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    Walkthrough by benlyd

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         [1] Introduction ........................................... [inters]
    Welcome to my guide on how to complete Nancy Drew's 23rd mystery, Shadow
    at the Water's Edge, currently exclusive to computers. To search for a
    term in this guide, press the ctrl and f buttons on your keyboard at the
    same time and then enter a search term (see the table of contents below).
    To contact me or suggest improvements to my guides, email me at
    guide.benlyd@gmail.com. Only email me if: you find a mistake or something
    I missed in this guide OR if you want my guide to be hosted on your site.
    Do NOT email me otherwise, mkay? (^.^)
         [1] Introduction ........................................... [inters]
         [2] Walkthrough ............................................ [wlkthu]
          [2.1] A Walk Around the Ryokan ............................ [jipans]
          [2.2] Bento Boxes! ........................................ [bintos]
          [2.3] Midnight Mischief and the Pachinko Parlor ........... [puchin]
          [2.4] Secrets Get Shown ................................... [shonee]
          [2.5] Guess Who? .......................................... [endins]
         [3] Version History ........................................ [yeayea]
         [4] Legal Stuff ............................................ [legalz]
         [5] Credits ................................................ [cradit]
         [2] Walkthrough ............................................ [wlkthu]
    This walkthrough is designed for the Junior Detective difficulty mode of
    the game. Does this mean it doesn't work with the Senior Detective mode?
    NO. The only differences in the difficulties are a couple of puzzles (and
    I don't think the checklist and hints are available in Senior mode,
    either..)! Also, this guide doesn't cover the story or anything, but
    there will likely be minimal spoilers littered throughout. The game comes
    in two discs. After you install both of them click on the flower icon on
    the desktop to begin. Oh, one more thing. This is one of the longer,
    harder, and creepier Nancy Drew games, so be ready for anything..
          [2.1] A Walk Around the Ryokan ............................ [jipans]
    You begin in Nancy's room. If this is your first Nancy Drew game, you
    should read the "How to Be a Detective" book. You can play with the stuff
    on her desk and read about her past mysteries, but when you are ready to
    start the game, click on the [CASE FILE] to read the story's premise.
    Click on the [PLANE TICKET] and choose the difficulty level and then
    you're off to Kyoto!
    After the scene, you get the [ROOM 24 KEY]. Talk to Miwako fully. Then
    look at the board to see the other guests' names. Turn right and read the
    book about rock gardens. Look at the fire pit on the other side of the
    room. Read the ghost story book beside the door. (Now would be a good
    time to walk around and get a feel of the ryokan's layout, as it can
    be confusing at first. You don't have to though, because I'll take you
    around it anyway..) Go through the door left of the fire pit.
    Answer your phone, it's Bess and George. Talk to them all that you can.
    Go upstairs and use your key on room 24. Go inside and check the green
    box on the floor. Read the teacher exchange program flyer and the
    student biographies. You can grade the assignment, (and subsequent
    assignments that appear throughout the game) but all you get for it
    is a star at the end of the game. Look at the cards with the Japanese
    calligraphy. Open the hotel folder. Read everything in the folder
    and take a note of the envelopes. Get up and turn left. Open the
    closet and then the suitcase. Take the [TRAIN PASS] and the
    [JAPANESE DICTIONARY]. Exit the room.
    Go down the stairs and halfway down this hall. Try to go into the
    bathroom, but you bump into Rentaro. Talk to him fully. Turn right
    and go forward. Then go left and you'll be in the lobby. Head left
    to the garden. Walk around, but enter the shed afterward. Talk to
    Rentaro here fully. You get a [PUZZLE BOOK]. Go to it in your
    inventory. You have a Nonogram to do. Here's the solution. X is
    shaded, O is clear.
    X O X X X
    X X O O X
    X O X O X
    X O O X O
    X X X X X
    Talk to Rentaro and now you have to do Sudoku. You should know
    how to do this, so do it. (HINT: Do several more Sudokus and
    Renograms, as they reappear and are much harder later in the game.)
    Talk to him one more time after you solve the Sudoku to get a
    Renogram. Solution:
    09 08 41 40 37 36 35 33
    07 10 42 39 38 01 32 34
    11 06 46 43 44 02 31 22
    12 47 05 45 03 30 21 23
    13 14 48 04 56 20 29 24
    50 49 15 54 55 19 25 28
    51 52 53 16 17 18 26 27
    Show this to Rentaro and you're done with those puzzles! Go to
    the lobby to hear a customer complain. (If this does not appear,
    you may have to sleep.) Look at the board that shows the guests.
