the door into the warehouse.

    More Strelats and Napads pop out of chrystalis coccoon as you make your way through the area. Follow the navigation, but enter the side room with a forklift to a door that leads to two crates on a walkway above the area. Once you are ready, head for the exit and chapter end.


    Trophy/Acheivement - Tragedy in Europe

    RankAccuracy %DeathsClear Time (mins)Enemies Routed
    D49 or below8+121+39 or below

    Chapter 3


    Tenement - Poisawan Entrance

    June 30, 2013 / Waiyip, China

    Jump down into the building ruins and make your way through the flames until an invisible snake snags one of the officers and drags him away. Follow the linear path to a playground where you can ride a panda (Chris only) and slide down the yellow slide, if you want to stop and play. Once you are done, head through the red gate to an abandoned street.

    Instead of heading to the right to continue, go to the upper left corner and shoot the Serpent Emblem. There is also a Green Herb in the bottom right corner and some crates that you should grab before climbing the nearby ladder.

    Break through the partner required door and make your way to a group of J'avo waiting around the corner (you can sneak in slowly and take them out one at a time if you want).

    Climb the ladder to another ledge and then try and climb a second ladder when two mutated J'avo hop down. Take them out with Shotgun quick shots and melee combat and then continue back up the ladder to some crates.

    The next room has a few J'avo that like to mutate their heads into big ugly bugs that spit silk at you. Once the first room is clear, head into the back room with three more J'avo and another room with a First Aid Spray and some crates.


    Poisawan Courtyard

    Jake and Sherry are in the courtyard below you, but you will be unable to reach them. Instead, focus on shooting any enemies that come up to your level and shooting what you can on the lower level.

    Eventually, the enemy numbers will dwindle enough that the game marks what is left for you to destroy. The last enemy or two is usually riding on the helicopters wing, so shoot them for a cutscene.

    After the area is clear, check around for any crates you may not have gotten and then head to the double doors to proceed. Follow your team through the stairwell and up a ladder to the rooftops where more crates are waiting. Follow the path to another door and then head straight, instead of up the ladder, to a Grenade Launcher, First Aid Spray, and 40mm Explosive Rounds x2. Now, climb the ladder to take on a non-B.O.W. boss.

    This battle is not that complex really, shoot the helicopter with the Grenade Laucher, ignore the J'avo, and make every shot count.

    It is possible to run out of ammo and screw yourself up in this section, so make sure the helicopter is in a fixed position before hitting the trigger. There is plenty of cover on the roof and a few crates on the other side of the building that may yield ammo.

    Keep moving and try to avoid the rockets that the helicopter shoots. The gatling gun fire is more annoying than hurtful, but that doesn't mean you should stand out in the open if you can avoid it. When the chooper takes enough damage you can proceed.


    Poisawan Inner Area

    Head through the corridor into a family room, past the Mahjong table and into the bedroom where a Serpent Emblem lies on a pillow. Continue through the house, getting a crate in a side room, and into the next hall where the snake makes another semi-appearance. Follow the team to a partner required door and enter.

    This place can be confusing, so use the navigational beacon to determine which way is the correct path and which leads to dead ends or crates. Once you reach the barber shop, break open the crates and advance for another snake appearance. Follow the path down a rope and push the debris out of the way to head down more ropes for a scene.

    No matter who you are, your objective is to get to the 2nd floor. Head through the building, grabbing any crates and proceed to the 2nd floor where your partner rejoins you to open a door. The snake thankfully returns one of your unit alive and slithers away into a hole. Follow it through the door and down the hole into a butcher shop where you get to finally fight the thing.

    The snake is easily avoided if you keep moving around instead of standing in one place. Circle the area as you look for the liquid like snake and when it appears, shoot it with your Shotgun in the body and then the mouth. Continue this tactic until the snake has had enough and slithers away through a vent.

    Follow the snake, on your back with your Shotgun at the ready, as you make your way through the vent. When it tries to snack on you, shoot it in the face and proceed.

    On the other side, be ready to rotate the L stick to get free of the surprise attack and then continue your onslaught. There are plenty of crates in this room and 12-Gauge Shells in the next room. Keep moving and use the same tactic you did before until it slithers away through some double doors.

    Instead of following the snakes, look for another low vent in the sweatshop that leads to some living quarters with Green Herb x2 and 10,000 Skill Points. Now head back and follow the snake up a ladder.

    You are knocked down into a sewer-like area and the snake circles the area. You can't shoot it, as the hardened shell protects it, so head for the ladders on the other side of the area. Grab the Green Herbs x2 and then head to the central panel. You have to pull the lever as the snake passes through the puddle below.

    The first time, miss or not, the machine will unplug and Marco will get electrocuted pushing it back in. Repeat the process to defeat the snake.

    Once the snake is defeated, head to Marco to climb up to his side and grab the Red Herb. Instead of walking into the plug and taking damage, go through the door on your right to a partner required door.

