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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

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    Chapter 1

    June 27, 2013 / Deep Sea, Northern Atlantic


    Submarine Interior

    The key to Ada's missions are stealth, since she is not capable of dealing with never ending enemy spawns. Open the door and walk down the corridor and take cover on the wall at the intersection and stealth kill the J'avo. Continue straight, ignoring the yellow lasered doorway, and crawl through a short corridor to the other side.

    Carefully walk to the corner nearby and take cover to stealth kill another J'avo. There is a J'avo on the other side of the yellow lasers that can see you, so wait until he walks away and enter the doorway to the left of the lasers. Crawl under a gap in the sleeping chambers and stealth kill the J'avo on the other side before slowly advancing to the door, where that pacing J'avo is. Wait for him to walk away and rush in for a stealth kill to proceed.

    Continue slowly to the next yellow lasered doorway, peaking around corners to make sure you are not seen. When you reach the doorway you'll notice that a J'avo paced the area behind the lasers and there is no way to get by without being seen. Pull out your Crossbow and take aim at his head when he stops for an instant kill.

    The room to the right of the lasered doorway has a J'avo that does not set off the alarm, but he does mutate if you fail to kill him in one hit. Take cover and aim for his head. If you fail, and he mutates, use a Quick Shot to pin him down and finish with a melee attack.

    Enter the crawl space on the other side of the room and crawl to the other side of the laser beams, collect any items and jump down to the next level.

    Continue forward, using Ada's grappling hook, and peek around the corners for more stealth kills. When you reach the trio of J'avo, you will be forced to become noticed the minute you kill one. Take one out with the Crossbow and then throw an Incendiary Grenade in to finish off the rest. Break the crates nearby for items and then continue.

    You'll come to a hall where two J'avo pace back and forth and another hides in a room. Take the one in the room out first and then deal with the two in the hall, killing one when the other is walking away. Break all the crates in the area for items and then continue up the stairs to a small bedroom on the right that has a Serpent Emblem on top of the cabinet.

    Continue to the next crawl space and drop into the fancy puzzle room.

    Start by examining the button by the door to note that it is locked and then head behind the partition and look through the opening. It is blocked by the horns of the goat on the other side, so go around and examine it to move them. Return to the opening and look through to see an image within the painting (Snake, Fish, or Eagle). You must now go around the room and examine the four consoles to change the image on the doorway's display to match the animal in the painting. Once the image matches, examine the door to proceed (if it is incorrect you will get a light shock).

    The next area has turrets that take out the J'avo in your way. Walk down the hall and step on the glowing floor to activate the turret and destroy the J'avo and continue to the projection room.

    Grab the Red Herb, Green Herb, and Incendiary Grenades x2 before you watch the projection. When the video finishes, you will be ambushed by some J'avo that can be taken out with a grenade. Finish off any survivors and then exit the room and head right into the newly opened area.

    Deal with the J'avos or run back and straight the the glowing red light to lure the J'avos to their death and continue. Run to the end of the hall and kill the two J'avo that drop down and then climb up into the vent.

    Drop into the next area and you'll see a glowing white panel for a turret in the area below. Head rown and activate it and then continue forward toward the crates to lure the enemies into the turrets fire. When then start to head over the container, rush back and around the corner to another turret activation. Grab the 9mm Ammo and any items dropped by the crates and enemies and then head around the corner.

    A J'avo is controlling the ground turret that prevents you from moving forward. Crawl along the first container and when there is a break in the fire, rush to the other side of the room and grab the Green Herb before hoping over and activating the glowing turret trigger. Once the J'avo is dead, break the crates behind you and move forward to the reactor.


    Submarine Reactor

    Open the door and walk left to the end of the room and turn around to find a Serpent Emblem. Break the two crates in the room and jump down to grab the Assault Shotgun. Turn left at the intersection and quick shot the Glava-Smech with your crossbow and finish it off to grab the crate. Turn around and kill the J'avo that has likely headed your way, if he saw you, or kill him with a headshot. Continue down the hall for another J'avo and make your way to the ladder.

    The reactor room has a bunch of J'avo with guns that like to shoot from a distance. Rush in and take them out or take them from cover with your Crossbow, but ignore the two J'avo at the far end of the room that can not reach you. Grab all the items from drops and crates and then shoot one of the J'avo on the far side of the room for a cinematic.