    Not many left. Talk to Miwako completely. Then, head right from
    her desk and go down the hall to the cultural room. If it isn't
    open, sleep until it is. If it is, go inside and talk to Takae
    for a lesson on Katakana. Write Nancy's name in Katakana. Not
    too hard. (unless you use a trackpad, like me..) After the
    lesson, open the top drawer of the the box left of Takae and
    read the calligraphy book. Exit the room.
    Head to the hot spring room where you first met Rentaro. If
    the curtain is blue, you'll need to sleep until the next day
    and then it will be red. When it is red, go inside. Look
    through the baskets at the far side of the room. You get a
    [PACHINKO CARD]. Read the Haunted Tours flyer. Look in the
    mirror. Go through the door left of the sink. Look at the
    tiles to the right in this room. Go into the water to take a
    bath. Head back to the front desk and talk to Miwako fully.
    Go to the garden and then Rentaro's shed.
    Talk to him completely and then click on the picture. You
    need to make it so no wires overlap. It helps to put the
    dots with a lot of wires connected to them in the four corners.
    When you finish, open it up to read a certificate. Take the
    [NEWSPAPER ARTICLE]. Talk to Rentaro fully. Don't talk to him
    (or anyone else for that matter) about translating the
    article, as they will get angry and you risk a game over.
    Go to your room (24 if you forgot) and sleep until 1:00 AM.
    Go behind the front desk and talk to Suki. Say "Suki, tate."
    Look at the brown box. Look at the computer that needs a
    password. Look at the machine to the left. One keycard is
    missing. Read the pages on the clipboard. Go back to your
    room and sleep until 7:00 PM. In the night, a scene occurs.
    Open the balcony door and go out onto the balcony. Go back
    to sleep now.
    When you awaken, exit the room to get a call from Bess and
    George. (You may have gotten this earlier. You may get a
    lot of the phone calls in this game earlier or later than
    I mention them in this guide.) Talk to them completely. Go
    to the front desk and talk to Miwako fully. Visit Takae for
    your next lesson. Check the box's second drawer for a book
    on Oragami if you need help. Not too hard of a puzzle.
    Finish the lesson and then exit the room to get another
    phone call from Bess and George. Talk to them completely.
    Go to Rentaro's shed and talk to him fully. Now head back
    to the lobby.
          [2.2] Bento Boxes! ........................................ [bintos]
    Exit the ryokan. Use your dictionary on the sign at the left. (If I tell
    you to look at something and it's in Japanese, go ahead and translate it.)
    Head left. Look at the map to the left. Select the Misawa station on the
    sign above. Continue from station to station, going through Nagoya, Otsu,
    Aomori, Kochi, Tochigi, Seto, Niigata, Fuji, Iga, and Matsue stations. At
    the Matsue station, [PUZZLE BOX PAPER]. Then exit the station. Read the
    sign to see that expo tickets are sold out. Look at the robocat display.
    Turn right and head forward. Talk to Yumi to get a puzzle. You need to
    make a Bento box based on the instruction. Not too hard. When you finish,
    talk to Yumi completely. You get an [APARTMENT KEY]. Head back to Matsue
    Take the train to Iga, Kobe, Miyazaki, Urawa, and then Kurume station.
    Exit the station. You get a cell phone message. Use the key on the
    rightmost apartment door. Enter and take the [BENTO BOXES] at left.
    Turn right. Take the [DVD] from the closet. Look at the sewing kit and
    read the name of the dyes. Go to where the TV is and look above it at the
    frogs. Examine them to read a letter. Look under the right frog to see a
    lock. Read the book under the TV about shadow puppetry. Put the DVD in the
    DVD player and watch. Click the avatar icon that needs a password. You
    recieve another cell phone picture about now.
    Read the book on the bed. Note the phone number, which is now in your
    phone. Call Savannah on the cell phone and talk to the person, who hangs
    up. Call again and get hung up on again. Call Bess and George now. Talk
    to them completely. Head all the way back to the bento shop now. Yumi's
    shift may be over. If she isn't there, go back to the ryokan and sleep.
    When she is there, talk to her fully. You get a [PHONE CHARM]. You
    have to do another bento puzzle during the conversation. Complete it
    to get a [PASSWORD PAPER]. Head back to Yumi's apartment to get a phone
    call. Enter the apartment.
    Go to the avatar password page on the TV. Look at the password sheet
    Yumi gave you and select the colors and shape the sheet says. Put the
    shape near the center. Make an avatar for you phone and send it to
    your phone. You can send it to other people if you like making them, 
    but it's not neccesary. Make sure to install them on your phone under
    options once you make them, though. You get a phone call from Bess and
    George. Call Savannah and talk to her completely. You get a picture
    sent to you from Yumi and them Logan calls. Talk to him fully. Head
    all the way back to the ryokan.