    Unfortunately for Marco, Ada appears and turns him into a Gnezdo. This B.O.W. is not overly deadly, but can be a pain to kill. Focus on the swarm of flies that likes to take the form of a human, but when the Queen pops away from the bunch shoot her. Keep this up until the chrystalis is destroyed and you get Marco's C4 Explosive.

    Check the room for any crates and then blow the double doors nearby for a quick scene. Head down the stairs and through a partner required door to continue.


    Stilt Housing Area

    Hop down and break open the crates before you jump to the boat and proceed. Enemies come in from the left side, so take cover and focus on taking them out before you continue. Once they are neutralized, go ahead and break open the crates and proceed through the boats.

    There are plenty of snipers on this level, so use the cover and shoot what you can before you proceed. If you need to get closer, go ahead and take either path when it splits. Check to make sure you get all the crates in the area before you proceed and continue to the partner action door.

    A helicopter appears and proceeds to open fire as you run over the boats. Do not stop and continue to follow Piers past any enemies that appear.

    When you reach the building, head left and take cover behind the banister and railing near the ladder. Instead of going up, look to the left above a green building under construction and find the Serpent Emblem. When the helicopter finished a round of fire, pop up and shoot it and then go upstairs.

    As your head through the rooms looking for vases of Grenade Laucher ammo, don't be afraid to take out a few J'avo. When the helicopter isn't shooting, pop out and get a few shots off before returning to cover. With the chopper down, jump to the dock and watch the pagoda explode and sink...why? Because they COULD, that's why.

    Head through the docks, killing the many J'avo that block your path and grabbing the 4,000 Skill Points from a chest, and then climb the ladder to some crates. When you are all restocked, head through the partner required door.


    Medical Research Center

    Make your way through the warehouse and head through the door into a long hallway filled with specimen.

    If you have played Leon's campaign you know what is to come, if not, you will need to Dash through the room under a laser and break the panels on either side of the door to disengage the laser field.

    If you make it to the elevator before the other team you are taken to room 01 and if you fail, you take the stairs to room 00.

    Room 00

    • Break the crates outside the door and then enter. As you enter the room, break open the crates and take the hint of equipping the Shotgun. As Ada triggers the trap of floor mines, use your Shotgun to bounce them back toward the other team or destroy them.
    • No matter if yo are playing Chris or Piers, you must pry open the wall panel to allow your partner to hotwire the system. Protect your partner until the security is unlocked. If you beat the other team, gather the 5,000 Skill Points x2 and 4,000 Skill Points on the other side.

    Room 01

    • Info Coming Soon

    Whether you beat the other team or not, follow Ada and don't let her get too far away or it's Game Over. Eventually, you will get a scene with Leon and Helena and be forced to head after Ada.


    Main Thoroughfare

    This is by far the dumbest part of the whole game. You start out driving, if you are Piers, or shooting, if you are Chris. Either way, you must pursue Ada through the streets and you shoot and destroy J'avo jeeps. I am going to leave this all up to you, since the section is linear. My only suggestions are BOOST OFTEN and try to avoid enemy jeeps that slow you down.

    There is some good news for this portion of the games:

    • Failing does not count as a death and will not effect your ranking, except for time spent in the chapter.
    • There is a Serpent Emblem in the garage when you lose Ada. When Piers stops the truck, due to a barricade of J'avo jeeps, aim for the back wall above the central jeep to shoot it.


    Trophy/Acheivement - After Her!

    RankAccuracy %DeathsClear Time (mins)Enemies Routed
    D49 or below8+131+24 or below

    Chapter 4


    Trophy/Acheivement - There's Always Hope

    RankAccuracy %DeathsClear Time (mins)Enemies Routed
    D49 or below8+121+34 or below

    Chapter 5


    Trophy/Acheivement - After Her!

    RankAccuracy %DeathsClear Time (mins)Enemies Routed
    D49 or below8+131+24 or below


    Chapter 5


    Underwater Facility 1

    Jake and Sherry wake in Neo-Umbrella's underwater facility, bound in chains. When you have control, look around the room's ceiling to find a Serpent Emblem near the pipes. You can't shoot it now, but you will want to know where it is so you can quickly get it when you are armed. Examine the glass to the left of the door and then boost Sherry into the identified vent nearby.

    If you are playing as Jake, there is nothing you can do except wait. If you are playing as Sherry, crawl through the vent and press X/A to crawl faster until you fall through a weak panel, just before running into the Rasklapanje. Get to your feet and grab the gear and 9mm Ammo x2 and then shoot the button below the red light on the door panel to free Jake.

    Immediately head into the room and shoot the Serpent Emblem from earlier and then kill the Rasklapanje to open the far door and exit the room. Break the crate near the elevator control panel and then check the panel. Pull the levers on each side of the control panel to turn on the first reserve battery and cause another Rasklapanje to spawn. Immediately turn around and open the partner required door behind you to access the gear platform that goes up and down a shaft.

    You'll need to go through the next few areas pulling similar levers while avoiding Rasklapanje at the same time. Ride the elevator to room E and jump inside to another Rasklapanje. Kill or lure it out of the main room and then rush back to pull the partner levers direcly next to the doors to open room C.