    Grapple your way to the upper level from the metal walkway at the back of the reactor room and head through the door. Kill the J'avo and break the crate behind the partition and head through the bulkhead to the next room.

    Jump across the catwalks as you make your way forward and grapple to the far side. The walkways become unstable and you'll need to dash through the area to reach the bulkhead on the other side. Follow the linear path and grapple up another level and then take out the two J'avo as you continue.

    Grapple up another floor to the bay rush forward as sub starts to pitch and roll. Eventually, Ada will fall to the ground and you'll have to crawl with the L stick while hitting X/A to use stamina to move quicker. When you are nearly to the exit, the sub will turn all the way vertical and Ada will be riding a container down. Hit the X/A button when the prompt pops up.

    Head forward and Ada will indicate that you need to go up the shaft as the water starts to rush in behind you. Grapple to the next level and then run to the ladder and climb it. Rush forward and jump across the gap to the left and head to the end of the hall to another ladder on your right. CLimb it and jump across another gap and take the ladder on your left to a hall with a crawl space at the end.

    Go under the crawl space and kill the Noga-Trchanje with the Ammo 50 or Assault Shotgun and turn left. Before climbing the ladder, look right and shoot the Serpent Emblem and then continue up the ladder. Head right and examine the valve to shut off the water by rotating the L stick and then return under the crawl space and continue forward and right to another ladder.

    Rush forward and hop down and then dash and slide under the crawl space to the left into the next room where you can grapple up a level. Turn around and run across the mesh grate on the right to the ladder and climb up to another floor with two crates. Run around one to jump the gap and then run to the ladder and head up again. Climb the crates and then use the grapple to reach the end.


    Submarine Torpedo Room

    Head straight down the hall and defeat the Gnezdo before jumping the second partition, turning around, and melee attacking the Serpent Emblem. Break the crates and then turn around and head back over the partition to the end of the hall where a ladder is. Crawl up both ladder, head through a crawl space and drop into a control room.

    Examine the panel and then jump off and head past the panel across some partitions and into a room with two Gnezdo. Ignore them and head left over a partition and break open the crate before climbing up to another crate and another crawl space.

    Crawl through to the other side, where more Gnezdo await, and rush to the end of the hall for a crate before jumping over the nearby partition into a room with a Gnezdo and two water filled bulkhead doors. Jump into the right one and swim down, past the ladder, and then out of another bulkhead door. Climb up the nearby ledge and turn on the power.

    Return to the water and go back the way you came, across the ladders in the bottom right of the room, and pop out. Jump into the other water across the way and follow it to the other side where you can kick the doors open. Jump over and climb the crates to enter the crawl space and exit into the torpedo room.

    Climb back up the platform and actviate the control panel. As the voice of Ada Wong asks questions, J'avo will attack you and try to prevent you from answering questions quickly. Your goal is to take ake out the enemies with the machine guns first and leave the knife J'avo for later while approaching the panel, from either level, and hitting O/B to answer questions. If you manage to turn an enemy or two into the explosive bugs, leave them alone and stay on the upper platform (they can't jump up). Once all 5 questions are answered, the camera angle will change and you can grapple up and finish the level.


    Trophy/Acheivement - I Spy

    RankAccuracy %DeathsClear Time (mins)Enemies Routed
    D49 or below6+111+29 or below

    Chapter 2

    June 29, 2013 / Tall Oaks, USA


    Forest Cemetery

    Wait to hear all the dialog before you take a few steps forward and witness Leon and Helena enter the cathedral grounds. Turn around and break open the crates before continuing around a corner to a tomb. Do not jump down and walk behind the tomb marker for a Serpent Emblem and a crate. Now drop into the underground through the crypt's cover.

    Follow the path to a chest with a rusty lock and shoot it off to get the Simmons Family Crest Piece A. The doors will close and two corpses will drop down behind you. Kill them and head into the next room for some crates and grapple up into the gap to continue.

    Climb the ladder and examine the door across the way twice to place the first puzzle piece and then head right, taking the first left twice to come crates. Return to the path to the right and head straight to a sarcophagus that can be opened for a Green Herb before entering the tomb that was opened.

    Follow the path to a red door and enter a chamber with many iron doors. Ignore the doors and take the stairs on your left to a crate and then shoot the lock on the stairs to drop a platform that can be crossed to the Amber Key.