          [2.3] Midnight Mischief and the Pachinko Parlor ........... [puchin]
    Pick up the [LETTER FROM GEORGE] at the front desk. Head to Nancy's room.
    You get a scene on the way. In the Ryokan Hiei folder, pick up the
    [ENVELOPE]. In your inventory, put the news article you found after the
    puzzle in Rentaro's shed into it. Talk to Miwako several times, giving
    her the envelope with the article inside of it. Now solve the puzzle
    George sent you, which is Master Sudoku. This is reallyyy hard, mostly
    beacuse of the way you have to input the numbers, but just stay dedicated
    and it will go down after awhile. Go to your room.
    Get another [ENVELOPE]. Put the Sudoku puzzle into it. Give the envelope
    to Miwako. You now get a message from Logan. Read it to see it's a
    translation of the article. Go to Takae's room. If she doesn't have a
    lesson, sleep until 7:00 PM. When she does, complete the easy puzzle.
    All you need to do is click the "?" icon and then memorize a couple
    things she says and label those items. Repeat until it is complete.
    Talk to her twice more. You get a call from George when you exit.
    Exit the ryokan and go to the train station. Take the trains in this
    order: Misawa, Nagoya, Otsu, Aomori, Ube, Sakai, and then Kure. Exit
    the station.
    Enter the parlor. Look at the prize booth, specifically the comic book.
    You need to win this with the Pachinko card we found a long time ago.
    Turn around and insert the card on one of the machines and play
    Pachinko. Each time you play, more balls are added to your [BAG]. When
    you get enough, go to the prize booth and buy the [COMIC BOOK]. Read
    it. Call Savannah. Talk to the person who answers completely. Now
    call again and talk completely. Now go to Yumi's apartment. Make an
    avatar and send it to Savannah's phone. You get a message on your
    phone if you did it right. Go to the ryokan, and then Nancy's room.
    Examine the floor. Call Logan and talk to him all that you can. Go
    to Rentaro's shed and talk to him fully. Go to the front desk and
    talk to Miwako completely. Now go talk to Rentaro again, all that
    you can. Go to Nancy's room and set the alarm for 1:00 AM. Go to
    the area behind the front desk. Give Suki the mate command to make
    her fall asleep. Read the flyers behind Suki. Pick up the box for
    a puzzle.
    1. Click on all the pieces to make the light up. Move them all down.
    2. Make it so that only the middle piece is lit and move it left.
    3. Make them all light up and move them all up.
    4. Highlight only the bottom piece and move it to the right.
    5. Make it so that only the middle piece is lit and move it left.
    6. Highlight the top right piece only and move it to the right.
    Take the [TILE PIECE] and [PASSWORD ENVELOPE]. Translate the
    envelope. Read the letter in the box. Go to sleep until 7:00 PM.
    You get a phone call from Bess and George. Go to the cultural
    room and talk to Takae completely. Note that the teapot is in the
    cupboard to the left. Go to the hot spring room if it is available.
    If it isn't, go to sleep. In the hot spring room, check the tiles
    at the right. Put the tiles together so they make a diamond and
    then look through the hole. Go to the front desk.
    Talk to Miwako completely to get a [BOOK]. Read the book. Call
    Savannah and talk to her fully. Go out to the garden to get a new
    picture on your phone. Talk to Rentaro completely to get a
    [RECORDER]. Go behind the cherry tree and record there. Face
    the fire pit in the lobby and record there. Face the mirror in
    the bathroom and record there. Use the recorder in the hot spring
    room. Use the recorder beside Nancy's room. Go to the hallway
    above the cultural room and record there. Sleep until 1:00 AM.
    Go to Rentaro's shed and put the recorder in the machine to the
    right. Listen to everything you recorded. Exit the shed and 
    cross the bridge. Turn right twice and go forward to be in the
    water. Pick up the [ROOM 18 KEY]. Look at the big rock to the
    left. Go to the stone bench and look by the lantern to pick
    up a [ROCK]. Go to the large lantern by the entrance to the
    lobby and pick up another [ROCK] by its base. By the cherry
    tree there is another [ROCK]. By the lantern on the left side
    of the shed there is a final [ROCK]. Go under the bridge to
    the large rock.