    You can't jump back onto the elevator, so head down the hall to a back room with 12-Gauge Shells. Turn around and take a right into the small lab for 9mm Ammo, a Green Herb and a Serpent Emblem in the cabinets and on the desk. Exit the room to thr right, facing the direction of the cabinet that held the emblem, and then jump to the elevator when it passes.

    Hop off at room C where there are meat grinders. If you want a unique medal, try and grind a Rasklapanje's hand by standing in front of the grinder and hitting R1/RT with a severed hand nearby. If you don't care, rush in and head right, as Jake, and left, as Sherry, to reach the levers and start up the third reserve battery (there is also a Remote Bomb and 9mm Ammo on the consoles next to the levers that you should grab) Make your way back to the elevator and jump on as it passes.

    Underwater Facility 1: as Jake

    • Jump off at room D and grab the items in the crates, .50 Magnum Ammo, and 5,000 Skill Points. Wait for the upper platform, the one with the blue lights, to lower and hop on to reach room G. Grab the 12-Gauge Shells from the nearby console and head down the hall to another room with 9mm Ammo and a lever. Hopefully, Sherry has reached her lever on the other side of the electric field and you can pull them.

    Underwater Facility 1: As Sherry

    • From the red lift, head to room F and run through it back to the other side and exit from room E to the blue lift. Jump off at room I and make your way through the area to the partner lever across the electric field from Jake.

    Once the final reserve battery is turned on, a Rasklapanje will spawn on Jake's side. The only way to get back together is to have Jake shoot the Rasklapanje into the electric beams and disrupt the power. Unfortunately, this causes the lifts to go haywire due to the surge created. Head through Sherry'section to the other exit and pull the lever nearby to drop the crane and the jump to the lift.

    A Rasklapanje will follow you onto the lift, which you must kill, before you can proceed. As the crane breaks and the lifts whirls uncontrolably, Jake and Sherry both fall to the lift below. Use the L stick to climb up between the two lifts and rapidly press X/A to crawl through in true Terminator style. When you reach the end, you'll jump into room B and be back at the elevator, which you should use.


    Underwater Facility - Lower Levels

    After the interesting run in with Chris and Piers, search the area for crates and then approach the console and turn on the lifts. Feel free to ride the lifts with any partner you choose for different dialog and defeat the many J'avo as you ascend. When you reach the top you will be split up from Chris and Piers by Haos.


    Underwater Facility 2

    Head through the long corridor, stocking up from all the crates, and enter the partner required door.

    Fighting Ustanak is pointless on the weak walkways, so immediately turn around and jump down to the next level. Run through the zigzagged area and then push the container out of your way with your partner to jump down again.

    This level is where the real battle begins, but first there are a few things to get. Start by heading right and for three crates and continue to a single crate in the distance. If you look behind this crate, on the pillar in the distance, you can find a Serpent Emblem. Now, focus on dodging Ustanak's flail arm while shooting him until you fall to the ground.

    Ustanak will now pull lava from the ground, creating lava pockets. Avoid these until the cool as you continue to shoot Ustanak and avoid his charge attack. Now is the time to use your biggest artillary, including Explosive Rounds and Remote Bombs. Once you do enough damage, Ustanak will stagger.

    Underwater Facility 2: As Sherry

    • If you are playing as Sherry, approach him and hit R1/RT to wrap around his neck and rapidly hit X/A, while Jake tears off his flail-like arm..
    • When you and Jake are separated, climb the ladder and make your way to the control panel to lauch containers at Ustanak and help Jake.

    Underwater Facility 2: As Jake

    • If you are playing as Jake, Sherry will grab Ustanak and you'll need to approach to tear off his arm.
    • With Ustanak and yourself disarmed, you'll enter hand-to-hand combat.
      • Wait for Ustanak to raise his arm for an attack and then unleash a punch combo or palm strike to throw it off balance.
      • Dodge any attacks you don't interupt and take your time, do not wildly throw kicks and punches.
      • Continue until the prompt for X/A appears and tap it repeatedly to finish him off...

    When you have control again, rejoin your partner exit the area through the partner required door nearby.


    Shipping Center

    Head down the hall and upon exiting the door look right for a Serpent Emblem that you can kick. Continue through the partner required door nearby and pull both levers to start the high speed platform.

    Like all great bosses, Ustanak isn't dead yet and attacks the lift. Using R1/RT and L1/LT, switch slowly between each, not letting go of one until you press the next, and climb the cargo platform. Keep going to the container and hit O/B to release it.

    Although it stuns Ustanak, it does not finish him off. Continue climbing to the next partner action to release a pipe with O/B and then rapidly press X/A to release the rest and then continue climbing.

    Pissed, Ustanak launches in front of you and breaks open a crate of guns. Crawl to the gun between you and Ustanak and when prompted hit R1/RT to shoot him in the heart and end the level.


    Trophy/Acheivement - See You Around

    RankAccuracy %DeathsClear Time (mins)Enemies Routed
    D49 or below6+111+1 or below