    Head back downstairs and open the door on your left with a chest in the middle of the room. As you enter a zombie will drop the crate into a pit and then attack you. Kill him and break open the crates in the room, making sure to also get the Sniper Rifle. If you take a second to look up, you will notice that corpses are held above you by padlocks that you can shoot to drop them. Take a minute to shoot each one down ONCE for items.

    Head to the left side of the lever, the side the rifle was on, and push it to be directly below the hanging corpse and shoot him down to hold the lever. You can now jump into the hole and grab the Simmons Family Crest Piece B.

    To get out of the room, push the two chaired zombies onto the electric circuits nearby, giving yourself a small shock as well. When a third zombie drops from the ceiling, lure it over the third circuit and melee attack it to finish the puzzle and return to the main room.

    With the power restored, pull the lever to the next room and watch as three zombies enter and then jump across and the floor will collapse due to the weight. Gather any items dropped and break open the crates before you crawl through the vent and head back to the main room again where the camera focuses on the pinned zombie on the wall. As you probably guessed, you need to use the crossbow to pin the zombies to the wall so you can jump across and collect the Simmons Family Ring.

    Return to the room with the hanging zombies and examine the door at the back to exit the underground and grapple across the area until you find the skull with missing pieces that cloaked zombies seem to be wearing.

    Break open the crates on the first floor and then climb the ladder to more crates and a room full of zombies. Kill the zombies and then pursue the cloaked zombie into another room will cells, that will once again release a hoard of zombies. Continue into the final hoard and kill all the enemies, including the cloaked one, and pick up the Skull's Gold Tooth.

    Head through the vent back to the main room and place the tooth on the skull.

    Switch to your Ammo Box 50 and then grapple up to the other ladder. As you walk into the room you will fall into a trap with a spinning blade. Immediately hold down on your L stick and hit X/A to crawl away. When the path turns to Ada's right, hit L1/LT to arm yourself and crawl forward as you kill two spitting zombies. Once they are dead, continue to crawl forward and take a left when a Whopper blocks your path.

    Exit the crawl space and attack the cloacked zombie, ignoring the Whopper. Once you defeat the cloacked zombie, grab the Skull's Red Eye and the skill points dropped by the Whopper, who has probably been killed by the spinning blades. Return to the skull and place the eye to continue and get the Simmons Family Crest Piece C.

    Follow the path to the crypt exit and place the final two pieces to drop into another room. Immediately turn around and look up for another Serpent Emblem and then continue to the altar corridor.


    Altar Corridor

    The following section you should know how to play, due to completing Leon's Campaign.

    When Deborah first mutates, a single hit on her glowing orbs will drop you into the depths and split you and Leon up from Helena. Follow the path, using the partner actions to get across the gaps, until you reach the first major fight with Deborah.

    Focus on her glowing spots and keep moving. Watch out for when she drops down and tries to pounch on you as you lure her to the TNT crates and use them to blow her up. When enough damage is dealt, you will drop below and be with Helena this time.

    Jump into the cart and cover Leon as he makes his way down and eventually joins you. Ride it, avoiding the obstacles and shooting the TNT crates that block your path. When you crash at the bottom, wait for Leon to save you and then take out Deborah to save Helena.

    When you have control of Ada again, continue forward to break open the pots and ride the elevator to the underground lab.


    Underground Lab

    Break the crates outside the elevator and head through the door where there are two Whoopers you'll want to kill. Use grenades, the generators, and your Shotgun focused on their legs to take them out and get the Laboratory Key.

    Once they are dead, clear the area of crates and head to the stairs near the water, where another Whooper will come in for the attack. Kill the beast and then head back to the steps to shoot a Serpent Emblem.

    Once the whole area is clear, go to the door on the opposite side of the area and unlock the door to grapple up to another Whooper. Kill the thing and then break the crates as you advance, but be careful of the Napad that burst through the door. Kill it with your Shotgun and get then get the 4,000 Skill Points from the chest that was caged with it.

    Continue on to another crate and hallway, where a Napad burst through, and then jump down into the water. Instead of running down the tunnel, turn around to shoot a Serpent Emblem and open some crates. Continue down the tunnel, under the grate, and grapple up to the experiment room.