    Using the book about rocks you read in the lobby, place the
    stones to get the [LETTER TO MARYANNE]. Go to the cultural
    room and enter using the key. Pick up the [RED CARD] on the
    right side of the room. Take the [TEAPOT] and the [KEY] from
    the left chest. Use the key to open the locked section of the
    chest. Read the letter there. Read the Origami book. Select
    these steps:
    1. Mountain fold
    2. Fold to front
    3. Fold to front
    4. Fold unfold
    5. Fold to back
    6. Push/invert
    Go to the garden now and go to the water bamboo thing by the
    bridge. Look closely at the bamboo post to the left. Go to
    Rentaro's shed. Pick up the [SCREWDRIVER] beside the recorder
    stand. Use it on the bamboo post to get a [NONOGRAM PUZZLE].
    Go to the fire pit. Hand the teapot over the fire. Put the
    password envelope in the steam to open it. The password is
    ta ka ka wa. Go to the cultural room and read the Japanese
    Writing book and go to the Hiragana page. Write down the
    characters for ta, ka, and wa.
    Go to the front desk computer and type in ta ka ka wa enter.
    Read the guest info. Go to the cabinet left of the desk
    afterwards. Read the instructions and the clipboard and
    complete the puzzle. Take the [ROOM KEY] here. Go to sleep
    until 7:00 PM. Win the [COLLAR] at the Pachinko parlor.
    Go to the bento booth and talk to Yumi completely. Go back
    to the ryokan and talk to Miwako and Takae fully. You may
    need to talk to Takae several times. Call Savannah and
    speak with her. Go to Rentaro's shed.
    Talk to him completely. Take the [KEYCARD] he leaves
    behind. Now go talk to Miwako fully. Go to room 39 and
    open it up. Look at the closet to see a star panel. Use
    the keycard to go to room 37, then again to be in room 35,
    and then 33, where you get trapped. Look at the balcony door
    and solve the puzzle. The goal is to make it a mirror image
    of itself. This puzzle is timed. Go out on the balcony and
    you'll jump off of it and be in the garden.
          [2.4] Secrets Get Shown ................................... [shonee]
    Go back to room 33 using the method we used earlier. Click on the bird
    carving. Go down the passageway that opened up. Look at the pool, the
    closed up entryway, and the note on the table with a lantern. Look at
    the carving above the portrait of Kasumi. You should have seven pictures
    sent to you by Yumi. If you don't, walk around and they'll appear. Go to
    the Pachinko parlor when you have all seven. Go to the booth at the right.
    Print all seven photos. Click on one of the pictures in your inventory
    for a square sheet to pop up. Put the pictures in this order:
    Yumi glasses  Bess bunny ears                Yumi and Rentaro
    Yumi bananas  George hairbow  Yumi and Bess  Bess and George
    Now go talk to Yumi. You have to fill another Bento order. Now go to
    Yumi's apartment. Go to the rightmost frog statuette. Enter the symbols
    seen on Yumi's pictures (when put together). Get [NONOGRAM PUZZLE]. Set
    the alarm for 7:00 PM. Open the window during the night for a scene. Go
    back to the secret bath in the ryokan. Complete the nonogram puzzle here.
    You know you are doing it right if a fox starts to appear. When you
    finish, a compartment opens up. Read the letter and take the sword.
    Turn around to get a puzzle.
    This puzzle is timed! And you don't get that much time, either! Take
    the sword and cut the ropes so you can escape. You need to make six cuts.
    When you finish, examine the arm and the head of the..thing. Now go talk
    to Takae twice. Go to Rentaro's shed and take the [SECOND RECORDER] that
    is in the holder. Examine the work table. Read the notes and take the
    [DOOR-O-MATIC]. Go to the hallway above the cultural room. This is the
    point of no return. Finish anything you haven't finished yet and save
    your game.
          [2.5] Guess Who? .......................................... [endins]
    Go into room 33. Use the door-o-matic immediately. Pick up the second
    recorder when it is dropped. Click a button. You can choose the way the
    ending plays out. When asked, you can let the culprit run free or be sent
         [3] Version History ........................................ [yeayea]
      1.0 - (5-14-11)
          - Complteted guide.
          - Submitted to GameFAQs the first time.
         [4] Legal Stuff ............................................ [legalz]
    This guide may only be showcased on GameFAQs.com. It is illegal to show
    it on any other website without my permission. You may print this for home
    use and show it to your friends and stuff, but it is illegal to sell this
    FAQ for a profit or put it off as your own work.
        [5] Credits ................................................ [cradit]
    Thanks to:
     - GameFAQs, for hopefully accepting this guide.
     - You, for reading my guide.
     - Her Interactive, for making these awesome games.
     - Want to be part of this section? You'll have to contact me via email
       (guide.benlyd@gmail.com) and contribute new info (spelling errors, 
       something I missed, things you'd like to see in a future update of 
       this guide).
    Thanks for reading! Hope it was useful!

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