    You know this area from Leon's Campaign and while the chrystalis did not break then, they will break soon enough. Clear the area of crates and then continue to set off the alarm and have all the chrystalis' break and release Napads. Luckily, the Napad's will not all break at the same time, so kill them quickly and you will be much safer. Start by luring each into a generator and shooting it with your handgun and then unload a Shotgun or Sniper Rifle into it until dead. Watch the red arrows to make sure nothing is coming from behind and when all enemies are defeated the doors will open.

    Finish breaking all the crates in the area and continue to the room where Leon saw the tape of a chrystalis Ada to watch it as well.


    Trophy/Acheivement - Counterintelligence

    RankAccuracy %DeathsClear Time (mins)Enemies Routed
    D49 or below6+91+9 or below

    Chapter 3

    June 30, 2013 / Waiyip, China


    Tenement - Bin Street

    Follow the soldiers to the playground and take a moment to slide down the yellow slide for a medal. The gate that you went through as Chris is blocked, so head to the left and hop on the box near the other red gate and grapple to an area with two J'avo. Kill them and exit to the street where two Rua-Srp attack.

    Make your way up the street, killing two more J'avo that jump down, and check the stalls nearby for 100 Skill Points x2, Normal Arrows, 50 Skills Points, and a Serpent Emblem in the stall on the left by the blockade. Make your way around to the back of the left stalls, by backtracking and entering a gap to go behind them, and continue to two more J'avo.

    Head into the stall with the dangling white butterflies in front of you for some Pipe Bomb Arrows on the blue container and then up the street to the stall in the right hand corner for a First Aid Spray. Grab the 9mm Ammo on a table by the door and the bust in on some J'avo. One of these J'avo will always turn into a Strelats, which you can defeat with a melee combo QTE (R1/RT, X/A, R1 or Square / RT or X).

    Exit into the alley and break the crates before advancing and killing another J'avo. Afterwards, hug the right wall to enter a gap that takes you behind the burning vehicles to a Serpent Emblem. Continue forward and check the stalls for Normal Arrows, 300 Skill Points, 12-Gauge Shells, and 9mm Ammo while a Strelats runs around intimidating you. Once you have the items, head to the back area to take out a J'avo and any Strelats that are alive and then jump the fence and grapple over the bus.


    Shopping District

    As you enter a chrystlis will break open to reveal Ubistvo, but now is not the time to fight. Instead, run for your lift across the bamboo walkways, across gaps, and over or under obstacles until you escape.

    Before dropping into the area, snipe as many zombies as you can (a total of 9) and then gather all the drops, crates, Green Herb, and 2,000 Skill Points before you grab the Back Street Key from the corpse and reanimate the zombie.

    When you try to open the nearby door the Ubistvo will reappear and steal the key.

    Use the ladders to climb up and shoot Ubistvo from a distance as much as possible. When he jumps up, get in a few shots before you jump down to lure him off the awning.

    The main thing to watch out for is the zombies crawling around that can hold you until Ubistvo comes over and kills you. Shoot them with a quick shot or simply avoid them as you use the levels to defeat Ubistvo.

    After you retreive the Back Street Key again, kill any remaining zombies and head for the exit. Collect the items from the crate and then automatically board a moving bus.

    You don't want to fight Ubistvo this time, simply run to the end of the bus and hit X/A to grapple to the other side. Do this until a low hanging sign knocks him off, while avoiding it yourself by grappling away.

    When the bus stops, look toward the bamboo walkway and shoot the Serpent Emblem in back quickly before the bus is underway again. As the bus reverses, continue the tactic of grappling to avoid him until you reach a railway and automatically grapple up.

    Ubistvo is much slower and attacks in a straight line. Use your Pipe Bomb Arrows and quick shot him to cause massive damage to his body as you break the crates open and gather items. Keep moving and melee him when he is stunned.

    Eventually, a train will come down the track for a section of QTE's (Square/X, R1/RT, and, X/A). You will once again find yourself on the tracks in a new area with new crates. Continue the same strategy as before until the BSAA get on the radio and another train comes by. This time, rotate the L stick to prevent Ubistvo's attack and you will escape via the train.



    Run through the train and grapple up to view Leon and Helena crash, magnificently, and then you'll automatically grapple into an apartment building. Head inside and break the crates and look in to bottom right corner of the stairs as you walk down to find a Serpent Emblem hiding behind the crates, barely visible. Enter the house, break some crates, and leave through the other side of the area.


    Stilt Housing Area

    Don't worry about Jake and Sherry too much, as they are undefeatable, and head across the girders to gather plenty of Sniper Rifle ammo from the crates and vases. Continue all the way to the end, and jump down on the hanging girders for a bunch of crates and then shoot Ubistvo until it plows into the neon sign.

    Grapple across the gap in front of you and continue along the path for more crates and vases until you land high above the area on a crane. Watch as Jake and Sherry avoid the Ubitsvo and then battle it until the camera changes and then hit X/A to shoot the girders down and save the day.

    The platform will change locations now, allowing you to jump off onto a rooftop. Wait there for a prompt and then hit X/A to grapple-save Sherry as the Ubistvo is destroyed in the helicopter blades.

    When you have control again, follow the linear path and hop on the jetski to finish the level.


    Trophy/Acheivement - This Takes Me Back

    RankAccuracy %DeathsClear Time (mins)Enemies Routed
    D49 or below10+101+19 or below

    Chapter 4


    Aircraft Carrier - Forward Hanger

    You will enter the hanger where Chris and Piers exit after gathering the three passcodes. Head forward and kill the unaware J'avo and the head left to break open a crate before turning around and going the other way.

    Continue forward slowly, stealth killing any J'avo you come across, and then examine the door opposite the one Chris and Piers open to activate the passcode locations.

    Passcode A

    Turn around and take cover on the oppsoite wall, where you enter Chris' passcodes, and wait for the J'avo to enter the area and turn around for a quick stealth kill. You can now gather the Passcode A via your device, leaving it for Chris and Piers to get later, and then back away as a Rasklapanje drops down from above.

    Defeat the Rasklapanje and J'avo that enter the area before you advance.

    Passcode B

    Head through the door, down the hall, and take the left into the mess hall. By now, the Rasklapanje may have revived and need to be killed again. Enter the door on the other side of the mess hall and follow the path to the next closest passcode inside the room with the one-way door.

    The J'avo will likely see you, so kill it and try to collect the Passcode when a Rasklapanje eats it and runs off. Rather than go after it, wait for it to return to reclaim Passcode B.

    Passcode C

    From the room with Passcode B, take a left and then hug the right wall to a room with 5,000 Skill Points, the Bear Commander, and a First Aid Spray in the bathroom. Exit the area and take a right and follow the path until a pipe ruptures and quickly hit X/A when prompted and then defeat the other Rasklapanje that drops down behind you while the fire is put out.

    Head down the path and be ready for an ambush of J'avo and Rasklapanje. Take out most of the enemies with the Bear Commander's Explosive Round and then finish up any stragglers before entering the room with the machine-gun J'avo and killing him for Passcode C.


    Leave the room and head right down the hall, back to the stairwell, and take it up to the beginning where you can input the codes. Two Rasklapanje wait on the other side, so use the Bear Commander's explosive rounds to take them out and then head up the stairs for a crate and grapple upstairs. Wait for the dialog to finish and then examine the elevator button.


    Aircraft Carrier - Bridge

    Grapple up and enter the bulkhead door, just as Chris and Piers arrive, and then slide under the closing door. Grab the Green Herb in front of you and head up the stairs. You should see a bunch of J'avo hanging out in a room; this is the indicator for the start of an area that stealth = trophy/achievement.

    Head through the open doorway nearby and quickly dash around the central object and grapple to the upper level from the back side of the area. If you get caught in the light, you will be detected and surrounded.

    On the upper level, shoot the Serpent Emblem and head inside to a vent, where you get to watch Chris and Piers fight it out below. Exit the duct and follow the path down the corridors, ignoring the side rooms as you can easily get seen by the J'avo inside. Keep moving, carefully, until you reach the control room.

    Wait for the Gnezdo to start walking by the far side of the room and then rush in to hit the button and jump outside. The open hatch leads to another area with spotlights, so be ready to run. Hop over the first obstacle and then make sure you are as close to the far wall as possible and crawl into the vent when prompted (if you are sighted you'll have to quit to the main menu and restart the whole section, since a checkpoint won't work).

    Hide behind the metal sheeting until the light passes and then move forward to the next metal sheeting and wait again. When the light passes, get out and dash around the other side to grapple upstairs.

    Head right and break open the crates and then be careful walking left. Take cover on the left wall and peek out quickly to get aim on his head and then let yourself go back into cover. When you are ready, peek out to headshot the bastard and then go around the side. Duck under the windows to avoid being spotted by the J'avo and move to the ladder.

    Inside the room, there is a vent and two spider-like Noga-Trchanje. Hop onto your back and wait for them to stop moving before shooting them with your Crossbow and then crawl across the battle below to the objective and continue to a cutscene.

    When you have control again, head downstairs and jump into a hatch where a J'avo patrols. Wait for it to walk away from you and then rush in for a stealth kill. CHeak the area for a crate and Serpent Emblem and then take the elevator to 5.56mm Ammo x2 and head for Carla's corpse.


    Aircraft Carrier Interior

    Start by breaking the crate and shooting the Serpent Emblem near the hatch before you jump down. As you head forward, Carla will start goo her way through the ship's interior. Dash forward and take a right all the way down the stairs and open the hatch below.

    The next room will likely have a Carla Spore, which is slow and deadly. Break open the crate and then shoot the glowing bulbs on the door to advance. Head down the hall, turn right, and enter a room with a Green Herb. Take a right again and you will be grabbed by the wall and have to rotate the L stick to get free. Do this twice and then open two bulkhead doors.

    The face in the upper left corner of this room will lunge forward to attack you, so stay away. Shoot it with the Bear Commander and when it stops attack rush under it into the doorway and then turn around to shoot a Serpent Emblem.

    Shoot the Carla face in the wall to run past and then hit the blue canisters on the floor with a quick shot to prevent a Carla face from eating you as you turn the valve to exit the room.

    Kick open the crate and turn the corner and be prepared to dash. Start by holding up on the L stick as you dash and the quickly rotate the L stick when the wall grabs you. Now hold down on the L stick and continue to dash over obstacles. If you are unlucky, a second wall will grab you and likely cause death. When Ada grapples out and the slow-mo activates, shoot the blue canisters to prevent death.

    The glowing bulbs nearby drop ammo again, so take a second to destroy them and then continue.

    Equip your Bear Commander and use any of the rounds you have left to take out the eyes of the Carla Spore and it's main attack.

    The object is to create a hole and then shoot an explosive arrow through the gap before she regenerates it to explode the massive amount of nitrogen canisters behind her.

    As Carla Spores walk around the room trying to prevent you from attacking, switch to your Pipe Bomb arrows and toss them into the same spot on Carla's face to create a hole.

    Hopefully, you have a large amount of ammo left, but if you find you're running low, shoot the glowing bulbs throughout the room to get more ammo. When you do manage to explode the canisters, head forward and hop on the elevator.

    Trophy/Acheivement - Ada's Demise

    RankAccuracy %DeathsClear Time (mins)Enemies Routed
    D49 or below6+86+4 or below

    Chapter 5


    High-Rise Area

    July 1, 2013 / Tatchi, China

    So not are vehicles suck in RE6, and Ada gets the first cool one with her stolen helicopter. As you arrive to save Leon and Helena, you can only move the helicopter around in limited acces, but holding L1/LT allows you to fire away from center. Start by holding L1/LT and aim into the back of the yellow truck on the left to shoot a Serpent Emblem and then cover Leon.

    When Leon and Helena move on, you will be flying down a street and come across two helicopters that you can shoot down. Focus on avoding fire, particularly the rocket launchers from the second helicopter, and then be confronted with a two-on-one scenario. Focus on taking out the machine gun helicopter, the closest, while weaving back and forth to avoid the rocket launchers.

    When you come into contact with the attack helicopter, drop below the building and look to the right to shoot a Serpent Emblem. When the attack helicopter finishes a barrage of fire, pop up and do some damage with your main guns. You can bob and weave around to avoid fire, but ducking back behind the building is the best cover. Continue your assault until the chooper goes down.


    Quad Tower Entrance

    Fire on Simmons and keep up the assault as you move around the arena. Make sure you don't stay in one place too much, as Simmons will do a flip and hit the helicopter to cause some massive damage. Don't forget that although you are in a helicopter, the red explosive barrels in the arena are just as useful to you now as they were when you fought as Leon or Helena.

    When the BSAA jeep shows up, Ada will automatically take over flying. Keep your sights on Simmons and keep up the fire until the jeep crashes.

    After the crash, continue your assualt on Simmons, using rockets as needed since you won't have need of them later. When he finally goes down, Ada will fly off and leave Leon and Helena on their own.


    Quad Tower Roof

    Ada will spot some human survivors by green smoke about to be eaten by a hoard of zombies. Move the chopper around to get a good angle on the zombies and then fire upon them until dead.

    When you move on to the second roof, move the helicopter to the left and look at the area below the main roof to find a Serpent Emblem. Quickly deal with the emblem and then shoot the zombies, causing the lightning rod to impale a zombie below and allowing Leon and Helena to defeat Simmons.

    The third and final roof in the helicopter consists of armored BSAA members and some Whoopers. Take them out so you can land and then grab all their drops, while leaving a present for Leon in the form of a kiss on a Rocket Launcher.

    Head down the stairs nearby and break open the many crates for random items and then make sure to grab the First Aid Spray and Pipe Bomb Arrows from the chest before you head back up top and grapple to a girder via the opposite side of the helipad.

    When you land on the girder, look at the clothed building on the right and in the bottom left corner is the last Serpent Emblem in the game. You can now run to the end of the girder to grapple to a rooftop where a Green Herb, a door, and your final battle with Simmons awaits.

    As you ride the elevator, avoid Simmons fire until the elevator collapses and you grapple to the same platform as the man himself. You have fought half this battle before, if you played Leon, so not much should surprise you.

    The first round with Simmons is more of a dodging game, as you can not inflict much damage. There are a few major attacks that Simmons can perform:

    • Shoots a gatling gun like tail at you, which can be avoiding by moving to the right or left
    • Charges in your direction, which can be avoiding by dash and sliding on one side or simply dodging
    • Sweeps his tail in a vertical or horizontal path, which can be avoiding by staying your distance or ducking/falling to your back

    With these main attacks in mind, avoid Simmons until the bridge collapses.

    When you arrive on land, you will now have to attack Simmons, with Leon and Helena's help. Let them dish out the damage as you avoid his attacks and when he turns human and kneels, rush in to hit R1/RT and rapidly hit X/A for a melee attack (the same you perform as Leon or Helena in your fights with Simmons).

    Eventually, the bridge will collapse again and this time Leon and Helena are in trouble. Take out the zombies nearby and then focus on shooting Simmons as he chasing after your two allies on the elevator cable. Keep him from getting up close to Leon, while watching yourself for any zombies, until he crashes into you and Leon comes to the rescue.

    The battle with Leon and Ada requires the same strategy as when you were fighting him alone. Keep moving to avoid his attacks and melee him when he goes into human form. When you have dealt enough damage, Leon will be in trouble. Rush up to Simmons and hit O/B to partner assist Leon and defeat Simmons.


    Genetics Lab

    Enter the lab, place the key in the console and watch the videos/dialog. When it ends, head into the back room and watch the ending to complete Resident Evil 6. Now skip the credits and watch the true ending with Jake.


    Trophy/Acheivement - What's Next

    RankAccuracy %DeathsClear Time (mins)Enemies Routed
    D49 or below6+91+19 or below



    Note that all Serpent Emblems are covered in the walkthough, so please refer to the chapter needed to find missing emblems.

    Files & Figures

    Files and figures are accessed by checking the Extras from the main menu. Note that there is 20 files per campaign and 10 action figures. See the chart below for more info.

    Chapter 1File #1File #2File #3File #4Figure #1
    Chapter 2File #5File #6File #7File #8Figure #2
    Chapter 3File #9File #10File #11File #12Figure #3
    Chapter 4File #13File #14File #15File #16Figure #4
    Chapter 5File #17File #18File #19File #20Figure #5
    Figure #6Figure #7Figure #8Figure #9Figure #10

    Once all files are found in a row or column, the player will earn the action figure at the end. Think of it as a form of Bingo, where a straight line needs to be achieve to gain the prize.


    Dog Tags

    Dog Tags are only seen when in multiplayer.



    Templates are the background of your Dog Tag and set the overall style of the tag for viewing to online players.

    NameUnlock Requirement
    SilencerClear Leon's Campaign Chaper 1
    Silencer - GoldClear Leon's Campaign Chaper 2
    Silencer - CopperClear Leon's Campaign Chaper 3
    Silencer - RedClear Leon's Campaign Chaper 4
    Hand GrenadeClear Leon's Campaign Chaper 5
    Hand Grenade - GoldClear Chris' Campaign Chaper 1
    Hand Grenade - CopperClear Chris' Campaign Chaper 2
    Hand Grenade - GreenClear Chris' Campaign Chaper 3
    Virus ShotClear Chris' Campaign Chaper 4
    Virus Shot - GoldClear Chris' Campaign Chaper 5
    Virus Shot - CopperClear Jake's Campaign Chaper 1
    Virus Shot - L. GreenClear Jake's Campaign Chaper 2
    WingsClear Jake's Campaign Chaper 3
    Wings - GoldClear Jake's Campaign Chaper 4
    Wings - CopperClear Jake's Campaign Chaper 5
    Wings - PinkClear Ada's Campaign Chaper 1
    TankClear Ada's Campaign Chaper 2
    Tank - GoldClear Ada's Campaign Chaper 3
    Tank - CopperClear Ada's Campaign Chaper 4
    Tank - YellowClear Ada's Campaign Chaper 5



    Emblems are shown in the bottom left corner of your Dog Tag and are unlocked through trophies/achievements.

    NameUnlock Requirement
    The Longest NightComplete Prelude
    Gone to HellComplete Chapter 1 of Leon's Campaign
    Buried SecretsComplete Chapter 2 of Leon's Campaign
    Get on the PlaneComplete Chapter 3 of Leon's Campaign
    Big Trouble in ChinaComplete Chapter 4 of Leon's Campaign
    The Trouble with WomenComplete Chapter 5 of Leon's Campaign
    Rescue the HostagesComplete Chapter 1 of Chris' Campaign
    Tragedy in EuropeComplete Chapter 2 of Chris' Campaign
    After Her!Complete Chapter 3 of Chris' Campaign
    There's Always HopeComplete Chapter 4 of Chris' Campaign
    Duty CallsComplete Chapter 5 of Chris' Campaign
    Money TalksComplete Chapter 1 of Jake's Campaign
    A Revolting DevelopmentComplete Chapter 2 of Jake's Campaign
    Let's Blow This JointComplete Chapter 3 of Jake's Campaign
    Still on the RunComplete Chapter 4 of Jake's Campaign
    See You AroundComplete Chapter 5 of Jake's Campaign
    I SpyComplete Chapter 1 of Ada's Campaign
    CounterintelligenceComplete Chapter 2 of Ada's Campaign
    This Takes Me BackComplete Chapter 3 of Ada's Campaign
    Ada's DemiseComplete Chapter 4 of Ada's Campaign
    What's NextComplete Chapter 5 of Ada's Campaign
    Green Around the EarsComplete the game in Amateur mode
    Normal is GoodComplete the game in Normal mode
    Back in My DayComplete the game in Veteran mode
    Leave it to the ProComplete the game in Professional mode
    Check Out My DogsCustomize your dog tags
    Titular AchievementEarn 10 different titles
    One is Better Than NonePurchase one skill
    Mad SkillzMax out all the skills that allow you to level up
    Silent KillerUse a stealth attack to take down 5 enemies
    Finish What You StartPerform a coup de grace on 10 enemies
    Bob and WeaveCounter an enemy's attack 3 times in a row
    Down, Not OutDefeat an enemy while dying and recover without help
    LifesaverHelp or rescue your partner 10 times
    Weapons MasterUse all weapons in the game to kill 10 enemies with each
    Give a Little PushKnock 10 enemies off a high place
    Rising UpEarn a level 4 title
    They're ACTION Figures!Collect 3 figures
    StuntmanDefeat 20 enemies with the Hydra using Quick Shot
    Bring the HeatTake down and enemy from 50m away with a headshot using a thermal scope
    High VoltageDefeat 10 enemies with a Stun Rod charge attack
    Zombie MassacreDefeat 300 zombies
    J'avo GenecideDefeat 500 J'avo
    B.O.W.s Are UglyDefeat 100 enemies that have come out of a chrysalid cocoon
    I Prefer Them AliveRescue 2 female survivors at the cathedral in Leon's Campaign - Chapter 2
    Flying AcePilot the VTOL without getting a scratch on it in Chris' Campaign - Chapter 4
    Hard ChoiceShoot the helicopter pilot with a Magnum at point-blank range in Jake's Campaign - Chapter 4
    Sneaking AroundGet through the aircraft carrier's bridge area without being noticed in Ada's Campaign - Chapter 4
    Covered in BrassEarn 150 different medals
    HeirloomsCollect all the Serpent Emblems